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tv   The Stream 2019 Ep 7  Al Jazeera  January 11, 2019 11:32am-12:00pm +03

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it is the country's biggest carmaker employing more than forty thousand workers in the u.k. but jack you a land rover is in trouble it's struggling to turn a profit reviving the luxury brands fortunes means cutting jobs for half thousand are expected to go most are in management and marketing some production jobs may also go the company's been hit by a perfect storm of problems sales in china one of his biggest markets have slumped trade tensions with the u.s. have led to a fall in consumers making big purchases. the companies also have been affected by a fall in global demand for diesel cars ninety percent of g q a landrover is production and a home there a big worry is over the u.k.'s competitiveness post breaks it the company says a bad deal could cost it one and a half billion dollars a year the government's promising to help those who have lost their jobs it is
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a brilliant skilled workforce it's a real asset to this country and whatever the terms of the announcement we will do everything that we can to make sure that they can find jobs that make use of their they really valuable skills this isn't the first blow to his work force the company owned by india's tata motors already cut a thousand temporary contract workers at its plant near birmingham it also recently announced it would move all production of the land rover discovery to a new plant in slovakia employing three thousand people. jack your land rover has been forced to streamline it is the pay for reality of uncertain times costing thousands of people their livelihoods beat barca which is here and. the german chancellor has been to greece for the first time since the end of the greek bailout
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program angela merkel was instrumental in mobilizing european financial assistance to help the country restructure its debts and stay within the euro zone but this is a trip is about more than the greek economy that's john seraphina's reports from athens. the timing of angular merkel's trip leaves little doubt that it is largely to support the name changing deal between greece and the former yugoslav macedonia greece's neighbor is finalizing constitutional changes this week to rename the country north macedonia macedonia is also a region of northern greece and pressure is on greek leaders to ratify the agreement and that's a. good i can only say that this step that greek prime minister separate took was a decisive step from which not only greece and north macedonia prophet but also europe as well as our common values prime minister alexis tsipras says he has the parliamentary votes he needs even though his junior right wing coalition partner independent greeks won't support the name change deal the very issue for me on the
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precipice agreement is a very important step forward for stability security and by letter all economic growth and i believe it is a model for future agreements a blueprint for finding acceptable solutions most greeks don't support the deal and germany's support for it complicates an already difficult relationship the german government was instrumental in imposing austerity policies throughout the eurozone but nowhere have government cost cutting measures bitten more deeply into people's livelihoods than here they're in a completely different she hasn't helped greece if she wanted to help it government would have taken a different measures it isn't up to the government run the germany right now our children our grandchildren cannot be condemned to pay off loans until twenty sixty something has to happen we need to free ourselves from the german establishment. many greeks believe austerity caused as many economic problems as it solved taxes
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and unemployment are still high growth is weak and even though greece was cleared to borrow for markets last august it hasn't sold a single government bond because markets aren't sure its recovery is sustainable merkel's trips to athens and twenty twelve thirteen and fourteen aimed at supporting the then conservative government spokesman as protests and a car bomb explosion hostility. to germany on the street is a reminder of how highly the greek german relationship is but it also serves to highlight how a one for. europe. and that is politically useful for europe's leaders who face a gathering and stablished one storm ahead of european parliament elections political reality is far from popular sentiment greece needs german support and merkel is keen to show an example of a nation improving under german influence jumps al-jazeera athens sales account
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here at al-jazeera faith the team from the batek and the lofty athletic ambitions will have that story coming up in sport.
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it was. thank you very much las vegas police have issued a warrant for a d.n.a. sample from portuguese football star cristiana right now the thirty three year old has been accused of rape in a vegas hotel back in two thousand and nine his lawyer says this is
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a very standard request join killers jordan have become the first team to qualify for the knockout stages at football's asian cup in the united arab emirates they followed up the defeat of defending champions australia with a two no winner of assyria to guarantee a place in the last sixteen. zero some are put them ahead and they doubled the advantage before half time with a powerful header from tomic the top black said we're used to being under pressure the media have not given any attention to the jordanian team since the start of the competition but we proved that we are a tough team and we hope that we can go as far as possible in this competition the tournament hosts stole into the top of their group with sweeping moves for two sublime goals to defeat india the first for the u.a.e. came against the run of play for fun mobarak slotting home in the fourth and first minutes. india were unlucky not equalized ten minutes after halftime when you dance or sing hit the crossbar.
