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tv   Unfair Game  Al Jazeera  January 18, 2019 3:00pm-4:01pm +03

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so we'll take a long. one of the law especially that wish. to judge whether your cousin you know about the alleged fifty thousand team squad. gathered at the. phoenix visit the show reactions efficiency and no doubt if this bit keep the. will of applause to so would be. over before the bridge to. push if so would the commune limited's moves in the bit. i had to so still thought was so severe.
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and played because. we had to leave me in t's about the model that. from an n.s.a. she was from. the machine. and then now they had to call if we just went to fix. as a forward to. a sort of. contin must surely on. not only me and.
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so i don't have bit info to be. true for the bullet. my heart bit in the midst of it and a jihad and. a famine but when i'm in my little personal first have been some my n.f.l. . head to the. bottom of the bus and clear. to see my longest lead. north all of that so i. never fall asleep way sawin bella's with jeff and bill at. the well but.
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she'd feel a bit less so slim for the effort to see him dead to satisfy him but i thought he would lead the way to me as a. slightly likely been. i think a no no as man i like never said. it but let me in a slightly interested. just. in. your bottom line are even hand month after month to play. the enemy shall lead the list out of money in jan a.
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very low move the full value. and the only hold that's been under me i've also been our little. dear son of a dot on the field. so while there are only. three in pinball coming home. with i'm going to do some level of suck. because. and we're. gonna miss many of you. and i are. going up the fragile nasty bus tomorrow
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in asshole been. there and will say. there do you want to build a fair. my . style of fear mean. melissa for those of able to.
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deny. the tech see. their demands or fear and how i listen to part of the. senate so they are going to say oh well some of them will have another million. miles of the wired does or takes you. know we're from austria was.
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just an inconvenience this is just you know. something unfair melissa into father ten here i'm a listener and play. and no four hundred. last year. i. called for. a. fact. to say. doesn't. influence those who are doing this. just for research and we have to explore the history which was. is through your
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school was an emu dome is a fraternity if we don't merely. says. i just so have. the love of going to the woods this summer you know. we do don't fail on. very long. but i do not. see. that. exact.
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so your approach between us would show us what happens to the public. if the general public if office leadership. i'll pull out the can sort of divide the subjects were truthful over the good. of the flumist mobile. phone. the one that says it would be as the other but i have little doubt of. who did all that. oh no no move on but the clock to moan is not so behind the plaza but the know how the. shadow is it will be. told of.
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them a little of pixie. pixie . taxi. oh yes. i was just. in the. hole and shut out the maid. who out of a kind of a deal ready to set me on cymbalta. i
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did. not know many of the. we should feel. the solution. obama should not. have a. home run is how long. i shall move them and don't have to live on i don't see myself i'm not a good sign up alone. this. is no. good that it was done nothing. to do it does nothing to you know i know that. but if you think that hillary does.
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the male voice sadly. the mother. has a key job no must be. found. i received a reason to be here. so much to take in. much so much to learn. but it is amazing sit. back so far to keep track of. the subs years since the first visit to the general going to be yes. thank you very much for telling me the phrase ahead of time. thank you very much.
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for your. your put out because we want to hear george's old are now becoming quote me on i have said they're going to. shiloh i mean he said the. noble sisters offer you and to hell if you are the enemy i'm also. afraid the boss is a pretty boss of the bullet the more one.
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is going to have to. talk to you soon i say that's a nice game it has to be she she just. she. just. wants to eat eat eat eat and be here for the key flush feed. he had on hand want to up to the little town in. the sixties a lot of money coming in no i don't have the i had million. the most enormous amount of where did jaws. on the economy.
