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and are in danger of collapse because. refuses to set up proper camps to prevent the long term resettlement of refugees the u.n. says one hundred seventy thousand of the one million refugees registered in lebanon live like this for them in particular it is proving to be a tough winter. northeastern. part of the lang is vice president. at refugees international and he says there's no political will to provide sustainable housing for syrian refugees in lebanon. if you're in turkey or you're in jordan and you're in staying in some of the camps that have been set up for syrian refugees there they're much more robust facilities because they've been established with the understanding that the syrian refugees were going to be there for years. for a series of reasons partially political partially because the government has been functioning for a number of years and also just their general approach to this crisis has been to
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avoid anything that would give us some months of permanence to the syrian refugee camp refugee population i mean this is a bit of a hangover the goes back to the time of the palestinians the lebanese are very concerned that the syrian refugee population may stay for a long period of time and they indeed have been there for a while now the real question is they refused to allow the kind of more permanent structures that would provide a baseline of humanitarian protection for these very vulnerable populations still ahead on the police on al-shabaab says an attack on a luxury hotel in kenya is an response to donald trump recognizing jobs for them as israel's capital and chinese in may was not the only european union to be to facing a conference which will tell you how the next step for scott on green.
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hello there we're seeing a lot of rain and snow ahead its way into parts of north america once more for a look at the satellite picture we can see most of it is over the western parts at the moment and that's a problem because we've had wildfires in the not too distant past and that has given us a problem with some scar areas that are likely to give us a problem with some land slips as well so more rain is expected and snow as we head through the next few days or if that gradually edging eastwards hour of a system is in the east is not too intense but it could bring a little bit of disruption if it runs. it's way towards the northeast bringing some of us some or all that wintry weather here now for the central america has plenty of sunshine here lots of sunshine just one or two showers perhaps if you're unlucky particularly over parts of honduras and into nicky ragu i think that's where we most likely have seeing a few showers over the south and there's been some very violent showers here particularly over the northern parts of argentina and into year ago i here is the system that brought us all that what weather it is still with us at the moment
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still some more very heavy showers on thursday and on friday as well on friday looks like the worst of those downpours will be slipping a bit further towards the south once more towards year of wife further north also some showers across the amazonian basin but nothing out of the ordinary for this time of year it is looking mostly dry in santiago. in the next episode of science in a golden age exploring the contributions made by scholars during the medieval islamic period in the field of engineering. sophistication and mechanics at the time was the extravagant elephant. written around eight fifty eight the book contains a range of ingenious inventions and contraptions. with jim. good
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to have you with us on al-jazeera these are our top stories but as prime minister tourism has politicians to put self-interest aside and work together on a consensus deal for the u.k.'s withdrawal from the european union made the playoff to her government survived a no confidence motion called opposition leader jeremy corbett two u.s. soldiers are among at least nineteen people killed by a bomb in northern syria a development of defense work and a support and contractor was also killed is claimed responsibility for the blast in that bitch and a freezing weather in lebanon and syria is being blamed for the deaths of eight children and displacement camps heavy and tarantula brain is continuing more than
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a million syrians are living in tents and makeshift shelters and. behind it attack in kenya says it was in retaliation for the u.s. president's decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel at least twenty one people died in the assault by al shabaab fighters on an iraq the hotel complex on tuesday the red cross says fifty people are still unaccounted for. catherine sawyer has more from nairobi. outside this morgue in nairobi and she has family members and quickly sweet for news some more than that. now this over details of what happened inside the dusit hotel complex are beginning to march surveillance cameras capture the beginnings of the attack when heavily armed men walked into the upmarket complex. employees are running all over the place he was screaming for up on to realize that the best thing to do is to find
