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as their back pay once the government reopens and trump has signaled he will sign the bill into law but the big question is when will that payment the back payment ever come to these eight hundred thousand workers who are working or have been laid off without a paycheck trump for his part spend this afternoon meeting with border stakeholders in the white house these are people like sheriffs and local law enforcement on the border who largely support the president's position in demanding for this wall to be built and he told reporters during that meeting that as you heard if congress is not able to resolve this and give him his funding for the border wall that he says he will declare a national emergency so it's a very difficult to parse out the headline when we have a president who has declared back and forth wavering whether or not he will take the step to declare the national emergency we do know that some of his closest advisers including his son in law jerry questioner are advising him not to do that
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but as far as what will happen on monday when trump wakes up and maybe has another change of mind we simply do not know merriam and we know that trump has repeatedly threatened to utilize executive powers to get funding for his border wall if he if he does do that what sort of opposition or legal challenges might he be faced with. that's right now if he were to declare a national emergency because to fund his border wall that would be an extraordinary move by a sitting president and critics are saying you'll be a step toward authoritarianism and they are cautioning him against doing that because it would also set a precedent now trying himself acknowledge the difficulties that such a declaration would create he said to reporters today that he would be expected to be sued and that he would likely lose in the lower court as well as the appeals
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court but then he said that in the supreme court the final decider is in a would be case that he has he feels of the supreme court is more fair to him namely of course we know he has appointed two of the nine justices on the u.s. supreme court and the court does lean conservative mariyam thank you very much with the latest on that from washington i just castra as well still ahead for you on this program the u.k. government says it wants to cut you migration off to practice it but where will the health service get its start. so why lots of fiber in the diet is the best thing since sliced bread wholemeal bread. hello again welcome back to international weather forecasts we're here across australia we are looking at mix temperatures across much of the areas some areas
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are going up some are going down but we're also seeing some rain here passing through parts of sydney and that's going to make its way towards brisbane with a few showers there so term to wise here on saturday melbourne really not looking too bad adelaide thirty two degrees few there but as we go towards sunday took to start to change we start to go up a little bit with melbourne at twenty eight adelaide a thirty four in alice springs you're going to be a very hot day for you at forty two degrees there well across the north and south island of new zealand was still to be quite messy. up here towards north notice the clouds on the satellite image right there with auckland seeing a cloudy day for you and that's going to stay where the temps are about twenty six so that's not the problem down towards the south though we are looking quite nice on saturday for christ church but on sunday another weather system pushes through we're going to be seeing some rainy conditions as well as some windy conditions with a temperature there of about twenty three degrees and then very quickly across parts of japan to the north it's a little bit cooler of course but down towards the south we're dealing with rain for a sock attempted there of about seven degrees not
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a bad day for tokyo but only into the mid single digits there up towards sendai six degrees but sapporo we could possibly see some more snow for you and attempted there of about minus one degree. on counting the cost of blame it on breaks it one trillion dollars worth of assets shifted out of the u.k. the change is in the aviation plus small and creepy the latest consumer gadgets connected to the internet on show in las vegas counting the cost on al-jazeera. i'm. about. some of the i like.
