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tv   Unfair Game  Al Jazeera  January 19, 2019 4:00am-5:01am +03

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last remaining rebel group in colombia is being blamed by the government for days bombing of that police academy at the government has been speaking out about this alexander i'm p.f.c. brings us the latest now colombia's defense minister and the attorney general say they have enough proof and intelligence that demonstrates according to them that attacker was indeed an explosives expert for the land rebel group that you had lost his right hand in a previous explosion and that he had been responsible for explosives training in rebel camp in different regions along the border with venezuela where the operates and that also the the man that was arrested in the early hours of friday was part of an urban cell here in the capital bogota the attorney general says that allegedly he was caught on the phone speaking about is role in these
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attack if paul this is true or the government believes that to be true it could also have of course consequences on the ongoing peace negotiations with this rebel group the last one standing in colombia we're expecting the president. to make a decision on these peace talks later on friday at the end of a security meeting that's been ongoing since friday morning. still ahead for you on the program we're at the eastern end of the five hundred kilometer irish border where locals warry back to offer up barriers to their businesses and fears about press freedom in guyana following the murder of an investigative journalist who helped expose widespread corruption.
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get a welcome back to the national weather forecast all things are looking much better down here towards the southeastern part of europe all the rain the windy conditions in the snow has ended so are much clearer as you can see on the satellite image across that area but we are seeing the weather is out here towards the west and they have been princely is seeing a system coming out of the atlantic it is going to bring some winds as well as some very heavy rain over the next few days for parts of spain as well as portugal up here towards the northwest though london it is going to be a cloudy day for you here on saturday with a temperature of about five degrees now as we go towards the end of the week it will be seen that system out of the iberian peninsula make its way towards the central part of the mediterranean and it is going to bring some rain showers as well to the southern part of france over the next few days let's go down here towards another part of africa that same system is also going to be a factor here so we're going to see an increase of rate particularly over here towards morocco for algeria as well along the coastal areas not looking too bad here on saturday but as we go towards sunday we are going to be seeing an increase
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for a little on the areas along the coastal areas there with the windy conditions also beginning to develop so for robot it is going to be a rainy day for you at seventeen algiers rain in your forecast at fifty but tunis partly cloudy conditions here with a temperature of sixteen. we're talking about ivory poachers who have decimated populations of elephants in africa they almost always shipped the ivory out of a different country from where it was poached because that's where you start your search to look in the wrong place this radiocarbon dating method tell us their trade ivory is legal or not then we have a place we can focus law enforcement on to take those out and perhaps the source of the r.v. from entering the network take note on al-jazeera. a
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quick recap of the top stories while it says erupted between police and anti-government protesters at a funeral in sudan's capital hard to. thousands of turned up to mourn the death of a six year old man who was shot by officers for offering refuge to demonstrators. north korea's leader go shake her nuclear diplomacy has held talks with the u.s. president donald trump and the secretary of state might pay a can young child arrived in washington on thursday and two leading democrats a vow to investigate claims that u.s. president donald trump instructed his former lawyer michael cohen to lie to congress a buzz feed news website is reporting that cohen was told to deny he'd been in negotiations with russia to build
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a skyscraper in moscow. well in all the stories we're following the democratic republic of congo is rejecting the african union's call to delay the final result of last month's disputed presidential election a you won't see announcement to be postponed because of concerns of electoral fraud provisional results declared opposition need to fix this you katie the winner but they are being challenged by his rival modify you do you accuse us to she k.t. of rigging the outcome with outgoing president joseph kabila. has more now from the capital kinshasa. government officials in kinshasa have told the african union that this is a sovereign country no one should interfere no one can tell the d.l.c. how to run the elections they also say they can fees because they getting mixed messages from african leaders we know the african union is unhappy with the electoral process so far but leaders from the southern african development community issued a statement saying that the people of the d r c should be able to resolve their own crisis foreign country should not interfere and people especially its national
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committee should wait for an outcome from the courts we know that eight constitutional judges are meant to make an announcement on the way forward they could either say the feeling is the katie won the election which means he will be sworn in as president in a few days time they could order a recount all they could say the whole process was a mess of the ditch and she be held again wish to take months maybe even years and that means it could be the remains of president until those elections are held all eyes of course will be on martin fire you the opposition leader the catholic church has won the election by sixty one percent if he's not happy with the outcome from the court how he reacts if easy to tell his supporters to go onto the streets and protest is no guarantee the concert hall to make announcement friday it could be over the weekend or sometime next week a kenyan court has ruled that five suspects in choose days hotel attack must be held in custody including a canadian national well suspected of helping gunmen who still need us at hotel compound and killed twenty one people based on group says it was behind the attack