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a service place to hide. for hours afterwards terrified workers and clients barricaded themselves in as gunfire and explosives rang out. some people are still missing hundreds of others were taken to safety you know peroration that lasted through tuesday night we go out to say for the record ever question but they make a big mistake because it was not we go and leave the ship up to us kenya's president has about to bring those responsible to justice we are a country governed by laws rules and regulations a country that embraces peaceful coexistence we believe in these principles and values even in the face of adversity
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and i must also state that we are also a nation that never forgets those who hurt our children police have started investigating they want to find out how their town was planned how the gunman got hero who was a canyon's of the foreigners who are their friends who helped them where was their attack plan and all this are questions that many kenyans want to quit consistent. al-shabaab has in the past said their tasks are in response to kenya sending troops to somalia as part of a un backed international force this attack comes on the third anniversary of the killing. of more than one hundred kenyan soldiers on a military base in thousand somalia. this must have been a. park there was sleep in. in the country and was just activated for two reasons one of course our shabab was memory to be the only verse
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and secondly it was announcing that it is still where it is still around and it's too. late for the hotel is now a crime scene and the city is mourning once more. catherine soy oil to zero nairobi. afghan peace talks have had a stumbling block with the taliban threatening to walk away from negotiations the group has a few say the u.s. of deflecting from the issue of withdrawing forces from afghanistan and making it will u.s. special envoy on a reconciliation that. taliban leaders last week was canceled now that others postponed a planned trip to islamabad for talks with pakistani leaders meanwhile the taliban is that she was an islamic of cracking down on its leaders and members to pressure the group to open talks with the afghan government sarkar as an adjunct scholar of defense and foreign policy at the cato institute she says pakistan world be able to
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bring the taliban back to the negotiating table. i think with pakistan plays a vital role in actually moving these talks forward and it is very telling that the special envoy. used to go to some about and response back side has been sort of cracking down on balance safe havens and safe houses in going after certain leaders so i think what can be done to move these talks along there are two things basically one is that oksana can show that it is serious about trying to use the leverage that it has on the taliban to get them to the negotiating table and to get them to compromise on some of their demands and the second issue would be also arms and being in a more compromising position where he is willing to meet with the taleban and pakistan officials together. and even when certain things have not been set in stone jesting. international criminal court on wednesday halted the formal ivory
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coast president following a new appeal by prosecutions earlier the courts in the netherlands said it was free to call a day off and has a quota on charges of crimes against humanity spoke to his wife and a bit john. inside the house. friends family members politicians and supporters celebrate the international criminal court's decision to acquit the former president. it was a party organized by his wife's human backbone she's wanted by the international criminal court in august she was part of been freed after being sentenced by an ivorian court to twenty years in prison for her role in the two thousand and eleven civil war. since then she's refused to talk publicly until now breaking her silence to speak to al-jazeera she says. i am behaving in joy because we won remember the whole world was mobilized against ivory coast against the regime of
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bug bo and today the international criminal court washed him from guilt the court has confirmed that he is innocent. during a seven year long legal fight prosecutors presented eighty witnesses and thousands of documents to the court in the hague faced with what the judges described as an exceptionally weak prosecution argument the case collapsed prosecutors say they will appeal with lawyers worried about the possible repercussions the ruling could have on the surviving victims of the civil war that maybe then shows could appearing in certain areas where very reside and maybe they could again be targeted as it was the case during. two thousand and eleven three thousand died and tens of thousands who were displaced when law by go refused to hand over power in a contested presidential election in two thousand and ten. promises made by the government for reconciliation have lower. actually been left unfulfilled victims and survivors of the crisis are still awaiting for compensation and justice you
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know by the footage who does it it's about. that many ivorians say that as long as bug bo has not returned home they can be no reconciliation he is the one that will bring the reconsolidation. i ask him when he will return to ivory coast since. i don't know when he will return back to the motherland soon but i don't think he knows himself when he will return home. while many may fear returned. to his supporters the party has just begun nicholas hawke al-jazeera abidjan to grace our prime minister and the press has survived a confidence motion by just one vote suppressed call the vote after his government lost its pot of entering majority on sunday when his main coalition partner walked out as the result of a controversial deal to rename going since may but macedonia northern macedonia and
