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tv   Unfair Game  Al Jazeera  January 17, 2019 11:00pm-12:01am +03

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these are central pillars to her negotiating strategy they are threats that hang over the heads of m.p.'s forcing them hopefully to move in the government's direction the government spokesman gave a briefing a little while ago he was asked by a journalist where is the room for compromise in this process and the answer came workers' rights and environmental protections now you don't start building a new deal on the basis of workers' rights and environmental protection which give weights gives weight to the suspicions of some that this entire process is really about trying to push people in the direction of a tweaked deal and this is mrs may's deal in a second vote on that deal which may form the basis of the plan b. but she announces on monday or tuesday what is certain done over the next few days for the moment jonah thank you. or the prime minister of a fellow e.u. state france has held a cabinet meeting to discuss ways to prepare for a no breaks that deal edward phillipe says that more than fifty million dollars will be invested in french ports and airports to alleviate the impact of so-called
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hard hit the contingency plan focuses on cross border trade and transport or fronts on the rest of the e.u. insists that the books that deal agreed with the prime minister is the best it can offer the u.k. but it might be flexible on the departure date as david chaytor reports now from brussels. one european lawmaker kindly described the scenes in the house of commons of the last few days as a theater of the absurd but make no mistake the tall european leaders are taking very seriously the prospect of a no deal breaks it approaching on march the twenty ninth all european capitals now making sure that contingency plans are in place they'll be reviewing those over the next few hours and few days because at the moment that prospect means that it's not only the united kingdom's economy that could be badly damaged but also the european union's. talk all this talk of the recession looming here in
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europe there's been a downturn in the german economy the main engine of the european union and also worries over spain italy and of course france in the middle of the euro on the yellow vest crisis so they're all looking to their own plans at the moment but hoping some sort of resolution can come forward now the main concentration is of course on trying to push back that cliff edge brags that which appears on march the twenty ninth now if reason may can come up with some solid new strategy with across party talks then i think you'll find a good reception in the european union to the idea of moving back to that cliff edge to later in the to give more time for a new strategy and new ideas to evolve. well still ahead here on al-jazeera zimbabwe's president repeats a call for calm after what activists are describing as
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a brutal crackdown by soldiers. shortages are putting vulnerable lives of briskest gossiper dead runs out a few loose stories after the break. hello again and welcome back we are across china we are going to see a little bit more clouds in the forecast over the next few days the reason being is we are getting a flow out of the south and that's going to bring some moisture across the region but here on friday not really seeing yet a lot of clear conditions across much of the area we're going to be seeing shanghai at about eleven degrees down towards hong kong at twenty even better conditions over here towards taipei we did see some rain just a few days ago but now that rain is gone maybe some cloudy conditions you with the temperature there on friday of twenty two degrees going up to about twenty six by the time we get toward saturday and we are picking up some more clouds even some
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rain up here towards who hand with a temperature of about eight degrees there well as we make our way over here towards parts of india things are looking quite nice across much of the subcontinent anywhere from the north down here towards the south we are seeing some clouds across parts of southeastern sri lanka over the next few days we don't expect to see much in terms of rain but attempt to him colombo thirty degrees few up towards neck per at twenty nine and as we go towards saturday new delhi well clouds will be coming into your forecast as we go towards saturday with the temperature of twenty degrees and then here in doha temperatures are going to be cooler than what we have seen over the next last few days to just here in doha on friday twenty one degrees there twenty two in muska attempt if you are twenty five . sure terms and hope. and inspiration. personal stories of people who have keeping the spirit of freedom alive. by
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courageously defending their rights to be heard. i guess that's a little bit weak at the. al-jazeera selects. both about what you have is there with me so rob a reminder of our top stories the u.s. has warned against the use of excessive force in sudan as reports continue of live ammunition being fired by security forces have also used tear gas on demonstrators who are calling for president bashir to step. ten years the red cross says everyone
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missing after tuesday's attack in nairobi has been accounted for at least twenty one people were killed says this in retaliation for u.s. president's decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital. of the british prime minister treason is having talks with opposition party leaders in the hope that they might work together on a deal for the u.k.'s withdrawal from the e.u. the government survived a no confidence vote called by the opposition on wednesday. but human rights watch says the reputation of saudi crown prince mohammed bin has been wrecked over the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi in its latest report it says the case has exposed a pattern of lawless behavior by the saudi leadership which he calls autocratic and specifically criticizes the u.s. u.k. and france for refusing to stop arms sales to the kingdom the report documents ninety unlawful attacks by the saudi u.a.e. coalition in yemen some of which may amount to war crimes and saudi arabia is also
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facing scrutiny over its repression of dissidents and rights activists in the past year at least nine women have been detained without charge three of them reportedly tortured with electric shocks and whippings commits roth is the executive director of human rights watch he says it's ironic that the saudi crown prince is still selling yourself as a reformer. things are actually getting worse in many respects and that's what we want to highlight you know it's sad that it took a murder of a well known journalist like you not to show for the world to focus on what the saudi government is doing you know it's seems like you know thousands upon thousands of yemeni civilians can die under saudi led bombing or star under the saudi that blockade and people don't notice it's just numbers but finally somebody they can identify with their world focuses on what reality is actually doing so you know be that as it may it's an opportunity to put pressure on the saudi government
