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tv   The Stream 2019 Ep 9  Al Jazeera  January 15, 2019 10:32pm-11:01pm +03

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there are but for now back here in studio lovely thank you very much i am here with their first in dhabi and this is the scene now in westminster where there has just been one vote on a change but that appears to have gone perhaps to reason may's way because lawmakers m.p.'s from her own party tried to force the government to change it deal to make it conditional on britain having the unilateral right to end the so-called northern irish backstop this is the mechanism that is in place to prevent a hard border and so she and that would have been very this is one of those contentious parts of the reason may's withdrawal withdrawal deal and that would have been very controversial but that has been voted down by a huge margin parliament voted some six hundred versus twenty four against the amendments lawrence lees following all of this force in westminster and now we
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await the final vote on the terms of britain's withdrawal from the european union this the deal that reason may struck with you count arts. yes and just only amendment this has happened it is quite remarkable actually because there was so many supporters of a hard breck's it's all perfectly can seven p's who said that they absolutely hayseed the facts that the european union would be able to effectively have a veto over the u.k. leaving the customs union these trading arrangements and they were imploring series of major changes in demand that they european union say legally that the u.k. would have the right to leave when it felt like it and that's why it's a reason may kept going back and forward to brussels all the time to speak to these people and she couldn't get anywhere with them and then she had a colleague and they were with them you know that this is this is a it's and that in the end only twenty four m.p.'s you have to assume all conservatives votes it's for that amendment and so in the end
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a lot more m.p.'s have have decided against that even though a lot of them will vote against her when in the divisional of his where where they are. at the moment but anyway just just while we wait saying that just a quick reminder of what series a maze deal is and in some ways you could argue given that the terms of the referendum in twenty sixteen was so vague and opaque do you want to leave the european union a stay in it's and it wasn't as all specified for example whether that meant staying in the customs union or the single market or leaving it for any of those things and some reason may i think took a guess what she thought people meant when they voted to leave the european union and overwhelmingly she believes that people voted to leave the european union because they wanted to stop immigration of e.u. nationals in an uncontrolled fashion and they wanted to take back the money that
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the u.k. gives to the european union because it's a donor to the european union rather than the receiver of money and they wanted to take back laws from the european union and they didn't necessarily vote. it's to stop any sort of trading arrangement with the european union and so she contracts a deal with the european union the did all those things that allows the u.k. to stop free movements that guarantees the rights of u.k. citizens inside the european union and that takes back the money and takes back the laws at least for the toilet for a while keep the trading arrangement open while the u.k. can figure out what to do instead and she went to them and said how about it you know what you think that's that's what people more or less voted for isn't it. and they all said no it isn't you know and as a said before it's like a child being being promised are going to be given a racing car for christmas and then that given being given a rusty bicycle instead of being told you you've got to get on that you know no thanks i don't i don't want to get on that at all and i think to a large extent she must have been taken very much by surprise with the level of
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opposition that there's been over the last few months to her deal big because speakers she took up on that that was what people were voting for and plainly she was wrong because leavers say it's no good because it does it doesn't give us any control over a future and remain is say is worse than the deal we have inside the european union at the moment and so she's found herself basically completely maroons and that and that's that then that's the problem she's facing. i suppose she has trying to find a compromise between those that want to cut ties with the european union patrols and maintain a relationship i'm just just just hold on for forgive me to forget and i'm just looking at a monitor in front of me which is cut back to the commons because all the m.p.'s have now gone back in which means that i think the tellers are now in the process either of counting the votes or they're about to come back in from the back of the shot so then if you've got the shot up at the moment they'll come in from behind
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the speaker's chair and they will stand in front of the speaker and unless i'm completely misunderstood the process the speaker will say they are these other people who are voting for to raise and me. may's deal in the nose will be the people who are voting against a reason may steal so in a minutes when they come we'll find out exactly what the level on the assumption that she loses and there hasn't been some massive last minute change of thoughts particularly conservative m.p.'s into to support her in the end we will find out exactly how much she's lost by so let's just keep an eye on that for a second yes that's right pitches that we're seeing show will not be pretty much packed with members and on and. on to resume a stale but a question of course arises where exactly does she go in this is what everybody is asking tonight she's got to stand up and say something once the level of the loss
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is known and everybody seems to think that if it's more than a hundred and particularly if it's something like two hundred votes that she loses by if she then stands up and says ok on going back off suits or to the european commission and the european union to see what else they can offer. that people will just burst out laughing i'm sure in the chamber because they've already said there's nothing else that the cattle for some hard line breaks to seize on a remark today by the german foreign minister who said that it's possible that the that the your opinion might be in the position to think again and have a little reagan renegotiation of to she loses but it's it's it is pretty much impossible to say that they can offer something very different. to what they've offered so far because you take the main point for the european union is that they have to guarantee the rights of the republic of ireland as
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a member states of the european union and what they won't have is the emergence of a hard border between northern ireland and southern islands because that would be catastrophic not only for the peace process but for the public in on him as well and so they have to make sure that the customs union and free movement of goods across that border is maintained up and would. the eyes to the right two hundred into. the nose to the left four hundred and thirty to. the guy to the right to wonder and to good god. you know use the right to under it and to the no use to the left four hundred
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thirty two so the no use having the nose have it. on a point in the point of order the prime minister thank you mr speaker mr speaker the house has spoken and the government will listen it is clear that the house does not support this deal but tonight's vote tells us nothing about what it does support nothing about how. nothing about how or even if it intends to honor the decision the british people took in a referendum parliament decided to hold and people particularly citizens who've made their home here and u.k. citizens living in the e.u. deserve clarity on these questions as to thank. god. people shouting there will be an opportunity for all the points of order but the prime minister must and will be heard the prime minister here those whose jobs rely on our trade with the e.u.
