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tv   Liberation  Al Jazeera  January 14, 2019 4:00am-5:01am +03

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so therefore. we have we have to import the product so there isn't enough foreign currency in the country to what product now because of the drying offers. probably creased you're rightly said that people are queuing for days queues to get fuel even up to now when the president yesterday announced a new price you find that long queues are still obtaining and the fuel stations are dry people are just. anticipating that they could be delivering but they are not deliveries that are coming. a crackdown on fuel seth by mexico's new president is leading to bottlenecks at ports more than seven million barrels of imported fuel are waiting to be offloaded from ships that's enough to keep mexico going for several days president lopez obrador is trying to cut fast to fuel from pipelines by switching distribution from pipelines to trucks it's led to major shortages at
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the pumps and queues of lorries at ports. over in venezuela the leader there of the opposition has led a rally in the coastal town of. despite being intercepted and briefly detained on his way to the event as appears to be the moment one of the head of venezuela's opposition that congress was taken by officers on a busy highway on sunday he directly challenge the legitimacy of nicolas maduro after you sworn in for a second term as president on thursday said he was prepared to assume the country's presidency on an interim basis and call elections. i have also been protests in guatemala against the president attempt to shut down a un backed anti corruption body thousands of demonstrators marched through the capital guatemala city on saturday in protest at the move announced by jim morris on monday morale has ordered foreign stuff at the international commission against impunity to leave within twenty four hours but guatemala top court blocked the decision wallace accuses the commission of
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a stepping its judy's after it sought to investigate him on suspicion of campaign finance violations. the italian government has sent a plane to south america to bring back a left wing activist convicted of murder the results of cooperation between new right wing of ministrations in brazil and italy says ari but tuesday was arrested on saturday night in bolivia off to thirty seven years old in iran in one thousand nine hundred eighty one he escaped from an italian prison where he was awaiting trial for four murders committed as a member of a communist group until last month but to see was living in brazil way successfully resisted previous attempts at extradition he left the bolivia after the election of gyre both who promised to return him to italy or boston are treated at last while his son described the expedition as a little gift a sleaze far right interior minister meant to salvage any gifts which expressed his gratitude. so you got three who i want to thank the man who made this change
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possible the new president of the brazilian republic. who took away his protection . and without as they are live from london more still ahead for you influential regional box sat it calls for a recount a national unity government after the the aussies just in seville action. and why macedonia agreeing to change its name has led to a political crisis for the greek prime minister alexis across. alligator welcome back here in the national weather forecast here across europe we're still dealing with the snow you can see right here on the satellite pushing across central parts of europe now the next couple days we're still going to be seeing some very heavy snow here across parts of austria into switzerland into southern parts of germany as well behind the system we are dealing with some very
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very gusty winds anywhere across parts of northern germany denmark as well as into the battle axe region now that is going to continue as we go from monday as well as into tuesday the snow is going to continue and we are going to see still very heavy winds across much of the region actually pushing more into parts of poland as well take a look what's happening down here towards the southeast this new storm system is promising to brings a very very heavy snow across parts of turkey we could even see some very gusty winds and white out conditions over the next few days from tuesday into wednesday there well here across the eastern part of the med we are dealing with that same weather system and lots of winds here across much of the northern part of africa now can be seen some showers here on monday but as we go towards tuesday those showers are going to start to move towards the north so better conditions in terms of rain but we're still going to be seeing some very gusty winds along the coastal regions so from gazi it is going to be a mostly cloudy day with winds in your forecast temperature sixteen in for tonight's attempt of you a fifteen. i
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didn't know that corruption has reached a level like never ever before in our country. rank outsider. to president of the united states. the power was in the data we will the american people with the truth and nothing else discover. for winning the white house unfair game on al jazeera.
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just a quick look at the top stories now u.s. secretary of state my point barrow is arrived in saudi arabia after visiting castle where he said a rift between the gulf arab countries had gone on for too long. zimbabwe's more than double the price of fuel overnight as the country struggles with its worst petrol shortage in a decade and that the leader of venezuela's opposition has led a rally in the coastal town of qatar despite being intercepted briefly detained on his way to the event. now and other stories we're following the southern african regional body is calling for a recount in the democratic republic of congo's disputed presidential election the opposition leader modify yunus says victory has been stolen from him by his rival felix to. catholic churches also question the result and call for an investigation . brings us more now from the capital kinshasa. catholic priest the congregation to pray for peace in d.c.
