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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 14, 2019 7:00pm-7:33pm +03

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he clarify u.s. policy in the middle east did did he do that. well i think he is living with the moral questions of the rather than reveal replying to the questions about the u.s. surge and then the middle east first of all canceling the visit sends a very strong message that there is is nor see this change with regards to the gulf crisis because who it is is the key mediator in this crisis so the fact that you're not going there there's nothing much to talk about it so that's as for the crisis in the gulf now for iran. which is it which is a major factor in his visit it's still yet to be seen about how much he has accomplished as a result of this we know that won't be you announce the conference important things months but nothing much has been revealed about this as a result of this visit the saudi arabia there's also they sure the case of jamal
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khashoggi that he mentioned that clearly that he's going to talk about it. i'm not sure that there is a serious a strategy with regard to the kids have to do with this u.s. administration i think the only strategy that formby you has about this has to set forward on an honorable exist about this because the u.s. administration under serious pressure especially from the congress about. making a position with regards to this holding those responsible for the killing should be accountable which is the truck but miss asian had made it so clear that as far as their interest is making the autumn sales not being affected as a result of this crisis now this has caused a serious credibility issue for the u.s. administration what to do is to salvage this credibility by trying to apply.
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some softer pressure or trying to find as i said an honorable exist from this from this crisis from this issue to sure that we are doing something we are applying some pressure but to what extend this says the u.s. administration is using its leverage to have a position. on the perpetrators of the chemical drama it's not clear yet one of the points that was made about my compares touring the region and the turn was kind of set in that speech in cairo that he made was that. speech there was more directed to leaders in the region rather than people here while. the speech. had two major goals one i think it's speaks to the crisis that the u.s. administration has back home in washington d.c. with the democrats you know applying serious pressure on the issue of the wall
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building the wall with mexico refusing to fund the wall so be aware it was very undiplomatic and you know about the c.d.s. attacks against the obama speech from cairo university back in two thousand and nine so it was seen as he's speaking to the democrats that's one duo yes actually he was a speaking not to the people of the stage and to the but to the of the speech this people which is by the way. completely different from the obama's speech back in two thousand and nine that it was about delivering the speech to the muslim people and i was seen as part of the. public diplomacy at the same his speech to the people while this is speech or that delivered in cairo was merely to the. leaders to the rule. or this was me
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and be also about confronting iran and preparing for a mix to come on the floor or i could speak with you as always abraham for i have thank you thank you very much plenty more ahead on this news hour french president emmanuel micron's sending out a plea to the country over the yellow vests protests. and in a country that's seen its share of earthquakes concerns over the lack of disaster training for school children in indonesia. plus it was a night to forget for the love groundless lakers will have the details coming up in sports. so all that still ahead but first the least fifteen people have been killed after a military plane crash in iran it happened near five airport just west of the capital tehran iranian state television says severe weather may have played
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a role the plane had been trying to make an emergency landing a second black box has been recovered from the lion air plane which crashed in indonesia in october the boeing seven three seven max plunged into the java sea shortly after takeoff from jakarta killing all one hundred eighty nine people on board divers found the cockpit voice recorder not far from the crash site investigators are hoping this will help piece together the final moments of the flight. doctors say the mayor of the polish city of danske is fighting for his life after he was stabbed on sunday. which was attacked while on stage during a fund raising event the attacker accuse the man as a party of torturing him while he was imprisoned. at the mo of it has had at least five hours of surgery for rooms to his heart in and.
