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tv   Taiwan Spies Lies Cross Straits Ties  Al Jazeera  January 17, 2019 1:32am-2:00am +03

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job get married have kids when parents and die. if you don't know anything oh you don't contribute. i think such kind of life yes i mean the last. let's just. say thank you thank you to a guy let me say thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you for a moment this has been i think a good thing time because i got my post all the time to cons on all sides are going to go home. so you. know what they are
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he doesn't have an atrocity. there isn't is going to buy the we're. in fighting for democracy but also.
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. i was shocked when i saw the news at home i was like what i feel imagine that people hong kong people could. do such violent things on the street like burning start throwing bricks i tied the police because i was such a by contrast to umbrella protest it was really peaceful but that night was really fallen. and i think. people try. other ways other peaceful peaceful ways already and they realized that it doesn't work so they had to do it. is kind of the
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thought government force people to be following. i'm sick of it all. it's just too ridiculous. it's like a group of really stupid people who are controlling the city. on the roof you can see a lot of working robots. walking around with zero and the purpose. then you think it was life or just work. when i see zero boss i would think i don't want to be one to spy on the roof a single book. the same set many people don't know the meaning for their
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lives you put meaning in it you have to find a meaning for. i have. oh. i don't suppose. if you try to. set all fire with fire then you get more fire could be joining you with an injured man i will a type and idea through the engine. see that will fasten a high they've put it. on you know but let's go with the car or they don't like to head down the hall walk where they go say it was
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a really good job return of my time trying to hook. me i'm up all on. top of me on my own what are. you going to deny here time and the guy goes hey we're going to the turning out for you until they've moved you lie you were told something. i'm going to. i'm going. to come to him with. his team on the moon god thing i'm going to paint on him oh well you assume. things then when the home heating cooling will go
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but i'm not going. to have. him go home only tabled i. think those who knew how they are going to bring you know. only today is the election day and we have. the kind of. ah there is really not no my son. he's not going to win tonight but if it's like our referendum for some people to show the real cross the wire there is one other thing. is that if you support the ryan plan for the wire for the mistakes. i.
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know my.
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wife. because of the process i thought i'd. cut. cut cut cut cut off. from probably also for used to be our butts according to friends but now you
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can see that is changing. all. we need to do for our best to make some change when leaving is still possible maybe it's not a choice. it's a kind of self-expression. know it in hong kong. just off a national center we have a lot of. us. saw that photo of. this this cultural chop hong kong how much. we have paid for
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stuff oh this are amazing in paper and we've been here for ancestor they save it in the other world. like for money. no they also have so i phone. i pad everything in cambridge and things and often you know tradition. is a congo identity. we can change by change ourselves. learn more speak more to have nice child ties and keep this culture we always stuff from ourselves. smaller things we'll change just like butterfly effect. in my books i
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always write i say shut. up enjoy life be yourself take up much.
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i think the future is will be getting better because. i don't see it. because. to be a child is to be innocent and carefree but it comes to an abrupt end with the burden of younger children. with a mother behind bars four siblings must spend for each other and decide whether to stick together. with the family in the hope of a chance across the us mexico border the other side of the world
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a witness documentary on al-jazeera. sure true names at home. and inspiration. personal stories of people who have keeping the spirit of freedom alive. by courageously defending their rights to be heard. as discipline but the beginning of al-jazeera selects. when the news breaks and the story that's when people need to be heard and the
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story needs to be told. with exclusive interviews and in-depth reports. al-jazeera has teens on the ground to bring you more award winning documentaries. and light needs on air and online. as we look ahead to today's vote back in the government today would enable us to find a way forward on the rights that. britain's prime minister fights for her political life after parliament crushed her a new withdrawal deal. there
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was. zero life from a headquarters and. also ahead an attack in the northern syrian city of u.s. military members dead. while in neighboring lebanon we visit syrian refugees struggling under a horrid winter conditions. will. be. whatever they will be until they. come kenya's president vows to bring to justice attackers who killed fourteen people at a nairobi hotel. hello british politicians are debating a no confidence motion against prime minister to resign may's government after parliament overwhelmingly rejected her bricks and deal standing firm against the challenge prime minister may says now is not the time for
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a leadership change today and as we look ahead to the days vote back in the government today it would enable us to find a way forward on breaks it and on the issues that she says that matter. and ensure that this country has the government it needs to take its forward to take it forward to deliver on the referendum and the opposition leader jeremy corbyn who brought that motion says to reason may has wasted two years and bricks at negotiations that have gone nowhere. nothing demonstrates the sharing comet's of this government quite like the brakes at negotiations yesterday's story and humiliating defeat was the result of two years of chaos and failure it's now clear this government is not capable of winning support for its core plan on the most vital issue facing this country. the prime minister has lost control and the government has lost the ability to govern so we have two teens covering
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this story david chaytor over in brussels but first lawrence they will join us from just outside parliament in london we heard jeremy corbyn speaking there lawrence but tell us why may well talk to corban. well what i mean want to answer is that you can't stand him but they have bigger points is that they in this country there is no tradition of coalition building because there aren't any coalition politics in the consonance of europe at a time of national crisis like this all the parties would sit together and try and try and figure out a compromise in a joint way through. and when you have a situation like brics age which crosses party lines not like the whole of the conservative party is for and all of the labor party is against states policies from all sides with differing opinions you would expects that if they adopted the continental model they would all sit down together and try to find a way through but there's no tradition in this country of that and consequently
