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i'm sorry with brand new updates on the best of al-jazeera documentaries. i was the global for us. and the other student rewind continues with children of conflict we'd love some peace in this world especially. children of any roach rewind on al-jazeera. hello again you're watching reminder of our top stories this hour the african union has called on the democratic republic of congo to postpone the announcement of its final presidential election results saying there are serious doubts over the vote
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courses due to a veil on friday. the protests are expected following. friday prayers and through dawn to demand the resignation of president omar al bashir nationwide confrontations between police and protesters on thursday killed three people. and u.s. president donald trump says he wants to explore space based on weaponry that could shoot down missiles he made the announcement unveiling a new defense ops the pentagon. let's get you more on the scene now and chris bowen says offer of congo's violent peace is also an independent expert on the conflict security and democracy in central africa and joins us live from ghent in belgium good to have you with us how interesting do you find this call from the african union the final results of the democratic republic of congo's elections be delay. i think it's.
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very important only one historical. event next elections three weeks ago and it turned a bit into a massacre it did declared someone as the winner provisionally who has not had the majority of the votes and it had gone more like during a conclusion was getting away with that and now the african union takes up its responsibility and says don't do that next up before let's look for a consensus and i think that's a very right as a decision and a very good development i want to get to return more to the african union movement but just how do we know that the cicada didn't have the majority of the votes. well i mean you don't almost immediately when the first results came in. and that was confirmed by spain could bishops' conference which is a big more an authority in india entry even for non catholics and they have
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a long tradition in electoral votes or vision and know various to create the. did of the electoral commission who are addicts themselves and they confirmed. what sinclair said before and the detailed information is exactly what we've received in the hours and days after the elections when we talk about the results in very precise very concrete. electoral bureaus so how far then do you think the african union leaders are willing to exert their influence and what leverage will they actually have. well to be harsh but if you look at the last years in congo you see how the. impact of the traditional key players in international diplomacy the western countries have been losing influence and has
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been using and the did the region the african multilateral institutions s. that have been community and indeed the african union have been growing there is there has been a claim for a ship of african multilateral institutions undergo its conflict which is an african conflict and disclaim has been successful do you have the ear of when did give stigler the exact into consideration because it includes countries like angola who saved his regime at several occasions. they are required isolated from the european and western influences but the african institutions are very very present very have access directly took the bill and that's important thing it's development progress yeah it's going to say as well to look they say we've got the constitutional court in the d r c q two will on
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this case board about the other opposition leader a muscle feelings requested a recount how much faith do you have in the constitutional court process. well to be honest the bill has organized the elections in order to win them and has done that under as much control as possible including the entire control of this actual commission and the control of the constitutional court you cannot consider that as an autonomy as an independent body it is not ok chris about thanks very much for taking the time to join us that from belgium in your expertise on the democratic republic of congo. my pleasure. now who the rebels have rejected the role of an expanded u.n. group of monitors to oversee the ceasefire in yemen a u.n. team tasked with supervising the truce came under fire in the city of her data on thursday they were leaving
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a meeting with the yemeni government delegation when shots were fired no one was harmed it came a day after the u.n. security council approved seventy five new on arms what it is to yemen the arab economic summit is already being seen as a failure even before it's begun on friday in beirut several heads of states have poured us into a mirror of qatar and the king of bahrain countries involved huge disagreements over recent issues such as syria's future and efforts to contain iran. the chairman of u.s. house intelligence committee says allegations donald trump instructed his former lawyer to lie to congress as one of the most serious accusations against the president so far as feed news is reporting trump told my whole currents and lie about a building project in moscow democrat adam schiff says his committee will do all it can to find out whether the allegations are true meanwhile special investigation is examining whether chunks campaign colluded with russia during the twenty sixteen presidential election bruce fein is a former u.s.
