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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 14, 2019 2:00pm-2:34pm +03

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nations between syria's government and the arab community. whether is next but still ahead on al-jazeera making mexico wife thousands of haitians are settling down and having u.s. border. hello again and welcome back we're here cross to live on to the next few days we are going to be seeing some very messy conditions in terms of rain and snow across parts of iraq as well as into iran and you can see the clouds right there on our satellite image so this is the forecast map as we go towards monday rain just passing through parts of baghdad into tiran we could be seeing some rain as well temperature there of about ten degrees quite city could even see a pass or shower as well with about twenty one now as we go towards tuesday those showers start to make their way towards the east and to the southeast we'll watch what happens over here towards eastern med we are going to be seeing
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a nother storm system develop that is going to bring some very gusty winds rain as well as snow to parts of turkey and we will be watching that very carefully as it make our way down here across the gulf and into the northern part of the arabian peninsula it is going to be the clouds over the next few days across much of the area anywhere from mecca riyadh over here towards doha we do expect to see a mostly cloudy cloudy day across the area with doha on monday about twenty four degrees there may be rising to about twenty five degrees and over towards the scot you will also be seeing some clouds in your forecast at twenty four and then very quickly across much of the southern part of africa not too bad for the south up here towards shore it is going to be a mostly cloudy day as we go towards monday and into tuesday with a temperature of twenty nine degrees. five families fight to survive in twenty first century america i live off my credit cards when i don't make enough money the last couple months it's been minimum
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balances can only keep their heads above water in a tough economic climate companies have had to lay off thousands of workers if he wants to go to school he'll be pain for his classes and books and all of that he can't do that on a walgreens salary. just zero. welcome back i'm to start and a reminder about top stories this hour u.s. president donald trump has threatened to devastate techie's economy if turkish forces attack kurdish fighters in northern syria turkey's presidential spokesman
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has dismissed the tweet and says the u.s. must on a its strategic relationship with a techie. the u.s. secretary of state is in saudi arabia for talks with saudi crown prince mohammed bin he says he will bring up the matter of journalist jamal khashoggi he called on gulf nations to unite and end the blockade against qatar. the foreign ministers of iran and iraq have met in baghdad they discussed u.s. sanctions against iran and the normalization of relations with syria. chinese exports have suffered their biggest monthly drop in two years as pressure builds over a trade war with the us china's december exports fell four point four percent on the previous year affected by slowing sales and most of its major markets imports for the month also saw a shock drop of seven point six percent that's the biggest monthly decline since july twenty sixth bazza beijing still maintained
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a wreck or trade surplus with washington in twenty eighteen of more than three hundred twenty three billion dollars china's trade surplus has been a sore point for the u.s. and prompted tit for tat terrorists last year christopher balding is an associate professor at fulbright university in vietnam he joins us now on skype from her city chris what's behind this truck then how much of this is juices slowing global demand and how much of this is due to that trade war. i think most of it is clearly due to both slowing global demand and what is most important to note is the drop in chinese imports indicating that there is rapidly slowing china he developed growth we started to see a drop in chinese economic growth back to probably october and this seems to be accelerating needed to those december important words that we saw from china be expecting this trend to continue. i think for the for the foreseeable future
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absent a strong policy response from beijing which we haven't seen yet i think the most likely scenario is that we will see a continue to see calling chinese to be how we would see that is through imports yes what can china try to do about this the primary thing that i think you know a stupid way to go on it is waiting for a stimulus response and so far they should stimulus response has been rather muted it now various infrastructure projects and various lending lucic but definitely nothing that would be nuts to move the needle shall we say so i think we're still waiting to hear some number of reasons as to why that might be holding off whether it's trade talks or whether it's a type of stealth stimulus but so far we really have not see the type of stimulus you would expect to see for beijing chris let me ask you about those trade talks have been plenty of uncertainty about how they are going especially after the latest round week and we're now approaching the halfway mark of the ninety day
