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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 18, 2019 2:00pm-2:34pm +03

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didn't bashir has been defiant in the face of the demonstrations he has accused those protesting as being influenced by external forces to be reaffirmed that we care about the young and their concerns we call on the young to be positive and preserve their country and not listen to cause that destabilize sudan and its security with the demonstrators making it clear that they want change now the protests are becoming the longest since a gang gained independence and the biggest challenge to president obama to bashir since he came to power twenty nine years ago people morgan of his era caught on still ahead on al-jazeera and nation in mourning after a par bomb attack on a police academy in colombia killed eleven people plus. i'm wayne hay reporting from phnom penh where european tariffs may be about to put a dent in one of the best performing economies in the world.
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and we're watching some very active weather make its way across the middle east at the moment has that system that brought us all rain and snow from turkey down towards egypt actually and is now edging its way towards the east still bringing us some heavy rain and snow and some pretty strong winds as well as it gradually makes its way towards the northeast it's also having an effect on the weather for the south though even way you don't see the rain and snow is bringing some pretty strong winds as well so for the southern parts over iran here expect it to be pretty dusty over the next few days and eventually as you head up towards parts of afghanistan will see some snow here a bit further towards the south and is certainly being dusty here in doha but as we head through the next few days the dust will ease however the temperatures won't recover quite so readily so a maximum temperature of fosse of around twenty or twenty one degrees over the next few days and at night will be jumping to fifteen and then the temperature will be dropping as well so expect it to only get to around. thirteen at night so it will
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food really quite cool for us down towards the southern parts of africa far more in the way of wet weather here that stretching from angola all the way down towards madagascar for some of us here we're going to see some very intense rain as this is a developing area of low pressure that's running its way towards the west so for some of us in mozambique it will be wet. one of the biggest cities seen through the eyes of those who know it best they seem to have to shoot. out just the real world goes on the road with palestinian taxi driver who's living and working at the heart of one of the most hokey contested locations. jerusalem is a palestinian cabbies on al-jazeera.
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watching al-jazeera let's recap the top stories for you now activists in sudan say two more people have been killed in confrontations between police and protesters thousands of people marched across several cities for yet another day demanding that president omar al bashir resign. as president on a trump says he wants to explore space based weaponry that could shoot down missiles made the announcement all unveiling a new defense strategy at the pentagon. and trump has canceled a delegation to the world economic forum in davos next week citing the government shutdown is also scrapped house speaker nancy pelosi is upcoming overseas tour of political deadlock explained the democrats over
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a supposed border wall it is now in its twenty seven day. president trump wants congress to approve five billion dollars to begin construction on the proposed border wall but many who live on the border actually oppose the idea i did a castro has more. this land has been in the florists family for two hundred years it's where mere to flood history of all grew up on a ranch tucked in the bends of the rio grande but soon the land may be sheared in half bisected by the border wall plan to be built here it makes me cry because it looks so pretty it's very peaceful the government is now waiting for the signatures of private landowners agreeing to sell this land for less than six thousand dollars a hector i haven't signed no i don't want to get paid by signed that giving me away the family says there is no safety threat here no crisis of migrants overrunning the border as president trump claims living close to the border with no wall federating where you are in mexico do you feel unsafe no i've never felt on say
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u.s. border patrol considers this area to be a hotspot for illegal crossings fresh footprints show people continue to come but the greatest danger may be to the migrants themselves these two men are actually with mexican authorities and they're combing the river now for the body of a migraine who disappeared here while attempting to cross four days ago they can come no closer than the middle of the river that is the international boundary between mexico and the united states they're building a wall who which is a prehistoric. strategy to keep people out versus now that there's new technology there's sensors or blames the police chief of nearby sullivan city says he supports anything that keeps people from crossing including a wall it would be a deterrent but would when someone has ill intentions to do something in us soil
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the going to do whatever it takes to do their around and under and over through about half a million people were arrested while trying to sneak across the border last year that's still near a historic low and for these residents of the border not worth the price of destroying their way of life heidi joe castro al-jazeera texas. thousands more children may have been separated from their parents at the us mexico border than previously reported by the donald trump administration that's according to a u.s. government watchdog which says the agency responsible for taking care of the children did not track them sufficiently until a court ruled that they must be reunited with their parents report also shows that u.s. officials are separating children well before trump so-called zero tolerance policy came into effect last year and assurances a senior attorney at the center for constitutional rights she says the exact number of families separated and never be known the inspector general's report stated
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that over nine hundred kids who had been separated from their parents had actually been released prior to the. california court ordering reunification for a certain number of kids also the sort of numbers that we have been hearing in the . in the media about how many kids were separated really only referred to the number of numbers of children separated from their parents if those parents were eligible for reunification through this court case that court case excluded from that class anyone with any kind of criminal record or allegation even an unproven allegation from another country was enough for the court for border customs and border protection to determine to separate the parent from the child and those numbers also excluded any kids who would come in not with a parent but with a grandparent or an aunt or a brother it was really