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as uncertainty grows over the disputed election result the catholic church deployed forty thousand election observers on voting day last month the tally is his opposition leader martin one sixty one percent of the vote almost twice as many as the official result of thirty four percent in the presidential run up attend a church on sunday he accuses feel the kiddie of making a deal with the outgoing president joseph kabila to steal the election for you know has gone to the constitutional court to appeal to judges to order a recount because of all of we have free our phrases on shake now because the people have decided and the wishes of the people will come true i am a man of. the church is a respected institution in the d.c. when bishops speak many people listen the catholic church has influence here some bishops aren't afraid. to speak out when others don't but opinions are divided a whether the church should be involved in politics at the largest catholic church in the capital kinshasa religion and politics divides opinion their views. on what
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i think the church is involvement in politics is why. it should be done to help and political problems affecting our country according to me i don't think it's right for a child to be to get those problems. because people. calls to end the political crisis are growing the southern african development community once a recount of the votes or a government of national unity formed the regional bodies approval of the electoral process is crucial for the legitimacy of the government and the new president. the us president has fiercely to nine the latest allegations of his links to russia own trump has been accused of keeping to himself details of a meeting with the russian president vladimir putin in two thousand and seventeen the washington post says trump told his translator not to release any notes or tell
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anyone in his administration what had been discussed a congressional committee is also looking into a new york times report which says the f.b.i. investigated by the trump was a threat to national security and working on behalf of russia deny the latest allegations in an interview with fox why not release the conversation that you had with president putin in house thinking along with some other stuff that might involve them. in the whole lot of them world you need i would i don't care i mean i had a conversation like every president does you sit with the president to various countries i do it with all countries we had a great conversation we were talking about israel and securing israel and for lots of other things and it was a great conversation i'm not keeping anything under wraps i couldn't care less. not surprisingly his response did not satisfy democrats you know there are so many questions where it is why is he so chummy with let him or putin this man who is
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a former k.g.b. agent never been a friend of the united states invaded our allies threatens us around the world and tries his damnedest to undermine our elections why is this president trying to best buddy i don't get it and when he takes the interpreter's notes and wants to destroy them so no one can see what was said in the written transcript you know it raises serious questions about the relationship between this president putin when all the developments in the u.s. the partial government shutdown is now into its twenty third day with still no end in sight as president trump keeps up his demands for five point seven billion dollars to fund his border wall with mexico miami international airport has started closing one of its terminals early to avoid a shortage of security agents this after a spike in the number calling in sick on friday eight hundred thousand federal workers did not receive them monthly salary that's prompted food banks to set up shop at distribution centers and communities to organize free dinners for those affected. all our thousands of asylum seekers from haiti who had denied entry to
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the u.s. two years ago the stablished community on mexico's northwestern border many have been given work visas and a helping new migrants adjust to life in mexico manual rapido reports from tijuana just across the u.s. border. this restaurant is serving a patient's style fried chicken. so why go home a little onion garlic peppa always delicious. this popular food stop however isn't in haiti it's in downtown to one in mexico. many mexicans come here every day and also many americans come to buy food as well there are thousands of haitian nationals in one. they began arriving two years ago in a caravan of some twenty two thousand people after fleeing a series of natural disasters and
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a political crisis in the impoverished caribbean nation denied entry into the united states many settled just south of the border. a local pastor runs a shelter for haitian migrants who continue to arrive in the city from where you are out of the. how do they end up in the city someone told them this was the safest place to cross the border one day they give them shelter and they never stop coming. this mountainside barrio is usually a first stop for new arrivals it's known around town as little haiti yet only a small portion of the local creole speaking community actually resides here a majority of patients here are dispersed across the city where many of given up trying to enter the united states at every they're enrolled in universities or started their own businesses with nowhere else to go the haitian community now consists of around four thousand people despite the success many haitian migrants have found young people like wilfred say it's an every day struggle.