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to change under the saudi crown prince the crackdown and any step in this direction as intense about and that's the irony of describing the saudi crown prince as a reformer you know gas on the social side he's trying to you know rein in the religious police but on the on the political side he has zero tolerance for dissent and indeed it will be seen as that either even women who flee the country and you know by walking with their feet are implicitly criticizing the saudi crown prince he goes after them so this is a big backwards year for domestic governments in saudi arabia and that's not even counting the many yemeni civilians who died to the saudi led coalition you know military efforts in yemen. they probably rights activists in zimbabwe is set to be charged with subverting or undermining the government even morally it was arrested in harare on wednesday and faces twenty years in prison if convicted there have been protests for days after the government more than doubled the price of fuel the
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hundreds have been detained and doctors say almost seventy people have been treated for gunshot wounds president. has been speaking all social media is part of what he said on twitter. i have been deeply saddened by the events in our beloved homeland violence will lot reform our economy violence will not rebuild on they should he goes on to say that resolving zimbabwe's economic challenges is a monumental task while it may not always feel that way we are moving in the right direction. south asia now where the u.s. special envoy on afghanistan's reconciliation has arrived in pakistan to try and revive talks with the taliban and zalmay khalilzad this meeting pakistani leaders to try to bring the taliban back to the table last week taliban leaders cancel the meeting with him accusing the u.s. of deflecting from the issue of would drawing forces from the country they've also rejected the involvement of the afghan government in the dialogue tomorrow hyder has the latest from the pakistani capital islamabad. the u.s.
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special envoy for peace and reconciliation. has arrived in islamabad to hold talks with the pakistani leadership he said that. talks with the afghan taliban will be taking place soon however he also issued a warning saying that if the taliban wanted to fight then the u.s. would be helping the afghan forces but if they wanted to talk the u.s. would be ready to talk or indeed a strong message from zalmay khalilzad coming less than forty eight hours after the taliban issued their own statement the islamic emirate of afghanistan statement on the current situation in afghanistan said that the u.s. was moving away from the agenda of the red drawl of foreign forces from afghanistan and their loved one is done would not be used against any other country that america is odd had another pair of dogs given the fact that those dogs have reached
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a roadblock the bug attorney of richard will be trying to convince the taliban to come back to the negotiating table they have already refused to sit down with the afghan officials and pakistan has already said that it cannot have total control over what the taliban do and is only trying to facilitate their draw for peace and reconciliation ended war torn country to north africa away in libya for people being killed during tween rival groups in the on the outskirts of tripoli the violence is a form of old u.n. brokered cease fire that has been in conflict since the twenty eleven uprising that toppled mobile khadafi government in tripoli has been working on a new security plan that has achieved little without a national police force or only. yemen's opposing sides are meeting for a second day in jordan as part of the united nations led to peace effort is soap's the talks between yemen's government and heathy rebels will make progress on a prisoner exchange deal a shaky cease fire is holding around the key port of the data which is helping to
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allow food and medicine into the war torn country. russia's president vladimir putin received a lavish welcome to belgrade with serbia as a leader keen to show that toys were strong as a result of a church was all the talk about to shake putin's had always a rival but also full of it's plugged into the great street parade through the capital although serbia aspires to join the european union it remains a place russian ally. your leader through stock has the latest from belgrade. this is the fourth you need think about xander would teach and why they need to fulfill their words in the year although this is the fourth time russian president is in belgrade since two thousand and one for serbian authorities this is the historical visit and alexander which has great expectations of it the most important part of the today's event is organized here with the palace of subiaco where the members of the delegations are signing twenty one agreements. regarding
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who will wimbledon is ation energy potentials but also about innovation this city out and russia are longstanding allies and putin said. to russia has many friends in the balkans but subiaco is for russia a strategic partner and he said russia respects decision of the serbian authorities about the european future of serbia and as he said on why the western partners russia doesn't try to pull serbia in front of deficient choice of russia or european union of course cos it was a major theme today put in said she was quite surprised by the rather passive reaction of the european union related to decision of course of the security forces to transform into a real army especially it is obvious that serbs in kosovo have
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experienced such a move as a direct threat to their security and also the serbian press. than done xander which is in his interview for a russian news agency has said the situation in the western balkans is very difficult and despite this it be an attempt to maintain peace and stability in belgrade and pristina are very far from making in the agreement on the kosovo issue. and staying in europe greek prime minister alexis tsipras says one parliamentary support by just one vote separates table the confidence motion after his government lost its majority on sunday when his name coalition partner walked out it's the result of a controversial deal to read a more pieces in the labor macedonia in an attempt to resolve the twenty seven year dispute between the two nations the palestinian health ministry ingalls or is warning that at least three hospitals may be forced to close because of power
