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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 14, 2019 12:00pm-12:34pm +03

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at least use tear gas to defense protesters in sudan who are refusing to back down from their demands. and we'll have reaction to the dramatic arrest of a sting that venezuelan opposition leader. hello again to welcome back well here across united states we've been watching an east coast storm finally make its way out there towards the atlantic things are going to get better for a lot of places but we saw quite a bit of snow across much of this area a lot of flight delays and cancellations were a problem there but as you can see here on monday the storm is just off the coast not a lot of clouds here along the eastern seaboard we're going to be watching is what is happening over here towards the west from monday to tuesday we do have another developing storm here across the southeastern part united states really affecting parts of california this is going to bring some rain and also some higher elevation
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snow as well as we go towards mid-week we're going to be seeing a lot more snow up here along the northwest as well well down across parts of the caribbean we're not looking too bad in terms of rain a lot of clouds across much of the area you can see here on our satellite image and then our forecast map but we do expect to see rain here across parts of king cool over the next few days tempers going to be about moderate for this time of year into the mid to high twenty's for many locations have into though it is going to be a nice day for you with the terms of their of twenty six degrees and we have been dealing with a lot of flooding here across parts of argentina unfortunately in this area where we have seen the flooding we do expect to see more rain in the forecast there what is out is it is going to be a rainy day at twenty seven and rio a probably quite a day for you at thirty two degrees. rewind returns here bring your people back to life. with brand new updates on the best of. the number of reforms since the program.
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to continue with this we were following orders we send young people to fight these wars put them in the most complex situations you can imagine and have a midwife and decisions rewind on al-jazeera. welcome back. a reminder about top stories this hour u.s. president donald trump has threatened to devastate turkey's economy if turkish forces attacked kurdish fighters in northern syria it follows warnings from ankara of an imminent assault on y p g forces part of a u.s.
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led coalition fighting. the u.s. secretary of state is in saudi arabia for talks with saudi crown prince mohammed bin salma he says he will bring up the matter of journalist jamal khashoggi he called on gulf nations to unite and end the blockade against qatar. iran's foreign minister has met his counterpart in baghdad they discussed u.s. sanctions against iran and the normalization of relations with syria. back now to our top story and donald trump's warning to taki not to attack kurdish forces in syria for more let's speak to robert pierson a former u.s. ambassador to tacky and a nonresident scholar with the middle east institute he joins us via skype from chapel hill in north carolina just how real is threat and one of the potential implications for the turkish economy. you know i had to bury the typical say what the impact would be downstream but the impact immediately is going to make the
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turks extremely angry and they will certainly repeat their intentions to attack the kurdish show forces in the northeast of syria so unfortunately i think the tweets confuse the issue even more than it is already and the u.s. is in a very contradictory position right now with mr trump insisting that withdrawal of these troops actually doesn't change the influence or impact of the united states in the region and it's going to make mr pompei as job more difficult as he travels through the region trying to explain how it is that we're withdrawing and also maintaining an aggressive stance so that in the region as well what's the status of u.s. tech like now as they say off to john bolton as well that tenet says that when he got snubbed by president at eleven. well they're not good and they're going to get
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worse and they would have been getting worse even without today's tweet but now they certainly will get worse the pentagon hundreds. defense minister mattis had done a very good job of trying to keep the turks and gazed in very close and the conversations over months and years to manage the relationship the work of ambassador jim jeffrey was intended to accomplish that same kind of objective i'm afraid this tweet if it's taken seriously in the turks will treat it as if it were serious will just make this the relations more difficult and make the year ahead for both countries extremely extremely difficult we've had contradictory statements from various members of the town of administration in your mind is there a coordinated strategy from the white house. i think there is
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a strategy of personality to be honest with you there's mr trump's strategy there is mr bolton strategy there is mr peo strategy and so far those three don't sound as if they are coordinated and that is the difficulty and so it could be uses the allies if he says everybody in the region it confuses the american city but it gives his supporters that mr trump some party so i think that's the difficulty right and on the ground what could be the implications for the why p.j. with this potential imminent to sell it's about to take place well you know we're going to have to see if the turks decide to make an assault that is i will call it. largely symbolic so they can prove that they do it that's one thing if the turks launch a major assault into the region and. as
