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according to these law enforcement officials evidence in the special counsel's office and in his investigation that concludes not only that this is true but that there are text messages as well as e-mails to back up these claims and of course as you say this all feeds into sort of the trump rush occlusion investigation it's highly damaging as a piece of information if it is true and that's the issue that we have to highlight here if it's true kimberly full the pressure is all the president and his team. the pressure is on because we've had sort of further revelations to some of the things which have been known but not to this detail what seems to be coming out of this reporting and from these law enforcement sources is not only that the president directed michael cohen to lie to congress about that trump tower project in moscow but also that he supported a plan to visit russia to potentially have
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a meeting with vladimir putin and that this was in designed to sort of jumpstart negotiations over this construction project it goes even further to say that michael cohen was giving regular updates to the president's daughter ivanka trump and also to his son donald trump jr so this is very damaging revelations and again it does need to be proven but these are details that we had not heard before that are certainly further incriminating for the moment we'll leave it follow vants with you through the day thank you. the u.n. human rights office says it has documented thirty four deaths and dozens more injured in the democratic republic of congo since presidential election results were released last week the african union has doubts about the vote it was the final results announcement expected on friday to be perspired but the government has rejected the call the provisional results which declared opposition leader felix felix desk a ticket cd the winner had been had been challenged in court and his rival martin
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the ulu accuses him of plotting with outgoing president joseph kabila to rig the outcome. although the situation on the ground has fortunately remained it generally comes so far it remains highly worrying to put it bluntly we have serious doubts about the results in the democratic republic of congo the election delayed several times since twenty sixteen was beset with problems including the exclusion of about a million voters in the east where there's a break uncertainty about the weather threatens to violence in the country hoping for its first peaceful transition of power since independence in one thousand nine hundred sixty. let's go over to her who's the couple you've been patiently waiting outside the building that you're standing in front of all day as we wait for a reaction but what sort of reaction time we expect.
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well first of all our talk about the government reaction here in can they said according to you what they say if they notice in the sovereign country no one can intervene and no one can tell. what to do when it comes to elections in the light confused because they hearing different things from african leaders one statement in the union and then on thursday the southern african development community made an ethiopian and a statement saying that the people of the east should be left alone to resolve this crisis by themselves i think foreign countries into here and if they ever must wait for the outcome from this court's got an idea of how can see that going to when it comes to issues for example over the weekend issued a statement a way that they should be a recount and in south africa in a matter of hours at least that is not the physician and they feel that the international community should wait for the court to have some kind of decision to be giving an indication on the ground at least that african leaders are divided on
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the issue. when can we expect a decision is anything from the constitutional court they obviously. you might say between the devil and the deep blue sea at the moment because if they see in favor of either side one assumes at the moment will ensue. is that it's on the back of everyone's mind what will happen if this decision comes out and if certain people aren't happy with that decision right now people are waiting they don't know where that this court from the a you will think the judge of this is then or not we don't even know if this announcement will come out today the close of the court the things they've see everything no instructions we're not seeing the state media here. broadcast the announcement and when they do finally make an announcement it is not today could be next week what could they decide they could say that katie won the election which needs to be sworn in a few days they could order a recount or the cafe view election was a shambles and it should be done again which could take several months organize and
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maybe even years we've seen just the tabula still states president until those elections happen and of course now waiting to hear from martin for you the opposition leader the checks in one of the election if you're not happy with the outcome from the court if you tell it to supporters go to the streets and protest is it could be violent or just what happens for the moment thank you harry we'll toss it in can show us. the al-jazeera news hour including questions about the death of one of its top investigative journalists also colombia's president to find those responsible for a deadly car bomb attack in the capital. and its fourth one champion knocks out another. strain of the open when it makes an early exit speech about that story in school. with all of this going on trump still says that he wants to explore space based
