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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 17, 2019 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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of the country here in khartoum or does this try to converge to the center of the city for what will be the first for the second time since the beginning of this wave of protests and they could not because the security presence has been heavier than ever before and the intention of the protesters was to march to the presidential palace and to hand again a letter asking that president omar hasn't been to attend his resignation and leave power but they could not they were dispersed very quickly but in other parts of khartoum well tests are going on for at least two hours now small pockets of protesters gathering here and there and being chased by security forces there has been sort of also protests of as i said in other cities of i'll still going on the expectation is that people will be more able to gather in other cities in the outskirts like in the far flung parts of the country because of the presence of the security there is less than in khartoum so it's
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a war of attrition that has been going on for at least four weeks now between protesters and the government they are demanding the resignation of the government of course president omar bashir ahmad bashir during his visit to darfur a couple of days ago said there is no way for testers can change the government the government can be changed only by as he said the people of sudan vague expression they are everyone here not everyone but you know in the dorothy are people are talking either can't participate in the protests or say that you know things cannot go to back to normal since what happened now is never is unprecedented in sudan and this means the people are really angry with the government and they need serious change this time around indeed to not only do you think the government in khartoum is going to heed the warnings of the u.n. about excessive force because sudan has never really been in the un's good books historically certainly in the last three decades. yes
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so there is a long history of what you have just said condemnations of adar for the international criminal court or so on while the shooter is the only sitting president who is wanted there over crimes against humanity and the geishas of crimes against humanity in darfur here again we have this condemnation by the u.n. and not only by the u.n. but also by the european parliament that has issued a statement today condemning the excessive use of violence by the sudanese government by. the adult but these condemnations would lead to a change in the behavior of the sudanese government to words of protest seems that the approach that they have adopted is going to continue to be heavy handed against for less than they think that this is the only way to put an end to this wave of anger against the government they are also taking measures probably if there will be a response it will be of other measures in terms of you quantity the government is saying that is printing new currency notes to relieve the situation economically
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and they say their banks are empty they have to put cash in banks they say they need this they are also talking about other measures payment and different measures that they think can relieve the situation so the bet of the government is not to listen to condemnations from abroad or to. talk also to spawn to the demands by the resignation of the government but only to fix try to fix the economy but for the moment we'll leave it there and monitor events with you in khartoum have a developer report of the incident well kenya's red cross says everyone missing have to choose days attack on a luxury hotel complex have been accounted for at least twenty one people died in the assault the first funerals of the victims were held in nairobi but the armed group behind the attack says it was in retaliation for the u.s. president's decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel where we also have mobile home of the day in nairobi. to himno and everyone accounted for the death toll standing twenty war the now the real questions continue to be thrown out
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to officials around the government as to really who were the perpetrators and who actually planned this attack. yes indeed police are saying their work at the crime scene that's what they're calling it is almost concluding and that they're doing forensic investigations right now with the help of f.b.i. agents we saw many people who were staying at the deceit tanya hotel to see to a hotel in that complex who escaped luckily escaped when the toc started and could not be allowed to go in because the police are not allowing any authorized people to go in there people say they cannot retrieve their passports or the possible effects that they have left behind the police also saying that there
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were five attackers involved in tuesday's attack on the fourteen riverside complex which is made up of luxury hotel restaurants that a very poor pinna with the upper class kenyans and also had office complexes which were housing both local international companies and organizations the five out of the five attackers three sede to be kenyan something that is really warning many people that al-shabaab might have found a cli a foothold in kenya and has already recruited not only locals but as sleeper cells who it could. you know start to get to do these kind of attacks but kenyans are putting on really brave face. we want to send a message to the tough times. and let's give him the you know they're not scaring
