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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 11, 2019 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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i. and what amnesty international is describing as an outrageous violation of international law security forces stormed hospital on wednesday. was looking for protesters in judging anti-government demonstrations in their man so don second largest city. bullets and tear gas were fired at patients and doctors walked out on strike and protest was the sudanese government says it's investigating what happened the forces actually followed the protest of inside the hospital. they used you guys alive a mission. horrible situation i think even in conflict situation that i can hold with a lot of concern that a war crime was a and wednesday's portis an older man reported to be the largest tree weeks of
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demonstrations against a twenty nine year old of president omar al bashir. police and security forces have responded with force at least three people were killed on wednesday whitestrips say the number killed since protests began is at least fourteen the government says the total is twenty two was what began as anger against the rising costs and shortages of food and fuel has more to do demands for the president's resignation omar al bashir seems equally defined blaming the demonstrations on foreign powers. we are all together hand in hand joining forces to maintain stability however some are adopting foreign agendas being operated by outside forces in a means to the saddam. his critics accuse him of mismanaging the economy ignoring corruption and causing the world's second highest inflation rate to use for bread are. the price of food will triple to recently bashir who means wanted by the
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international criminal court for war crimes has said he's aiming to be reelected next year. protest is determined to prevent doubt with the strongest challenge yet to this leadership gupta on tuesday. we'll have a morgan joins us now live from khartoum and hear that even after thursday's vote as was still saying protesters coming out today yes laura just as president armitage bashir has been very defiant regarding the protests against him to resign the protesters have also been very defiant they say they will continue to come out in the streets they will continue to make their voices heard and they will continue to demand that he step down something he said he's not going to do until elections come in twenty twenty and even then he says he's planning to be his party says he they are going to try to reelect him so that he can be nominated for for presidency next year so it's not clear if these protests will ever end people say that they will protest again on sunday and again in the coming
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thursday so it doesn't seem like this thing is coming to an end anytime soon and now let's remember that this is this all started over the rising prices of bread and the high inflation but that has quickly morphed into demands of the president resign and people are saying that they are fed up of his rule of his twenty one year rule and they're saying that his promises to try to reform the economy his promises to try to improve the living situation for people is something they've heard over and over again and only him stepping down would be the solution is there a feeling you have the government response is growing more violent the longer these protests go on for. well certainly laura we've attendant we've been we've been there and covering some of the anti-government protests and we've seen how police has been responding they've used live ammunition they've used tear gas and we've seen that they seem very intense and continue to use that despite foreign government saying that the response against these peaceful protesters it's very excessive brutal force the fact that so far according to government twenty two people have been killed according to rights groups at least
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forty people have been killed people are saying that the force has been used against him by the government is brutal in that it increases day by day on wednesday the protests that came out against the government we've seen people once again being injured three people were killed in those protests and there are concerns that as people continue to demand that the president resigns that the police would use more brutal force and that more people would be killed what reaction have we seen from the international community to all of this while the u.n. and the a u.n. other foreign governments have come out and condemned the fact that the police have been using up brutal force they say that these protesters are basically unarmed and that they're trying to meet their demands that demands for the fact that they want president obama to share to step down whether he does or not according to international committee is not the point the point is the fact that these protesters are being met with brutal force people are saying that the government should be a little bit more lenient now president obama bashir has spoken before about the police response and and yesterday the local authorities and said that they will
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investigate what's happening on hospital where police barge into the hospital and fired tear gas and live ammunition at protesters they say that they will investigate all these but the fact is that protesters continue to me to come out in the streets out in the streets and demonstrate so their concerns that these investigations will not happen until the protest stop and to be honest it doesn't seem like it's going to stop anytime soon ok have a thanks very much for the update there from car too. including hundreds of thousands of civil servants going without pay. the partial government shutdown in u.s. history. and migration and the rights of the british and. the british public continues the debate ahead of next week's crucial vote. request d.n.a. from the world's biggest football star not accusations of great have all the details in sports.
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in the u.s. hundreds of thousands of civil servants are at risk of continuing without pay and what could become the longest partial government shutdown in american history the twenty one day record was reached during bill clinton's presidency could break it at the deadlock over funding for his proposed border wall continues today. reports from baltimore many workers affected by the shutdown and now facing tough choices. this government building in the heart of downtown baltimore is normally a hive of activity its doors are now closed its workers furloughed and the impact on the streets close by is clear over the last few weeks mohammed has seen his business declined sharply. he tells us who leave the area if things don't return to normalcy. like nothing here you know it's.
