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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 18, 2019 1:00am-1:33am +03

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maybe. details on now getting clear out of the top the top end here on the fourteen riverside a complex behind me last choose. to say the police cut out the attack here which killed dozens of people the police say that they took the tacos about ten months to plan the horrible position they were frequent visitors taking mills and coffee in the restaurants just looking out on to see how they were going to cut out the opposition and in a departure from pasta talks like this one kenyans on now praising the security forces look only how slow they want to be up to the whole incident but also the number of pit pulled up was saved from the complex behind. you by any measure the legit will tell all season long with all kinds of organizations and companies having offices here but also restaurants that are really popular with the upper
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class and they will be residents of course this is a huge deal for al-shabaab it's a group that is losing ground in somalia where their base. lost some of them biggest sources of revenue and. opinions to prove to the world of them only a fool still record with you somebody will soar outside and in places like kenya where the cotton doll a toxic like the spit for coals i'll shove a puzzle solving on that of the sieving and from the us seem to somali special forces were being given logistical support by the united states military and that the. excuse they give for talking to this complex which was it was because of the because of that donald trump. of jerusalem was the company of is that many people of all buying about them they say would have been more simple if that claim about it was in the the town. that's been outed by us and us support
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the police. and undercover journalist who helped expose corruption in african football has been shot dead in the canadian capital. welcome it hussein was part of an undercover probe that by the award winning journalist honest r m a or an us pictured here their investigation led to the resignation of the heads of the governor football association the dawn of journalists association says the media is under serious attack in the country before his death to say had made a complaint to police to his picture were published on national television or is still ahead on the program as britain's prime minister consults rivals for a way forward on products it fronts activates its no deal plan.
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hello again and welcome back we are across china we are going to see a little bit more clouds in the forecast over the next few days the reason being is we are getting a flow out of the south and that's going to bring some moisture across the region but here on friday not really see yet a lot of clear conditions across much of the area we're going to be seeing shanghai at about eleven degrees down towards hong kong at twenty even better conditions over here towards taipei we did see some rain just a few days ago but now that rain is gone maybe some cloudy conditions you with the temperature there on friday of twenty two degrees going up to about twenty six by the time we get toward saturday and we are picking up some more clouds even some rain up here towards hoo ha and with a temperature of about eight degrees there well as we make our way over here towards parts of india things are looking quite nice across much of the subcontinent anywhere from the north down here towards the south we are seeing some clouds across parts of southeastern sri lanka over the next few days we don't expect to see much in terms of rain but attempt to him colombo thirty degrees few up towards neck per at twenty nine and as we go towards saturday new delhi well
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clouds will be coming into your forecast as we go towards saturday with a temperature of twenty degrees and then here in doha temperatures are going to be cooler than what we have seen over the next last few days to just here in doha on friday twenty one degrees there twenty two in muska attempt if you are twenty five . sure home. and inspiration and. personal stories of people keeping the spiritual freedom alive. by courageously defending their right to be. ecstatic with. the. al-jazeera selects.
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out again undermined by the top stories all the al-jazeera says in zimbabwe say sixty eight people have been treated for gunshot wounds to days of violent protests over the rising cost of fuel. the u.n. has criticized reports of saddam's security forces using excessive force against protesters who are calling on the president to stand down. on the least eight people being killed in a car bomb attack outside the national police academy in the colombian capital bogota. france says it has activated its plan for a no deal breck's it saying it looks increasingly likely it comes off of the british prime minister's agree deal with the e.u. was voted down by parliament on tuesday what reason may is now meeting leaders and
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ed piece from all parties trying to come up with a new deal it will need to be voted on by m.p.'s on degree by the e.u. but might require an extension of all six fifty two did labor exits that would also need to be approved by the u.k. parliament and or e.u. member states if there's no deal then the default. would be a no deal breaks it mean the u.k. would leave the e.u. on march the twenty ninth with no agreements in place on their future relationship another option is a second referendum which would give the public a say on how and if the u.k. leaves that this would also require an extension to article fifty and is opposed by french the tears well main opposition party leaders not taking part in theresa may is cross party discussions jeremy corbyn says he'll only talk to the pm when she rules out say no deal breaks that last night's offer of talks
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with party leaders turned out to be simply a stunt not a serious attempt to engage with the new reality that is needed no sooner had she said the words in parliaments than the government confirmed that she would not take no deal of the table so i say to the prime minister. i'm quite happy to talk but the starting point for any talks about brics it must be that the threats of a disaster is no deal outcome is ruled out take it off the table. let's go to our series lawrence a he's outside the parliament in westminster so lawrence jeremy coleman's not speaking to the pm but what are the other opposition leaders saying about their conversations with mrs may you're you see the problem is when you have a leader of an organization who is not prepared to listen to anybody else's view then automatically you run the risk of dissent and stagnation and bad decisions
