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because most states do not agree with us in our policies canceling the joint comprehensive plan of action that would have prevented iran if implemented from ever attending a nuclear weapon the u.s. is due to host a confidence in poland next month to discuss ways to curb iran's activities in the region and ensure middle east stability the us is keen of building a bridge an alliance to counter what it considers to be a growing iranian influence in the gulf but that may be impossible as long as the diplomatic crisis in the g.c.c. cont'd is. doha. a court in the democratic republic of congo is expected to hear the case of presidential runner martin for you know his challenging the election result he's arguing for a manual recount haram which has more from his. catholic priest as the congregation to pray for peace in d.c.
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as uncertainty grows over the disputed election result the catholic church deployed forty thousand election observers on voting day last month they tallies his opposition leader martin five one sixty one percent of the vote almost twice as many as the official result of thirty four percent in the presidential run up attend a church on sunday he accuses phillips is a kiddy of making a deal with the outgoing president joseph kabila to steal the election for you know has gone to the constitutional court to appeal to judges to order a recount of all of we have free our phrases on shake because the people have decided and the wishes of the people will come true i am a man of faith. the church is a respected institution in the d.r. see when bishops speak many people listen the catholic church has influence here some bishops aren't afraid to speak out when others don't but opinions are divided or whether the church should be involved in politics at the largest catholic church
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in the capital kinshasa religion and politics divides opinion. on what i think the churches involvement in politics is right and normal it should be done to help and political problems affecting our country according to me i don't think it's right for a child to get those problems. because people in confusion caused in the political crisis are growing the southern african development community once a recount of the votes or a government of national unity formed the regional body's approval of the electoral process is crucial for the legitimacy of the government and the new. didn't meet us al-jazeera. the leader of venezuela's opposition who was briefly detained on sunday has renewed his call for a change of government the dramatic arrest of one quiet on a busy highway comes just days after he directly challenge the legitimacy of president nicolas maduro terry several reports. one way though arrived at
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the regional capital of various states around it by his supporters the president of the almost powerless national assembly was supposed to lead an open forum denouncing the dictator when he was briefly detained by intelligence officers along the way. here of the symbols of oppression but here today in the water of the symbols of courage of resistance of strength. and if they want to send a message that we should hide here is the answer of the people here we are there i heard. his arrest provoked an outcry from the u.s. state department and countries in the region that denounce the arbitrary detention why those reason detention is likely to increase tensions between the government of my daughter and the opposition that insists that it won't recognize model as well as well as precedent why there has already said that he's ready to take over as interim president and call for new elections. but the national assembly is
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considered to be in contempt by the administration that has already threatened to shut it down they claim a coup is underway to remove my daughter from office. a group of public servants acted unilaterally and carried out in a regular procedure against the congressman. this procedure which is already completely over and done with was put on as a show for the media by the us government has already detained them put on trial dozens of political opponents accused of plotting against him. a sense brother has been imprisoned for five months he's also a congressman accused by the government of being part of a conspiracy to kill the president. the government says we are planning a curfew but they are the ones with the guns with the military they want to blame us for the enormous crisis been as well and are going through but if anything that is happening is because of what they did and the policies they implemented
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venezuela's opposition is divided and has lost power since the protests that shook this country in two thousand and seventeen as the economic and political crisis deepens many in venezuela have lost hope that change is possible while those detention may help the opposition gain the visibility it had last. practice. still ahead on al-jazeera i will tell you how kenya is taking the threat from al shabaab and on its border with somalia. and either the weather still quite quiet for many of us across the southeast in parts of asia the satellite picture is showing most of the philippines is without clouds at the moment that's just the old shower in the far south and we're also seeing plenty of sunshine across many parts of vietnam too we do have this is larry
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of cloud that's making its way towards us might bring us the odd sharon choose that think most likely as we head into wednesday for the south though that's where there are more showers so across borneo we'll see a few thunderstorms bubble up during the day and though generally track the way towards the west so we could well catch one or two in singapore and k.l. as well now down towards australia and we've seen some rather violent thunderstorms over the past twenty four hours this is the latest batch now working their way away from us but there's still the risk of so you want to showers here as we head through the next few days that area of cloud also links back to was the southern parts of western australia so they could be the old spots of rain here but what you really notice is the temperatures in adelaide they're pretty high at the moment thirty eight degrees on tuesday and then coming down anytime in the near future say for wednesday it'll be thirty nine another hot day on the cards for us over towards new zealand plenty of sunshine here perhaps a few showers in the north of the north island twenty two is the maximum in oakland
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that's not too bad that's seventy two in fact. capturing a moment in time. snapshots of other life. other stories . providing a glimpse into someone else's work. inspiring documentaries from impassioned filmmakers. with nace documentaries to open your eyes on al-jazeera.