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shortages there isn't enough fuel to run generators that backup unreliable electricity supplies charles stratford reports on what's causing the latest shortfall. the money deep is one of the around three hundred women a month to give birth in this with hospital in rough us up in gaza. but first child has just been delivered bunches arean section. there are daily blackouts across the palestinian territory so this and many hospitals like it rely on generators for power for at least twelve hours a day but the fuel for the generators is fast running out again as much as a lot of chicken if you cross this and the israeli siege in general for twelve years has got worse over the last year we have to delay many procedures because of a lack of electricity and we having to distribute all plank it's because it's so cold for the children without heating with the latest fuel crisis started when israel bombed the transfer of the third installments of millions of dollars from qatar to pay for fuel and the salaries of from us employees. with an election
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looming in israel prime minister benjamin netanyahu has ballots to pressure from politicians and people accusing the governments of allowing the payment of hamas to keep the situation in gaza calm which it has been relatively speaking in recent weeks was of course causes two million people just suffering a fuel crisis this is a protest by palestinian authority employees in gaza angry with president mahmoud abbas for increasing taxes on their salaries the. was repeated gyptian and un reconciliation efforts have failed to heal the more than decade long rift between hamas and the palestinian authority which is dominated by abbas is fatah party. people are increasingly angry with abbas and the p.a. which has for use with held money and fuel supplies to hamas controlled gaza. today we are calling for a general strike among a workers because of the new palestinian authority and all increasing attacks on us
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it is hurting us a lot we want to stop and tell the p.a. listen there are protests like this virtually every day now hamas says that the palestinian authority's refusal to allow vital funds to pay you know authority employees here in gaza is a bid by the palestinian president mahmoud abbas to cause whatever must describe the civil unrest or anybody to remove from the hollow i do believe that the palestinian authority with owned a concession that we've been giving to them from hamas and something like that doesn't sound out interested to have a gain by what she had been doing both shooting system and to war to get out again . talking about the election talking about different things that we both told the hat but unfortunately that is that eighty or the template didn't get us to the chin hit and they have to make it more difficult for up each of us to win the division
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and to distort our unity at least two hundred fifty palestinians have been killed mainly by israeli army sniper fire since we can be friday protests started nicholas's border fence almost a year ago. i'm only deeds postponed some lines in an incubator in this hospital his life in sounds like him dependent on whether palestinian m d's rady politicians will one day but that differences aside john stop at al-jazeera gaza. they want you all just their arms the whole robin. a reminder of our top stories the u.n. is warnings dogs the government against using excessive force as more protests take place across the country protesters are calling for president omar al bashir to step in office they blame him for the weak economy and rising prices at least
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twenty four people have been killed since the unrest began four weeks ago kenya's red cross says everyone missing after tuesday's attack on the luxury hotel complex has been accounted for at least twenty one people died in the assault on the first funerals of the victims are being held in nairobi. british prime minister treason me as having talks with opposition party leaders in the hope they might work together on a deal for the u.k.'s withdrawal from the e.u. the government survived a no confidence vote called by the opposition on wednesday labor leader jeremy corbin has refused to meet with her star you'll only end to tall x. if she rules out a new deal breaks it. last night of talks with party leaders turned out to be simply a stunt not a serious attempt to engage with the new reality that is needed no sooner had she said the words in parliament than the government confirmed that she would not take
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no deal off the table so i say to the prime minister again i'm quite happy to talk but. the starting point for any talks about bricks it must be the threats of a disastrous no deal outcome is ruled out take it off the table the u.s. special envoy on the gun reconciliation isn't back is than to try and revive talks with the taliban and zalmay khalilzad is meeting back is funny leaders to try to bring need taliban back to the table last week taliban leaders council meeting with him accusing the u.s. of not being serious about withdrawing its forces from afghanistan. and doctors in zimbabwe say at least sixty eight people have been treated for gunshot wounds after a massive protest this week more than a dozen of emergency surgery there have been days of demonstrations against the doubling of fuel prices problem rights activists plastic even more where he is among hundreds who've been arrested those were the headlines the newsgroup with
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followed by t.-bone is here in half but next on al-jazeera it's the stream that's watching. more than two thousand five hundred leaders from government business and international organizations will meet at the next economic forum to discuss the global political industry trade twenty nine t. . special coverage al-jazeera. hi i'm femi oke a and i'm really could be today in the fight against fenton on our test strips the answer to an overdose crisis in the united states we will discuss a controversial tool making harold safe for drug king says so tweet us your thoughts all need them in a live chat and you too could be in the street. in
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america you are now more likely to die from an opioid overdose than a car crash that's according to a new report out this week by the national safety council it is a sobering statistic due in part to the rise of the illicit drug fentanyl a synthetic opioid roughly about one hundred times stronger than morphine and in fact fenton are now surpasses heroin as the number one cause of opioid related deaths as law enforcement officials struggle to keep the drugs off the streets researchers have created a tool to prevent overdoses and joining us to talk about this in baltimore maryland june young park she's an assistant scientist at johns hopkins university and the director of a study examining the feasibility of drug checking as a public health tool in daly city california tracey helton she's an addiction specialist and author of the big fix hope after heroine she's also a recovering heroin addict. in burlington vermont. recovering from