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it's a quick look at the top stories now opposition candidate matafeo ulu says he won sixty one percent of the vote in the democratic republic of congo's presidential election rival felix to see k.d. has been declared the official winner but fighting says he will challenge the result in court sudanese security forces have used take gas to disperse hundreds of people protesting against the government in khartoum rights groups have accused them of using excessive force even attacking injured protesters in a hospital. and u.s. president donald trump says he will not declare a national emergency right now to secure funding for a controversial border war with mexico republicans and democrats remain deadlocked over the issue with the government shutdown now entering its twenty first day. and in other news a saudi woman who fled to thailand saying she feared her family would kill her on
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her way to canada after being granted asylum there. were new and had barricaded herself in an airport hotel room and launched a social media campaign that received global attention the canadian prime minister has confirmed that her asylum request was granted canada has been unequivocal that we will always stand up for human rights and women's rights around the world this is part of a long tradition of canada engaging constructively and positively in the world and working with our partners allies and with the united nations and when the united nations made a request of us that we grant. asylum we we we accept. eight members of the same family have been killed in yemen in an artillery bombardment by hoofy rebels four women and four children were killed in the government held village of shalala close to the border with saudi arabia it comes as the saudi led coalition says it destroyed or who see drone control center that
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was used in a deadly attack on a military parade on thursday who feasible so tonight saudi reports that they attacked an oil refinery in the port city of aden after a violent explosion shook the city and caused a huge fire israeli forces have shot woman a woman dead near gaza's border fence during weekly protests there the killing took place during the forty second week of the march for a turn protest is gather every friday to demand the right of palestinians to return to his radio land they were driven from during the one nine hundred forty eight war gaza's health officials say more than two hundred people have been killed by israeli fire since the protests began in march last year syria's state media is reporting the government's at defense units a fight on quote enemy targets above the capital damascus syria's government is suggesting the planes were israeli and carried out on and carried out strikes on a warehouse in the capital video footage reportedly shows explosions of of the city
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meanwhile the u.s. military says it's been pulling out equipment but not troops from syria coalition spokesman refused to reveal further details of the withdrawal including when some of the two thousand american troops might leave secretary of state might impose in the region to reassure his allies following donald trump surprise announcement of a troop withdrawal more than three weeks ago he says a pullout won't hinder the ongoing fight against i still. well you know what developments turkey is saying a planned offensive against kurdish y p g fighters in northern syria will go ahead regardless of the u.s. withdrawal preparations are underway for the ground assault and chrissie's the kurdish militia along its border as a security threat some consider reports from old bob which turkish backed forces recaptured from my sil two years ago. the voices of innocence. children playing emmett's the complex to political standoff these innocent lives are given a chance at life in a one sided still controlled city well bob that was the rate of by the turkish
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backed free syrian army f.s.a. two years ago. to hold on cannons in the day they were before their dream was to carry guns like fighters because they were afraid now they want to become a teacher an engineer like regular children or a police officer to protect their country. look it took thirty kilometers south of his supporters to you regards old bob as a gate to it security after i saw was pushed out the turkish military now protects the local population. with the city becoming a sanctuary for internally displaced its population has increased to iran three hundred thousand people the local council begin distributing id cards in july at least sixty thousand residents have received them over crowding makes it more difficult to establish control and keep records local officials say the areas in which you know when i still controlled hear it first target to toast bittles schools i shall leave in your civilians as
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a human shield during the liberation operations people lived in fear at the list saw that they had an alternative us think god they revived and we saw the smile on old people's faces the doctors here say local people trying to beat the also who are by having more children at this thirty babies are born every day in a bomb. however life still holds many challenges for them people here in zero five so i am live as normal lives as possible but life has become more expensive here it's time to look is there a loses value against u.s. dollars the local businessman raise their prices and this makes it much harder for people especially those living in refugee camps and mr could it also is the problem here is everyone got used to consuming even the public service workers i hope people soon begin to produce raavan looking for their own interests or waiting for aid boxes some say nothing much has changed for them after i still left.
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well i just i still work a lot even sometimes until one am to earn my living and surviving not enough but i can't beg for money i have children to feel despite the services provided and a relatively secure environment uncertainty continues to move many of them wish to go back to their homes and are hoping an expected turkish led military offensive is still three feet is river may make that dream become a reality seen on al-jazeera up north in syria britain's foreign secretary jeremy hunt says the nation might have to stay in the european union if parliament rejects prime minister terry's amaze breck's it deal has been a third day of debate ahead of the vote next tuesday deal agreed with the e.u. has been criticised by m.p.'s across the political spectrum and looks unlikely to pass we can no longer assume that by rejecting this deal there will be a better shade of brown suit and what is more like three if this deal is rejected