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the u.k. prime minister theresa may is expected to make a final bid to convince m.p.'s to back her briggs's deal she's giving a speech on the issue at this hour it is her last chance to try and shore up support ahead of a crucial vote in parliament on tuesday she's warning m.p.'s that if a deal is rejected bragg's it may not happen at all in the sunday express newspaper may said parliament has a duty to carry out the twenty sixteen referendum result to leave the european union opposition leader jeremy coleman says he will table a motion of no confidence if the prime minister's deal fails more now from jonah how he is in london for sojourner a big week ahead for the british prime minister. yes and it has and it could be a defining week or two really in this two and a half year breaks the drama and counting the penultimate day of debate now ahead
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of the vote into the reason most breaks a deal struck with the e.u. she's widely expected to lose it and a vote taking place in an atmosphere of crisis constitutional crisis some say here in westminster with different factions in parliament battling with the government over supremacy over what happens next to rita reason as you said they're about to launch last ditch efforts to convince wavering m.p.'s to support her she'll give a speech in about forty five minutes time to factory workers in the pro leave constituency of stoke on trent in it she will deliver a strong message to those m.p.'s to consider the potentially catastrophic consequences of voting the deal down the shield warned that that could lead to destroying british public faith in democracy in this country and later on in parliament she'll stand up and deliver the much anticipated assurances that she's
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been lobbying the e.u. to deliver since december assurances over the controversial northern ireland backstop contained in the withdrawal agreement that guarantees against a border hard border on the island of ireland many m.p.'s fear that backstop could trap this country in the customs union the e.u. economic structures indefinitely she will tell them that she's received a letter from the e.u. promising that that backs up is only intended to be tempering if indeed it is ever triggered at all these are not new assurances they carry no legal way whatsoever they may have the effect of bringing some wavering m.p.'s on side but on current evidence has and by no means a majority. all right for the moment on a whole life. of french president. emanuel mccraw launched a two month nationwide debate aimed at tackling the yellow vest protests in an open letter published in french newspapers macross said he was open to ideas but warned
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he will not back down from his twenty seven thousand election promises france has been rocked by more than two months of yellow vest demonstrations which began over a fuel price hike the letter touches on a variety of issues let's talk about that now with natasha barlow who is live for us in paris and has been following this for us so natasha just what exactly is president mccrum proposing. what. is proposing is a grand national citizens debate that will take place over the next two months of across france and what he does in his letter escaped shouts of the details of that debate he's saying that he wants people to discuss of the four main themes amongst them things like tax social services immigration climate change and people can participate at a local level in meetings organized by mayors in villages and towns across the
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country and also online and they can answer a series of questions he says that everything can be debated in the idea is that the government will look at some of these ideas and turn what a man or mark or says is the anger being seen on the streets into real solutions because what the french president is trying to do here is quell or stop the protests which we've seen across france for more than two months now by responding to one of the main demands from the protesters and that is that they say they want more of a say in the way that their country is run they feel that the government is part of a metropolitan elite the simply doesn't relate to their everyday lives so will this work then know what was the feeling among protesters from this letter. well that's a question obviously a man or michael will be hoping that it does work it's a bit of a risk because if it doesn't so many things recently don't seem to be going his way
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it will certainly be a very difficult time ahead but he is hoping that the majority of protesters will participate in some way in this debate and we're hearing from some who are saying look why not give it a go and some opposition politicians are saying that they will take part but of course there are others that are saying look this is all a big p.r. exercise this is the president just trying to sort of gloss over the reality of things and in fact what they say one of their main criticisms is the letter doesn't say exactly what will be done with some of these ideas once they're collated who's going to make a decision on how they're used will the government actually act upon them they also point out the fact that emanuel mark karr says in his letter that he doesn't want to roll back on any of his reforms or utinam them and some of those reforms have been very controversial things like a change in the speed limits in france or scrapping a wealth tax there very unpopular reforms with many of the yellow vest protesters
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so already some of those people are saying look this whole debate is off to a bad start in the trash obama life. the greek prime minister alexis tsipras has called for a confidence vote in his government his coalition partner quits over a deal with macedonia to change its name the defense minister whose right wing party propped up the separate government has long opposed the agreement that would change the name of its neighbor to north macedonia johnson reports from athens. the name change deal between greece and former yugoslav macedonia was meant to remove what athens considered an implied claim to greek sovereign territory but it's led to a breakdown in greece's coalition government with the defense minister announcing that he and his party are quitting it would have avoided. i think the prime minister for our collaboration and i explained that because of the macedonia name deal our work together cannot continue the independent greeks are withdrawing from
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the government the departure means prime minister alexis to press is left with a minority and may struggle to stay in power and get the deal passed by parliament or. do you have a guess here we will proceed immediately as is prescribed by the constitution with a vote of confidence in my government in order to move forward with a clear majority in resolving all the critical issues facing our country and society. commandoes formed a coalition with us in twenty fifteen and he's never been shy about expressing his views against the name change when the deal was announced last june triggered of vote of confidence in the government took an ambivalent stance supporting the government but opposing the deal now that the deal has been approved in the former yugoslav macedonia has no room for ambivalence his political survival is at stake. last year stance split the party and some independent greeks m.p.'s will support