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a consequence another conflict another war if you will along their border to have a major consequence i think in reality that turks trouble is no order the united states i think the church problem is with the russians and the syrians will asked turkey not to do that and i think both of those countries are not interested in having turkey. launch a major incursion into syrian territory right now but we'll have to wait a few days to see how that plays out the iranians certainly support them ask us and russia but they are going to remain or stay out so for a promotion of this crisis since late december largely silent former u.s. ambassador to techie robert peston speaking to us there from chapel hill in the united states thank you others thank you very much zimbabwe has more than doubled the price of fuel overnight but the move has failed to ease the nationwide
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petrol and diesel shortage drivers have been queuing outside petrol stations in some cases for several days the fuel shortages began in october in a nation that suffered a severe economic downturn in recent ends with effect from midnight tonight if you want to pump a price of crude oil as elevenses really into food is that and three that has fifty one cents really that for petrol would come into effect these prices trade gaited on the ruling century or one to one between the bond not the net is this going to. cheap-o. darai is assistant professor of political sciences and has to college in massachusetts she says zimbabwe's economic crisis has been year is in the making. everyone thinks that the economic downturn is recent i think you mentioned october
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but things started going badly as elliot's last july last january and things have kind of west and since then the fuel shortage is a particularly alarming rate now with people spending days as you break in mentioned. in q but i think what's really problematic is that the government has ended this impression that the zimbabwean currency which is the floor know it has the same value as the u.s. dollar which is not true and i think that's what's making a lot of people angry today we saw videos of generals asking them how they can see that the u.s. dollar and those of our window and the border nodes of equal value when the petrol prices actually different if you're a lot kul you pay the price that's innocent an ounce but if you're worried now or easier you know from a foreign embassy or whatever else you have to pay it had currency us and it's a different price for those people the whole thread has from when especially after
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the amounts the new minister of finance is that you know we've got this one has to when and we have to be implemented price control but at meeting that it's not one has to one in that the one no to ease into late ing woods gives power to the black market would give credence to what everybody has been saying that things are getting really difficult and the government needs a solution to the economy and it would also be difficult because the government is blaming western influences i just read a report with the government was saying that you know the watching the civil society organizations that they think i'm being influenced by some western organizations to call for a shutdown or in protests that in tomorrow so if they had needs that the currency is not equal then you know it's it shows that the citizens are rights and the citizens can't be right and zimbabwe are put into the government. well a crackdown on fuel sest by mexico's new president is leading to major congestion
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and ports more than seven million barrels of imported fuel are waiting to be offloaded from ships that's enough to keep mexico going for several days president manual lopez obrador is trying to cut the theft of fuel from pipelines by switching distribution from pipelines to trucks but it's led to major shortages at the pumps and queues of lorries at ports. police in sudan have fired tear gas to disperse hundreds of anti-government protesters in khartoum they're calling for president bashir to step down international rights groups say at least forty people have been killed since the unrest began three weeks ago over rising living costs but the government says the number of casualties is twenty four morgan has more from. once again we've seen hundreds coming out into the streets and for the tomb protesting against the rule of president obama bashir has been running the country for twenty nine years the demonstrators have been chanting slogans like peace justice and
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freedom and they say that they want president almost here to end his rule and hand over power to an interim independent counsel twenty four people have been killed so far in the protest insisted in december according to the government but human rights watch and amnesty international and other rights groups with a number at least fourteen while activists in sudan who have been tracking the death toll say at least fifty five have been killed now the opposition have also come out some of the opposition groups have lent support to the people who have been demonstrating and say that these people have legitimate reasons to be demanding that the president step down and some people in the national government as well have been questioning the way the government has responded to the people who've been demonstrating and demanding that the president step down. we demand an independent transparent comprehensive investigation into the killings because there have been information circulating and people have been saying look we don't know who killed these protesters or their militias or the security of the police we need to know who targeted those protesters. now this has been the longest wave of protests in sudan gained independence but the president has been very defiant he
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said he's going to try to improve the economic situation and he said he was going to try to reduce the inflation rate which is that seventy percent the second highest in the world but the people who have been demonstrating say they've heard these promises over and over again and that the only thing that will convince them and stop them from going out and continuing to process is think that the president has stepped down and he's handing over power to an interim council something that the president and the ruling party say will not happen and. elections next year and the president my run again the ruling party state they want the president to run again but that would require an amendment to the constitution which are at the at the moment by the president from from running for another term it's not clear how far these protests will go to stop here where it would and the people are very defiant they say they will not stop demanding the president step down until they see that power is handed over to a new government but the president said he's not going to step down as much as he's going to try to make reforms he is going to hold on to power so right now sudan is a crossroads between the people who are protesting demanding a new government and the current government which is very defiant very keen to hold