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a very limited number so it's very unclear how many kids were actually separated from family members and because of the terrible tracking system or really the complete lack of a tracking system it may never be known how many kids were separated. congress president has declared three days of national mourning after a car bomb attack on a police academy killed eleven people and. he says the perpetrators of what he called a terrorist attack will not go unpunished. on the clinton capital one of the this is the aftermath of the car bomb explosion inside the largest police academy in the country about eighty kilograms of explosives carried in a vehicle driven into the academy compound and detonated as a promotion ceremony for cadets was taking place soon after the blast family members gathered outside the academy desperately looking for information the task of identifying the dead now underway colombia's president who had been attending
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a security meeting in the west of the country rushed back to the capital he described the attacked as an act of terror against an armed policeman. this is an attack not only against the young the security forces or the police he's an attack against society this demented terrorist act will not go unpunished the explosion ripped through the surrounding area damaging apartment buildings their family lives a kilometer away from the scene of the explosion yet the windows of their apartments were shattered. we heard a giant rumble the entire house started moving like an earthquake in the windows shattered i was so scared i started crying. dichter new general office says they have a dent if i demand driving the car bomb and says the vehicle was registered to a stronghold of the last active rebel group in the country in all don't know when
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it's claimed responsibility for the attack. colombia ratify the peace accord with fight rebels in two thousand and sixteen but other groups remain active and are fighting for the lucrative drug trafficking and illegal mining in remote areas of the country this is the worst attack that has seen in almost a decade and there's no doubt that it has rattled many nerves both here in the capital and across the country colombians have been eager to close the door on their very violent past but there's no doubt there's such an atrocious attack like this when for many here it might seem as if that dark past might be creeping back. but with. russia's president has the kids kosovo a stirring up tension with serbia by setting out its own army make the statement after holding talks with the serbian counterpart alexander. belgrade who says he considered kosovo is army illegal and warned its creation would destabilize the region the two leaders also discussed economic cooperation and clearing
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a gas supplies a judge in the u.s. city of chicago has acquitted three police officers accused of trying to cover up the shooting of a black teenager four years ago the judge said there is no proof that the officers tried to conceal evidence the video of the shooting triggered mass protests leading to major changes in policing in the city a white police officer jason van dyke was convicted of murdering seventeen year old macdonald in october of last year he is due to be sentenced on friday. european union has impose tariffs on rice exports from cambodia and me and maher says its previous policy which allowed cambodia to export most student free is damaging european producers commodious special trading status is also under threat after the e.u. put it on notice over its human rights record by in hay has more from pan. for the past decade cambodia has had one of the best performing economies in the world
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thanks largely to the biggest buyer of its goods europe but the european union isn't happy and is taking action its impose tariffs on rice from cambodia and me and mom for three years following a complaint from italy the italians want to protect their rice industry from falling prices caused by imports from the two countries that surged eighty percent in the past five seasons until now cambodia and me and maher enjoyed tariff free access to european markets under a program designed to help developing countries despite being planned for some time the announcement from the e.u. seemed to catch the cambodian government off guard. the ministry just received the official statement which is sixty four pages long from the a few minutes ago so we will discuss the details internally first i apologize we have to delay the press conference. the news gets worse with the e.u. signaling it will also place tariffs on all of the goods from cambodia as punishment for what it says is
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a deterioration in democracy and human rights ahead of last july's election the government launched a crackdown on dissent which resulted in the largest opposition party being disbanded prime minister who has remained publicly defiant in the face of increased pressure and scrutiny from the west which is come amid a surge of investment and trade with china privately his attitude may be different though given that cambodian business is a sit to become less competitive in the biggest market europe. the first step initiated by the e.u. in october will see cambodia under investigation for six months after which the formal process of imposing tariffs will begin to move would be particularly hard on the garments which employees around eight hundred thousand people activists say the action by europe provides an opportunity for the government to clean up its act it's very important for the government to make sure that you know they have the capacity enough to maintain the in west and also to build the trade in wireman
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strengthen the link the kind of sums reduce corruption europe buys more than forty percent of cambodia's exports but right now the old saying that the customer is always right doesn't seem to be holding true wayne hay al jazeera phnom penh scientists say we need to double the amount of fruit nuts and vegetables we eat and cut in half the amount of meat and sugar to help the health of the planet experts from sixteen countries say if we do this it could also prevent more than eleven million premature deaths a year by two thousand and fifty as well as reduce the effects of climate change but the targets they've set that might be tricky for a few people so let's take a look they say the ideal diet limits daily poultry consumption to twenty nine grams that's a one and a half chicken nuggets not chicken a chicken nuggets and red meat to just seven grams of report published in the lancet says fish would need to be limited to twenty eight grams a day almost
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a quarter of a medium size fillet the experts say egg consumption would need to be restricted to around one and a half a week per person but they say that all of that could be balanced out with five hundred grams of vegetables and fruit every single day. this is a wish list we're not going to be there tomorrow but it is important to have goals and some might call them. radical goals or progressive extreme goals even but if we don't move strongly in that direction the kind of planet that we will turn over to our children will be a seriously degraded planet with unhealthy populations and that's not the kind of world i want my grandkids to be living in. three rally driver not our tia has been crowned the winner of the dakar rally that finished in peru on friday it's a third time mccartney has been crowned champion and that grueling off race on a sanchez reports are in southern. cheered across the finish