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you're watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories this hour a turkey's presidential spokesman says the u.s. must honor its strategic relationship with turkey this is in response to president trump's tweet threatening to devastate turkey's economy if its forces attacked kurdish fighters in syria at least fifteen people have been killed after a military plane crash near iran capital tehran state television says severe weather may have played a role the plane had been attempting to make an emergency landing and the u.s. secretary of state's my campaign has met with saudi arabia's king and the crown prince in riyadh as part of the latest leg of his middle east war he said to have discussed the threat from iran and the war in yemen. according to the state department's rest on the need to deescalate military operations in yemen and implement the truce agreed in sweden last month what's more on this let's speak to a brain for a at was an associate professor of conflict resolution at the doha institute for graduate studies here and thank you again for being with us open pail and the crown
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prince of saudi arabia according to the state department agreeing on deescalating the military operations in yemen but does that mean ending saudi arabia's involvement in yemen not necessarily the united states finds itself in a huge dilemma with the war in yemen first of all there is a huge pressure of domestic pressure especially from the congress on the u.s. administration to end its involvement with their many war through the support of the support of the. in the war in yemen due to you know many of them if the war you know the results of the disasters that this war has resulted in and all the other home that has. the u.s. administration's clear about autumn sales from may that sort of your mood. any times is not trying about it. with through this arm sales through the involvement
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or the support the disposition of the war in yemen they can sell more arms which is something the u.s. or decision was to do so it's between the arms sales and the domestic pressure from the congress that's where the decision finds itself the solution to this making some of these diplomatic statements about the need to but how much this translates to action not much yes so they talked about yemen they talked about on iran of course but no mention as of yet anyway from what we're hearing from the state department no mention publicly at least of the gulf crisis the g.c.c. crisis when he was in doha might compare said that it was time to end this crisis but what how much of a priority is that really for the american especially when you consider that he's now canceled his visit to kuwait to attend a family situation in the united states kuwait of course being the leading country a leading mediator in this crisis we're not. any closer to seeing this end ali or
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canceling the trip took away it says everything first of all that nor concrete results has come out from the meeting with the saudi the on the gulf crisis so there is no need to go to the key in this crisis go it with this is as a result of the saudi resistance and the refusal to make any concessions on those or there is nor enough or serious american pressure on the saudi the ship to make changes all the other causes this year to be found i think it could be if we look at it could be a combination of both but there is a still a very strong position on the south that you the ship side of not changing on the. on the crisis but also this is not the u.s. some decisions not showing serious. bush are going to look to treasure for the results like counseling the trip to where it's low but
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a simple thank you very much for that savoring variadic from the two hind stooge of graduate studies to france now where president emmanuel mccall has launched a two month nationwide debate aimed at tackling the yellow vest protests that's to begin on tuesday in fact in an open letter published in french newspapers michael said he was open to ideas but warned he will not back down from his twenty seven thousand election promises france has been rocked by more than two months of yellow vest demonstrations which began over a fuel price hike the letter touches on a variety of issues including taxation citizenship and democracy that speak to natasha bottler life forrest in paris now so natasha what precisely was the aim of this letter. well what the french president is aiming for at least hoping for with this letter to the nation is to try and quell or stop the protests that have been basically seen in france for more than two months now by responding to one of the main demands of the yellow vest protesters
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and that is that they have more say in their democracy more say in the state that they take part more in politics because at the moment they say they're under represented and that at the moment for them it's a metropolitan elite in charge in government who basically have no understanding of how they live their lives so little michael is launching what he calls a grand national citizens debate and in this letter to the nation he sketched out the details of that and what it will be will be people will be able to meet in towns and villages in person and talk about four main issues you mentioned some of them tax climate change social services they'll be able to also answer questions online to take part and the idea is that the government will be able to collect some fresh ideas and turn what mackerel says is the anger that's being seen on the streets right now into a solution how is
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a letter been received what have been the reactions. it was a mixed reaction there are some yellow vest protesters and opposition politicians who are saying look it's a it's a good initiative that they're going to take part in this national debate is not to say for them to have their say but there are others yellow vest protesters and of course opposition leaders who are saying this is nothing but a p.r. exercise that's really going to end in nothing in one of the main criticisms they say is that it might cross letter he doesn't detail what's going to happen to all this information at the end of this three months debate where is it going to go who's going to decide on what is kept and what is not kept and will the government actually act on any of it and also micro made a point in his letter of saying that he wouldn't you turn on some of the reforms that he's already made and some of those are quite controversial like scrapping a wealth tax or her in the speed limits also roads in the country those are very