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weaponry that could shoot down any missiles his announcement was part of a new defense strategy but as particle home reports from the pentagon it may be too ambitious for decades american presidents have dreamed of creating the missile shield over america from ronald reagan's star wars to today u.s. president donald trump promising a full scale modernization of the military's missile defense systems but he's taking it further literally into space we will recognize that space is a new world striding domain with the space force leading the way. my upcoming budget will invest in a space based missile defense layer its new technology it's ultimately going to be a very very big part of our defense and obviously our offense
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that would be a shift felt worldwide but some experts were quick to point out what the president promised is not actually in the pentagon plan review itself says the united states is very interested in seeking a three way or in space so satellites that could observe missile launches and detect them sooner but there isn't any mention of putting weapons in space yet pentagon said that it would do another study over the next six months or the usability of that idea this sounds like science fiction and it would be exceedingly expensive they want to come up with a laser with the technology doesn't exist yet that they could put out drones to potentially shoot down missiles as they're being a lot so how much would all of that cost while there was a briefing here at the pentagon with senior officials the question was asked over and over again and they refused to answer. bottom line it's easy for the president to make big promises but the pentagon is a backdrop getting money to do it well that's a much harder thing to do particularly al-jazeera the pentagon but all drums
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blaming the u.s. government shutdown for canceling next week's trip by the american delegation to the world economic forum in switzerland he's also struck the planned visit overseas by house speaker nancy pelosi she suggested truck delay his plan state of the union address if the four week longest u.s. government shutdown in history doesn't and it's over building a five billion dollar war on the border with mexico and this senseless shutdown is in thirteen great pain and every part of our country every day the impact spread impacts spread reaching the lives of hardworking americans these are the people who deliver services. to the american people we should respect what they do for our country many of them are their friends who have translated their military patriotism and to civilian patriotism working for the government. the appeals panel
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of the international criminal court has granted a last minute request to extend the detention of former ivory coast president laurent gbagbo prosecutors have asked to asked to keep him in prison while they appeal against his acquittal but he was tried to over post-election violence eight years ago in which three thousand people were killed face a twenty year jail term back home for financial crimes natasha butler has more from the hague. well what this decision means is that the former ivory coast leader laurent gbagbo and his woman minister charles play good day will remain provision in detention here in the hague it follows the appeals chamber all the international criminal court accepting a request by the prosecutor not to free the two men while on tuesday the two work acquitted of crimes against humanity for post-election violence in twenty ten and twenty eleven in the ivory coast the judge said that the prosecution actually failed to build a strong enough case to convict them the judge then on wednesday said the two were
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free to go but that is when the prosecutor said that they they opposed the release of these two men and one of the main reasons they said is because they wanted to file an appeal against the acquittal was they were doing that they fear that bag i mean do they could flee to a norm i c c signatory countryside just the ivory coast and then fail to appear at any future trial what happens next is there will be another hearing on their release in february and after that a decision on whether the to remain here in detention in the hague whether they are finally free to go. the u.n. says government have killed more than one hundred soldiers in northeastern nigeria in the past three weeks aid agencies blame be increased attacks mostly on foreigners from the function of baccarat thousands of liberians stripped to safer parts of the country in or around. the crease of the turks proceed next month's reelection bid by president mohamed do bihari leave us to get
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a journalist who helped expose corruption in african football has been shot god or bribery investigation. led to the resignation of the head of god's football association reports from the capital across. relatives and friends gather at the family home of the murdered journalist ahmed hussein. he was shot multiple times just outside his home in accra and what appears to be a targeted killing almost all do is from the north the other family were from this place is all here morning you know it's something very shocking and what people were even intending to do we have been. in moscow come to talk to us not to take the law into our equal yet we don't know who is responsible. of this unfortunate incident i'm at work closely with the award winning investigative journalist and the us army together they expose corruption in the gun in traditionally health
