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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 12, 2019 12:00pm-12:34pm +03

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in his controversial border wall during a meeting on border security donald trump told reporters that he wants congress to do its job and approve more than five billion dollars for the wall he called on democrats many of whom have left washington for the weekend to come back and vote the standoff over the funding for the wall has led to a partial government shutdown which will become the longest in u.s. history on saturday heidi jocasta reports from washington. reports indicate that some of jonell trump's closest advisers including his son in law jared questioner have been cautioning him against declaring a national emergency to get funding for the border wall it is seen as possibly setting a bad precedent and critics say a step toward authoritarianism if he were to issue that declaration also if he does it there's still no real understanding of where the money would come from trump wants five point seven billion dollars to construct the border wall between the
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u.s. and mexico and right now reporting indicates that that money may come from money set aside for disaster relief in the future which may be an idea that the american public is not so wild about trump himself has indicated that if he were to move forward with the declaration he'll likely immediately face court challenges that he says he would likely lose in the lower and appellate levels but all of that said this president who has wavered so much on whether or not to call a national emergency to build the border wall mais yet change his mind his latest indication to reporters at the white house was that if congress does not come together to fund the border wall and he indeed will still pull the trigger and declare a national emergency republicans are still squarely in the president's corner because of his popularity with the republican voting base and democrats don't have reason to relent on not giving trump the border wall citing polls that show the
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majority of americans oppose the border wall construction so where that leaves everyone is there's very little incentive to meet in the middle even as this government shutdown drags into its third week a weather update next year on al-jazeera then we'll take a look at how briggs it could affect the rights of brits who want to live and work in europe but europeans who want to live and work in britain will look at one of the main issues of the plagues of the page. south africa's ruling african national congress prepares for elections as its popularity appears to be on the wane. hello again a welcome back we're here cross united states we are watching a developing system here across the central plains that's going to bring some rain across the gulf states but it's going to bring quite
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a bit of snow across much of the central areas take a look your forecast map here on saturday notice all the snow extending from parts of oklahoma all the way up towards indianapolis and cincinnati so travel problems in some major hubs also including national down towards a cell to new orleans we are also seeing some rain that is going to linger but as we go towards sunday that system makes its way across parts of the middle anik and washington d.c. it is going to be a snowy day for you with the rain all the way down the eastern seaboard well across parts of central america and the caribbean really not looking too bad over the next few days we are seeing a few clouds across most of the area but if you look at the forecast map not a lot of rain to talk about here on saturday down towards the south panama could be seeing some rain with a temperature there on sunday of about thirty two degrees and then very quickly across much of southern brazil we are going to see some very heavy rain anywhere from rio down toward cell pollo as well as cincy and rain is in your forecast but down here towards one is out as it has been nice at twenty seven degrees it is going to get crueller at about twenty five degrees but the flood threat across much
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of the area is going to continue to linger expression towards parts of the border areas. headlines warn the streets of melbourne australia are by. its citizens under threat but not for good gangs. but how real abuse claims. one east investigates and how does it. i mean this is different not said whether someone's going for someone's favorite doesn't matter we mean true i think it's how you approach an official and i think it is a certain way of doing it to contest. the story and fly out.