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associate deputy attorney general he says if true allegations make impeachment of the president more likely well i think this takes the impeachment. prospect to a new level. what mr cohen is testifying to if it's true from buzz feed is that a crime to which he is already pled guilty lying to congress was really part of a conspiracy with the president to mislead and frustrate the oversight function of the legislative branch. that clearly in my judgment would be a high crime and misdemeanor justifying impeachment based upon articles of impeachment voted against richard nixon and william jefferson clinton i remember this is a case where the president is alleged now to obstruct in the functioning of a co-equal branch of government it's not necessarily a payoff to a porn star but this goes to the heart and soul of our separation of powers and
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institutional integrity here and that is what i believe makes it far more likely to push an impeachment i think we can expect the chairman of the house judiciary committee to issue a subpoena after mr cohen testifies asking that mr trump under oath rebut anything that mr cohen may have alleged colombia's president has declared three days of national mourning off to twenty one people were killed in a car bomb attack on a police academy in bogota even duke says the pop charts of the terrorist attack will not go unpunished and his entourage b.s.c. reports. this is the aftermath of the car bomb explosion inside the largest police academy in the country about eighty kilograms of explosives carried in a vehicle driven into the academy compound and detonated as a promotion ceremony for cadets was taking place soon after the blast family members gathered outside the academy desperately looking for information. the task
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of identifying the dead now underway. colombia's president who had been attending a security meeting in the west of the country rushed back to the capital he described the attack there is an act of terror against an armed policemen. this is an attack not only against the young the security forces or the police use an attack against society this demented terrorist act will not go unpunished the explosion ripped through the surrounding area damaging apartment buildings the family lives a kilometer away from the scene of the explosion yet the windows of their apartments were shattered. we heard a giant rumble the entire house started moving like an earthquake in the windows shattered i was so scared i started crying. literally general office says they have a don't demand driving the car bomb and says the vehicle was registered
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a stronghold of the last active rebel group in the country. claimed responsibility for the attack. colombia ratified a peace accord with fight rebels in two thousand and sixteen but other groups remain active in or fighting for the lucrative drug trafficking and illegal mining in remote areas of the country this is the worst attack there in almost a decade and there is no doubt that it has rattled many nerves both here in the capital and across the country colombians have been eager to close the door on their very violent past but there's no doubt there's such an atrocious attack like this for many here might seem as if that dark past might be creeping back. thousands more children may have been separated from their parents in the us mexico border than previously reported by the trunk administration government watchdogs the health and human services agency responsible for taking care of the children
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didn't track them sufficiently until a court ruled that they must be reunited with their parents also shows officials were separating children well before trance so-called zero tolerance policy came into effect last year president trump wants congress to approve five billion dollars to begin construction on his proposed border wall but many who live on the border oppose the idea has more. this land has been in the florists family for two hundred years it's where mere to flood history of all grew up on a ranch tucked in the bends of the rio grande but soon the land may be sheared in half bisected by the border wall planned to be built here it makes me cry because it looks so pretty it's very peaceful the government is now waiting for the signatures of private landowners agreeing to sell this land for less than six thousand dollars a hector i haven't signed no i don't want to get paid by signed that giving me away
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the family says there is no safety threat here no crisis of migrants overrunning the border as president trump claims living close to the border with no wall federating where you are in mexico do you feel unsafe no i've never felt on say u.s. border patrol considers this area to be a hotspot for illegal crossings fresh footprints show people continue to come but the greatest danger may be to the migrants themselves these two men are actually with mexican authorities and they're combing the river now for the body of a migraine who disappeared here while attempting to cross four days ago they can come no closer than the middle of the river that is the international boundary between mexico and the united states they're building a wall who which is a prehistoric. strategy to keep people out versus now that there's new technology there's sensors or blames the police chief of nearby sullivan city
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says he supports anything that keeps people from crossing including a wall it would be a deterrent but would when someone has ill intentions to do something then u.s. soil they're going to do whatever it takes to do their around and under it over it or through about half a million people were arrested while trying to sneak across the border last year that's still near a historic low and for these residents of the border. not worth the price of destroying their way of life castro al-jazeera texas. their opinion is impose tariffs on weis exports from cambodia and iraq says its previous policy to export goods duty free is damaging european producers and various special trading spaces is also under threat after the e.u. put it on gnosis over its human rights record but has more from. for the past