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line. the winner once again of a race which demands so much a few calls on the drivers you know it's really very difficult is not. always that . you know it's really hard. but i am really quite happy with that in the forty eight year old qatari beat spain snuck by forty six minutes a man regarded as a rally race legend. and i got a w w it's been a very difficult day but we happy to have reached a finish line. competing as a woman is about overcoming challenges. perhaps in march a cycle it's more difficult for women because we have less physical strength and you need to be strong she was not alone seventeen women competed in the race this year the largest group of women yet to take part in the competition. driver says
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men have an unfair advantage at the dakar backout is not total abs and this is really for boys and that every day ladies fight of a story let's show her. some peruvians criticised event organizers for the decision to run the race through challenging yet fragile southern desert region. a peruvian driver says the rally puts on the world stage. for being one hundred percent peruvian it's a chance for the world to know about june it's a window on peru. i leave it is another say though sandy dunes made the recent very tough one many drivers here say it's been one of the most challenging doc cars more than twenty five percent of competitors pulled out but many here say they will do it again. for his victories
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a chance to show young people around the world the good of doing sports i wish you know for all that get seen and to do. to keep the. himself you know. development. you know some think you know for a for his life you know. and for the followers of the reste the closing of yet another adventure we're simply reaching the finish line counts as a victory mcguinness on just a just. and congratulations to him and you get a moment visit our web site al jazeera dot com keep it are. cyclic the headlines right now on al-jazeera as president on a trump says he wants to explore space space weaponry that could shoot down enemy missiles it made the announcement while unveiling a new defense strategy at the pentagon that called north korea an extraordinary
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threat that review came on the day pyongyang's top envoy landed in washington d.c. to discuss a second summit between donald trump and kim jong on ken young has been leading to nuclearization talks with the u.s. as an expected to meet with secretary of state pompei o donald trump has canceled a delegation to the world economic forum in davos next week citing the government shutdown is also scrapped house speaker nancy pelosi coming overseas tour for political deadlock between trump and the democrats over a supposed border wall is now in its twenty seventh day. this is a senseless shutdown is inflicting great pain and every part of our country every day the impact spread impacts spread reaching the lives of hardworking americans these are the people who deliver services to the american people we should respect what they do for our country many of them are veterans who have translated
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their military patriotism into civilian patriotism working for the government they're going to run a process in sudan's capital khartoum after a doctor and a child were killed during confrontations between police and protesters on thursday has fired tear gas to try to break up the crowds there have been weeks of demonstrations to manning the resignation of president omar al bashir but he is blaming the protests on foreign agents at an unprecedented move african union has called on time accredit republic of congo to suspend the final declaration of presidential election results saying there are serious doubts over the vote is and presidential candidate martin viola has filed a court challenge demanding a recount of last month's ballot and says he won sixty one percent of the vote contradicting official results which declared his rival felix the winner at least eleven people were killed in a car bomb attack on a police academy in the colombian capital bogota it's the biggest such attack there
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and more than a decade so the headlines keep it on al-jazeera much more to come a.j. selects is up next. the week began with the use of ninety day truce in the to protect us china trade. the largest supplier of liquefied natural gas is leaving the biggest oil coal to we bring you the stories of the shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost on zero zero. zero. even a man without end up not bonded out i get to talk about the hot and contemplating at the limited data we are hoping the prime minister modi is going to wake up and
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listen to us for what we have been trying to say for the last part be years and be blamed upon clean adequate compensation from union carbide and dow chemical entities many because more people from above then lead to shoulder after thirty years there non-human up there by for justice and an adequate compensation. whatever we have gone in the thirty years old only way to low carbon is to fight this and one day we have large one eminent conversation medical and reallocation people have won because of the long standing by of the people among. the children and those gone by we had all that last r.t. and anniversary would also work as you know leverage and you know the waking up part of politicians actually the carbonation into doing what is the right thing for
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the people of mumbai. in bhopal india tonight another horror story continues the out your now call by possibly stand silent like a tuple sturdy enough to make you feel like gas leaks from a union carbide something like one and sometimes the source of the world's worst industrial accident. the aftermath of that poison killed up to twenty five thousand people. you know that. is going to. yeah
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yeah i doubt. it. would be going to buy yeah i'm not a meat. milagro what are your medical bills without any way that i don't know how much they yell to me guns none of those without bond. you know by getting out of the was the biggest blessing away or maybe she's the one don't go by the bunny guy yes it is funny you i gave you guys didn't sunday it was us is that he. planted the would be i'm going to hook on the what are you kidding he started on the realities of life. to get the film to see the yards along with a nice sunny day of going on behind me is mick jagger you might see when you don't want to begin when the little time on the hill media with time believe that's what i do bottom line these outlets like to think that's how you build something big
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good but simple with love unlike the little one email and i. may lose sight of it as you. please what are you supposed to do. to get it. back if you can't. come to come close to killing time. to cut the. time it gets. close to the. illegal mark to. be the next to leave. the elderly to. do the live.