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on to power until elections next year the leader of venezuela's opposition has renewed his calls for a change of government after being briefly detained on sunday the dramatic it addressed i want to busy highway comes just days after he directly challenge the legitimacy of president nicolas maduro to resemble reports. one way though arrived at the regional capital of vertica state surrounded by his supporters the president of the almost powerless national assembly was supposed to lead an open forum denouncing the dictator when he was briefly detained by intelligence officers along the way. if you can hear of the symbols of oppression but here today and look at the symbols of courage of resistance of strength. and if they want to send a message that we should hide here is the answer of the people here we are there i've heard he's a rest provoked an outcry from the u.s.
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state department and countries in the region that denounce the arbitrary detention why those reason detention is likely to increase tensions between the government of my daughter and the opposition that insists that it won't recognize model as well as well as president why there has already said that he's ready to take over as interim president and call for new elections. but the national assembly is considered to be in contempt by the administration that has already threatened to shut it down they claim a coup is underway to remove my daughter from office. a group of public servants acted unilaterally and carried out in a regular procedure against the congressman. this procedure which is already completely over and done with was put on as a show for the media by the us government has already detained them put on trial dozens of political opponents accused of plotting against him. a sense brother
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has been imprisoned for five months he's also a congressman accused by the government of being part of a conspiracy to kill the president. the government says we are planning occur but they are the ones with the guns with the military they want to blame us for the enormous crisis been as well and are going through but if anything that is happening is because of what they did and the policies they implemented venezuela's opposition is divided and has lost power since the protests that shook this country in two thousand and seventeen as the economic and political crisis deepens many in venezuela have lost hope that change is possible. why you lost attention may help the opposition gain divisibility it had lost some war and deceit or practice. a left wing italian activist convicted of murder is on his way back to italy after almost forty years on the run. was arrested in bolivia on saturday his extradition is the result of cooperation between right wing political leaders in brazil and
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italy. reports. his story reads like a novel he might have penned himself chesser a but tiste revolutionary convicted murderer and writer finally caught after forty years on the run down theone need. to be thought funny many is not only to relatives and to victims but he entire country when multiplied by governments that were protecting a terrorist like but. it all began in the one nine hundred seventy s. when he belonged to an armed leftists group it wanted to bring down the toilet in government and in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine but he was jailed two years later he scaped and was convicted in absentia for the murders of four people including two police officers after living as a fugitive in france he fled to mexico but tiste later became a successful writer of crime novels before heading to brazil in two thousand and four he lived under the radar until he was arrested again in rio de janeiro in two
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thousand and seven but brazil's then president luis inacio lula da silva freed him granting him asylum three years later. the country's new president gyre but also not pledged to extradite but he stayed during his campaign by the time judge's order to his extradition last month but tuesday was on the run again this time to bolivia he was caught by interpol on sunday bowl so narrow hill the arrest along with his son eduardo who tweeted brazil is no longer a land of bandits the little gift is coming then got through i thank those who make this change possible the new president of the brazilian republic. who took away the protect snow but tell us look there's. not a right and not an ideology just right in some newspapers you have the impression he's almost a philosopher a free thinker he was condemned by different italian courts to various life sentences because he personally took the lives of innocents he's a communist mudra that's all for me he will rot in jail for the rest of his life
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but tiste has always maintained his innocence saying he skipped prison in one thousand nine hundred one because he believed he'd be tortured and killed almost four decades on he's now set to return to prison to begin serving a life sentence paltrow dirge on al-jazeera. i'm the star in doha and these are the top stories u.s. president donald trump has tweeted a threat to devastate turkey's economy if its forces attacked kurdish fighters in syria turkey intends to launch an offensive against the u.s. backed by it is it views the kurdish y p g as a danger to its southern border the syrian government has taken up positions to support the cuts around men bids. the u.s. secretary of state has arrived in riyadh on the latest leg of his middle east tour mike pompei will be holding talks with saudi crown prince mohammed bin sama.
