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tv   Hard Earned 2015 Ep 2  Al Jazeera  January 18, 2019 11:00pm-12:01am +03

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are the fact that the have a more fuse chain of command that has happened often in the past that the different front or regional command might decide to do attacks unilaterally without the central command knowing so even while the central command the leadership of the land might be talking to the colombian government their people on the ground might be moving forward with attacks that continue complicating these negotiations before but we'll leave it there allison druin p.s.e. there in bogota thank you the records are breaking as australia suffers through an extreme heat wave the strike on for almost a week people have been flocking to beaches rivers and any water they can find the temperatures in many parts of the country hitting forty degrees celsius and above since saturday they are back of a job almost fifty degrees forecasters say there will be some relief this weekend for more hot weather next week and we'll have a full weather update later then our goal is simple to ensure that we can detect
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and destroy any missile launched against the united states anywhere anytime anyplace the u.s. president outlines his new space based missile defense system. also questions in ghana about the death of a leading investigative journalist and his links to corruption in the stay with us . well i once again i have to bring you a forecast of rain in the middle of winter and in the middle of china it's because we're feeding up a bit of moisture from the size of what is it sensually a cold time the years here balance develops on the way of time the eventually rain it's not respect hong kong or shanghai it is in the middle here it probably will get his father north as who hung with the thames about seven degrees so it's
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largely a story of rain is just shouldn't really be there there's more useful substantial unexpected rain in store running through afghanistan catching the finals of both pakistan and india is going to rain again in certain a go slow summer in the kashmir valley that's been happening virtually every day of the year so far and that's the picture for saturday south of all this is fine it's relatively warm in southern india i'm twenty three in delhi knots about it but so cold at night are there and the cloud is sickening the far side is just catching probably carola and tom will not be able to covering sri lanka completely with the potential for rain redeveloping here. now the dust is still in the air surat these inside a society qatar particular in the northerly breeze is only slowly clearing it and it's not very well was twenty one degrees in doha for both saturday and sunday.
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if you were looking at this from the outside you would really wonder what was going on what is this race is a religion that they have an in-depth exploration of global capitalism and our obsession with economic growth this is still the center of capitalism there is no limit i view myself as a capital on tax we are trying to pay for the world smaller and smaller we don't want to be realistic in the world we would rather have a fantasy growing on al-jazeera. welcome back you're watching observe me the reminder of our top stories in sudan
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mourners of attacked a police vehicle during the funeral of a man killed during thursday's protests against the president sixty year old a mole where was reportedly shot by security forces for allowing demonstrators to shelter in his home in khartoum. colombia's defense minister is blaming the rebels for thursday's car bomb attack on the police academy twenty one people were killed and dozens injured in baqubah colombia's president has ordered security forces to find and prosecute the perpetrators. the leading u.s. politician says new allegation about donald trump is one of the most serious so far the us president is reported to have told lawyer michael cohen to lie about a building project in moscow the chairman of the house intelligence committee says he will do all he can to establish the truth. meanwhile donald trump is blaming the u.s. government shutdown after he decided not to send an american delegation streaks world economic forum in switzerland he's also blocked house representative speaker nancy
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pelosi from using military aircraft for an official trip she had planned the four week partial shutdown now the longest in u.s. history is being caused by the dispute over funding for troops border wall. this senseless shutdown is inflicting great pain and every part of our country every day the impact spread impacts spread reaching the lives of hardworking americans these are the people who deliver services to the american people we should respect what they do for our country many of them are veterans who have translated their military patriotism into civilian patriotism working for the government but with all of this going on club says he wants to explore space based weaponry that could shoot down at the missiles his announcement was part of a new defense strategy but as political hay reports from the pentagon it may be too ambitious for decades american presidents have dreamed of creating the missile
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shield over america from ronald reagan's star wars to it today u.s. president donald trump promising a full scale modernization of the military's missile defense systems but he's taking it further literally into space we will recognize that space is a new war fighting domain. with the spaceports leading the way my upcoming budget will invest in a space based missile defense layer its new technology. it's ultimately going to be a very very big part of our defense and obviously. offense that would be a shift felt worldwide but some experts were quick to point out what the president promised is not actually in the pentagon plan the review itself says the united states is very interested in seeking a three way or in space so satellites that could observe missile launches and
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detect them sooner but there isn't any mention of putting weapons in space yet pentagon said that it would you another study over the next six months whether it's ability about idea this sounds like science fiction and it would be exceedingly expensive they want to come up with a laser with the technology doesn't exist yet that they could put out drones to potentially shoot down missiles as there be a lot so how much would all of that cost well there was a briefing here at the pentagon with senior officials the question was asked over and over again and they refused to answer. bottom line it's easy for the president to make big promises but the pentagon is a backdrop getting money to do it well that's a much harder thing to do particularly al jazeera the pentagon well these are live pictures coming from gaza where the latest protest by palestinians continue along the israel barrier fence there have been weekly demonstrations since march last
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year demanding the right to return to homes in land that their families fled when they were expelled from israel when the country was created seventy years ago more than two hundred palestinians are being killed by israeli firing during the protests charles stratford as our correspondent on the gaza israel border charles what's going on now. well certainly there's a lot of take us has been fired in the last hour or so we've seen a lot of ambulances also taking away when did people it's fair to say that in recent weeks it's been relatively quiet yes we've seen these weekly protests but nothing like the numbers we're seeing here today i know it looks quiet behind me that is because so much to you guys has been fired in the last few minutes that people have moved back as a lot of people to the to the left of me as well we understand there are protests ongoing in various other places.
