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that may give secrets you know show trial that we saw last week but something more serious to show that the saudi arabia if it did not does not just regret but actually more than regret the vent that it gives that gives enough assurances that what happened this time will not be repeated a guess what human rights violations continues in saudi arabia it's reported every day and maybe you know one young lady you know leaves the found they leave the country and creates a such havoc and something kind of that we're probably going to see more of that unless mohammad man and the saudi royal family you know gets down to business tried to fix the problems that needs to be fixing and you know transform the regime it needs to be transformed so i think probably behind the scenes not during a press conference we might see the united states trump and mr asian in particular put some pressure on the saudis in as much as congress is putting pressure on the
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trumpet message in as much as the american public opinion the american media are putting pressure on the problem to get a perspective on this as always agita senior political smaller shop. the syrian army is preparing for an attack by turkish forces on the kurdish rebel stronghold of manby syria's government has deployed soldiers artillery and tanks to the northwest suburbs of the city as u.s. forces prepared to leave turkey considers the kurdish y p g a terrorist group the turkish troops have already carried out military exercises at the border with syria ahead of that expected attack simcoe solar of course now from northern syria. preparing for battle these men are members of the free syrian army as homs a brigade their allies of the turkish military are on a war footing and preparing for an offensive on the kurdish held city of men bitch in northern syria these fighters say they will not be left behind to mom and ask
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with or without the u.s. withdrawal we will complete this military offensive we are ready leaderships order . men which is controlled by the u.s. backed kurdish why p.g. turkey considers it the syrian branch of the kurdistan workers' party or p k k which it recognizes as a terrorist group. indore ranks of this brigade are syrian kurds who say the white cannot be of the kurds legitimate representative in the war in syria. most of the kids fled to germany iraqi kurdistan because of the y.p. g.'s oppression they force you even girls for military service on the front lines they charge an affordable taxi. many people support the military offensive was surrounded by the p.k. cambridge reinforces and the populations living in fear of more places are liberated in the why pigeon is gone we can have
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a better business life this is our came out and it is one of two military bases which will coordinate the expected upcoming offensive on the eastern side of the euphrates river and the city of. turkey stays kurdish civilians will not be targeted but some people in members are not convinced that funny. since we learned the u.s. will withdraw many of our friends volunteered to join man military council to defend our city will protect ourselves. of course we have fears now we live in peace with really perform our religion but when other groups can there will be corruption. day and night the turkish army continues to strengthen its forces inside syria sending a message that the offensive could start soon see number al-jazeera northern syria . all right plenty more ahead on the news hour the pressure mounting on the british
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prime minister ahead of that crucial vote on her will have a live update. it was waiting to happen the government was well aware of the risks of liquefaction. nothing to inform the people. reporting from without an. earthquake in september. and later in. the last two super bowl playoff action we'll look at whether they've got what it takes to be champions again. and influence an influential african regional bloc is calling for a recount of the democratic republic of congo's presidential election vote the regional body known as sadek last month's vote the group has suggested a unity government to be formed after the disputed result opposition leader martin
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is challenging the outcome of the constitutional court he says the election is fraudulent and has demanded a recount after his rival felix was declared the winner. we have faith our phrases and shake because the people have decided and the wishes of the people will come true i am a man of faith. joins us live now from. cairo what is the latest there. people were. trying to pray for peace in the country people wait for the constitutional court to make a decision on whether indeed but he did win the election with fifty one vote according to tally by the catholic church in. pushing for some kind of government similar to what to me maybe you saw in zimbabwe
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for example in two thousand and nine to me about back then robert mugabe was forced to shift power with get i want to work five years that way to be stable means leading into thought equality i think maybe that is the way to go to avoid conflict to a point violence in the heat of them and i suppose it's an open question as to what what's going to happen next how do but how much weight does. organization like cited terry when when it's calling for a recount. it does have a lot of weight i mean the deal is in the side it's wrong and you've got a big countries like africa and angola who really have close ties with the people goes to president i think we're putting a lot of pressure on the the politicians to make sure that things actually go with the it's complicated you don't like the into other neighboring countries including the threat it comes as you get more it even the the trying to seek refuge in these