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been you know. darryl burton's been a federal employee for decades this isn't the first government shutdown he's lived through but the longer it lasts the harder it gets for his family for a drop of gas in the car today or do i wait for the weekend do i. buy groceries today or from away to enough. things can get a little bit cheaper in all twenty three thousand federal employees across maryland are either working without pay or of been furloughed it's one of the worst affected states and the impact is widely felt when this partial government shutdown ends there's a good chance that the eight hundred thousand federal workers will get back pay for those contracted by the government to rely on federal resources to provide services that can mean the difference between life and death the future is less certain nevertheless we've met people here so committed to what they do that continuing to
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work not knowing where their next paycheck will come from native american lifelines receives federal funding from a now closed government department staff to provide support for addiction mental health and vital but equal services not that i can save everyone but at least being here they know that they have a home and a safe place to be and we won't be able to provide that you know worries me if there's no resolution by saturday this will be the longest government shutdown in u.s. history it's a prospect that many here and across the u.s. consul for to face gallacher al-jazeera baltimore maryland. now here in new york he's the president and founder of the physical risk consultancy eurasia group good to have you with us this shutdown is trying to get into serious territory here isn't it how destabilizing is it for the united states. it certainly a problem for president trump because most people do blame him not the democrats
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for the shutdown you're talking about four hundred twenty thousand roughly u.s. citizens who are employees of the government that are going to be furloughed not getting pay and these are not wealthy people most of them and so as a consequence they're going to be suffering having said that unemployment is at record lows in the united states right now in the economy is doing comparatively well so in the grand scheme of things twenty nine thousand economically does still feel relatively solid in the united states ok but if the economy is doing well is that enough to offset what's going to be a prissy. year in u.s. politics. i think the answer is probably yes but if the if it if it isn't true it's not because of the shutdown let's keep in mind that over the first two years of president trump's administration maybe the biggest takeaway has been despite all of his statements all of his tweets american institutions have stood up quite well and he's been unable to implement
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a lot of the things that would have been quite challenging for the u.s. but twenty nineteen is a year where the political institutions will be challenged as they really never have before in my lifetime and that's not because of the shutdown it's because of the investigation is coming down against trump his family and his organization and when he hits back against the people trying to hit him the question is what happens in congress what happens in the judiciary that's an open question ok just to stay with the shutdown just for a moment because trump could take it one step further could he could go and declare a national emergency if he insists on getting this wool bill there's no guarantee that that's going to work but quoting a national emergency i mean that's got to be destabilizing. well there are some thirty national emergency mechanisms in place that have been declared by presidents since the that was been allowed by congress and not one has been rescinded by congress in the past if it's specific and it's about the wall i mean certainly i
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don't think it's a good idea it's going to lead to greater partisanship in congress and i think more republicans will find themselves wavering away from trump you've seen a number of senators a number of house congress republicans saying that they really oppose it some have also stood up with him keeping in mind what just happened in november where the democrats won the house by a significant margin on balance i think this is something that would undermine trump in the run up to two thousand and twenty where certainly looks like he's running for reelection and it's going to be a rocky time ahead many thanks in for taking time there to join us from new york. now china says that it's highly concerned about the detention of a businessman in poland polish national and chinese director at the tech giant huawei of the queues of spying but it says the chinese man's arrest is linked to his own behavior not his employees u.s. intelligence agencies have alleged that huawei technologies could be used by the chinese government for espionage. most is says it's filed
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a criminal complaint against its former chairman collins go on these prosecutors have also added two new charges of financial crimes including breach of trust he's already accused of underreporting his salary by millions of dollars go on denies the charges and said he says he's been unfairly detained for almost two months and was fired by the boards of miss and it's a big but was kept on iran. if president says no deal breaks it would be a catastrophe that is in constant contact with the u.k. to try to prevent that from happening present days of the beijing prime minister trees amaze dail ahead of a crucial vote next week the government's already indicated it wants to reduce european emigration by eighty percent when it leaves the bloc barnsley reports from london. remember this it was one of the reasons leave one in the back seat referendum take back all the money the u.k. gives to the european union and spend it on the british health service instead it
