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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 13  Al Jazeera  January 14, 2019 10:32am-11:01am +03

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however behind the brutal fighting. was a unique opportunity as western europeans came to know their opponents. away from the sights of c. gists and bats. in my bed and how about a. woman who. well i can when. you. stand. because it.
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is only completely on september the texan and get a clear cut you are not hob i think you can learn to. be nico did. a did take so good i have a letter. sent to. all must of had. a while and she megalithic to catch ask the sleep you didn't mean. in with a foul word is the limit and she means yes up to that. and let you have a shot. or not. as you. listen if you look there were full steam with the hand sooty was the hero of the rockets hopes a car furnished them and the. yard from the super can tell you how long the blasted fuckin moves iraq the super into someone who tossed. an awful at him.
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and not slowly being. brought to by. a sign on the machine or whining for a. reason. for a girl in a obama why they're always to have the real laugh appear why would. a lot of the with turkey bat when i shot at will but then i'm not. that was up to the cinema a saw. the shock. cabin almost. normal. did. well. in the one moron but then out of it no more i'm on a ship. that the so my idea. must go to them in
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a shot what i want to show. what they left in the middle east's is debatable. you already left a number of large castles and structures. which in their turn influenced. the local architecture. culturally i believe that the muslims had a far greater effect on. europe than europe had on the middle east. i mean they had me and there was. no mother and the dialect that i want to loosely
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mean length and found photographer as i do for that main sentimentalist a shock but we thought going to carry much any are awful to be will and that's due . to we're not. we're not careful seven hours to. the roosevelt island alchemy as he says feel that it will be a can it be day. and then again oh you don't need a little. bit of the cold war this is about a lot of it isn't. it her also missed a lot of it you know her child making sense. and i'm an atheist and feeling ill mussarat let you all fall you know do and you know washington. and she does with somebody and distances little for korean is that fusion to us carry at.
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the heart of the saline level. and for good to know it's yes you all know what i say that in order to be your own fueled i thought he told you how muscly be feel out of the lottery. five centuries after the fall of a coup. the last crusade a foothold in the muslim peace. the french general napoleon bonaparte and his army dorion landed in egypt. now a province of the ottoman empire. after capturing cairo. he moved his army to the live. in an irony of history the polian his dreams of establishing
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a french empire in the east. were to be destroyed before the fortified walls of eight. but despite the failure of the napoleonic campaign. it would turn out to be the opening scene of a second wave of european occupation. one that are catching on. in that have an infinite number you're not an empty that can be. a canal in finance and love to get that he at one time and i know i had loaned money and finance the amount of model mush wofully. by the eve of world war one in one nine hundred fourteen. most of the muslim lands on the shores of the mediterranean were under the occupation of european powers.
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in december one nine hundred seventeen. during the british war effort against the ottoman empire. general edmund allonby entered jerusalem. after the city surrendered to his forces. the film that recorded the fall of the holy city. was mocked by the use of. over. echoing down through the centuries. thirty years after this scene. and under the auspices of western powers. a new entity was declared in the region. the state of israel.
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and. i let them and now a lot of modal bio if you have to have them into that if it is way out of my brain to have shot of powder out of the wood. the crusades ended more than seven centuries ago. but the impact of this chapter of history lives on very much alive in the modern world. the. much war going to be talking of the king's head was has helped in a few lot. if. we never see how will mean less and less will be a look. at you gave me the learning to know them for having the most out of a lot of them a lot of them not of the you will need and are of course a. number of problems.
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how long in ten years or. less that i'm going to be up and how to. enact i love the rush on. this crusade. this war on terrorism. is going to take a while. and the american people must be patient. i'm going to be patient says some ask and that is it sit on a corner. to me to these are strong does symbol it is done the commander on time keep it under leak. going to consume food euclid's to disease going to be temporal disputing your narcissistic this is what you state that you want to sit
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down with your undies your media brand of the shrimp with a clean sheet. from a degree of safety not be as strong. as a little. lamb and it will hopefully be and they have family in the army who want to bang through and feel a lot of. one now almost a quarter of who then it will be harder than you. me tabula holmes so we have to find an oil them. only to. actually we're led to the i j know how would. the him good then feed them until we know. that he might have to be a few photons or. head that in the good. little bit from the reaction act as he might can it. has
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a calamity i live in. a flame tsunami while clem. usa. will miss more well mcdougall what. will he. be. a hole also thirty feet. enough hanukah star matty into the. style of the dean. levesque. for hundreds of years the struggle has continued in the very same lines. with jerusalem at its heart.
