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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 16, 2019 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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where you are and what happened in parliament a hundred eighty kilometers away i mean are people any clearer in their thought process as to what the government needs to do next when it comes to bricks it. well the word you keep airing on the streets here in darby about last night it's shambles and there is a real sense of frustration among many of the people that we have spoken to that the will of the people back in twenty sixteen whether that was to vote to leave or remain simply in their minds has not been honored i was just speaking to four people pensioners in a cafe here all together but three of them would stick to their original vote back and twenty sixteen interestingly i remain said she would now leave because she said of the way to reason may has been treated disgustingly she said by the e.u. in the way britain has been treated and then in the negotiations so real sense of frustration some people those saying they want to stay in the stability other people don't still very many saying they want to leave the e.u.
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and very cross with the way things have been handled the business community though here also divided about whether to stay in or leave but they really want to see some kind of stability and certainty and they simply aren't getting that at the moment well from i will leave it there and he would in darby thank you. for the past four weeks has been witnessing a wave of anti-government protests some opposition groups are supporting the demonstrators but others are keeping their distance to morgan takes a closer look sudan's political landscape. for as long as sudan's government has been in power the omar party has been one of its main oppositions established in one nine hundred forty five it's leading members see the government led by president obama to bashir who has been in power for nearly thirty years needs to step down and they're not going to wait for elections scheduled for next year to see it happen and we have been leading the the month of the people. of the
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step down of this until this year because as you know he's he's failed all through the last thirty years in all aspects of life in sudan so there is no need for. in an sensical elections which is lacking any freedom or any integrity in it as happened in the previous. election of twenty sixteen and the one before. the party is not the only group into then demanding the government step down since mid december thousands have protested on the streets the demonstration was sparked by an economic issue that's quickly morphed into a political crisis for the government with a slogan similar to those chanted by protesters in the arab spring the revolutions that brought down regimes in neighboring countries they too have been demanding the government and its rule but officials here accuse the protestors of being traitors who have been influenced by what it calls external forces security members have
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used tear gas and live ammunition to disperse protesters officials but the death toll at twenty four since the protests began in december activists see at least fifty five people have been killed so to me the opposition are divided over how the government should respond to the wave of protests that have been taking place in many cities across again over the past four weeks some on the one five say the government should listen to the demands of the people and step down others have a different day. some opposition parties who are part of the coalition government that includes more than twenty parties have condemned the violence that came with the protests but see they would wait for elections to see a transfer of power. second to my employer i'm not no we don't want any sudanese blood to be shed in vain the blood of sudanese is precious but we also want stability and change from within so we remain part of the government anything else would tear apart the stability of sudan with.
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some. opposition groups are not at all. down and others have kept quiet siding with them there are also armed opposition. in the country. to president bush. and with more than a. little more. book
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about this type of sport has jack to help thank you the defending champions were both in action at the australian open on wednesday roger federer and caroline wozniacki betting to reach the third round and it was a much simpler toss for one than the other poor race reports. for roger federer anything other than a straight sets victory would have been something of a slip up as he took on qualified don evans one of the men who will carry british tennis hopes after andy murray's imminent for a time and. but evans pushed federal hard taking both the first and second sets to
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a tie break federer shaded both of those and was then in no mood to go down to the wire again in the third eye evans is just one hundred ninety nine in the world after returning from a drug bombs on the third seeded swiss showed his superiority in the end winning seven six seven six six three. one of the first major shocks of the year came as a twenty year old american francis t.f.r. was dumped out south africa's fifth seed kevin anderson last year's wimbledon finalist losing in four sets to the world number thirty nine. the women's defending champion caroline wozniacki was up against your loss in denmark versus sweden in a risk on the navy and much upper to slam danish supremacy was never really in doubt although lawson made wozniacki work for the winner. convincing six one six three victory the world number three. only a fifth seed sloane stephens was taking on her former doubles partner to me
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a boss of hungary the american wasn't going to let friendship get in the way of progress winning six three six one to cruise into the third round. all race al-jazeera asian cup champions a straight here have kept alive the defense of their title well played either beckett stand or japan in the last sixteen of the continent's top football tournament but they had to work hard to get past syria and a bizarre refereeing decision also made things tougher on tuesday trailing two one deep into the second half syria were awarded a penalty despite their player tripping over his own teammates in the box australia are good but the rested firm and omar al so much converted from the spot to level the match to two australia's tom ragatz eventually won the match for his team smacking home a wonder strike from outside the area to secure a three two win. palestine and kept alive their hopes of reaching the knockout stage of the asian cup a goalless draw with jordan gave them