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being taken and that's why she lost lost her vote so heavily this week and so she says she's now prepared to listen and people have been going in but what's ridiculous about is that she didn't actually need to have face to face meetings with these people to know that what they want is either a delay on leaving well no agreement can be found or they want ruling out crashing out without a deal because of economic carnage or they want another referendum now people know what leaving actually entails and so even though she says she's in listening mode a lot of these people seem to be coming out saying it's really lip service frankly we're only going to know on monday there's a period of a sort of a hiatus now because there's a loudly complaining that they're exhausted after working very hard this week and they will now disappeared to their constituencies for the weekend so the can't be any more cross party talks between now and monday anyway but if she comes back on monday and says to parliament's listen to everybody and i'm still insistence
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spokesman said this morning to political journalists that i'm not ruling out no deal there won't be a second referendum and will not extend article fifty are still once a little march twenty ninth people will just say the whole thing's a game you said you'd listen serious but you're only really listening to people whose opinions you already agree with quite frankly lars i think we're all exhausted by breck's that you included i'm very cold today we know that she's actually got this date set that parliament has to vote on whatever she comes up with but what you're saying is it doesn't sound like there's going to be anything really to vote on nothing particular different no particular plan b. well yeah that the thing is. that matters might get taken out of her hands because it was announced today that there will be a vote on whatever she says her plan b. deal is a week on tuesday or not it's on january the twenty ninth but what's happened in the meantime is that m.p.'s who don't like whatever she has to say piling in with
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amendments to that and so expects we can choose day to have m.p.'s allowing allowed to have a vote on extending maybe to the end of the year ruling out no deal and a vote on a second referendum as well and if any of those things passes and the the very strong likelihood is that ruling out no deal would get a majority week on tuesday then whatever she says becomes irrelevant anyway because parliament overrides whatever she has to say about it and so having sticking your feet in the mud which which appears still to be what she's doing is not going to serve a very well because she'll get chill get in the parliament effectively just go past lawrence and westminster thank you but the european union maintains the brakes a deal is agreed with may is the best it can offer but do you might be flexible on when the u.k. leaves the block as david change reports from brussels. france led the way as european capitals stepped up mergence the measures to combat what they fear is the
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increasing chance of a cliff edge breaks it at a cabinet meeting in paris the french prime minister edward to leap announce a special fifty seven million dollar investment for the country's ports and airports g.p.l. a decision i took the decision to trigger the brics it plan without an agreement hard brigs it as we say sometimes come with you before. fears are also growing the sparkle could be taken out of one of france's most prestigious exports the united kingdom is by far the biggest market for champagne but hard brags it on a falling pound could put an end to such expensive tastes it could also mean u.k. produces cut three of the e used rules could use the name champagne for british sparkling wines and we are a small producer and there are a lot of british wine lovers who really appreciate what we do so it is important only one thing. the germans to preparing for the worst already hit by falling
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exports and under the shadow of a technical recession the chancellor is still keen to reach an agreement to harden the tight we still have time to negotiate but we are now waiting to see what the british prime minister proposes. but how much time that was the question i posed to european think tank in brussels will briggs's be perspire obviously it's a bit of the surface because. at the end you come back to the same. point of friction and also to the same solutions. the problem is of course sovereignty britain wants to regain its sovereignty if the union jack is taken down from the a ray of flags flying inside the e.u. council after a hard exit british citizens will face difficult times. spain contains
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the biggest number of ex-pats from the u.k. watching the scenes in the house of commons back home has led to increasing anger and frustration amongst them i just wish that they stopped. some so everybody agrees. the message coming from the brits in spain is remarkably similar to to reason may's as one man put a. the people voted out they mean out and we should be out david chaytor al jazeera brussels. will have three hundred refugees and migrants have arrived in the southern spanish course of monica they were picked up in six degrees in the mediterranean sea on monday the red cross says seventy eight women and fourteen children are among those rescued spain has replaced is silly as the destination of choice for migrants crossing the mediterranean to europe according to european union estimates published in january the russian president vladimir
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putin is in serbia the tools with his counterparts alexandrovitch me to be off to putin's arrival the two presidents laid reason out of the morial to serbian and soviet soldiers into policy in belgrade liberation from the german army back in one nine hundred forty four feet in the church are expected to discuss the cost of a crisis economic cooperation and gas supplies and other regional issues scientists from universities across the world are warning that we all need to dramatically change our diets by twenty fifty for our own good and for the good of the planet a high profile group of health experts says we need to halt i'm sure consumption and double our intake of nuts whole grains fruits and vegetables they set an allowance of fourteen grams of me today and five hundred grams of fruit and vege the targets are calculated to be a healthy diet which cuts down climate change enough to make the planet sustainable this is a crucial issue not going to be there tomorrow but it is important to have goals