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is that we have the risk of bricks at paralysis and. when that happens no one knows what happened and the big risk and what people worry about is that we don't touch you deliver what people voted for. germans officially registered as jews catholics and protestants have for decades been required to pay what's called a church or worship tax with the money then given to the relevant faiths now one dating politician says muslims should be brought into this arrangement to free the german islamic church from the influence of foreign states is domenic cain reports german muslims split on whether or not it's a good idea. this is the go to mosque in berlin one of the newest and considered by some to be one of the most liberal in germany from the outset the emphasis here has been on inclusion
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driven by its founder syrian artist her decision to allow men and women to worship here together polarizes opinion now she says she wants the muslim community to help itself by agreeing to pay to finance itself in our russia. the time for a kind of mosque tax is long overdue the most communities in germany and in europe must become independent from the so called countries of origin and thinking about it gave me the idea of saying communities should finance themselves and that can be done through a kind of mosque attacks and in this way it makes me think of one of the five pillars of islam zakk at. but that view is not universally shared among muslims here many believe the suggestion is counterproductive but in dutch and finance and in germany the mosques already finance themselves there are a few that used foreign money to build and finance the purchase but that's a handful ninety nine percent are funded by membership fees and donations so if you bring the model of the mosque tax then you once again take the tax from muslims
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themselves. the idea of taxing religious worship is not new in germany for many years the jewish catholic and protestant faiths have accepted some form of levy or tax the person a dental pfizer as a christian and once their income tax bill has been worked out a further proportion is deducted and given to their chosen faith to disperse as it sees fit in the political sphere the idea of a mosque tax appeals to many christian democrats for two reasons sealant him for corn and corn on the one hand it's so the growing muslim community in germany gets a stronger domestic connection aligns itself with german society i makes a contribution to integration and on the other hand it's so the influence of foreign donors can be resisted lies mosques funded by foreign states or individuals have been growing in number in recent years many conservative politicians here have raised concerns over the role of the turkish government and of some of the gulf
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states the idea of a mosque tax has been raised here in germany the four but nothing substantial has really come of it the question now is how much the port amongst muslims there would be for such a plan and what would a wider society make of it dominick cain al-jazeera at girton mosque in berlin. venezuela's opposition controlled congress is considering offering incentives to military offices to reject president nicolas maduro his rule with dura was sworn in on thursday but his election victory has been denounced as fraudulent and opposition leaders are discussing ways to remove him an opposition rally was held outside the headquarters of the organization of american states ahead of the opposition run congress this challenge from a dewar's right to the presidency saying he's ready to assume power himself and to call new elections macedonia's parliament has approved a change of the country's name it will now be known as north macedonia in
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a deal aimed at ending a decades long dispute with its neighbor greece greece has consistently blocked macedonia's entry into nato and the european union arguing the country's name was intended to confer rights over greek territory. high court judges in myanmar rejected an appeal by two reuters journalists serving seven year prison sentences while alone and chill so who were convicted of breaking the official secrets act by reporting an army massacre of villages the reporters say that they were framed by at least who gave them classified documents reuters has condemned the ruling scott hyla has this update now from bangkok. the high court in yangon announced that it had rejected this appeal in the afternoon on friday they said that there was not enough evidence that these two gentlemen were innocent so they were saying that the conviction was upheld and also is when it comes to how long they would spend behind bars they were sentenced to seven years back in september there was a possibility with the appeal that that sense could be reduced but the court's on
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friday the high court in yangon saying that there was a suitable punishment of seven years because of the severity of what this case was about that it threatens to harm national security so these gentlemen for now will stay behind bars according to the high court in yangon for seven years now very soon after the word came out about this on friday the editor in chief of reuters made a statement today's ruling is yet another in justice among many inflicted upon why lone and. they remain behind bars for one reason those in power sought to silence the truth reporting is not a crime and until me and maher were writes this terrible wrong the press had me in mars' not free and the inmarsat commitment to rule of law and democracy remains in doubt now for the future what could happen to these two journalists now that their appeal has been rejected the defense can appeal to the supreme court in myanmar's capital neighborhood or there's no indication or word that they will do that yet
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and then the only other option for them is if unsung suchi the state council or the leader of myanmar issues a pardon but again there's no word if that's going to happen either. new research in the world health organization says people are not nearly eating enough fiber the nutrients found in most types of fruit and vegetables researchers in the university of otago in new zealand found eating more fiber can significantly cut the risk of heart disease diabetes cancer strokes and death fiber is also found in a whole grain cereals past the bread knots and pulses but it's also fallen out of favor with the advent of low carbohydrate diets. just a quick look at the top stories this hour now defeated opposition candidate says he won a landslide victory in the democratic republic of congo's presidential election with