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unpopular with many of the yellow vest protesters and so already there are some who are saying this whole debate is off to a bad start thank you natasha for that natasha butler reporting there live from paris. kenya's army has taken over security at its border with somalia in recent years after attacks by al-shabaab the effort has greatly reduced the group's capacity to operate in kenya but it remains a threat elsewhere in east africa reports from nairobi. president uhuru kenyatta begin the new year by thanking kenya soldiers for their service and telling civilians they too have a role to play in the country's security. every kenyan. twenty nine. to continue to remain vigilant let us know if you see a person in your village or neighborhood be aware
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is around you. not. criminals to hide amongst us. attacks by the armed group at a shopping mall and a university in kenya in two thousand and thirteen and twenty fifteen killed more than two hundred people and change the way the government deploys its security forces the army took over from the police to launch a multi agency operation around boney forest on the somali border once a safe haven for al shabaab kenyan security forces have taken back territory destroyed temporary training camps and stop the free movement of armed fighters coming over the border from somalia people who had moved from their farms to. temporarily it comes. to live with buck to normal. kenyans living near the front line are grateful for the heightened security but those displaced by the fighting say they still can't sleep at night because. we have issues with water we use water from bore holes and a hospital
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a small we need more facilities to check our health to treat even basic health needs. pushing back into somalia has also given way to unforeseen threats closer to home the farmers who fled the fighting and are still living in camps say while the police and army were focused on external threats armed kenyan herders took their fields to graze animals and now that's the reason they're too afraid to go home. we left off. we had security now the security has really improved but we can't go back because the security operations are still ongoing. though the border with somalia is secure for now experts say the fight is far from over at this point in time that it is. the terrorists. because they are now able to pick. the place the time type of target of preventing all shabaab from operating and recruiting in kenya has made it
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a blueprint for east africa but with security operations likely to continue for the foreseeable future people displaced by years of fighting wanting to go home may have to wait a little longer is in basra the older zero nairobi in the united states senator lindsey graham says he's asked the president trying to temporarily reopen parts of the government as a partial shutdown enters its twenty fourth day the longest in u.s. history graham says it would allow talks to resume between republicans and democrats over funding for a wall on the us mexico border tried to see if we could open up the government for a limited pitter period of time to negotiate a deal and the president says let's make a deal then open up the government that nancy pelosi says even if you open up the government fund a wall so that's why i'm depressed. you know again i'm fully back to bill with the headlines on al-jazeera turkey's
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presidential spokesman says the u.s. must honor its strategic relationship with turkey this is in response to president sweets threatening to devastate turkey's economy if its forces attack in syria. at least fifteen people have been killed after a military plane crashed in iran it happened near five airports just west of the capital tehran iranian state television says severe weather may have played a role the plane had been attempting to make an emergency landing. u.s. secretary of state's my compare has met saudi arabia's king and crown prince in riyadh as part of the latest leg of his middle east war on bail according to the state department discuss the threats from iran and the war in yemen he said tuesday of stress on the need to deescalate military operations in yemen and implement the truce agreed in sweden last month. france's president emanuel mccall
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has launched a two month nationwide debate eight tackling the yellow vest protests in an open letter published in french newspapers mccall said he was open to ideas but want he will not back down from his twenty eight seventeen election promises france has been rocked by more than two months of so-called yellow vests demonstrations which began over a fuel price hike the letter touches on a variety of issues including taxation citizenship and democracy the national debate is due to begin on tuesday in zimbabwe police have fired tear gas to disperse protesters outside the high court in the second city below while the people are angry about the doubling of fuel prices overnight the move has failed to ease a nationwide petrol and diesel shortages drivers have been queuing outside petrol stations in some cases for several days to fuel shortages began in october in a nation that's suffered a severe economic downturn in recent years. of course we need democratic republic
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of congo is expected to hear the case of presidential runner up martin for you know who's challenging the election results he says a vote is far as demanded recount the electoral commission says his rival felix chewstick eighty one the presidential election coming up next on the witness. swear every suits.