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a chance of making it beyond the group stage the first time in their history the result from palestine's final group game means they finish third in group a jordan advance as group winners for best third place teams go through so palestine now have a nervous wait while the other group games are completed to see if their two points will be enough. correspondent charles stratford was in palestine watching with the fans in gaza as they played that game against. this is only the second time the palestine has qualified that he's a god but in two thousand and fifteen they didn't get a single point having lost will they see what already people here are saying this couple's been a success because they got a single point having jordan with syria deal or let's not forget the guards that i saw for the one day israel's line here and see blockade conditions they think will leave here in gaza are a holy so you can imagine what a day like today he doesn't know how that will speak to you and i are very proud to
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be to come out the full day to say i promise line only got three for recognition in one nine hundred ninety eight players come from gaza the occupied west bank some live in israel and four players live in chile and a bit tacky we are of course very happy to be here supporting our team the team represents the palestinian people have it to present policy and unity the first half was ok but she said difficult game for us but in comparison to the twenty fifteen asia cup our team is much better now. but safe from kanu unison southern gaza he was shot in both legs by an israeli sniper during a protest at the border months ago well i don't like to think it is our duty as kind of syrians to support our team and having a sick or injured we have to support them they are our heroes representing us in front of the world and so in their low score in tonight's match but there are many people here that are actually celebrating this result when you bear in mind that
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the last time the jordan and palestine played in the two thousand and fifteen asian games jordan beat them five one this result means that palestine finished third in their group and they still stand the charts of progressing into the last sixteen for that we're going to have to wait for another couple of days was the other match is a plate trial stop at al-jazeera gaza. malaysia's foreign minister says the country will not host any events in the future involving israel confirming that the country will not change its mind over ban on israeli athletes at a para swimming competition the competition in july is a qualifying event for the twenty twenty paralympics in tokyo malaysia is a strong supporter of palestine does not have diplomatic relations with israel. but . for any international programs that malaysia has committed to harvest and if those events have an israeli delegation sports or any other events our cabinet has decided that israeli delegates will not be allowed in malaysia it's only illegal it
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is event is the preparing to face ac milan in the super copper a much is being held in saudi arabia later last you need talian football league greta twenty two million dollars deal to play three of the next five italian super cups in the country since the murder of saudi journalist. is faced a backlash from those at home including the country's former sports minister still star players including christiane are and also have held a public training session in jeddah female spectators will be allowed into some parts of the stadium for the game after the kingdom lifted a ban on women attending football matches. went out of ac milan to watch t.v. and they seem a lot and eventis are now in jeddah but if we go back one year we were not even dreaming of seeing them we only watched international matches on television from home but now it's a woman's right to watch international matches and as you can see it's not a big issue the golden state warriors that a new n.b.a.
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record with fifty one points in the first quarter as they rounded the denver nuggets one hundred forty two to one hundred eleven meanwhile milwaukee inflicted the largest margin of defeat for the hate this season yanis on to columbo posted his thirteenth career triple double to lead the bucs to one hundred twenty four to eighty six winners in miami milwaukee also improve their home record to a league leading twenty four. joel embiid schoolfellows he won points and thirteen rebounds philadelphia the minnesota timberwolves and beat getting his thirty seventh double double in this game all right that is so useful for now. thanks very much to be watching the news on with me and joe concha. side of the break hope you can join us to let us return.
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security forces in kenya killed the attackers behind a hotel siege which left at least fourteen others dead. and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. presidents prime minister faces a no confidence vote on the projects how brax a deal. people tell us to expect. and frustrated in your leaders tell to reason may the ball is in your court. find out how the u.s. trade war with china is affecting auto sales were at the detroit.
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and attack the last in more than seventeen hours as a nairobi hotel as ken is present to her kenyatta has offered his condolences to the families of victims and promised to find all of those who were responsible and started when attackers talks in three cars and destinations a bomb in the lobby at least fourteen people were killed. we will seek out every person that was involved in the flow funding planning and execution of this hideous but we will pursue relentlessly wherever they will be until they are held to account we will continue taking every step to make our nation inhospitable to terrorist groups and their networks. opposition leaders
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called for unity following the attack. because in the strongest terms possible this just acts of courage of a trip to enemies of the human civilisation. the message of divisions of all sorts did their allegiance ethnic region on gender or human political and social divisions are all terrorist same and some families depend on standing together then it is just agents of doom. u.k. government is facing a vote of no confidence off the parliament and physically rejected the trees in my breaks at dale well distance will debate the motion later on wednesday and it could trigger a general election if as expected she survives the prime minister will have a week to come up with a new bracks it plan will brennan reports. the ice to the right two hundred into.
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the nose to the left four hundred and thirty two. the two hundred and thirty vote margin of defeat was an emphatic rejection of teresa mayes bret's its strategy but still the british prime minister is refusing to resign instead throwing down a challenge to the crowd a chamber every day that passes without this issue being resolved means more uncertainty more bitterness and more rancor the government of hurt has heard what the house has said tonight but i ask members on all sides of the house to listen to the british people who want this issue settled. and to work with the government to do just that the opposition.


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