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truce between the u.s. and china well these numbers have an impact on those discussions i think clearly knows the pressure they're under to votes we still are confident it's the best to clean up their feet or share in it to restoring bester confidence not just domestically but internationally so i think beijing clearly does that and i think the u.s. those there. needs to get a win here and they will be looking to put pressure on big shit because it. christopher balding speaking to us from from fulbright university thank you christopher zimbabwe has more than doubled the price of fuel overnight but the move has failed to ease the nationwide petrol and diesel shortage drivers have been queuing outside petrol stations in some cases for several days the fuel shortages began in october in a nation that suffered a severe economic downturn in recent years with effect from midnight tonight
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if you were pump price of crude oil was eleven says who does that and three dollars fifty one says really for patrol will come into effect these premises greeted on the ruling surgery of one to one between the boned north of the united states do not. dare a is assistant professor of political science that has to college in massachusetts she says and bob as economic crisis has been years in the making. everyone thinks that the economic downturn is recent i think you mentioned october but things started going badly. as the last july last january and things have kind of west and since then the fewer should it is a particularly alarming rate now with people spending days as you pray to mentioned
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. it q but i think what's really problematic is that the government does and it is impression that the zimbabwean currency which is the border know it has the same value as the u.s. dollar which is not true and i think that's what's making a lot of people angry. videos of generals asking them how they can say that the u.s. dollar end is about window and the border nodes of equal value when the petrol prices actually different if. you pay the price that an ounce but if you for an hour or easier you know from a foreign embassy or whatever else you have to pay it had currency us and it's a different price for those people the whole premise from when especially after the amounts the new minister of finance is that you know we've got this one has to weigh in and we have to implement price control but at meeting that it's not one is two one in that the one note is until a ting with give power to the black market would give credence to what everybody
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has been saying that things are getting really difficult and the government needs a solution to the economy and it would also be difficult because the government is blaming western influences i just read a report with the government was saying that you know they have watching the civil society organizations that they think are being influenced by some western organizations to call for a shutdown or in protests that in tomorrow so if they have needs that the currency is not equal then you know it's it shows that the citizens are rights and the citizens can't be right and zimbabwe are put into the government. well a crackdown on fuel theft by mexico's new president is threatening to is leading to major congestion at ports more than seven million barrels of imported fuel are waiting to be offloaded from ships that's enough to keep mexico going for several days president and the us manual lopez obrador is trying to cut the theft of fuel
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from pipelines by switching distribution from pipelines to trucks but it's led to major shortages at the pumps and queues of lorries at ports the leader of the british opposition says he will table a motion of no confidence soon if u.k. prime minister trees a maze breaks a deal is rejected by parliament jeremy corbyn says leaving the european union without a deal would be catastrophic m.p.'s are set to vote on tuesday on the deal that may has agreed with the european union my own view is that i would rather go go see a deal now if we can to stop the danger of a no deal an exit from the twenty ninth of march which would be catastrophic for industry catastrophic trade and the long term effects of that would be huge i think parliament did vote for an amendment to the finance bill this week which indicated its opposition to no deal but isn't totally specific on it we will do everything we can to prevent and no deal except. being homeless and hungry has become
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a criminal offense police are rounding up and fining people living on the streets join a whole reports from the capital. the sleek clean boulevards of budapest this is how increasingly all solitary and government wants them to look no refugees or illegal immigrants and no no homeless people either we are just trying to enable our authorities to step up against something which we believe is against human nature and human dignity and we would like public spaces to get their meaning back and operate as they were intended it's not a decision the government took lightly a previous attempt was ruled a violation of human dignity by the constitutional court so the government changed the constitution itself all of which is heartbreaking to people like youngish torak janish lives in a caravan after he lost his home his job even his family when a house fire and no insurance left him with crippling debt. i'm afraid of it
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i can't say better i'm afraid it could happen any time i wake up every morning scared that someone may not call my door and say we can take your stuff away go elsewhere the government did sists it's looking after the people being swept off the streets but we take care of them we provide shelter provisions and all the support that is required not a social workers but they believe that the showed their system is now and then i saw this problem heather and the government still thinks about opening some new show there is about the numbers show that there are more than thirty thousand people homeless in hungary at the moment there are eleven thousand places. cycling through the city volunteers carrying food and blankets search for those who've not made it to a shelter for the night in
