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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 10  Al Jazeera  January 11, 2019 2:32pm-3:01pm +03

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a lot of not only lived up to a sudden but a lot of your mom always sent me a love without some look i love it goes out of the bed and i want to know. if it's got better organized back to last them a telegram just. popped up i love those pops up on the body if i would be alive to say it was like saying. it feel like i'm going to. be. gallons without a yell. but good to be needed it was good to have a gun but it didn't and they did it. again to get the blood of the victim of it out he. was. the who's who runs his own blog by going to do
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a factor shouldn't he chose war because his gun under the will never die because a pleasant one of the dumb girl madonna can point out to the momi anting anting malone is a q one i bought a bonus i can move up. at least to. get a hand that. way. and. i think the first. really. clever. do you use her full year will not be a scholar i began. no they're going to
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a hundred times worse to provide an announced crime rate is rare here but deborah carton to do. people. to school is frances. think. tank. the movie about duke is not going to fly and because down bill clinton market bonds are down to bad guys damn good suggestion to make our love and go ok is big mountain get out the moguls contribution to the damn lucky guy that would be in it chose to. go may pass it for now i'll. make the salad give a cheer to get us all good material either. god or some with god what.
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is nicaea the implicit. our. local our job to let god while policy guided work. who's there but your body that he all ignorant of i will burn the fit i referred to by the will of god. ismay amish. down going with darkstar bahasa they are here because i was a. going to the hospital but upward as organized was not a lovely. little is not the end of what i learned was lurking who was always and those of many other examples of women. who have.
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learned. i miss him. they are summoned into. the night on the. most you know you can have is a good. use out don't you think you. look good. too when i know you that. this is a lie there who did their duty to her. this . was given.
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to be good so they. gave those who are right no more leave to me going to london to. be rendered rescue. glitches.
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let me tell. you.
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what that. meant almost to say this is a prison being just as a son's is down sick and out in so many kids so i give the stuff that i buy which dates down to the air. the stars in the gadgets so i'm going to bring to the starkey i didn't get back to convoy. they. don't use. them to. mean that i'm going to be sent back to be the homebody but if they don't get me and i think i'm. not going to have a nice time it was sent to the back of my medicine last of a defending guys back up with that bail money that is still around but triple they're supposed to leave at the finish not get him say to my spine now so sell me
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. on that i'm impose i'm vocal buy a new gadget or this is our. on the air farce and despair and no. as i say that i mean whether they are at the now we're now in. the ocean in need suki. a diff is all but i'd be. stunned by was the guys that. xander summarized together so my urge to start my color vision as seen. most they don't get much through that think that suffering is just buys you define your father this animal yet no significant thing of the needed when they kill a key i bring the. way that a school is in the lab was.
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a good idea again government didn't give them the fish with the. seeking the think i see it leave the. man on for profit i feel was as if i feel we need more loud noise around necessarily good luck finding there are only me not a method because. the of the gods. of the us. hell most visit the. most recent one sailor soon because then the sailor seen bunch by bermuda think i was that evil because i felt the bond those they knew where on the back of the shoes because they've got this is enough in my know it took us a little by little fast c.-k. out of the mob some growth but yeah a visual media goes on me so i get up i only. found
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something new that. going to bed. early. ok sal all began the. alice. eve i can dish out she can keep it with that indeed has she gone to that which was in my list there but i didn't come to the understanding to kill the jasmine gage panzers forbid each of them to head west side to people who died to keep it was
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just as bad as the best thing to plant i mean as for the sports world it's my. good thing i'm going to add to the bone again downward shark in the bag by larry medicated during the show so nobody's difficulty that he made a good thing because he i have a worse as a division to dish but a good think a good thing because i think the medium we can but it can't get a me. if. i'm stuck i can make good people learn to love go out to our little lives on with those by the hundreds as in gaza the boys my novels where they can ask them to give up my lives to help but so far that was of course why did with the wind it was such an all out the law that was most pressing on the plot of land ok no problem with that somebody in mumbai lousy working. in the it was screwed up near the building lot i
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still out it was at the follow up witted of what they did a mile a lot less almost up by them and i were the ones who doesn't understand the concept more about going to the us and was it isn't. what's this it was it was a good you know was a good simply because it. was a member of what. was. the name of god that said that. this we need we. need to our. own kind of i know that i want to be. involved you know now and then we are doing this when it's the one. getting into.
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good and i didn't. measure you don't know in which of the votes there's no vision. into the goodness of the medium's i mean. is this a member or michigan goes of this who didn't see before me that. there was no doubt a couple not at all when they would be was a single got to dummy variables and when you said i wonder morgan would go i would go almost personally i was going to say i lament in cars a little got to blow my. own just the barbecue. in a mill fog to. see it was ok to. leave. some i know she says most ahmed rashid's who doesn't measure when guys aren't going to. think is going to make good my left off like to employ them do not complain though the phone won't. look and see a cigarette going on. well that they're examining this season and i know i'm not
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going to give it up with their bare down. sound why you don't ever. ever wish to learn to visit janko facing disease steve. vizard guilt seems to force us to modify hadn't read sure nice it was he that immediate danger let me down his boss mr said i think guys are. as good as first time banks said come by said been forced to when we give our our continue . and inspiration. personal stories of people keeping the spirit of freedom alive. by courageously defending their rights
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to. leave. al-jazeera selects. it's a climb to one of the holiest sites in bhutan. astri seems to defy gravity every is expected to complete the pilgrimage to ensure peace and happiness but it became a democracy in two thousand and eight happiness at the center of all political policy inspiring the un to pass a resolution urging other nations to follow betimes example but how do you measure it. by simply turning its pursuit into policy. what no other country has. in the next episode of science in a golden age i'll be exploring the contributions made by scholars during the
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medieval islamic period in the field of mathematics. the term algebra can be traced back to the arabic word. we're going to the limits of modern technology forty percent salt in the speed of sound they gave us the final building block find they discovered it medieval times it's still science in a golden age with jim. i really still liberated as a journalist was. getting to the truth. that's what this job. had all of the proud of and the headlines on al-jazeera the u.s. president has wrapped up a visit to the country's southern border he traveled there on thursday in a bid to drum up support for his proposed wall separating the u.s.