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a substance abuse disorder he is working to get elected officials to address the overdose crisis and the newtown ohio tom signing he's the chief of the newtown police department hello everybody it's good to have you here with us on the stream we've been so careful to just get absolutely right what it is about fentanyl what we're talking about in terms of an overdose crisis really can you kind of steer us into the beginning of that conversation well i will do that with the help of people online there was a hash tag about caught our eye here at the stream and it was started by someone named ryan have a look at my screen here ryan says hi my name is ryan and one of the best one of my best friends died from a fentanyl overdose yet i spend a lot of time debunking fintan all hysteria in my crazy probably but i'm also a physician who practices emergency medicine medical toxicology and addiction medicine and i'm tired of the misinformation hints this hash tag w t fenton all it was born from saying that there is so much false reporting on
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france and all and been told logs have been in st heroin since the late seventy's they're not contagious it's the newest excuse not to save lives and i wish we would treat people who use drugs better so scott i want to go to you with this series of tweets here talk to us about what you think the biggest misconception is when it comes to understanding here in the u.s. . sure well first of all i just have to say i love ryan's work he's a great communicator on this issue and he certainly gets it right i think the misinformation stems in a lot of ways from talking about an opioid crisis and i think that brings to mind a lot of ideas about prescription from super goals and the real issue here driving the financial crisis or the overdose crisis here in america isn't because people are being overprescribed it's because famille is increasingly showing up in drug spot on the street and i think another important part to emphasize there is that
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when we're talking about financial we're not talking about something that only affects people who use and seek opioids but we're really talking about something that's increasingly showing up in illicit bins or die as a penes in cocaine methamphetamine that's become a wider issue affecting a larger group of people. we talk about the strength of fentanyl and how powerful it is that i have to say it's in the medical profession all of the time so we are talking about illegal fentanyl you have seen what it can do to somebody can you explode a can give us no suggestion yes sure and there's definitely misconceptions especially from a law enforcement first responder side is that if you touch it you're going to overdose and die the white house put it on air for mation along with for general the police a lot of fire agencies know that part's not true there is those some danger that we can't discount from the first responder side i liken it to what we deal with with needles and actually no needle pope does in the story mean you're going to catch up the type of serious i'd be but can you completely discount a no so we're going from the law enforcement side as we're taking those precautions
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wearing gloves masks and eye glasses and telling people look if you're around if you're not going over those it's all highly unlikely even if it gets airborne but you do take precautions but the made a very good point about it being mixed with other drugs were there is always flow ebb and flow of drugs and we get so stuck on one thing instead of like you just talk about the addiction itself it is being mixed with methamphetamine and cocaine it's not one way some of it's mixed by the dealer some people are using multiple drugs including a funnel and some people are seeking it out so we can't have one response we can't have one blanket response we give multiple tools which many of these people the experts you have are working on these multiple tools. do you as a scientist you've got a very stunning of what thing to know is can you unpack it for us describe if i suppose yes so as scott mentioned we are really talking about illicit manufacture and all right now in fact there are actually a lot of hype and all analog all compound that of them
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a lot of and you know and it is often sold at peril and actually on the street and the danger is that necessarily that chemical it well but the way that it is marketed and the fact that a lot of you know don't know what it is that their youth. it's interesting you mention that a we just got this live in on you tube from someone who says that people overdose because they don't know what concentration of the drugs they are getting on the street and that was echoed by another person on twitter who wrote this piece actually this is abraham goodman who wrote exposure seventeen and doesn't kill but misinformation does and he sent the stream of video comment talking about one of the main reasons for overdoses how to listen when you get a prescription from a doctor before you use it you take medication you look to the right people who buy drugs and market that is unregulated don't have the opportunity to do that one of the reasons we increase an overdose death is because people think
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they're using heroin but in fact it's inventor no which is much more potent sort requires a small dose so testing strips a lot of people to get one step closer to knowing what they're using it doesn't give them the exact composition but it gives a general direction of how potent and strong is the medication and then it was correctly and know you can get over those from touching or being mixed. so terry see it talks about knowing the exact composition and really not knowing the exact composition when someone is going out to buy drugs is that something that they're looking for is that a question that people are asking. so i definitely would say if people are interested in harm reduction one of the big problems we're having now it's been a poisoning is people who are using stimulants so they're not expecting to be in their drug supply and also in places like boston and the past few months that set on in the kochi deaths have has exceeded that all of the heroin so there's
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different parts to this problem there is that people who are accidently overdosing on fennel that they were expecting and then there's the concentration of but also maybe are expecting that there might be something on there but the concentration is different than than what you have just stated so i think for sort of people who people who use drugs who are more experienced with this there's ways to mitigate risk including federal test drives having the locks on and having someone present you can administer the knocks on but i think there's also a subset of people who are really opioid naive or they're not expecting us and this it's in a way that they weren't anticipating and then the you know their response or they're using a lot so there's a lot of misinformation that's out there and there's a lot of information that needs to get out there and there and the war on drugs is really suppressing a lot of that you know now but i'm assuming that's yes go ahead go ahead it yeah i was going to jump in if you don't mind you some of this is that some of the users we've had a woman who thought it was cocaine or she overdosed was brought back because that was found on or however we can blanket it there are some people who are going out