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a railway station underpass where dozens once slept they find just three people. too many people in this in the shelters so there is a one hundred person and their way is there more than one hundred thirty yards or so it's a too crowded and overcrowding in the shelters so the volunteers means many homeless people have gone into hiding making them even more vulnerable to the elements. shelters like these this one is a private facility barely come close to meeting the needs of the homeless on the streets and while it's obviously a good idea to get people off the streets in below zero conditions like this and volunteers are doing what they can that's not the point behind the government's decision to criminalize homelessness in hungary one social worker described it as projecting power over the powerless jona whole al-jazeera budapest thousands of asylum seekers from haiti who were denied entry into the united states two years ago have established
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a community on mexico's northwestern border many have been granted work visas by the government and are helping new migrants adjust to life in mexico when you're a polo reports from tijuana just across the u.s. border. this restaurant is serving a patient style fried chicken. so why go are all a little onion garlic peppers always delicious. this popular food stop however isn't in haiti it's in downtown d one in mexico. many mexicans come here every day and also many americans come to buy food as well there are thousands of haitian nationals in tijuana. they began arriving two years ago in a caravan of some twenty two thousand people after fleeing a series of natural disasters and a political crisis in the impoverished caribbean nation denied entry into the
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united states many settled just south of the border. a local pastor runs a shelter for he migrants who continue to arrive in the city from where you are out of the. how did they end up in the city someone told them this was the safest place to cross the border one day they give them shelter and they never stop coming. this mountainside barrio is usually a first stop for new arrivals it's known around town as little haiti yet only a small portion of the local creole speaking community actually resides here a majority of patients here are dispersed across the city where many of given up trying to enter the united states at every they're enrolled in universities or started their own businesses with nowhere else to go the haitian community in tijuana now consists of around four thousand people despite the success many haitian migrants have found young people like wilfred say it's an every day struggle. there are opportunities in mexico only that you have to be smart you have
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to search for your future nobody's going to come and change your life you have to make that change. many locals laud the way the haitian community has assimilated to life and adding that it serves as a model for other migrants arriving in the city. i just needa. a left wing italian activist convicted of murder is on his way back to italy after almost forty is on the run. was arrested in bolivia on saturday his extradition follows cooperation between rightwing political leaders in brazil and it's really cool to judge in reports. his story reads like a novel he might have penned himself chesser a butty steep revolutionary convicted murderer and writer finally caught after forty years on the run down theone need known solo to be thought funny to many is not only the relative safety of victims but he entire country were multiplied by
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governments that were protecting a terrorist like but. it all began in the one nine hundred seventy s. when he belonged to an armed leftists group it wanted to bring down the italian government and in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine but he was jailed two years later he scaped and was convicted in absentia for the murders of four people including two police officers after living as a fugitive in france he fled to mexico but tiste later became a successful writer of crime novels before heading to brazil in two thousand and four he lived under the radar until he was arrested again in rio de janeiro in two thousand and seven but brazil's then president luis inacio lula da silva freed him granting him asylum three years later. the country's new president gyre but also not pledged to extradite but he stayed during his campaign by the time judges ordered his extradition last month but t.c. was on the run again this time to bolivia he was caught by interpol on sunday bowl so narrow hill the arrest along with his son eduardo who tweeted brazil is no
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longer a land of bandits the little gift is coming then got through i thank those who make this change possible the new president of the brazilian republic. who took away the protect snow but tell us look there's. not a right and not an ideology just writing some newspapers you have the impression he's almost a philosopher a free thinker he was condemned by different italian courts to various life sentences because he personally took the lives of innocents he's a communist mudra that's all for me he will rot in jail for the rest of his life but tiste has always maintained his innocence saying he skipped prison in one thousand nine hundred one because he believed he'd be tortured and killed almost four decades on he's now set to return to prison to begin serving a life sentence paltrow dirge on al-jazeera.