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yunus ols now we're also understanding that hamas is trying to avoid what's being described as an escalation the situation here twelve years into the sea is got increasingly dire in recent weeks because of a fuel shortage there all spittles that have put out warnings that saying that they are going to have to stop all of their procedures closed our walls because there isn't enough fuel get again the main reason behind this is because of israel's refusal to allow cuts or e money in millions of dollars that is going to buy this fuel now the israelis it's it's understood certainly but you mentioned you know who is under a lot of pressure to stop this money going in because not only is it going towards fuel but it's also going towards paying hammerless employees and of course we're going to election looming the beginning of april in israel there's a lot of certainly wolf described as right wing pressure all netanyahu to stop this money come again but in recent months it has been a lifeline. as i say for fuel and i full the two million people living here under
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these dismal conditions so the fear is today as i say we're seeing a lot more people here protesting this friday the fear is today that in the fuel crisis and the to the deteriorating situation here for gazans that they may well be an escalation certainly all indications are today that. there's a lot in here than there has been in recent weeks. with you through the day for the moment charles thank you. the u.n. human rights office says it has documented thirty four deaths and dozens more injured in the democratic republic of congo since presidential election results were released last week the african union has cast serious doubts about the vote it was the final results announcement to be persones but the government has rejected the call the provisional results which declared opposition leader feelies should take care day the weather are being challenged in court his chief rival is martin
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failure and accuses him of plotting with outgoing president joseph kabila to rig the outcome. memphis's you see that although the situation on the ground has fortunately remained it generally comes so far it remains highly worrying to put it bluntly we have serious doubts about the results in the democratic republic of congo where the election delayed several times since twenty sixteen was beset with problems including the exclusion of about a million voters in the east where there isn't a bowler break uncertainty about the winner threatens to spark violence in the country hoping for its first peaceful transition of power since independence in one thousand nine hundred sixty let's cross over to her metasearch who's in the capital kinshasa really we've been getting conflicting statements by various african groups about their concerns about the vote its results and its announcement i mean what are you hearing or was and reaction is there to these statements by these groups.
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well government officials here in kinshasa have told the african union that this is a sovereign country no one must be a no one can tell the people. what to do they also say they can see getting mixed messages from african leaders we've heard from the african union with their position but they've also got a statement from the southern african development community leaders there who issued a statement saying they feel that the people are the ones to resolve this crisis and then once the people of the diaz the and the international community to wait for the announcement will come from the courts we got an idea of how divided african leaders are when they saw over the weekend that get issued a statement saying they support a recount by the inside that's again a few hours at least a own statement saying that is not because they actually encouraging everyone to wait for the courts to make this announcement so certainly it does appear that in terms of the ask your leaders they are divided and want to do with the d.l.c. words from the constitutional court because that's where you are right now we were
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expecting to hear from the. people on the way and they could be waiting a long while a lot of people expected today on friday that that would happen it could be over the weekend or maybe even next week that if the judges don't this into the african union school when they do finally make that announcement what could they say they could say that can achieve the k.t. having won the election which means to be sworn in in a few days they could order a recount or that if. it has to be held all over again that could take months maybe even years which needs just stays president to those elections are held of course all eyes will be on martin so you do the man who the catholic church has won the election by fifty one percent of the vote if he's not happy with the outcome from the court what he's going to do if he tells of support is gone to the streets they are because they could be violent or see what happens the moment. and the peals pearl of the international criminal court has granted a last minute request to extend the detention of former ivory coast president
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laurent gbagbo prosecutors to keep him in prison while they appeal against his acquittal he was tried over post-election violence eight years ago in which three thousand people were killed but both still faces a twenty year jail term back home for financial crimes natasha butler has more from the hague. well what this decision means is that the former ivory coast leader laurent gbagbo and his woman minister charles playgroup day will remain provision in detention here in the hague it follows the appeals chamber all the international criminal court accepting a request by the prosecutor not to free the two men well on tuesday the two work acquitted of crimes against humanity for post-election violence in twenty ten and twenty eleven in the ivory coast the judge said that the prosecution actually failed to build a strong enough case to convict them the judge then on wednesday said the two were free to go but that is when the prosecutor said that they they opposed the release
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of these two men and one of the main reasons they said is because they wanted to file an appeal against the acquittal was they were doing that they fear that bad i mean do they could flee to a normal i c c signatory country side just the ivory coast and then fail to appear at any future trial when what happens next is there will be another hearing on their release in february and after that a decision on whether the to remain here in detention in the hague whether they are finally free to go. the gunmen have killed more than one hundred soldiers in the northeast of nigeria in the past three weeks. the increased attacks mostly on fighters from a faction of baka rob the jury sort of to say for parts of the country or into little bring chad the increasing attacks proceed next month's reelection bid by the president. saying in the region god as president is condemning the killing of an investigative journalist as
