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wild about trump himself has indicated that if you were to move forward with the declaration he'll likely immediately face court challenges that he says he would likely lose in the lower and appellate levels but all of that said this president who has wavered so much on whether or not to call a national emergency to build the border wall mais yet change his mind his latest indication to reporters at the white house was that if congress does not come together to fund the border wall and he indeed will still pull the trigger and declare a national emergency republicans are still squarely in the president's corner because of his popularity with the republican voting base and democrats don't have reason to relent on not giving trump the border wall citing polls that show the majority of americans oppose the border wall construction so where that leaves everyone is there's very little incentive to meet in the middle. ah plenty more ahead on this news hour another weekend of protests across france by the yellow
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vests we'll have a live update. barrels of rocks through a windscreen police investigating the murder of a palestinian woman arrest israeli settlers. and later in sport the indiaman at indianapolis colts looked to be the freeze and their opponents the n.f.l. players. all are still ahead but first south africa's ruling a.n.c. party has put jobs an economic growth at the center of its election campaign president cyril ramaphosa launching the party's manifesto at a rally in durban he pledged to accelerate land reform and finalize national health insurance legislation for the vote in may he will be the first general election for ramaphosa since you were placed ousted leader jacob zuma the media miller reports
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now from. these community members saying outside of court in the city of durban they're seeking justice appearing in court an african national congress councillor accused of killing another councilor from the party. it's been three months and spumante more was shot and killed. his family says he was targeted because of factional infighting within the party we can sort of the truth is that at home we live in fear because we don't know what's happening we can see now there are two factions in the organization. the government says forty councilors have been killed in the past seven years mainly because of power struggles and greed of a government contract so that africans are due at the polls in the coming months to vote for provincial representatives as well as a new president president it's all is important for political parties the province has the second highest number of voters but it's also where the ruling a.n.c.
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which is riddled by disunity faces one of its biggest challenges president jacob zuma resigned last year after a long running corruption scandal and was replaced by civil rights. but zuma despite the allegations continues to enjoy significant support in his home of course in a town adding to concerns of a split within the party the a.n.c. leadership had a message of unity touring the party's one hundred seventh birthday celebrations this week. we have also here we're dealing with all of this is the name of the silly thing and yet they still believe that all of this is. from a person his first general election as president of the a.n.c. he's trying to solidify his position in the party we supposed to appear to be split between him and his predecessor jacob zuma so that some of the biggest regions of the a.n.c. across the country are in caves and so it's very important to understand that if
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your kid and his we divide it has possibility to divide the nation or to cause massive rifts within the city and of course this is the base. closer natal is form a stronghold of opposition the in car to freedom party there are concerns that a lack of unity within the a.n.c. allegations of corruption and poor delivery of services could see the party lose some of its support to its rival so this report as we reported to you there the south african president still ramaphosa giving his speech to kick off the a and seize campaign here's some of what he had to say today as the african national congress we launch our twenty nine thousand. election manifesto we do so at a crucial moment in the history of our nation. after a period of diodes and uncertainty we have arrived at
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a moment of hope and renew oh how the teenager who fled saudi arabia because she feared being killed by her family for announcing a slam is about to land in her new home canada is granted asylum to the house. she gained the global attention for barricading herself in a hotel in thailand to avoid deportation to saudi arabia john hendren has more. in a desperate plea from a barricaded hotel room noone urged the world to come to her rescue i'm still and. i have no choice. they said i have to go to model and. no one can have been right now on friday she got her wish and we have accepted the un's request that we grant her asylum that is something that we are pleased to do
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because canada is a country that understands how important it is to stand up for human rights to stand up for women's rights around the world the canadian prime minister's announcement ended a weeklong drama that drew worldwide attention the eighteen year old fled saudi arabia accusing her family of physical and psychological abuse but was detained by the authorities in bangkok who at one point threatened to send her back she launched a social media campaign from her hotel room appealing to the united nations high commission on refugees saying she would be killed if she returned i'm not leaving my own until i see it. i want. the un agreed in turn to canada saudi arabia already faces international scrutiny over the killing of journalist jamal khashoggi in the saudi consulate in istanbul in october that prompted canada to review its arms sales to saudi arabia.