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hi mr hall and these all the top stories u.s. president donald trump has threatened to devastate turkey's economy if its forces attack u.s. backed kurdish fighters in syria turkey's presidential spokesman has dismissed the tweet and says the u.s. must on a its strategic relationship with turkey ankara says it won't be deterred from a long planned offensive against the kurdish y p g the u.s. secretary of state is in riyadh for talks with the saudi crown prince mohammed bin salma my compares says he wants accountability for the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi. visited qatar and called on gulf countries to end their dispute. today in our conversations i stressed the importance of unity among the gulf cooperation council members president trump and i both believe the ongoing dispute the region has dragged on too long and the dispute benefits adversaries and harms our mutual interests our nations do important work and we have important work
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continue to do together and the united states hopes the parties involved will see once again the benefits of cooperation to take actions necessary to rebuild unity in their ranks a united g.c.c. is essential to the south of the middle east region alliance which we hope will include the g.c.c. egypt and jordan iran's foreign minister has been in iraq for talks just days after the us secretary of states mike pompei i made a surprise stop and baghdad jobs aris met with iraqi foreign minister muhammad ali al hakim to talk about a wide range of issues including u.s. sanctions against iran they also discussed allowing syria back into the arab league . police in sudan have fired tear gas to disperse hundreds of anti-government protesters in khartoum they're calling for president omar al bashir to step down international rights groups say at least forty people have been killed since the un rest began three weeks ago over rising living costs zimbabwe has more than
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doubled the price of fuel overnight but the move has failed to ease the nationwide petrol and diesel shortage drivers have been queuing outside petrol stations in some cases for several days the fuel shortages began in october in a nation that suffered a severe economic downturn those are the headlines i'll be back with more news. on counting the cost breaks it should be of dollars worth of assets shifted out of the u.k. change aviation. and creepy the latest gadgets connected to the internet on the show would last spacious counting the cost. of your. game. its streets. and minutes. that's how some local media and politicians are to take the
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city. and its feeling debate and social tensions. but how accurate are the so-called threats. i'm steve on this episode we investigate the truth behind the headlines. everybody one fifty and it's like you know we kind of want to move the patrolling around the sun say meaning. to go back. detective acting inspector helen chugged and senior sergeant jason forster on patrol in melbourne's north western suburbs.
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are sixty. senators. they're going to be on for. a client on her and her art. form change your. trial you earn our church out so it was a callus same. guy what's the situation there now reports of a home invasion coming in. from the forward towards a more. solitude with the honda was low if that even damaged the law before family members were seated around. kitchen time who might have demand for a case to the eddy. to chant back at the shuttle go to the abbey drive off. just yet if you can just get the years to keep an eye out for black. two thousand
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and thirteen. since the quad brazen crime isn't to kick you in the door of a someone's home while they're at home or industry as horrendous crime absolutely it is. violent home invasions like this have residents in these suburbs on a ditch. in march and her husband gavin were sleep when four teenagers broke down the back door . i just remember. just a yelling and just screaming at us to just shut up and just give us money and i got him got out of the bed and. physically pushed we had two of them in the room and he got up and physically pushed them out and shut the bedroom door on them. he's then grabbed
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a baseball bat from underneath the bed at which point the hammers come through the bedroom door multiple times of them trying to get in with us with literally our entire body way on the door trying to prevent them from getting to us. home security cameras captured gavin chasing the young men out the front but he couldn't stop them stealing both their cars. it's just it's too traumatizing for me to go back there a member. i don't know how they can say that. the crime rate is falling because everyone like everyone i know it doesn't nobody feel safe. the teenagers described as being of african appearance a still on the run what every time i see a black person on the street or. just anywhere it's like
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a trigger. before all of this happened i wasn't scared of black people or people of color or. whatever but now it's psychic i can even like face someone in a store that's black because of what's happened to me and i think that's really unfair and shouldn't be like that. and. it's not it's not them like that i haven't done anything wrong to me but i can't help but associate that entirely with them as and that's what's really unfair. i would be pretty cool quantities of african gangs running riot terrorizing robbing