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some sixty one percent of the vote on thursday the electoral commission declared his rival felix to see katie the winner of the long delayed poll but citing catholic church observers for you too said to see katie only managed to get eighteen percent of the vote so who will now challenge the results in the constitutional court. no one has the right to steal victory from the congolese people do you accept that your victory be stolen no one no one has enough breath bush grinned to steal your victory the victory of the congolese people. in all the headlines sunni security forces have used tear gas to disperse hundreds of people taking part in anti-government protests in the capital khartoum and in other parts of the country rights groups are accusing sudan's government of using excessive force against demonstrators including injured protesters receiving medical treatment at a hospital in the second city on derma. u.s. president donald trump says he will not declare a national emergency right now to secure funding for
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a controversial border war with mexico trumps republicans and the democrats and deadlocked over his demand for more than five point seven billion dollars the u.s. shutdown has ended its twenty first day with eight hundred thousand workers missing their first paychecks some of been granted on an unpaid leave of absence better known as the fire while others working without pay a saudi woman who fled to thailand saying she feared her family would kill her is on her way to canada after being granted asylum that's according to the head of immigration in thailand. knew and had barricaded herself in an airport hotel room and launched a social media campaign that received global attention the canadian prime minister's confirmed asylum request was granted and eight members of the same family have been killed in yemen in an artillery bombardment by hoofy rebels the four women and four children were killed in the government held village of shalala close to the border with saudi arabia it comes as the saudi led coalition says it's
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destroyed or who see drone control center that was used in a deadly attack on a military parade on thursday you're up to date with all of our top stories that's it for myself in the team here in london there will be more news from doha after counting the cost which starts now. we understand the different themes. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring in the news and current events that matter to. al-jazeera. i'm adrian figure this is counting the cost of a serial weekly look at the world of business and economics this week blame it on briggs it's one trillion dollars worth of assets shifted out of the u.k.
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we'll follow the money. also this week changes in the air we'll take a look at trends shaping the airline industry in the year to come. smarter and creepier internet connected gadgets on show in las vegas. as things stand in just two months time the u.k. will leave the european union the divorce is being viewed as a political issue but its economic impact is undeniable one industry in particular is bracing for a seismic shock london's financial services industry the square mile as it's known is the bitting heart of the u.k.'s financial services industry and its status as europe's financial capital is under threat a report published this week estimated that banks and other financial companies have shifted at least a trillion dollars worth of assets out of the country and into the european union setting up new offices in places like frankfurt joining us now via skype from leone
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in france is. the managing director of frankfurt mine finance good to have you with us on counting the costs one trillion dollars worth of assets have already been moved out of the u.k. so brigs it is already having an impact on. the u.k.'s financial services sector how much more money will will be will be lost this figure came out just a few days ago from e y. and we expect at least the same amount of money to also be moved. we alone have a very clear indications that about eight hundred billion of us dollars in assets will be moved into frankfurt was going this year and what about jobs. how many are we talking about jobs being lost in london jobs being moved from london to to europe or jobs being created locally in europe. like you
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said there will be various ways in which jobs will be impacted the latest study which came out by iraq he said about seven thousand jobs i expected to be in two thousand and ninety eight i think that's a that's a fair assessment but first of all already before a few thousand jobs have been moved and depending on the outcome of the final results another couple of thousand jobs may or may not be moved depending on that. how would that impact people having to move from london into into continental europe these are very hard estimate to make because the majority of financial institutions will try to recruit on the continent you do not find a stampede of people that that line up because for moving its london
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is a very attractive city it's a very attractive financial center and it will remain to be able so most people will very likely try to stay there and it will be only a minority that would make consciously the decision to move and but what we see is particularly people who originally come from continually european countries their willingness to move is quite high much higher than logically people who are born and raised in the u.k. what impact is brics that having so far on companies on the continent particularly in germany when it will have a significant impact on corporates why is that the case london as of today is particularly for the. comp companies the place to go to find financing
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particularly international large fine. to do risk management and and they will have to shift some of that business because london is likely going to lose its so-called passport he writes these past putting rights would allow financial institutions in london to sell sea services on to corporations on the continent not all but some of that would be questioned and some of that would be lost those rights so the companies will then have to relocate some of those financing activities onto the continent the most prominent example is likely going to be so-called interest rate derivatives what companies insure some cells against changes in interest rate by futures and options and o.t.c. derivatives this is very likely having to be moved onto the continent and that's