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the case has drawn global attention district guardianship laws that require saudi women to get a male guardians permission to travel or escape is said to have inspired other saudi women rajoub how mad. mock my god is going to start a revolution in saudi arabia go on social media now and watch the accounts off so many young saudis see you have shown us that we can do this noone refused to see her father and brother who traveled to bangkok to seek or return in the end it might have been noon savvy use of social media that led her to a new life in canada. a saudi official reportedly told the thai authorities who seized her passport i wish they'd taken her phone instead john hendren al jazeera. opponents of venezuela's president are challenging his right to a second term a countries throughout the americas are refusing to recognize his legitimacy to
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govern they say his socialist policies have wrecked the oil rich economy and provoked latin america's largest ever migration crisis that isobel has more from caracas. thank god it's been a day since day one the mother will was sworn in for his second term in office and already members of the position controlled national assembly took to the streets to denounce song as a super of the executive office a scene that his daughter is one of the millions that have left venice when in the past year she says families shouldn't be forced to live apart as if we don't have a higher quality of life there is the polo guy in them because we don't have that made it is our food truck we don't have security in the streets the demonstration was small compared to the massive ones that happened in two thousand and seventeen when thousands took to the streets to protest against mandalas attempts to disregard the national assembly for most of the people here and this is the first
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step towards opposing what they call it the dictatorship of president nicolai model that they're also calling on the armed forces to rebel against the government even though the military has played a crucial role in a war child the socialist revolution i was the president of the national assembly he's one wild all he was elected last week and now says he's ready to become the interim president and called for new elections he told al-jazeera he first needs the support of the armed forces and the venezuelan people for the hand then the guy the strength of the people is crucial in this process we have people that were forced to leave the country others to teams murdered and even tortured nothing to stop us it has not been easy for us we are survivors and we are in resistance he was with us. your position has called for a demonstration on january twenty third and promises the national assembly who is considered to be in contempt by the administration will be in charge of defending
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democracy in this country international pressure may also help but analysts say it is not enough then they go super early to go. they need to force the government to negotiate the international community plays an important role but it's not enough there has to be a true leader that can connect to the masses to force majeure to negotiate you need a population ready to defend their rights. says this is another attempt orchestrated by the united states to generate chaos if. this is a show to try and stabilize the country they are a group of kids who control the opposition and want to play to create chaos it's the same group that carried out the street protests and every day they will have a new show. but many of those opposing the government are desperately looking for someone that will show them a way out of the crisis that has forced millions of venezuelans to emigrate in
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search of a better life. our ninth weekend of yellow vests protests are under way in towns and cities in france thousands of police as well as armored vehicles have been deployed in the capital and elsewhere demonstrators are again protesting rising fuel taxes and president emanuel mccall's leadership natasha butler is live in paris with the latest so natasha what's happening there right now. where thousands of protesters have been marching across paris they're making their way to the arc de triomphe which has become something of a symbol of this so-called yellow vests rebellion it's really hard to tell how many people there were and we know that across the country there have been calls on social media for similar demonstrations we know that in some small towns the demonstrations i've already started but just how many people will turn out today is
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completely unpredictable and that's really been the key to these protests over the past nine saturdays and it's also the main challenge for the security forces as they try to manage and control them there are eighty thousand police and security personnel deployed across the country five and a half thousand in paris alone and what they want to do is make sure that everything goes off as peacefully as possible of course the majority of demonstrators want to walk through these streets so peacefully they want to get their message across to the government which they're happy about a range of things including the high cost of living and what the police want to avoid and most the process is of course some of the scenes of violence we've seen over the past couple of months natasha thanks for and has a bottler in paris they're staying in france an explosion has killed two firefighters there a gas leak is suspected of causing the blast in a bakery in the french capital emergency services treated dozens of injured people