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sometimes through some late to prevent people from doing bad things but sometimes we lose are made to protect privilege. to call hong kong girls dong two things lie there is like this crazy adventures. this stopping new congress new istream sparked a mine young people. that knew this was home
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eating all. the stuff and it's possible that. my heart is always counting and my hands and sweating but i try to overcome this feeling. my rooftop and friends they all have same to me. i think they're only about this. and they also think that the tough mind is not something the people. they just want you to be obedient. hold up in my house they're all for all our going.
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they get me also. i don't want to see any police because i have a helmet with me today you can say your bike. because maybe there'll be. demonstration tonight maybe i don't know protests about . the police and government officials so maybe i would be better for me to tell them how the first. ok handle. that i saw you just. thought. far far away father joe your mom. ok you are all like. trying to hide now i'm sorry to. control how i don't believe you go mostly walk is a high i. know you don't want don't see it i'll get my head saying fighting oh i am
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i am sick when i come on the from dr who i think did for us to cheat on her from all bottled up are they times on my abs. so much so. i don't. really do not. think oh they are. all there. was like. i sure don't want to get famous from will stop it. is just a step. i think the protests inspired.
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they were not satisfied with the electoral system in hong kong so they started demonstrations here. the police didn't know what to do so they used tear gas to make people go. we use umbrella to protect us and that's why the protest was called . i felt like on the move and that when following hong kong talk about that photo to anyone they know about that photo. by those playing nothing to just. didn't change the society to.
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bangalore. hannah's family. i love to use cameras to record this city for our some disappearing landscape. when you ok i agreed to our handover hong kong to china china has agreed. living star in hong kong is not going to be changed in fifty years but we cannot see china as a feeling it has promised. us suddenly though you go home and. you're being.
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home you sound as if you know the emperor got up way case are. coming up because they. got ya issued with a million hygene should say. i don't think we can change the situation now maybe we can do is show us taking photos and keep those memories in the heart of these. words. i am quite lucky that i cannot leave my parents it is too expansive to buy a flat in the future of. the he's on the whole with all they gave.
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her my idea what i had been single guy. so to say were his i hope you know his i hope the. take with the euro the mayor the we are all really our hung out good it all my life i. hate. to be. nice on the boat. i still live my trans mine we always have conflicts in
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a small flat you see every day because let's face it. i think this is almost. hong kong if it's going to say i just have to it's very expensive. i cannot do this. is for. let's try that one you can see the street. there is the phone line hong kong.
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graduation on a good job get married have kids speak grandparents and die. if you don't learn anything all you don't contribute to society i think such kind of life yes i mean the us to me. that's. right that's right that's right let me get right to it right that i think that i. thank you once a month this has been i think
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a good thing time because i've got the i've also wanted them to cons on the sites are going to. all that you so you. also. you know all that. now thousand dollar a year. joint why you call you know i wanted something i was on the yeah. you're going to have going to guess i'm going. to. see. you give and as soon as we run the fullness you guys have got the coolness. machine and sites in the legislative council.
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he doesn't have an atrocity. there isn't going to by the way. in fighting for democracy but also.
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was. was. was. was was. was.
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was was was . i was shocked when i saw the news at home i was like what i feel imagine that people hong kong people could. do such a fallen things on the street like burning start throwing bricks attack the police because it's such a by contrast to umbrella protest it was really peaceful but that night was really fallen. and i think. people try.
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other ways other peaceful peaceful ways already and they realized that it doesn't work so they had to do it. is kind of the stock government force people to be following. times like all because. it's just too ridiculous. it's like a group of really stupid people who are controlling the city. on the move you can see a lot of working robots. walking around with zero and the purpose. then you think it was life or just work. when i see zero boss i
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would think i don't want to be one to spy on the roof a single walk. a same set many people don't know the meaning for their lives you put meaning in that you have to find a meaning for. i am. deaf. wow. oh. i don't suppose. if you try to. set all fire with fire then you get more fire could be joint and you're in. the are related to the idea through the engine. more
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suitable fascinate they've put it. on you know what let's go with the car or they don't like to have time the ball walk or they go say it will be a good job return of my time trying to hook. me i'm up all on. top of me on my own what i. am going to deny it i'm the guy you go say we're going to the turning out for you they've moved you lie you were told something. i'm going to. i'm going. to come to him because. he seemed on whom golf thing i'm going to
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paint on those millions who run. things and then when the home heating cooling would go but i'm not going. to have. him go home early table but i. think those who know how they're going to bring you know. only today is the election day and we have ronnie all the kind of. ah there is really not no my son. he is not going to win tonight but it is like our referendum for people to show the real cross the wire there is one other thing. if you support the ryan plan for the wire on a six. month
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ah ah ah ah um coauthors are used to be our parts according to friends but now you can see that is changing. we need to give all our best to make some change when we think we still cause maybe it's not it's all. of self-expression we know it in hong kong. just a financial center we have a lot to try. and show them so that photos.
