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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 14, 2019 1:00am-1:33am +03

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but a severe economic downturn in recent years the government says cheap fuel has caused the issue. to get the government over cheap but the body of the. company will be released to the girl who was going to be in good. a crackdown on a fuel pfaff by mexico's new president that led to long queues for petrol is starting to affect the wider economy stallholders at the central the a bus stops in mexico city latin america's largest wholesale market say deliveries from outlying states down by more than a third shoppers are also finding it harder to get to the markets present under his money lopez obrador is trying to cut theft of fuel from pipelines by switching distribution to trucks but it's now led to shortages at the pumps. yes we've been affected because people are hardly coming up i think right now fifty to sixty percent. of us to leave us to me it's mainly because of the supply of
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petrol we've been affected by deliveries from our suppliers and our customers are coming even some of us have had to get around on public transportation. or breaking news from venezuela now where the leader of the opposition has been detained this according to a message sent from his twitter account one who is the head of venezuela's opposition that congress which is disputing the legitimacy of the president nicolas maduro now madeira was sworn in last week for a second term but where doe's said he was prepared to assume the country's presidency on an interim basis and even call elections would bring you more on this story as we get the details but i have also been protests taking place in guatemala whence the president's attempt there to shut down a u.n. backed anti corruption body thousands of demonstrated through the capital city on saturday in protest of moving out by jimmy morales on monday morality announced
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foreign staff ordered foreign staff of the international commission against impunity to leave within twenty four hours but guatemala stopped court blocked the decision rallies accuses the commission of overstepping its duties after it sort of investigate him on suspicion of campaign finance violations. italy has sent an aircraft to south america to bring back a left wing activist convicted of murder but tiste was arrested on saturday night in bolivia after thirty seven years on the run in one thousand nine hundred one he escaped from an italian prison where he was awaiting trial for four murders committed as a member of a communist group but just he was living in brazil until last month where he successfully resisted previous attempts at extradition he left the bolivia after the election of garble sonora who promised to return him to italy. you have al jazeera at live from london most a lad for you on the program to tell you about a new report revealing how far president trump went to hide details of his meetings
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with this in from his own officials and as no strong sweep across europe how hungary's him as a fairing now sleeping on the street is a criminal offense. hello i was a bit more mid winter rain on its way to hunan for example this massive plan doesn't look very much and it's not very much but we're feeding it with rather moist and warmish air from the science which means it will turn into cloud their eventually give rain maybe not until tuesday but there it is the cold opposing wind is not cold just enough to produce a bit of snow over the high ground west of town as you can see should be sunny in shanghai and in hong kong the breeze not particularly strong in hong kong humidity again not particularly harder and also got more cloud running across the far north
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of india which might give a shower or two in new delhi though i darted the verses nine thousand baron with his snow straight down through the bay of bengal which seems increasingly likely to bring us to sri lanka not everywhere but in this north easterly they are not uncommon cold by day and he's seventy degrees and in new delhi and by night without a single figures of course it has been consistent for a week or two in the arabian peninsula mostly it is fine looking weather but the cloud has increased substantially in monday's forecast is a huge pole running as far south as qatar looks like it'll be largely dry except for maybe the far north as saudi but the breeze changes direction it's dusty. in the next episode of science in the golden age abi exploring the contributions made by scholars during the medieval islamic period in the field of engineering.
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the heights of sophistication in mechanics at the time was the extravagant elephant cloak. written around eight fifty a.d. the book contains a range of ingenious inventions and contraptions. are going to merge with jim. welcome back just a quick look at the top stories now the u.s. secretary of state says a rift between katherine it's gulf neighbors has gone on for too long and destrehan regional unity speaking in catamite called on gulf states to end that it's.
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zimbabwe is more than double the price of fuel overnight as the country struggles with its worst petrol shortage in a decade. and in just the last half hour or so the leader of venezuela's opposition has been detained this according to a message from his twitter account. the head of venezuela's opposition that congress which is disputing that it just in a sea of president nicolas maduro. so now some news from china where at least twenty one people have died after a coal mine collapse in the northwestern part of the country more than sixty others were rescued after the accident in the province the heart of the country's coal mining belt china has faced a series of mining accidents despite efforts to improve conditions the cause of the collapse is now under investigation. donald trump is fiercely denying the latest allegations over his links to russia the u.s.
