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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 18, 2019 10:00am-10:34am +03

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you know once you get something that's john. king at the movie. to. watch him or you see. who the sim i. want to know what it. did in the last summer. he knew where. it went on that and. then. very little.
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when i. could that matter. that much cost. being this had us i mean i i and then wonder. if you are tolerant of they were welcoming. him out there. seeing as how you see him. in montana losing one in the. same neighborhood but what is was it was the in was like
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a piece of bread. but i think i'm. a bailout you will know. what i want to.
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and then me alone. demand mean do you have been there or not gone then except that i'm in text and you can't perceive demand to know where the little bit us i live they all my are they that is this i. when up for that my me. a guest on. my in of with musical it was what you had to look but oh my you are the most. grown up. and. i never. get to. go mark bomb bomb bomb bomb. them just. going to because it was just a. so good i guess i got doesn't. see you as you know the law. does.
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not. make it as. they go to liza you. know you have to also need it as you seem. so but it does use the my. boy or. just it's just. i don't know oh mommy. i forgot that and yeah actually i don't apparently i think i don't know. but. yeah that you know number me got me. off and on the morrow that will have it.
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all right but i think that what can i have i ever got there. i have no money but a little better than good to start off one of the me is son you thank you very much america but i'm going to offer. every kid ok having your. family money right. here where you can pick it up again but it could be a benefit to get away to reveal what i meant to be quickly coming. back to. me an example of it don't work and i figured it didn't work ok normally. he does yes ok you call it what you. to me that it. would be that if that's. about it then that's what i can offer. yes if the most difficult bit that you. did we
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had atika what's going to keep out of that little pocket that will give that to. a comic book will be ethical but other people get the message. that a promise to. build a life go on have a have a. simple. one of the big one the. one to look if i want to get this hit you don't mind you're going to give us a. pretty. good time i've been the focus but haven't. tried them even. if i have but i have if i will. i don't. want to jump out of the aussie. pettable. and i'm off a. boat i'm happy to be a punter. that i want to see.
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getting a. lot of what i could never love me. back. to getting. a job at the big dogs you know that i'm going.
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to. get that i believe in that the more gentle ones i would. be. doing a good. job so it would. make it don't get the bottom don't go out of the noise because he and it almost never will be that nine hundred. that she will see a bit of a different one in the lobby that i'm not in there is this day. to. go along. with almost sitting on my news focusing this seems
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to offer a fun. you know going to the affair you may not get in. to take it in which. the getting the feel of the main. to make. you going to commit commit that they can do to you but he can have a meaningful cinephile link in memory so you. while a separate on. quintin of a million mahoney. and obama either. let us.
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today iran said see. that of its own. past.
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and what. do you think you will see what people. see what they will miss an anchor said. this they are not with. me. and historic day. there is. a that is when the number of men money has said they will put up about me. but i saw it was a study in that. i get out every now and wonder you know. there's
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nothing. ms into. us. wanting to just. give them to. the ground. zero. zero zero zero i'm.
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i mean you know one of my last little bit as i get this thing will. pass in. vietnam how your tone of voice. was did you not see. the list but isn't. it just go quiet adult go in there and they demand. is just me quiet until i guess that like close enough i stand outside like get in on the moment that it was him get the name must. not be said and i meant that if you see. stuff. i mean and you've got to. these are all a he does. he is sather you just know where you are.
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will get along chilled liz's of this little boy you are out of a question and moving from pussy. to get him. if you move the plank it is in poor me poor. feet. man. when you're pretty. all. the c.e.o. . is. good up. to
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the way it is. we will not tell you the truth anything going on there were not must not have. we now seem to see. what is tainted in this with only those that are that. i live in the community. for.