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sector and most recently saw several hours after the killing and asked person to video on twitter showing a member of parliament making threats against ahmed in june last year after the latest exposé on soccer that led to a lifetime ban from the sport for the head of ghana's football association for bribery and corruption ghana has a very good track record of press freedom not only in west africa but across the entire continent and that's what's made this matter all the more shocking media and civil society organizations are concerned that environment could be changing this has come to. that which we need to do something extra not only to maintain our position but also to ensure their rights atmosphere is governed sheet for the participation as anyone can as president has called on the police to act quickly to bring to book the perpetrators of what he called a heinous crime. as the family prepares to bury ahmed and mass and his team say
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they are devastated but unshaken in their resolve to continue exposing corruption i'm up watching al-jazeera across. to the americas know where the colombian government has accused the rebels of carrying out a car bomb attack on a police academy in bogota that killed twenty one people sixty eight others were injured when a vehicle packed with explosives broke through checkpoints and blew up eleven of the national liberation army has an estimated two thousand fighters the group entered peace talks with former president juan manuel santos and twenty seventeen but they were put on hold by the current president evo decay thousands more children may have been separated from their parents or the us mexico border than previously reported by the trump administration the u.s. government watchdog says the health and human services agency responsible for taking care of children didn't track them sufficiently until a court ruled that they must be reunited with their parents the report also shows
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officials were separating children well before trying to so-called zero tolerance policy came into effect last year rob reynolds has more from washington d.c. . this latest information comes from a report compiled by the inspector general of the apartment of health and human services who says that there were thousands of children separated from their parents at the southern border as they tried to cross into the united states beginning as early as the summer of twenty seven teen you will recall that in april may of last year there was a huge outcry when the u.s. government declared a zero tolerance policy for migration across the southern border and began separating more than two thousand seven hundred children from their parents the outcry was so intense that the president
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donald trump abruptly reversed course and signed a proclamation ending the policy but it does now appear that this practice of taking children away from their parents began long before that public outcry and it does appear also that no one quite knows how many kids were involved the inspector general's report says there were thousands but did not give a specific number and in the report goes on to say that it does not know exactly how many of these children were eventually reunited with their parents. it's time for the weapon on his weapon it's the americas that being with the weather at the moment it's what snow in the middle of it's not looking so great in the sun of course pacific air if you're right and it's been on the on time pompous badly hit first two weeks the year in fact it's been raining almost
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constantly this is. rich cultural and up in the northeast washington across the border into your require i have to presume as well and the cloud brought top to gain just comes and comes and comes probably because. of an attempt to develop and develop in year two hundred more millimeters in the last two days now the good news here temporarily at least is that their main rain is disappearing after that area there's no guarantee you'll stay awake as paton remains so that south america the rest of it it's pretty standard spring and summer rains but in north america the stuff has been coming in from the pacific as rain initially but easily turning to snow up in the sierra nevada this is a meat is worse though yes this is california and if it falls this thickly this quickly of course you know happens you just have to stop are you doing to time being that was a meter but a third of that in colorado and rather less in new mexico yes as a ski resort there but it's that storm that's now developing just out of colorado
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in nebraska signs dakota across iowa that is going to move east winds in the following two days snow in the northern flank right in the southern flank and some freezing rain in between it looks like half a beat or maybe after that meters with a snow still to come. thanks very much rob well still ahead here although al-jazeera shucked well as in south africa challenge the authorities to provide their with permanent homes and i'm stephanie decker in bethlehem in the occupied west bank will be showing you what impact israel's restrictions and checkpoints have on the lives of palestinians. by the rules of basketball provide a confusing ending fully english crowd at the n.b.a.'s london games peter will explain in the spalls to stay with us. to be a child is to be innocent and carefree but it comes to an abrupt end with the burden
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of younger children. with a mother behind bars for siblings must spend for each other and decide whether to stick together. with the family in the hope of a chance across the us mexico border the other side of the border a witness documentary on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. where ever you are.
