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tv   Oceans Monopoly  Al Jazeera  January 11, 2019 3:00pm-4:01pm +03

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the maid. hired the venetian and told her to to ship them to the east. they couldn't afford to pay for the nation it's the fee that they agree. to pay back in handy and doesn't force up what happens when. the. men in zeal to shout it from the stream. why that happened again it will get i lost . jenna jenna. we should really look at these and i had a lot. we had the. in
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the in the sacking constantinople in twelve o three this is a remarkable thing for chrissake to have done to the site of the greatest christian city in the world it's something that provides outrage across many parts of the west and of course in the greek world too. an interesting the one contemporary greek writer says look when saladin recovered jerusalem what did he do he spared the christians and what have you done you christians you've taken a christian city and you kill christians you should follow the example of saddam did he was superior to you in the way that he behaved here. i look at if you have a daughter in a bubble you let you know how to care the picture for maybe out how to. get her to body. and. looks for her that. and. by that.
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innocent young. militant misbehavior was so you know how well they know it was. innocent the third was a pope obsessed with crusading he inherited the failure of the crusade to recover jerusalem and the fourth crusade that he launched at captured constantinople the great christian city he tried to inspire yet another expedition what we know is the first crusade and this was designed to go through egypt and use the fertility of the knol the wealth of karo to have the resources to then recover jerusalem. in twelve eighteen. the crusaders finally found their way to the nile delta. the armies of the fifth crusade landed in egypt and captured the port of dam yet.
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for three years the crusaders made no move to advance southwards towards cairo. but when they finally did their move would prove disastrous. as it had about the we're going to have a confessional effect that if we set a fire burning near where. there are a solid b. and b. . c. it was a small fire barn where so but but how do. you and i has been with the love. that you have and the how could i say. let can hold him. to me yet he should do like must. grow into one way and remove all must remain in the. hell is a lick i want the elbow while at the bubble we. adopt me
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. now when i'm to get the product for let me quit i'm hoping for parody. but in the case. howard. but she should have. been our frederik. was a little bubbly how do i live there like. our frederik if then i don't have a. yard of. a home and that's. hamlet that was intimate. as. a you. a your be a seles. in. the three are you big
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brothers were engaged in forty. and one of them came in ruler of egypt took an infamous decision. he decided to seek an alliance with the holy roman emperor frederick the second. and yet in a shock. and then again. just a letter. and. that has. and feel. as well in wash war slowly we live it up a little bubble we. know
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there will still be in our how it was doing fairly. when we in the little. while i'm talking accompli demming or hater we have to sell them in medina to enough to tell the bullish. i'm in hand in no manner as then find. him and get up so if the qur'an one little imbarked all of. them it's a meaningless sound of. a lot of the. lash and mase actual regular warning. that had it can feel normal to free it. this sixth crusade led by frederick the second had managed to take jerusalem. but fifteen years later in twelve forty four it was reconquered and thereafter
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would remain under muslim rule for the next seven centuries. must i look awful as one of our warrior one proprietory ficca and the quite honestly held. so how did bob as they lick. his eyes in figure little bubble were young and melich no worries at this hour many products. are the ninth king of. seriously ill he thinks he's going to die so he says if i survive i will take the call go say. and research. enough to be. called to be. a star should be. a latino you we if you must. pick it up must
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have been ups and fickle cardium our head that they get ahead but. not me i started it with. the how does it have a solid real concept where men pick or go to feel well i can. tell if i'm. not i can the neck of the. morn there we have the. axle b m m m m three hundred if little cottage there we put sand in my budget. well if you know what i will tell a sleeve. that's the een also venue that the lobby of the. star. of
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the miss that. the media. retracing the path of the fifth crusade louis the ninth led the armies of the seventh crusade south from damietta towards cairo. but the trap had been laid by the mighty slave war in a spot called a once world meaning the victorious. to a solid being yet who were nine million of you who do walk out of the sight of me and all of. them and he. thought. i'm not on my league missed that as well and be selective about it when
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a month in the months here. the year twelve fifty not only marked the a huge victory over the seventh crusade. but ironically the end of the whole way you've a dynasty. bolstered by their strength the number the man looks the slave warriors rose up to overthrow salaheddine successors. and take control of their masters states. will give you the lida. has a couple up in love with a lizzie and i go home. and get my hat. and coat and let go and in about the bed.