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there are opportunities in mexico only that you have to be smart you have to search for your future nobody is going to come change your life and you have to make that change many locals laud the way the haitian community has assimilated to life and adding that it serves as a model for other migrants arriving in the city. heavy snow has been causing chaos across europe and more particularly vulnerable of the homeless especially in hungry why sleeping on the streets is now a criminal offense from the capital budapest john holl reports. the sleek clean boulevards of budapest this is how an increasingly or thorough tyrian government wants them to look no refugees or illegal immigrants and no no homeless people either we are just trying to enable our authorities to step up against
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something which we believe is against human nature and human dignity and we would like public spaces to get their meaning back and operate as they were intended it's not a decision the government took lightly a previous attempt was ruled a violation of human dignity by the constitutional court so the government changed the constitution itself all of which is heartbreaking to people like youngish torak lives in a caravan after he lost his home his job even his family when a house fire and no insurance left him with crippling debt. i'm afraid of it i can't say better i'm afraid it could happen any time i wake up every morning scared that someone may not call my door and say we can take your stuff away go elsewhere the government did cysts it's looking after the people being swept off the streets but we take care of them we provide shelter provisions and all the support that is required not
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a social workers to believe that they showed their system is now and then i saw this problem heather and the government still thinks about opening some new show there is about the numbers show that there are more than thirty thousand people homeless in hungary at the moment there eleven thousand places. cycling through the city volunteers carrying food and blankets search for those who've not made it to a shelter for the night in a railway station underpass where dozens once slept they find just three people. too many people in this in the shelters so there is a one hundred person and their way is there more than one hundred first militia there so it's a crowded and overcrowding in the shelters so the volunteers means many homeless people have gone into hiding making them even more vulnerable to the elements shelters like these this one is a private facility barely come close to meeting the needs of the homeless on the
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streets and while it's obviously a good idea to get people off the streets in below zero conditions like this and volunteers are doing what they can that's not the point behind the government's decision to criminalize homelessness in hungary one social worker described it as projecting power over the powerless jonah how al-jazeera budapest. now the greek prime minister alexis tsipras says he'll call a confidence vote in his government after his coalition ally quit leaving him six seats short of the majority is right wing defense minister resigned over a deal to end a decades long dispute with macedonia johnson office reports now from athens. the name change deal between greece and former yugoslavia macedonia was meant to remove what athens considered employed claim to greek sovereign territory but it's led to a breakdown in greece's coalition government with the defense minister announcing that he and his party are quitting. i think the prime minister for our
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collaboration and i explained that because of the macedonia name deal our work together cannot continue the independent greeks are withdrawing from the government the departure means prime minister alexis to press is left with a minority and may struggle to stay in power and get the deal passed by parliament or. do you have a guess here we will proceed immediately as is prescribed by the constitution with a vote of confidence in my government in order to move forward with a clear majority in resolving all the critical issues facing our country and society. commandoes formed a coalition with us in twenty fifteen and he's never been shy about expressing his views against the name change when the deal was announced last june it triggered of vote of confidence in the government men also took an ambivalent stance supporting the government but opposing the deal now that the deal has been approved in the former yugoslav macedonia has no room for ambivalence his political survival is at
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stake. last year's stance split the party and some independent greeks m.p.'s will support the government bringing it closer to a governing majority in this week's vote does seem confident that he can get the hundred fifty one votes and by picking he he has already one hundred forty five m.p.'s so he needs another six and he clearly believes that he can pick up a few votes here and in order to get to the one hundred fifty one threshold. the deal is meant to end the twenty seven year dispute and lift greece's objections to its labor joining later in the view. on friday before we yugoslav macedonian parliament approved a constitutional amendment to officially change the country's name to the republic of north macedonia now it's up to two players to find a pejorative in the greek parliament to ratify the deal jumper opals al-jazeera athens.
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just a quick recap of the top stories now the u.s. secretary of state might arrived in the saudi capital riyadh way is due to meet the crown prince mohamed. they are expected to discuss the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi at the saudi consulate in istanbul last year but bio is all a tour of the middle east travel to riyadh from cattle by he said the rest between gulf countries had gone on for too long and urged them to end that dispute. today in our conversations i stressed the importance of unity among the gulf cooperation council members president rep and i both believe the ongoing dispute the region this drag on too long and the dispute benefits adversaries and harms our mutual interests our nations do important work and we have important work continue to do together in the united states over the parties involved will see once again the benefits of cooperation and taking actions necessary to rebuild unity in their