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prosecutors say the investigation is complex and they are pursuing more suspects in and outside kenya now to garner the president has condemned the killing of an investigative journalist as a heinous crime and expects police to make arrests as soon as possible same solely helped expose corruption within football's well football's governing body he was shot dead near his home in the capital accra and has more. as prayers are ongoing there's a sinking realisation here that this is the last not just of a journalist but of a father and breadwinner to a family emotions are running high among members of this family as they demand answers to the question of who carried out this killing they say he was a kind generous person without any enemies. relatives and friends gather at the family home of the murdered journalist ahmed hussein. he was shot multiple times
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just outside his home in accra and what appears to be a targeted killing almost all do is from the north the other families were from this place is all here morning you know it's something very shocking and what people were even intending to do we have big. in moscow come to talk to us not to take the law into our hard because yet we don't know who is responsible. of this unfortunate incident i met worked closely with the award winning investigative journalist and us army together they expose corruption in the gun in judiciary health sector and most recently saw several hours after the killing and asked person to video on twitter showing a member of parliament making threats against ahmed in june last year after the latest exposé on soccer that led to a lifetime ban from the sport for the head of ghana's football association for bribery and corruption has come to. that which we need to do something extra not
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only to meet in opposition but also to ensure their right atmosphere is governed sheet for participation as an england fan as president has called on the police to act quickly to bring to book the perpetrators of what he called a heinous crime as the family prepares to bury ahmed and mass and his team say they are devastated but unshaken in their resolve to continue exposing corruption there have been a number of high profile targeted killings in the month of january alone and this is causing people to ask is this the beginning of a worrying trend what's happening here and what are the police and security services doing about it. the british prime minister to resign may will speak to european union leaders this weekend off to a deal for leaving the bloc was heavily defeated in parliament three days ago may has been given until monday to come up with a plan b. the biggest issue facing any breaks it deal is the irish border which would become the only land fronted between the united kingdom and the european union need bach
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reports now from calling for the log the eastern end of the irish border. who owns carlingford law for the past twenty years the question hasn't mattered for them bricks it happened. daryn coming in is an oyster man. his high end is consumed as far away as china the north shore is british the south is irish the waters in between are shared across border agency works for the interests of both sides. but it hasn't always been this way not far from here in one nine hundred seventy nine eighteen pretty soldiers were killed in an ira ambush during thirty years of six hereon violence in northern ireland was a militarize frontier. and it. can border a possible no deal breaks it has increased the prospects of a hard border the return of customs checks and extra paperwork could be devastating
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for the fishing industry that relies on speed it's just a complete disaster. but the last ten years. from no home pardon me the last seven years of new morning constant work. just never enough grip and so on and the failure got the business up go on and on. and then brag that homes of the very first. border will also impact on the movement of people the collingwood ferry is the only route across the lot people are crossing the border every day here between northern are in the republic for and for work in their daily lives the possibility of introducing any barriers to the free and seamless movements of vehicles and people. is a great concern to us for the past twenty years the border here has been very much . if no solution can be found most breaks in in either side of this law could soon
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be run by two distinctly different dorothy's complicates the lives and livelihoods . if you depend upon these. the return of a hard border remains for now a worst case scenario but the crushing defeat of the british government's breaks that deal on tuesday has said contingency plans emotion on both sides of the border yes we are making preparations for a no deal scenario we have to do that now that doesn't loot checks the ports and airports but we're not making preparations for checks on border but having said that. the only way they can avoid a hard border long term isn't through good will isn't through the right words it has to be through an agreement with a more mountain sweep down to the sea they meet calling for the locks open. it is a landscape indifferent to past territorial disputes divisions few here want to ever witness again parker al-jazeera calling for the lock. now in all the news
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from the u.s. the partial government shutdown has entered its twenty eighth day with no end in sight republicans and democrats still can't agree a budget because president trump is insisting funding for a wall on the southern border has to be included the man from food banks across the country is growing as hundreds of thousands of federal workers go without pay and he gallagher reports now from miami. for almost thirty years farm shows mission has been a simple one take surplus food and feed the hungry soup kitchens churches and homeless shelters all the biggest customers for the last few weeks that's changed where interest and learning and learning alt they live these vehicles are headed to locations across florida where they're dealing with a new demand we are receiving more and more cars have hungry people throughout the state because the government shutdown says yes we are in responding to those