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president has been accused of keeping to himself details of a meeting with the russian president but in the putin in two thousand and seventeen the washington post says trump told his translator not to release any notes also anyone in his own administration will have been discussed a congressional committee is also looking into a report by the new york times which says the f.b.i. investigated whether trump was a threat to national security and working on behalf of russia trump denies hiding details of his meetings with putin why not released the conversation that you had with president putin in helsinki along with some other stops that might involve them. or on the whole lot of them world you need i would i don't care i mean i had a conversation like every president did you sit with the president of various countries i do it with all countries we had a great conversation we were talking about israel and securing israel and for lots of other things it was a great conversation i'm not keeping anything under wraps i couldn't care less
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let's get more now from rosen jordan who's in washington so clearly president trump there trying to attempting to give the impression that he doesn't particularly care what information is made public though there is a sense that the accusations are escalating against him. well the washington post story is suggesting that on at least five occasions the president has interfered with the sharing of notes or information about his meetings with vladimir putin the russian president and in at least one case he actually took the notes from his interpreter and basically told her that you can't tell anyone i even took the notes so it's really two days worth of attention being put on the president's behavior since i come into office almost two years ago and it's the kind of attention that his critics say that needs to be investigated even
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though the president's fellow republicans say they this is really no big deal that presidents have closed door meetings all the time democrats are saying that there needs to be an investigation and certainly they say that this goes to trying to figure out just what is donald trump doing on behalf of the american people this is dick durbin he's the democratic senator one of the ranking leaders in the u.s. senate. you know there are so many questions raised why is he so chummy with latimer putin's this man who is a former k.g.b. agent never been a friend of the united states invaded our allies threatens us around the world and tries his damnedest to undermine our elections why is this president trying to best buddy i don't get it and when he takes the interpreter's notes and wants to destroy them so no one can see what was said and written transcript you know it raises serious questions about the relationship between this president putin so possible
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ramifications for this is we're hearing that democrats are calling for an investigation for subpoenas of those involved. they are calling for investigations but this is something where democrats can't just go ahead full steam and try to have these investigations they also have to try to deal with the other major problem facing the federal government which is the fact that there's a partial government shutdown with more than eight hundred thousand people not getting paid and about half of them not even being allowed to go to work to carry out their duties so this is just really a really difficult matter for them to say let's start investigating the president because not only are these workers not getting paid not only they not being allowed to do their jobs but they're starting to be spill on effects impacts on other people who rely on these workers for the business that they provide and the impact on the overall economy so even though there are now calls to take
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a look at the president's behavior democrats are still locked in this battle with the president over trying to reopen the government so trying to move ahead full steam on investigations probably won't see as much of that as some within the democratic party might hope thank you very much from washington rosalyn jordan well as roselyn was mentioning that a partial u.s. government shutdown is now into its twenty third day with still no end in sight miami international airport has now started closing one of its terminals to avoid a shortage of security agents who have been calling in sick on friday eight hundred thousand federal workers didn't receive them monthly salary that's prompted food banks to set up pop up distribution centers and communities to organize for dennis for those affected. the lack of a paycheck definitely hurts us. in terms of mortgages and we have three girls so. daycare is not going to. take creditors will out there unfortunately.
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there are a little nervous and hopefully. they're going to be able to figure out something so we can go back to work as that's really all we want to do us is more just a waste if you know that there's nothing that's going to come of this other than just a giant receiver just i want to look at me the big house course you are saying they will get it done to you so this is just a giant colossal waste of everybody's money and it's just ridiculous. the u.k. opposition when attempt to force a general election if prime minister to resign may's deal for leaving european union is rejected by parliament vote is due to take place on tuesday with most analysts predicting defeat for the government labor leader jeremy corbyn says he's ready to table a motion of no confidence in the nation's leadership my own view is that i would rather get negotiated deal now for we can to stop the danger of a no deal an exit from the maternity not so much which would be catastrophic for
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industry catastrophic to trade and the long term effects of that would be huge i think parliament did vote for an amendment to the finance bill this week which indicated its opposition to no deal but isn't totally specific on it we will do everything we can to prevent and no deal except. the greek prime minister alexis tsipras says he'll call a conference vote in his government after his coalition ally quit giving him six seats short of majority his right wing defense minister resigned of ideals and a decades long dispute with macedonia its neighbor has agreed to change its name to north macedonia but. is still not happy catherine stansell has wall. the name change deal with macedonia was meant to remove what athens consider to be an implied claim to greek sovereign territory but it's led to a breakdown in greece's coalition government with the defense minister announcing that he and his party are quitting. i think the prime minister
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for our collaboration and i explained that because of the macedonian name deal our work together cannot continue the independent greeks are withdrawing from the government the departure means prime minister alexis c. press is left with the minority and may struggle to get the deal passed by parliament or. do you have to go syria we will proceed immediately as is prescribed by the constitution with a vote of confidence in my government in order to move forward with a clear majority in resolving all the critical issues facing our country and society. caminos formed a coalition with c. process in twenty fifteen and he's never been shy about expressing his views against the name change greece and macedonia signed the deal in june it's meant to end a twenty seven year dispute with greece which has its own region called macedonia in exchange precinct reach to lift its objections to the balkan country joining
