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tv   Taiwan Spies Lies Cross Straits Ties  Al Jazeera  January 18, 2019 6:32am-7:01am +03

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the effects of climate change but the targets they've said could be tricky for some though they say that the ideal diet limits daily poultry consumption to twenty nine grams that's equivalent to one of the have chicken nuggets and red meat to just seven grams a day now the report was published in the magazine the lancet says fish would need to be limited to twenty eight grams a day which is a quarter of a medium sized fill it the experts say egg consumption would need to be restricted to around one and a half a week per person but they say that all of that can be balanced out with five hundred grams of vegetables and fruit every single day joining us live now from stockholm via skype is dr fabrice the clerk who is one of the authors of that report he's also a science the rector of eat which is a global nonprofit startup dedicated to transforming our global food system thank you so much for joining us here on al-jazeera so we just picked up
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a few bits from your reports i mean on the face of it it effectively means a lot less meat a lot less alamo products and a lot more vegetables and fruit how is that first of all how is that going to help our planet and our waistlines. so the if you got it right others often useful to pull those who need to that is out through because it's basically a small hamburger or medium outgroup reach it's two to three servings of chicken but we get two to four servings of a fish truly that's a bit about east part small but you can make delicious and very healthy menus with that the most important point is that the dietary recommendations are completely incrementally founded on an individual health system by following this law it's which is compatible with the world health organization diet we severely reduce obesity and overweight in the western countries but we also ensure food adequacy security in countries where there still rampant food insecurity on the planet side
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it freezes and we need to ensure that we protect natural ecosystems to fight the climate as a living space for from our diversity but i would guess that most people know that eating less especially red meat and certain eating more fruit and vegetable is good for the health of the person and also the health of the planet i guess the point is that i'm not sure if this goes a little bit beyond your remit is how do you convince people especially in the western world how do you convince them to eat like this. well that's what we but by demonstrating that what we're asking is not all that radical but is that food to be reinforced fifty years ago that is a lot of focus being played on based on reducing red meat consumption much more modest portions but i mean it's invitation to discover or to say that the ten thousand species in varieties of into ice plant species. could be decorating lakes
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so it's really important for exploration so they were two hundred encourage people also to to recognize that a lot of the actions that were are being acetate to fight climate are very expensive they're difficult they're they're accessible this is a choice you can make three four times a day as an expert on health and environment and so it's very much in your reach it's possible and it's part of our there is these so effectively then i guess making people take personal responsibility for both how they and how that is going to impact on the planet now here in the u.k. there is talk of classing obesity as a disease as opposed to the result of a lifestyle what do you make of moves like that do you think that helps your cause or hinders it. i think it is absolutely critical that we recognize that the city has won the primary drivers of premature mortality in the last twenty five percent
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of adults are obese and rising and even cape is right behind this this is what's radical is that we allow this kind of for help to exist in our society and that we think that a dietary shift is what's radical so i completely support the recognizing this is a serious challenge for many and ensuring that we provide support to education accessibility and affordability to healthy food as well as the recreation just our space allows people to live much on the final point so forgive me for interrupting you if it's shown in a few years or decades that people just aren't changing their dietary habits the ever to see a future when maybe it should be imposed by countries themselves a sort of rationing if you will of things like meat and eggs and fish we haven't proposed that at all and they were hoping that we don't need to go and don't envision this climate changes but rather are encouraging government supports its support for any of those crops that are the foundations of the diet and support
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from communities who are working with the president against the environment and i think signaling to the private sector that the business opportunity is of producing within that the science service proposed by the lancet and sustainability that the fabrice the clerical one of the authors of that report thank you for sharing your views with us right sense of it all the sport now here is leah thank you barbara of qatar's nascar a ts stole the spotlight at this year's dakar rally with a convincing victory victory over the rest of the pack marion essential has sent us this report from the finish line. this is the third time that nothing the winds very tough rally the dakar race he won first in two thousand and eleven and then in two thousand and fifteen after the rays we spoke with him he told us that it had been a very challenging one although the territory of peru played in his favor as there