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individuals as we do any other and that's a lot for all just one paycheck to paycheck so away from being hungry stuff to say the situation is unprecedented under normal circumstances this part of the white house would normally be empty but as you can see there are boxes of things like spaghetti with label saying disaster assistance on the side and the demand is increased so much over the last few weeks the staff here now are working seven days a week just to keep up people might agree that what we might be seeing among those working without pay are air traffic controllers and he say their commitment to keeping the flying public safe is being tested i can say as time goes on the system beacons to be less safe it's definitely less safe than it was just a couple of weeks ago and now we're getting to a point now where it's it's a big distraction and people are worried those responsible for airport security are also working without pay with no prospect of a resolution there's growing anger among federal workers. on florida's
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space coast nassar employees are calling for an end to the shutdown as many face financial hardships food banks charities and churches continue to support those hit by the longest government shutdown in u.s. history but as the weeks stretch on the choices for many get harder and gallacher al-jazeera miami florida. families in venezuela struggling to cope with the economic crisis an orderly abandoning the country but now they're also that children are the ones that they can no longer provide for the situation is led to a growing number of kids living on the streets and often edges are running out of space to house them to rise above reports. horsewhipped at a hollies eleven years old he's mother left him in this orphanage two years ago she went to colombia to escape the ongoing crisis in venezuela. when. we were received
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here with open arms we are taught many things and i don't want to leave my dreams behind. this is the mingle view orphanage a place that provides a home to at least fourteen children and gives an education to dozens of others. they were illegal is in charge he says that what's been happening here is yet another consequence of the crisis for yemeni a good job that we receive children from other places that we try to keep because there is a process for abandoned children one woman came with a three month old baby that she couldn't feed we were going to the level of undernourishment has increased among children because families colonel freed them but the situation is not easy for the managers of the. finding resources to support the kids is becoming more challenging every day both handling this orphanage are struggling to make ends meet they have to feed the children that you can see right behind me and educate them these are the latest donations then they have received you can see all of this bill and with all of their money they can barely bag one
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pack of bags the other problem are the medicines john yaris is fifteen and has a neurological problem we're told he needs all these medicines to control the condition they're almost impossible to find and when they're located they're expensive president has announced new measures to end the economic crisis in venezuela but most economists say that they're unlikely to improve the situation anytime soon hyperinflation makes life here extremely difficult for most people. daughter was one of those who left she left her five year old son son in her mother's care. it's difficult i miss my daughter very much i really need her the situation here is harder and harder every day prices go up and up you work and work and it's not enough for anything there is no official data on how many children were left behind and in which conditions in the past two years almost
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three million venezuelans have left the country it is an issue that war is lawyers like a lot bonnie a move to what we're seeing now is a new phenomenon of children that are left behind some are cared for by their families and others are not so there is no control over who is responsible for that child legally whether they are studying or living on the street family thing venezuela are struggling to deal with the impacts of the country's crisis leaving their country and children behind is for some parents the only option they see to survive. is much more in everything we're covering right here the address al jazeera dot com. but look at the top stories this hour violence has erupted between police and protesters at a funeral in sudan's capital khartoum demonstrators attacked
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a police vehicle and hold rocks at officers and then responded with tear gas and live ammunition thousands had turned up to mourn the death of a six year old man who was shot offering refuge to protesters demonstrators first began running over price rises but are now demanding the end of president bashir has thirty year rule. the white house says u.s. president donald trump and north korea's leader kim jong un will hold another meeting at the end of february north korea's leader go shater nuclear diplomacy has been holding talks with trump and secretary of state might kim yong charles arrived in washington on thursday trump and kim jong un previously met in singapore last year to dating democrats in the united states of vowing to investigate claims that president trump instructed his form of personal lawyer michael cohen to lie to congress buzz feed news website is reporting that cohen was told to deny the negotiations with russia to build a skyscraper in moscow the chairman of the house intelligence committee adam schiff