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i have been to many a crime scene while. up above. eleven thousand. when i can and the body and the body and this is safe ward has it collectively. after destroying but they. advanced westwards. two years later and with the help of the crusaders and deliver. it captured aleppo and damascus. the only muslim power remaining in the region was the number looks into egypt.
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and the. safe in. the. heart of. patient mode. yes fuzz look at those i bought a how did i get that decay you have physically got. them out but. i. somehow seem a few monikers anyone with sense and from going to see what the mcconnell and engaging. i can and
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maybe get to hear the song. and the many can feel a lot of it was the mean and. what a new home for women for us having him when. jani as possible so isn't in. sorry. collect i am a sissy here the chariot it doubled in memory. has. me and my lead i want to tell you now and not. as in my. where. was probably a but not the better hey at the lads now looking. would be modest and the listing rod feel how long to sally be in office on the lawn or lend the sharia how quickly if you're in the us when he has
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a summer camp beavers can send them in the league and then with all the salary. islamia. to go do was one of more than. a son to be in a no go minimally let me love the. local who are still fickle in a sort. of. a strong. president a lot of it. so much that i asked in a shemale high so i'm talking. the principle
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ality of until. the second crusader entity in the east. for a hundred and seventy years this fortified city had successfully resisted the muslim assaults. but now in twelve sixty eight the armies of salt on the boats onyx the city. by the time folds to the moments in the late thirteenth century the frankie's states are pretty weak and itself is not the great principality the great power to be jury in the twelfth century that really does spell the end for the crusaders.
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the crusaders were left with just a few tiny footholds including acre. and it was this city. that would form the stage for the final scene. of the crusades. when a french soldier was murdered in the so-called terrorist attacks. his mother retaliate his with love. speaking out against intolerance and alienation she travels the world with the resolve of a grieving mother who lost a son but adopted a generation. of fighting hamas with this documentary
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on al-jazeera. i think one of our biggest strengths is that we talk to normal everyday people we get them to tell their stories and doing that really reveals the truth people are still gathered outside these gates waiting for any information most of them don't know whether that loved ones are alive or dead or miami really is a place where two worlds meet we can get. washington d.c. two hours to get on juries in the rest of central bankers about the same time but more importantly why those two cultures north and south america bits of strategically very important place for all to the it's a big. it could be the biggest lie in history. as powerful nations lay claim to territories under the ocean twenty one geologists are secret. board. as the struggle for resources intensifies some of the world's most powerful scientists speak out. on
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a zero. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter where you call home al-jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you. al-jazeera. and our own is a problem and the headlines on al-jazeera the u.s. president has wrapped up a visit to the country's southern border he's trying to drum up support for his proposed war between the u.s. and mexico donald trump met all the security officers and the texas border town of macallan is demanding five point seven billion dollars for the wall what she says
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is needed to stop an influx of crime democrats are refusing to fund and that's led to a partial government shutdown that lasted three weeks. iran has hit back at the u.s. secretary of state mike compos address from which he said that america retreating from international affairs lead to chaos iran's foreign minister mohammad job and zarif tweeted that wherever all wherever the u.s. interferes chaos repression and resentment fall. on thursday pompei laid out the top of ministrations vision for american policy in the middle east speaking in cairo he called u.s. leadership a positive force in the region the main focus of his speech was confrontation with iran. who heard and saw the. g. has been remembered at a memorial event on capitol hill and washington thursday marked one hundred days since he was killed in the saudi consulate in istanbul democratic leader of the house of representatives nancy pelosi has criticized the trump administration's
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response to the killing story is not just about the murder of one innocent journalist she was killing is part of an escalating attack against press freedom that's been waged by tyrants around the world and that's why we can't just let your mall story fade away his assassination in many ways i believe is a red line it's a threshold where those who believe in human rights and those who believe in free speech must stand firm against those who would callously snuff them out to russians day lists jailed in myanmar for violating the state secrets act are expected to learn whether their high court appeal has been successful while law and choice have spent more than a year behind bars as they were arrested while investigating the massacre of ten muslim or a hundred men by soldiers in iraq on state in two thousand and seventeen and choi maintain that they were framed by police. well those are the headlines on
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al-jazeera the crusades and our perspective continues next thank you very much for watching. thank.