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stuff not. only i'm just i'm seeing these arguments. you know you think for yourself about what you were made. your mom gave you for your marriage. why survivors are not survive as a task or. part at the moment. well we have not hardly anything from them all the time in from the last three months that we have been trying to communicate with him and now that people are on the fast without water things get really. crazy and scary for people who are doing this. yet we are just hoping that they will fix the wrong that has been dumbing.
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down i'm going to go to a muscular remember long remember as a mark of. their delegation that if you do something you. will actually make them the students to do. this because one very little to do and . has agreed for the police uniform night scope of it. certainly gives the show you. then. the. very. good poll.
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that's out. there among them. more not. less. money and not. a minute. just a simple but is very important but it just doesn't go by all means that we can set a precedent right we can do more of that marginalize people are not dispensable that corporations cannot get away with that profit maximisation cannot be put before people as has. to be. good. but.
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it would stick there's license what's ok sorry what's the purpose of this blockade this blockade eat it's a block here stepping people are just checking driver's licenses and insurance you know you've been doing it for you don't ever go for weeks and two weeks actually no i didn't want anybody purposely surety i'm just checking the driver's license what's the purpose of camera. on because we know exactly why and this is known here is critical care and one hundred benefit of the plate ok. we heard our stuff from the national anthem it was believed and in the end. patients wanted this to sort out their. own.
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house and get away for free to please you understand that this is the word freedom you understand this so to see it isn't so hard for years we're going to need or i don't work like so how can we just do that and go come up you know show us some good nature or you're going to. i. were the only group that's really publicised out there are opposing the pipelines and blocking pipeline workers from coming in here so to me when they're saying northern british columbia. we can guarantee it in south interaction with one of your people was not appropriate it's not appropriate for him to stand in front of of the police and suggest that we can't cross the bridge or can't cross the public roadway i informed him what michael was
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a great this is going to stockton tents here and i mean legally it's your right i mean as has the first nations people if this is your territory to to represent that to voice that to express that to anybody that we should to commend to the territory for if they want to do work in the territory to to settle that matter through the courts people who don't need to prove that this is our land it always has been the province and everybody else needs to prove why they think they can access our land we don't trust police because we're suspicious that your forces would come into school or lay out so that if there is an injunction you guys will be better prepared than heinz and deal with i think basically threaten anybody turned down from three months in and then again arrest i. meant my hundred years. before see fifty one thousand major charge is big joe time. now after c fifty one
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it's probably a lot during the trip. so i think that c. fifty one especially has maybe stopped some new activists from getting involved they think that little charges are going to become big ones they see that political protest you can now get trumped up felony charges for things like conspiracy but i think that seasoned activists realize that the government of canada has any use this as their first case so they can throw a whole bunch of people and. all this cabin where the first two thousand and nine and the reason why it was strategically put here was because this was the initial root purpose of the trail's pipeline in ambridge so we put the cabin right here right in the g.p.s. route of where the pipeline route was proposed to go for both of those everywhere
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they lay that pipe we will no longer have access to our territory and we use the territories for berries for medicines for hunting there's so much at stake here for our people. because. i. know you. are one hundred years were just some social gaston from one piece of history. noninvasive work leads to permits permits leads to projects that we do not approve of it's going to destroy our alliance and the company has already been told you don't have permission to be here so i'm going to ask.


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