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tv   Unsafe Shrimp  Al Jazeera  January 12, 2019 5:33pm-6:01pm +03

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the minutes in the us last week and then tries to stop that interview from going on the air why even agreed to do it in the first place they had to know what was coming right but as one of the show's producers said later it's almost as if c.c. was unfamiliar with the program and just wanted to appear on it because a number of other arab leaders have done the same c.b.s. host scott pelley asked some pretty direct questions about the president's record on human rights the kinds of questions c c is never has to face from egyptian journalists this president the organization human rights watch says that there are sixty thousand political prisoners that you're holding today as we said here a c c clearly thought the interview had gone badly according to that same producer on the shoot by the time she got home from the interview there was an e-mail from her contact that the egyptian embassy formally requesting that the interview not be aired now holding back that interview or burying it is not something that c.b.s. news could even consider but the president has had more success in controlling the media output back home on this has to be much more according to one of the few
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independent outlets still operating in egypt not a mussar in the president's office instructed domestic media not to cover the sixty minutes interview in any way and the media blackout looks absolute instead there's been a lot of focus on the inauguration of a new coptic cathedral just outside cairo it's like the sixty minutes interview never happens let's move on to nigeria now last week the military raided several offices of the daily trust one of the biggest papers in the country arresting a couple of journalists seizing equipment why this paper and why now well richard the nigerian military post a statement on facebook saying that all this was in response to a cover story published by the daily trust on january sixth which detailed a military operation planned against the armed group boko haram and the article supposedly and i quote divulge classified military information now by undermining national security employees at the paper say the officers came looking for a reporter hunza interest wrote the story but when they couldn't find her. they
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arrested two other journalists instead and now if these raids and arrests come after a series of setbacks in the government's war with iran and with just over a month before a scheduled national election it's just another attempt to stifle critical reporting of the engineer in military and its political masters ok thanks joe have you heard the conspiracy theory about al-jazeera being a secret tool of the israeli government probably not since i just made it up and put it out there conspiracy theories are a growth industry they can affect politics last year one such theory may have helped reelect gary and president viktor orban another lead to a mass shooting in an american synagogue and donald trump pedaled a few with them on his way to the white house the thing about conspiracy theories is that journalists don't really know how to cope with them debunking them fails to convince those who believe that the media are lying to them and the exposure that comes with countering them introduces people to conspiracies they've never heard of before so are the social media giants doing anything about the problem not in ways
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that would hurt their bottom line online architectures algorithms help keep conspiracy communities in gauged and outraged the listening posts will young now on conspiracy theories the media and the consequences they can have in the real world . a whole. lot novel idea from. uncle george george soros hasn't visited hungary in years. but prime minister viktor orban make the finance even front to paste a central part of his reelection campaign last march. of the heart of hungary and believe soros is behind a plot to bring large numbers of migrants into the. country a conspiracy theory
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that kerry and government has been propagating. george soros is a useful character because he taps into this preexisting far right narrative about jewish control and throughout the years we've seen this anti semitism turn into documented conspiracy theories the sort of thinking is obviously extremely useful to populist politicians who want to position themselves as someone who is a defender of the people against outside shadowy forces who wish to weaken their nation. but we want populist politicians such as trump you think somebody. i would be surprised would be i would i don't know but i would be surprised a lot of people say you know. the theory that soros was funding and orchestrating a migrant caravan traveling from honduras to the u.s. border could reach millions on social media series of twelve suspicious packages
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sent to critics. question by the time the weeks. targeting figures on the street. sources. days later. eleven people dead the tree of life. several posts about the migrant caravan on facebook. on the united states jewish. conspiracy theory a time in sorest to the caravan started in some private facebook groups and in other chat forums then eventually people started tweeting about it lou dobbs starting to sort of make associations to it a lot of these folks also have affiliates who are getting money from the. state department and then from there really jumps into the mainstream there was a video shot in guatemala. i don't really know what it shows since someone
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distributing some kind of paper maybe take it maybe money out of money change but this video with c.s. is evidence that some larger group was funding and in fact erecting the caravan about this this is completely baseless conspiracy theory but it became so popular that even a congressman was promoting it of course one of the exciting promises of social media is that the no more media gatekeepers but it's also very useful if you're a conspiracy theorist and you think that the mainstream media is not going to tell the story that you think people should should hear. ideas that jews freemasons. people. secretly running world affairs have been around for centuries but what's noble about spirity theories today is how they grow and sproat . take the breakout hit of conspiracy theorizing in trump's america q and on