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a humorous crime but expects police to make arrests as soon as possible to say helped expose corruption within the world of football's governing body fever which led to the resignation of the head of guards football association of aborting reports from the capital across. relatives and friends gather at the family home of the murdered journalist ahmed hussein. he was shot multiple times just outside his home in accra and what appears to be a targeted killing almost all do is from the north the other family of course from this place is all here morning you know it's something very shocking and what people were even intending to do we have big. in moscow come to talk to us not to take the law into our heart because we don't know who is responsible. of this unfortunate incident i'm at work closely with the award winning investigative journalist and the us army together they expose corruption in the gun in
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traditionally health sector and most recently saw several hours after the killing and asked posted a video on twitter showing a member of parliament making threats against ahmed in june last year after the latest exposé on soccer that led to a lifetime ban from the sport for the head of ghana's football association for bribery and corruption ghana has a very good track record of press freedom not only in west africa but across the entire continent and that's what's made this matter all the more shocking media and civil society organizations are concerned that environment could be changing this as come to. that which we need to do something extra not only to maintain our position but also to ensure their rights atmosphere is governed sheet for participation as anyone can as president has called on the police to act quickly to bring to book the perpetrators of what he called a heinous crime. as the family prepares to bury ahmed and mass and his team say
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they are devastated but unshaken in their resolve to continue exposing corruption i'm up watching al-jazeera across. well if you like coffee take note of this next story it's for caffeine addicts because a new report adds to evidence that climate change is putting half of the world's wild coffee species at risk of extinction the research conducted by scientists at britain's royal botanic garden shows that coffee growing regions are shrinking as temperatures increase and read all becomes more sporadic the scientists want a targeted response and tropical countries particularly in africa. you're watching al-jazeera the reminder of our top stories in sudan more there's of a man who died during thursday's protests have attacked a police vehicle in the capital khartoum local media say. it was shot by security
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forces while letting unarmed demonstrators sheltered his home the sixty year old who was warmer three people killed in the continuing protests today about the resignation of the president omar al bashir a leading u.s. politician says a new allegation about donald trump is one of the most serious so far the president is reported to have told his former lawyer michael cohen to lie about a building project in moscow the democratic party which controls the house of representatives says it will fully investigate the report. colombia's defense minister is blaming rebels for thursday's car bombing at a police academy twenty one people were killed and dozens injured and bottle colombia's president to even do kaye has ordered security forces to find and prosecute the perpetrators of the group which has around two thousand fighters was in talks with the government but those have stormed. that's presented for years yes stars very little on us the people who died were people who had chosen the path of good when they could have followed any other path in life but this was the one they
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chose it was studying in an academic environment to become a people of good to serve society all of them between the ages of seventeen and twenty two trying to progress in their lives with great dreams in front of their families i mean one day to reach the highest honors in the national police and because of a terrorist act committed by the land they have lost those dreams the african union wants the democratic republic of congo to pursue the elephant of its final election results saying that there are serious doubts about the vote but the government has rejected the call the runner up candidate martin for is demanding a recurrence the former president of ivory coast is still in custody the international criminal court prosecutors are appealing against the acquittal of laurent gbagbo he faces trial against accused of crimes against humanity over the killing of three thousand people eight years ago those were the headlines you
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follow those stories on our website at al-jazeera dot com the newsgroup is here in half an hour with applegate extra which is there is the stream to take. this week's counting the cost of prime minister's briggs's deal is rejected as opposed to wards of exit why zimbabwe's government wants people to buy less fuel plus that's the models called boss called make his worries about the trade for. charging the cost is era. of the ok i really could be a lot and here in the stream today we explore three stories making headlines around the world including the disputed outcome of the presidential election and the ongoing teachers' strike in california but first a look at the inaugural indigenous people's march organizers hope to raise awareness on issues affecting indigenous communities worldwide have
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a look at first nations activists maggie speaking to the stream in october two thousand and seventeen about canada's missing and murdered indigenous women. part of the issue is that mine my sister was murdered in one thousand nine hundred four so that was twenty three years ago and i've done a lot of work you know it takes a lot of hard work to be able to find a place where you find your your balance and i don't think the tools have been available for families to actually have that and so we need to make this indigenous led community driven about community about families i keep hearing the word government government all over this conversation today and i want to hear less government and more about families. the place to welcome michael siring back to the street wearing her power jacket also joining us chase i had eyes is an attorney on march organizers great to have. so i want to start with our
