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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 11, 2019 2:00pm-2:33pm +03

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lead congress opposition for more than thirty five years had a message of unity. oh. i know how many of you find it hard to accept but i say with sincerity i pay homage to president joseph kabila president of the republic today we must no longer consider each other as adversities but rather as partners and democratic change in our country. thousands of his supporters poured onto the streets to celebrate their hold it will be a new beginning people are suffering this country there's no job in this country i was in south africa and there's no job and country. people these people are going to study and after that there's nothing the result triggered protesters in goma and congolese catholic chastely days are also questioning the result local authorities in concrete in the south west of the country say at least two civilians and two police officers were killed during riots several police stations were torched. she
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said katy's rival martin is rejecting the provisional results and alleges what he calls an electoral. act to sue you all those who learned of the truth of the ballot boxes especially to congress national bishops the past couple conference sankoh of the church of congo through your historical observations we ask you to reveal to the congolese people of the whole world the name of the person who really was our people's choice. good rejects categorically the result published by the election commission president. others in the international community say the surprise victory is at odds with other tongues. the catholic church of congo did its tally and announced completely different results therefore i think while remaining calm and avoiding confrontation that we must have clarity on these results which are the opposite to what we expected. with a history of coups conflict and contested elections the d r c has been on edge
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during campaigning with allegations of widespread election irregularities including the vote rigging and violence. even if. they don't eat. the internet has been cut off for weeks in an apparent attempt to stop speculation about the results writes police had been deployed the boat that was two years old was finally see the exit of president joseph kabila nearly eighteen years in power but the op questions about how much influence he will still have. kinshasa. still ahead on the mission to watch his generals jailed in myanmar could appeal against their sentences will be overturned and but hear from the federal employees affected by the u.s. government shutdown and the tough choices they now have to make.
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hello there there's still plenty of cloud across the middle east at the moment that the satellite picture is showing plenty in the south and then another system in the east is this one that's giving us the more intense rain and a lot of snow as well as her from afghanistan northwards already we're seeing a lot of snowy weather here we're also seeing another weather system making its way into parts of turkey that's going to stay around the western part as we head through the day on saturday then it will be pulling itself together to swing towards lebanon and syria as we head through sunday and into monday and then further towards the south and here in doha it suddenly go to bit cooler the winds are firing down from the northwest bringing in that chilly air so friday and saturday well it's up temperature of around twenty two degrees could be a fair amount of cloud around on saturday too the winds will finally ease the
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during the day on saturday and as we head into sunday down towards the southern parts of africa and for many of us here there's quite a few showers around currently you can see them stretching from angola all the way through towards madagascar a madagascar is actually looking pretty wet as we head through friday and into saturday particularly in the southwest around. it looks pretty soggy i think that's where we see the heaviest of the rain further towards the west there is more in the way of drawing weather here but still the chance of the old showers around the durban area cape town they should be dry if cooled. short films and soon and inspiration. stories of three young women challenging the world around them.
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al-jazeera selects. it's good to have you with us on our top stories the u.s. president has of the country's. support for. mexico's. five point seven billion dollars for the war has led to a partial government shutdown for three weeks. the u.s. secretary of state has called on arab countries to unite against iran speaking in cairo he blamed the obama administration for much of the region's troubles and as the influential catholic church
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a democratic republic of congo says the official presidential election results don't match the tallies of. the national electoral commission has declared opposition candidate. the winner. now friday marks the twenty first day of the possible u.s. government shutdown it is also the day that federal workers due to receive their paychecks but without a last minute resolution about eight hundred thousand of them won't be getting paid and many are now facing tough choices and has more from baltimore. this government building in the heart of downtown baltimore is normally a hive of activity its doors are now closed its workers furloughed and the impact on the streets closed is clear over the last few weeks mohammed has seen his business declined sharply. since he tells us who leave the area if things don't return to normal soon if you see you know we. think you.