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and the head of the house judiciary committee joe navl of both said they intend to investigate. what this does is is direct testimony that apparently is in the possession of the special counsel robert mueller who is vesta getting the president connection to russia what this does is sort of draws the direct line knowledge to russia but shows that the president intentionally broke the law this is very damaging this could be historic if proven because what this is is an impeachable offense not only is there the instruction to lie it's to lie under oath which is perjury a convict a bull offense for any american regardless of whether you hold the highest office in the united states a combi in government as accused rebels of carrying out thursday's complement of police academy in bogota twenty one people were killed sixty others injured and a vehicle packed with explosives broke through checkpoints and blew up iran has
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about two thousand fighters in its ranks. coming up how scientists are using d.n.a. and carbon dating to track ivory poaches that's next in techno. in search of a safer neighborhood it was a huge an old wound make a mad house and took all our stuff being a man who can't put my family in the hole that they discerned that's a problem for me struggling to secure a home through a really quite of our military and all that and though we don't we could potentially those apples and living paycheck to paycheck there's nobody to blame and live with the consequences every day of the choices that have been hard. on
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al-jazeera. one of the really special things about working for al-jazeera is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to a story as well we cover this region better than anyone else would get what it is you know is that it turns the but it but the good because you have it all the people that if i did a political issue. people believe to tell the real stories mended. we don't feel in fear of a good audience across the globe. this is techno innovations that can change lives the science of fight fire we're going to explore the intersection of hardware and humanity and we're doing it in the unique way. this is a show about science no no i scientists tonight techno investigates ivory trail they've tried to seize it. burn it but nothing has stopped
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the terrible trade in the legal ivory. now. new tools straight from the lab that could find a crime that's brought elephants to the brink of extinction and getting a seizure is a great victory but the elements are already dead. from rita davis and is an environmental biologist i am holding a tray of elephant who should show us the high tech plan to stop the killing. then céline stranded along the california freeway yes freeway doctor should do some more it is a mechanical engineer chill show us what's been done to find out why this is happening at this thanks dave distressed and i'm still taurus i'm an entomologist vamps are team plenty. know it's do some science.
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techno on phil toys joined by marie to davison and dr should do some more because there were outlaws out there who are working in the shadows committing horrible acts against defenseless majestic animals we're talking about the ivory poachers who have decimated the populations of elephants in africa and it's really a nominee because ivory guys for about a thousand dollars a pound. than an illegal drugs and you know what that means is that the damage has been devastating over one hundred thousand elephants have been killed in just the last three years and the question is what can we do about it we found a team of scientists that are using some unexpected weapons d.n.a. and radiocarbon dating check it out. april eighteenth two thousand and fifteen. customs intercepts four tonnes of ivory smuggled in being sacks from the democratic republic of congo. it is the largest
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seizure in this country's history the ivory on the way to laos seized in bangkok after a tip the seizure makes headlines customs displayed over three tons of confiscated african ivory worth six million dollars a historic bridge from kenya and. nine hundred elephants but the perpetrators of this horrible crime against animals are never caught for law enforcement entities like interpol stopping the killing of elephants at the source is what's critical. the question ends where exactly is all this ivory coming from they almost always shipped the ivory out of a different country from where it was poached because that's where you start your search looking in the wrong place sam wasser is the director of the center for conservation biology at the university of washington. when it comes to solving the mysteries of the illegal trade wasser has created a coalition of scientists virtual detectives using techniques. indian ache
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struction from ivory. genetic mapping through dung sampling and radiocarbon dating this multipronged approach attacks a criminal enterprise that's brought the majestic african elephant to the brink of extinction and there's probably only four hundred fifty thousand elephants left so the whole focus of our lab is to really try to use d.n.a. assignment of large overseas. singapore two thousand to six and a half tons of ivory seized the largest in the country's history roughly six hundred fifty elephants were killed for this haul of ivory. but where in africa did the ivory originate from they assume this much ivory must come from multiple sources authorities send samples to washers lab for analysis right now from anywhere in africa we can assign a seizure of ivory closer than three hundred kilometers to where it came from
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wasser and his team get to work the first step is to prepare the samples of seized ivory. we cut off a piece of the ivory and then leave we do is we stick that piece inside a plastic tube with a magnet and stainless steel plugs on the end we drop that in liquid nitrogen which cools it to about minus two hundred forty degrees celsius so extremely cold within three minutes it comes out like baby powder. so it's a whole the ivory and it preserves the d.n.a. at the same time that was one of the biggest breakthroughs of our. elephant d.n.a. from the ivory seized in singapore is extracted and analyzed in washers lab the d.n.a. from the tusks is then matched against a genetic reference map of africa's elephant populations this map has been generated by d.n.a. taken from another source rich in elephant d.n.a.