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decade cambodia has had one of the best performing economies in the world thanks largely to the biggest buyer of its goods europe but the european union isn't happy and is taking action its impose tariffs on rice from cambodia and me and mom for three years following a complaint from italy the italians want to protect their rights industry from falling prices caused by imports from the two countries that surged eighty percent in the past five seasons until now cambodia and me and maher enjoyed tariff free access to european markets under a program designed to help developing countries despite being planned for some time the announcement from the e.u. seemed to catch the cambodian government off guard. the ministry just received the official statement which is sixty four pages long from the a few minutes ago so we will discuss the details internally first i apologize we have to delay the press conference. the news gets worse with the e.u. signaling it will also place tariffs on all other goods from cambodia as punishment
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for what it says is a deterioration in democracy and human rights ahead of last july's election the government launched a crackdown on dissent which resulted in the largest opposition party being disbanded prime minister who has remained publicly defiant in the face of increased pressure and scrutiny from the west which has come amid a surge of investment and trade with china privately his attitude may be different though given that cambodian businesses osip to become less competitive in their biggest market europe the first step initiated by the e.u. in october will see cambodia under investigation for six months after which the formal process of imposing tariffs will begin the move would be particularly hard on the garment which employs around eight hundred thousand people activists say the action by europe provides an opportunity for the government to clean up its act it's very important for the government to make sure that you know they have the
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capacity enough to maintain the in wester and also to build the trade in wire months and strengthen the link when we can isms reduce corruption in europe buys more than forty percent of cambodia's exports but right now the old saying that the customer is always right doesn't seem to be holding true wayne hay al-jazeera phnom penh. now scientists say we need to double the amount of fruit nuts and vegetables we eat and haul the amount of meat and sugar to help the health of the planet experts from sixteen countries say if we do this it could also prevent more than eleven million premature deaths a year by twenty fifty they say the ideal diet limits daily poultry consumption to twenty nine grams that's equivalent to one and a half chicken nuggets and reduce red meat to just seven grams the report published in the lancet says fish would need to be limited to twenty eight grams a day about a quarter of a medium size fella's
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a consumption would need to be restricted to just one and a half a week per person but scientists say that all that group balance out with five hundred grams of vegetables and fruit every single day this is a crucial issue not going to be there tomorrow but it is important to have goals and some might call them. radical goals or progressive extreme goals even if we don't move strongly in our direction the kind of planet that we will turn over to our children rubio is seriously degree the planet with and healthy populations and that's not the kind of world i want my grandkids to be living in. and if you're a caffeine addict state know now a new report suggests that climate change is putting hof the world's wild coffee species at risk of extinction the results of research conducted by scientists at britain's royal botanic gardens shows how ass temperatures increase the levels of
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rainfall decrease the area where coffee can grow diminished as scientists in london are calling for targeted action for specific tropical countries particularly in africa. cattles footballers have beaten saudi arabia in their first match since the sajid blockade of cattle began nineteen months ago the gulf neighbors matinees as biggest football competition the asian cup is being held in another of the blockading countries the united arab emirates assholes to know when seized and finished top of the group head of the saudis both go through to the knockout stages . but people can be found on our website the address al-jazeera dot com. without zero these are our top stories now african union is urging the democratic republic of congo to perspire in the announcement of the presidential election results saying there are serious doubts over the vote
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a provisional results were released last week the declared runner up. had filed a court challenge demanding a recount he insists he won sixty one percent of the vote in contradiction of official results was to quote fix or katie the winner for the protests are expected following friday prayers in sudan to demand the resignation of president omar al bashir nationwide confrontations between police and protesters on thursday killed three people including a child and a doctor his death to get a sit in at a hospital in costume u.s. president donald trump says he wants to explore space based weaponry that could shoot down missiles he made the announcement was unveiling a new defense strategy at the pentagon. who the rebels have rejected the role of an expanded u.n. group of monitors to oversee the ceasefire in yemen the u.n. team task was supervising the truce came under fire in the city of data on thursday