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was it was a tight contest right until two minutes from the end when ali sealed a victory for the u.a.e. with his forty seventh gold in seventy five internationals. thank god three points a very important to us we want to be top in the group and i hope we may take protections of the fans and give the fans the same lovely tag giving out exactly. i don't think . you deserve to lose two zero and you respect the view you played but some of the chances we should have taken in the first half you know one of us is one of my head we should have converted them because in this kind of big game you get half a chance as you go to take them that's what they did they got half a chance in the forty first minute they took it again they got a half a chance and they did that they took it on and that's where they want thailand where thumped four one by india in their first match they responded by second the head coach and have now reignited their hopes of making the last sixteen by beating bahrain there was only one goal in fi at home by some going to sing in the fifty
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first. we learn from our mistakes from the first match and in this game we were more focused and everyone knew their role and the most important thing is we fought to get our okie dokie let him know for sure we still have a chance we will make up for this loss and i hope we will not disappoint our supporters all i can say is we apologize to our fans that bahrain now take on india with all fourteen still in the hunt to qualify for the knockout stages twenty fifteen semifinalists the u.a.e. with a one point lead there plus the advantage on goal difference dozens of people are being investigated for tennis match fixing in spain among them or twenty eight professional players including one who competed at the us open in september so far fifteen people have been arrested including leaders of an armenian criminal gang the spanish civil guard says it has proof that lower tier tennis tournaments have been fixed for the past two years eleven houses have been raided while the shotgun
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credit cards and nearly two hundred thousand dollars in cash have been seized. the year's first grand slam tennis tournament the australian open starts in just a few days and this some good news for the players on the heat front melbourne has often been criticized for how it handles high january temperatures and extreme conditions that have even seen some players collapsing in exhaustion but now a new extreme heat policy is in place to stop play if conditions become too uncomfortable for the players as extreme heat policy incorporates the new still open heat stress scale so you probably see the acronyms h. is this a fair bit and what the heat stress scale is it's a continuum of five numbers one through five where one would be mild conditions and five would be extreme heat conditions and there'd be different strategies that would be employed at each of those numbers on the continuum and on the scale talk of each will play against a qualifier in round one in this year's australian open after the draw was
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conducted on thursday roger federer will begin the defense always trophy against tennis instrument is in the same half of the draw as a bell which means they could meet in the quarter finals adele will have to get past james duck with in round one first women's champion caroline wozniacki has allison from funk in the first round seven time champion serena williams face tatiana maria for starters while world number one simona halep will face a rematch with the last woman to beat her at the grand slam in twenty eighteen cauac an a.p. cutters a two time deck already. has maintained his place at the top of the overall standings at this year's race after a solid stage for performance had taken the overall lead of the previous stage in the peruvian desert and by winning the food stays fourth stage has strengthened his place at the top of the standings leads another former champion francis stephan petter hansell who also happened to finish second in the stage. evidence that could
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expose numerous russian athletes as drug cheats is being collected by anti doping experts they've been allowed into a moscow laboratory after a lengthy delay the world anti-doping agency demanded in september that russia turned over data from the lab by december thirty first that was in return for lifting a three year suspension of russia's anti doping agency russia's been accused of state sponsored doping which it denies the face of female wrestling in japan has retired a year out from the tokyo olympics saying it's time for the new generation to take charge so do your she was supported by her mother for the announcement at a packed news conference the thirty six year old one recalled thirteen consecutive world championships and three elim big titles but she's taken time away from competitions since missing out on a fourth straight gold medal at the twenty sixteen games. i took this long to decide on my retirement because after rio i had the desire to
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compete in tokyo and because people have rooted for me to make up for the silver in rio i knew i would need my best effort to perform well at the olympics at home and when i saw how motivated the younger wrestlers were i knew the time was right. now to a special congregation of athletes hoping to make their mark on the world stage the vatican has launched an official athletics team previously competitors from the home of the catholic church raced under the telly and flag but they've reached an agreement with italy's a limpid committee to run separately although they are not yet recognised by the international athletics federation among the first members of the team of priests nuns pharmacists and a sixty two year old library professor. doing for. i believe that sports among nuns is more common than we might think especially among new generation is it's also a factor of balance when i started running it was a chance to find peace to find balance to find a space a freedom of silence and of being just alone with myself and that's all the support
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we have even though we'll have another update again later. now i know you haven't forgotten but just in case al jazeera dot com is where you can get a lot more information lots of background with graphics and very good photographs coming up next there is elizabeth her on a. short films of the hook and inspiration. stories of women challenging the world around. us. the latest news as it breaks in
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a poll just out sixty five percent of people said that they think it would do a great or a good job with detailed coverage is the second time this year doctors walked out on strike the government is funded by issuing suspension. from the around the world increased warning level colleagues as a blow to the thousands of people displaced by the tsunami of wanting to return home. russian filmmaker andre neck rosol travels across his homeland to discover what life is like on to putin the russian economy is in crisis sanctions unstable oil prices fluctuating cards off of the country struggles to make ends meet in soviet times doctors were in charge now economists calculate everything we don't want to think what will happen when the bank takes away our flags. in search of putin's russia on al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera. it's. where ever you. president takes his case for a war with the us mexico border itself. also ahead.