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and that clarity so with your permission mr speaker i'd like to set out briefly how the government intends to proceed first we need to confirm whether this government still enjoys the confidence of the house i believe that it does but given the scale and importance of tonight's vote it's right that others have the chance to test that question if they wish to do so i can therefore confirm that if the official opposition table a confidence motion this evening in the full required by the fixed term parliaments act the government will make time to debate that motion tomorrow. and if this happened before christmas the official opposition declined to do so we will on this occasion consider making time tomorrow to debate any motion in the form required from the other opposition parties should they put one. second into a second if the house confirms its confidence in this government i will then hold meetings with my colleagues our confidence and supply part of the u.p.a. and senior parliamentarians from across the house to identify what would be
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required to secure the backing of the house the government will approach these meetings in a constructive spirit but given. given the only urgent need to make progress we must focus on ideas that genuinely negotiable and have sufficient support in this house third if these meetings yield such ideas the government will then explore them with the european union mr speaker i want to end by offering two reassurances the first is to those who fear that the government's strategy is to run down the clock to the twenty ninth of march. that is not our strategy i've always believed that the best way forward is to leave in an orderly way with a good deal. and have devoted much of the last two years negotiating such a deal as you confirm to mr speaker the amendment to the business motion table to nast week by my watch honorable and learned friend the member for beckons field is
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not legally binding but the government respects the will of the house we will therefore make a statement about the way forward and table in amendable motion by monday the second reassurance is to the british people who voted to leave the european union in the referendum two and a half years ago i became prime minister immediately after that referendum i believe it's my duty to deliver on their instruction and i intend to do syria every day that passes without this issue being resolved means more uncertainty more bitterness and more rancor. the government of her has heard what the house has said tonight but i ask members on all sides of the house to listen to the british people who want this issue separately. and to work with the government to do just that. they will come to other colleagues first of all who are the leader of the opposition gentlemen. thank you mr speaker the results of tonight's vote is the
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greatest defeat for a government since the nineteen twenties in this house this is a catastrophic defeat for this government after two years of failed negotiations the house of commons as delivered its verdict on her breakfast deal and that verdict is absolutely decisive i hear the words the prime minister but actions of our government of the past two years speak equally clearly. she is only attempting to reach out now to try to keep her failed process and deal alive after it's been so roundly rejected by parliament on behalf of the people of this country labor has laid out our priorities consistently no deal. no deal must be taken. no deal must be taken off the table a permanent customs union must be secured and people's rights and protections must be guaranteed so they do not fall behind at every turn the prime minister has
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closed the door on dialogue business is beg her to negotiate a comprehensive customs union trade union leaders pressed her for the same thing they were ignored in the last two years she's only had one priority the conservative party. has governing principle of delay and denial has reached the end of the line she cannot seriously believe that after two years of failure she is capable of to go. a good deal for the people of this country the most important issue facing our state is that the government has lost the confidence of this house in this country i therefore mr speaker i inform you i have now totaled a bunch of no confidence in this. gun. and i'm pleased that motion will be debated tomorrow so this house can give its
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verdict on the sheer incompetence of discovery and. us motion of no confidence in the government. of the just come to the lead i will come to the right on a. point of order the leader of the house. with commission mr speaker i should like to make a short business statement regarding the business for tomorrow and the remainder of this week i'm really grateful to you right on the lady and she called you psychic as to what i'm thinking are so we have now the results of the vote the u.k. parliament has rejected terrorism ase breaks it deal this deal on the terms of the withdrawal from the european union and there you have it two hundred two votes in favor of three's a maze deal four hundred thirty two against that means that the prime minister lost by some two hundred thirty votes the reason may have made
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a brief statement after the vote took place she essentially reprimanded parliament for not supporting her deal and the will of the british people as she put it and the labor leader the leader of the main opposition party jeremy corbyn confirming that he would table a vote of no confidence in the government let's now speak to lawrence li who is following all this for us in westminster and corbin described this is the greatest defeat for a government sense the nineteen twenties what does this mean for to reason. mainlines it is absolutely catastrophic actually i think it's the biggest loss in parliamentary history though maybe slightly wrong but you know you have got to nineteen twenty four if you were to find any sort of historical parallel is catastrophic for tourism a it's a bigger margin to face than any projection that i've seen over the last as last forty eight hours or so it's crushing and you know she says she had no choice even