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some from flying glass as the explosion blew out windows in buildings nearby. well snow is still falling in europe and the area affected has widened tells more that it towns and it's not finish it was not physically cody's just masses of snow it's a two week story now if you're lucky and you are lucky if you're in kitzbuhel eventually don't settles down and looks on this as a mountain covered in think it's three metres of fresh snow now said stop being particularly cold so you get a huge dump of some of it melts and then it falls again they're not quite that lucky for the size this is in the balkans so we've anywhere from three serbia and that was montenegro this has been the view of the last twenty four hours again it's roughly hard for me to to a meter of snow falling in twenty four hours clearly schools closed down transfers affected and the powers of quite often because the weight of the snow on transmission lines breaks but the snow has spread further east now these are arcs
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of cloud here this resolve in ukraine have brought slightly less there but still a fair amount and this is what schools closed likelihood of the collapse school building no one killed but the building themselves just always take the way toast. this is the situation of the city it's quite complex the point of you try to analyze everything but it's a fairly simple background to it to be quite honest the air is coming in from the north so it's briefly cold but it's also incorporating stuff from the atlantic so a lot of cloud very little snow in the immediate future but let me take you forward come on move move we'll take you forward in twenty four hours and watch the white bloom again it's not the end as a millimeter of snow still to come as thanks rob now for israeli settlers are under house arrest in connection with the killing of a palestinian woman three months ago he died after rocks were thrown through the windscreen of a car fifteen age is in police custody numbers show violent crimes by settlers
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against palestinians rose steeply last year harry forsett reports from the occupied west bank. yes robbie is finding comfort where he can mainly it comes from his family he and his wife i raised eight children together he says they always planned once the kids had finished their schooling to devote more time to each other to travel together about future was shattered in october last year when driving home past an illegal settlement outposts in the occupied west bank their car came under a hail of rocks and stones enough so. there was a huge explosion in the car the glass fell in my wife and i have been talking in the rocket on the side of her had she fell on me but came out from her ears and nose my daughter was screaming i didn't know what to do the car was swerving right and left it was the longest three seconds of my life three months on the israeli security services have arrested five students from a religious school at the outpost in connection with a shower robbie's death saying that they collected evidence of extremist and anti
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zionist religious ideology consistent with what's referred to in the israeli media as jewish tara the suspects are reported to be from the illegal settlement of youths are near the palestinian city of nablus for all the attention is raised this attack is not an isolated one it's part of a patent a surge according to recently published figures of attacks by settlers on palestinians in the occupied west bank in july twenty fifteen a husband wife and their toddler son were killed in the fire bombing of a palestinian home in the west bank village of duma a crackdown by israel security services saw a reduction in settler violence but last year the numbers rose sharply again it's reported there were four hundred eighty two and the palestinian crimes a three fold increase on the previous year the incidents include assaults vandalism of vehicles and property as well as threatening graffiti israeli human rights group ph d. and recorded twenty five such incidents in just one day last month after two israeli soldiers and one baby were killed in palestinian attacks it says too many settler
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crimes against palestinians go unpunished we've had about over twelve hundred investigation falsely documented and want to turd since two thousand. five and eight percent of those indictments were served and in a mere three percent were any convictions served we also noted that eighty two percent of investigation files are closed in circumstances that suggest police investigate a failure to israeli police called those figures misleading and incorrect your google robbie says he is finding some solace in the fact that suspects have been arrested in connection with his wife's killing he hopes that any eventual punishment will act as a deterrent to others but whether the freed or jailed for one hundred years he says nothing will bring back his wife sorry force that al-jazeera in the occupied west bank. all right still ahead on al-jazeera when we come back why the chief prosecutor in colombia will soon be looking for a new job these protesters have their way. the record breaking news
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a pool how will turn goes off broadway to a homecoming in puerto rico. and later a sport of three wins for the blazers as they swept away the hornets. action from the n.b.a. coming up. the latest news as it breaks in a poll just sixty five percent of people said that they think it will do a great or a good job with details coverage is the second time this year doctors walked out on strike the government is funded by issuing suspension. from the around the world increased warning level columns as a blow to the thousands of people displaced by the tsunami of wanting to return home. by major to every weekly news cycle brings a series of breaking stories and then of course there's donald trump the town through the eyes of the world's jannah least that's right out of
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a hamas script that calls for the annihilation of israel that is not what that phrase means at all the listening post as we turned the cameras on the media focused on how they were caught on the stories that matter the most him better use a free palestine a listening post on al-jazeera. well again you're watching i just need a reminder of our top stories this hour the runner up in the presidential election in the democratic republic of congo has arrived in court to challenge the result for you says he won with a landslide of votes of more than sixty percent citing catholic church and election