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were a lot of he comes from qatar where there is a lot of sand and a lot of he came in forty one of them forty six minutes ahead of the second. spanish legend. who told us that he was very happy. for coming in second of course he's one of the top drivers in the world but also that he made it to the finish line which is one of the main objectives of drivers to finish to reach the finish line it's important to highlight that the motorcycle category was won by. toby price also it's important to mention that this. held the largest number of women ever to participate seventeen women competed not all of them came to the finish line but many did many were able to reach the finish line and this morning we spoke to some of these women who told us that it had been
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a very difficult race especially because they needed a lot of physical strength to be able to carry their vehicles especially those who raced in motorcycles as they tell us this race is more disappointing for men than for women. the last sixteen of the asian cup in the united arab emirates as a group after defeating saudi arabia two nil on thursday this is the first time the two goal for nations met on the football field since a saudi led blockade of qatar began in june twenty seventh peterson reports. saudi arabia versus carter a potentially high voltage of theory on the football field the pre-match handshakes proceeded in a normal enough fashion but what most were wondering was whether political tensions between these two nations would spill over onto the field in abu dhabi as a turndown both sets of players were able to maintain their professionalism they
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were a few fouls here and there but nothing out of the ordinary the referee showed only five yellow cards all game three to qatar two to saudi arabia and one of the qatar yellow cards was for time wasting so qatar had a golden opportunity to take the lead but. had his penalty saved if i were dead i looked the other. didn't missy's chance though on the stroke of half time. the saudis had their chances but found their attempts blocked by carter. and it would be early to score a game to secure a two know when and only the seventh time carter have beaten saudi arabia on the football field both teams progress to the next round but the speak three ensured that qatar would finish top of the group ahead of the saudis peters demit al-jazeera. confirmation there of qatar's place at the top of the standings and
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group rabia also go through to the next round but lebanon and north korea are both going home and group f. action commentated where the edge of hand went over uzbekistan to cure top spot a man overcame turkmenistan in the other game to also qualify for the last sixteen . twenty three time grammy slam champion serena williams powered her way into the australian open third round with a dominating win over shard on thursday the american is one straight sets over the canadian finishing six two six two williams news on to a third round meeting against ukraine's yes rim's. world number one the samoa hala was also a second round winner in melbourne there are many and came from a breakdown in the third set to be unseated sophia canon six three six seven six four she faces venus williams next. and u.s. open champion naomi osaka had
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a relatively straightforward route into the third round she beat slovenia's temora . six two six for osaka who seeded fourth here made the sydney finals at four of her last five ten. mins world number one novak djokovic pass joe wilfred tsonga it was a repeat of the two thousand and eight australian open final that gave the serb his first of six titles in melbourne djokovic twenty six three seven five and six for. rain suspended play in the match between me those thrown it out and stan wawrinka ronettes forced the match into four tie break sets before booking his place in the third round with a six seven seven six seven six seven six victory over the swiss who won the ozzy open back in two thousand and fourteen. and ages top range men's player kate corry had a five set battle with evo karlovic who served fifty nine hundred says it took misha corey just under four hours to finish off the big serving crowing eight seed
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into the third round and bringing tears to the eyes of some of the japanese fans who stayed at the course at the match and. despite an initial delay evidence that could expose numerous russian athletes as drug cheats has been collected by anti-doping experts the world anti-doping agency demanded in september that russia hand over data from its moscow laboratory by the thirty first of december but the russians missed that deadline has now confirmed that its three member team was able to successfully retrieve data from the up. the interim president of michigan state university resigned after making comments about the u.s. gymnastics sexual abuse victims john engler told a local newspaper that the gymnast who were sexually abused by former usa gymnastics and michigan state team dr larry nasser were quote unquote enjoying the spotlight larry nasser was sentenced to more than three hundred years for sexually abusing young gymnasts. the milwaukee bucks could be heading up for their best
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season in years in the n.b.a. they look first in the in place in the eastern conference after beating the memphis grizzlies over in the west the l.a. clippers and the utah jazz are vying for playoff spots georgia seeing the clippers back in the second with a walk on patrick beverley korver was calling the tune for the jazz he ended up with nineteen points by twenty this was a fourth straight loss for l.a. . lindsey vonn is set to return to the world cup circuit after an injury delayed her long goodbye to skiing before retirement been injured her knee before her scheduled first race of the season back in november but is due to start at corteen on saturday the american had announced that this would be her final year although she has since decided to extend that by one race into next season. unfortunately just the body is telling me it's enough. it's not for lack of motivation or.