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ranks are united jews is essential to the sense of the middle eastern alliance which we hope will include the g.c.c. egypt and jordan will enter all the headlines and bob weighs more than double the price of fuel of the night as the country struggles with its was petrol shortage in a decade drivers have been queuing outside petrol stations in some cases for several days the shortages began in october but the government says cheap fuel has caused the issue a crackdown on feel that by mexico's new president is leading to bottleneck supports or than seven million barrels of imported field are waiting to be offloaded from ships present over doors trying to cut festive fuel from pipelines by switching distribution from pipelines to trucks but it's led to major shortages at the pumps and the leader of venezuela's opposition has led a rally in the coastal town of kut a buy into despite being intercepted and briefly detained on his way to the event this is said to be the moment one head of venezuela's opposition like congress was
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taken by officers on a busy highway he directly challenge the legitimacy of the president nicolas maduro he was sworn in for a second term on thursday. those the headlines talk to al-jazeera is coming up next and then we'll have lines more news after they were. established in one thousand nine hundred sixty five the united nations development program works alongside u.n. member states to create solutions. according to the u.n. conflicts is the main driver of humanitarian needs followed by natural disasters
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overall more than one hundred thirty five million people worldwide are in need of humanitarian assistance and protection. and at least twenty five billion dollars is required to meet those challenges. but given the various crises faced by many countries is development even possible we will find out more from steiner the head of the u.n. development program talks al-jazeera. results from sign up thank you very much for talking to. alleged by asking about the un report published by the un d p which measures development in each country around the world according to your findings published for two thousand and eighteen the bottom five countries all burundi child south sudan some traffic republican measure or of those on africa why is the us. well again it might be tending to say there is an african syndrome here
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but i would not advocate that i think each one of these countries is facing challenges central african republic essentially strife conflict and the falling apart of many of the structures that actually would sustain development in a country such as chad we have first of all the challenge that it is a vast country to this day central government services in education and health don't even reach a significant part of the population so we are essentially dealing with countries that either are still a very early stage of putting the basic infrastructure human but also into the services access to electricity health education in place and then you have countries that are really falling apart again over civil strife conflict or wars and unfortunately. a significant number of those countries still are falling on the african continent joseph is going to be playing a part in it because there are those countries that were have similarities in the sense that they were former colonies or that they were maybe not so rich in the
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beginning or had their wealth maybe taken away like india for example which is doing a lot better in terms of development is why is it that in africa you're still finding that very slow development of not zero development is there a lack of interest is it because certain governments aren't paying attention is it more difficult to generate the reasons for the well let me can say i don't think there is a generic judgement on developing in africa we have countries such as nigeria ghana kenya south africa botswana. mozambique in the last ten years i mean these are success stories another one being run the governance reform investment in education development of infrastructure functioning markets and regulatory frameworks accountability of government functioning parliaments those are the ingredients of success of develop. and you find them across africa as you would in other continents and let me also remind you that you know when we look at some disastrous
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development implosions there not only in africa the situation that we find in some countries in the middle east parts of central america. and even in parts of asia there are countries with extreme poverty and i would simply say africa is a vast continent and one often forgets that if you take a map and compared to other parts of the world it is bigger than most people imagine and it is more than fifty countries so i would still say look at each african country in terms of its own reality and history and you will discover that there are different drivers that explain whether their success stories in development or perhaps failures when it comes to trying just of success is not obviously simply limits the true issue of resources corruption or bad governance a key reason for lack of development is war and conflict in the three countries that have witnessed the steepest decline in development as you mentioned are
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actually in the middle east you're talking about syria libya and yemen all three are countries you witness protests calling for greater freedom and democracy in two thousand and eleven is what was then or later builders' the arab spring i want to start by yemen with yemen and it's been described as the worst humanitarian disaster of our time who is responsible for this. well let us begin with the fact that in every war there are at least two sides each one will blame the other it's not different in yemen i think from the perspective of a development program the united nations we go back to the root causes and much of what you just alluded to also in terms of the arab spring was in fact something that the united nations development program human development reports began to anticipate already at the time of the arab spring in the years before there is a very often cited human development report that actually began to
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recognize the ingredients of what happens in societies in countries if political consensus is lost conflict becomes part of dividing communities within ethnic or religious lines yes there are two sides but there's always maybe a more powerful site or more responsible side or something and by their side not necessarily one country or government but it could be even institutions and so forth if you're true maybe identify one of the main reasons or the drivers who is preventing maybe work to be done or which. kind of mechanisms need to exist in order for that crises to to end and for the development to begin again what would that be well first of all let us recognize that yemen has been a country a nation and has been challenged by geographical realities already for many decades by different also tribal affiliations so there is within yemen. always a potential there for competition and conflict to also dominate national politics