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us now tomorrow. we will destroy them. we support the government initiative. it may look as if that law. is out but it could have been lost to get. made the government. african union. the statement al-shabaab wants to make with these kind of votes hawks it is steal a force to be reckoned with that it can steal cutty out of tuck's not only in its bases for money a book also the country the group husband on the receiving end of pressure suggested by somali special forces that are being only trained by u.s. forces but also being given logistical on air support by the us military they've
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also lost some of the biggest sources of revenue and all they want to show is we're still here well for the live in the hobbit thanks very much for that update from nairobi. it's moved to middle east now where human rights watch says the reputation of saudi crown prince mohammed bin salon has been wrecked over the murder of journalist john mark. in its latest report it says the case has exposed a pattern of lawless behavior by the saudi leadership which it calls autocratic and specifically criticizes the u.s. u.k. and france for refusing to stop arms sales to the kingdom the report documents ninety unlawful attacks by the saudi u.a.e. coalition in yemen some of which made them to war crimes and saudi arabia is also facing scrutiny over its repression of dissidents and rights activists in the past year at least nine women have been detained without charge three of them reportedly tortured with electric shocks and whips kenneth roth is the executive director of
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human rights watch and joins me now live from berlin good to have you with us on the program mr roth meanwhile the report on saudi for example amongst the global nations that you cover makes for grim reading human rights watch his findings really shouldn't come as so much of a surprise it sort of highlights what really hasn't changed in that country for decades. well not only that things haven't changed things are actually getting worse in many respects and that's what we want to highlight you know it's sad that it took the murder of a well known journalist like you not to show for the world to focus on what the saudi government is doing you know it's seems like you know thousands upon thousands of yemeni civilians can die under saudi led bombing or star under the saudi let blockade and people don't notice it's just numbers but it finally somebody they can identify with their world focuses on what riyadh is actually doing so you know be that as it may it's an opportunity to put pressure on the
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saudi government to change and we obviously want to see changes in the way it treats its own people and changes in the way it is proceeding yemen now you know at home what we noticed this year is getting the saudi crown prince portrays himself as a reformer and you know probably the headline reform that everybody refers to is the fact that he allowed saudi women to try being a part of that the gradual cultural liberalization or social liberalization that he's permitted but what's interesting there is that he wants to make this a matter of will and grace and his discretion at all and the women who pressed for the right to drive you know let alone those who have the audacity to talk about ending guardianship rules the system that basically treats women like children throughout their adulthood and makes any major life decision dependent on the consent of a male relative a father a husband sometimes even
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a son you know these people get imprisoned in some cases they've been tortured and so you know that a crackdown on activism has been believe one of the big domestic highlights this year in saudi arabia ok mr let me just give it up because i mean having sort of a bunch of the beginning of the lincoln to i mean the issues of reform regardless of being you might say with royal grace see. to be at odds with sort of as you say the activism over the simplest of issues and that the authorities tend to see any sort of activism as a threat that can get you a long jail sentence and why is it that in theory dissent in any form as mild as it might be is continually seen as a threat to those in the corridors of power in riyadh. well because you know you have a royal family that pretends that it's entitle to rule that you know anything that would spark of people having a right to have a say in how their government you know rather it's the ability to speak out
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publicly it believe it or publish critical thoughts on social media but on the ability to band together or you know god forbid to actually vote in an election that mattered those are anathema you know those are. adequate to the kind of men are if you will rule that the world family depends on and so you know under the saudi crown prince the crackdown and any step in this direction as intense about and that's the irony of describing the saudi crown prince as a reformer you know gas on the social side he's trying to you know rein in the religious police but on the on the political side he has zero tolerance short dissent and indeed it what we've seen is that either even women who flee the country and you know by walking with their feet are implicitly criticizing the saudi crown prince he does after that and it so this is a big backwards year for domestic governments in saudi arabia and that's not even counting the many yemeni civilians who died because the saudi led coalition
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military efforts in yemen. in the full frontal i think we discussed about saudi arabia and certainly the last year just very briefly. the arab spring itself and its aftermath has had repercussions across the middle east over the last seven or eight years i mean how much of that has played on the minds of the ruling elite in riyadh when they actually then come into contact face to face with those that are critical of the way that they rule the gov a stop list the law of saudi arabia are they worried in riyadh. i wouldn't say worried i would say terrified and it's not just the you know the uprisings of the arab spring i think what particularly terrifies them are groups like the muslim brotherhood that seek you know of islamic rules through alexion the saudi royal family wants you know to be seen as the official guardians of the holy