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top stories this hour on al-jazeera the runner up in the democratic of the combo's presidential election has vowed to challenge the results in court citing catholic church election observers. says that he won with more than sixty percent of the vote. u.s. secretary of state of play was on his eight day tour of the middle east he says that the u.s. will continue to support its allies in the fight against beisel despite its military withdrawal from syria and u.s. president donald trump has backed away from his threats to declare a national emergency pay for his controversial border wall he told reporters that congress must do its job and vote to approve more than five billion dollars worth of funding for the war. in venezuela opponents of president nicolas maduro have been protesting as he begins his second term in office the head of the opposition
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run congress as challenge but duros rights to lead the country saying that he is ready to assume power himself and call new elections throws a ball reports from caracas. it's been a day seems equally was sworn in for his second term in office and already members of the opposition controlled national assembly took to the streets to denounce him as a super of the executive office. that has daughter is one of the millions that have left been swimming in the past year she says families shouldn't be forced to leave apartheid and so we don't have a poly trail fly if there is people die in them because we don't have a plan maybe it's a sort. food. we don't have security in the streets the demonstration was small compared to the massive ones that happened in two thousand and seventeen when thousands took to the streets to protest against muddled us attempts to disregard the national assembly for most of the people here and this is the first step
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towards opposing what they call it the dictatorship of precedent because a lot muddled up they're also calling on the armed forces to rebel against the government even though the military has played a crucial role in a war child the socialist revolution was the precedent of a national assembly is one why though he was elected last week and now says he's ready to become the interim president and called for new elections he told al-jazeera he first needs the support of the armed forces and the venezuelan people for. the strength of the people is crucial in this process we have people that were forced to leave the country others detained murdered and even tortured nothing to stop us it has not been easy for us we are survivors and we are in resistance was it. your position has called for a demonstration on january twenty third and promises the national assembly considered to be in contempt by the administration will be in charge of defending
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democracy in this country international pressure may also help but analysts say it is not enough then they go super early to go couldn't they need to force the government to negotiate the international community plays an important role but it's not enough there has to be a true leader that can connect to the masses to force majeure to negotiate you need a population ready to defend their rights i says this is another attempt orchestrated by the united states to generate chaos if. this is a show to try to destabilize the country they are a group of kids who control the opposition and want to play to create chaos it's the same group the. carried out the street protests and every day they will have a new show. but many of those opposing the government are desperately looking for someone that would show them a way out of the crisis that has forced millions of venezuelans to emigrate in
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search of a better life. betty several. u.s. representative told about has become the latest member of the democratic party to say she won for president in twenty twenty she told u.s. media that she will make a formal announcement about her intentions wrong within the next week and iraq war veteran god says that the issue of war and peace will be the main focus of a campaign aside the teenager who fled to thailand saying that she feared her family would kill her is always a canada where half the hama moon was planted asylum officer gaining global attention when she barricaded herself in an airport hotel room in bangkok is in order to avoid being sent back john hendren reports in a desperate plea from a barricaded hotel room. urged the world to come to her rescue i'm still in the. i have no choice. this it i have to go to model and. no
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one can have been right now on friday she got her wish and we have accepted the un's request that we grant her asylum that is something that we are pleased to do because canada is a country that understands how important it is to stand up for human rights to stand up for women's rights around the world the canadian prime minister's announcement ended a weeklong drama that drew worldwide attention the eighteen year old fled saudi arabia accusing her family of physical and psychological abuse but was detained by the authorities in bangkok who at one point threatened to send her back she launched a social media campaign from her hotel room appealing to the united nations high commission on refugees saying she would be killed if she returned i'm not leaving my own until i see it. see our island. the un agreed in turn to canada saudi arabia already faces international scrutiny over