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this is true. we have papers that. are maybe in paper and we've burned before and so. they receive it in the other world. like for money. nowadays we also have so i phone. i pad everything in cambridge and things and often you know this. is a condo identity. we can change home by change ourselves. more speak more have nice child ties to discolor we always stuff from ourselves just. small little
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things we need to change just like both of life. in my books i always write i say shut. up enjoy life feel sad to go.
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i think the future is will be getting better because. i don't think. i think just. because. to be a child is to be innocent and carefree but it comes to an abrupt end with the burden of younger children. with a mother behind bars for siblings misspend for each other and decide whether to
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stick together. with the family in the hope of a chance across the us mexico border the other side of the world a witness documentary on al-jazeera. business of. going places together.
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business. going places together. a. small.
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the war in yemen on the agenda as u.s. secretary of state mike pompei i meet saudi leaders in riyadh. at least fifteen people are dead after an iranian army plane crashes near the capital tehran. british prime minister to resign may will make a final push before m.p.'s in an attempt to save her breaks a deal. and on fire as well have all the day's sporting cleaving rafa nadal wins his first round match at the australian open as he looks to win the tournament for the second time in his career.
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although more threats traded between the u.s. and turkey over the conflict in syria turkey is vowing to continue its fight against kurdish militia in the battle against eisel as after president trump issued a warning to turkey on twitter he said that starting the long overdue pullout from syria while hitting the little remaining isis territorial caliphate hard from many directions will attack again from existing nearby base if it reforms will devastate turkey economically if they hit kurds create twenty mile safe zone or the syrian army has been mobilizing around manager at the request of kurdish y p g forces turkey is preparing for a long planned attack on the white b.g. if you use the group as a danger to its southern border or speak to mohamed atta near the turkey syria border in just a few minutes but first let's go to c.n.n. consolo who is in asked them ball for us so sinema obviously of the turks are not
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taking this. very well a lot of anger there right now. well how awesome it seems to experience for not to burn bridges immediately like mr trump always. tweets in his own way so. turkey's foreign minister actually stated how they perceive trump's reaction angara sees it as as a result of a domestic pressure over mr donald trump an internal politics or a he said that we understand but it is too much this is basically what foreign minister childish or lament he actually criticized mr trump for communicating through social media because he said that in a few there in a few days i will be talking to mr palmer my counterpart about the situation we're always having talks really how working groups we don't understand why why communicating through social media in such a way in such
6:52 pm
a language while we have such a such a proper way of communicating this is what he criticized also he said that no one would gain anything from from economic threats you know turkey's turkish national currency has been a weak against the u.s. dollar especially the latest diplomatic spats between washington and ankara last year cause a lot of lose in the turkish there are so in that terms turkish lira is fragile i guess that that's why turkey wants to preserve turkish there as well maybe one of the reasons why turkey is not reacting as mr trump does is also this on the other hand foreign minister said that a safe zone a buffer zone is something that we have already suggested long ago so and of the citizens of a safe zone is welcomed by the turks this is what he said and he he rejected the claims that. turks are not doing anything he said we have not realized more than
6:53 pm
three thousand are still fighters inside syria and almost one thousand are still fighters during our battles counter to terrorism. operations inside iraq and he's certain if today is a place where terrorists it's because of assad and his supporters this is basically what mr trump said but. as i said in my previous lies president our don is also expected to have a meeting with his a team foreign ministry defense ministry army and intelligence this will define the these reforms will define what turkey is going to say but as i said turkey doesn't want to burn the bridges that first. c.n.n. thank you thank you let's go to mohammed atta now who is in gaziantep along the turkey syria border some how might we mention there the syrian army mobilizing around man base what's what's been happening there on the ground.