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from mexico donald trump met with border security of officers in the texas town of macallan he's demanding more than five point seven billion dollars for the war what he says is needed to stop an influx of crime democrats accused of holding the country hostage over the issue and of refusing to fund it and that's led to a partial government shutdown that's lasted three weeks. but you see on the border . they come through the border and they go out through our nation so you have crime and you have crime in new hampshire. you know you don't associate it with a. tremendous amount of art as we were doing. a lot of people coming through the southern border so it and you know if we had the barrier it wouldn't happen. it wouldn't happen they could have your people they could put people other places. right here and.
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know that. it's not about politics really doing the right thing. u.s. secretary of state has laid out the trumpet vision for. speaking in cairo. but the main focus of the speech was confrontation with iran iran has hit back at pompei is address in which he said that america retreating from international affairs lead to chaos iran's foreign minister zarif tweeted that whenever or wherever the u.s. and chaos repression and resentment followed. the influential catholic church in democratic republic of congo says the official presidential election results don't match the tallies of thousands of. the national electoral commission has declared opposition candidate felix. has been
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remembered at a memorial event on capitol hill in washington. one hundred days since he was killed in the. poll democratic leader of the house of representatives nancy pelosi has criticized the trumpet ministrations response to the killing. if we decide that commercial interest should override the statements that we make in the actions that we take then we must admit that we have lost all moral authority to talk about any atrocities anywhere any time we must carry on because showbiz mission to defend the free press our strongest against injustice story is not just about the murder of one innocent journalist he was killing is part of an escalating attack against press freedom that's being
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waged by tyrants around the world and that's why we can't just let them all story fade away his assassination in many ways i believe is a red line it's a threshold where those who believe in human rights and those who believe in free speech must stand firm against those who would callously snuff them out. venezuela's president nicolas maduro has been sworn in for a second six year term to accuse the u.s. of waging a world war against venezuela the u.s. is among thirteen countries in the americas that have said they want to recognize his presidency. japanese prime minister shinzo obvious have he was of russian and the e.u. to avoid a no dig of bricks it obvious that his government supports the draft agreements that tourism a is trying to push through the british parliament but m.p.'s are expected to reject the deal next week. to voice a journalist violating the state secrets act are expected to learn on friday whether their high court
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a bigot has been successful while lauren and choice have spent more than a year behind oz. those are the headlines on al-jazeera the crusades and the arab perspective as up next thank you for watching. in the history of conflicts between east and west. the mightiest battle between cristiana to this land. a holy war in the name of religion. for the first time. the story of the crusades. from an arab perspective.
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the crusades began with the goal of capturing the holy land for christiana. over the years it evolved into something entirely different. in a sense one last thought is india. and the relevant is that he has a goal must win the war and then that. has it let alone in the privacy of one of us for this time he had by all means a has a whole mess is that what went up must suck up standing on. once more the holy city of jerusalem would fall to the crusaders but this time
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through the conclusion of an infamous treaty. many. well and if it has mattered. sally we need to hold wobbly. when. well i'm talking a couple of them in washington we had to sell them in medina and when i became the less she. got off to two hundred years of bloodshed the crusader presence in the east was brought to its ultimate and. i'm with all the money. in the fourth and final episode of the series. the story of the muslim liberation of the holy land from the crusades.
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the year eleven mighty three. damascus the capital of the u. but state. but then is the founded by salafi demon a you known in the west. a solid in. the kurdish officer had risen to become the ruler of a powerful and united muslim front against the crusades. six years earlier. he had crushed the christian forces at the bottom of a team. and opened the way to the liberation of jerusalem.
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but in the spring of eleven ninety three off. or a brief illness so long had dean died leaving the mighty muslim states in the hands of lesser men. all of us alive again again no got off by some must sham we in that it. can will fashion. my suspicion. of a number as a muscle i. generate bennetta no need to mean and then me much you are on my feet the found innocent problems i mean. willing to live in this years that there are valid wide them and well done while others in.
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the first crusade a century earlier had succeeded in establishing four christian enclaves in the levant and above all in the capture of jerusalem. the second and third crusades each led by powerful and famous european model. of ended in abject failure. by the end of the twelfth century. after a hundred years of muslim fight. the territory under crusader control was reduced to a tiny coastal strip in the liver. will. the crusaders were forced to adapt and revise their targets. the moment we
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saw him until which was. what other kind of how to move will be enormous killer frost free for all to. kill if you. will have a leg and penicillin that you can buy lisa. but at the fed could be stroked his ear . where hay at his roof and what did the wood sucks about where you are innocent a tale. so we'll let your min of god bubble what even on the bubble will get a lot socks yeah i'm a little slow to be a bit buttercup well you know why i go but wolf wrong. where number of. men but no bob was enough to walk in the. money can. innocently carry one guy down while i did have to leave the. fresh air.
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and then as your family officially feel sure i'll go sailing at. the made. the venetian controller to ship them to the east. they couldn't afford to pay for the nation it's the fee that they agree. with the minimum to clear the high command and doesn't force out what happens when. the woman is in a stop to be dead man in zeal to shout what i'll do from a stream of mushroom why they're having a can it will get i lost. jenna jenna upon the realities and i had a lot do you know yet jenna had beheaded. me.


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