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the government bringing it closer to a governing majority in this week's vote does seem confident that he can get three hundred fifty one votes and by picking he he has already one hundred forty five m.p.'s so he needs another six and he clearly believes that he can pick up a few votes here and there in order to get to the one hundred fifty one threshold. the deal is meant to end the twenty seven year dispute and lift greece's objections to its neighbor joining nato and the e.u. . on friday the former yugoslav macedonian parliament approved a constitutional amendment to officially change the country's name to the republic of north macedonia now it's up to us to find a majority in the greek parliament to ratify the deal jump. in a few moments while the weather went and also ahead. nearly forty years on the run
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comes to an end for an italian on the revolutionary arrest. but still ahead. this. opposition leader remains defiant after being arrested briefly for questioning the legitimacy of president nicolas maduro. and in sports the latest from the n.f.l. playoffs as the eagles try to keep their title. the nice pink skies by the time. are is the sun sets in the city of angels. hello again it is hot in australia at the moment now it is summer so you'd expect it to be pretty warm but this isn't warm this is definitely hot mobile bar there's a place you may have heard of in december because it got the highest ever temperature that it's ever recorded there forty nine point four now we've got to
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forty nine point two the highest that we've ever seen in a january so temperatures really are extremely high at the moment that these are the temperatures from sunday we also have forty seven that was in parts of queensland down through new south wales forty four and into victoria thirty one in melbourne so really very warm and then as we head through the next twenty four hours it stayed very very warm so on monday you alice springs forty four that's today and down in adelaide thirty nine degrees really very warm and that heat is just going to stick around as we head through the next few days in fact as we head through into choose day you can see the darker red here on temperature chart that's where we're expecting the highest temperatures to be and some places are likely to be around forty six degrees so really very warm and the hotel is also extending down through tasmania where we fought wildfires at the moment now these wildfires were actually sparked off by a thunderstorm but this hot dry weather isn't doing anything to help in the fight against them staying hot too as we head through wednesday with adelaide seeing a temperature of forty degrees it is hot. the weather sponsored by cats on
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a race. portrays of one of the world's oldest cities seen through the eyes of those who know it best they see their thirty fifth district in a few. al-jazeera world goes on the road with palestinian taxi drivers living and working at the heart of one of the most hockey contested locations on a. jerusalem has a palestinian cabbies on al-jazeera. now
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jews iraq and. where ever you are. well again you're watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories this hour turkey says u.s. threats over its operations in syria will not achieve anything it's in response to president trump's tweet threatening to devastate turkey's economy if its forces attack kurdish fighters the. u.s. secretary of state my own pail has met the saudi king and crown prince as part of the latest leg of his middle east toward they talked about the war in yemen and the importance of deescalating military operations. at least fifteen people have been
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killed after a military plane crash near iran's capital tehran state television says severe weather may have played a role it had been attempting to make an emergency landing. our court in the democratic republic of congo is expected to hear the case of a presidential runner up martin for you know he is challenging the result is arguing for a manual recount the electoral commission declared felix she said katie the winner but opposition leader for you knew says his victory was stolen from him. has more from the capital kinshasa. catholic priest the congregation to pray for peace in d.c. as uncertainty grows up with a disputed election result the catholic church deployed forty thousand election observers on voting day last month the tally is his opposition leader martin five one sixty one percent of the vote almost twice as many as the official result of
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thirty four percent in the presidential run up attend the church on sunday he accuses feel it is a kid. of making a deal with the outgoing president joseph kabila to steal the election for you know has gone to the constitutional court to appeal to judges to order a recount of all of we have faith our phrase is on shaky ground because the people have decided and the wishes of the people will come true i am a man of faith. the church is a respected institution in the d.c. when bishops speak many people listen the catholic church has influence here some bishops aren't afraid to speak out when others don't but opinions are divided a whether the church should be involved in politics at the largest catholic church in the capital kinshasa religion and politics divides opinion. on what i think the church is involvement in politics is right and normal it should be done to help and political problems affecting our country according to me i don't think it's right
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for a child to be to get those problems. because putting people in confusion caused to end the political crisis are growing the southern african development community once a recount of the votes or a government of national unity formed the regional bodies approval of the electoral process is crucial for the legitimacy of the government and the new president. police in zimbabwe have fired tear gas to break up protesters angry about high fuel prices the cost of petrol and diesel more than doubled on sunday as president emerson mangled was government battles with crippling shortages that have seen motorists sleeping in fuel queues frustrated demonstrators and barricaded roads and set tires on file. a kenya's army has been taking over security at its border with somalia in recent years after attacks by
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a bad it's helped reduce the armed groups ability to operate in kenya but it remains a threat elsewhere in east africa rami reports from nairobi. president uhuru kenyatta began the new year by thanking kenya soldiers for their service and telling civilians they too have a role to play in the country's security further every kenyan in twenty nineteen and beyond to continue to remain vigilant let the authorities know if you see a suspicious person in your village or neighborhood be aware of is around you and do not allow terrorists or criminals to hide amongst us. attacks by the armed group at a shopping mall and a university in kenya in two thousand and thirteen and twenty fifteen killed more than two hundred people and change the way the government deploys its security forces the army took over from the police to launch