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a conspiracy of political intrigue game if you should real time news analysis and crowdsourcing. is thought by those who believe the theory to be of government working close to donald trump and its allies to bring down the state. so none of this message forums who believe us to interpret. what's interesting about q. and on the answer of general modern conspiracy theorizing is that it's not a passive experience for a lot of people who believe that q. will release a puzzle or a cryptic message in the queue drop and then people in the cuban community will spend a lot of time and energy and effort in attempt to decode it as very it's very game a fight is very fun but the problem is that they they don't actually really think it's a game they think that they're actually genuinely uncovering some sort of secret from deep inside the. that key to the growth of the sirius is them not just living
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on places like fortune or read it but them making the leap to the more widely used social media platform got. a lot of other things leavers create these sort of quasi news reports on you tube to respond and nearly real time to events to say ok this is happened in the news today. it's always timing. here's how this all fit into the q and on theory into the sort of larger conspiracy that explains if you watch a conspiracy video it recommends another conspiracy video and those conspiracy videos are often telling you don't listen to the mainstream news stay on you tube and watch more you tube videos where people reinforce these messages that most of the outside world says are ridiculous you can buy into whatever conspiracy theory you want people can create a filter bubble that's completely their own where outside perspectives start to feel galleon to them but apart from the platforms there's another bug in the media
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ecosystem that can enable conspiracy theories and that journalists themselves breaking news often means events over time the ability of news outlets to provide reliable information and the resulting data voids online can be spaces where conspiracy theories take hold when a student opened fire with stoneman douglas high school in parkland florida last february killing seventeen people the conspiracy theory going to come in secret even as events were unfolding the shooting was faked and witnesses were in fact crisis actors while journalists attempted to debunk the theory they may inadvertently have been spreading it. so i watch a news report that debunks this idea of crisis actors but i've never heard of this term before i'm not an actor in any sense way shape or form so i get out my phone and i google the term crisis actors those. search results bring more conspiracy
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theories the goal of conspiracy theorists and the people who want to spread these ideas around is that these conspiracy theories enter the mainstream of lexicon the tree of life shooting the alleged killer was a conspiracy theorist he bought into this narrative that jews were trying to control the us by eating immigrants and for that reason he allegedly massacred eleven people so i want to start by trying to scare you ok ready george soros and even as we cover this conspiracy we can watch the real time reaction on the far right saying yes they're finally talking about this incorrect thing that they believe literally conspiracy theories about source and then from the outer reaches of politics to the highest reaches a government so it's a very strange line to walk where you want to serve the public interest but you don't want to help disseminate the far right and incorrect views also in the crowd
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last night wired into the d.n.a. of the any conspiracy theory is the idea that the mainstream narrative is a cover up and the vested interests including the media are hiding the truth q we're not a fast growing right wing online community which puts journalists in a difficult position just a somewhat ubiquitous cute symbol of conspiracy theory believers don't trust you there's no point attempting to debunk the claims but given conspiracy theories are rising to the surface of politics and motivating individuals to commit terrible crimes how can they be a. conspiracy theorist are trained to see all opposition as validation. they think that if the mainstream media explains why maybe elements of the conspiracy theory are absurd nonsense it's evidence that they are on the something if the mainstream media is attacking us then that means that we're doing something right. people feel very destabilizing used vironment
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when you offer a conspiracy theory often it's a way of simplifying his plane save the world it gives people an easy answer in a world that feels scary competing spirit and that's an aspect i think we should be considering a little bit. but just an on a bit. finally back to egypt and the reaction in the media there to the interview the president el-sisi did with sixty minutes in the u.s. talk show host faced a dilemma he wanted to support the president because that's what he does often in the form of a tirade night after night and he wanted to trash sixty minutes for asking c.c. real questions but he couldn't actually mention the interview because to do so would make the president look bad which would be a career ender for any egyptian talk show host so what it means to do he went on a seven minute rant about the american media how mighty egypt is without ever