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i am her. olding a tray of elephant coop not exactly something you'd associate as a tool for fighting international crime but these samples provide critical pieces of data for creating a genetic map of elephants across africa yup collecting dung samples may not be glamorous work but it's a task wasser and his team take seriously we make the map from the dung we take genetic markers out of the dung samples so you see here this map of africa there's about fourteen hundred total samples here and each sample is from a separate family group loesser was able to determine the origin of the six and a half tons of ivory seized in singapore and shipped out of malawi it all came from a neighboring country zambia. wasserstein had made a discovery that would revolutionize law enforcement's approach to poaching basically the study debunked some of the assumptions that you and interpol had
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about how these activities were working what were those assumptions and so as assumptions that law enforcement general had and one was when you get a big seizure they were cherry picked from all over africa and what we showed is that's not what's happening there in the same area over and over and over again. the plight of the african elephant has been well documented these heartbreaking images were shot in a sanctuary for elephant orphans in kenya from before the biggest enemy of elephants when the out in the woods on this two year old being bottle fed stood by his mother's body for three days after she was murdered for her tusks the first to kill the bowls and then you kill the matriarch so now you're destroying the leadership in your group as well as the long term knowledge that these elephants have and when elephants become vulnerable so does the rest of the ecosystem there are these keystone species where you take this one out and it has this huge ripple effect on all these other species elephants are true keystone species.
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sophisticated transnational syndicates oversee every step of the trade from the illegal poaching to the smuggling of tusks to carving factories and shops around the world. this footage part of an undercover investigation captures a shipping agent explaining how ivory is smuggled out of africa very wrong or very good. we need an urgent method that stops the killing even getting a seizure is a great victory but the owners are already dead. last month singaporean customs seized another shipment of ivory coming out of kenya and headed for vietnam three point seven tons worth an estimated. eight million dollars singaporean authorities have already contacted wasser to oversee d.n.a. analysis was his lab and now receive samples from over ninety percent of all marj i
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have receivers what we are trying to really do is to figure out where are the major poaching hotspots across africa his latest study based on d.n.a. analysis of twenty eight seizures between one thousand nine hundred six and two thousand and fourteen reveals there may be only two major hotspots for poaching in africa southern tanzania and a place known as the tri them. when you're saying hot spots you mean hot spots of poaching activity hotspots of seizure activity what are you referring to a hot spot is a place where you are able to provide multiple tons of ivory repeatedly over multiple years then we have a place we can focus law enforcement on take those out and perhaps choke the source of the ivory from entering the network and unravel it so that's the big plan.
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a techno crew member is on vacation in thailand when he comes across this all too common display he's told of their ivory pieces offered up for sale for a price the sale of ivory to foreigners is illegal in thailand yet as our camera reveals it goes on as this old newsreel footage shows ivory was once very popular. across into his own but all that changed in one thousand nine hundred ninety when the international trade in ivory was made illegal. d.n.a. analysis is one tool that could ultimately help government's crackdown on where ivory is coming from but it can't tell investigators when the killing took place anything postin is illegal to. what it comes down to is this this radio carbon dating method can tell us if trade of ivory is legal or not kevin you know is a geo chemist who uses a method known as radiocarbon dating to determine the age of ivory this is the part
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of the tusk that was actually growing when the animal was shot because we need to know when did this elephant die and so this part of the tusk tells us that and so we drove the powder on to this wave paper here. and we collect it into these vials next to ivory powder is combusted and turned into pure c o two so what is this we can bust it in this tube it there's other impurities in there other gases we need to get rid of those so that when we measure the radio carbon content we just are measuring the c o two gas radiocarbon dating literally relies on the fallout from the events that took place from one thousand nine hundred fifty two to one thousand nine hundred sixty three. one fire. above ground atomic testing between the united states in the soviet union we've
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basically doubled the radio carbon concentration in the atmosphere now what does that mean then for organisms when you have a spike in radio carbon in the atmosphere what it did do is give them all the unique geochemical fingerprint in their tissues all these photosynthetic organisms trees grasses that sort of thing are taking in c o two some of it having carbon fourteen in it and in the animals that eat that then also take on that radio carbon signature look there it is you can actually see it's freezing down on the right side so now we're going to do is torch it off and have the final final product. and bring this to them and you do this individually for each sample yeah this is it's time consuming it's so you want to wear these to to watch this process so this is just a regular methane tour. not to be done at home and eat and warm a glass. all around that it's sort of like. holding soft serve. and it's unique. and now you can