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an attempt to resolve the twenty seven year dispute between the two nations and now a victory should pave the way for going to ratify the name changed johnson awful us has moved from athens. the government has survived to this those who have confidence by rebuilding its majority in parliament by attracting six employees that it needed to get fifty percent plus one vote so it's a razor thin majority but it is a constitutional majority of the opposition accuses it of creating a majority of convenience in order to remain in power rather than one based on conviction the government says that it wants to remain in power for the last few months in office until october in order to pass a series of legislative reforms but of course the main reason it wants to remain in power is to pass its signature legislation the ratification of a name change agreement with the neighboring former yugoslav macedonia which through this agreement would be called north macedonia and if the government gets
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this passed it will be a binding agreement between the two countries that will open the door for nato and the european union for greece's neighbor the opposition conservative say if you vote for the government you're also voting in effect for this agreement and that harbors dangers for green. because a country next to greece is region of macedonia which also contains the macedonia may one day harbor territorial designs on northern greece but the ruling syriza party says that's all been taken care of there are safeguards that separate the identities and cultures and histories and traditions of the greeks versus the slow macedonians of the former yugoslavia and that histories are no longer being fictionalized and intertwines the way they have been in the last ten years of conservative rule in the former yugoslav macedonia this new socialist government. was elected last year and that country and which has negotiated the deal with
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greece is much more compromising much more reasonable the greek side has said and we are confident that this agreement will hold in mutual respect however it is by no means certain that syriza will even though it will remain in power finally passed this agreement because of the six opposition m.p.'s that defected to join it and support it tonight have expressed reservations they've said that they won't vote for the agreement they are simply voting for the government to remain in office so a new round of coalition building remains in the next few days the presidents of brazil and argentina have increased pressure on venezuela's lead in the class of motherhood are quoting him a dictator. and maurice and mockery made the comments during a meeting and the brazilian capital mockery accused with a little off along his presidency three fictitious elections comes a week often with little began a second term in office which many countries in the region have courted and let's
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just met. now federal workers who have not been paid for weeks in the u.s. are getting increasingly desperate president signed legislation to ensure they receive back pay but only wants a partial government shutdown ends. reports from washington d.c. . in downtown washington d.c. the sounds of a rhythm and blues classic but in a sign of the times in america the lyrics take on a new twist. engine. search and for some people who work for the u.s. government this is what it's come down to standing in line waiting for a free meal four hundred twenty thousand federal employees deemed essential are working but without pay another three hundred eighty thousand have been sent home also without pay like dren a home in a cashier at the smithsonian museum struggling to make ins meet financially having
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not worked in weeks how about trying to go to a gas. dollars that's how tough things the paychecks stopped but the bills did not she had to make choices car payment or groceries and i didn't think this would happen i didn't think it was going to go throughout when all we up until the first woman said ok budget is over your for you laid off until this is all we're saying that this is not going to happen this is not happening there the accountants bookkeepers security officers you name it they do it the civil servants who quietly behind the scenes do the jobs of keeping government running the used to before it all ended with the government shutdown just here in washington d.c. there are about two hundred thousand people that are federal employees of those tens of thousands are now not receiving a paycheck and they have no idea what their future holds don white has were. for
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the government for thirty seven years and now this you can get my car note i've got two daughters in college. inside volunteers from world central kitchen hunger and poverty organization hand out food this is the first day they've done this after most journalists had gotten their stories and left those in need had not the line still extended around the block while nearby the man with the guitar still played now all too familiar lyrics. gabriel's on. washington. and we have extended coverage of the u.s. government shutdown along with of course all of the day's news on our website that's called.