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of. u.s. president donald trump has criticized the new york times report that the f.b.i. opened an inquiry into him in may twenty seventeen it was to find out if trump was secretly working on behalf of russia against u.s. interests. south africa's ruling a.n.c. party has put jobs and economic growth at the center of its election campaign president still ramaphosa launched the party's manifesto at a rally in. syrian state media says israeli forces have fired several missiles at targets in damascus including the capital's airport syrian air defenses or to be intercepted some missiles but one of them damaged an airport warehouse. u.s. and kurdish forces are attacking isis last stronghold in syria as strikes have stepped up on the town of haddin where remnants of i saw a hold up the coalition offensive against them could take two to three months ahead
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our reports. heavy fighting in this town city. the last sleeve overlong remaining within isis control is undocked. to cut its lead city and democratic forces as i in a final push all eyes still fighters from their last remaining stronghold in this town city. as they have commanders say they're making some progress by u.s. strikes which up is tucked up since donald trump announced the withdrawal of american troops from cities. this storage is full of weapons and ammunition we took from i saw fighters after days of fighting here. is the final chapter of a conflict that began more than four years ago when the group says parts of it out in cities and declared a hug. it out to government forces declared victory in december two thousand and
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seventeen. despite analysts say the ideology is also very much alive in the region a truly it was back. your logic there the sunni complaints they have been totally run over any real gang that. there should be still ready. and therefore radicalism over the i.s.i. already. has eat roots and a lot of tension that's why it has been totally illegally fighting between the as d.f. and i still is centered around the town of hygiene on the banks of the euphrates river close to the syrian border with iraq the hygiene area was once home to sixty thousand people most fled to live in mexico becomes for the displaced as renewed fighting intensifies more people are joining them here dozens of the newly
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displaced wait for tents and blankets in the bitter cold some say they fled on foot because they heard the u.s. coalition warplanes what bumping vehicles. on the frontlines as their fighters are preparing for long still long they estimate the fighting had in the last two to three months that may seem like a surprisingly want i'm given the size of but any of them dealing with ice and hell cities with populations three times greater fell within days the difference is that in both bottles are still fighters threaten to kill every three to choose and from one of their positions in order to cause for a daytime or a group this time the trick is to not come off one hundred on the walls as it doesn't. in yemen and artillery bombardment by hooty rebels has killed eight people from the same family or women and children in attack was on the government held village of shell ala close to the border with saudi arabia the saudi u.a.e.
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led coalition says it destroyed a hurty drown control center used in thursday's attack on a military parade. and you and coordinator lisa grand day is monitoring the humanitarian situation in the yemeni port of data while the u.n. envoy to yemen martin griffiths is urging all sides to show restraint after a three week old cease fire was violated several times it was agreed after months of fighting around the hooty held port that's where most of yemen's food and humanitarian aid is shift. the demands are growing in colombia for the chief prosecutor there to resign nestor told martinez is accused of covering up bribery linked to south america's biggest ever corruption scandal. has. holding flashlights housings of colombians gathered in various cities demanding their country's attorney general steps down. better math genius is accused of
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covering up the regularities in bribes paid in colombia by the brazilian construction giant target rich at the center of the biggest corruption scandal in the region we colombians are tired of seeing the powerful steal money and nothing happening our institutions our justice system kept captive and we want them back i q e two forces were unable to prevent protesters in front of the attorney general's headquarters taking down the offices flag and burning. i in two thousand and fifteen was the legal advisor of colombia's biggest financial group owned by luis carlos said immune to the country's richest man about partner with the british winning a one point six billion dollars contract to build a major modern way but in a series of documents. then the auditor of discovered more than thirty million dollars in legal payments and informativeness about them yet in
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a dramatic twist the sound noise son in a third witness have since died and what are said to be suspicious circumstances while martin is became the man in charge of investigating the crimes other branches admitted in a plea bargain with the united states the partment of justice being eleven million u.s. dollars in bribes to colombian politicians but that's just a fraction of the total amount of bribes he has allegedly hate hearing and yet turney general denies any prior knowledge of the payments and continues to reject it. for his resignation. prosecutors have pressed charges against high ranking officials in a number of countries including former presidents while in colombia only mid-level officials have been charged matter demas has recused himself from two related cases but many fear a complete and impartial investigation will not happen in colombia as long as he