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and see confessional when carphone know that our streets we were actually shocked that some users were looking for carfare no you know obviously the other part of this is there are some drug users who use multiple drugs well those marijuana depends on people who are invested and if you say coughing to no yes what's coughing go or phone no wood came out we sold back in two thousand and sixteen we sold in june and august nineteenth of the twenty seventh of two thousand and sixteen we had nearly two hundred overdoses in three people died in one week it was a mixture of fennoy and carfare knows what i call the organic transition from the opiate of heroin to the synthetics so there is a mix so when we talk about there that's why we need multiple tools to strip. be great for those people who and like was brought up if you're a cocaine user or methamphetamine user and your body is not used to the opiates and you take something like a friend or car for no there's going to be a high degree chance that you're going to overdose there is potential for that for death there are a group of people though that already had opiate users i got a kid right here my small community we have
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a young generation and he talks about going up forty five minutes to another city and he seeks out pure so there's a mixture of things and that's what makes this so difficult in addiction so difficult there's different users different types of things going on we need multiple tools to attack this from all different angles let's talk about one of those multiple tools to let me bring you in here i'm just looking at my laptop with something that you're working on right now detecting functional saving lives tell us more about that and also the functional testers yeah so we conducted a study back in two thousand. two hundred and how accurate the tool that is there to have a drug ample really well and if people who use drugs on the street would be entered and that the whether they call it is particularly provided with the into an offering the. so we have two hundred that
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will. meet with the both police department and the barrier island health department and we saw that the dental tester in particular i have to ask you. if i had a. bad trade ok and now the fentanyl test all right let's break this down very simply good guys because you're way ahead of most of us of us who are not aware of what it means to test fentanyl so you have a strict show us the straight and then tell us what it does yes. keep talking as you keep showing us go ahead tell. you more oh. ok. i want it now.
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tennis back to your comic is we can he was you a slightly off camera that really can wait you want to take us staying on these tests trips and of course we saw yours there also tracy our audience and our viewers say that they are very helpful this is due scott mcdonald a former stream gas and a doctor who says test strips help can be purchased at some dollar stores locally low cost tools to help consumers make informed choices reduce the amount used if it's an all for example but there's pushback online from people who aren't so sure and scott i'll give this to you where it says i've never used heroin before but i find it hard to believe that anyone would discard a street drug because it failed a purity tass scott but you make about. sure and that and that might be true people with substance use disorder might not discard the troops if they're testing positive for football but we know that some have and from research on and rhode island and north carolina we know that in the presence of positive drugs drug users
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are taking steps to mitigate risk we know that people are using more slowly using less of a particular drug or taking a smaller dose not using alone and using only in the presence of mach's own and that's harm reduction techniques are steps they can be taken by anyone regardless of their intent regarding symbol if someone is interested in seeking out famille and once a positive test result they still have the ability to take those harm reduction measures and keep themselves safe when we get it so it's on yet again i was just going to say if i'm a console i'm wasn't there when user myself although at the time there wasn't that all of the drugs why but i would say as someone who is heroin myself if if i knew it there were times where there be waves of overdoses in the city if i knew that our particular flood had higher potency that was something that i would take into account and so when we're talking about someone having a sample that might be adulterated with that now we're not saying they're going to
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throw the other way we're saying it might inject slower they might make sure there is another person present they might use it a different way so if i'm in it if i'm an injection drug user maybe i'll also order maybe all i'll have an informed choice on how to form ability to decide what it is i'm going to do as opposed to someone who doesn't have access to that also strips who just is basically going blind into the situation and not knowing what's going to happen to the point of basically to keep people alive tom go ahead go ahead yeah yeah i was going to say and that's part of this is you brought up nor can this this is one tool for a certain group of people that it may work with another tool is the nor can not using alone when we're talking about harm reduction and one of things we've been pushing to is not just all that stuff and nor can but calling nine one one or please. officers firefighters many of our first responders are caring nor can i what we're finding with the especially the use of it is taking multiple doses of nor can we use to store two milligrams now we're four milligrams it's not uncommon for us to give ten milligrams so it's important to call nine one one and then it's
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important to try to find out where that person is if they're ready for treatment give them a treatment if they're not then how do we continue with our reduction to make sure they stay alive it's a piece and that's what we've got to continue do is keep building pieces finding pieces to be able to make sure that people stay alive and ultimately hopefully into recovery if that's what they want to do a knock on is a drug blocks the opioids to stop that from getting food into your system and tom of course because you mentioned in our can there it's the brand name of the drug now locks so this is david he started this hash tag on twitter he says let's start this i carry a can and spread the word at a time of two hundred overdose deaths a day a majority from oids we all should carry in our can which revives a person who's overdose every life is precious and so he has this hash tag and if you go to that online you'll see lots of other stories like that but i want to put it in juxtaposition with this tweet because we were talking about. these testing steps on our can is one tool and another is