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community tweeting it about this is a lot of excitement and there is enthusiasm and there is a reason there is a cause that's bringing people out this is johnny jay who tweets and here in the u.s. natives are less than two percent of the entire population the march and the rally is an amazing way for us to come together and shed light on the struggles and injustices we face in our communities while simultaneously celebrating our resilience our strength and our tenacity so a lot bear chase talk to us about where this idea came from thank you for having me and you know we all watched standing rock the no devils struggle which saw tens of thousands of people coming to work we know is a spiritual awakening a re spiritual lazing a receiver lazing of the entire planet all of us have been colonized in some form or some fashion and we feel that our spirits are naturally seeking they're inclined
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to seek a liberation to seek the truth in the truth is the universe is secret depending on whose metaphysics metaphysics you use what religion what philosophy what worldview but we as indigenous nations have to let the world know that our law our jurisprudence our economics our politics have to be grounded spiritually and think fully we survived a genocide or holocaust is denied in this country we don't learn a true history but think fully our grandmothers in our grandfathers survived and we still speak or languages we still have our metaphysics our knowledge systems we want to share them with the world it's time to share. maggie what's new in that clip from when you. what i hear is that you are part of the movement the indigenous peoples of north america actually indigenous peoples of the world
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are rising up and they are moving forward as part of a movement do you feel that i might be misinterpreting that i'm a single example of what you are trying to do because i also see politics at play. mostly i believe that you know we have to come from the politics have to play a secondary role in this at this point in time i believe i agree with chase it has to be a spiritual movement a spiritual reawakening a balancing of who we are as indigenous people and we are in a crisis moment disappoint all indigenous world people all over the world the women and girls of children they're all being sacrificed at the hand of conan and it's really needs to be rebalanced. to crisis moment there i wanted to bring up just a handful of what some people are saying they are marching forward this is mary mary says january eighteenth indigenous people will stand together for the injustices
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affecting indigenous people genocide voter suppression divided families by walls and borders environmental holocausts facts and human trafficking with little resources and awareness so a bevy of issues there but maggie talk to us about the number one thing that you think is uniting people when they come out to march. i believe it's really a sense of of knowing that the true answers the law of this land lies with indigenous people these are these are our lands our waters our ceremonies and our knowledge keepers are still very much alive in this country and we want to have a resurgence of that we know that it will lead this country to a sense of empowerment and truth we have the first indigenous march coming up this week chase how do you organize something this big well we have to do it face
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to face a lot of our organizing can't just happen online and in social media but because we have such a strong social media presence we know just as everybody else that we're facing existential crises we're facing a nuclear reality we're facing water shortages human caused climate changes we know that our time is now that we don't necessarily have time to waste so the sense of urgency is right now the government shutdown needs to end right now my people on pine ridge than iraq are suffering right now somebody could die because trump not only does it be. derided as calling us pocahontas you know calling into question the reasons behind missing in murdered indigenous women but he makes makes late makes a flippant remark about our genocide at wounded knee and little big horn and so not only do we need to end the shutdown but we need to create
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a solidarity with every with the yellow vest moving around the world people fighting for workers' rights indigenous children being separated from their families at the border and through indian child welfare act violations so there's nothing but good energy in solidarity that we're trying to create here in washington d.c. wanted to bring up another comment from someone online. survival international this group says we are certainly following this march and we'd love attention to be drawn to the abuse of indigenous and tribal peoples in the name of conservation i.e. land to create protected areas hunter gatherers treated as poachers and beaten tortured and killed by park rangers so just another issue or series of issues there that people are focused on but i wanted to land on this tweet this johnny again and she says the key points that i want to get across are that we are still here and that we will be i don't know more silent no more invisible no more because our lives land water and futures are in jeopardy because the ongoing cycle of indigency and
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genocide that we are faced with maggie what would you call success at the end of the march when it's over because of course then there is also the women's sports that's scheduled there's also pro or anti abortion rights marks that so there's a lot of marching that will happen in the capital this weekend but for you what will successful like for the indigenous peoples march at the end of it in terms of missing and murdered in terms of if that is your key issue yes well you know i think it's a bring awareness that you know the all of the systemic used to surrounding the missing and murdered both in canada and the united states has is at epidemic proportions at this point in time there are women going missing girls younger and younger all the time human trafficking trafficking is actually part of the way that our young girls are being taken so the end of the march i would like to say that we have a bigger awareness we have
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a place where people understand what is really causing the issues of why our women are being murdered why our children are being taken from this and disappearing. maggie and thank you both for joining us today and for your time or course be looking forward to that march now to the democratic republic of congo where the outcome of the presidential election has come under scrutiny i was there africa correspondent reports from contrasts. the catholic church deployed forty thousand election observers on voting day last month the tally is his opposition leader martin one sixty one percent of the vote almost twice as many as the official result of thirty four percent in the presidential attended church on sunday he accuses feeling the kiddie of making a deal with the outgoing president joseph kabila to steal the election for you has gone to the constitutional court to appeal to judges to order