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of the arab world against iran. increasing questions about the democratic republic of congo's presidential election . is an atrocity front. and members of the u.s. congress. one hundred days after his murder. the u.s. president has been to the country's border to drum up support for his proposed wall separating the u.s. from mexico. as demanded five point seven billion dollars for the wall which he says is needed to stop an influx of crime a standoff over funding has led to
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a partial government shutdown that's lasted nearly three weeks committee hellcat has more from maccallum texas. this is one of the places u.s. president donald trump wants to build his border wall mccallan texas the busiest stretch for illegal crossings from mexico into the united states i want to thank everybody trying to make sure all the progs run display like drugs and weapons seized at the border as he met with officials macallan for a photo op designed to convince skeptical americans additional money for his border wall is necessary trying to argue that those organizing the illegal crossings are the real criminals victimising the migrants they have women tied up they have tape over their mouths electrical tape usually blue tape they call it. it's powerful stuff not good truck has been criticized for calling the latest influx of migrants into the u.s.
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a crisis at the border on thursday truck tweeted the speech of president obama also calling the situation a crisis in twenty four teeth as waves of children arrived in the united states we now have an actual humanitarian crisis on the border that only underscores the need to drop the politics and fix our immigration system once and for all it's certainly not impossible to enter the united states illegally especially here in macallan texas while this fence is very very tall this one right beside it is not if you're physically fit if you can swim across a river through this thick brush scale a four metre concrete wall over the razor wire you're in it should be happening in our country that's what trump says he wants to stop but his push for five point seven billion from congress to reopen the government and direct a steel border wall has become a dueling narrative for or against the president. along the streets of macallan there were signs of protest but there was plenty of support for the
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president as well. trump says he still hopes for a deal in congress to pay for his wall but he's not ruling out declaring illegal immigration a national emergency free up already approved funds to get what he wants can really help at al-jazeera macallan texas john heilemann has more from the mexican side of the border. this is the fencing that covers about good of the border between mexico and the united states which president trump says isn't enough he wants a rule to come of this border the reasons he's given for it all barriers he says that it will help to stop drugs but the main point stack up to be the boss majority of drugs go through ports of entry they smuggled through that way rather than over the face. saying he's also said that it will help with terrorism actually most terrorists go through ports rather than trying to get over this fence but he's also
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obviously given the reason of migration there has been a big uptick in migration over the past year but again if you take the bigger picture over the cut last couple of decades or so it's actually gone down quite a lot now what has changed is the number of women and children who were trying to get across through the united states that has gone up quite a lot now there is an analyst would say the aunt's to resolving in dealing with that problem is more immigration judges and a more efficient system to work out which of those people deserve asylum many of them are coming from countries like honduras and el salvador that are run by gangs now a lot of people are coming for economic economic reasons they wouldn't qualify for asylum a lot of people are coming because of the violence they suffer back home and they could qualify for asylum now advocates would say that the quicker those cases can
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be seen and treated the less backroad there will be in the system and the more that this mess will be sorted out obviously president trump has gone another way his solution a wall that's going to keep a lot of people out of the united states now donald trump's former lawyer michael call and has agreed to testify publicly before congress next month about his time working for trump his testimony could strengthen the investigation into russian interference in the twenty sixteen election and for the damage the president's image and december calling was sentenced to three years in prison for lying to congress and paying hush money to a porn star who alleged she had an affair with trump. u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o has laid out the trump ministrations vision for american policy in the middle east speaking in cairo he called u.s. leadership a positive force in the region but the main focus off the speech was confrontation with iran that has. the u.s.