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mentioning the sixty minutes interview context who needs it confuse your audience who cares we'll leave you now with the mighty egyptian media doing as they're told once again and we'll see you next time here at the listening post here that is the most i have it is about getting. there and we didn't know it was it was the last my hamas p.r. love that i mean i don't. see not have been at it with depth. and eleven well it's trump had the ten. a little level of we could i do shop. i am an american which a lot softer than i make it up the fabric of america that. tumble could throw a lemon and milk in order is from the of the bill came in let me assess the minnow
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i you know well as seen in noel a c.b. is not rushing the pearls to allah. it could be the biggest lie in history. as powerful nations lay claim to territories under the oceans twenty one geologists are secret could block the borders. as the struggle for resources intensifies some of the world's most powerful scientists speak out. oceans manakin on a zero. in the next episode of science in a golden age i'll be exploring the contributions made by scholars during the medieval islamic period in the field of engineering. the heights of sophistication in mechanics at the time was the extravagant elephant called. written around eight
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fifty a.d. the book contains a range of ingenious inventions and contraptions science in a golden age with. al-jazeera. al-jazeera. and for you. the un calls for calm as the election results in the democratic republic of congo a fifth a legal challenge. had
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i missed out the attain this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. so what we're not looking to do right now. is there still a virgin. president trump rules out taking executive action over his border wall as the government shutdown becomes the longest in u.s. history. he will always stand up for human rights and women's rights around the world canada grants asylum to a saudi teenager fleeing family in a move like these if the strained relations between the two countries. and a rise in attacks by israeli settlers on palestinians in the occupied west bank. the runner up in the presidential election in the democratic republic of congo is
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due to challenge the results in court most unfair you do says he won with a landslide sixty one percent of the vote citing catholic church election observers he claims the declared wenna rival opposition candidate felix to sixty six heavy just eighteen percent the congolese catholic church and french government both disputes the result saying it doesn't match what was seen on the ground al-jazeera is live from the capital kinshasa how are you outside the constitutional court tell us about what's expected to happen there today. absolutely show adamant that he won the election what's going to happen is he plans to present evidence to the court to judge if he had the constitutional court evidence he plays that prove that he won the election he hasn't yet arrived he's about an hour late and we're not sure when he's actually going to show up at the courts some of his supporters lay here but they really are more police than anyone else here at the courts we told what's going to happen today will be you'll hand over the documents hand over the evidence he feels he has to the court the judges
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may only meet monday and maybe even the latest choose day so it could be a while until they make the ruling if they decide that for you to have no case it indicates it is to the t.v. as a president elect and he'll be sworn in by january eighteenth and how is there a concern about broader continuing unrest or potentially violence until all of this is sort of. just is this country has a history of violence especially when also additional support is taking to the streets the concern is if it isn't happy with the outcome of the court could he in fight his people to go on the streets and protest if they listen to him what could happen is that the police riot police could be deployed some of them in the past have used live ammunition and some opposition protesters have been shot and killed there is a real fear will be violence in the capital kinshasa and other parts of the country especially in his stronghold areas that state a lot of people even him he's also calling for calm he's telling people remain calm
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don't overreact and wait and see what the judge is saying and why that is really is a waiting game that depends on how the judges rule is a rule in this eva we may not see so much violence as a tool against them it could be violent depending on how people react as people agri at the moment those who feel that this election was stolen and really angry but right now they're trying to remain restrained trying not to go in the street waiting to see how the judges will. protest and live for us in contrast to thanks howard. well the united nations secretary general has called for calm in the sea as rising violence fuels fears of a white a breakdown different how to get it or james bay as reports from u.n. headquarters in new york. the security council finds itself in a most difficult position its members have long been keen to see the back of the can be led government but now it's been defeated they face an electoral dispute between rival opposition candidates they will for now rally around the message of
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the head of the u.n. peacekeeping force in congo a call to avoid further conflict i deplore all such acts of violence and up to the congolese people and security forces alike to exist size and restraint in these critical period the security council tried to discover if the provisional election result was an accurate reflection of the will of the people the head of the electoral commission briefing the council from can charge admitted the election was not perfect and had been conducted in an atmosphere of mistrust but he stood by the result he's announced. the african union and the regional body the south african development community which had observer teams on the ground both broadly back that assessment but then came the testimony of archbishop who temby his catholic church organization sinko had fielded by far the largest number of observers nearly forty thousand correspondent bad results is published did not