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a recount. calls to end the political crisis are growing the southern african development community wants a recount of the votes or a government of national unity formed the regional body's approval of the electoral process is crucial for the legitimacy of the government and the new president. joins us now with the latest from the. really good to see you i was looking online to see what people were talking about about i came across. who is the head of amnesty international this is what he tweeted out earlier the people of the d r c has suffered more than enough let's show them we have their backs we demand the government must restore internet in s.m.s. stops cracking down on protests reopen media outlets it's time for change he appeals to the international community to do something i'm just wondering how is your covering this election fallout how are the people reacting how are they
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dealing with it. right now to give you one they are waiting waiting for the constitutional court to make a ruling on way the villages that katie did did indeed win the election if they rule that he didn't they could order a recount or they could say they did they have to have another election all over again which could take months and that will cost a lot and a lot of money money to be really doesn't have in terms of reaction on the ground it's quiet relatively quiet i mean there was a violent day off the results were announced but it's quiet people waiting patiently they've gotten used to the fact that there's no internet in the early days you still in being frustrated they couldn't couldn't go on social media but now it's a case of ok well there's nothing we can do about it this way for these with to be released and then maybe the government on back the internet so generally i can say it's it's it's a little bit tame to what you can wait for these results but right now a lot of people understand it really is nothing much they can do until these results are released and we're hearing the judge you could could make
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a ruling in court as early as friday so we got a lot of comments from people asking us who cover these ongoings this is tony here and he brings up an interesting point i'm hoping you can clear for us because he says we should cover the d.r. congo election results and the uproar from the congolese catholic church to talk to us about the role of the catholic church in this i know that they deployed election observers now what was their role now. well they usually influence he had many people here are catholics and yeah when the bishops speak when the priests speak people jim we tend to listen because opinions are divided there are some congolese will say to you why is the change even involved in politics that is not their business they must stay out of it but i've the say in the past of you as never there was a crisis you get a chance to come in try and mediate and is old that crisis mixed opinions up in may that the catholic judge is going to the tally saying that opposition to the
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mountain for you won the election with fifty one percent of the vote obviously she's the k.t. supporters say that is not true they feel he's the man who won but right now like i said i mean despite what the catholic church is saying the matter is not in the constitutional court it's how those judges are going to rule on friday if they will on friday if they say they need more time we could be waiting until next week and right now for the moment for the most generally most plus the country people are quietly waiting for that announcement and the reaction of course would be if you're unhappy with whoever has won it would have been declared the winner how would the loser react is a b. and the could be violent if people don't accept the court decision. what is justice could be doing in order to this this is quite an unexpected turn of events what is his role. well as you know some people are accusing him of manipulating the election results so that the k.t. is a candidate win this election campaign. he's been very quiet i mean it was
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a video posted a few days ago. kind of their own money and he seems jovial and he told people to be calm and wait for the outcome again of course a lot of people are wondering what is the endgame because they feel that it is true that he put to the making when the election is up we should unite but it is it is a he could be pulling the strings from behind the scenes of the new craze in this one in which nothing much will change in the in the but again i can't deny that but there are questions about his game they know that he took a long time to have to election if he wanted that it happened is he really going to go away quietly and retire or is he still going to be manipulating things behind the thing. i want to bring up an interesting point that a couple people have to meet us and they say that there is western influence in this is jean who says i think the elections were chaotic but using this divide the congolese people as some of the media around the world do with their reports
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projecting for you all of the winner this creates fiction what isn't acceptable these documents could be easily tempered with and we don't want war another person writes in saying that it is western t.v. and radio stations that are trying to interfere in the decision of the justice and trying to proclaim for the winner so clearly there are people here who are skeptical about the need for a recount. exactly listen one of the rican come people are saying these ballot papers away had they been thinking all the time if there is a recount what guarantee do we have that they have not been tampered with in terms of waste in influence branches in very very vocal about this election they feel that martin for you is the one who won this election not she's the katie i think you know he does had a meeting in ethiopia today on thursday and they basically think to international unity please don't into the in the d.l.c. politics leave it to the people of the deal let them decide the outcome to them was
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old this crisis african leaders a thing everyone must now put they say in the constitutional court way to me whether the judges say and then after that decision we'll see which way they deal you go so. again from international community and from african leaders about what to do about controversial african elections this is nothing new it happens pretty much all the time on this continent the key thing of course is how will the people handle this process and would the extent of final result remains to be seen things that are. finally to los angeles california where thousands of teachers are striking for an increase in pay and better work conditions al-jazeera correspondent rob reynolds filed this report from l.a. . tens of thousands of teachers and their supporters rallied in front of the l.a. city hall california is among the richest of the fifty us states but ranks forty third in terms of the amount of public funds spent per student half as much as new