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secretary of state mike pompei always touring the middle east almost described as a mission focused on shoring up support among arab allies against iran. since withdrawing from the two thousand and fifteen iran nuclear deal last year the u.s. has increased pressure on teheran which he accuses of being a destabilizing force in the region many middle east experts say pushing iran into a corner is a dangerous move but in the egyptian capital cairo america's top diplomat didn't mince his words the nations of the middle east will never enjoy security achieve economic stability or advance the dreams of their people of iran's revolutionary regime persists on its current course america's economic sanctions against the regime are the strongest in history and will keep getting tougher until iran starts behaving like a normal country. middle east follows confusion about donald trump's withdrawal of
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a around two thousand u.s. troops from northern syria the president's announcement shocked arab allies as well as u.s. political leaders and military commanders concerned that the battle against eisel in syria and the wider region is not over yet. tried to reassure them president trouble has made the decision to bring our troops home from syria we always do and now is the time but this isn't a change of mission we were made committed to the complete dismantling of isis the isis threat and the ongoing fight against radical islamism in all of its forms. the u.s. withdrawal from syria is also having ramifications for american relations with nato ally turkey u.s. troops have been working with kurdish y.p. chief i choose who control a large area of northern syria close to the turkish border turkey considers the y. peachey a terrorist organization the president received type order one said the suggestion
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on choose day by u.s. national security adviser john bolton a protecting the white p.g. as a precondition to the u.s. troop withdrawal plan was a serious mistake there was very little if anything from pumpin about the story israeli palestinian peace process very little on the saudi and amorality led war in yemen that has killed tens of thousands displaced millions with millions more threatened with famine and disease pressure increased on president trump from both democrat and republican senators to end support for the saudi involvement in yemen after the murder of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi many suspect crown prince muhammad bin solomon ordered a saudi hit squad to fly to istanbul last october that the united states is the main provider of saudi military assistance and support in the war in yemen so the the not united states is not an objective observer at the war of yemen
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it's an accomplice in the water of yemen. pompei was keen to lay much of the blame for what many describe as years of chaos in the middle east on former president barack obama's administration. president trump has reasserted america's control as a force for good in this region he said we have rediscovered our voice. there are millions of people throughout this region who are grateful for the u.s. led coalition success in the battle against i saw but there will also be many made nervous by a u.s. administration that blames the region's instability in the previous u.s. president and iran. al-jazeera. the democratic republic of congo where the election commission has surprised many by naming opposition candidate kerry the winner of the long delayed presidential election but officials from the roman catholic church say those results door that's the tallies from their observers as reports from the results although provisional have led to celebrations
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for some but protests. and once meant few expected one that could set the stage for the first democratic transfer of power since independence from belgium in one thousand nine hundred sixty feel it had seen his father lead congress opposition for more than thirty five years had a message of unity. i know how many of you find it hard to accept but i say with sincerity i pay homage to president joseph kabila president of the republic today we must no longer consider each other as adversities but rather as partners and democratic change in our country. thousands of his supporters poured onto the streets to celebrate their hold it will be a new beginning people are suffering this country there's no job in this country i was in south africa i'm going to come back i'm going to there's no job and country the people these people are going to study and after that there's nothing the
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result triggered protesters in goma and congolese catholic chase leaders are also questioning the result local authorities in concrete in the south west of the country say at least two civilians and two police officers were killed during riots several police stations were torched. just a kid is rival martin five is rejecting the provisional results and alleges what he calls an electoral. act to sue you all those who learned of the truth of the ballot boxes especially to congress national bishops the past couple conference sankoh of the church of congo through your historical observations we ask you to reveal to the congolese people and to the whole world the name of the person who really was our people's choice.


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