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and some might call them. radical goals or progressive extreme goals even if we don't move strongly in that direction the kind of planet that we will turn over to our children will be seriously degree the planet with unhealthy populations and that's not the kind of world i want my grandkids to be living in. more let's take you live now to the pentagon lot is where president trump and vice president pence are presenting a major review of america's missile defense program now this is a review that's expected to call for research into new technologies and propose establishing senses in space to find and destroy incoming missiles trump when he appears on the next one is also expected to comment on the deaths of u.s. service members in syria on wednesday. around the world all streamlining and tightening their operations fully aware that their industry is
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changing fast they also want to be in pole position when it comes to new technology like self driving vehicles john had reports now from the detroit auto show on the growing autonomy of the automobile. this self driving car truly is a ride these boxy four wheelers at the north american international auto show are autonomy's vehicles not of the future they're here now rin speed snap car lets you snap a passenger pod or a delivery pod onto what is sensually is a skateboard most are from small manufacturers but major manufacturers including ford plan to sell fully autonomy's vehicles in the next two years these fords are already being tested delivering pizzas groceries and people it's been more of an evolution than a revolution twenty one thousand cars are already packed with lane assist auto braking and other driver is cystic knology the autonomy that's available today is
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the autonomy that you see in your cars that assist you with the driving task you're going to see that today and tomorrow and the the the year after that you're going to see those technologies get better and better and better we're putting into our vehicles now the ability to stop on an emergency without you having any action on your own in a few years all of the vehicles ford sells will be connected able to communicate with other vehicles and objects on the road to help guide travelers ended tone of his cars this self driving fifteen passenger bus is already on the road here in the united states in about twenty other countries and when you're done you don't even have to tip the driver of this three hundred thirty five thousand dollars vehicle operates here on a waiver from the government because u.s. safety laws which require a steering wheel and pedals trail behind the technology. it's all like track self driving a shuttle bus designed for shared use and last year in november navi also debuted
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our six passenger auden on taxi cab that's a six passenger vehicle a which can operate within about a five square mile area and have. listened to president donald trump who is. about to present a major of you off america's missile defense program. well that's really nice thank you you're only doing that because i gave you the greatest and biggest budget in our history and i've now done it two times. and. and i hate to tell the rest of the world but i'm about to do it three times so so that's the only reason. you gave me such
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a nice welcome thank you very much and thank you to vice president pence for that wonderful introduction it's an honor to be at the pentagon with so many distinguished military leaders and i especially want to recognize our acting defense secretary patrick shanahan he's been fantastic wherever you may be better thank you or thank you or. we were talking just as i came on i said pat i have to go now we're talking defense and we're also talking offense you know can't forget offense either can when we have the finest weapons in the world and we're ordering the finest weapons in the world that you can be sure of. we're here to present the results of my administration's missile defense review our goal is simple to ensure that we can detect and destroy any missile launched against the united states anywhere anytime
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anyplace as we all know the best way to keep america safe is to keep america strong and that's what we're doing stronger than ever joining us for today's presentation our great champions of this. defense and congress senator dan sullivan my friend thank you dan very much and representative mike turner thank you mike thank you very much also joining us from the department of defense are acting deputy secretary of defense david norquist david thank you secretary mark esper secretary heather wilson thank you under secretaries of defense michael christian alan lord and john rood general paul silva thank you thank you general general mark milley
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thank you mark thank you thank you and congratulations very importantly congratulations general joseph l'engle and general james mcconville thank you very much everybody thank you. before presenting the results of our missile defense review i want to take a moment to express my deepest condolences to the families of the brave american heroes who laid down their lives yesterday in selfless service to our nation these are great people great great people. we will never forget their noble and immortal sacrifice this morning i also would like to briefly address another matter of critical national security the humanitarian and security crisis at our southern border without a strong border america's defenseless vulnerable and unprotected i also want to
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thank the military for helping us out during the big event period but now you have more caravans forming and they're on the way up thousands and thousands of people. we don't know where they're from who they are nothing. we need strong borders we need strong barriers and waltz nothing else is going to work everyone knows it everybody saying it now it's just a question of time this should have been done many years ago should have been done by other press by other presidents and it wasn't just like many of the other things we're doing that could have been done many years ago whether it's our negotiations with north korea moving the embassy to jerusalem so many things were supposed to have been done many years ago or they weren't but we're
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doing them. a wall has to be built we need security at our southern border drugs flow in tremendous percentages of the drugs coming into our country come from the southern border we're not going to allow it to happen. and that is why our homeland security professionals have asked congress for a steel barrier between the ports of entry to find more agents beds medical supplies and technology and to close the ridiculous and dangerous immigration loopholes that no country in the world has but us the federal government remain shut down because congressional democrats refuse to approve border security we're going to have border security it's going to be tight it's going to be strong. we're going to let people into our country to ladley but they're going to come in illegally that includes for the farmers who need help and