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proved a very powerful message but how to square that with alice sandra's story by the time he'd left italy for london he had a master's degree and four years specialist experience in mental health is starting salary in britain was around twenty five thousand dollars a year under the government's new proposals he would never have been allowed into the u.k. because that salary would be too low for him to get to work permits off the brick says i know who is going to pay for the visa for working visa in the future for obviously a lot of people. who don't apply. meanwhile even in this period of the thirty nine on the net three years. they do find out before for example in the u.k. rather than. through your struggle as it stands there are one hundred thousand unfilled roles in the british oil service and warnings about the looming crisis as european nationals leave the country the royal college of nursing is so
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worried it has joined the campaign for a second referendum calling for a rethink about leaving the us all there's something quite challenging about thinking that highly skilled always means highly and what we need to do is really think about in the public sector what is the value that people bring in the life in monetary terms it's often in terms of the skills that i. so i think we need to think differently what's happening in the health service reflects a bigger question is immigration really the problem it's a ses there are two entirely conflicting narratives at play in the u.k. at the moment the government's arguing that there is far too much european migrant labor and is taking away jobs from british people but at the same time the government congratulates itself on having read called low unemployment's it does rather raise the question if the government does what it says it wants to and reduce european immigration by eighty percent and who exactly is going to do all
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the work there is an argument in cabinet between people who really care far more about restricting immigration than about u.k. economy led by the prime minister and the rest of the capital and of course the business community who want to make preserving the interest of the u.k. economy a priority and have fired just hasn't been resolved like having argued that the u.k. was breaking points because of uncontrolled immigration politicians are now presented with a chance of reducing the single asleep if that happens the country will find out what the migrants of such a problem to rule lawrence leigh al-jazeera london. time now for all the weather and his that kevin take us to syria that's right we have had a lot of problems with those european storms we're also seeing a knock on effect with sliding in parts of syria i want to show you what's been going on here not only affecting syria but also affecting the areas around it particularly those refugee camps in the region as well i want to show you the video that has come out of darkness recently because of the heavy rain that's been going
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on across the region the rivers next door chris has actually overflowed its banks causing this to happen you can see how high the water is across much of this area now like i said the refugee camps across the region as well are being inundated with very heavy rain across causing many many problems and they are asking for humanitarian help right now across this region i want to show you what the forecast is going to be because we have another problem that's coming into this area right now. now the region is dry so good news there but take a look at the forecast map of the next few days we are looking at another weather system here across the central part of the med that is developing right now it's bring some very heavy rain across greece i want to put this for one more day and watch what happens as that system makes its way towards the east more heavy rain is coming into that area that's already been flooded so this is not a very good scenario as we go towards the weekend also i want to update you on what is happening here across europe we are still looking at a big snow event across much of the elves what's coming in from the north is going
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to cause very heavy snow over the next you days only adding to that avalanche risk . still ahead. of blocks highly fortified green zone. paying that muslims in germany join jews catholics paying the so-called worship tax . the spotlight. paid. corruption investigation it will have all those details in sports.
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and there again you're watching al-jazeera has reminder of our top stories this hour hundreds of anti-government rallies are being held in various parts of sudan protesters want president to step down as rights groups accuse curacy forces of using excessive force against demonstrators. high court judges have rejected an appeal by two boys his journalist serving seven year prison sentences choice so convicted of breaking the official secrets act by reporting an army massacre of. two thousand u.s. troops have begun to withdraw from syria but commanders aren't giving any details on that when they'll all go home and operations under way three weeks after donald trump's surprise announcement. on announcement comes as the u.s. action states as in the middle east reassuring allies about the fight against eisel is in bahrain before heading to the united arab emirates in the next leg of his tour was also warning of what he calls
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a wrongs destabilizing activities in the region and has long accused iran of interference gulf nation. one of four arab countries imposing a blockade on kasa but both manana and political allies of the united states is also a. possible role in syria's post-war reconstruction last month along with the u.a.e. reopened their embassies in damascus for the first time since the start of the conflict. there a senior political analyst joins us now here on set and more on what's hoping to get out of this g.c.c. leg of his tour. i think it's central actually to his visit because in order to put together the so-called middle east with egypt all lions that the united states trying to put together as it were grows from the region in order for it to be a sort of america's eyes and ears and arms on the ground it needs to resolve the