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you. the year twelve sixty eight. the crusades or principality of until. the fall of two the member so tom. the crusaders now found themselves in a critical situation facing a muslim power fully mobilized against them. q the third the king of jerusalem now displaced in the port city of acre made
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contact with a member of. the medical slowly be above the by the would the law to be about. a new law of the law as one thought. about the article in my medical son to be a more would about the. middle fall. about a little soul. be about as bad as it figured out. and what it was it wobbled blood. what gonna
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be about as bad now a lot of item you know that's a good un fact that said that the folks at that are doing good that's a good. i don't believe in the whole way with the bizarre head but it was to me in a funny being at home and that kind of pork and we'll hear. what happens. forget the. let the oceans. minutes. of all the gloom to shut down what we're doing to shut. in the moment
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this of seeing. a dumas. during his seventeen year rule. berbers had captured all the crusaders in fortress. his military successes were reminiscent of the late great salt. d. c s a lot in. that time and no momma had a line. the best mom lookee. and. has a municipal look at. him out of kentucky.
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that tend to be a long row of our arrival of the ottoman in some of the many courses common monks will. tell. palawan the aspect monogamous yes in our i'm not terribly scale had and. it's done for a islami and what would the feel of the show was the bobbin fell and you'll still. be misled. the moment. than it is old then the neighbors and the whole way you know that have come she figured you would surely be in there alone never have and the other of you familiar the matter of cavuto so you must have a lot there's a silence. of the what's called them good indian wind.
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and all the way to latin america and you know those posh intended. men for a bit of attention was collateral house from hell in the world just a little. enough to walk but they're not how to cut a log. alla a double of you over. here then the time when. and there is no mechanism for twenty or so for that with a higher than of official here that we had the home of the show and the other will and the robot which would have helped when to cut them a shot that the then some real and no good if you let. alone
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a no no you can. be. well developed by the u. i dunno the way washington has put. them on a solid b. . aka. assembled the army and set out from his capital cairo. but as soon as he reached the outskirts of the city he felt. a muscle colonias that the human west that there is now a sort of county where a gunman. and little keogh. gnome sallied a level of. well enough to walk yet no. yeah look similar could have been the no one. i thought on the
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mold are called them. be enough in washington is for us of.
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yeah. a lot more. than the normal sold the books i'm a lot of the fun looking at that. with the fall of acre. this unique chapter of history came to an end. after almost two centuries of bloodshed.
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but the word to have been coined that would enter both history and popular discourse crusade. as i'm stalin let me and shut a million heads of cotton finish. a room or a. memory shot a smattering. of how to get a little belittlement and that i'm to stand them consolidate. and then if can it's only me command. a little cognitive one shot of the most out of most yanni made that a man man at most soon to somebody with i may win a few my bad for say they're for. was had left it.
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on the head. a haka to differing. in the live friend. home rather than home and home. when one of the senior mostly me be less this and that let me start a loveless. home and now has the laser power been missing hey well now the lays of how the money i love roman is the number right salute you have as and while you frank. if you had a commuter minutes haina shockey i.e. sheen filmed for home of around one hundred to hialeah that how to visit your home they bathe in the sleepy.
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however behind the brutal fighting. was a unique opportunity as western europeans came to know their opponents. away from the sights of sieges and but it's. not about how my but when my brother and how about a hundred or. one minimum a month. well i can when i see a career get done. if you. he said has the soil it had already belie limitlessly and.
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usually keep it here and see if they're normal do takes a get a clear cut you know harbor i think you can learn to. see bizarre mickey envy nico did. the did take some good out had been left to keep something. must have had. a while and few megalithic to catch ask the sleeve to tell him confused you didn't mean. him with a phone with a list and a man and she means he has a debt. and lets you. know. we're not here. as he. doesn't feel it now we're full steam ahead sooty was the head of the. furnace them and the. yard from the super can tell you how long a big fucking loser out the super into someone who thought. enough.