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visited qatar and called on gulf countries to end their dispute. today in our conversations i stressed the importance of unity among the gulf cooperation council members president trump and i both believe the ongoing dispute the region has dragged on too long and the dispute benefits adversaries and harms our mutual interests our nations do important work and we have important work continue to do together and the united states hopes the parties involved will see once again the benefits of cooperation to take actions necessary to rebuild unity in their ranks are united you see is essential to the sense of the middle eastern alliance which we hope will include the g.c.c. egypt and jordan zimbabwe has more than doubled the price of fuel overnight but the move has failed to ease the nationwide petrol and diesel shortage drivers have been queuing outside petrol stations in some cases for several days the fuel shortages began in october in a nation that suffered
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a severe economic downturn in recent years the leader of venezuela's opposition has been briefly detained. challenge the legitimacy of nicolas maduro who was sworn in for a second term as president on says day those are the headlines join me for more news here after rewind. counting the cost blame it on brakes it should be of dollars worth of assets shifted out of the u.k. change is in the aviation plus and creepy the latest gadgets connected to the internet show it last vegas counting the cost on al-jazeera.
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hello and welcome again to rewind. back in two thousand and six when we launched al-jazeera english we set out to make the kind of documentaries other channels just wouldn't do and here on rewind we're revisiting some of the best of them to find out how they came about and the story behind the story today we're rewinding to two thousand and eight a disturbing film about one of the most shocking atrocities of the vietnam war the massacre it was a major war crime and once it came to light the story sparked international outrage adding to the growing pressure in america and around the world to bring an end to the war in vietnam in march one thousand nine hundred sixty eight charlie company a platoon of american infantry landed by helicopter on the edge of the village of me lie near the northern coast of south vietnam the platoon believed the viet cong
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forces were in the area but they faced no resistance yet five hundred four innocents women children and old men were brutally dragged into ditches and machine guns in the special film reporter josh rushing in. veteran of the marine corps himself took a former member of charlie company back to me live for the first time to meet survivors of that horrific atrocity and now fifty years on from the massacre itself today's rewind is a moving emotional return to the scene of one of the most shocking events of the vietnam war from two thousand and eight here is heart of darkness. these grenades killed all of. the banks. they ordered all of the families to sit or stand in the dish and then they shot and after five minutes they shot the
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second time they heard weeping they shot a third time. about the end of my six year old son and i we laid down in news the rights to cover. three or four bodies were found on the. backs of that day march sixteenth one thousand sixty eight when the dispute an army photographer captured moments of a bloody assault. when the story would have been leaked out more than a year later there was an investigation twenty five members of charlie company and their officers were charged. with murder there were few trials only one person. was found guilty he was never punished. charges against most of the soldiers were viciously dismissed. the what is know is the war that remains an open question.