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the headlines on al-jazeera bush promise to turn politicians to put self interest aside and work together on a consensus day in the u.k. so with a troll from the european union she made the playoffs to her government survived in a confidence motion called opposition leader jeremy colvin so now n.p.'s have made clear what they don't want we must all work constructively together to set out what parliament does want that's why i'm inviting m.p.'s from all parties to come together to find a way forward one the both delivers on the referendum and cunt to the support of parliament. this is the time to put self-interest. group al-shabaab says tuesday's attack on a luxury hotel and shopping complex and kenya was in retaliation for the u.s. president's decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital at least twenty one
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people were killed in the assault in nairobi the red cross says fifty people are still unaccounted for the lives of displaced syrians living in camps under threat from a second severe winter storm tens of thousands in northern lebanon including many children a better than freezing temperatures in makeshift shelters fifteen children have died in camps inside syria in the past month. greek prime minister alexis tsipras has survived a confidence vote should by just one vote suppressed call the vote after his government lost its parliamentary majority on sunday when his main coalition partner walked out as the result of a controversial deal to rename greece's neighbor macedonia northern macedonia the international criminal court has halted the release of former ivory coast president paul after a new appeal by prosecutors earlier the court in the netherlands said it was free to go a day after his acquittal on the charges of crimes against humanity he was tried over post-election violence eight years ago in which three thousand people were
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killed afghan peace talks have hit a stumbling block with the taliban threatening to walk away from negotiations the group has accused the us of deflecting from the issue of withdrawing forces from afghanistan well those are the headlines on al-jazeera science of the golden age is coming up next thank you for watching. it's just it's with every since. once upon a time the ideal of robots was the symbol of a futuristic world a world in which technology and machines would replace human labor to a large extent that world is with us today in the twenty first century but the idea of robots least automated machines is much older than you might think during the
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heyday of a golden age of science between the fourteenth centuries engineers from across the islamic world from the middle east to southern spain built many incredible devices to clocks automatic setting machines and a number of other in of its of creations on to multimedia british professor of theoretical physics but born in baghdad ahd been researching some of the mechanical wonders of this golden age of science and comparing them to the engineering and technological advances of the modern world.
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for years were going from us that would have robots in our homes carrying out household chores and that hasn't really happened well here's something that might change all that in this lab to developing a prototype right. that we might sometime soon have in our kitchens at home. this is the. kitchen a pair of fully computerized mechanical arms set in a purpose built capsule. dion's replicate the movements of a human chef and today the robots cooking the crab beaks. so you can see it moves not like a robot you can russian lawyers come in very simple movements you get a robot
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a very human fluid move using motion capture we've recorded the movements of a chef's hands while they're cooking a real recipe and then this system will reproduce those movements exactly so in principle it should be exactly as good a cook as a master chef according to the chef is more consistent than a human chef so when a chef is cooking they called it was good the timing is the temperatures and they come out to zacharias so if your goal is get the same comments around the schools with. the robot get the same drip because it's repeats is very nice leads back to the same motions. i mean at the moment you have to have all the ingredients at exactly the right place because of course the robot is operating line business is a blind deaf and not so constituted concept with history. one of the reasons robots have made it into the hardware is how difficult it is to deal with revision
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complex lots of hartmann's do all the planning actually intelligently being able to make decisions like all the solti is not where right fools are insects and humans find it recognize it yes and even try to find it hiding behind something all mixed in with things that look similar to the sort of things that we take for granted are very very easy for the computer parts in a hard. so we've taken a much simpler approach just to standardize everything in the kitchen and make it a very controlled environment controlled y.c. it's defined positions for the greens now we can just run this recipe and it works every single time. the last detail is to have a few drops of truffle oil i really go. from if i'd. eaten it in a restaurant that is cooked by human chef. i guess i would be surprised that enjoy
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it for some reason i wasn't quite expecting it to taste so nice and to i mean this is exactly as a chef would cook it i mean i witnessed a robot making me a very nice fish. of course this robot relies on the very latest technology but what was the state of the art at the beginning of the golden age where we find our answer in the key target or the book of tricks written around eight fifty eight by the three brothers the book contains a range of ingenious inventions and contraptions everything from entertainment to making life easier things like water dispensing devices a self correcting lamp and lots of different mechanical tools they drew their inspiration from ancient greek chinese persian indian engineering but it's believed that the inventions in the book go much further than anything else that had been seen before. at the museum of islam