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gulf crisis first and foremost and it needs to come out of the closet as it were become clear as to what are its intentions and strategy of use of iran so i think the various gulf countries are important now let's all remember that this is all happening against the backdrop of the special envoy to the gulf region to resolve the gulf crisis four star general anthony zinni quit visit day bumpier started his middle east trip which really does not bode well for the seriousness of the trauma administration there is of the gulf crisis and why is that important work because let's all remember that a year and a half ago or so it was president from that actually through fuel on the crisis when it first started because he was basically misled by the u.a.e. and saudi arabia into believing this and that and the other thing about cutter so now or for the last year and have president trump in person had the responsibility to to to to to take a role to to really try to resolve this thing clearly and to use it he did not feel
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that the president gave him and us leverage and now we hopefully circuit of them pale does have that leverage they also this move on to this troop withdrawal announcement that we got today said yesterday that it would indeed happen but that it's not going to hinder the fight against eisel can these two events happen at the same time well let's not get them off the hook that it's these because only on sunday john bolton was saying there was no withdrawal for months so honestly what is going on ok so let's say that it's after all the president is the commander in chief he mixes is not the lieutenants or the paper pushers as president of the on call them. how we will or as you said what will what will happen next is there a strategy behind all of this what clearly there is politics and there's policy the politics is that present promised his his core constituency that he was going to
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pull out of syria and he feels that he needs to do that now so he's doing it apparently against the advice of his advisors second he what they're saying now it will continue to fight i think it's something similar to what president obama said by the way we would continue the fight against. other terrorist groups not and certainly by being engaged or snowballing our our deployment of our military on the ground for generations but that would grow and engage the enemy or that there is organizations in different ways first of all advice by stopping the financing from sponsoring them by cutting them off and by helping various partners in the acts of syria and elsewhere against the activities of i saw them others ok we'll leave it there for a moment my thanks for coming in. well getting around baghdad. everyone these days the heavily fortified green zone has been
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a symbol of insecurity and iraq's capital for years now security forces are effectively to carry the cleric in the iraqi capital safe by removing checkpoints and barriers and long kong reports. they call it the transition from green to blue where greenbury army soldiers give up control to the blue berets of the iraqi police force traffic can now easily pass through baghdad's international zone also known as the green zone without checks and special passes a situation unthinkable just a year ago. under the old is a problem. officials across major cities in iraq are removed checkpoints and concrete barriers designed to protect against suicide in tall buildings the prime minister even took a very public walk around baghdad on monday i didn't. transitioning from green to blue for iraq is something inevitable this came after the end of the military operations against isola cross iraq there's a per tile ground for the iraqi police to handle security and leave other military
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forms outside the main cities the european union advisory mission to iraq is pushing into that direction in collaboration with the police force for several reasons on top of them getting rid from eisel threat in the green zone is home to iraqi political establishment and foreign embassies according to the american media the u.s. has its concerns over the green zone opening up its embassy in iraq is the largest of its diplomatic missions in the world the european union advisory mission to iraq is helping iraqi police deal with security but insists it's the iraqis who are leading the charge the mission is important because at the moment we are in the phase where in iraq after winning the war against there's the security forces the police is in a transition phase from a more paramilitary. force to a superior. local police force the people in the city it's been i think to drive
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around the green zone an area denied to them for the last fifteen years all mamma when i first crossed the bridge leading to the green zone i was in tears for fifteen years we rockies were deprived from these roads we are so happy no other side of the green zone is open now for the public families and employees can drive through now usually we are happy for the city of mint down are the days of roads being shut down with concrete walls gone our traffic jams this is a relief for iraqi people in the end. keeping baghdad safe requires a large and coordinated daily operation which begins at four am with iraqi police forces finding out across the city. and it's not just the green zone all over the city streets are opening up as. you can see the removal of these concrete barriers is quite a major operation but it is a crucial one not only does it ease congestion on the roads of baghdad but it gives people a sense that things. in the city are being repeated across iraq in.