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then they were leaving a meeting with the yemeni government delegation when shots were fired no one was harmed. the arab economic summit is already being seen as a failure before it's even begun on friday in beirut several heads of states have pulled out of qatar and the king of bahrain the countries involved have huge disagreements over regional issues such as syria's future and efforts to contain iran. colombia's president has declared three days of national mourning after at least twenty one people were killed in a bomb attack on a police academy in bogota even duke a says those responsible for what he called a terrorist attack will not go on tarnished and scientists from universities around the world are warning we all need to dramatically change our diets by twenty fifty the good of ourselves and the planet reports as you must have our meat and sugar consumption and double our intake of nuts whole grains fruit and vegetables a diet of just seven grams of red meat today and five hundred grams of fruits and
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vegetables as recommended as i had lines of back with more news after the stream. i mean every week the news cycle brings a series of breaking stories joining them listening post as we turn the cameras on the media and focus on how they report on the stories that matter the most on al-jazeera. i have the ok i really could be a lot and here in the stream today we explore three stories making headlines around the world including the disputed outcome of the d.l. sees presidential election and the ongoing teachers' strike in california but first a look at the inaugural indigenous people's march organizers hope to raise awareness on issues affecting indigenous communities worldwide have a look at first nations activists maggy speaking to the stream in october twenty
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seventh teen about canada's missing and murdered indigenous women. part of the issue is that mine my sister was murdered in one thousand nine hundred four so that was twenty three years ago and i've done a lot of work you know it takes a lot of hard work to be able to find a place where you find your your balance and i don't think the tools have been available for families to actually have that and so we need to make this indigenous led community driven about community about families i keep hearing the word government government all over this conversation today and i want to hear less government and more about families. the place to welcome michael siring back to the street wearing her power jacket also joining us case i had eyes is an attorney as much organizer great to have. so i want to start with our
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community tweeting in about this is a lot of excitement in there isn't through see as i'm and there is a reason there is a cause that's bringing people out this is johnny jay who tweets and here in the us natives are less than two percent of the entire population the march and the rally is an amazing way for us to come together and shed light on the struggles and injustices we face in our communities while simultaneously celebrating our resilience our strength and our tenacity so a lot bear chase talk to us about where this idea came from thank you for having me and you know we all watched standing rock the no devils struggle which saw tens of thousands of people coming to work we know is a spiritual awakening a re spiritual lazing a receiver lazing of the entire planet all of us have been colonized in some form or some fashion and we feel that our spirits are naturally seeking they're inclined
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to seek a liberation to seek the truth in the truth is the universe is secret depending on whose metaphysics metaphysics you use what religion what philosophy what worldview but we as indigenous nations have to let the world know that our law our jurisprudence our economics our politics have to be grounded spiritually and think fully we survived a genocide or holocaust is denied in this country we don't learn a true history but think fully our grandmothers in our grandfathers survived and we still speak or languages we still have our metaphysics our knowledge systems we want to share them with the world it's time to share. maggie what's new in that clip from when you. what i hear is that you are part of the movement the indigenous peoples of north america actually indigenous peoples of the world are rising up and they are moving forward as part of
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a movement do you feel that i might be misinterpreting that am i saying exactly what you're trying to do because i also see politics at play. mostly i believe that you know we have to come from politics have to play a secondary role in this at this point in time i believe i agree with chase it has to be a spiritual movement a spiritual reawakening a balancing of who we are as indigenous people and we are in a crisis moment this point all indigenous world people all over the world the women and girls of children they're all being sacrificed at the hand of conan and it's really needs to be rebalanced. the crisis moment that i wanted to bring up just handful of what some people are saying they are marching toward this is mary mary said january eighteenth indigenous people will stand together for the injustices affecting indigenous people genocide voter suppression divided families
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by walls and borders environmental holocaust facts and human trafficking with little resources and awareness so a bevy of issues there but maggie talk to us about the number one thing that you think is uniting people when they come out to march. i believe it's really a sense of of knowing that the true answers the law of this land lies with indigenous people these are these are our lands our waters our ceremonies and our knowledge keepers are still very much alive in this country and we want to have a resurgence of that we know that it will lead this country to a sense of empowerment and truth we have the first indigenous march coming up this week chase how do you organize something speak well we have to do it face to face a lot of our organizing can't just happen online and in social media but because we
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have such a strong social media presence we know just as everybody else that we're facing existential crises we're facing a nuclear reality we're facing water shortages human caused climate changes we know that our time is now that we don't necessarily have time to waste so the sense of urgency is right now the government shutdown needs to end right now my people on pine ridge stan iraq are suffering right now somebody could die because trump not only does it be. derided as calling us pocahontas you know calling into question the reasons behind missing in murdered indigenous women but he makes makes late makes a flippant remark about our genocide at wounded knee and little big horn and so not only do we need to end the shutdown but we need to create a solidarity with every with the yellow vest moving around the world people fighting for workers' rights indigenous children being separated from their