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breaking after bush get together to return to the north pole because you want on. the on no one wants. to sit outside. to feel like you have to bring your best behavior to enforce them because you feel like you're representing your skin color for one this is like you see you have to be extra nice person like extra small even if you're not feeling it that day you just have to have a smile on because if you don't you look scary istead it is like imagined someone's looking through you like looking like someone's eyes or just burning the side of your head that's what feels like sense to. me. pick up a stack and take it now but. thank you. twenty year old tosh i'm a separated at birth from his parents during sudan's brutal civil war will he hasn't seen him since. when i was born. to warn if that was happening so minimal
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that separated my gramma being the hero she is and you know the strong lady she is to me with her to me possibly. i mean all your fault of. melbourne has been his home since he was five. every day to try to convince you armstrong and i think you know what we know we're starting to grow up here who have to why do washing as a convinced youngster is a. ton of mine is mine where ever they go tyson and his friends feel the judge is just going to do the do. you realize it's not like one percent of us write this crime in every single race just . because it's. these people commit crime in every single race but with us for some reason it gets put onto the whole culture the whole. whole you not cultivate
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gets blamed for the actions of the few now. to. try to reason. with the. gangs of young sides are threatening a violent confrontation at tonights the system. police arrived to reclaim the streets but it was too light and they were outnumbered. because. the focus on african gang crime began on march twenty sixth jane when violence broke out at the moon the festival at federation square in the center of melbourne i. had to gird service of african young people coming together in
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melbourne there was a far cry get it became my rolling bowl if you like some of that was because the place become involved and we started chasing those young people. people were saying cheers plane fly those same people which i stared straight for the place and that crowd all merit even in the media at the top and a lot of political pressure. on me sort of videos those stupid kids they got riled up right the did them stuff and they she should be a it's not right what they did i don't really get all this in a stupid i'd place charged thirty seven people over the mumbai violence several links to a group known as the apex gang. tar just a bunch of young kids. from a small area largely people from. background although we did have some marys and
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people from other pacific islanders in that group. apex was notorious for home invasions and carjackings in the city southeast police say at its peak the group numbered around one hundred thirty young men. but after an intense crackdown on apex police it's now been dismantled we just don't see them you know we're just not saying that that group. crimes anymore. victoria police are basing further criticism which claims they've lost control to street gangs as might be there is a specific problem in victoria to do with people of african background. i don't see it it's a violent african gang crisis. certainly we have an issue we have an issue with our
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youth in the state but i believe that we can timing that issue i've got everybody welcome to you know it tell me who worked with before. detective acting inspector child is briefing her team before another night out on patrol just be careful that you don't get tied up with other jobs you are specifically he respond to any higher being they're part of a dedicated task force tackling youth crime in melbourne's west so the way we're task force came about as a result of the evolution of the harm invasion offense and carjacking and breeze that was saying being committed by multiple. people born in sudan. make up zero point one percent of victoria's population but account for one percent of the state's alleged criminal offenders. young sudanese miles
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are overrepresented insertion violent crimes allegedly committing close to ten percent of aggravated robbery in terms of numbers overall numbers for that hard crime. high impact crime the numbers are quite small when you look at youth crime in particular we have the second lowest crime right in this trial productivity commission measures victoria now as the most fearful state in the nation why are people feeling so scared if crime is dropping yeah i think that's a really interesting one and certainly you know one of the one of the things that victoria police and the cumi really need to focus on. to people have to base i thought have to feel saif so there's a lot of perception issues i think that we need to deal with as well.
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brought aboard a. nineteen year old a dean came to australia from south sudan with.


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