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york not only was the school board says it can't afford all the union's demands in part due to the heavy cost of pension and health benefits the l.a. strike is part of a growing movement teachers in several u.s. states who walked out last year and won higher pay and other concessions how long the l.a. strike will last no one knows with these children's education at stake direct from the picket line we have. from the right. i'm just thinking with strike how's it going. i am sitting in my car right now i'm soaked i am upset i have. no clue when this strike is going to be resolved. our demands are many and our power is increasing the
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students are out there with us in the streets the counselors are out there in the in the streets with us we're seeing now more parents today than ever the weather today is wet and miserable and we are making it a point to say what we believe needs to happen in l.a. today i'm just going to share with us one of the pictures that you took that we could really get a sense of what it's like on the picket line on my laptop this is what was out in just a little while ago he's going back out there. talking to us and he. is not the only one in his car because it is pouring rain in the los angeles area here is another teacher so alyssa tweeted this video of a fellow teacher this is megan an l.a. teacher and she talks about why this strike isn't just about l.a. here's what she told the story i definitely think this is the beginning of something or the continuation actually of the hard work of all the teachers who went on strike last year and it's something that's going to continue to spread
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throughout this country when the fifth largest economy in struggles to have class sizes that are within a national norm of twenty one to twenty five students norm is in the thirty's if not forty. and it's in one of the most progressive states in the union the very nature of public education is it risky. so bradley should reference is the continuation of mass protests we saw in twenty eighteen across the u.s. did this surprise you that to see protests here and l.a. the first time really in thirty years well you know it's not surprising there were twenty one lead up to these protests. we knew it was on the table but when it actually happened i mean it was the first time in thirty years as you said. this is new territory for a lot of us here what was the moment where you thought i can't take this anymore we
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have to do something what was that moment so i've been a teacher for thirteen years i'm also a los angeles unified product and i know from twenty years ago that there have been problems when did i decide to step up and make sure that i put my face in front of all this when i found out that our district superintendent is making three hundred fifty thousand dollars a year when i get my math and i realize that our governor of california is making over one hundred thousand dollars less than that. and when they talk about there's no money for students that upsets me we have an investment banker as our district superintendent making over a quarter million dollars you can't find money for students this is how i'm upset. and wanted to share this perspective from someone on twitter who saw the package that we played a little bit earlier from our correspondent rob reynolds who talks about forty plus
11:42 pm
students in one class and so on attacks on twitter says forty plus students in a class could be ok if we had a five plus teaching assistants per class which most classes do not so badly i know that you spoke to an art teacher who's juggling a lot what did you learn. yeah on the first day of the strike i connected with an art teacher. she in one period she has five different curriculums that she'll teach she'll teats ceramics one in two just so it's a piece studio art and then she'll teach two separate special education classes and that's spread between forty plus students that one teacher is handling and as she said to me she said it'll make your head explode matt tell us a story about your teaching life that will wake up the well as to why you need to be on striking off right now. great so i'm a history teacher and you know this is
11:43 pm
a great example for our students to see democracy in action so as a history teacher and someone who is representing all teachers today this is extremely important for everybody to understand that their voice matters we just got through a general election and one of the reasons that this is time for the president is because our governor gavin newsome needs to start paying attention when we hear about stories in the classroom of forty plus students it is unmanageable i can speak to it personally and i have friends in elementary school i'm an eight year teacher in middle school and it is unrealistic for anybody to to manage the education of twenty five or more students and this is where we need to start valuing. the education that we give our teachers and the opportunities that we put in front of them to stay in the classroom so that we can develop the relationships with the students so that we can provide the counselor with the kind of feedback that they need to be able to successfully counsel the students and to be able to
11:44 pm
create the curriculum that makes learning fun and it's not a boring disengaged classroom like we can remember from when we were kids learning is different now there are so many factors that make the classroom more interesting and more dynamic that we can not create a safe learning environment to implement any of these with forty kids in the classroom so what i do want to direct our audience to the hash tag for this l a u s d strike and you can see that on twitter and disco through there lots of pictures there this from joel freeman who says day four this is harder than it looks stand up fight back so with that bradley what is the future of negotiations right now where is this going. you know we don't know today we've seen the first positive sign you know they have they left the negotiating table last friday. we got news overnight. both sides have agreed to meet today in city hall the mayor will be
11:45 pm
needing their conversations their meeting in about thirty minutes here at. the. president of the union mr alex her all he said. it would be a little overly optimistic to think that they will get a resolution today. he said there's a good chance that it will go into the weekend and there's a chance that it will go into next week and your teachers to stay fighting he said that the murder that they protest the easier time. i'm just going to wrap up with a look at your twitter page brad in the pouring rain a band of students and music teaches took over the p.a. system as soon as finished speaking and you can see the rain is and the rain is coming down the weather is measurable but it looks like the teaches are getting ready for a fight that rosen thank you very much for telling us about the l.a.