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now into that kind of combustion situation come also regional perspectives i mean you know we are all very familiar with the kind of tensions that are now dominating the middle east and i think you have seen parties from different sides becoming engaged in yemen now the argument being that we are invited. we are asked to assist we are requested to provide support but at the end of the day let me go back to the root causes and most of the time when we end up in a conflict situation there are two drivers one there are development failures that lead to people losing either confidence in their government or confidence in the ability to trust other interest groups in the country and into that void or into that tension come then geographical geopolitical interests from outside and this is the classic story of yemen and when you say it is the largest humanitarian disaster
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yes that is what the united nations is saying to the world week after week because what we are witnessing there is a catastrophe first and above all for the people of yemen but it is also a catastrophe in developmental terms this country is losing decades of the advancements that it had made on top of which we have the humanitarian emergencies so this is also why the secretary just non-stock home my colleague martin gryphus having putting so much pressure on all parties to come back to the table this conflict will never be solved by arms it can be solved by compromise and above all by reinvesting in what were the original causes for the conflicts that have driven the tensions within the country and beyond that in the region ok let's move on to libya it's an oil rich country it has a very small population on paper it should be thriving really why is it not libya posed got off easy essentially was
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a political vacuum into that vacuum the forces that differentiate interests in the country began to organize themselves so today we have the remnants of a nation state with a central bank and an oil industry for example but we have no political consensus the governance system of libya essentially has imploded in that vacuum what we're witnessing right now is a. a continuous set of conflicts being used to establish an assert power control over certain parts of the country unfortunately some people are making a lot of money in this vacuum and therefore have little interest in allowing a national government structure and a democratic process to be restarted so this is the question i mean libya out of all the arab spring countries had a un resolution which allowed for international intervention if the united nations is capable of passing these resolutions for intervention when there is this political vacuum as you say surely it should be the united nations stepping up to
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ensure that any roadmap or political consensus strategy is implemented rather than it saying well this isn't our responsibility leave it to one for however it is and when it unfolds badly as it has in libyan terms of armed conflict then the cost and burden on you is even greater because not only are you trying to fill a void but you're also trying to clean up the mess in the damage and destruction and kind of regression that has occurred as a result which is precisely why secretary antonio terra's continuously and repeatedly is advocating for the united nations to be recognized as a major force for prevention and not simply as a kind of global ambulance or fire service which you offer not but let me also say my staff in the united nations development program but also of our sister agencies are in libya today some of them at great risk to themselves working precisely to try and reestablish the conditions and which libya can become
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a nation state that is governed through a democratic process where its government situations function again but our the limit has always been we cannot force a nation or its conflicting parties at gunpoint to exercise good governance and the rule of law now yes member states passed a resolution a whole series of political events took place what we're left with right now is a situation that i think all of us consider to. the fed the disastrous and into that void or into this chaotic situation very often the united nations is then asked to step in and perform miracles and it cannot do these miracles it needs international community and it needs to domestic parties to be willing to come to the table now it sometimes takes painfully long to get to that point but more often than not it does eventually happen i cite syria the third country there that war is going on now for what seven more than seven years now held and painfully is an essential with all the massacres and the destruction the entire infrastructure of
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the country is basically nonexistent anymore. and still people haven't come to the realisation that they need to find a political solution even though they've met and not for want of trying at least from the un's perspective what kind of work are you doing in syria right now or are you able even to do. well our ability to being engaged in syria is premised first of all on being able to operate across the country this already poses challenges right now because different forces obviously exercised different degrees of control our ability has been also partly constrained by many of the political tensions with the international community having said that you n.d.p. has been present in damascus throughout this period we are engaged in the collaboration with the humanitarian agencies and in particular to try to help communities with emergency programs reestablishing basic services so that first of all those affected by the conflict have an ability to return or stay in the towns
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and villages and secondly for what is likely to be a growing number of people returning to the country to have something to return to now as of now there clearly is a challenge for any international agency because on the one hand those who are being asked to finance this are saying until a political settlement is found we do not wish to engage in reconstruction activities on the other hand everybody realizes that there are masses of people who could benefit from basic community rehabilitation schemes and ultimately you have to help tens of thousands hundreds of thousand people to also rist oversell livelihood so in a sense we are in a whole position we were trying to help with the humanitarian emergency support we are looking at where we can already do some stabilization where particular with communities with very simple measures on the ground but until we have a political settlement in the country the work that you n.d.p.