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see. there's our c o two right there that's that's the frozen c o two from an elephant heading for radio carbon announces after you know receives the radio carbon content of a piece of ivory he can match it against the bomb curves a record of atmospheric levels of c fourteen before and after the atomic testing era the radio carbon dating a five re could be used to verify the age of ivory being sold on the legal market as antiques but here's the bottom curve and i call this left side before nine hundred sixty three the rising limb so the tusk is imprinted with the radiocarbon constitution from that year so we can and go and measure that radiocarbon concentration and say ok it's for example one point three and that allows us to draw horizontal line across the bottom curve here and you can see it actually
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intersects it into place two answers it can be nineteen sixty or it could be one thousand and eighty so the way to do this is to sample part of the test that you know is older and in the part of the house you know it is younger and compare the relative radiocarbon concentrations and just fit them back onto this curve so if the older one has a higher concentration in the younger has a lower than your on this falling limb of the bomb curve november two thousand and thirteen canadian authorities learned that a pair of tusks are being offered by this toronto based auction house as antiques suspecting the tusks are not as old as the sellers claim authorities confiscate them and turn them over to. buy david a pair of tusks clearly showing that his elephant was poached after the law went into effect and. the auction house went to court and pleaded guilty now you know and collaborator turi serling have teamed up with wasser to apply this technique to investigate trends in the international trade in illegal ivory since the
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international ban african countries have been stockpiling confiscated ivory occasionally they destroy some of it but much of it remains sitting in government warehouses so they have huge stockpiles on the order of one hundred or one hundred twenty tons and some of these nations they're so they're sitting on this ivory waiting for the day that the international market opens again if current poaching hotspots are shut down the next major source for ivory could be the stockpiles and radiocarbon dating would help confirm it to what extent do you wrestle with despair at the situation and to what extent do you embrace hope and there have been some seizures where i got to say you know when we pulled them out and started rinsing him off in the blood was pouring out of him that we were just sitting there in tears i mean you know that that has happened but you know you get. used to it and and then you start getting these breakthroughs and so no i feel like you know
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we've got a plan i feel like we're making and in there and that's really what drives me. to steps of d.n.a. techniques that you talk about that practice has been done for a long time to maybe track the origin of the disease what took him so long to get through tracking down poachers you know we've used d.n.a. techniques to understand populations of lots of wildlife we're using it within the context of conservation a lot more now it's still a fairly new field so there was a time when ivory was used in canada and believe it pools and now it's illegal but why is the market still so robots the main markets are in china and then actually the united states is the second largest player here part of what's driving that is that there's some. communities in the us that really value ivory iris you mostly find it as an ornamental carving it's very beautiful when it's polished and carved and it carries a sort of status because of its values so there's still
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a pretty high demand there is a crisis unfolding on the coast of california from san diego up to san francisco and beyond sea lions are leaving their natural ocean habitat and wandering up on shore even sometimes in people's yards and streets well i joined a ride on my we were literally rescuing sea lion pox the story is crazy some of it's heartbreaking and it's coming up that. this punk named johnny cash is making a run towards the open ocean with a satellite transmitter tied to his back he may hold the on says to a sad epidemic among california's coastline. there are plenty of highways that hug california's ocean shores and he's ninety freeway isn't one of them the sight of a baby seen a quarter of a mile inland is unsettling. but in two thousand and fifteen it's not that unusual
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according to local news agencies the creatures are stranding starving and apparently dying in record numbers this year along the coast the images tell us a haunting story well we have seen spikes and rethink years two thousand and fifteen is already off to an unusually start the headlines paint a picture of an epidemic of sick pops in desperate search of food but what's really going on is more complex techno went to the san diego headquarters for a federal agency that studies the oceans says ports happened in the last two years is the waters in the northeast pacific have warmed up way beyond anything more used to according to noah a warm up ocean off southern california has made it hard to finance things. the lions to forage and as a result the pups are not getting enough nourishment el nino is an event scientists have seen several times but this year's temperature is