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for others but we are going to have powerful strong border security. while many democrats in the house and senate would like to make a deal speaker pelosi will not let them negotiate the party has been hijacked by the open borders strange within the party the radical left becoming the radical democrats hopefully democrat run makers will step forward to do what is right for our country. and what's right for our country is border security at the strongest level stop human hijacking stop drugs stop gangs stop criminals that's what we're going to do that was my pledge and that's what we're going to. regret there together to outline the steps that we must
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take to upgrade and modernize america's missile defense so important in a time of rapidly evolving threats we must be certain that our defensive capabilities are unrivalled and unmatched anywhere in the world all over foreign adversaries competitors and rogue regimes are steadily enhancing their missile arsenals all of their arsenals are getting bigger and stronger and we're getting bigger and stronger in every way. they're increasing their lethal strike capability is and they're focused on developing long range missiles that could reach targets within the united states as president my first duty is the defense of our country first and the
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defense of our country and defense has many different definitions and covers a lot of territory. i will accept nothing less for our nation than the most effective cutting edge missile defense systems we have the best anywhere in the world it's not even close our new strategy calls for six major changes in missile defense policy first we will prioritize the defense of the american people above all else our review calls for twenty new ground based interceptors at fort greely alaska. and new radars and sensors to immediately detect foreign missiles launched against our great nation we are committed to establishing
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a missile defense program that can shield every city in the united states and we will never negotiate away our right to do this second we will focus on developing new technology not just investing more money into existing systems the world is changing and we're going to change much faster than the rest of the world this past tuesday the iranian regime tested a space launch vehicle which failed that will provide iran with critical information if it didn't fail that they could use to pursue intercontinental ballistic missile capability and a. capability actually of reaching the united states we're not going to have that
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happen. the united states cannot simply build more of the same. or make only incremental improvements. what we've done to iran since i've become president is rather miraculous i ended the harbel week aranda clear deal. and i will tell you. iran is a much different country today than it was two years ago it's not the same and it won't be the same and i do believe they want to talk it is not enough to merely keep pace with our adversaries we must outpace them at every single turn we must pursue the advanced technology and research to guarantee that the united states is always several steps ahead of those who would do us harm third we
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will protect the american people from all types of missile attacks in the past the united states lacked a comprehensive strategy for missile defense that extended beyond ballistic missiles under our plan that will change the u.s. role now adjust its posture to also defend against any missile strikes including cruise and hypersonic missiles and we are by the way very advanced also on hypersonic technology and yes we will always be at the forefront of everything fourth we will recognize that space is a new war fighting domain with the spaceports leading the way my upcoming budget will invest in a space based missile defense layer its new technology.
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it's ultimately going to be a very very big part of our defense and obviously our offense the system will be. monitored and we will terminate. any missile launches from hostile powers or even from powers that make a mistake it won't happen regardless of the missile type or geographic origins of the attack we will ensure that enemy missiles find no sanctuary on earth or in the skies above. this is the direction that i'm heading we have some very bad players out there and we are a good player but we can be far worse than anybody if
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need be i've always known and i've watched and i have seen the stronger you are the less you will need whatever that strength may be fifth the way will remove bureaucratic obstacles to dramatically speed up the acquisition and deployment of the new technology and sixth we will insist on fair burden sharing with our allies i made it clear we are protecting many many wealthy wealthy wealthy countries one country they said has an unsustainable cash flow the other words they make so much money they don't know what to do with i said send it our way we're protecting you send it our way we protect all of these wealthy countries which i'm very honored to do
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but many of them are so wealthy they can easily pay us the cost of this protection . so you'll see big changes taking place and we've had great talks with countries friendly talks one of them said mr president yes we will work with you but for thirty years nobody's ever asked i said now we're asking took a long time said now we're asking and that allows us to spend much more money than these incredible budgets where it's just money going out and not coming back so wealthy wealthy countries that we're protecting are all under notice and all cooperating very nicely i would say they probably like other presidents more than me but that's ok i don't blame them i would too. there was
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a recent poll in europe the original poll when i first read i was one of the most popular people in the world and now they said he's not popular in europe i shouldn't be because i'm asking them to step up you have countries paying less than one percent in nato last year i raised forty four billion dollars more by saying i'm sorry you have to step in the year before that my first year so i was just getting started i raised twenty four billion dollars with one meeting and until that it was just going down it was going down for fifteen years was just going down the numbers going internet. and this year will also have a good year they're starting to step up. very unfair when germany pays one percent .


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