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would do with syria is essentially very constrained you mentioned earlier. efforts by the surgeon general to transform the united nations in terms of making it more about prevention as well so not simply just fine. fighting don't you think that the countries that are doing the fighting in these conflicts syria yemen libya others around the world. that are responsible for the killing that are responsible for the destruction shouldn't they be made to pay for the development of those countries after that i mean obviously there's a political element of paying politically for what they've done but also paying financially and here are not only limiting it to those who are physically doing the fighting countries that use the regional countries that essentially allow for this to happen or give political cover for it's happened surely maybe that is a way of at least first ensuring that the the development happens but also ensuring that maybe countries think twice before allowing for the destruction of whole
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societies. nothing and not in one simple response to your question because if you look at the last few years we've actually seen. a significant group of countries coming together rehabilitation of iraq for example. the kind of support that is being played at conferences for lebanon what we see there is also countries in the region beginning to step up with half a billion a billion dollars in financial contributions so first of all i want to recognize these countries for what they have done because it is not only europe or the united states or japan in fact we have seen quite a number of countries coming to the table but that is it's a taking responsibility as an international community. payments based on accountability or responsibility will always be very difficult to invoke the united nations is not a world government it does not have the authority except when it is exercise for
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the security council to actually enforce a decision with its member states so we build first of all on what is international law we build on the good offices of the sector it general and we build also in the international community to actually respect the kinds of decisions that it passes in the security council or in the general assembly this very often is the soft law of international law but at the end of the day what we're trying to do is to make sure that even when some countries do not accept their responsibility or step up to the table when they could assist that we do not punish the country by saying well then the others will not step up to the table either this is a moral dilemma that is not very helpful one of the world's longest running conflicts the. illegal occupation of palestine and i want to ask you specifically about gaza which has been under siege now for a decade it's been subjected several weeks also of strikes and bombardments in two thousand and eight two thousand and twelve and fourteen according to your findings gaza's economy has been virtually stagnant for the past ten years right where the
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average annual g.d.p. rate is and she barely exceeding one percent gaza's population meanwhile has grown by thirty eight percent over the same period and according to the report that you published. there's a lot more g.d.p. that's required in order to reduce the economic burden from about forty percent unemployment there and so forth. it's very clear that the main issue of suffering in gaza is the siege on gaza if there was free trade there would be jobs there would be money coming in and so forth why has the united nations or the u.n. d.p. not come out and hold for an immediate lifting of the see each other. well first of all let me acknowledge that the situation inside gaza is desperate and it is perhaps one of the most painful visits i have on the take in my word and my work around the world to see that situation and it is one that is also getting worse you
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mentioned some of the factors not only are there more people there are also challenges about the lack of employment access to clean water for instance the collapse of the aquifer there are factors here that are going to make things far worse in the years to come but as we all know i mean the reality of gaza is embedded in a larger conflict that seems to be you know eluding or efforts to resolve them the united nations has repeatedly as you know passed resolutions that has not only drawn attention to this it has condemned. aspects of that reality and i will say it in those terms because at the end of the day the resolutions of the problem it's the consequence of actually act but even to figure out the condemnation here no not it's not about putting blame i what i want to know is you're seeking solutions in order to make development so let's not even you can have something that's very simply worded the sieges century is making life impossible development impossible
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unemployment's increase as the united nations we would like the speech to be lifted even if that means borders that are governed by blue helmets even if it means that there are trade agreements that's will be stipulated by international law and you know agreed on by third party it doesn't have to get into the bog down into the whole issue of palestine conflict at all the even have to mention anything about peace talks or final status and nothing simply there are two million people living in the walled what's been described as the world's largest open air prison they have barely four hours of electricity a day there's no way development is going to happen there well first of all let us both agree that the u.n. has written many reports that actually not only. he described the situation but also presented in stark terms so i think whether it is the high commissioner for human rights whether it is the general assembly so i think the united nations is not found wanting in actually being able to tell the world that this situation is
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one that requires urgent attention in terms of the humanitarian needs but also in terms of the longer term stability of the region as a whole secondly we are not invested there in fact there is a sister organization as you know that for decades now has been providing services to palestinians in the region as a whole that is currently being defended and struggling to get the funding to keep the services going providing schooling to tens of thousands of palestinian children medical facilities. we in the united nations development program are working in gaza and are trying to in a sense make an anon bearable situation just slightly less than bearable but at the end of the day for all of us the challenge is that this is a political conflict into which we cannot simply step in and believe that we can write reports that will make it go away there is a need for a political solution the political solution is not forthcoming on the back of which
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millions of people are suffering and i think the best thing that we are constantly trying to do as united nations first of all to provide humanitarian support to provide development support where we can but at the end of the day it is in the political process that you know many presidents of many countries have also tried to move forward that the solution will lie for this finally i just want to look ahead to the future and it's estimated that currently a quarter of the world's population lives in poverty around one point three billion people. hearts of those are eighteen years or younger when you look at those numbers it doesn't really look promising but there are projects that you're doing and other ideas that are being worked on in order to increase development and not only simply from the kind of one dimensional aspect of material income but also quality of living in freedom of expression into you know education and so forth how
4:43 am