4:41 am
a quite different what's really different is that the waters in the northeast pacific warmed up over a year ago and usually that warming occurs after the only no developed in this case that preceded it ocean warming impacts the food chain from the bottom up as upwelling wins a causing deep water currents typically rife with cold water nutrients to secularize up mostly nutrient depleted warm water so when you talk about nutrients what is that that biologic material in the deep ocean gets remember allies tend to work in organic nutrients and so the upwelling them keeps that cycle going so how does it affect the top of the food chain the whole food chain gets depressed a lot of the those fish species that could move have moved northward and a food source there's a lot less than we had last year and the evidence can be seen daily all along the california coast from san diego to san francisco in san diego sea world the company which face public heat for. has taken
4:42 am
a public role in sea lion rescue efforts. it's really a new thing i was lucky i think yeah this how long do you feed them for typically it will be two painting for about twelve days and about five days they have gained enough strength to actually start showing some interest again and pressure and they will start taking water to fish sea lions a facet method to an almost tree asure like setting the pups to fed a special protein which formula up to two hundred feedings a day take place behind the scenes we have to gradually read about it because their bodies haven't seen fresh and they can't process it properly they have to show it to us that they can afford process three to five pounds of fish per day which is what they would require to maintain their weight before we stop to feed brands to it observe sea lion health at sea world's nonprofit research on. so in studying their habitats you able to get a better idea of what's happening in terms of global climate change food seem to
4:43 am
have vanished for some reason the question is whether that's a sign i think of long term climate change the bigger issue is are these little intensive answered we're seeing recently going to become more common as climate generally changes according to the national marine fisheries service is the west. as rescued pups are returning starved again it is the most historically busy year ever of this argument twenty five hundred sea lions stranded in california this year alone in the first twelve weeks that we're into the year marine biologists and executive director of the pacific marine mammal center a key from a tosser has seen it all but. they're actually six months old coming into us under birthweight that's how starved they're the other difference in this year that we didn't see in twenty thirteen and twenty forty is that we're now seeing a lot of adults coming in that are very me seated very star you can see every bone
4:44 am
in their body and that's a difference from the last two years metacity and his team east satellite titan technology to understand why this is happening tagging sea lions is so new to these pups the research pioneers and we want to make sure that the animals that we're putting back out into the wild during this unusually bad rush and make it tagging happens fast as i learned watching johnny cash get his device she spent two months gaining twenty five pounds and is a worthy candidate here so you know that i am your god. said you're trying to seal the edges where we're going further somewhere in the back that you know the feel good think you're going to tighten up the back it will be good this year several sea lions return to metastases rehab starving once again but rescue centers along the coast compiling satellite tagging dates. this hype that johnny cash and his newly released friends who beat the odds a move the line toward survival rather than the stranding. or hopefully that no
4:45 am
return needs and they live a long happy life that's the plan and that's what's going to help and we're going to see them out on the rocks in nine or ten years we're going to begin helping you . know i work a lot of behavior in my research and what i found really fascinating about this is what is causing this behavior of the pope's arches going in a little bit from shore they're going miles and going on this long journey in there so something evolved in them that the changing climate is just messing with their their innate response to temperature it's more could it be just utter desperation right i mean if you reach a certain level of lack of nutrition does that suddenly kick in some sort of in instinct to just go where ever necessary to find something i mean because of see the temperature is it a the food that they normally feed on has moved somewhere and started the seed i'm
4:46 am
pops of starving and they are cold and get my they are absolutely desperate that's just that's really heartbreaking each of tonight's stories showed problems with the environment but more importantly we got to meet some very smart folks trying to solve them that's it for today's episode be sure to check in so next time you're on techno dive deep into these stories and go behind the scenes at al-jazeera dot com slash techno follow our expert contributors on twitter facebook instagram google plus and more. in the next episode of science in a golden age i'll be exploring the contributions made by scholars during the
4:47 am