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but that was our that was so bad. but there are those you know. selamat busy people of endymion bit and you know. it and you know it's only a. lot of love of. it is going to. own will fail on the other you see some i. say always a lot say our fellow iowan sons generally. long i mean. missing
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here in the. scene for. fear to feel fear. fear. and again danny to send a journey of one argues one the little view of the of the v. as in the midst of the. journal i'm seeing a lot of the homes in sunny. moon. lived in their little and learned it. in the next episode of science in a golden age abi exploring the contributions made by scholars during the medieval
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islamic period in the field of engineering the heights of sophistication and mechanics at the time was the extravagant elephant clock. written around eight fifty a.d. the book contains a range of ingenious inventions and contraptions science from a golden marriage with jim alkali on al-jazeera. with a big breaking news story it can be chaotic frantic behind the scenes. people shouting instructions in air you're trying to provide the best most accurate up to date information as quickly as you can. it's when he come off air and being seen peer realized he witnessed history in the making. to be a child is to be innocent and carefree but it comes to an abrupt end with the burden
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of younger children. with a mother behind bars four siblings must spend for each other and decide whether to stick together all split the family in the hope of a chance across the us mexico border the other side of the war a witness documentary on al-jazeera. hello there are more of these the top stories on al-jazeera and the unprecedented move the african union has called on the democratic republic of congo to suspend the final declaration of the presidential election results so mirror serious doubts over the vote losing presidential candidate who has filed
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a court challenge demanding a recount of last month's ballots he insists he won sixty one percent of the vote contradicting official results which have declared this rival felix katie the winner. overnight protests in sudan's capital khartoum after three people were killed during confrontations between police and protesters on thursday a doctrine of child amongst the dead five to try to break up the crowds weeks of demonstrations around in the resignation of president bashir but he is blaming the protests on foreign agents yes president donald trump says he wants to explore space based weaponry that could shoot down any missiles made the announcement was unveiling a new defense strategy at the pentagon and that called north korea an extraordinary threat well that review came on the day top envoy landed in washington d.c. to discuss a second summit between donald trump and kim jong un kim yong jol has been leading
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denuclearization talks with the u.s. and is expected to meet secretary of state mike pompei o on friday and all jumpers cancel the delegations the world economic forum in davos next week citing the government shutdown scrapped house speaker nancy pelosi as upcoming overseas or abysmal deadlock between trump and the democrats over his proposed border wall is now in its twenty seventh day of this senseless shutdown is inflicting great pain and every part of our country every day the impact spread impacts spread reaching the lives of hardworking americans these are the people who deliver services to the american people. we should respect what they do for our country many of them are veterans who have translated their military patriotism into civilian patriotism working for the government at least eleven people were killed in a car bomb attack on a police academy in the colombian capsule bookit saw it's the biggest attack in
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over a decades. there's iowa headlines we're back with more news but now let's return to . someone jane. a lot of cool about a feat that would deliver what. it was such a nice if you. wish you had sure there. was a kid in
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a way. that . you know. look up. let's look. at the following of the same letter in the. field but a to. the with poems a bit of. a
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. unfit do is to want to come such into a little piece. at a time when he was. asking the most of the dealing. with health. but there were a lot.
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of them one's a little slow but if you could you'll. move will design which will not slow slow slow. because of the. questions like him. if you were dumb enough he it was a city jihad jihad jihad taking a few minutes he wanted to. do with all of his and. if he shot was a socially. but i beat small plot with a bit to the old i was to be made a bit of a to lead to tell them where to go to let them live. who had that should say i don't know yet i'm not going to fall in the month i had some washing on that sunday afternoon job it was still.
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and. on. that i. believe. we're going to.
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well. i don't. go into all of course you know the story i usually. look. at me to i've done a. lot of. my study some of.
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my pleasure. and. i don't even. seem. to care it's as. if. they. they don't.
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the mouse had. been. an innocent until sundown fed to. home second in a party for the. well you. know mom.
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i'm going to play apollo so who are starting to have a bit of a. second of heat. and i certainly have begun to hold so and i have a daughter left in a second if you know what if any and i've been i'm just. going to mostly one of them at the time i said one kind of deal was i mean this is going to have to see him. had to have for yeah it's unfair to men who want to destroy men.
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to invest to develop some audio for it but not. going to lose. thought to want to do a mess let me hear what it might be something. young the other eleven madeline mccann used to be on and how quickly of a killer. would be beer and the linendoll bit. of a bomb on a t. you know do you know how cold all the bonnet you can start one to learn a bit of all you can feel jamie in there had to blow out the salt water. just too funny here best not that we don't hold. it hold just to put some in. a manly and to be intimate and huge a yeah i'm. even in a coma now i am in the nomination of.