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as though this land regardless of its holiness. seems destined to live in eternal conflict between its inhabitants. and invaders. fighting behind the flag of religion. and marching under the banner of a crusade. hello
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again welcome back we're here across united states we've been watching an east coast storm finally make its way out there towards the atlantic things are going to get better for a lot of places but we saw quite a bit of snow across much of this area a lot of flight delays and cancellations were a problem there but as you can see here on monday the storm is just off the coast not a lot of clouds here along the eastern seaboard or are going to be watching is what is happening out here towards the west from monday to tuesday we do have another developing storm here across the southeastern part united states really affecting parts of california this is going to bring some rain and also some higher elevation snow as well as we go towards midweek we're going to be seeing
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a lot more snow up here along the northwest as well well down across parts of the caribbean we're not looking too bad in terms of rain a lot of clouds across much of the area you can see here on our satellite image and then our forecast map but we do expect to see rain here across parts of king coon over the next few days tempers going to be about moderate for this time of year into the mid to high twenty's for many locations have ended though it is going to be a nice day for you with the temperature there of twenty six degrees and we have been dealing with a lot of flooding here across parts of argentina unfortunately in this area where we have seen the flooding we do expect to see more rain in the forecast there what it is going to be a rainy day at twenty seven and rio partly cloudy day for you at thirty two degrees . rewind returns a care bring your people back to life i'm sorry with brand new updates on the best of al-jazeera documentaries there has been
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a number of reforms put in place since the program was filmed rewind continues with heart of darkness we were following orders we sing young people to fight these wars put them in the most complex situations you can imagine and have them make life and death decisions rewind on al-jazeera if you are looking at this from the outside you would really wonder what was going on but what is this gross is a religion that they have an in-depth exploration of global capitalism and our obsession with economic growth this is still the center of capitalism there is no limits i view myself as a capital artist we are trying to break through the world smaller and smaller we don't want to be set realistic in the world we would rather have a fantasy growing pains coming soon. in the next episode of science in a golden age i'll be exploring the contributions made by scholars during the medieval islamic period in the field of engineering. the heights of sophistication
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in mechanics at the time was the extravagant elephant cloak. written around age fifty eighteen the book contains a range of ingenious inventions and contraptions science from a golden age with jim al khalifa on al-jazeera. well you. know some of it i like. hearing this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes the u.s. president warns turkey of severe consequences if it carries out a military offensive against kurdish troops in northern syria. present.
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a call for unity among country. for the sake of regional security. longer on the run former italian communist. extradited to face murder charges more than thirty years as a fugitive. and anger and frustration the president doubles the price of fuel. threaten to devastate turkey's economy if it forces attacks on kurdish fighters in syria the us president took to twitter to make various foreign policy statements the syrian army is preparing for an offensive by turkish forces on the kurdish rebel stronghold of damascus has deployed soldiers artillery and tanks to the northwest suburbs of the city as u.s.
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forces prepare to leave let's get more now from castro who is in washington d.c. heidi turkey is a nato ally what else did donald trump say about them on twitter. right on this late night sunday tweet from the white house donald trump went on to say that starting the long overdue pullout from syria while hitting the little remaining isis territorial caliphate hard and from many directions will attack again from existing nearby base if it reforms will devastate turkey economically if they hit kurds create twenty mile safe zone he's referring to a safe zone between the turkish border and the kurdish y p g fighting in syria and then he went on to warn the kurdish to also not provoke turkey but it's those words of devastating the turkish economy that's really cop people's attention because it is a threat to a u.s. ally and nato ally and it is it appears to be
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a turn for the worse from the escalation we saw last week when turkish president reset erdogan refused a meeting with the national security advisor john bolton that was after bolton had said that the u.s. withdrawal of troops from syria would be contingent on turkey pledging not to attack the u.s. allied kurds in syria erdogan responded by saying that bolton had made a serious mistake turkey use the y. p.g. group as terrorists and in fact immediately after trump's tweet this evening one of them on spokes persons of responded on twitter saying that there was no difference in the turkish government's eyes between eisel and the wife peachey and vowing that turkey will continue to quote fight against all of them to show ok so the relationship between turkey and the u.s. since donald trump took office has been rocky been up and down and has said we're
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now at this point where he's threatening them kind of talk us through how their relationship the relations have a bald. right even before trump took office the relationship between turkey and the us was on rocky grounds but that only accelerated after the twenty sixteen failed coup in turkey little that had to do with trump at the time but since he's taken office he has really the escalation in in rhetoric and he has been faulted by some of his own advisors for cozying up to adversaries of the us like a charlotte saw the president of syria while giving a cold shoulder to nato allies like turkey now last month the white house said that turkish the governor government had invited trump to visit the country in this year now it remains to be seen whether or not that will happen or shall ok heidi took us through life for us in washington heidi think you. will give birth is