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a fentanyl testing strip we got this on you tube from someone who says where can we get the test strips how can an addict access test strips and so then i'll add that to say how can an addict access can as well tracy do you want to take that on. so there's various web sites fine a lot so now so no locks on is the generic version of narcan and is primarily used syringes changes and that's if you have a syringe exchange in your area you can look at the nascent website and see if they have locks on available this is the four milligrams from a jobs these are this is seventy five dollars a dose most programs can't necessarily afford to carry these they're available and some pharmacy chains also they might be you might be able to use your insurance to purchase that and you can look at sites like the locks on now. there's no locks and locator next distribution which is an organization i'm involved with might be able to help you find on the locks so that's you know the various sites that you can
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look for but like i said the you know these when i started over those prevention two thousand and three these doses were you know could be thirty three cents apiece now you know they've they've the price of the locks on it's gone up something like three hundred percent and did these are some for purchase tracy and tom you came up a few both. that when we mentioned that you would like to. i think it's really important for people to see who watching what this drug can do and what to show you something from the pascoe county sheriff's office where they came across somebody who oversees overdosed and they wanted to use knock on him and i'm going to tell you this video is very hard to watch maybe to stopping it maybe triggering if you're actually in recovery or going for recovery or you have overdosed so i'm giving you a long lead up because you don't want to watch this this is not caught up work.
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you know the point. i think you are going to board in the. area. tard to watch that of course the result without it would be even harder this is rebecca is she someone who uses that hash tag i carry in our can she says i wish it was easier to get a hold up particularly the nasal spray and she explained to the stream why she
11:40 pm
carries it she says she hasn't had to administer it get but her daughter is an addict and she says i got the standard type by going to a clinic and having a one on one training when my daughter was in treatment last they gave her prescription for the nasal spray to have on hand so i have that too and this is the first time she is hearing of the test strips for fenton all she says i wasn't familiar with it but i just googled it and i like the concept but i worry knowing that there is spent and all is in it and that could unintentionally motivate people then to use that thought that worry that she has it's i could buy remember at least one of the trump administration what do you make of that fear that knowing that the drug has spent it all in it will increase drug use. it's hard to say just because we haven't seen any research that i'm aware of that indicates that that is a significant outcome of concerns not providing strips leading to unseat and you think we're seeing the exact opposite but we can't guarantee. not supplying just
11:41 pm
won't change a person's interest or motivations but providing more knowledge is only empowering we're not going to lose much on the whole if we continue to run these trips through and i want to jump in there yet you i remember present trauma making the o.p.o. crisis something that he felt was very important that he wanted to address didn't he says ministration but here i'm just looking at a quote from the assistant secretary of health and human services we can't afford to create a false sense of security that's not rationalized putting tools in place to help them they support who are in recovery continue their lifestyle more safely to new start i know he want to jump in but. it is possible to use benson all in a safe way we've been using benson ill in hospital in a medical setting for many decades again it is the fact that people don't know what necessarily but fans will experience and present in their drug i mean especially in
11:42 pm
areas where an infant is only just emerging in the local drug market i think. test strips there are a way we can save lives now and that some areas like baltimore are completely unavoidable that all in some areas it's just everywhere and so i think that the bomb to really focus on the. idea that people. try to think ahead. you know i was able to jump in the head or treat. tom i was going to say we can talk ok thanks i just want to say i want to be careful too because we can't discount the dangers of an all when we started the coalition when it was hair and we had about twenty to twenty five reproduces a week on average of one to two people dying as soon as the synthetics industry we have an average of fifty to seventy over people overdosing every week well
11:43 pm
fortified people dying every week we can't discount the dangers and like the doctor said there's a difference when you get it from a doctor from a hospital you're not setting it's controlled you know what's in there with these or cartel drug dealers that are put on the streets or going to china labs there is no she there's no standards no one checking it no one check in the dosage of it or the potency of it so i don't want to say that we've got to be careful this is a dangerous drug and even though we save somebody if they're still using no there's still a chance they could overdose and guys we have to be careful with that also you're not the only one sounding that warning there tracy i'll give this to you but i just wanted to echo what you heard tom say there eugene on twitter says fentanyl is coming into the u.s. through our ports of entry and not across the southern border where trump is demanding a wall until the synthetic opioid that's one hundred times stronger than morphine and made in a lab it's not grown on the farm and it's coming from china and not mexico so then how best to combat this see that that's where i'll let you pick up so i want to say
11:44 pm
people have been using drugs for thousands of years and so for people who work on public health we want to help people make informed choices and do whatever they're going to do safely so anything from a public health perspective we really don't want people's eating but we want to put seat belts in cars that people have the ability to say and so in the case of that we know people are using drugs and so you know shutting down access to various tools. i'm just the right approach and i would also say that you know in a lot of cases people say they aspire to abstinence but abstinence isn't necessarily something that's realistic i mean in my case i had tried to stop using drugs a different times and especially and then there are you know i tried different methods and i wasn't able to places like needle exchange i personally have been our camp myself made it so i could live to the point to where now i have twenty years sober and i have you know children not our job is various things so i'm grateful that