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nato and the european union. on fire day the macedonian parliament approved a constitutional amendment to officially change the country's name to the republic of north macedonia. but the greek parliament needs a majority to ratify the deal something may find difficult with the departure of his coalition partner happenstance al-jazeera. heavy snow has been causing chaos across europe and more is forecast particularly vulnerable the homeless especially in hungry by sleeping on the street is now a criminal offense but he's a rounding up and find finding people sending money into hiding from the capital budapest jonah hall reports. the sleek clean boulevards of budapest this is how an increasingly or thorough tyrian government wants them to look no refugees or illegal immigrants and no no homeless people either we are just trying to enable our author of his to step up against something which we believe is
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against human nature and human dignity and we would like public spaces to get their meaning back and operate as they were intended it's not a decision the government took lightly a previous attempt was ruled a violation of human dignity by the constitutional court so the government changed the constitution itself all of which is heartbreaking to people like youngish torak lives in a caravan after he lost his home his job even his family when a house fire and no insurance left him with crippling debt. i'm afraid of it and i can't say better i'm afraid it could happen any time i wake up every morning scared that someone may not call my door and say we can take your stuff away go elsewhere the government did sists it's looking after the people being swept off the streets but we take care of them we provide shelter provisions and all the support that is required not
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a social workers but they believe that their system is not an assault on this problem heather and the government is about opening some new show there is about the numbers show that there are more than thirty thousand people leaving homeless in hungary at the moment there eleven thousand places. cycling through the city volunteers carrying food and blankets search for those who have not made it to a shelter for the night in a railway station underpass where dozens once slept they find just three people. too many people in this in the shelters so there is a one hundred person and their way is there more than one hundred thirty yards or so it's a too crowded and overcrowding in the shelters so the volunteers means many homeless people have gone into hiding making them even more vulnerable to the elements shelters like these this one is
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a private facility barely come close to meeting the needs of the homeless on the streets and while it's obviously a good idea to get people off the streets in below zero conditions like this and volunteers are doing what they can that's not the point behind the government's decision to criminalize homelessness in hungary one social worker described it as projecting power over the powerless don't know how al-jazeera budapest. well there's more on everything we're covering right here on our website you will find news beaches and also comment and analysis don't forget you can watch us live on the website as well al jazeera dot com. here's a quick reminder of the top stories for you now the u.s. secretary of state says a rift between cow tarn its gulf neighbors has gone on for too long and is threatening regional unity my poem by oh is being in casts are as part of
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a tour of the region and it's called all gulf states to end that this is saudi arabia the united arab emirates egypt and bahrain have blockaded castle for the past eighteen months country leaders deny accusations that they support terror groups says a unified gulf cooperation council would be in everyone's interests today in our conversations i stressed the importance of unity among the gulf cooperation council members president trump and i both believe the ongoing dispute the region this drag on too long and the dispute benefits adversaries and harms our mutual interests our nations do important work and we have important work continue to do together and the united states hopes the parties involved will see once again the benefits of cooperation and taking actions necessary to rebuild unity in their ranks a united jews is essential to the sets of the middle eastern alliance which we hope will include the g.c.c. egypt and jordan. the leader of venezuela's opposition has been released after being briefly detained this appears to be the moment when the head of venezuela's
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opposition that congress was taken by offices on a busy highway on sunday disputes the legitimacy of the president nicolas maduro who was sworn in last week for a second term on friday said he is prepared to assume the country's presidency on an interim basis and call for elections. an influential group of sixteen african nations is calling for a recount in the democratic republic of congo's presidential election the southern african development community or side of course one of the organizations monitoring last month's disputed vote it's also recommended a government of national unity to promote peace opposition leader modify you new is challenging the result in court after his rival felix tissue katie was declared the winner and zimbabwe's more than doubled the price of fuel overnight as a country struggles with its worst petrol shortage in a decade drivers have been queuing outside at all stations in some cases for several days you are up to date with all of our top stories coming up next one gets
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to the truth of the so-called african gang crime wave in australia's southern city of melbourne. melbourne australia overrun by in game. if streets filled with violence terror and minutes. that's how some local media and politicians are to take dangerous southern city. that is feeling debate and social tension. but how accurate are the so-called threats. i'm steve on this episode of one on one
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east we investigate the truth behind the headlines. in the. everybody one fifty and it's like you know we can have a lot of movies patrolling around the sun john say meaning. to go back to. detective acting inspector helen chugged and senior sergeant jason forster on patrol in melbourne's north western suburbs. up to sixty very many soldiers. all. right there in a vehicle or think they're better in a quietly on. guard. or change your.
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trial you turn over to a shared home so it was a callous same. guy sorry what's the situation there now reports of a home invasion are coming in. from forward towards a more. solid tumor to want it was long. if that in. the law for family members were seated around. kitchen time who made a demand for a case to the eddie then they've. got to. drive all. i can just see if you can just get the us to keep an eye out for black audi two thousand and thirteen. since the quad brazen crime isn't to kick you in the door of a someone's home while they're at home. absolutely it is.