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them could to st. nicholas about go ahead. and then you have to less realize. what i can so how long well how the thought about me. and all the come out of all. was said at the end of this. post to last i was shitty in spite of the feel of the
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dimensions. with a lot of the. one of the muslim men of the gods. or so. why let the. comedian is the one with red said the. lot of the only about that you'll. get me the girl as you feel in killing with other kids yelling at me it is like you know me three of the. senate will definitely be out the orbital want to give you the. numbers which the. empty zone will be. too little one and those she will suffer if we send the.
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most you lose i'm going to. have been led to the. moment. you see. johnny's if it takes you ten you want. to get our this is about a process. we don't come out so you. will notice you. know you should do list. the law says you get out of me and. she you know so low but i know them on the low side of. the over the. lot of me.
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would be with them i see any. such a feel. you should feel sick this up. to do it. to be but that could well be you would. be more will have a little. bit of a lot twenty in twenty but i learned this when i'm going to canada trouble a lot i said one of them on which i thought that i was in
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a can do better that's when it went away so i was really. good. and i would have looked it was the best of them it was funny because i had missed the boat as i have though and i wouldn't have a good bottle of them. in the dock and i'm. not such a tough. couple of the fellow. one hundred percent on the. sea. this is a pretty potent. goals. down. to uplift and to. ways of god go along with you have fun with you would have been fun but. give me your. number you would have liked lot you'll have. a lot. i
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believe. not only the long. haul. this is the. good. google google look and feel good old google google the key here with the. way you say i think it is good to know that you think you know. that's just someone who doesn't live in the know instead of the. something else he . loves. you to. do
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a lot of the little over the other the. possible for hot topic but. i don't like it because even though massey. didn't know me as. one of. these i don't want to. see.
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him. let's. go to the good about you know i think our. money yes because of all our. coaching but one hundred dollars a bushel of something to not only missed i don't it's in a gun yes look i don't come out of the got me a shot of. having mecca. i didn't even.
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know who some of the one of auction must've. been from. the movie made from the stuff that's going to live for through little just minutes and i've been moving but they can't tragedy been this meaning. that if it was so good to know how they must. learn to shoot first top of it then i have a must do. you know an impulse of nasa to tell him man i'm p. mr you said ted your name can go into three have been open to me.
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seven edition fed a battalion experience. about a for the imus for. the americas no it's really. just been on but we have seen. that it was shut off so that what foolish. really amazing. leisure to have. to say almost. had.
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me. as a player in the thick c.s. . and should we try to take some of the loss of sovereignty to he. was so full of one of. his faith he can no more. until a team that was so it's his. habitat revenues in little haven't had need to beetle. a wall. and some of the. father had been one of the fittest so. i said yes all. right but a shot to satisfy a five of an issue had to be to do too many more of. them and how do. i risk we. look like a woman all of the.
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help with me. is a ritual form. a welsh we'll let that sent the survey. surely theda to the. subway oh. why don't we watch cities and he. is in the sea. we stayed with. him and sanity until it feels. good to feel.
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it was of course others are that we shall learn. a third today. because there are many to look at least for a child that i must give our child because of a positive i chose. when i. care . about a bonnier get to from iraq. chill out of the area seen. be out of mind this morning i was a lot of oil for the only defense the polling showed over very very a lot of good that was going on it could mean all of the evidence of how you got the enemy to the honey sure about as not i would say arnica by chill competition you got a little of all caught on it all going nowhere got more of the lucky shot is not unusual i'm the shit on the new homo men are going to walk off will come on the show have never come out of. stern. because i don't.