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match the data collected by our own observation mission we have a recommendation to publish is quickly as possible all the records and minutes from the counting and polling stations to allow candidates to compare but the head of the electoral commission said he would only hand over that data to the constitutional court for now the security council is focusing on the stability of the democratic republic of the congo but as the electoral dispute continues maintaining calm and avoiding violence will become harder and harder james zero of the united nations syrian state media says israeli forces have five several missiles at targets in damascus including the capital's airport syrian air defenses are reported to have intercepted some missiles but one of them damaged an airport warehouse. and u.s. and kurdish forces are attacking the last remaining stronghold fighters in syria
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strikes have increased on the town of had for remnants of i still hold up that a two three month fight to the death is expected to die reports. heavy fighting in this town city. the last sleep over long remaining within isis control is on dr. to cut his lips city and democratic forces as i in a final push to all fighters from their last remaining stronghold in this town city . as difficult to save them making some purpose by u.s. strikes which have been stepped up since donald trump amal's the withdrawal of american troops from cities. this storage is full of weapons and ammunition we took from i saw fighters after days of fighting here. is the final chapter of a conflict that began more than four years ago when the group seized parts of it
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out on city and declared one hundred. it up to government forces declared victory of i still in december two thousand and seventeen. despite analysts say their ideology is also very much alive in the region. it was pushed back. your logic there the sinequan place they have been totally run over anybody. that ukraine should be still ready. and therefore radicalism over the i s i don't really have. house eat roots and a lot of cash and that's why it has been totally illegal the fighting between the as d.f. and i still is centered around the town of hygiene on the banks of the euphrates river close to the syrian border with iraq the hygiene area was once home to sixty
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thousand people most fled to live in mexico becomes for the displaced as renewed fighting intensifies more people are joining them here dozens of the newly displaced wait for tents and blankets in the bitter cold some say they fled on foot because they heard the u.s. coalition warplanes were bumping vehicles. on the frontlines as their fighters are preparing for a long stay long they estimate the fighting hygiene will last two to three months bob may seem like a surprisingly who wants time given the size of but any of them dealing with ice and how cities with populations three times greater fell within days the difference is that in both bottles are still fighters strategically rifts with the troops and from one of their positions in order to cause for today tom ridge this time the trick is to knock them off one hundred on the wall just doesn't. but america's top
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diplomat has landed in the united arab emirates on the latest leg of his middle east and tall mike on players aiming to reassure arab allies of continuing u.s. support for the fight against i sell extremism despite donald trump's order to withdraw troops from syria president jordan has more from washington. one thing is clear the u.s. military may be ending its direct mission in syria but it's not going to stop the fight against eisel on thursday the secretary of state mike pompei o said that u.s. aircraft would be for paired to target and to kill eisel fighters if they try to retake any territory either in syria or in iraq meantime the pentagon is confirming that some equipment that the u.s. military had been relying on while deployed in syria is now being moved out of the country but for security reasons they are not saying how quickly this some two
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thousand u.s. troops in syria are going to be leaving where they will be based after they leave syria or how long the drawdown is going to take one thing is certain the u.s. is taking great pains right now to try to remind its allies that it's not abandoning them in terms of security cooperation there is also still the ongoing problem of the u.s. his departure and the status of kurdish fighters in syria there is a very real concern that turkey may go in not to go after a group such as eisel but to try to get rid of the kurdish fighters who belong to the wife e.g. because turkey considers them an affiliate of the p.k. k. which both turkey and the us say is a terrorist group the u.s. has said and both the national security adviser john bolton and mike on peo have made great pains to stress this point on friday that they do not want anything to
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happen to the kurdish fighters negotiations with trying to protect kurdish fighters from what could be some sort of turkish military assault are still underway. well the partial government shutdown in the u.s. is now the longest in the country's history in its twenty second day with no end in sight president trump has backed away from his threat to declare a national emergency to fund his controversial border wall but to he still demanding congress approved more than five billion dollars for the project trump says it's needed to prevent undocumented migrants and drugs entering from mexico he's called on democrats many of whom have now left washington for the weekend to come back and vote the shutdown has left eight hundred thousand government workers without pay or kastor has more from washington d.c. reports indicate that some of jonell trump's closest advisers including his suddenly.


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