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families at the border and through indian child welfare act violations so there's nothing but good energy in solidarity that we're trying to create here in washington d.c. wanted to bring up another comment from someone online. survival international this group says we are certainly following this march and we'd love attention to be drawn to the abuse of indigenous and tribal peoples in the name of conservation i.e. to create protected areas hunter gatherers treated as poachers and beaten tortured and killed by park rangers so just another issue or series of issues there that people are focused on but i wanted to land on this tweet this johnny again and she says the key points that i want to get across are that we are still here and that we will be i don't know more silent no more invisible no more because our lives land water and futures are in jeopardy for the ongoing cycle of indigency and genocide that we are faced with maggie what would you call success at the end of
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the march when it's over because of course then there is also the women smarts that scheduled there's also pro or anti abortion rights marks that so there's a lot of marching that will happen in the capital this weekend but for you what will success to look like for the indigenous people's march at the end of it in terms of missing and murdered in terms of if that is your key issue yes well you know i think it's a bring awareness that you know the all of the systemic used to surrounding the missing and murdered both in canada and the united states has is at epidemic proportions at this point in time there are women going missing girls younger and younger all the time human trafficking that trafficking is actually part of the way that our young girls are being taken so the end of the march i would like to say that we have a bigger awareness we have a place where people understand what is really causing the issues of why our women
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are being murdered why our children are being taken from this and disappearing. maggie and thank you both for joining us today and for your time or course be looking forward to that march now to the democratic republic of congo where the outcome of the presidential election has come under scrutiny i was there africa correspondent reports from contrasts. the catholic church deployed forty thousand election observers on voting day last month the tally is his opposition leader martin one sixty one percent of the vote almost twice as many as the official result of thirty four percent in the presidential attended church on sunday he accuses feel it is a kiddy of making a deal with the outgoing president joseph kabila to steal the election for you has gone to the constitutional court to appeal to judges to order a recount calls to end the political crisis are growing the southern african
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development community wants a recount of the votes or a government of national unity formed the regional bodies approval of the electoral process is crucial for the legitimacy of the government and the new president. joins us now with the latest from the. really good to see you i was looking online to see what people were talking about about i came across. who is the head of amnesty international this is what he tweeted out earlier the people of the d r c has suffered more than enough let's show them we have their backs we demand the government must restore internet and s.m.s. stops cracking down on protests reopen media outlets it's time for change he appeals to the international community to do something i'm just wondering how is your covering this election fallout how are the people reacting how are they dealing with it. right now to give you one
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they are waiting waiting for the constitutional court to make a ruling on way the villages that katie did did indeed win the election if they rule that he didn't they could order a recount or they could save the day they have to have another election all over again which could take months and that will cost a lot and a lot of money money to be really doesn't have in terms of reaction on the ground it's quiet relatively quiet i mean there was a violent day off the results were announced but it's quiet people waiting patiently they've gotten used to the fact that there's no internet in the early days we saw him being frustrated they couldn't estimate they couldn't go on social media but now it's a case of ok well there's nothing we can do about it this way for these are to be released and then maybe the government on back the internet so generally i can say it's it's it's a little bit tense of what people wait for these results but right now a lot of people understand it really is nothing much they can do until these results are released and we're hearing the judge you could could make a ruling in court as early as friday so we got
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a lot of comments from people asking us who cover these ongoings this is tony here and he brings up an interesting point i'm hoping you can clear for us because he says we should cover the d.r. congo election results and the uproar from the congolese catholic church to talk to us about the role of the catholic church in this i know that they deployed election observers now what was their role now. will they usually influence he had many people here are catholics and yeah when the bishops speak when the priests speak people generally tend to listen because opinions are divided there are some congolese will say to you why is the change even involved in politics that is not the business in my stay out of it but i think in the process of us never there was a crisis you get a chance to come in try and.


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