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before jeremy called being stood up she knew he was going to table a version of confidence in her but she preempted him by saying that's fine allow allow over the debates over votes no confidence in this in this government and obviously they'll fight it's but it's worse than she could ever ever have anticipated and you know the funniest thing all these all these protests is you can maybe see the back of the shop behind these loads and loads of people there waving your opinion if i don't want to leave it's all and then there's people who are real hard line backs as well who want to leave you know in the world trade organization sermons you couldn't tell he was cheering because because he's the one thing they both want is the is the deal to get voted down he managed to alienate people who want to stay in and people want to leave him in a hardline fashion and that really was reflected in that vote let's bring back john of the list from from british influence what what what what do you think about all this now this is absolutely extraordinary. calamity in any normal times to reason they would have to resign immediately this is what happens when you draw
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incompatible red lines this is what happens when you lie repeatedly for three years this is what happens when you claim something is easy when it's actually phenomenally difficult to recently had numerous opportunities in twenty sixteen to level with m.p.'s to level with the public to say this is incredibly difficult couldn't be done and that and that people to compromise are tough you may she didn't do that and in doing so she remain as leaders and no one is happy and they voted with both feet all of them. across the board just help talk us through the process of what's now going to happen on the on wednesday in the common journey called in the stables a conference that's not going to turn into a full blown parliamentary debate says yes it may preempted kuvin by saying that she would allow time for a no confidence motion to morrow she in a way that was in her interest because she probably won't start very because she'll still almost certainly win it so that will take up a lot of parliamentary time tomorrow we expect the government to win that but
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really then the phone source because the reason may doesn't have a plan b. she said mrs march she still even with a two hundred thirty seat children last is still going to try and bring her very bad but the thing they tell you about the thing is the e.u. has absolutely zero incentive to poggio because even if they were to give everything that may wanted the scale of the defeat indicates that it still wouldn't pass the commons so it's artsy no chance they're going to budge and so she's going to have to live this turkey but the commons for another drubbing there is no way the commons will ever endorse it ok that's that starts a very good point that the journalist is making there whatever happens and we don't know what's going to happen now the deal the tourism a constructed with the european union in the terms that she framed it appears to be that most of us in a bit a go thank you very much lawrence leigh in westminster lauren taylor at number ten downing street the prime minister's official residence and lauren it seems as
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though tourism a has suffered a crushing defeat any other leader in the past would be perhaps forced to leave office now but that's not likely to happen with two reason may. yes i think that's right a minister interesting that she has decided to stay on and what she's talked about is allowing this vote of no confidence and then talking to others to try and establish what other ideas are out there and she's had it was forced to deny even in her statement that she's not trying to run down the clock towards the brits it day to should be twenty ninth of march but of clear of course that's what her critics have accused her in the past of doing and in germany corben picked up on the fact that she's not talking to other people who are in the past she said she wasn't prepared to listen to other ideas but the irony here is that in in a way that actually there isn't necessarily an answer coming from parliament we've had the situation where the referendum was on or a kind of an idea you know very clear headline ideas people didn't really want to talk about the small print you think then if you put it back to parliament they
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would come up with a way of finding a way of implementing a bricks it deal and and getting down to the nitty gritty and finding a way to get round the small print which they got bogged down in one small print is not been able to see at the bigger picture perhaps two is may has been trying to argue that but actually in the end none of them liked the deal that she had in place and that's that's been the problem here and the extension of that problem is that no one has come up with a with a credible turn to be interesting to see when they have these discussions with the opposition now and with other members of parliament and with the opponents of the deal whether anybody's got some clever idea at this stage that they haven't come up with in the last couple of years we will be waiting to see what happens and when to reason i was speaking in parliament that just a few minutes ago that would jay as when she said that she was looking to speak to people and find constructive solutions i suppose that's because she has been accused of excluding parliament from the process so far could this be the moment
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she she finally reaches out across the party divide. well i think i mean that's certainly the position she's she's taken and the kind of justification i suppose for not resigning at this stage but have been trying to see also what to the responses from the european union because at the moment they've said in the past that they're not prepared to reopen the negotiations on those dual agreement but equally nobody in europe are speaking keen on the idea of britain crashing out of the e.u. without any kind of deal on the table so perhaps that will focus minds and give her some wiggle room to to come up with something else that they can look at and vote on eventually but it is hard to see what they might come up with now that would be acceptable to you to the ranks of people who've already rejected most ideas so far thank you very much lauren taylor at downing street david chaytor is european union headquarters in the belgian capital and the reason may suffering in parliament an overwhelming defeat for the deal that she struck with europe just