do you see the future in terms of challenges and opportunities. without in any way being too optimistic i think with hope because first of all what we must not forget on the bank of these numbers which are in individual terms still dramatic numbers that affect individual lives but the story of development over the last one hundred years is a story of phenomenal progress and success the un d.p. human development report that you cited earlier on has documented this progress over the last twenty five thirty years but let me just give you one example one hundred fifty years ago or two hundred years ago. a billion people lived on this planet at that time nine out of ten people alive lives in extreme poverty today vs seven billion people and only one out of ten lives in extreme poverty we have gone through an extraordinary period of development people live longer more people read
4:44 am
and write we have better nutrition life expectancy our possibilities today are phenomenal compared even to those three four generations ago so the first message that i have to those who always say oh development never works the sustainable development goals are just abstract goals take a look at history and ask it so how has progress been made possible people had a vision they set themselves goals we invested in the future we are today a generation that is actually in a position to eliminate extreme poverty it's the first time we can say that in history now will it happen a lot depends on what a lot of people will do but our role as the united nations as united nations development program is to do everything possible to focus that in development no one is left behind we can use modern data artificial intelligence allow governments to understand where other people living who are not having access to services how
4:45 am
do we deal with for instance service provision for peoples with disabilities often overlooked in the development process gender equity. educational goals we can find ways in which we can make development far more targeted today and that is the power of technology that is coming to it but it is also a matter of political priorities of governments willing to invest their budgets and perhaps of asking ourselves how much more money are we going to invest in the elusive notion that militaries guarantee on national security when poverty and destitution and the sense of on sand this is actually be at the heart of virtually every civil strife conflict in the last twenty years we need to invest in development we need to invest in making sure that people are not left behind look at the societies who are succeeding today they are the ones who have taken that paradigm on board and that shapes the development journey of these countries have a sign the head of the united nations development program thank you very much for
4:46 am
talking to obviously your bank if you're. culturally a belief out to muslims had a far greater affects on europe than europe on the middle east. the crusaders fault for old christmas because they failed to recognise the moment a derived not it was in the the list campaign of colonization that exploded religion in the name of the cross the crusades an arab perspective the final episode liberation this time on the. result is one of
4:47 am
nigeria's top tourist distin. but in the shadow of the mountain some nigerians continue an ancient tradition what child protection workers say condemns young girls to a life will schley vary and sexual exploitation five year old miracle was buried for money just a few weeks ago joan leaves with some missionaries who says she's pulled by the marriages happen i couldn't richard is a missionary or rescues girls their money goes door by outrightly an oak or a newborn be trucked to gil before she is born there what if it takes fourteen years here mondays the brothers can still go to get their money away whether online i want to start here on my laptop with a tweet or if you join us on sat there was a rush of adrenaline when we felt this is the moment that we have been waiting for this is a dialogue the government has coalface i may go protest i'll start to pull the
4:48 am
students force to disperse the crowds everyone has a voice for votes for lots of different reasons was it different types of bricks or join the global conversation on al-jazeera. we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you al-jazeera. hello i'm maryanne demasi in london just a quick look at the top stories for you now u.s. secretary of state my palm bio is in the saudi capital riyadh where he's due to meet the crown prince mohammed and cylon are expected to discuss the murder of jon
4:49 am
lester market a saudi consulate in istanbul last year is on a tour of the middle east and traveled to riyadh from patta where he urged all countries to end their disputes. our reports now from. mike bomb paling qatar with a message to the gulf countries and their dispute the west political crisis in decades for the gulf cooperation council president and i both believe the ongoing dispute in the region has dragged on too long and the dispute benefits adversaries and harms our mutual interests the emir of qatar shaved i mean been hammered and he greeted. after discussions with qatar's foreign minister said mohammed what are the fanny both countries say they are keen to consolidate trade and military cooperation that includes expanding the largest u.s. military base in the middle east daid near the capital doha is home to the forward
4:50 am
operating base of u.s. central command leaving and then we've discussed all the issues of interest for our country's regional issues starting with the gulf cooperation council and the peace process in the middle east as well as the reconsolidation in afghanistan as well as other issues such as syria and counterterrorism. landed in qatar from the united arab emirates after visiting egyptian and behave in his flying to sandy arabia which have all imposed their eighteen month long land and sea blockade on qatar the accused the title funding extremism allegations strongly dismissed by the qatari leader as america's top tip. has also visited jordan and is due in amman and kuwait on his middle east tour it's being seen as a term to rally support among key players in the region to counterbalance the
4:51 am
growing influence of iran and i don't think that the administration plans for dealing with iran by virtue of trying to organize a larger coalition are going to work simply because most states do not agree with us in our policies canceling the joint comprehensive plan of action that would have prevented iran if implemented from ever attending a nuclear weapon the u.s. is due to host a conference in poland next month to discuss ways to curb iran's activities in the region and ensure middle east stability. the u.s. is keen on building a bridge an alliance to counter what it considers to be a growing iranian influence in the gulf but that may be impossible as long as the diplomatic crisis in the g.c.c. continues. doha. when our other top stories in bomb way is more than doubled the price of fuel overnight but the move has failed to ease nationwide
4:52 am
petrol and diesel shortages drivers have been queuing outside petrol stations in some cases for several days the few shortages began in october and nation that suffered a severe economic downturn and recently as president. the announcement. the leader of venezuela's opposition has led a rally in the coastal town of cut up by it despite being intercepted and briefly detained on his way to the event this appears to be the moment when the head of venezuela's opposition that congress was taken by officers on a busy highway on sunday he directly challenge that it just a massive nicolas maduro after he was sworn in for a second term as president on thursday. and italian government plane has landed to in bolivia to bring back a left wing activist convicted of murder says arriba tiste was arrested on saturday night after thirty seven years on the run in one thousand nine hundred one he escaped from an italian prison where he was awaiting trial for four murders committed as a member of a communist armed group until last month but tuesday was living in brazil where he
4:53 am
successfully resisted previous attempts at extradition he left the bolivia after the election of jab also nora who promised to return him to italy. next we go in search of putin's russia after that in about half an hour time i'll see them.