11:46 pm
teachers strike and we'll keep following it with other stories also at al-jazeera don't com you can also follow us on twitter where at a stream thanks for watching megan i will see you next time take a. more than two thousand five hundred leaders from governments businesses and international organizations will meet at the next world economic forum to discuss the global political and industry trends one twenty nine t. dabbles special coverage on al-jazeera in the next episode of science in a golden age in the contributions made by scholars during the medieval islamic period in the field of engineering. the heights of sophistication in mechanics at
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the time was the extravagant elephant. written around fifty eight in the book contains a range of ingenious inventions and contraptions science from a golden age with. an army of volunteers has come together to help with the influx of tens of thousands of evacuees. but their retreat to a church shelter has brought new challenges an outbreak of norovirus and other gastrointestinal problems. smoke from the massive wildfires now blankets much of northern california leading to some of the worst air quality in the world but with more than twelve thousand structures lost in the wildfires concerns remain about long term accommodations jobs and medical care. local officials say there isn't enough housing stock available. we're talking about ivory poachers who have
11:48 pm
decimated populations of elephants in africa they almost always ship the ivory out of a different country from where it was poached because that's where you start your search to look in the wrong place this radiocarbon dating method tell us their trade of ivory is to be able or not then we have a place we can focus law enforcement on take those out and perhaps choke the source of the r.v. from entering the network take no one else is there. in life. turns violence ensued as a month of protests against longtime president. he offers concessions but will they
11:49 pm
be enough to quell the most serious threat to this position in almost three decades of rule and explosive story from the united states donald trump's former lawyer allegedly told investigators that trump ordered him to lie under oath to congress if they do allegations are true they could be political landscape in washington and the european union considers a ban on six you might not have heard of but you probably use a lot of them and the environmental damage. and there's outrage following the death of a prominent investigator we'll have all the online reaction. to the hash tag. facebook live. as well while the police car has been attacked by mourners at the
11:50 pm
funeral of one of the latest victims of protests against the dons president. was reportedly shot by security forces on thursday in heart to local media say the sixty year old was attacked while allowing demonstrators to shelter at his home he's one of at least fifty people killed in the month old protests demanding the resignation of president obama and bashir mohamed joining us from hearts in covering this story for us so clearly a lot of anger on behalf of the protesters. those protests started very early in the morning in fact they continued sort of the night in front of the. care hospital because of the killing of two men yesterday one of them is that was a doctor who was trying to help the wounded protesters and he was shot during. the service there for the protesters the other one was a fourteen year old boy who was also killed both were kept in the hospital in the
11:51 pm
east of khartoum and people were gathering until late in the night there to mourn and protest against that or also it big top early in the morning today for the funeral of the doctor and another man who succumb to these wounds a sixty year old man who you mentioned in your intro was shot yesterday but he died only this morning and he was accused by the police of helping the protesters and hiding them in his house protesters showed more anger today and they overturned police vehicle and he tried to off some of the police office says that has been mentioned by the authorities actually capitalized and are trying to show that the protesters are violent protesters have been marching in the streets for up to least four weeks now and their demand their main demand is that you move all of president on what hasn't been over his failure as they say to fix the economy of the country they are complaining of soaring prices soaring inflation and loss of our the economy comes social woes and they say the government has miserably failed to fix
11:52 pm
those problems what does this all mean then for ahmed and bashir because up until this point he's been defiant and he said that the protests and unrest are not going to lead to a change in government and is even banning he's blaming excuse me the protests on what he calls foreign agents. that side daryn he has accused and his government has accused the protester of being traitors and they said these people are not these gatherings are not illegal under the government he's acting according to the law and not violating the laws of the country but the protesters are actually traitors people who are helped from outside people who are infiltrated by members of the of the of the armed groups in darfur and and the and the sudan as well so for him he doesn't recognize that this is a popular uprising but the sheer number of protesters according to observers and to protests to themselves proves that this allegation by the government is not true
11:53 pm
that this is a widespread. show of anger in sudan never up up unprecedented actually in the history of this country since independence has never taken so long for those people to refuse to go back to their homes and stay silent this time around it's certainly something very different and also condemnations came from outside from both the u.n. and the e.u. against the will of the government is treating protesters this heavy handedness and what they've called excessive use of force until now the government has recognized the killing of twenty eight people other sources including protesters in jos mention about fifty people killed unprecedented number in the last few years and all of these are indications that this time around it's not the usual kind of just a sudden and brief option of sudanese anger against the government that what has been are they say for about thirty years and so that is only deteriorating further
11:54 pm