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in september twenty seventh the people of the kurdish region of northern iraq voted in favor of independence from baghdad. but it was short lived as the iraqi government reacted against any idea of separation. al-jazeera will travel to the kurdish region. to investigate independence and the iraqi kurds on al-jazeera. news as it breaks to different views about bottles wasn't quite this that a typical reply to this time though truth truth is do not come up with detailed coverage has already said that he's ready to take over as interim president and calls for you elections. from around the world. kids are doing what they can and
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that's not the point behind the government's decision to criminalize homelessness. and we're watching some very active weather make its way across the middle east at the moment has that system that brought us all rain and snow from turkey down towards egypt at me and is now edging its way towards the east still bringing us some heavy rain and snow and some pretty strong winds as well as it gradually makes its way towards the northeast it's also having an effect on the weather for the south though even way you don't see the rain and snow is bringing some pretty strong winds as well so for the southern policy over iran here expect it to be for me dusty over the next few days and eventually as you head up towards parts of afghanistan we'll see some snow here a bit further towards the south and is certainly being dusty here in doha but as we head through the next few days the dust will ease however the temperatures won't
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recover quite so i read in the so a maximum temperature for us of around twenty or twenty one degrees over the next few days and at night we're going to fifteen and then the temperature will be dropping. as well so expect it to only get to around thirteen at night so it will food really quite cool for us down towards the southern parts of africa far more in the way of wet weather here that stretching from angola all the way down towards madagascar for some of us here we're going to see some very intense rain as this is a developing area of low pressure that's running its way towards the west so for some of us in mozambique it will be wet. taiwan. a sovereign island state or a renegade province of china that must soon return to mainland control. as the battle for taiwanese hearts and minds intensifies. people in power investigates the tactics of those to whom reunification is only
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a matter of time. taiwan spies laws and crossed very. stand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world. al-jazeera. in a rare intervention the african union calls on the d.l.c. to delay the announcement of its final election results citing serious doubts. and of them or a kyle this is
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a line from doha also coming up. thousands of people protest outside a hospital in the sudanese capital following the killing of a doctor and a child. our goal is simple to ensure that we can detect and destroy any missile launched against the united states anywhere anytime anyplace u.s. president outlines his new space based missile defense system. and the winner of one of the toughest events on. trial they rally for a third time. the african union has the democratic republic of congo to postpone the announcement of its final presidential election results saying there are serious doubts over the
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vote and the provisional results were released last week the declared runner up candidate who had fled a court challenge demanding a recount insists he won sixty one percent of the vote in contradiction of official results which declared feelers to the winner. although the situation on the ground has fortunately remind generally calm so far it reminds holly were you to put it bluntly you have serious doubts about the results in the democratic republic of congo as. highly unusual intervention from the african union i was saying and the reaction in democratic republic of congo. some people here are confused usually people know that when african leaders disagree on something they don't do it publicly so you have the african union saying one thing within leaders from the
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southern african development community met on those days in ethiopia and they say that foreign countries should interfere in the d.r. the let the people that they own problem and they didn't wait for the outcome from the court we saw the confusion from some african leaders over the weekend last weekend when issued a statement and then be as they should be recounting they were deep in this election but in a few hours later the issued a statement saying again people said it's of the people of the people the only problems that people should wait for the outcome of course a lot of people right now can feel about what's going on with african leaders. some division and even a way now it plays out some people even here because of saying that perhaps you could be. either backtracked on that statement or rephrase it a little bit in line with what the general thinking of that is right now that is the reason people wait to see what the statement comes from not just asking me and but other african countries as well as you mentioned. the constitutional
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court are we expecting still a verdict today. while the egg constitutional judges had said that they hoped that by friday today they would make some kind of announcement if with some reason they on radio we could only hear that announcement sometime next week that what could happen they could say that he won the election which means to be sworn in in a few. time or they could say they are deep thought the election day should be a recount or they could play the whole event to see how it all over again which could take months or even years to organize that means president joseph kabila stays president and till that happens the key thing to watch of course is how will martin for you the opposition leader react if he's not happy with the outcome of the course they are here he's not happy he could ask you people to go on to the street and be that could be widespread violence across the country. from kids. in sudan the death of a doctor or a child killed in ongoing confrontations between police and protesters triggered
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a overnight sit in by hundreds of thousands of people hundreds of. hospital the capital khartoum three people died on thursday when thousands marched in cities across the country for yet another day of anti-government demonstrations. gas to disperse the crowds. least forty people have been killed since the unrest began a month ago. val is live for us in khartoum and. of anger over these deaths over night. in the right the police have issued a statement or so acknowledging the deaths of the. he was among the protestant yesterday and according to my sources our sources and some some of the people who want to do the protests would not. suit our police but it was not intended and those where we need to move on to the government has acted
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according to the low end of the it is not part of the mission to protest and sit in the city because of the slant the news of the death of a child or a fourteen year old child was professes one goes from yesterday's happy use of us who might have died of his wounds it's mourning but we still waiting for the other confirmation on that these protests been going on for about a month from now people. are going out of this to talk with the mission of the government for president bashir to move about as they say we have not been able to fix a problem since the early complain of high inflation and a complete. lack of basic services in the country. the government has chosen to crack down on the protests and on the issue just a couple days ago said people should forget about being able to change the
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government through this kind of protest hour from the statements of the people organizing these are not going to listen to those statements are going to continue and today it's friday usually after friday prayers are expecting people to come out from from the mosques and continued on the stations in this regard also are you mentioned during the night the people continue to. be photographed how sickening were you to do a protest against the killing of the doctor and the child and today there are five or so through. get together for a year for the burial of a doctor but. there have also been the school courses probably and the prevent them from cutting which is always what happens in these situations ok well we'll certainly keep a close eye on events in sudan as they unfold especially after friday prayers as you mentioned that mohammed fall thanks for joining us from khartoum u.s.