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the killing of journalist jamal khashoggi in the saudi consulate in istanbul in october that prompted canada to review its arms sales to saudi arabia and. the case has drawn global attention district guardianship laws that require saudi women to get a male guardians permission to travel or escape is said to have inspired other saudi women rajoub how mad. mock my god is going to start a revolution in saudi arabia go on social media now and watch the accounts off so many young saudis see rob you have shown us that we can do this refused to see her father and brother who traveled to bangkok to seek or eternal in the end it might have been noon savvy use of social media that led her to a new life in canada. a saudi official reportedly told the thai authorities who
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seized her passport i wish they'd taken her phone instead john hendren al jazeera. the u.k.'s foreign secretary jeremy hunt says the nation might have to stay in the european union if parliament rejects prime minister's reason maze breaks a deal friday about the third day of formal brigs at the base in london ahead of a vote that should yield the next tuesday the deal agreed with the e.u. has been criticised by m.p.'s across the political spectrum and looks unlikely to pass the european union commission president sean cole drunker says that a new deal brings it would be a catastrophe and that he's in constant contact with the u.k. to try to prevent that happening one of the biggest issues in the briggs it debate has been immigration the government's already indicated that it wants to reduce european immigration by eighty percent when it leaves the bloc on a serious loss leader reports from london. remember this it was one of the reasons
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to leave one in the back seat referendum take back all the money the u.k. gives to the european union and spend it on the british health service instead it proved a very powerful message but how to square that with alice sandra's story by the time he'd left italy for london he had a master's degree and four years specialist experience in mental health this is starting salary in britain was around twenty five thousand dollars a year under the government's new proposals he would never have been allowed into the u.k. because that salary would be too low for him to get a work permit after brick says i know who is going to pay for the visa for working visa in the future for obviously a lot of people decide. to don't apply. meanwhile even in this period of the thirty nine on the net a few. days they will find out before for example in the u.k. rather than the ten thousand and. two year cycle as it stands there are one hundred
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thousand unfilled roles in the british health service and dire warnings about on the looming crisis as you. the nationals leave the country the royal college of nursing is so worried it has joined the campaign for a second referendum calling for a rethink about leaving the school there's something quite challenging about thinking that highly skilled always means highly and what we need to do is really think about how in the public sector what is the value that people bring in the life and minute. it's often in terms of the skills that i have so i think we need to think differently what's happening in the health service reflects a bigger question is immigration really the problem sees there are two entirely conflicting narratives that play in the u.k. at the moment the government's arguing that there is far too much european migrant labor and is taking away jobs from british people but at the same time the government congratulates itself on having read called low unemployment it does
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rather raise the question if the government does what it says it wants to and reduce european immigration by eighty percent and who exactly is going to do all the work there is an argument in cabinet between people who really care far more about restricting immigration than about you care call me led by the prime minister and the rest of the cabinet and of course the business community who want to make preserving the interest of a priority and that hasn't been resolved like having argued that the u.k. was at breaking points because of uncontrolled immigration politicians are now presented with a chance of reducing is enormously if that happens the country will find out where the migrants are such a problem to rule lawrence lee al-jazeera london south africa's ruling party the a.n.c. has launched its campaign for this year's general election this year as polls to be held in may being seen as an important test of the popularity of the scandal filled
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years of the former president jacob zuma which lost them support from reports now from the city of durban and cause a lunatic. ah. these community members sing outside a courtroom lousy in the city of durban they're seeking justice appearing in court an african national congress councillor accused of killing another councilor from the party it's been three months and sperm up more than was shot and killed. his family says he was targeted because of factional infighting within the party we can sort of the truth is that at home we live in fear because we don't know what's happening we can see now there are two factions in the organization. the government says forty councilors have been killed in the past seven years mainly because of power struggles and greed of a government contract so that pickens a due at the polls in the coming months to vote for provincial representatives as well as a new president president at all is important for political parties the province