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they've been countries if you don't don't want that to happen so i think behind the scenes there is a lot of pressure on all politicians involved including president joseph kabila the key thing of course now is are the politicians willing to work together will much if i usually look at the kitty will cut that down and talk and discuss and find a way out of this political crisis because if it doesn't happen if the people that are the ones that are going to all i are on these leaders in a court on that court will meet on monday to go through the evidence why you think you have that because he won the election if they decide that he has the case they could order a recount or they could just take the kid he has won and then declare him as president elect and he should be sworn in on january eighteenth if that if that happens. all right for the moment for us there in kinshasa thanks. now the u.s. president is denying the latest allegations of his links with russia this time donald trump has been accused of keeping to himself details of a meeting with russian president vladimir putin
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a report in the washington post says trump did not release any notes made by his interpreter after he met putin in hamburg and twenty seventeen reportedly instructed to translate to not to tell anyone in his administration what had been discussed why not release the conversation that you had with president putin in helsinki along with some other stops that might involve them. or on the whole lot of them world you need i would i don't care i mean i had a conversation like every president does you sit with the president to various countries i do it with all countries we had a great conversation we were talking about israel and securing israel and a lot of other things there was a great conversation i'm not keeping anything under wraps i couldn't care less. committee in the u.s. congress says it will look into a report the f.b.i. opened an inquiry to find out if trump was secretly working on behalf of russia
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against u.s. interests the story in the new york times says the investigation began in may twenty seventeen after trump fired then f.b.i. director james comey counterintelligence vesta gators were looking at whether trump was a potential threat to national security they were also trying to find out if he was deliberately working for russia or was an intention and intentionally influenced by moscow trampas rejected the allegations calling it the most insulting article ever written about him russell and jordan joins us live now from washington so rosen how damaging is all of this for trump and to what extent does it fit into this narrative that he is compromised by russia. and i think it's fair to say that the reaction to these two stories in the new york times and in the washington post have really excited people who are opposed to the u.s.
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president dollar trump and who have been very suspicious of his behavior in his first two years in office as well as being suspicious of his behavior while he was running for president in two thousand and sixteen of course we have heard the president himself deny the allegations are presented in both stories in that video clip that you just shared with our viewers he told the interviewer on fox news as it happens that he was insulted by her question about whether he had any relationship in which he was working at the behest of the russian government so at least you know he's denying it in a public forum but this is certainly just adds to the churn around the credibility of the trumpet ministration how the president conducts domestic and foreign policy whether he is in fact doing so for the best interests of the u.s. public or whether he is doing so at the behest of
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a foreign government certainly these are things that are being investigated but it really is just adding to the churn of more than anything given that we don't yet have a we're final report from the special counsel robert muller who is looking into these questions of russian interference in the u.s. political process as well as questions about what members of the trumpet ministration including the president himself may have been doing or may not have been doing as regarding their constitutional obligations. all right rosalind thanks that roslyn jordan live for us in washington. now greece is a right wing defense minister has resigned in protest of the deal ending a long running dispute with macedonia over its name panelists kamin or so announced his resignation after meeting with prime minister alexis tsipras he said his party is quitting the government methadone is parliament approved an agreement to change
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its name to the republic of north macedonia but it still needs backing from the greek parliament. i have decided i haven't formed the president of parliament that we will go swiftly to the procedure that our constitution and the parliamentary rules of the light for the renewal of confidence by parliament in my government will grow in order to proceed with a clear majority on to all those crucial choices for our society and our country. or younis. is a european affairs analyst and columnists at feel if they lost dailies he joins us now from athens thanks very much for being with us so help us make sense of this then we know that greece for a long time has been. opposed to the name macedonia the country next to greece because it has its own province with the same name and that that threatens their sense of identity to some extent but what how does that affect the
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issues going on inside the greek government and that it's enough to threaten the collapse of the current government there. well it's a huge issue because the main coalition partner of missed that scene for a series of party is leaving the government due to the approval of the agreement by the parliament in scorpio mr come in as the defense minister until today was very adamant in rejecting the agreement as against the national interests he is a right wing nationalist then he said all along that he wouldn't stay in the government in case the agreement came to greece for it if you give a shit so it was somehow expect that but it was an exit expected the way he said that he will reject the confidence of old that mr schippers will call in a couple of days to find