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president donald trump says he wants to explore space based weaponry that could shoot down enemy missiles it's not so much part of the unveiling of a new defense strategy but as patty callahan reports from the pentagon cost and technology could put the brakes on time space missions. for decades american presidents have dreamed of creating the missile shield over america from ronald reagan's star wars you have to today u.s. president donald trump promising a full scale modernization of the military's missile defense systems but he's taking it further literally into space we will recognize that space is a new war fighting domain with the spaceports leading the way my upcoming budget will invest in a space based missile defense layer. its new technology.
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it's ultimately going to be a very very big part of our defense and obviously. offense that would be a shift felt worldwide but some experts were quick to point out what the president promised is not actually in the pentagon plan the review itself says the united states is very interested in seeking a three way or in space so satellites that could observe missile launches and detect them sooner but there isn't any mention of putting weapons in space yeah pentagon said that it would do another study over the next six months or the usability of that idea this sounds like science fiction and it would be exceedingly expensive they want to come up with a laser with the technology doesn't exist yet that they could put on drones to potentially shoot down missiles as they're being a lot so how much would all of that cost while there was a briefing here at the pentagon with senior officials the question was asked over and over again and they refused to answer. bottom line it's easy for the president to make big promises but the pentagon is
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a backdrop getting money to do it well that's a much harder thing to do particularly al-jazeera the pentagon. but also in the president's pentagon speech he describes pyongyang as an ongoing extraordinary threat as he revealed a revamped missile defense strategy this is north korea's top envoy arrived in the u.s. to discuss a possible second summit between donald trump and kim jong un kim yong left to beijing on thursday has been leading talks with washington and is expected to meet sect of state might have on friday. so i had him on al-jazeera questions and gone a bit over the murder of one of its top investigative journalists. and shack dwellers a south africa challenge the old farts used to provide them with permanent homes.
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it's all quite cold for many of us in the northwest and parts of europe now you can see the coldest screaming down from the north and it's dragging in some speckled clouds with it those speckled clouds are actually bringing us quite a few flurries of snow here's the leading edge of that cold air and you can see it sinking its way southward so it's opening the door for yet more cold weather across many central parts of europe as we head through the day on friday for the west though things are changing here once more you see more clouds here and a fair amount of rain there will be some snow when it's needing edge but it will be dragging up the temperatures as that system makes its way across us we're seeing some more intense rain on it as we head through the day on saturday so for the bay of biscay we'll have a little area of low pressure that will whip up the waynes there for parts of spain and portugal and the rain will be rather intense as well for the other side of the mediterranean well things are calming down now for the northeast impossible this
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certainly not warm cairo is a maximum just getting to nineteen degrees for the west we've got a few showers just making their way on to the coast about syria as we head through friday and saturday a top temperature in now which is of around fourteen degrees for the central west of africa there's plenty of sunshine here is still hot in call to about thirty two degrees but watch out for the gold shower in uganda and also couple.


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