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was someone on the machine or why didn't. you know. why they always appear why would. a lot of with. but then i'm not. that was up in a saw a sign off. the shelf. behind them a. common almost. normal. did . well. in the one moron but then out of it no more i'm on a ship in the hay again and that the sun i did. must go to them in
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a shot what i want to show. what they left in the middle east's is debatable. you already left a number of large castles and structures. which in their turn influenced. the local architecture. culturally i believe that the muslims had a far greater effect on. europe than europe had on the middle east. i mean they had me and there was a. you know mother and the dialect dharwad loosely mean length and found
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photographer as i do for that main some at least a shock that we thought are going to carry much any are awful to be will and that's due. to we're not. one occupants of it i was still. in the roosevelt island album we had these as he left you know a a can it be day. and then again oh you know they look pretty but we're going to tell the whole world but there has been a lot of is. it heard some estimates you don't have files making sense. and i'm an atheist and feel. ill mussarat i let you off i'll you know do and. that she does with some billion stenciled little freaky and distant future to ask god he had. the most horrible saline left. and for good to know
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it's yes you will know what i say that in order to be your own few wild eyed he told you how muscly me feel out of the lottery. five centuries after the fall of acre. the last crusader foothold in the muslim peace. the french general napoleon bonaparte. and his army dorion landed in egypt. now a province of the ottoman empire. after capturing cairo and he moved his army to the live. in an irony of history the polian his dreams of establishing
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a french empire in the east. were to be destroyed before the fortified walls of eight. but despite the failure of the napoleonic campaign. it would turn out to be the opening scene of a second wave of european occupation. when they're not catching on. in that have an infinite number you're not an empty that can be. a canal in finance and love to get that one time and i know i had loaned money and fantasy about tomato mush wofully. by the eve of world war one in one nine hundred fourteen. most of the muslim lands on the shores of the mediterranean were under the occupation of european powers.
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in december one nine hundred seventeen. during the british war effort against the ottoman empire. general edmund allonby entered jerusalem. after the city surrendered to his forces. the film that recorded the fall of the holy city. was marked by the use of. oh. echoing down through the centuries. thirty years after this scene. and under the auspices of western powers. or you entity was declared in the reach of. the state of israel.
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and. let them and now a lot of off you have to have them into that if it is way out of my brain to have shot of powder out of the wood. the crusades ended more than seven centuries ago. but the impact of this chapter of history lives on very much alive in the modern world. the. much war going to be tough on the king's head and one says have caught in a field of. the law we never see how we know meanness s.l.b. a look. at you gave me the learning to know if you haven't and it was sad that a lot of them a lot of them not of the you will jani and i am of course seen. on the for profit.
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house a moment then he added. as the time of her was suddenly up and how to. enact i love the shop. this crusade. this war on terrorism. is going to take a while. and the american people must be patient. i'm going to be patient says some ask and that he's able to sit on a cornishman. to me to desert storm does symbol it usually done the commander on time keep it on the leak. going to consume food euclid's to disease going to be temporal dispute between us is our state this is our do skeet that you want
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to sit down with your undies your media brand of that would be sure to take leisure enough for me to give. us from the. neck and or minute. love and it will hopefully be a man family to whom want to bang through and feel out of the room one now almost a quarter of you then it will be harder than your house. that you need tabula hold michelle we haven't found an oil. well could have a constitutional can actually were laid the ready again how would. the him good then feed them until we know. that she might have been homeless a libya a few frogs or she she had their. own little world is full of reactionary that's right michaela. has
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a calamity i live in. a flame tsunami while clem. usa. will miss more well mcdougall what. will he. be. enough hanukkah star mattie into the. style of the dean. for hundreds of years the struggle has continued in the very same lines. with jerusalem at its heart.
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as though this land regardless of its holiness. seems destined to live in eternal conflict between its inhabitants. and invaders. fighting behind the flag of religion. and marching under the banner of a crusade. hello
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there there's still plenty of cloud across the middle east at the moment that the satellite picture is showing plenty in the south and then another system in the east is this one that's giving us the more intense rain and a lot of snow as well as there from afghanistan northwards really we're seeing a lot of snowy weather here we're also seeing another weather system making its way into parts of turkey that's going to stay around the western part as we head through the day on saturday then it will be pulling itself together to swing towards lebanon and syria as we head through sunday and into monday a bit further towards the south and here in doha it suddenly go to bit cooler the winds are firing down from the northwest bringing in that chilly air so friday and saturday well a top temperature of around twenty two degrees could be a fair amount of cloud around on saturday too the winds will finally ease the during the day on saturday and as we head into sunday down towards the southern parts of africa and for many of us here there's quite a few showers around currently you can see them stretching from angola all the way