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cities of neck in the drina by virtue of the royal prerogative the idea that you're going to have islamic rule in a not according to the kenyans wishes but according to a vote is terrifying to the regime because that completely undermines their legitimacy and that's why they've been so vehement in backing say you know egyptian president zs crackdown on the muslim brotherhood brotherhood and similar efforts you know around the region because the prospect is not simply the uprisings of the arab spring but the idea of having an election with intellect and with an islamic program is antithetical to what the royal family stands for well that we will have to leave it for the moment to kind of profit from human rights watch thank you so much feel tired thank you. still has claimed responsibility for a suicide attack that killed one thousand people in northern syria once the data for americans to soldiers and to civilians it comes just weeks after president donald trump about that he was pulling u.s. troops out of syria because i spoke of being defeated i think oh hey that's more
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from washington d.c. . blood on the streets a popular restaurant blown apart american helicopters rushing to help the wounded and remove the dead in the city of men bitch the u.s. military confirming on twitter that u.s. service members were killed the islamic state of iraq in the levant says they are responsible and that they were targeting the coalition of the u.s. senator lindsey graham directly blamed the attack on president donald trump's promise to pull u.s. troops out quickly my concern by the statements made by president trump is that you'd set in motion. enthusiasm by the enemy we're fighting you make people who are trying to help wonder about us and as they get older the people we're trying to help are going to going to get more uncertain saw this in iraq and now seeing it in syria he urged the president to reconsider but that seems unlikely
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because just after the attack the vice president made this claim we're bringing our troops home the caliphate has crumbled and isis has been defeated. one of the leaders who most clearly does not want to see the u.s. president change course the president of turkey who weighed in the v. . i asked has claimed the responsibility for the attack and this may mean to affect the decision that mr trump has taken but as i know mr trump's determination about this issue i do not think he will step back against this kind of a terrorist attack. donald trump has been criticized by both parties for his decision to withdraw u.s. troops his secretary of defense quit in protest now his claim that i still has been defeated will be openly questioned after this attack but he's still not showing any signs he will reconsider political hay al-jazeera washington doctors in zimbabwe say sixty eight people have been shot have been treated for gunshot wounds after
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protests this week seventeen of the victims have had to have emergency surgery there are three days of violence between demonstrators and security forces many are angry over a steep rise in fuel prices please arrested hundreds of people including probably the rights activists say is a senior researcher at south africa's is the chief for security studies he spoke to me earlier from zimbabwe's capital harare and says the financial issues are a hangover from the longtime rule of the former president. the problem or the grounds for the problem was laid quite a few years ago under the mcgarvie government when the mcgarvie administration began basically creating money out of nothing and it's rather complicated because zimbabwe is a dollar rise economy but basically the government began paying off the debts by infusing electronic money into the banking system which wasn't really backed by any
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u.s. dollars a tool so the value of that electronic money this electronic book entries zimbabwe basically operates a cashless society and depends on electronic transfers the value of the c electronic money has declined steeply it's now about a third of the real us dollar and of course people are paid in the select tronic in this electronic form so they the purchasing power of their salaries declined enormously and of course when the fuel price was hyped by about two hundred fifty percent this represented yet a further decline in the purchasing power of workers salaries and that's what sparked the violence the military have been deployed once again live ammunition is being used and people are being arbitrarily dragged from their homes and being beaten up if they are suspected of having taken part in the demonstrations that took place between monday and wednesday it's
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a very heavy handed approach it's very reminiscent of the mcgarvie era there's also been arbitrary arrests of people who are civil society leaders and activists and the internet was completely closed down from tuesday afternoon till wednesday evening and social media platforms remain closed by the government of zimbabwe so it's a very heavy handed response. well it's tough the weather now has kept. and another unique weather front actually hits the middle east that's right we are in the middle of a dust storm right here in doha but i'm going to tell you and show you where the storm actually began because this dust storm also gave a lot of problems in terms of rain snow and winds out here in the eastern part of the week yesterday we were talking about the storm bringing all of the rain to parts of the refugee camps well also brought the stuff storm to egypt so cairo as well as some ports here on the red sea really dealing with that so dense that some