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violent home invasions like this have residents in these suburbs on age. in march and her husband gavin were sleep when four teenagers broke down the back door. i just remember. just yelling and just screaming at us to just stop and just give us money and i got him got out of the bed and. physically pushed we had two of them in the room and he got up and physically pushed them out and shut the bedroom door on them. he's then grabbed a baseball bat from underneath the bed at which point the hammers come through the bedroom door multiple times of them trying to get in with us with literally our entire body way on the door trying to prevent them from getting to us.
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home security cameras captured gavin chasing the young men out the front but he couldn't stop them stealing both their cars. it's just it's too traumatizing for me to go back there a member. i don't know how they can say that. the crime rate is falling because everyone like everyone i know it doesn't nobody feel safe. the teenagers described as being of african appearance a still on the run we're every time i see a black person on the street or. just anywhere it's like a trigger. before all of this happened i wasn't scared of black people or people of color or. whatever but now it's psych i can even
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like face someone in a stall that's black because of what's happened to me and i think that's really unfair and shouldn't be like that. and. it's not it's not damn like i haven't done anything wrong to me but i can't help but associate that in time with them i think that's what's really unfair. i would be pretty cool quantities of african gangs running riot terrorizing robbing breaking after her push to get her to return to the north pole because you're going on all during. the hour no one wants. to. sit
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outside with. you feel like you have to bring your best behavior to enforce them because you feel like you're representing your skin color for one this is like you say you have to be extra nice person like extra small even if you're not feeling it that day you just have to have a smile on because if you don't you look scary istead it is like imagined someone's looking through you like looking like you know like someone's eyes or just burning the side of your head that's what feels like sense and that. makes. pick up a static. analysis. thank you. twenty year old tired him a separated at birth from his parents during sudan's brutal civil war will he hasn't seen him since. when i was born. to warn if that was happening so minimal that separated my grandma being here she is and you know the strong lady she is to me with her because of that. i mean all your flash of.
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melbourne has been his home since he was five. every day to try to convince you armstrong and i think you know what we know we're starting to grow up here who have to why do washing has to convince young astray is it. on the mind is where ever they go touching and his friends feel job which is just to do with you. see i realise it's not like one percent of us write this crime in every single race just. because it's. these people commit crime in every single race but with us for some reason it gets put onto the whole culture the whole. whole you might call it a gets blamed for the actions of the few now. to. try to. use the.
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gangs of young sides are threatening a violent confrontation at tonights the system. police arrived to reclaim the streets but it was too light and they were outnumbered. because. the focus on african gang crime began on march twenty sixth jane when violence broke out at the moon the festival at federation square in the center of melbourne i think we had two groups of of african young people coming together in melbourne there was a far cry get it became my rolling ball if you like some of that was because the place become involved and we started chasing they just people. they were saying
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cheers plane fly those same people which i stand the straight for place and that crowd already been in the media at the tom and a lot of political pressure. on me sort of videos those stupid kids they got riled up right the did them stuff and they she said be a lie it's not right what they did i don't believe it at all this is a stupid i'd place charged thirty seven people over the mumbai violence several linked to a group known as the apex gang. tar just a bunch of young kids. from a small area largely people from. background although we did have some marys and people from other pacific islanders in that group. apex was notorious for home invasions and carjackings in the city southeast police say at its peak the group
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numbered around one hundred thirty young men. but after an intense crackdown on apex police it's now been dismantled we just don't see them you know we're just not saying. that group. crimes anymore. victoria police are basing further criticism which claims they've lost control to street gangs as might. be there is a specific problem in victoria to do with people of african background. i don't see it is as a violent african gang crisis. certainly we have an issue we have an issue with our youth in the state but i believe that we can timing that issue. everybody welcome to you know tell me who worked before so i had detective acting inspector child is
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briefing her team before another night out on patrol just be careful that you don't skip tied up with other job so you are specifically he to respond to any higher being they're part of a dedicated task force tackling youth crime in melbourne's west so the way we're task force came about as a result of the evolution of the harm invasion offense and carjacking and breeze that was saying being committed by multiple. people born in sudan. make up zero point one percent of victoria's population but account for one percent of the state's alleged criminal offenders. young sudanese miles are overrepresented insertion violent crimes allegedly committing close to ten percent of aggravated robbery in terms of numbers overall numbers for that hard
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crime. high impact crime the numbers are quite small when you look at youth crime in particular we have the second lowest crime right in this trial productivity commission measures victoria now as the most fearful state in the nation why are people feeling so scared if crime is dropping yeah i think that's a really interesting one as certainly you know one of the one of the things the victoria police and the cumi really need to focus on. to people have to base the have to feel saif so there's a lot of perception issues i think that we need to deal with this well.


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