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lack of desire or lack of will. it's a lack of cartilage to be quite honest. you know i just say can't. my body can continue. to do what i love that's all your support for now back to you barbara in london thank you now caffeine addicts that's a lot of us take note a new report suggests that climate change is putting half the world's wild coffee species at risk of extinction the research conducted by britain's royal botanic gardens shows how as temperatures increase in the levels of rain fell rainfall decrease the area were coffee can grow diminishes the scientists are calling for targeted action in specific tropical countries particularly in africa. i think climate change is a particular concern because the species we grow occur in very narrow climatic
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envelopes that means that as as the climate changes as temperatures increase and right for decreases the suitable area for growing this coffee diminishes worrying signs that say for this news hours they were still going to have more news in just a few minutes. business updates by qatar airways going places together.
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business updates by qatar airways going places together to be a child is to be innocent and caffrey but it comes to an abrupt end with the burden of younger children. with
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a mother behind. each other and decide whether to stick to. the family in the hope of a chance across the us mexico border the other side of the. new yorkers are very receptive to al-jazeera because it is such an international city they're very interested in that global perspective that al-jazeera provides. a car bomb explodes at a heavily guarded police academy in the colombian capital killing at least ten people. hello i'm barbara sarah this is al jazeera live from london also coming up.
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a child and the doctor reported dead in the latest protest the man being sudan's president stepped down. from cancels the u.s. house speaker's trip to afghanistan in a rout over the shutdown as polls show that his approval ratings are forming and kenyans bury the victims of tuesday's attack on a nairobi hotel carried out by the young group al shabaab. the death toll in a car bomb attack at a police academy in the colombian capital bogota has now risen to ten it's the biggest attack against the police or military facility in the city in over a decade the vehicle rammed into the academy grounds and then blew up shattering the windows of apartments in the area around the building president even rushed to the scene from the west of the country where he'd been attending
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a meeting on security. this is an attack on a sense of learning where there were unarmed young people and students it's an attack not just against oregon state. police alone it is a tough against home society this terrorist act will not go unpunished and this and that and create the is in bogota for us and has the latest come as attorney general's investigators. analyzing. this. explosion inside the police academy here in. the ministry of defense in the meantime has confirmed that the death toll has risen to ten and there are another sixty five people that have been injured many of them are some of them are listed in critical conditions and they have been taken to a number of hospitals in the front part of the capital here turning
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a general so they now knowledge in the name of the person that was driving the car and died in the explosion and their investigation to be mitigating is actually cool uighurs that they're also concentrating on the car and this in s.u.v.s has used the forty explosion when you drove inside the police academy earlier. that they said that the car was registered and that the last mechanical revision happened in a region far from the capital cost the border with a business where there were a number of criminal groups operating among the still standing rebel group of the year and or the national liberation army. a child and doctor have been reported after the latest protests across demanding the president omar al bashir. police used tear gas and live ammunition to disperse
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crowds who were trying to march to the presidential palace the president's south remains defiant denouncing the protesters as traitors and announcing a paid civil servant servants to try to quell the anger here but morgan reports now from the capital khartoum. freedom peace and justice these have been the demands of protesters for nearly a month along with a demand for sudan's president omar al bashir to. in his nearly three decades in office and step down or not believe in the here still more i don't know what's going to help our demands are the demands of everyone and god willing we will continue running groupie success for our protest today is large and we are going in the right direction we will go to the presidential palace we just want peace freedom and justice like the rest of the world the protests began last month in the city of azerbaijan when the government announced it would hike bread prices in a country where inflation is a nearly seventy percent one of the highest in the world hundreds protested to
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voice their anger the demonstrations have since spread across many cities in sudan including the capital how to officials have shut schools and universities and cut off access to many social media platforms police have used tear gas and live ammunition as the e.u. and the un called on the government to not use excessive force against those protesting the high commissioner for human rights michel bashfully called on the sudanese government to protect exercise by all people regardless of the political affiliation of their rights freedom of expression and peaceful assembly she also urged all sides to refrain from the use of violence activists say at least fifty have been killed since the protests began the government says that number is twenty four and it's not only the two that came out today several other cities at least ten other cities also came out to protest against president bashir they say they want him to leave and had a part in the interim independent council something he said he's not going to do but president bashir has been defiant in the face of the demonstrations he has
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accused those protesting as being influenced by external forces. we reaffirm that we care about the young and their concerns. to be positive and preserve their country and not listen to cause that destabilize sudan and its security with the demonstrators making it clear that they want change now the protests are becoming the longest since a gang gained independence and the biggest challenge to president obama to bashir since he came to power twenty nine years ago people more going on today are caught on. doctors in zimbabwe say that they've treated sixty eight people for gunshot wounds after days of violent protests there over the sudden rise in fuel prices state t.v. says six hundred people have been arrested since monday including labor leaders and prominent rights activists human rights watch has accused supporters of the rulings on the p.f. party of beating activists and handing them over to police alexey o'brien reports.