4:54 am
i'm on training cross a russian filmmaker and journalist for the past year i've been traveling my country trying to understand. once more the russian economy is in crisis sanctions unstable oil prices a fluctuating currency half of the country struggles to make ends meet. capitalism especially at the time of high oil prices did make many russians wealthy and it did modernize parts of the country. but a lot of capital ended up abroad. where it's of no use to the majority.
4:55 am
who's to blame is it pushing imperial ambitions to crimea the eastern ukraine and now syria is that the kremlin's economic policies the infamous corruption the soviet past. about war i want to hear from ordinary russians how this crisis affects the way they live and work. walk even streets of russia's major cities on a sunny day you might ask yourself what crisis. russians do talk a lot about sanctions the punishment for their countries intervention in the ukraine but how do sanctions really affect ordinary people. what they notice
4:56 am
ironically are the. come to sanction putin's ban on foreign food in the television to the west a ban on sales of technology to russia. yet as far as i can see the food import ban has not affected the quantity or quality of food at least as far as the tastes of the majority are concerned. while shopping in st petersburg i look at the range of available products and take stock of shoppers mood. cheese. the defaults of the come on bag interesting. they're not supposed to be here under these sanctions. they're still you're both on the sort of jewels when you're assisting all multiples. you're obviously is going to step out of the movie but this book will pull. the traditional russian drink cross the dry berets but that's not our call.
4:57 am
though this is something very russian pickle carrots well actually it's korea but for some reason russians love it. or you know who are. pounding the country's main parts of cheer for the most part i love them not only is the show government well enough for you are untrue already. but you were able to get your sheep to. do just that but. it was uplifting it's good that you want to fit the mold should dumpy to do with get. the book out of the dark blue print that you. did there or did the old article. fifty seven rubles which is the one you're still not. up to both it's
4:58 am
a different kind of book. the. fifty eight who will sixty nine for the u.s. dollar and. of course western sanctions are not supposed to target teachers but the companies and individuals implicated in infringing ukrainian sovereignty. in addition to military related to knowledge of the european union has pretty good exports of equipment that is used in the exploration of natural resources for example in the arctic. this gives the west a serious economic advantage in the competition with russia i wonder what punishing russia for its actions in the ukraine has to do with the scramble for arctic oil. as for the immediate future the sanctions may even be beneficial to some russian industrial companies.
4:59 am
i found one in the ural region bordering on siberia. to mushroom on produces machinery for sophisticated modern drilling methods suited to difficult russian conditions or hard to access oil field. what sergei sylvana the company's boss told me was a mix of a success story and a tale of struggle which seems typical of doing business here. would you shouldn't but. but there must be a through the wisdom of good thought the former to this is jim we must.
5:00 am
just put. on the most of. the. diversity. of. the walk and you should know that you. show up at the most. of the preview of the interview problems that doesn't make a good show bores you it does programme the bitchiness with the mood of the stringy initially bush reported but emotionally or. physically as the previous to the there's that here because you did get to usually issued before and you do need to keep. vivid ideas. to assure me a little got of the good up of business you have to get the but at them to me. of a pity because of their time in the room and sure they'll. be should you if you
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showed them the place who put the wish to those asleep you get with. them you must get your allusion to vocal wall.


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