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a new majority in the greek parliament so right now there are calculation of of how many independent m.p.'s mr chippers will be able to gather to get this slim a slim majority of one or two m.p.'s in the greek parliament and stay in power yes i guess the next question becomes then can can the separate government survive this or are elections now inevitable while it hangs on the decision of one or two m.p.'s right now in the in the in the parliament one a position m.b. is very strong in favor of voting for the chippers government as well some of the many of the m.p.'s of mr cummins party are willing to support miss that super us as well so all calculations are that mr schippers is likely to survive confidence vote even by one sleeve involved in the parliament but my projection is that he will not be able to call clude his tenure in the office until late september and early
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elections are very likely now for end of may. all right we're going to have to leave it there good to get your thoughts on this a yanis could sue me to say joining us there from athens thanks so much of a little over me now the floods in south america become widespread in the press has rob to tell us about is they have a home to show you wonderful video of carriers swimming through it for him got it it's never less it is the case nor has not been seen as we mentioned yesterday in a good part of sudden. southeastern brazil and it's been raining or not the last two weeks as more rain to come in this forecast and they may well as for down to one is areas so you know people affected as well as a large farming area it does look as a dry spell in the finals argentina coming up it's jump on the walls now are out of south america where the rain has caused flooding to the winter seasons were crossed
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trussing to the northern hemisphere now we have seen in the last twenty four hours this storm which doesn't look much spread all the way from colorado to where it is natural for the northeast corner so it's left snow behind it's middle of winter you might expect so this is chicago from chicago two years ago or sort of this much snow so this isn't a huge shock i have to say but it did fold fairly quickly we had the equivalent of that up to fifty centimeters of snow from colorado eastwards so it has caused a certain amount of damage and distress in fact seven lives have been lost because of these are the figures from colorado across to indiana twenty to about fifty centimeters now most of that snow has disappeared off the east and we're next be talking to you about what's happening in southern california in the next two days. still ahead on. jonah only in hungry where homelessness is now a criminal offense as the government projects power over the powerless. could the
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roman catholic church in the united states go bankrupt the multi-billion dollar compensation claims against me to fall priests. in sport all lando work their magic against the boston celtics. made it to every new cycle brings a series of breaking stories and then of course there's donald trump told through the eyes of the world's journalists that's right out of the script that calls for the annihilation of israel that is not what that phrase means. as we turn the cameras on the media and focus on how they were on the stories that matter the most him better use a free. until now the coverage of latin america most of the world was covering khuda taz tragedies. and that was it
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but not how people feel how they look how they think and that's what we do we go. five and a half months of demanding a one occasion system that was introduced to. have to fill a void that needed to be filled. hello again you're watching i'm just a reminder of our top stories this hour the u.s. secretary of state has called on gulf states to end their dispute my pompei is in
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qatar on the latest leg of his middle east visit and in saudi arabia the united arab emirates egypt and bahrain they have blockaded qatar for the past eighteen months. and influential african bloc known as sadek is calling for a recount of the democratic republic of congo's presidential election the result has been disputed by opposition leader martin for you know who is challenging it in court. greece's defense minister has resigned in protest at the name changing deal with macedonia coming also announced his resignation after meeting with prime minister alexis tsipras. the leader of the british opposition says he is going to table a motion of no confidence if the prime minister's bragg's it deal is rejected by parliament jeremy coleman says leaving the european union without a deal would be in his words catastrophic m.p.'s are set to vote on tuesday on the deal to recent government agreed with the european union. my own view is that i
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would rather get negotiated deal now if we can to stop the danger of a no deal from the twenty ninth of march which would be catastrophic for industry catastrophic for trade and the long term effects of that would be huge i think parliament did vote for an amendment to the finance bill this week which indicated its opposition to no deal but isn't totally specific on it we will do everything we can to prevent and no deal except let's get more now from sanya guy hugo who is in london for society or theresa may in facing real pressure now is she going to survive this. it's very difficult to tell this at this point as a but it doesn't look good for her they have been consistently voices from within her own party from even within her own confidence and supply partners the who are supporting in effect her minority government who said they will not support this