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a multi agency operation around boney forest on the somali border once a safe haven for al shabaab kenyan security forces have taken back territory destroyed temporary training camps and stop the free movement of armed fighters coming over the border from somalia people who had moved from their farms to. temporarily in time of the spring because comps i.d.p.'s up. to normal. kenyans living near the front line are grateful for the heightened security but those displaced by the fighting say they still can't sleep at night. we have issues with water we use water from bore holes and a hospital is small we need more facilities to check our health to treat even basic health needs. pushing back into somalia has also given way to unforeseen threats closer to home the farmers who fled the fighting and are still living in camps say while the police and army were focused on external threats armed kenyan herders
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took their fields to graze animals and now that's the reason they're too afraid to go home. we left off. we had security now the security has really improved but we can't go back because the security operations are still ongoing. though the border with somalia is secure for now experts say the fight is far from over at this point in time but it is the. initiative because they are now able to pick. the place the time type of target the goal for preventing all from operating and recruiting in kenya has made it a blueprint for east africa but with security operations likely to continue for the foreseeable future people displaced by years of fighting wanting to go home may have to wait a little longer zain bus robbi old zero nairobi a fighting has broken out at a funeral for a senior rebel commander in indian administered kashmir it happened as government
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forces tried to stop mourners from attending the ceremony dosage of body explains what happened. was. paying their respects thousands defied barriers and roadblocks to gather in the hometown of rebel commanders in atl islam he was one of the two men killed in a gun battle with government troops late on saturday. was a. zenith all islam was a pious muslim and one of the greatest fighters what compulsion made zenit to take up arms these young men are taking up arms because of the ongoing oppression from india on the state of jungle in kashmir from one nine hundred forty seven till now it is this oppression that is compelling people to take up arms. but a police spokesman described the rebel leader as a terrorist who carried out attacks against security and civil and targets
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thousands of people marched in his village to offer a few prayers as the government suspend the train services and reportedly blocked internet access in the region. kashmir and muslim majority himalayan region is controlled by india and pakistan in parts and claimed by both inform. some kashmiri groups have been fighting for independence from india or for unification with neighboring pakistan dorsetshire pari al jazeera. our children support groups in indonesia are urging the government to include disaster education in the school curriculum many children were killed during an earthquake last year because they didn't know how to protect themselves steverson has the story from. i a disaster drill at this school in jack after earthquakes happen all over him but of the six thousand schools and only one hundred sixty five have been taught how to
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respond in case of an emergency for many children into a disaster drills are too late. so five us are studying intense after their schools collapsed during the seven point five earthquake on september twenty eighth teachers and children say there was panic when the quake struck. that. my mom disappeared into the mud that suddenly appeared around us and then me and my brother to my uncle came in we screamed for help he rescued us and brought us to a safe place it's important to be taught about disasters so we're not confused about what to do and where to go. the earthquake struck at six in the evening. the next morning. but i have to be honest when the earthquake struck i was not prepared at all we were all confused we panicked as a teacher even if we face a disaster we need to know how to act i should be better prepared. more than
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eighteen million children and one million teachers in indonesia are at the high risk that their schools will be damaged during an earthquake most schools have yet to be built using earthquake proof materials luckily classes here had already finished when this school started in just a few moments. here on the powerful reminder that this can happen anywhere anytime. but even after a long history of this most still don't know how to protect themselves when it happens again. that's why volunteers and. skills and discuss escape routes with victims who have lived through previous disasters around recent survey done by the national disaster agency shows that seventy seven. percent of indonesians say they don't feel that they're well prepared for a natural disaster and ninety percent says disaster education is important still the government has yet to include this in the national curriculum when both of.
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them by until now it is optional for schools to teach about disasters especially in high risk areas so far we've not thought any further than this but yes we get a lot of pressure from many organizations to make this part of the formal curriculum. the ministers as children have to learn so much already that he does not want to burden them even more they have a jacket that it is a master drill and swiss song teaching children what to do in case an earthquake or tsunami happens simple reminders that can make the difference between life or death stuff last one hundred zero zero solo ac.
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again the leader of venezuela's opposition who was briefly detained on sunday has renewed his calls for a change of government the arrest of one of guar though on a busy highway comes just days after he directly challenge the legitimacy of president nicolas maduro writes about reports. one way though arrived at the regional capital of various states around it by his supporters the president of the almost powerless national assembly was supposed to lead an open forum denouncing the quagmire the us had dictator when he was briefly detained by
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intelligence officers along the way. if you. hear of the symbols of oppression but here today in the water of the symbols of courage of resistance of strength if they want to send a message that we should hide here is the answer of the people here we are there are paragraphs he's a rest provoked an outcry from the u.s. state department and countries in the region that denounce the arbitrary detention why those brief detention is likely to increase tensions between the government of nicola my daughter and the opposition that insists that it won't recognize my little as one as well as president why there has already said that he's ready to take over as interim president and call for you elections. but the national assembly is considered to be in contempt by the administration that has already threatened to shut it down they claim a coup is underway to remove my daughter from our face. a group of public servants act.


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