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a canteen they've an early copy of the key target in their collection. i'm really excited about this manuscript bill because it's probably one of the most famous texts in the medieval world the original was written in midnight century by the funny movie brothers one was an astronomer one was a mathematician one was in the other. and they were really the center of scientific life in. the golden age of science the ambassador moon recognized the talents of the brothers from an early age and sent them to study in the house of wisdom in baghdad where great texts were gathered from across the globe and translated into arabic during their time in the house of wisdom they grew an influence and even became patrons of other translators as well as translation they wrote many works of their own. fluting the book of tricks. it's called the tablet
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which literally means the tricks of trickery but they're not tricks in the sense of magic tricks these are contraptions and devices and executive toys is probably the best term for it but i mean it's full of beautiful diagrams showing valves and leavers and gears and very very clever they employ incredibly forward thinking processes things that weren't really adapted until many centuries later things like crankshafts they were using things like difference is in pressures in liquids and also in. make things appear to move by themselves to act in their own volition there's the famous robotic flute player right through sort of water pressure and there's the self trimming there's all these kind of things that must have seemed like magic at the time hence the idea of trickery i guess put a lot of the our ideas do go back to the actual greek people at archimedes for
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instance but they're putting them together in a way that was slightly different yes it's not just a translation movement it's rethinking movement as well the stuff in this book is more than just. toys it tells us that what they were doing at this time in the mid nineteenth century in the senate of the golden age they were carrying out proper scientific experimentation. john scott is a mechanical engineer based in cambridge or in the u.k. . he builds in tests historic inventions and currently he's reconstructing one of the best brothers' most complicated devices the flukes which plays itself budgeteers the device.
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or you haven't got the little character yes so the brothers are said to have built this or at least wrote about this place itself how much detail was there that you could get hold of to allow you to reproduce well there was a reason there are references but there are different apparently different translations so some things are not entirely clear and presumably modern scholars historians looking back at this there's a lot of guesswork in oh absolutely how they solve the problems they said talk me through how does this work right well the basic principle is that there is a driveway all here which operates this rotating drum that would have been water powered the right way and there are a series of effectively cams which lift little arms which then seal unseal the holes on the flute and there comes a passive throw air comes in here ok what can we have
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a demonstrate you know we hear a. little tone. what you might call programs of major scale verticals. so you've got this just a scale but of course these could be a range yes in a sense this is an early programmable the show much though. if you think it's way before musical boxes which were sort of sixteenth seventeenth century inventions but yes it's a very clever thing for the period but of course you use pressurized air supply to blow the air through how would the ben immiscible others have done this well far as we know from the references there are two ways one was apparently to provide a steam supply a very low pressure steam supply itself is what i think it is empower yes the
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earliest seems however the other way of doing it was to use a system of chambers two chambers which could be filled up with water and emptied if you imagine the two chambers as one is filling up the other one is going down this one filling up the air trapped is being fed into here and then this one starts to empty this all starts to fill in the air trapped in there is then provides the continuous flow right so it's like this operation much like a conventional bellows but this is a water powered by those so the whole contraption is continue our water really of water. moving the wheels and water powering pushing yeah through it fits in with their general philosophy because they're obviously involved a lot in water lifting water movement devices so water was obviously as a motive power was very much in mind so i imagine when they came to develop this water power was the first thing they thought of to make it work.
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water played a key role in many medieval engineering projects both large and small this nomic world inherited many techniques of irrigation a water supply from the egyptians greeks and romans this beautiful structure is an underground water reservoir in constantinople modern day istanbul it was built by the romans in the sixth century the engineers of the golden age preserved this they also modified improved. structed their own water projects that were developed new techniques to capture store and raise water. many sophisticated hydraulic pumps and water raising devices were developed by al jazeera one of the most prolific engineers obvious manic world. born in the trial century he served as a royal engineer at the art to clue palace in what is now turkey. at
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istanbul's museum of the history of science and technology in islam they have built working models of some of water devices dr.


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