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know. down. burtons been a federal employee for decades this isn't the first government shutdown he's lived through but the longer it lasts the harder it gets for his family or drop again in the car today or do our way to the weekend do. buy groceries today or from away to nothing will be a long from things that can get a little bit cheaper in all twenty three thousand federal employees across maryland are either working without pay or of been furloughed it's one of the worst affected states and the impact is widely felt when this partial government shutdown ends there's a good chance that the eight hundred thousand federal workers will get back pay for those contracted by the government to rely on federal resources to provide services that can mean the difference between life and death the future is less certain nevertheless we've met people here so committed to what they do that continuing to
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work not knowing where their next paycheck will come from native american lifelines receives federal funding from a now closed government department staff to provide support for addiction mental health and vital medical services not that i can save everyone but at least being here they know that they have a home and a safe place to be and we won't be able to provide that. new worries me if there's no resolution by saturday this will be the longest government shutdown in u.s. history it's a prospect that many here and across the u.s. concert for to face at a gala grabbed a zero baltimore maryland. two reuters journalists jailed and mel march for violating a state secret secrets act of expect to learn on friday where the high court appeal has been successful while known and choice oil who has spent more than a year behind bars the pair were arrested while investigating the massacre of ten muslim men by soldiers and state and twenty seventeen while on and choice
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maintained that they were framed by police let's go now to our correspondent scott hyla he is following the story for us joining us from bangkok they won't appear in court themselves scott we know that but what are we what are we expecting from the hearing. elizabeth we know it should to begin the next hour hour and a half it's been slid back a little bit today we thought it would be starting within the hour but it won't and we expect the session to last about an hour itself that's what we're hearing from attorneys involved in this and what we know at the high court in young gone right now there are family members from the two gentleman reuter's officials are there as well and there's also an ngo a nonprofit there who said they are going to protest if this appeal is turned down now what's going to happen today three scenarios once this court session is concluded. the other one the first one is that they're set free the second one is
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they could face a reduced sentence or the third and unfortunate sounds like this is probably the most likely just based on conversations and that is that this seven year sentence that was put forth to these two gentlemen back in september will remain seven year sentence so we're waiting to hear exactly what what's going to happen with that but right now the session itself hasn't started that's what happened probably the next ninety minutes we and a lot of other international media and rights organizations caught because they case has attracted so much international attention that we jointly named time magazine's person of the year last year but how is this viewed and myanmar and has any of that international attention on question says and put any pressure on authorities and. we can imagine internationally it has put pressure on the officials in myanmar but the reaction particularly internal for a domestic audience if you will on songs hu jia the leader there it has been really just it stoked nationalism in myanmar yes this specific case but also generally the
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plight of the revenger it's interesting when you go there when you report from there most people feel as though that the whole story isn't being told when you look at specifically what these two journalists reuters journalists a lot of people in myanmar view them as traitors they feel as though they went out of law and got this secret information not set up as the reuters journalists are saying to use it externally they're really viewing it right now they lot of people in this as kind of a us versus them the outside world viewing me m.r. very different that differently than the people inside it again it's really kind of stoked nationalism we've been going over the last several years even when the range of crisis kind of came to a head it's amazing to see just how much that nationalism inside the country has really ratcheted up because of what we've been seeing over the last several months scott thank you very much for that for now that is quite hard and babcock and women of course be going back to him when we hear from the high court thank you.
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it's one hundred days now since the object of this jemaah kushal gene has been to remember to at a more an event on capitol hill in washington the speaker of the u.s. house of representatives nancy pelosi criticized the trumpet ministrations response to the killing my kind of reports from washington d.c. speak of to speak asserted that the best way to remember jamal khashoggi would be to continue to fight for the freedom of the press against the many attacks being waged on it. why am i here john important the press is important why am i here because it's personal the turn of the mob or all was set by the new speaker of the house nancy pelosi who was sharply critical of the lack of faction of the trumpet
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ministration it responds to murder if we decide that commercial interest should override the statements that we make in the actions that we take then we must admit that we have lost all moral authority to talk about any atrocities anywhere any time we must carry on because showbiz mission to defend the free press our strongest boer war against injustice in equity in oppression and members of congress are adamant that concrete measures are going to be taken to hold saudi arabia and the crown prince muhammad been solved accountable when we return to do a deep dive on saudi arabia. the riots it weighs on the kingdom on the earth. all those who were responsible. to show she's a murder if. they refuse to hold him accountable and our conclusion
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is that he is responsible congress can and i think should pass legislation requiring sanctions against those who are responsible no matter how high up make up president trump would appear to believe that the whole issue of the murder of jamal khashoggi is over members of congress are adamant that they will remind him it isn't. but as a way this president has vowed to correct deep mistakes as he was sworn in for a second six year term the u.s. is among thirteen countries in the americas that have said they want to recognize his presidency a little accuse the u.s. of waging a world war against venezuela the country is battling hyperinflation food and medicine shortages and a seeing an exodus of residents to neighboring countries japanese prime minister shinzo says he wants britain and the e.u.