and further into chaos and into into political and economic deterioration so they say they'll never never. remain silent this time around ok and how much all thank you for that and how much is on twitter and the underscore vow is handle you can reach out to him that way while sudan is front page and center on al-jazeera dot com you can head there for all the latest updates. now gunness president is condemning the killing of an investigative journalist as a humorous crime and expects police to make arrests as soon as possible much for saying so ali he helped expose corruption within world football's governing body which led to the resignation of the head of ghana's football association. reports in the capital accra. relatives and friends gather at the family home of the murdered journalist ahmed hussein. he was shot multiple times just outside his home in accra and what appears to be
11:55 pm
a targeted killing almost all do is from the north the other families were from this place is all here morning you know it's something very shocking and what people were even intending to do we have been. in moscow come to talk to us not to take the law into our heart because we don't know who is responsible. of this unfortunate incident i'm at work closely with the award winning investigative journalist and us army together they expose corruption in the gun introduce sherry health sector and most recently saw several hours after the killing and asked posted a video on twitter showing a member of parliament making threats against ahmed in june last year after the latest exposé on soccer that led to a lifetime ban from the sport for the head of ghana's football association for bribery and corruption ghana has a very good track record of press freedom not only in west africa but across the entire continent and that's what's made this murder all the more shocking media and
11:56 pm
civil society organizations are concerned that that environment could be changing and this has come to. that which we need to do something not only to maintain our position but also to ensure their right atmosphere is granted prepared to subpoenas in england going as president has called on the police to act quickly to bring to book the perpetrators of what he called a heinous crime as the family prepares to bury ahmed and mass and his team say they are devastated but unshaken in their resolve to continue exposing corruption i'm up watching al-jazeera across. let's find out what people are saying online about the story really look well daryn there's been a lot of condemnation and sadness being expressed a line following the killing of common sense wiley well many are remembering him remembering him for his work to expose corruption in african football with the investigative journalist and us at m i you know i now us best known for hiding his
11:57 pm
identity by wearing hats and also covering his face the hash tag journalism is not a crime is being said in relation to the story press freedom groups like the international press institute are demanding a full investigation into his death and violence against the press in ghana is rare it is only the second journalist murdered in the country since one thousand nine hundred seven now the committee to protect journalists is calling on god as well thought is to ensure that threats against the press are taken seriously we also heard from reporters without borders how musings willie was a major investigative reporter in again out he was involved in many investigative project so his murder is really huge blue to press freedom in a country and that is having iran's nuclear listed media landscape with only one journalist killed over the last two decades it's the leading african country in orissa if last person freedom index so we expect nothing less from the authorities
11:58 pm
then getting to the bottom of it and bring the perpetrators to the book. now according to the most foundation the twenty seven thousand and decks going to has been showing signs of increasing deterioration in overall governance non-response others are using the hash tag no to corruption referring to the president's promise that police will be will be bringing the perpetrators to justice now jessamine. says that some of us that are harassed and threatened on a daily basis because of journalism live in constant fear the fear that nothing would be done to prevent us from being me has tags when we go on well if you are following the story too that us know how you'll be remembering a bit hussein use the hash tag a.j. news good diary we are getting comments saying this is a shame for press freedom in ghana so if you'd like to keep sending your comments to us here at the news grid you can do so via social media send them through use
11:59 pm
the hash tag a.j. news grid we are on twitter use the hashtag agent is great as i'm saying our handle is a.j. we're also on facebook at facebook dot com slash al-jazeera you can send us a message or what's up on what's up that is or telegram plus nine seven four five zero triple one one four nine now over in the united states donald trump is facing serious new allegations that could amount to obstruction of justice so the u.s. president is reported to have told his former lawyer michael cohen to lie to congress about a building project in moscow or cohen has already pleaded guilty to campaign finance violations during the twenty sixteen election he's been cooperating with the special counsel robert miller's investigation into russian election interference in the twenty sixteen u.s. presidential election cohen had previously told a senate committee that a project to build a trump tower in moscow had been scrapped in january twenty sixth in that's before trump won the republican nomination however he later admitted this wasn't true
12:00 am
a negotiation over the project had continued until much later. and now this new report suggests that cohen lied to congress at the explicit direction of president trump in his own confirmation hearings just a few days ago trump's nominee for attorney general said a situation like that could amount to obstruction of justice you wrote on page one that a president persuading a person to commit perjury would be obstruction is that right. yes ok or any any well that you know any person who percentage another ok you also said that a president or any person convincing a witness to change testimony would be obstruction is that right. yes ok so that's what was said a few days ago let's bring in kimberly how she's joining us live from the white house if this is true kimberly then this could be a bombshell for the trial presidency.


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