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baghdad. for human rights and north korea has described the country as a prison speaking from seoul can talk on a confirmed the president's political camps speaking to north korean defectors mcbride has the latest from seoul. this is the fifth visit to south korea by the current special rapporteurs he draws up a picture of the human rights situation in north korea as previously he's been meeting with defectors and also senior officials here in seoul this is of course as close as he will get to north korea itself despite repeated requests there's no chance of a visit there the north koreans dismiss the work of the special rapporteurs saying that the evidence of defectors is simply untrustworthy it comes at an interesting time diplomatically with
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a number of human rights advocates saying that not enough has been done by the united states and to a certain extent south korea in pushing the human rights issue and that with all the talk of a second summit meeting between donald trump of the united states and also a visit by kim jong un to south korea the issue of human rights should not be left out should not be put to one side. piece that we or that positive developments do want to just witnessed in the past year the sort of more regrettable that the reality for human rights on the ground remains unchanged and continues to be extremely serious. of those who led to the north recently that i interviewed you and this mission. gave account of for the ninety people been subject to this look at the labor and serious human rights violations such to such as forced evictions in the name of the development stories were because to me of building killing
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children been subject to long hours of forced labor where they were forced to work without remuneration this visit also comes on the back of what see it as north korea's diplomatic success with kim jong un's visit to beijing being hosted by president xi jinping of china with the. this from she for a reciprocal visit to north korea this is a timely reminder according to north korea's critics of the brutal reality of everyday life there and that this is still very much a repressive regime they say responsible as documented by the united nations for prison camps where more than one hundred thousand political prisoners are being held and where starvation torture and executions they say are commonplace. in the democratic republic of congo opposition can set martin says he has won more
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than sixty percent of the votes in the recent elections his sizing figures from catholic church observers who challenge the provisional outcome are these days ago by the electoral commission. another of the guns of. the provisional women. she's concessive for us. according to his tally and the tally from the catholic church and he basically thing that he has proof that he won the last election what is he going to do next now that he's going to go to court tomorrow at about eight am local time we need to visit the evidence and try to convince judges that he knows what he's talking about that what he thing is true if the judge does the that he has no case will think that is credible they will then dismiss his cave building declare it to they can be as the president elect and he should be sworn in on january eighteenth what's the
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mood there on the streets have we seen many protests come out in the wake of these results. it's been fairly quiet day friday a lot of people are just going by the business capital city can shop but it's pretty much back to normal of course a lot of people much reading about the election wondering what martin is going to do internationally we've seen some countries between the waste speak out against the election that wouldn't feel that martin and why you should have won this election they have doubts that going into the cave you generally one would think that maybe president joseph kabila had something to do with rigging the election so that the can you win but in terms of i think country response not be that we don't really hear that much from neighboring countries in particular in fact that might they might require you know if you need it is agreed by that he must take it matter to court and see what the judges say and there are some activities on the ground even by you lou. why we only hearing mainly from countries in the waste why acting
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thank you very quiet get to the thing perhaps that way as usual because the global apart. from belgium another agenda we know that the the the rich in mineral well and not for decades a lot of countries especially in the way have been involved in this country so a lot of people to get to the bottom with the intention of some countries in the way but all life of course will be on that court challenge to be launched tomorrow back to the in can just that i came up with absolutely in the meantime. been declared the vision a winner what have we been hearing from him and what's the next. he's been very quiet you know that you've met with president. he come out and tried to unify what seemed to be a divided country he won you mean by nearly thirty nine into a lot of people we didn't vote for and he trying to unify the country you've reached out to people like martin why you say our willing to work with you let's work together to move this country forward of course he was so it'll be
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a wait and see whether you like the olive branch of the two men can work together side by side ok many thanks for bringing us up to date there with events there in kinshasa now that is when is president is vowing during his second term to correct what he calls deep mistakes. been sworn in for another six he is american countries are refusing to recognize his presidency which many condemn as a dictatorship that dirk uses the u.s. of waging war against venezuelans as suffering high grade inflation and a mini his slow is causing less in america's biggest ever migration crisis. germans officially registered as jews catholics and protestants have for decades been required to pay what's called a church or worship tax the money is then given to the relevant faiths now one leading question democrat politicians as muslims should be brought into this arrangement to free them from the influence of foreign states dominic casey
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explains. there. this is the go to mosque in berlin one of the newest and considered by some to be one of the most liberal in germany from the outset the emphasis here has been on inclusion driven by its founder syrian artist her decision to allow men and women to worship here together polarizes opinion now she says she wants the muslim community to help itself by agreeing to pay to finance itself. the time for a kind of mosque tax is long overdue the most communities in germany and in europe must become independent from the so called countries of origin and thinking about it gave me the idea of saying communities should finance themselves.


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