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to avoid a no deal breaks it is his government supports the draft agreement that juries amaze trying to push through the bush parliament m.p.'s are expected to reject the deal next week the russians due to leave the e.u. at the end of march and british m.p.'s are expected to debate migration and the rights of british and e.u. citizens after breaks that on friday in the lead up to the crucial deal deal vote next week the government has already indicated it wants to reduce european immigration by eighty percent when it leaves the e.u. largely reports there from london. remember this it was one of the reasons leave one in the backseat referendum take back all the money the u.k. gives to the european union and spend it on the british health service instead it proved a very powerful message but how to square that with alice sandra's story by the time he'd left italy for london he had a master's degree and four years specialist experience in mental health this is
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starting salary in britain was around twenty five thousand dollars a year under the government's proposals he would never have been allowed into the u.k. because that salary would be too low for him to get a work permit to brick says i know who is going to pay for the visa for working visa in the future for obviously a lot of people. don't apply. meanwhile even in this period of the thirty nine on the near future. day they will sign up before in the u.k. . and to your struggle as it stands there are one hundred thousand unfilled roles in the british oil service and warnings about on the looming crisis as european nationals leave the country the royal college of nursing is so worried it has joined the campaign for a second referendum calling for a rethink about leaving the school there's something quite challenging about thinking that highly skilled means. and what we need to do is really think in the
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public sector what is the value that people bring and not. a minute. it's often in terms of the skills that i have so i think we need to think differently what's happening in the health service reflects a bigger question is immigration really the problem it's a say sees there are two entirely conflicting narratives at play in the u.k. at the moment the government's arguing that there is far too much european migrant labor and is taking away jobs from british people but at the same time the government congratulates itself. having record low unemployment it does rather raise the question if the government does what it says it wants to and reduce european immigration by eighty percent but who exactly is going to do all the work there is an argument between people who really care far more about restricting immigration than about the u.k. economy led by the prime minister and most of the rest of the capitals and of
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course the business community who want to make preserving the interest of the project and have fired just hasn't been resolved like having argued that the u.k. was at breaking points because of uncontrolled immigration politicians are now presented with a chance of reducing is enormously if that happens the country will find out where the migrants such a problem to rule. the al-jazeera london. and reminded that that story and the rest of the day's news can be found on our website that al jazeera dot com it's currently leading. state mike pay a. visit to the middle east that and much more on our website al jazeera dot com. hello again of those of a prominent of the headlines on al-jazeera u.s. president donald trump has traveled to the us mexico border and texas to make his
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case for his proposed wall is demanding five point seven billion dollars for it which he says is needed to stop the influx of crime democrats are refusing to fund it and that's led to a partial government shutdown that lasted nearly three weeks well during an interview with fox news said that he would most likely declare a national emergency if democrats don't agree to the funding. we have the absolute right to declare a national emergency and this is security stuff this is a miniature emergency if you look at what's happening you just heard the statement they came in last week or this week from pakistan and different groups got them. the secretary of state mike pompei or has laid out trump ministrations vision for american policy in the middle east speaking in cairo he called u.s. leadership a positive force in the region but the main focus of his speech was a confrontation with iran well iran has had back at address and what she said that
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america retreating from international affairs lead to chaos iran's foreign minister mohammad jobs every tweet of that whenever all wherever the u.s. interferes chaos repression and resentment on the. influential catholic church of democratic republic of congo says the official presidential election results don't match the tallies of thousands of its observers the national electoral commission has declared opposition candidate the winner it is one hundred days and sell the journalist who was murdered in the country's consulate in istanbul has been remembered at a memorial event on capitol hill in washington. to reuters journalists jailed in myanmar for violating state secrets act are expected to learn on friday whether they high court appeal has been successful the pair were arrested while investigating the massacre of ten men by soldiers and state in two thousand and seventeen. well those are the headlines on al-jazeera al-jazeera selects is coming
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up next thank you very much for watching. culturally i believe doubt the muslims had a far greater affects all of europe than europe on the middle east. the crusaders fought for all this was because they failed to recognize the moment when you've had a right not all of it was in the the list campaign of colonization that exploded religion in the name of the cross of the crusades an arab perspective the final episode liberation at this time on of. the.
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