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a journalist who specializes in kurdish politics he says it's unlike you likely that turkey will strike if u.s. troops are still on the ground. the turkish president himself said they don't want to harm u.s. soldiers so i think for now there's no fret that turkey would attack but the kurds have been also talking with russia and also with the syrian government to find to find a solution to prevent turkey from attacking the north east of syria and that's why recently we saw russian military police suddenly patrolling area outside of. so there is changes and the kurds they are also now talking with. moscow is because they are afraid that turkey could attack them if the u.s. withdraws not just to us that is an orpheus of syria there are also french forces there there are forces from the u.k. so for instance if other countries are willing for instance to send more forces and
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to protect this enclave then they would have more success but in general it's very difficult to do that without us because you know the u.s. they are the main contributor to the campaign against isis with the air force with two thousand more than two thousand troops in syria so i think it will be very difficult for counties like france or germany or educate to find an alternative to complete us. all and that's why i think it's also that the kurds are trying to talk also with the muskets to try to find a solution so that they are not overrun by the turkish army as i still continues to be pushed back in syria and some former fighters who escaped the front lines are getting a chance to return to a normal life but not everyone supports those rehabilitation efforts as in this fairly report some northern syria. ali is a former eisel fighter. now he helps his father in the shop in mario when he's not at school. he joined i saw three years ago when he was thirteen his two elder
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brothers were also i saw members they were both killed in the fighting ses he is lucky to have survived shy and reserved he tells us it was isis reveals that persuaded him to join the group. there was everything in those videos to attract me fighting shooting there were calling god's name but i didn't expect they could ever be so unjust which i show them slaughtering others using children as in their battle many innocent died because of them after escaping from i saw spent a year in prison he was than allowed to join this rehabilitation center along with twenty five other former members of the group some of them foreign fighters. they were classes in religious beliefs and psychological counseling was mandatory. twelve months later he was given the chance to go back to school and be with his
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family but he'll be kept under surveillance. we continue to check on these who complete the rehab we insist they continue their studies the best way to fight terrorism goes through fighting extremism. product as the head of the city council supports the rehabilitation project but when it comes to foreign fighters he thinks they should be treated differently. when they are not like the sons of syria they came here to kill or people should be judged by international courts we have already taken off responsibility for their crimes. for the for the back at his father's shop helli is like many other teenage boys he likes playing football watching t.v. shows and planning his future one of my dreams is to be arabic to choose and build the house and with moot. habitation a former isis fighters in syria has not been without controversy while the process
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has seen success to return to quit some into society many others mostly form fighters have been rejected by their countries must remain in prison in syria soon on kosovo el to syria north and syria their secretary of state has arrived in riyadh on the latest leg of his middle east tour by pompei will be holding talks with saudi crown prince mohammed bin salma payless qatar on sunday after calling on countries in the gulf to end their dispute saying it's gone on for far too long. has more. mike bomb paling qatar where the message to the gulf countries and their dispute the west political crisis in decades for the gulf cooperation council president and i both believe the ongoing dispute in the region has dragged on too long and the dispute benefits adversaries and harms our mutual interests the emir of qatar shaped i mean been hammered out fanny greeted on peo after
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discussions with qatar's foreign minister said mohammed bin al the fannie both countries say they are keen to consolidate trade and military cooperation that includes expanding the largest u.s. military base in the middle east dade near the capital doha is home to the forward operating base of u.s. central command. and then we have discussed all the issues of interest for our country's regional issues starting with the gulf cooperation council and the peace process in the middle east as well as the reconsolidation in afghanistan as well as other issues such as syria and counter-terrorism. landed in qatar from the united arab emirates after visiting egyptian and behave in his flying to sandy arabia which have all imposed their eighteen month long land and sea blockade on qatar the accused the title funding extremism allegations strongly dismissed by
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a qatari leader as america's top diplomat has also visited jordan and is due in a man and kuwait on his middle east tour it's being seen as an attempt to rally support among key players in the region to counterbalance the growing influence of iran and i don't think that the administration plans for dealing with iran by virtue of trying to organize a larger coalition are going to work simply because most states do not agree with us in our policies canceling the joint comprehensive plan of action that would have prevented iran if implemented from ever attending a nuclear weapon. the u.s. is due to host a conference in poland next month to discuss ways to curb iran's activities in the region and ensure middle east stability the u.s. is keen of building a bridge an alliance to counter what it considers to be
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a growing iranian influence in the gulf but that may be impossible as long as the diplomatic crisis in the g.c.c. continues. doha al-jazeera senior political analyst mark bashara gives us some insight into what might pompei or likely be discussing the hamdan samon and why the u.s. secretary of state is it is so crucial pump a zero in particular he is now secretary of state but when the gulf crisis first broke he was director of the cia and i'm sure he would be looking and b.s. mohammed missile man in the eyes and i would say we know we know what you've done how you manufactured the crisis with qatar and went on to blockade it on the basis of false information and in the process tried to deceive or present meaning thrum in order to take your side against carter i think it's very clear for secretary on payroll former director of the cia what the.


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