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there's nothing going on inside to reason may's brain that says i need to go and reach out to all these different opinions now what's become clear in the brics it's debate in the no confidence debates this afternoon is that she's now saves having lost by a world record knowledge in last night's that she's not prepared to talk to anybody who wants to stay in the trade arrangements the customs union with the european union full term which is what the labor party wants to do so having said she's going to reach out to parliamentarians from all sides and now looks like she's only going to talk to people who more or less share her position and the attorney general here said during the debates that plan b. which everyone is waiting for actually won't look very different so plan a is having lost by literally the biggest margin in the democratic age in the u.k. new plan seems to be very similar to the one that she just lost by so it doesn't bode very well at all frankly because it doesn't look like she going to carry this one of the house for any of those things but for jeremy kerber and how much
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pressure is he under to change position. and this is the thing that could unlock the inside thing jamie colby ins position of the moments frankly is pretty hypocritical he said that under his leadership the labor policy will listen to and support the opinions of its own membership and its own membership is overwhelmingly in favor of a second referendum stroke not leaving the european union at all but jeremy coleman seems to be prepared to do almost every single thing but support a second referendum so it's a vote of no confidence and if he loses tonight which he will then he wants another votes no confidence and you'll probably lose that as well and it goes on and on and on because actually what he wants is a general election but he also wants to leave the european union if in the fullness of time by which i mean the next four to six weeks enough pressure was exerted on him to listen to his own membership and support a second referendum and then that could be the key to unlocking all this because
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that would probably carry a parliamentary majority and i think honestly if there's no majority inside the no deal that is probably what is going to happen before march twenty ninth i suspect increasingly there's going to be an extension of leaving the european union perhaps even until the end of the year and yet another referendum on whether or not to leave because i can't see any other way around it but it means that jeremy called me will have to ship position all right lawrence thank you. chief price a negotiator says that the lack of agreement in the british parliament means that the bloc must step up preparations for the possibility of a hard bracks it. may go he could own no deal today ten weeks away the risk of a no deal is never seemed so high our goal is to avoid such a scenario but we also responsibility to remain clear headed which is why we will intensify our efforts we prepared for this possibility today let's cross over to david taylor his and joining us from brussels so is how prepared is the e.u. to be somewhat flexible
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a bit. well we listening serve only to the chief bureaucrats in the european union not to any of the twenty seven political leaders they're keeping their powder dry on this one but it does appear from what we've heard from the chief negotiator that they want to resume may to start rubbing out her red lines and that means essentially that they're expecting it's the u.k. to make the concessions that are needed that are not prepared to change the deal that's already on the table the deal that was so rounding the defeated in the house of commons so it doesn't look good for two reason made there's no sign of a plan b. as lawrence was actually saying being very different a tall from plan a she's only reaching across now very late in the day to other parties but reaching across to people who share her opinion and as far as the
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e.u. is concerned they were waiting for something to happen they're waiting for a clear lead they're waiting for some some lying out of this chaos in the house of commons which they can react to so at the moment they're saying look we're sticking by the deal and that's it at the moment if there are any concessions that be more reassurances and legally binding. concessions and the backstop in ireland will remain and that of course is the main problem that is why we're seeing such chaos inside the house of commons because they believe that's going to affect the united kingdom and the e.u. still believe that they can make any more concessions because that would affect the internal markets and the customs union and they're not prepared to sacrifice those in any way to save to reason may and skin all right david turner thank you. now an explosion in the northern syrian city of men has killed at least fifteen
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people it's injured more than nineteen in the areas under the control of the kurdish people's protection units also known as the y.p. ji american troops are also based in the region they armed and trained in their fight against i saw well there's been increased tension along the turkish syrian border since president donald trump announced last month that u.s. troops will withdraw from syria. as white house correspondent kimberly harkat is joining us now any reaction on that explosion in and members with reportedly u.s. service members being killed. yeah the press secretary sara sanders asked directly about this by reporters releasing a statement to reporters essentially saying that the president has been briefed on this but adding few details instead referring questions to the department of defense but certainly this is not a good headline for donald trump given his surprise announcement last month the withdrawal of two thousand u.s. troops that had been stationed there that withdrawal beginning as of last week it
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certainly has rattled u.s. allies led to the departure of the ministrations secretary of defense james mattis so certainly this is compounding tensions too with turkey the united states as nato ally certainly there have been some problems with regard to the fact that in recent days the president has threatened the turkish leader air to want given that there has not been an assurance that the u.s. is happy with with regard to the kurdish forces that assisted the united states in its effort to defeat eisel the united states looking for that assurance and saying that if it does not come that there would be a threat in terms of devastating turkey economically this is what the president said on sunday the two leaders have since spoken and say that they are working towards resolving those differences but at the same time turkey has been very clear
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of how it feels about the kurdish forces that they view it connected to a larger terrorist network and those assurances have not yet been worked out so not only are there tensions between these two allies and regionally but certainly this is only compounding the problems of the trumpet ministration the fact that there have been more than fifteen killed in this blast including four service members just as the president continues to insist that u.s. troops should withdraw and there is reaction from earlier on this is according to the reuters news agency kimberly he is saying that he does not believe the attack in members with impact trumps the solution to withdraw from syria do we have any more clarity on that planned withdrawal from syria when it's going to happen. well certainly we're seeing some cracks in the support. within president trump's own republican party. one of the staunch allies senator lindsey graham on capitol hill
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has already been vocal since the news of this attack about the president's withdrawal essentially saying that what this is doing this this planned withdrawal that has already commenced is emboldening eisel with the announcement of soldiers coming home lizzie graham saying that he has seen this in iraq now it is being viewed in syria and the caution in the president saying that donald trump should look long and hard about what he is doing and where things are headed in syria so certainly while the president has not said anything in the press secretary not releasing any details whether there is a change of heart there is increasing pressure on capitol hill for the president to rethink his strategy having said all of this the joint chiefs of staff general dunford is in brussels.


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