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of the ports actually had to close during the worst times of the dust storm now this air of low pressure is beginning to move its way towards the east and with it kicking up a lot of dust head of it so for parts of egypt as well as into the northern part of the saudi arabia iraq has been seeing this problem over towards kuwait down towards me here in bahrain as well is now here in qatar i want to show you some pictures that have come out of the region there is the fun about it but here's a pictures first of all before and after pictures just outside of the studio here right before the storm hit and then after the storm hit and then our friend maria our colleague maria took these pictures from the pearl before and after and then it's just to the north of doha right now you can see how dense it was no the dust has actually gotten a little bit better in terms of visibility across the region but as we go to the next couple days because the winds are going to be still very active we think that that visibility is will still be reduced as we go to the next couple days as well as temperatures are coming down with that northwesterly winds so that is something we'll be dealing with for the next couple of days indeed we will thanks very much
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kevin well still ahead here on the al-jazeera news find out why nigeria's big political spenders the holding back in this presidential election season. if you're looking at this from the outside you would really wonder what was going on but what he sees grace is a religion that they have an in-depth exploration of global capitalism and our obsession with economic growth this is still the same. capitalism carries no limits i view myself as a capital orders we are trying to break in the world smaller and smaller we don't want to be so realistic in the world we would rather have a fantasy growing pains coming soon.
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right. welcome back you're watching al-jazeera news with me said robin a reminder of our top stories the un has warned against the use of excessive force in sudan reports continue of live ammunition being fired by security forces they've also used tear gas on demonstrators who are calling for president bashir to step.
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ten years red cross says everyone missing after tuesday's attack in nairobi has been accounted for at least twenty one people were killed. it was in retaliation for the u.s. president's decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital. and british prime minister tourism is having talks with opposition party leaders in the hope that they might work together on a deal for the u.k.'s withdrawal from the e.u. the governments of the no confidence vote called by the opposition of wednesday. the u.s. special envoy on afghan reconciliation has arrived in pakistan to try and revive talks with the taliban and. days meeting pakistani leaders to try and bring the taliban back to the table last week taliban leaders cancel the meeting with him accusing the u.s. of deflecting from the issue of withdrawing forces from afghanistan they have also rejected the involvement of the afghan government in the dialogue as more from the pakistani capital islamabad. the u.s.
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special envoy for peace and reconciliation. has arrived in islamabad to hold talks with the pakistani leadership he said. talk with the afghan taliban will be taking place soon however he also issued a warning saying that if the taliban wanted to fight then the u.s. would be helping the afghan forces but if they wanted to draw the u.s. would be ready to talk or indeed a strong message from zalmay khalilzad coming less than forty eight hours after the taliban issued their own statement the islamic emirate of afghanistan statement on the current situation in afghanistan said that the u.s. was moving away from the agenda of their drawl of foreign forces from afghanistan and their loved one is done would not be used against any other country that america has enough period dollars given the fact that those dogs have reached a roadblock the buggers danio frazier and will be trying to convince the taliban to
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come back to the negotiating table they have already refused to sit down with the afghan officials and pakistan has already said that it cannot have total control over what the taliban do and is only trying to fill it did their drug for peace and reconciliation ended war torn country yemen's opposing sides are meeting for the second day in jordan list of the u.s. led peace efforts the talks between the yemeni government and who the rebels are aimed at making a deal on prisoner exchanges a shaky cease fire is holding around the key fobs of the data which is helping to allow food and medicine into the water old country so to europe russia's president has received a warm welcome to belgrade serbia leader alexandrovitch. large crowds are expected at the parade for a lot of the putin which will run through the center of the capital although serbia aspires to join the european union it has kept close ties with russia let's go live
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now to you elaine the pollution in belgrade obviously the russian president has been received warmly but what do we expect to come out of this visit. well this is the point in time that alexander would invite them with putin our meeting this is the third time in the year and this is the fourth time of the new putin is in but good since two thousand and one for serbian authorities this is the historical visit and alexander which has great expectations of it the most important part of the day is organize here in the palace of soup. the members of both of them are signing twenty one agreements several hundred thousand euros about railway modernization and the potentials but also about innovation as.