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has the second highest number of voters but it's also where the ruling a.n.c. which is riddled by disunity faces one of its biggest challenges president jacob zuma resigned last year after a long running corruption scandal and was replaced by civil rights. but zuma despite the allegations continues to enjoy significant support in his home of course in a town adding to concerns of a split within the party the a.n.c. leadership had a message of unity touring the party's one hundred seventh birthday celebrations this week. we have this here we're dealing with all of this is. silly and yet at least you need to see that blow if this is. from a person his first general election as president of the a.n.c. is trying to solidify his position in the party we support appears to be split
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between him and his pigasus a jacob zuma so that some of the biggest regions of the a.n.c. across the country in case that and so it's very important to understand that if your kid is a dennys we divide it has possibility to divide the entire nation or to cause massive rifts within the a.n.c. and of course this is the base will. cause it in a towel is form a stronghold of opposition the in-car to freedom party there are concerns that a lack of unity within the a.n.c. allegations of corruption and poor delivery of services could see the party lose some of its supports to its rival. for me to mete out his era was in a town. it is. going to hear in doha the headlines on al-jazeera the runner up in the democratic republic of congo's presidential election has vowed to challenge the
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result in court citing catholic church election observers lost and failing to says that he won with more than sixty percent of the votes he claims that they declared without the rival opposition candidate felix she should cater for just eighteen percent syrian state media says that israel has fired several missiles towards its capital damascus unconfirmed reports suggest suggest they struck near the city's airport syria says most of them were shot down by syrian air defenses but one of the missiles damaged a warehouse at the airport. u.s. secretary of state mike compare is on his eight day tour of the middle east and says that the u.s. will continue to support its allies in the fight against i saw despite its military withdrawal from syria five and one of yemen's main oil refineries is under investigation the government believes that it was started deliberately it happened in the southern port city of aden an explosion at the refinery led to a fire in one of its oil tanks the refineries been targeted in the past in clashes
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between government forces and hooty faces causing fuel shortages and power cuts the u.s. president has backed away from his threat to declare a national emergency to fund his controversial border wall during a meeting on border security donor trump told reporters that he wants congress to do its job and approve more than five billion dollars for the war a standoff over funding for the war has led to a partial government shutdown opponents of president nicolas maduro have protested as he begins a second term as venezuela's president has a rally was held outside the local office of the organization of american states the head of the opposition run congress has challenged the tourist right to the presidency saying he's ready to assume power himself and call new elections and a saudi teenager who fled saying that she feared her family would kill her on our way to canada where half mohammed al clune was granted asylum after gaining global attention but she barricaded herself in an airport hotel room in bangkok in order
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to avoid being sent back those that lines border use after one of one east thinks. on counting the cost of blame it on briggs it one trillion dollars worth of assets shifted out of the u.k. the change is in the aviation plus smart and creepy the latest consumer gadgets connected to the internet on show in las vegas counting the cost on al-jazeera. melbourne australia overrun by african game. its streets filled with violence terror and minutes. that's how some local media and politicians are to take to the southern city. and is fueling debate and social tension. but how accurate are the so-called threats. i'm steve cho on this episode
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a one on one east we investigate the truth behind the headlines. everybody one fifty one you know we kind of want to move patrolling around the sun say meaning. to go to. detective acting inspector helen chugged and senior sergeant jason forster on patrol in melbourne's north western suburbs. are sixty. senators. they're going to be on for. a client. and her heart.
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for change. are never terri shared so it was a callus same. guy sorry what's the situation there now reports of a home invasion a coming in. front forward towards a more. solitude with the honda was law they've kicked that in. the walk before family members were seated around. kitchen time who might have demand for a case to the eddy. to chant back at the shuttle go to the drive off. just yet if you can just get the years to keep an eye out for black audi two thousand and thirteen. since the quad brazen crime isn't a kick in the door of a someone's home while they're at home or industry as horrendous crime absolutely
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it is. violent home invasions like this have residents in these suburbs on age. in march and her husband gavin were sleep when four teenagers broke down the back door. i just remember. just yelling and just screaming at us to just shut up and just give us money and i got him got out of the bed and. physically pushed we had two of them in the room and he got up and physically pushed them out and shut the bedroom door on them. he's then grabbed a baseball bat from underneath the bed at which point the hammers come through the bedroom door multiple times of them trying to get in with us with literally our entire body way on the door trying to prevent them from getting to us.