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a few months ago how my officials be potting their next move now that. well i think they'll look with dismay over what has just happened a crushing defeat for the plan that they have been working out to reason may for so many months now it's not just a rejection of the british prime minister it's a rejection of all of those months of negotiation by two reason me and her ministers so where does that leave. her who is came back to brussels this afternoon hoping to hold a emergency talks after this vote well the prime minister's going to be too busy to come calling in brussels it looks like because he's got a no confidence vote to face she's going to reach out across parties across the benches to come up with some more ideas because she didn't have a plan b. there were no more ideas this is this is footwork which should have been done at
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least sixteen months ago so i think that the european union must look only with dismay at what has happened there's no way that they can come up in the next three days of parliamentary time before they have to vote again on this turkey that reason may has produced and it's simply not possible or plausible that the european commission and the e.u. and nato and the seven other states can agree to the sort of concessions that will change that parliamentary with magick the deal is doomed and there's not enough time to come up with another deal but what will be the solution maybe they'll push back the withdrawal agreement from march the twenty ninth to another date giving more time for negotiation but then they go to run up against the european elections at the end of may and if if the united kingdom is still a member of the e.u.
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at that stage they will have to take part in that election what a farce this is so i think there's going to be some very serious thinking. tonight in brussels and across the european union about the fact that it's looking very likely there are no deal breakers it is far fetched approaching how on earth can they read. this this agreement in time to actually stop that new deal directly if it doesn't look likely now unless some more ideas come up from the apart from parliament and across the benches this really is a disaster not just with trees of may but also for the european union because as one of the finance ministers the head of the eurozone group who saying today that they are going to move the trajectory of this debate they've got to come up open all the dossiers again make some calm and thoughtful decisions because nobody here
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in the european union brussels wants the deal breaks it but that looks like what they're going to get at the moment thank you very much david chaytor there for us in brussels and this is the scene now in the houses of commons in westminster some two and a half years more than two and a half years after the bracks that referendum that was a vote tonight on tourism a's breaks it deal with the european union at the initial times of a withdrawal agreement from the e.u. this seen as one of the most historic top parliamentary vote in years and the prime minister has faced a crushing defeat it was expected she pleaded with m.p.'s of her own party to back her deal but they joined with the opposition tonight to vote against it and this is a crushing defeat for her the leader of the main opposition party jeremy corbin as now confirmed that he will table a vote of no confidence in the government and so here we have
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a prevailing sense of well uncertainty and political turmoil much more coming up in just a couple of minutes stay with us. it could be the biggest lie in history. as powerful nations lay claim to territories under the oceans twenty one geologists are secret borders. as the struggle for resources intensifies some of the world's most powerful scientists speak our. oceans manakin on. talking about ivory poachers who have decimated populations of elephants in africa they almost always ship the ivory out of a different country from where it was poached because that's where you start the search looking in the wrong place this radio carbon dating method tell us if trade
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of ivory is legal or not then we have a place we can focus law enforcement on take those out and perhaps choke the source of the ip from tensioning the network take no one else is the. day one of a new era in television news we badly need at this moment leadership and values this encampment that we're in today it didn't exist three weeks ago now there's at least twenty thousand or hinder refugees who live here on al-jazeera i got to commend you almost all i'm hearing is good journalism president hosni mubarak has resigned. so. off the old allies the attempts of cover ups and the high water diplomacy. his loved ones some form of closure we saw the syrian army flag that high in the city as well as posters of syrian president bashar assad to record the. movements a good two missiles the plan is about
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a hundred meters away from us we're on the front line but some attacks and that the market doesn't happen now becky quickly. the eyes to the right two hundred into. the nose to the left four hundred and thirty two. that was the moment the u.k.'s prime minister faced a disastrous defeat in parliament off to m.p.'s overwhelmingly rejected how breaks it deal this is how the vote came down just a short time ago to confirm these are the figures two hundred two votes in favor of to me the reason may's deal but four hundred thirty two against means that the prime minister lost by two hundred thirty votes.


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