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through towards madagascar a madagascar is actually looking pretty wet as we head through friday and into saturday particularly in the southwest around. it looks pretty soggy i think that's where we see the heaviest of the rain further towards the west there is more in the way of drawing weather here but still the chance of the old showers around the durban area cape town they should be dry if cooled. if you were looking at this from the outside you would really wonder what was going on what do you see is gross is a religion that they have an in-depth exploration of global capitalism and our obsession with economic growth this is still the center of capitalism there is no limits i view myself as a capital artist we are trying to break through the world smaller and smaller we don't want to be set realistic in the world we would rather have a fantasy growing coming soon. whether online i want to start here on my laptop
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with a tweet or if you join us on saturday there was a a rush of adrenaline will be felt this is the moment that we have been waiting for this is a dialogue the government has codebase and i legal protest i will start to police students forced to disperse the crowds everyone has a voice for votes for lots of different reasons what's the difference types of bricks join the global conversation on how to zero. high court with jax an appeal by two reuters journalists jailed for illegal possession of official talk. this is. also coming up the u.s. president visits the border with mexico to make
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a case for funding to build the steel barrier. around high on the agenda. to bahrain the first gulf stop in his middle east to class. i'm down here in the northeast of brazilian states like drug gangs have been defying government to bring them under control and speak to the state at the heart of the battle. so i mean mons high court has rejected the appeal of two reuters journalists who were arrested while investigating the killing of ten muslim or hindu and in the states in two thousand and seventeen the court has maintained a seven year prison sentence handed down to one. of the pair maintained their innocence and were framed by the us that's going straight to scott who has been following the story joins us from bangkok and scott this has just happened to take us through. again just happened in the last ten minutes getting word from the high
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court in yang gone that the appeal was rejected now this appeal was was argued on december twenty fourth we knew that at some point in january the court was going to put down its decision and they have done so within just the last ten minutes here on friday nick know what they were focused on the two journalists said that they were set up by police and they were charged with obtaining and possessing classified documents wooders a news agency and the two gentlemen say that they were set up by these policeman it's been an ongoing process the gentleman were first arrested just over a year ago and they have been in custody since the trial went on the way through until september and then there was a verdict in september that sentence them to seven years in jail the defense team got their appeal together and submitted it again on december twenty fourth made the argument for and just in the last fifteen minutes ten fifteen minutes nic we're
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hearing that the high court in yangon has rejected that appeal so the pair of course had a huge amount of international support but it seems not to have made any difference at all. no unfortunately has not snow you can imagine that the myanmar government on song suchi their leader has been getting a lot of international pressure because of what's been happening with these two journalists right the way through world leaders have condemned their jailing and have really commented harshly against me and more as government decision to go through with this case they have said that this is part of their government this is an internal matter so they'll handle their own way and it's very interesting nic being in myanmar covering this story covering there were hinges generally over the last couple of years lately in the last year eighteen months the feel of nationalism in the nation has really increased so when you talk to most people in myanmar they will say that these two men were traitors they will say that the outside world doesn't understand what's happening on the inside of myanmar so that
3:52 pm
is how the feeling will probably be after this they will probably most people in myanmar will say yes these two gentlemen deserve to be behind bars for seven years because they breached this law but again when you look at the international community it's something that's been very very much condemned because here are two journalists there doing their jobs and they say they were set up the news organization they work for reuters says that they were set up by these police officers who handed over documents they're investigating as you said nic this killing of ten muslims in rakhine states they're headed suppose they handed over documents by these police and then arrested for holding possessing classified documents so again you know you can imagine will be some comments coming out by reuters we know that there was an ngo a nonprofit organization at the court house today they say they will protest if this appeal was rejected and obviously they're going to do that they. got more and this is a day goes on for timing to go ahead and take their mission to. sudan's security
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forces are being accused of attacking injured protesters while they were receiving treatment at a hospital in on them and the amnesty international says officers fired live bullets in takeouts of patients many of them the believed to have been to wednesday's anti-government demonstrations where three people were killed the protests have spread across two done since mid december the u.s. president has been to the country's southern border to try and drum up support for his proposed wall separating the united states from mexico and donald trump is demanding five point seven billion dollars for the wall which he says is needed to stop an influx of crime a standoff over funding has led to a partial government shutdown that's lasted nearly three weeks no committee how it has moved from a college in texas this is one of the places u.s. president donald trump wants to build his border wall mccallan texas the busiest stretch for illegal crossings from mexico into the united states i want to thank everybody and trying to make sure all the progs ronde display like drugs and