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our longstanding allies and putin said russia has many friends in the balkans but is strategic partner. respects. the seizure of serbian authorities about european future of serbia as as he said on my door western fatness russia doesn't try to put in front of artificial choice russia or european union of course cost of oil is one of the major topics that the light emitted that she was quite surprised by rather passive reaction a few opinion. related to the decision of course of our security forces to transform into a real army especially as he said. because it was obvious that serbs in kosovo have experienced such a move. direct threats to their security and also alexander who cheats in his
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interview to russians news agencies say that the situation in the western balkans is very difficult and despite attempts to maintain peace. and stability in belgrade and pushkin are very far away from making any agreement on the cost of the issues for the moment we'll leave it to you later of course and continue to follow president putin's visit to serbia with interest thank you it's just a month to go until the jury and said to the polls dozens of political parties have registered and there are more than seventy presidential candidates nigerian elections are often big business but political parties traditionally spend hundreds of millions of dollars of publicity and logistics but as reports now from sokoto state this election season the parties have cut back on their spending. nigeria's campaign season is underway and candidates are seizing the moment the
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crowd here may be huge but they're not close to numbers seen during the last general elections in twenty fifteen then the country's banks are open politicians every day of the week most nigerians including politicians of noted how that has changed. democracy is growing and we're doing some of this culture that is necessary that the should not be the case in a democracy of comparative process with all of the needed to allow the people to elect their leaders without necessarily being influenced. there through violence or through into addition of the use of money and their complete materials. today many politicians and public office holders have been taken to court for allegedly diverting government money to fund their campaigns including money meant for the fight against boko haram the scope of theft has shocked many nigerians. and
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finding money to be an empty money been distributed so to fund activities activities but negative to the nigerian economy it made until. we find something that. there appears to be a lot of caution this time and the era of big spending for elections is disappearing in previous campaigns traders struggle to meet the demands of politicians will buy food and other goods to share with voters in the hope of securing their support cells why good but this year is different these bags of rice . i've been here for days with few buyers. traders say the like of spending is hurting their business and. their village politician come here in huge numbers to buy rice to give to the waters nothing much is happening. some pleasant surprise for us. print to say politicians saying creasing really turning
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to social media to complain and that's not good for business for many here at the market they say this is one campaign season they don't want to see in future but for others this is a good sign of an increasingly democratic nigeria. priest al-jazeera. all twenty nineteen marks the one hundredth anniversary of the design movement a german concept which has come to define a form of expression involving production and simplicity the last of the schools was in the german couple where events are being held this week to mark the movement dominic cain has more from berlin. it's very name is a watchword for daring design this was where the bar house movement found its expression a school of art that energized a generation of designers who threw out old fashioned frameworks and ushered in simplicity and mass production looking through those invisible war through the
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glass walls you get an idea of how an open society can be one hundred years on it's dean tells me the school is teaching the designers of tomorrow with an emphasis on the lessons of yesteryear remains of the past the legacy which really important is that school all design schools all over the world implementing the curriculum off the hearth i think that why the really is in every design decision in the world from its inception this school had designs on more than architecture furniture was fashioned with mass produced steel as frames and supports there by creating simple streamlined forms that seem to define a changing world and now as the concept enters its second century germany is paying tribute to its first with a festival in berlin where furniture and architecture share center stage with the
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performing arts providing an experience its curator hopes will wire all who see it a lot of people approach contemporary art with this idea i don't understand it you know i don't know what these people are doing and i think this festival gives you a possibility to understand process is how art develops how it's emerges from certain ideas some of the exhibits at this festival concentrate on the synergy between man and machine robotics if you will and emancipator a form of expression that's helping to bring some parts about house out of the shadows and that's the aim of the entire festival to shed light on a movement whose essence was to abandon ostentatious outmoded ideas and embrace them.
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