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what we see a lot of companies are already in the process of doing i want to ask why all of this matters to people like you and me and anyone watching london's financial services industry pumped a lot of money back into the british economy could brigs it trigger a recession in the u.k. and what's the financial outlook for germany as well is that country teetering for a technical recession teetering towards a technical result certainly does harm to the to the u.k. our economy and looking from the outside one may wonder why obviously the u.k. is doing harm to itself in that situation but that is something which which is to be tipped to be given because the people wrote it and at the end of the day the people the parliament will have to come up with a final decision we're not questioning that. and. and like i said
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before we still do not know what the final out. if we will end up with something like the norway model which cannot be ruled out we cannot even rule out a second referendum i don't consider it to be very likely but i'm certainly not ruling it out and then a lot of these negative impacts maybe grow back so we eventually will not have them but why is that going to happen well it's a political decision at the end of the day and how is it going to impact germany. not the impact is bad we very clearly believe that price it is bad for the european union it's bad for germany but it's worst of all for the u.k. . great to talk to many thanks there for being with us thank you very much for european medical professionals are also facing an uncertain future if they remain in the u.k. al-jazeera is laurence leamer reports now from london of what impact that's having
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on key services in the health industry. remember this it was one of the reasons leave one in the backseat referendum take back all the money the u.k. gives to the european union and spend it on the british health service instead it proved a very powerful message but how to square that with alice sandra's story by the time he'd left italy for london he had a master's degree and four years specialist experience in mental health this is starting salary in britain was around twenty five thousand dollars a year under the government's new proposals he would never have been allowed into the u.k. because that salary would be too low for him to get a work permit to brick says i know who is going to pay for the visa for working visa in the future for obviously a lot of people decide to don't apply. mainwaring in this period of the thirty nine undernourished three years very early on they they will sign up before for example in the u.k.
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rather than. ten thousand and. two year cycle as it stands there are one hundred thousand unfilled roles in the british oil service and dire warnings about the looming crisis as european nationals leave the country the royal college of nursing is so worried it has joined the campaign for a second referendum calling for a rethink about leaving the school there's something quite challenging about thinking that highly skilled always means highly and what we need to do is really think about in the public sector what is the value that people bring in the. amenity terms it's often in terms of the skills that i have so i think we need to think differently what's happening in the health service reflects a bigger question is immigration really the problem it's a say sees there are two entirely conflicting narratives at play in the u.k. at the moment the government's arguing that there is far too much european migrant labor and is taking away jobs from british people but at the same time the
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government can run. his cell phone having read called low unemployment's it does rather raise the question if the government does what it says it wants to and reduce european immigration by eighty percent and who exactly is going to do all the work there is an argument in cabinet between people who really care far more about restricting immigration than about the u.k. economy led by the prime minister and most of the rest of the cabinet and of course the business community who want to make preserving the interest of the economy a priority and that hasn't been resolved like having argued that the u.k. was at breaking points because of uncontrolled immigration politicians are now presented with a chance to reducing is enormously if that happens the country will find out what the migrants are such a problem to rule still to come on the counting the cost greece's crowdfunding plea to buy new warships. but first last week we had
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a shock profit warning from apple this week samsung electronics cut its revenues and profit full costs the south korean tech giant is the world's largest smartphone maker it's predicting a drop in fourth quarter profits because of weaker demand for its chips and the competitive phone market al-jazeera is rob randall's gauge the mood at the consumer electronics show which kicked off this week in las vegas. four thousand companies from dozens of countries rolled out new products at the consumer electronics show l.g.'s new flexible t.v. screen made a big star. algy has an old ad t.v. sixty five inches that rolls down and disappears from view into a box that is the first rolled on flexible screen that we've seen produced from a major television manufacturer the price tag around three thousand dollars this year there's an air of anxiety in these corridors tech stocks have been tumbling on
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wall street apple made a surprise announcement it would miss sales targets blaming weak demand in china chinese telecommunications giant weiwei is here even though its chief financial officer is under house arrest in canada fighting american efforts to put her on trial for fraud a new major chinese tech executives are attending c.e.o.'s giant tech companies are displaying smart home devices face recognition systems and more big picture products and then there are guys like golly rows of who got tired of folding all this kid's laundry what we have piles of laundry always waiting to be folded and who doesn't rows of the appliance called fold of eights will go on the market later this year priced at about a thousand dollars on the corky side c e s twenty nine hundred features wearables for pets smart phone controlled doggie doors and a baffling prolific.


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