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because of. all they're of still more reassurances on the irish backstop so all in all with all of that surrounding her with her minority government with the pressure placed on them with the fact that she still hasn't managed to get as many m.p.'s to support her deal as she would have liked it does look bad and people are talking also now about the range of this defeat now if she does manage to get defeated by say a dozen votes on shoes day there is a chance that she could still go through it and still run the votes again with the hope that she could try and get others on board she could be whip around to to support the deal through but if the deal is more but if the defeat is more than that then really it looks really very bad to reason may and them of course you want into the territory of what the opposition leader said that he would table a motion of no confidence he has a specifically said when he would do this but chances are that it would come after
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that and of course you will only have three days with which to present her plan b. and a plan b. is not something which the government has even hinted at they have just said that they have this one plan and this is the plan to get through and unfortunately it is the least popular. option on the table that mrs may's finding amongst her own colleagues has i'm all right sonia thanks for sonia going to go live for us in london. now the head of yemeni intelligence has died of his wounds two days after a drone strike on a military parade five others died and forty five were injured in thursday's attack in large problems the almost four year long civil war in yemen is between the fighters and yemeni government forces backed by a saudi and iraq he led coalition. out sounds like something out of a science fiction movie entire villages being swallowed by the earth as land
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becomes liquid of liquefaction as it's called is exactly what happened to indonesian communities last september a major earthquake shook the soil so hard it collapsed and villages were not warned of the danger stan vassal reports from. under this pile of must i do remains of saw me as house it was buried on september twenty eighth after a happy earthquake suddenly turned soil into liquid houses cars and people were sucked inside hundreds of people disappeared and the bodies of her three young nephews and nieces have yet to be found. though if i think about my nephews and nieces i come here i have no more hope that we will find them but it helps me to cope with my sadness just to be here sami aboard the land in the one nine hundred eighty s. by then many houses had been built she remembers that it was muddy but she says she didn't think anything of it in two thousand and twelve a team of geologists found that seventy percent of palo and its surroundings are
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either high risk of liquefaction. meaning that if an earthquake happens what are saturated soil can turn into liquid but. we had informed them about the risk but that was all we could do because there are a lot of problems with that area in a difficult economic situation also the information had not been spread. who's the movie star who was the paolo mayor at the time says he never received the information he says he only received a report about the high risks of earthquakes and tsunamis which you failed to pass on to his successor that is why you were minister but i do feel guilty even though i passed it on to my deputy but i feel bad that i didn't warn anyone that this could happen i forgot about it because as a politician i'm a busy man. sources tell al jazeera that people in high risk areas were not warned about the dangers of liquid faction because the local authorities were concerned
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riots would break out while the government was well aware of the risks of liquefaction here in this area you know how this was still being built followers growing and becoming more popular newcomers were moving into areas no danger zones while it's too late for many the government has now decided. that those who have survived will have to be relocated. some survivors have moved to temporary shelters built by the government outside of the city others are reluctant to leave their own neighborhoods those that are good at it if they send us out of town it will be difficult to find work we can only be farmers there here we can earn money by selling things at the market whatever it is if people start building again i will do it too. just by government instructions not to build in the affected areas some construction has already started horse stables have now been built on the land where hundreds of bodies are buried some say that if the authorities are not firm new neighborhoods will be constructed and the tragedy that happened only recently
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will soon be forgotten step fasten al-jazeera. our coal mine collapse in china has killed twenty one minus eighty seven underground when the roof caved in dozens were airlifted airlifted to safety in shanghai province engineers are investigating the cause disasters are common in china's mining industry. police in nigeria say at least twelve people burnt to death while scavenging for fuel from an overturned oil tanker the spill and explosion happened in the town of panny in the southern nigerian state of cross river jan reports. this scene is unfortunately too familiar in nigeria fuel tankers like this one crash or pipelines leak and the poor in africa's most populous country rushed to the scene those who survive are scarred for life
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some have lost limbs i suppose to be dead people many people died of. these burn victims risked their lives in the southern state of cross river trying to collect the leaking black gold and this has become. events in our society every year an average of one hundred twenty fuel tanker accidents are reported in the country which is africa's largest oil producer this is partly blamed on roads that are overcrowded and poorly maintained witnesses at the scene of this latest incident say an electrical generator brought in to remove the spilled oil set off sparks igniting a fire and explosion but also a lot of money you're looking for. people call collecting spilled fuel fishing and it doesn't just happen when tankers overturn thousands have been killed