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such. but know. everything you are their money but you know nothing. more. i know that i don't. have any i don't like that. i don't have a point. that all but i'm evil but i'm a. break if you like and you get off. i'm. in search of a safer neighborhood it was a huge and a little we make
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a mad house and took all our stuff being a man who can't put my family in the hole they deserve that's a problem for me struggling to secure a home really really quite about which really does all right so we don't we could potentially lose the house and living paycheck to paycheck there's nobody to blame and live with the kind of school it says every day of the choices that every holiday. on al-jazeera. the latest news as it breaks the difference is that in both bottles awesome flightless that authentic in the ritz with the this time go for fifty's do not come up with detailed coverage why though has already said that he's ready to take over as interim president and call for you elections. from around the world volunteers are doing what they can and that's not the point behind the government's decision to criminalize homelessness it hundred. trains one of the next
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sixty days seem to be honest of those who know it best. for fisher to. al-jazeera world goes on the road with palestinian taxi drivers living and working at the heart of one of the most talking contested location. jerusalem as a palestinian cabbies on al-jazeera. hello i'm mr doha with the top stories on al-jazeera u.s. president donald trump has cancelled a delegation to the wild economic forum in davos next week sizing the government shutdown he's also scrapped house speaker nancy pelosi as upcoming ibises told the political deadlock between trump and the democrats over his proposed border wall is
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now in its twenty seventh day of this senseless shutdown is inflicting great pain and every part of our country every day the impact spread impacts spread reaching the lives of hardworking americans these are the people who deliver services to the american people. we should respect when they do for our country many of them are veterans who have translated their military patriotism into civilian patriotism working for the government trump says he wants to explore space based weaponry that could shoot down enemy missiles he made the announcement while unveiling a new defense strategy at the pentagon that called north korea an extraordinary threat. that review came on the day pyongyang's top envoy landed in washington d.c. to discuss a second summit between donald trump and kim jong un kim young child has been
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leading denuclearization talks with the u.s. and is expected to meet with secretary of state's mike pompei on friday at least ten people were killed in a car bomb attack on a police academy in the colombian capital it's the biggest attack on a police or military facility there in more than a decade president even duke a says the perpetrators will not go unpunished activists in sudan say to people have been killed in confrontations between police and protesters thousands of people marched across several cities for yet another day of anti-government demonstrations they've been demanding the resignation of president omar al bashir but he is blaming the protests on foreign agents the african union has called on the democratic republic of congo to suspend the declaration a final election results planned for friday saying they are a serious doubts over the vote using presidential candidate marks and failure lou has filed a court challenge demanding a recount of last month's ballot he insists he won sixty one percent of the voters
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those are the headlines join me here for more news after part two of what this. going to. see it me or how many. have no one else just think it was one. of the things we. didn't know. because here we. will never go until. she looked at you in the book. we looked at the
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gift of a. bit of research and. know when to see the book. is not an easy to hold but i think having seen almost. enough of. the having you know forcing you to keep. more. so i thought of a minute but i got up there in a bit of one of the big model of them to see if they have been showing i was highly mobile youngblood like he was he'd know where i'm going. but no less a window in their midst so he was. the one. that i stick up again is this about out of the. cell and in humans when they're not being noticed or you got a link you. met
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a man well not me. been so not done to give me. money. ok you. know. there's a lot of that in c l u. s. s c u said i was. saved. and i knew that. you're going to. need. that letter you know. you think that the the last one.
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was delivered. there's a good i don't. have to do this is it the old badly but is a good thought maybe. the view that. you employ is. more than what you noticed was the one you. get to do it on the moon. because the know you give money you are one another going to do. a lot of good mood good girl oh good just a little bit of the could you. know mother my mother oh.
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well maybe you know my me. me me i'm not. some no no no. i think i'm. the end any good and i'm the one hundred in the. face. let's get this but i really. can't nora no you. mustn't. talk. about. mine.
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well when i read my story i did that we. know most likely and. i made was that. i met with a look at him as well quite a scene of total moment on point to your promise i was. normal so here's who you know this is big man doing time how about the young brother mr not go off with us the kid riding processing said i'll call me will he. see when the person who does it i see that i meant this is it yeah. it's sort of him saying. he is that he had his poster in there are enough media.
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i live. so he. put me so that he'd go. by you know has seen no. money him and you will not be in the. course. you're going to use them a. lot of the. little pieces of. don't say good bye he don't seem. to story in the. book in not getting me your book. i give. me stuff but it is
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you know it's always you know mommy is having but i suddenly i was. i get a clue where in the winter you carry a manual handle the book oh boy are they coming out now tell us tell you the scene when told the rest of the i having another in love you. know ali hundred notice you're not in the primaries or you don't even know. the quantised there are. many who. just don't want to call me
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etiquette implementor you know didn't agree with you can trust the how thorough how can there i'm a bottom up inside my music be inside to be inside. see better your timing key don't book or they. don't. pass you well most farrakhan took issue with the name of the import of his entering the british to hear the word and then didn't know the political name of the narrow part of it let me. get him a mood because a bit of luck will move the needle to see. me here for me this book at the possibility of wesley a member. of the reason. well that's good then also a useful look at how governments both know. i'm good now as they want me also
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doesn't tell us very that necessarily that value opens i'm not mean because of ok. maynard in surrounding workload but is. good and she took. the five where she was done in good news and i meant to but i learned. from him a day behind you remember. ginsberg one of my best buy easy to put a memorable custom obama hide the money bill. doesn't
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a simple game law say would have a million alice got the ball you are. where. in thinking we. yes because there's an umbrella again i don't suppose that. you can begin you know so i'm going to give them as being with gabe with. one last bit off and go get my
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mental side up again. now both need to be in the sin city in three no four no hold on them i need to be young man with a steel was seized me. as i said was dixie and this is the. one the. money. to magnify. him is a kid with a pride. that had. come up by.
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you know. what i mean. i think. the mother lost a dark. wind up little zero. zero one seven will know you in the bowser you know people did he seemed. closer consolo gonna learn them more i'm. going to go i don't call this before on those the more i. know you want. me. back. but i gave up a normal one kiddo. one floated a month ago and look i had written about my. having.


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