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well i assume continued wrongdoing between turkey and the united states is of course a boost for the fortunes of the bashar al assad government the presence of his troops on the fringes of the just us ability to protect kurdish forces against a planned offensive by take he gives assad government the full told and in the city of attended to is held by the kurds which is estimated to be about thought to percent of the city intended to be the city and cut his leadership have invited his forces to protect them against the plum offensive by taking they say for now the shelves the ambitions for all can only in extreme for protection against what they call what they're calling a very destructive offensive being planned by tech you of course turkey is on
6:55 pm
a wall through to come on this health continuous neutral will call the media it's just a matter of time before they stop the offensive one moment and then they're waiting for several but whether to do that techie is promising to buddy the kurdish fighters known as the white p.d. in dead ditches of course this will complicate the fighting against isis because this group was proved quite instrumental in the fight against the group right now they're fighting them in a pocket all. of that is quite close to the to the city and it out keyboarder seem to be making some progress on. once this offensive begins turkey is not going to differentiate between are still on the y.p. de freitas of the form plants are fighting the odds still remnants of us will fight is in doubt some analysts say could sort of reverse some of the gains made against
6:56 pm
the fight of the fight against isis. hamad thank you mohammed out in gaziantep our u.s. secretary of state mark pump aoe is expected to arrive in armand soon after meeting with saudi leaders in riyadh. talked about the war in yemen and the threat posed by iran in meetings with crown prince mohammed bin man they agreed as well on the importance of deescalating operations in yemen and sticking to the ceasefire agreed to last month on players canceled his kuwaiti leg of the trip to return to the u.s. for a family funeral which has been following developments for us from kuwait city so he's not going to be going there now but. overall i mean let's talk about the de meetings in saudi arabia. we mentioned there did the war in yemen but presumably did the own going investigation into the murder of jim is something that
6:57 pm
would have come up there in those discussions. well you would assume however a publically speaking and through the statements thoughts were pushed out both by the saudi embassy in. rather sorry the american embassy in saudi arabia and the state department there was no mention of the shock she case the murder of that saudi journalist over a hundred days ago widely believed to be at the hands of or at least rather the order of crown prince mohamed bin someone hasn't if we say that there were three important issues that people are looking at when it comes to saudi arabia namely the war in yemen the human rights abuses connected to all sold the ongoing investigation into the murder of jamal khashoggi and three the blockade on the part in the g.c.c. crisis from the public statements that were made only one of those were discussed
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according to the american side who said that as you mentioned there was a constructive meeting between secular say my pump arrow and king solomon and then thereafter the crown prince mohammed bin saddam and they spoke about the need of deescalation they spoke he said it was encouraging to see that the saudis were committed to the un's role in trying to find a peaceful solution there particularly pointing out to z. peace talks that have been taking place in sweden but no mention of cultural g.-d. and this is going to be something that's well are called lot of people particularly the united states considering that the u.s. intelligence agencies believe that the crown prince bandar bin sultan was responsible in some way shape or form. for the killing of shock you with regards to the blockade on qatar even though from pay or in his initial in the leg prior leg to saudi arabia had spoken of the need to bring about an end to the blockade to the
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g.c.c. crisis you said that publicly there was quiet hope or cautious optimism of up. maybe this visit was going to bring about some sort of breakthrough not necessarily a complete solution but maybe some way forward however the fact that he is cutting it short albeit due to a valid reason obviously the deaths in his wife's family there but still may be if he was to leave behind some sort of representatives to come to kuwait which has been leading the mediation that would have given an indication that the breakthrough had actually indeed happened the fact that that's not taking place would mean that people would look at this visitor's maybe not being as fruitful as the optimists in the region would have liked to not thanks very much jim attaché alley in kuwait city for us. well a bit of fame for a heart is an associate professor of conflict resolution at the doha institute for graduate studies he joins me now on the sec good to speak with you again so the
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u.s. secretary of state's middle east tori's is winding down now it's not going to go to kuwait he's expected to go to amman and then that that's pretty much it he was there he was here in the region to essentially clarify u.s. policy in the middle east did did he do that. well i think he is living with the moral questions rather than really replying to the questions about the us in the middle east first of all canceling the visit sends a very strong message that there is is nor see this change with regards to the gulf crisis because who it is is the key media thought of this crisis so the fact that you're not going there there's nothing much to talk about it so that's as for the crisis in the gulf now for iran. which is it which is a major factor in his visit still yet to be seen about how much he has accomplished
7:01 pm
as a result of this we know that won't be you announce the conference in portland months but nothing much has been revealed about this as a result of this was at the saudi arabia there's a.


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