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remains in office but. the issue is that practice financed the presidential campaigns of the two most important political parties in colombia they paid x. ministers congressman if you turn a general falls the entire structure of halls with. their mothers. just days ago peru's attorney general resigned under increasing public pressure after he dismissed two leads prosecutors in the scandal demas powerful political backers continue supporting him but it's unclear if you'll be able to withstand the growing calls for his removal. in ecuador a fire has killed eighteen people in a rehab clinic for alcoholics and drug addicts they all died of a six year eight others in the port of guayaquil were treated for burns and smoke inhalation before say a patient may have caused the blaze
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a macedonia's parliament has approved a change of the country's name the new name north macedonia aims to end a decades long dispute with neighboring greece it has consistently blocked macedonia's entry into nato and the european union arguing that the country's name was intended to confer rights over greek territory and appropriated greek culture. of thousands of survivors on the indonesian arland of soon away sea are still living in tents it's been nearly three months since an earthquake and tsunami destroyed the area aid has been pouring into the region but there are complaints that a lack of coordination is hampering distribution and relocation has been slow step bason reports from. the name of this small fishing boat sums up the mood and tragedy survived the waves as high as palm trees on september twenty eight well many other boats were destroyed like the one owned by hamidi for months he has not
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been able to earn a living. because my boat and nets are damaged i cannot work and just sit here doing nothing i'm disappointed but i can only wait and see what the government will do for me. others are not so patient who has started to rebuild his house right by the sea after his village was destroyed his community moved to the hills many now have returned to restart their business selling dried fish despite a government plan to relocate them to safer areas. when i'm in the hills i can only eat and sleep here i can earn money because krishna is already been coming in i have to work. the government plans to build temporary houses for fifteen hundred families but survivors complain the construction process is too slow after living in tents for months of fivers here and growing impatient extreme heat and the rainy season making it unbearable to live here despite the outpouring of help for viber
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say it's taking too long for their life to return to normal. eight from all over the world has reached the area but some promise donations have yet to arrive a government adviser was in charge of rebuilding after the indian ocean tsunami in two thousand and four blames a lack of coordination and too many regulations. still remains like this. and nobody will go. because the pretty clear indication that things are fairly slow in this something wrong. but the government denies that rebuilding is slow and says it's very capable of dealing with the aftermath of the disaster in contrast from the relief efforts after the tsunami and this one is relying less on foreign aid organizations and is trying to involve local communities as much as possible in this case we were only asked to
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support them with support services in terms of logistics i.p.t. and base camp support and. this is somewhat new for us because we have many other services that we could provide but a stronger the national society sketch the more they will shift towards the support services. so many does new approach shows that indonesia has come a long way since previous disasters and his neighbors say they are beginning to restart their lives with or without help from the government steps fast and al jazeera. more now on one of our top stories the election campaign of south africa's ruling african national congress. is an adjunct professor of public law at the university of cape town and a former a n c member she joins us now from johannesburg thanks very much for being with us so i want to ask you first of all what did you make of president cyril
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ramaphosa this speech at the rally in durban. well i mean i think that he tried to balance a number of things he tried to violence the need for the unity as he understands it. and balance that with the fact that. c. is going into election drive and therefore they have to appear to south africans beyond the african national congress interesting that you say you know your thoughts are going to sort it sorry i i thought you know when is your thought there are but please continue yes please press they are when you ask me a question yes i was asking you what did you make of the president's speech what i meant i think that he has heaven to navigate a very difficult terrain firstly you know all the challenges within the in suits
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stuff that parties are good to functionalism he has to address that he has to talk unity he he also has to talk truth of africans beyond the african national congress for example the issue of jobs is very serious. in c. has not been able to meet any of his promises previously you know where he has to explain that he has to speak to that he has to speak to a society that is truly tired of of color option and in emphasizing that corruption he has got to be careful as a polls are on how that can eliminate some of the some some you know some sections of the ins so it's a very interesting political duns that he's been doing you talked earlier there about a.n.c. unity as president ramaphosa sees it are you suggesting that he. is not getting the full picture here.


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