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with broken limbs and bruised faces this group waits for treatment outside a clinic in harare. soldiers broke into a house in the middle of the night destroying property in the process they took turns to beat us in our own was full of blood to. it happens during demonstrations against president innocent men and god was moved to double fuel prices to counter a deepening economic crisis the security forces responded with what rights groups say was an unprecedented use of excessive force live ammunition rubber bullets and tear gas. they had no mercy they wanted to kill us but i managed to escape the protesters had set fire to a police station barricaded roads and looted shops hundreds of people were arrested and are now making their way through the courts including prominent activist pasta event. he's facing charges of subverting the government and twenty years in prison
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if convicted we thought we had a. new country and a new way of. none of what am i. now a day they had been urging people to stay harm as part of a three day strike over the fuel prices the protest pose the biggest challenge yet to president who came to power offering a new start and valuing to revive the shattered economy by attracting foreign investor. and he announced the increase then headed off overseas tweeting from russia that resolving the economic challenges was a monumental task he also called for calm a message that may not have got through with zimbabwe's internet only partially working after being shot down for several days we called it what the. do for limits to access the internet it is a human right to do the right the strikes now but schools and some shops remain
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closed in the capital harare. they've been years of food and fuel shortages sometimes people are forced to queue for hours even days. things are not yet normal we can't get fuel all fuel stations are closed many say the change that was promised following the ousting of robert mugabe hasn't happened brian al-jazeera. u.s. president donald trump has the night house speaker nancy pelosi a military plane to visit troops abroad saying the partial government shutdown is to blame this comes a day after she suggested that he postpone his state of the union address the political deadlock is now in its twenty seventh day and it shows no sign of ending there have been large queues at major airports across the u.s. due to the absence of security staff trance approval ratings meanwhile have taken a hit with research indicating growing discontent among his supporter base pelosi
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meanwhile has appealed to trying to end the impasse of this senseless shutdown is inflicting great pain and every part of our country every day the impact spread impacts spread reaching the lives of hardworking americans these are the people who deliver services to the american people. we should respect what they do for our country many of them are veterans who have translated their military patriotism into civilian patriotism working for the government was get more now from rob reynolds in washington d.c. who's been following developments so rob does it look like there is any breakthrough possible when it comes to this government shutdown. well you know barbara the central issue here of course is the refusal by democrats to provide funding for president trump's proposed border wall on the us
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mexico border there just not appear to be any movement on either side towards a compromise on that issue so the shutdown as you mentioned in its twenty seventh day now looks like it's going to continue the. cancellation of speaker pelosi strip along with her delegation was so abrupt that there was actually a bus with members of the delegation members of congress aboard it behind the capitol building and they were their bags packed ready to go when they got the word that they wouldn't be be given the plane to fly to afghanistan one of the senior democrats adam schiff was the chairman of the intelligence committee got off the bus and said that in many respects over the past two years in his view the president has acted like a fifth grader that would be about a ten year old and that this is having an enormously disruptive effect on the
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country other republicans for example said that this is justified in so far as palosi had taken a blatantly political shot at the president by suggesting that he didn't delay or or postpone his state of the union speech scheduled for the twenty ninth of january but the shutdown goes on the pain as you mentioned barbara is spreading not only in washington but across the country and there is a piece of news that i guess might increase the ideological divide between the two sides and that's an internal watchdog saying that the u.s. government may have separated thousands more migrant children from their families than previously thought obviously that an incredibly controversial policy at by this presidency at tell us more about how it came out and how it's playing out in washington. well this was an inspector general report from the department of health and human services it disclosed that beginning in the so.


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