3:54 pm
weapons seized at the border as he met with officials of macallan for a photo op designed to convince skeptical americans additional money for his border wall is necessary trump argued those organizing the illegal crossings are the real criminals victimising the migrants they have women tied up they have tape over their mouths electrical tape usually blue tape as they call it. it's powerful stuff not good trump has been criticized for calling the latest influx of migrants into the u.s. a crisis at the border on thursday truck tweeted the speech of president obama also calling the situation a crisis in twenty four teeth as waves of children arrived in the united states we now have an actual humanitarian crisis on the border that only underscores the need to drop the politics and fix our immigration system once and for all it's certainly not impossible to enter the united states illegally especially here in macallan
3:55 pm
texas while this fence is very very tall this one right beside it is not if you're physically fit if you can swim across a river through this thick brush scale a four metre concrete wall over the razor wire you're in it should be happening in our country that's what trump says he wants to stop but his push for five point seven billion from congress to reopen the government and direct to steel border wall has become a dueling narrative for or against the president. along the streets of macallan there were signs of protest but there was plenty of support for the president as well. trump says he still hopes for a deal in congress to pay for his wall but he's not ruling out declaring illegal immigration a national emergency freeing up already approved funds to get what he wants can really help kids al-jazeera mccallan texas well that's enough from john holdren
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from the mexican side of the border. this is the fencing that covers about a third of the border between mexico and the united states which president trump says isn't enough he wants a rule to cover this border the reasons he's given for it various he says that it will help to stop drugs that doesn't quite stack up actually the vast majority of drugs go through ports of entry they smuggled through that way rather than over the fence saying he's also said that it will help with terrorism actually most terrorists go through airports rather than trying to get over this fence but he's also obviously given the reason of migration there has been a big uptick in migration over the past year but again if you take the bigger picture over the cut last couple of decades or so it's actually gone down quite a lot now what has changed is the number of women and children who were trying to
3:57 pm
get across to the united states that has gone up quite a lot now there is an analyst would say the onset to resolving in dealing with that problem is more immigration judges and a more efficient system to work out which of those people deserve a sign of many of them are coming from countries like honduras and el salvador that are racked by gangs now a lot of people coming for economic economic reasons they wouldn't qualify for asylum a lot of people are coming because of the violence they suffer back home and they could qualify for asylum now advocates would say that the quicker the those cases can be seen and treated the less backlog that will be in the system and the more that this mess will be sorted out obviously president trump is gone another way his solution. is going to keep a lot of people out of the united states of the trying to reassure middle east and allies about the u.s. commitment to the region in a major speech in cairo you assert your state might pompei was heading to bahrain.
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it is his first stop in the gulf in his whited to of the middle east and here's why he's going that one of the main objectives of pump is visit is to curb what he calls it runs destabilizing activities in the region and bahrain has long accused terror on of interfering in its domestic politics the gulf nation is one of four arab countries imposing a blockade on qatar but both manimal and political allies of the united states has also likely to discuss bahrain's possible role in syria's post-war reconstruction last month manama along with the u.a.e. reopen the embassies in damascus for the first time since the start of the conflict well in that speech in cairo on thursday pump called on middle eastern allies to contain iran's influence in the region charles trafford as more. the u.s. secretary of state might pompei i was touring the middle east almost described as a mission focused on shoring up support among arab allies against iran. since
3:59 pm
withdrawing from the two thousand and fifteen iran nuclear deal last year the u.s. has increased pressure on teheran which it accuses of being a destabilizing force in the region many middle east experts say pushing iran into a corner is a dangerous move but in the egyptian capital cairo america's top diplomat didn't mince his words the nations of the middle east will never enjoy security achieve economic stability or advance the dreams of their people of iran's revolutionary regime persists on its current course america's economic sanctions against the regime are the strongest in history and will keep getting tougher until iran starts behaving like a normal country. middle east follows confusion about donald trump's withdrawal of a round two thousand u.s. troops from northern syria. president's announcement schult arab allies as well as a u.s. political leaders and military commanders concerned that the battle against eisel
4:00 pm
in syria and the wider region is not over yet. tried to reassure them president trump has made the decision to bring our troops home from syria we always do and now is the time but this isn't a change of mission we were made committed to the complete dismantling of isis the isis threat and the ongoing fight against radical islamism in all of its forms the u.s. withdrawal from syria is also having ramifications for american relations with nato ally turkey u.s. troops have been working with kurdish y.p. chief i choose who control a large area of northern syria close to the turkish border turkey considers the y. peachey a terrorist organization the president received type order one said the suggestion on choose day by u.s. national security adviser john bolton of protecting the white p.g. as a precondition to the.


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