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of about here watching the al-jazeera news with the reminder of our top stories in sudan mourners who died during thursday's protests have attacked a police vehicle in the capital khartoum local media say sixty year old a mole hill was shot by security forces while letting unarmed demonstrators shelter in his home. also the african union has called on the democratic republic of congo to pursue. its final presidential election results saying there are serious doubts over the vote but the government has rejected the call. of the leading u.s. politician says a new allegation about donald trump is one of the most serious so far the us president is reported to have told lawyer michael code to lie about
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a building project in moscow the chairman of the house intelligence committee says he will do all he can to establish the truth. let's go to one of our top stories coming out of the d.r. see where the government has rejected a call from the african union to delay its election results let's cross over now to swart is a research director at the human sciences research council in south africa she joins me from durban good to have you with us live on al-jazeera we know that slight delay on the line how difficult will it be an issue for the constitutional court to sort out the results when regionally it seems many think the election and its results are really not credible. well the constitutional courts might not care about what the african union does or
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what the african union calls for africa the constitutional court you know will most probably you know act in insulation or isolation from regional factors and we know that these eight judges on that court and that that the court you know has no history or track record of being independent and that really is the concern the independence of those judges on the constitutional court who were all appointed by president kabila and you know they seem to be his alter boys well if that is the case then where does that really leave the electorate across the d r c over a million the were excluded from the boat from the vote to the east of the country because of the bowl of virus an area that scott still ongoing and many now on the streets waiting now for weeks to for a result the result that they hoped that would see their candidate take the top job it's sort of a limbo is it not for a country that needs stability and needs it no. it
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certainly is a limbo and it's very difficult right now to predict a positive outcome it seems that even martin for you lou the losing candidate who got the most votes by many accounts. that he was even co-operative with the constitutional court process but it's it's unfortunate any which way you look at it because you know that court doesn't deserve this that is it has there's no appeal from the decision of that court and it looks highly unlikely that they will order you know a recount and even if they order a recount it will be a manual recount so part of the problem is you know the sort of primitive ways in which things have been done for lack of a better word say primitive because we know that the the machinery that it's taken
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ology failed and there's just been so many questions around the credibility of these elections that the whole process is just a complete mess and it's it's almost impossible to see that. you know kabila is going to yield to demands of setting or demands of a you so i predict many more weeks of great instability if we are in uncharted waters here miswired let's just presume then that the comments made by whether it was the african union or sendak you might say like a stick poking the decision makers in the d.r. see whether they be the courts all the politicians to find a way forward is it's a good thing in one respect for regional neighbors to take an interest in what's going on in the d.l.c. because to remain silent means that the diyar see themselves without getting any
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guidance perhaps about what is and is not acceptable to the international community if the if a tainted election result is the only thing they can present. by no means do i suggest that they should remain remain silent but we know that neighboring countries have all sorts of interests in what happens in the congo and these interests are not all you know noble interests certainly we know that but in the uganda neighboring countries you know are are interested in the conflict not spreading beyond the ongoing conflict in the in the congo not spreading beyond those borders they have financial interests their political interests but at the there are two questions yet it is of course it's a good thing if the region shows involvement shows concern if said it leaders need the troika mate this is a good thing this is it's an entirely different question where the couple are you
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know heed to those calls for change for fairness. is most likely going to ignore all of that he's you know considerable financial interests will certainly trump any you know concern considerations of electoral fairness or human rights considerations that regional leaders might have. so i do think that there's of course these a need for some sort of international intervention but certainly no soft kind of diplomacy is going to work here ok but we'll see what does happen in the coming weeks the moment to me as well thanks so much for joining us from durban. north korea's top invoice arrived in the u.s. to discuss a possible second summit between donald trump and kim jong un kim young children used in washington d.c. on thursday he's been leading denuclearization talks with washington and is expected to meet with secretary of state mike pompei on friday earlier president
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trumps of the pyongyang is still an extraordinary threat. israeli forces have demolished the family home of a palestinian teenager accused of murdering an american israeli civilian. israeli soldiers surrounded the home of collegiate breanne in the west bank village of yet early on friday the seventeen year old is charged with stabbing a us form settler and now in september. palestinians have told al-jazeera they feel suffocated and trapped by the torturous process the subjected to by israeli authorities just to go to work from long angry lives at checkpoints to tough travel restrictions many say they just fed up with endless delays seventy dekker reports now from one checkpoint in the occupied west bank. day after day they rise hours before the sun. cold and cramped this is the only way for these palestinian workers to leave the