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some of the men who slaughtered unarmed villagers from a haunted by their memories. but for those who crawled out of that crush of blood and bone the horror is still fresh and. i'm the only one left when i was eleven years old. is reminded of the dead every day it's his job not only does he bear a deep furrow from a bullet that narrowly missed killing him. he's the director of the museum dedicated to the victims of the massacre and the caretaker of what is left where they live. kong takes us to the place where he lived with his family in an underground shelter a place where they all lay dying how long did you stay down in the shelter. from eight in the morning until four in the afternoon surrounded by his memories
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congress spent years wishing for a way to understand why the soldiers committed the crime that is devastated as life . what would it be like for you to meet a soldier who actually participated in the killing to come back and it meant that here. i would ask him a question. why would he kill ordinary people women and children and women with babies in their bellies we condo's it know it now but he will soon get the opportunity to ask that question kinchela still cherishes the beta snapshots of the day he left home to join the army it was all he ever wanted to do he was a skinny very young looking nineteen year old that was october one thousand nine hundred sixty six six months later he was in hawaii eagerly learning how to be a soldier and six months after that he was in vietnam. part of charlie company first battalion twenty of the fintry charlie company was assigned the task force barker a special unit created to search out and destroy be
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a car operating around the central coast. it had been a dispiriting couple of months for the u.s. military the tet offensive the c. to k. song surprised the power that it was going to for charlie company the losses have been personal booby traps and mind to take on a third of the comrades one of them the day before so in the morning a mark sixty helicopter machine guns lay down suppressing fire and three people to with orders to kill everything that moved fanned out across the rice paddies and into the hammocks that collectively made up the lie. they encountered no resistance whatsoever but perhaps a desire for revenge filled our hearts and clouded their consciences perhaps as a military command that measured victory by body count. perhaps it was a mentality that regarded every vietnamese as less than a person really an enemy an embodiment of communist. they've created sidewalks here where you can get
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a sense of what was going on that morning he was a bicycle tracks. and bare feet fling away. and then that is a distinct print of an american combat. one of the men who wore those boots is about to set foot here again. i'm josh rushing. kinchela is returning to me live. never before has a soldier who participated in the massacre come back. almost forty years after he was charged with murdering nine beat the villagers here he will face is past we landed on the west side but when we pushed into the village we took the the east side where how far off would. we hit land too far away. on a first left dan and. we secured the probably the northern part of the predator so you would come around on their kid has trouble recognizing the village today even locating the rice paddy where a chopper landed in
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a little bit further to the south this day stuck with. the incident has forty years ago when you were on the helicopter what were your orders hours before we came in was through everything in the village and so as you approach the village what did you find and find you know it was quiet i saw a lot of people running off to the north. and i really didn't understand that he has forgotten or blocked a lot of the details. remember the the ditches the canals you know i never saw a canal. i never saw this that i never saw it in the village really you know. so like a lot of the stuff i was describing never saw no not at all i never even dreamt about the. dickinson's he would like to go inside the museum were photographs of me
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life the time might bring it all back to know or not oh yes. i still pocket hodgins there's a corridor. with her and she's ok when you have a kid's name. i noticed stuff all faster when you went past this one it's not hard for you to say no really what really bothers me is this one. not so much of this shooting but this one point by their own woman but i want to because. i saw some things that i really like and. to me look for a word. the human eyes. and
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. i just don't like that. right ken i don't get what you don't get between killing. and dehumanizing so yeah it's just like. there's acceptable ways to kill people and there's ways that our. kin claims he was mystified by the granite wall of the dead i never saw that many people in that village and that number in the middle there and you just listed on the wall the entire doki family parents and four children you don't hear. till this moment no one knew that one child twelve year old. had escaped horribly wounded she ran away and has never returned till now. ironically the only structure in the village has been rebuilt as an example of what
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was destroyed is the one the long tell your family. how can we ensure cope with having inflicted that kind of panic. he has to defenses the first is dark it's the moment it's the opportunity it's the knowing that. probably nothing's going to happen to me the second is familiar i was a soldier following orders. and i believe that's how i dealt with that. everyone you can find was unarmed. that are that's true that you have any hesitation about killing unarmed i people i def i have has days about killing one of the issues. that i shoot. i say that i
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shot. until i realized what was wrong and when you say you shot you mean you shot villagers i'm not going to say whether i sat villages or are in a small statement given during the investigation of the massacre another soldier recall seeing ken barring villagers while saying i don't want to shoot them i don't want to shoot them but i have to because were ordered to bring cannon kong together kinda face called sorrow kong to ask the questions that have tormented him all his life on march sixteenth one thousand nine hundred sixty eight at six am u.s. helicopters landed on the rice fields of our beautiful village mr kong i was here that day back in one thousand nine hundred sixty eight when the helicopters landed . and when the soldiers came they started killing everyone was to kong i was part of the americans that landed here in the helicopters and i want to apologize to the people of me.


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