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home security cameras captured gavin chasing the young men out the front but he couldn't stop them stealing both their cars. it's just it's too traumatizing for me to go back there and member. i don't know how they can say that. the crime rate is falling because everyone like everyone i know it doesn't nobody feel safe. the teenagers described as being of african appearance a still on the run what every time i see a black person on the street or. just anywhere it's like a trigger. before all of this happened i wasn't scared of black people or people of color or whatever but now it's psych. i can even
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say someone in a store that's black because of what's happened to me and i think that's really unfair and it shouldn't be like that. and. it's not it's not them like that i haven't done anything wrong to me but i can't help but associate that entirely with them as and that's what's really unfair. i was pretty cool quantities of african gangs running riot terrorizing robbing breaking after bush did you get to return to the north pole because your thought on . the i know you want. to sit outside will.
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you feel you have to bring your best behavior to enforce them because you feel like you're representing your skin color for one to says like you see you have to be extra nice person like extra smile even if you're not feeling it that day you just have to have a smile on because if you don't you look scary istead it is like imagined someone's looking through you like looking like you know like someone's eyes are just burning the side of your head that's where feels like sense and that. makes. pick up next to it now but. thank you. twenty year old tired him a separated at birth from his parents during sudan's brutal civil war will he hasn't seen him since. when i was born. the war it was happening so minimal that separated my grandma being the hero she is and you know the strong lady she is to me with her to me possible. i mean alyosha.
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milburn has been his home since he was five. every day to try to convince you armstrong and i think you know what we know we're starting to grow up here who have to why do washing as a convinced youngster is. on the mind is where ever they go tyson and his friends feel challenge is just to do with you. you know i realize it's not like one percent of us write this crime in every single race just. because it's. these people commit crime in every single race but with us for some reason it gets put onto the whole culture the whole of our whole human coty gets blamed for the actions of the few now. to. try to. use the.
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gangs of young sides are threatening a violent confrontation at tonight's the system. police arrived to reclaim the streets but it was too light and they were outnumbered. because. the focus on african gang crime began in march twenty sixth jane when violence broke out at the moon the festival at federation square in the center of melbourne i think we had two groups of of african young people coming together in melbourne there was a far cry catherine became my rolling all they feel like some of that was because the place become involved and we started chasing they just people. they were saying
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cheers plane fly those same people which i stand straight for place and that crowd already been in the media at the top and a lot of political pressure. on me sort of videos those stupid kids they got riled up right the did them stuff and they she said b.n. is not right what they did i don't agree with it at all this is a stupid i'd place charged thirty seven people over the moon violence several links to a group known as the apex gang. tell just a bunch of young kids. from a small area largely people from. background although we did have some marys and people from other pacific islanders in that group. apex was notorious for home invasions and carjackings in the city southeast police say at its peak the group
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numbered around one hundred thirty young men. but after an intense crackdown on apex police it's now been dismantled we just don't see them you know we're just not saying. that group. crimes anymore. victoria police are basing further criticism with claims they've lost control just street gang has my view there is a specific problem in victoria to do with people of african background. i don't see it it's a violent african gang crisis. certainly we have an issue we have an issue with our youth in the state but i believe that we can timing that issue. everybody welcome to you know tell me who worked before so i had detective acting inspector child is
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briefing her team before another night out on patrol so just be careful that you don't get tied up with other job so you are specifically he to respond to any higher being they're part of a dedicated task force tackling youth crime in melbourne's west so the way we're task force came about as a result of the evolution of the harm invasion offense and carjacking and breeze that was saying being committed by multiple. people born in sudan. make up zero point one percent of victoria's population but account for one percent of the state's alleged criminal offenders. young sudanese miles are overrepresented insertion violent crimes allegedly committing close to ten percent of aggravated robbery in terms of numbers overall numbers for that hard
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crime. high impact crime the numbers are quite small when you look at youth crime in particular we have the second lowest crime rate in this trial productivity commission measures victoria now as the most fearful state in the nation why are people feeling so scared if crime is dropping yeah i think that's a really interesting one and certainly you know one of the one of the things the victoria police and the cumi really need to focus on. to people have to base scythe i have to feel saif so there's a lot of perception issues i think that we need to deal with as well. brought aboard a. nineteen year old a dean came to australia from south sudan with his.


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