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occupied west bank to get to their jobs in israel. all of them have israeli work permits but we're told it can take up to two and a half hours to get through this checkpoint because of what it is the same thing every day this is not a live and what country in the world does this take place that only happens to us palestinians here because of the occupation these workers try to jump the queue for the record but there is little space down below. fights often break out here everyone is frustrated. yesterday was harder than today they closed the doors for a while and we are trapped yeah a lot of the school is suffering that we enjoy our work is one thing and the crossing is something else all our energy is taken from us here at this checkpoint so when a person loses all his energy here what is left if the israelis wanted we could cross in five minutes to around five o'clock in the morning that we've been
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watching thousands of palestinians cross here in the last hour or so i don't think anyone who doesn't have to enjoy this on a day to day basis would ever understand what it's like. we also one of the workers to film this crossing for us once inside more hold ups and queues and more frustration israel maintains that these security measures are essential to prevent potential attacks. there are many checkpoints across the west bank this is the main entry point in and out of jerusalem from there's always heavy traffic and people are fed up you know every day they tell us they will find a solution when are they going to find a solution for this everyone is frustrated when they come to the checkpoint they lose their tempers we are a people who don't know what is going to happen to us. so many palestinians have told us these measures make them feel suffocated and trapped there's been no
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movement on the political front no peace talks since two thousand and fourteen and a delay in the announcement of the us president donald trump's peace plan everyone we speak to says israel's occupation dictates their lives and there seems to be a resignation that there is nothing they can do to change that. stephanie decker al-jazeera bethlehem in the occupied west bank well if you live in a shack in south africa what are your rights what's the question being asked by millions of shanty town dwellers in the eastern province of causing i'm told while rights group says hundreds of people are being thrown out of the sharks but it's illegal unless they provided with a permanent of target of home for me to miller has more of. just below the main road on a hillside in cato christe in durban these people have built a makeshift homes the shacks at the canano settlement are made out of plastic wooden boards and metal sheeting providing little protection from rain and the intense humanity. has lived here for two years after losing her job and not being
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able to pay rent elsewhere she built the shack after her previous one was burnt down she says by police. in the rubble with buffy up to the prison but when they got here they started shooting from the top and then came down and continued shooting we asked what the problem was and they told us to leave and that this was in our place they got into our homes and burn everything down this community leader says forty six shacks were demolished and some burned down during the vixens. despite repeated evictions dozens of families have returned and continue to live in the k'naan a settlement many say it's not by choice but necessity the areas close to schools clinics and places of work but they say they live in fear worried police will come back and evict them again schachter as association. dollars says the vixens i
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legal because the city doesn't have a court order and as required by law it's not provided alternative accommodation for those it's evicted the group says the rights of people living in two thousand three hundred shacks settlements across the country are being ignored we have been listening into artists in the number of every sin in the city i mean just before this one seven communities have face of action so we have to go to court just last year top ten interdict against the city which involves more than twenty to forty one fabulous the municipality refused to speak to al-jazeera saying the matter still before the courts but earlier issued a statement saying some land is not meant for human occupation. according to government statistics fourteen percent of the africans live in informal settlements the government provided three point two million free houses for the poor in the last twenty five years but the people's environmental planning organization says about twelve million south africans don't have adequate housing people living at
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the canano settlements say there's some relief after the court stopped any further the vixens they say what they need is a permanent solution for me keto crist was in a towel. britain's prime minister is to meet her top ministers to discuss the next steps of bricks it a spokeswoman said the trees may also have a constructive call with the german chancellor will talk with other e.u. leaders this weekend they believe jeremy corbin is refusing to join cross party discussions until a no deal breaks it is ruled out well for the past twenty years the border between northern ireland part of the united kingdom and the republic of ireland has been open both sides have benefited economically as members of the e.u. that there are fears that a no deal breaks it might turn back the clock we've barca reports from calling for block. who owns carlingford law for the past twenty years the question hasn't mattered for them bricks it happened. during coming in as an oyster man. his
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high end project is consumed as far away as china the north shore is british the south is irish the waters in between are shared across border agency works for the interests of both sides. but it hasn't always been this way not far from here in one nine hundred seventy nine eighteen pretty soldiers were killed in an ira ambush during thirty years of six hereon violence in northern ireland the lock was a militarize frontier. would have. been border a possible no deal breaks it has increased the prospects of a hard border the return of customs checks and extra paperwork could be devastating for the fishing industry that relies on speed it's just a complete disaster. but in the last ten years. from no home port in the last seven years of new morning constant work. just never enough grip and so on
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and the failure got the business up go on and on and then brag that homes. very first syrian. border will also impact on the movement of people the carlingford ferry is the only route across the lot of people are crossing the border every day here between northern are in than the republicans are in for work in their daily lives the possibility of introducing any barriers to the free and seamless movements of vehicles and people. is a great concern to us for the past twenty years the border here are. very much. if no solution can be found most breaks in in either side of this law could soon be run by two distinctly different thought dorothy's complicates the lives and livelihoods of those who depend upon the. return of a hard border remains for now a worse case.


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