11:45 pm
those tools were available that all isn't really coming through the bore though the southern border of the united states i mean for years i have known people who have purchased that all through various means and had it shipped to them from china this is not a new thing it's just the fact that it's teaming the u.s. drug supply and now it's in a broader scope that it's become more alarming. if you have the last question it gives. oh that yeah i think you thought be great i think that all this conversation really underscores the fact that. in certain markets a good deal of utility now where not the entire drug supply has been seen by but it also shows in that video from pasco county really shows that a greater response is needed and i think what we're really building up to is the fact that we need overdose prevention scientists we need places where people can use drugs safely and be revived on site on scott.
11:46 pm
thank you so much that. that said that we cannot arrest our way out of the problem. thank you so much for. taking.
11:47 pm
11:48 pm
we're talking about ivory poachers decimated populations of elephants in africa they almost always ship the ivory out of a different country from where it was posed because. seriously looking in the wrong place this radiocarbon dating method the trade of ivory. then we have a place we can focus law enforcement on take those out and put. the source of the. techno on. and live from studio. headquarters in doha. welcome to the news more questions about donald trump's serious strategy a day after nineteen people including four americans in the town of will the u.s.
11:49 pm
reconsider its decision to pull its troops out of syria we'll have a live report from washington also on the grid civilians beaten and abducted access to the office in zimbabwe why schools warn the crowd down on demonstrations over food and fuel shortages is widening what happened to president. of a new era of freedom and search be a day after surviving a no confidence vote british prime minister theresa may rival to try and find a way forward. jeremy corbin is boycotting the talks look at how the political paralysis is being seen in the rest of europe and as kenyans mourn the victims of an attack in the capital some online are outraged by some of the media coverage. of the show using hash tag.
11:50 pm
the you are with the news grid live on air and streaming online through you tube facebook live and at al-jazeera dot com thank you very much for joining us more on all those stories in just a moment but first a nd sudan we begin where anti-government protests have gripped the capital for nearly a month now thursday so some of the knowledge of demonstrations yet with crowds marching towards the presidential palace in khartoum the rising cost of bread is what originally spots the protests but their focus shifted to president omar al bashir who has ruled sudan for nearly three decades government officials say as many as twenty four people have been killed since the unrest began rights groups disagree and put that figure at more than forty the united nations has criticized reports of sudan's security forces being heavy handed with anti-government protesters. has the latest from ca to. another wave of protests have started today in sudan that includes
11:51 pm
a couple of costume and eight other cities protesters tried to converge this time around in the center of the capital costume and their plan was to mosque two words a presidential palace and hand over a letter demanding that as a commission of president omar al bashir however the heavy presence of security forces that prevented them from gaining any momentum and from conducting the plan in other outskirts of khartoum we're hearing reports of more successful attempts to to protest against the government but there is of sort of force or two gasping use and some journalists being arrested condemnations over the heavy handed way the government is using to end the protests have come from the u.n. and also from the european union but president of morehouse of bashir said protesters will never be able to change the government or to force him to resign and that they have to wait for the next election the government meantime is taking
11:52 pm
some measures they are printing a new currency notes saying about will relieve the economy and also they are talking about a number of other measures that they think will be the only way for sudan to get out of the present crisis mohammed valley in khartoum as sudan's protests how did we get here and what happens next in this opinion piece on al jazeera dot com. fendi from the doha institute for graduate studies says if all my share wants to avoid the fate of late libyan leader moammar gadhafi and other failed our best course he would be wise to go into exile in allow sudan to pull itself together again interesting perspective read it on al-jazeera dot com. and protests over living conditions in another part of africa in zimbabwe where crisis could engulf the whole region if it's not addressed urgently according to human rights watch it says the ruling zanu p.f. . supporters are being beaten up people being handed over to police doctors have
11:53 pm
treated sixty eight people for gunshot wounds after protests over a steep rise in fuel prices police have arrested hundreds of people including prominent rights activists the united states and european union have condemned the security forces crackdown on protesters while after three days of demonstrations things are slowly getting back to normal but many businesses and schools remain closed and people are still worried about fuel shortages. that mitch says do not yield statistics. because i think before you judge would say yes but i think the best way forward to the question should do that does it is an absolute things are not yet normal we can't get fuel all fuel stations are closed my boss has run out of fuel i am just part and will not be able to go anywhere and so we will we stop their operations you to fear of violence during the demonstrations once you lose your bust your livelihood is gone what we need now is
11:54 pm
diesel fuel is no expensive and we shouldn't have to struggle to get supplies. or less speak to don colton now who is a human rights lawyer he joins us on the line from harare zimbabwe is capital thank you very much for speaking to us some people say what's happening in zimbabwe right now is very reminiscent of the mugabe era tell us first about the extent of this crackdown over the past few days absolutely cracked in the past few days. rimmon it's an old of the darkest moments of. last night i was at a police station about fifty kilometers outside of her are. attending q. and a raised and the the entire police station was literally. the. doc can you hear me.