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fishing for fuel when pipelines leak or are vandalized in october more than fifty people were burned to death while scooping fuel from a pipeline that thieves busted before it caught fire and exploded in two thousand and twelve more than one hundred people were killed in the oil hub of port harcourt when an oil tanker tipped over and scavengers were trapped and burned alive when the vehicle exploded according to government data more than one thousand two hundred people were killed trying to steal fuel from vandalized pipelines during the eight years preceding two thousand and eight the country's worst accident happened in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight that's when nearly one thousand one hundred people were killed when a leaking pipeline they were fishing from exploded please visit anytime that you see that if a thing itself is efficient thing is to run away while nigeria is often touted as one of the world's most promising economies
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a recent report says nearly half of its hundred eighty eight million population live in extreme poverty and when black gold is spilled some of those struggling to put food on the table can't help but try to scoop up as much as they can no matter the cost paul chowder gian al jazeera. police in sudan have fired tear gas to disperse demonstrators in the capital hard to know they're calling for president obama bashir to step down international rights groups say at least forty people have been killed since the on rest began but the government says the death toll is twenty four here morgan joins us live now from hard to insert here but what is the latest there what has been once again have seen people coming out onto the streets and demonstrating demanding that president obama bashir a step down something he said he's not going to do now let's remember that these protests are now going into its fourth week the longest any government really and.
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demanding that's have done since its independence in one nine hundred fifty nine no government before had to face for its has this long demand that it's had done with the president said it is because it has been very defiant he said he's not going to step down and he said he was going to try to introduce economic reforms and improve the situation for the people the people have said that they've heard the promises over and over again they say that they think what he's going to do is something he's done before which has resulted in high inflation seventy percent one of the highest in the world and resulted in bread shortages and fuel shortages so they think that whatever he tries to promise will not bring about change and the only thing that could be done at the moment is he stepped down now there are concerns that people would lose their lives in these protests and this international says at least forty people have been killed activists are reporting at least fifty five people killed since the protests started in may december the government is saying it's only twenty four people have been killed and in dispute in all these figures but the fact is that the police have been using tear gas and live ammunition to disperse the crowds as the protests demanding that president obama this year step down and here we know a party within the bashir government has held
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a press conference what what came out of that is there a chance they might leave the ruling coalition. well already two parties have left the coalition and there are concerns that more parties will indeed in the coalition as the protests continue again like i said this has been the longest anti-government protest ever since sudan gained independence in one nine hundred fifty nine they have been threatened they have threatened before but they haven't pulled out from the government to get what they did come out and say was that they were condemning the attacks on the man hospital during the protest last week on wednesday they said that it was unjust for the police to use excessive force against protesters and on patients and doctors now we remember that amnesty international also came out and condemned the attacks that the security forces launched on the hospital where protestors went to seek shelter after police fired tear gas and live in a mission of them now there are concerns that there will be more part of their side will be pulling out from the coalition but so far nothing has happened no other part is a full besides or two but it seems like bashir is weakening and it seems like
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people will continue to protest and remain defiant just as he's defiant to hold on to power. for the khaybar morgan in hard to hundreds of protesters marched in guatemala city against the president's decision to shut down a un backed anti graft body jimmy murat as ordered on staff of the international commission against impunity to leave within twenty four hours last monday or tomorrow's top court blocked the decision amar as says the commission accuser says the commission overstepped its judi's it was trying to investigate him over campaign finance violations in the u.s. the catholic church is facing a crisis both financial and spiritual a report found that hundreds of priests in one state preyed on thousands of children over decades christian salumi travel to pennsylvania to see how the church and its victims are responding.
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in the diocese of harrisburg at the first in a series of meetings bishop ronald gaynor explains to catholics what's being done to stop clergy abuse and help victims including setting up a compensation fund i hope that this is the beginning as one step to the forward for a better safer catholic church but it isn't enough for the forty sisters five of whom were abused in the diocese by the same priest they want all perpetrators and those who protect them to be held accountable in a court of law carolyn was still in diapers when her abuse started in her family's case there was evidence in the church paid a one million dollars settlement in exchange for not pressing charges or talking about the case last year when the pennsylvania attorney general released a state wide report on clergy abuse the forty's learned at the church had received another complaint against their abuser and done nothing that was a validation to me for us and that's what victims are seeking.


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