11:55 pm
the station yeah the phone line is not very good with harare very helpfully we will reconnect with dacotah in just a moment he was telling us about this crackdown on anti-government protesters in zimbabwe people have been protesting in harare and other parts of zimbabwe over the rising cost of fuel let's hear now from derek might see ziac who's a senior researcher at the institute for security studies in for toria south africa he was speaking to us earlier from harare and says the police response has been autocratic the problem with the grounds for the problem was laid quite a few years ago under the mcgarvie government when the mcgarvie administration began basically creating money out of nothing and it's rather complicated because zimbabwe is a dollar rise economy but basically the government began paying off the debts by infusing electronic money into the banking system which wasn't really backed by any
11:56 pm
u.s. dollars a tool so the value of that electronic money this electronic book entries zimbabwe basically operates a cashless society and depends on electronic transfers the value of the c electronic money has declined steeply it's now about a third of the real us dollar and of course people are paid in the select tronic in this electronic form so the the purchasing power of the seller is a declined enormously and of course when the fuel price was hiked by about two hundred fifty percent this represented yet a further decline in the purchasing power of workers' salaries and that's what sparked the violence the military have been deployed once again live ammunition is being used and people are being arbitrarily dragged from their homes and being beaten up if they are suspected of having taken part in the demonstrations. that
11:57 pm
took place between monday and wednesday it's a very heavy handed approach it's very reminiscent of the mcgarvie era they have also been arbitrary arrests. people who are civil society leaders and activists and the internet was completely closed down from tuesday afternoon. when. social media platforms remained closed by the government of zimbabwe so it's a very heavy handed response if you are in zimbabwe would love to hear from you about the situation there why don't you get in touch with us on the situation in zimbabwe now the stories of course we're covering on the news great send your comments to any of our online platforms on twitter use a hash tag a.j. news great a handle is at a.j. english also on facebook off course facebook dot com for sash. or send us a message on whatsapp or telegram at past nine seven four five zero one triple one four nine all the different ways to get in touch on your screen right now onto
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other world news now and the debate over the trump administration's decision to pull u.s. troops out of syria has reignited after the deaths of nineteen people including four americans in the northern syrian city of mom bage eisel has claimed responsibility for the attack which also injured one thousand people there's been an increase in tension along the turkish syrian border since president announced a withdrawal of u.s. troops from northern syria last month that speak to the white house correspondent kimberly is the u.s. president likely to reconsider this decision to pull u.s. troops out of syria after yesterday's attack in mumbai each. well it's a complicated answer let me try to simplify it the white house for now is maintaining that the president has no plans to change his decision but what we have seen is his advisors namely his national security advisor john bolton as well as his secretary of state might pump aoe sensually putting in place conditions or
11:59 pm
looking for assurances whether it be perhaps making sure that u.s. soldiers only withdrawing from parts of syria or looking for assurances that the kurds who who backed the u.s. effort there that they have a safe zone around them so what this is doing essentially is delaying the timeline so the white house can save face and say look at the withdrawal has commenced the president is keeping his word but at the same time what we're seeing behind the scenes is other members of the administration doing their effort to sensually draw this out so that really there are both sides are being played what we can say in all of this is the certainly has put in place some serious questions about the wisdom in the timing of this surprise withdrawal that was announced last december as you say kimberly the withdrawal has begun but do we have a clear timeline on the full withdrawal and how long it's going to take when it's going to end. well we're hoping that we may get
12:00 am
a clearer understanding from the president when he heads to the pentagon in the coming hours there he is talking about missile defense however certainly this does open up the opportunity to pose that very question what this appears to be though is at least in the broader sort of washington circle is some serious concern about the ramifications of this withdrawal and it seems that there are a number of members of the administration who are leaning very heavily on the president trying to explain to him that this is a nuanced situation that if there was a full and immediate withdrawal as the president seems to be advocating you're certainly opening up the region to become a full blown battleground if you will for the interests of iran russia turkey all trying to wage their influence in the region so what we're seeing is a very complex but also somewhat contradictory picture because even as we.


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