medieval islamic period in the field of engineering. the heights of sophistication in mechanics at the time was the extravagant elephant clock. written around eight fifty a.d. the book contains a range of ingenious inventions and contraptions science in a golden age with jim alkali on al-jazeera. it's a daunting climb to one of the holiest sites in bhutan tiger's nest ball astri seems to defy gravity every few cities is expected to complete the pilgrimage to ensure peace and happiness what it became a democracy in two thousand and eight the time put happiness at the center of all political policy inspiring the un to pass a resolution urging other nations to follow betimes example but how do you measure it many brits unease happiness is what we ensure it's if that is quantifiable but by simply turning its pursuit into policy but time has done what no other country
4:48 am
has. to be a child has to be innocent and carefree but it comes to an abrupt end at the burden of young children. with a mother behind bars for siblings misspend for each other and decide whether to stick together. with the family in the hope of a chance across the us mexico border the other side of the bomb a witness documentary out is the. last. oh i maryam namazie in london al top stories this hour the white house says a second summit between donald trump a north korean leader kim jong un will take place at the end of february it follows a meeting at the white house with pyongyang's lead negotiator in nuclear department
4:49 am
diplomacy kim yong chawl with the president passed the call he joins us now from washington and piracy efforts at denuclearization have made no progress what would the purpose of a second summit. well that's what some of the president's critics will be asking after all there have been as you mentioned no visible signs that north korea has any intention to go ahead and do nuclear us but what they're saying at the white house is look there have been no new nuclear test there been no more ballistic tests and there's been a lot of diplomacy happening here in washington first schol met with secretary of state mike pompei oh they both went to the oval office we're told that they met with u.s. president ultram for ninety minutes after that secretary pompei o treated the north north korean delegation to lunch so they're saying that through these talks they've made progress we're hearing though from the white house press secretary sara sanders that the u.s. is insisting there will be no sanctions relief until north korea is fully denuclearize its military arsenal so that the doesn't look like anything's changed
4:50 am
on the ground but except for they're going to have a second summit to talk again you said at the end of february at a place to be determined but there's a lot of speculation it could be in vietnam all right thank you very much patty calling with the latest there on that story from washington where we stay in the u.s. because two leading democrats are vying to investigate claims that president obama trump instructed his former person lawyer michael cohen to lie to congress about news website is reporting that cohen was told to deny being in negotiations with russia to build a skyscraper in moscow chairman of the house intelligence committee adam schiff and the head of the house judiciary committee gerald nambla both say they intend to investigate committee how can i ask. what this does is is direct testimony that apparently is in the possession of the special counsel robert mueller who is vested getting the president in connection to russia what this does is sort of
4:51 am
draws the direct line not only to russia but shows that the president intentionally broke the law this is very damaging this could be historic if proven because what this is is an impeachable offense not only is there the instruction to lie it's a lie under oath which is perjury a convicted will offense for any american regardless of whether you hold the highest office in the united states. violence is erupted between police and protesters at a funeral in sudan's capital khartoum demonstrators attacked a police vehicle and hold rocks at offices who responded with tear gas and live ammunition thousands have turned out to mourn the death of a sixty year old man who it's reported was shot for offering refuge to protest as demonstrators first began running of a price rises but are now demanding the end of president tomorrow the shias thirty year rule. also news from colombia where the government has accused eleven rebels of carrying out thursday's car bombing is a police academy in bogota twenty one people were killed when
4:52 am
a vehicle packed with explosives broke through checkpoints and blew up the l.n. armed group has about two thousand fighters and its ranks the democratic republic of congo is rejecting the african union's call to delay the final result of last month's disputed presidential election the a you want seen else meant to be perspiring because of concerns of an electoral fraud. zimbabwean government has instructed the country's biggest mobile operator to restore internet access after communications ban it comes after the united nations and to a security crackdown on civilians triggered by days of deadly protests over fuel prices and austerity measures australia is sweltering in record temperatures in an extreme heat wave that's now lost it for almost a week temperatures near the coast have gone above fifty degrees celsius forty degrees celsius with parts of the interior close to fifty degrees while many
4:53 am
australians had to beaches elderly people and children in several regions are being advised to stay indoors. if you're upset with our top stories hardened is next. previously on hard earned last week my total income was less than three hundred dollars you know i live off my credit cards when i don't make enough money how do you feel about. a big purchase this is the fresh relationship i mean i doesn't take two cents now that you don't buy a house for somebody but we need this house i know we're living paycheck to paycheck but i hope you know we weren't saying. we'll eat hilton and diana
4:54 am
who live in a garage in a trailer park and survive on the wages of a cafeteria worker. at the club. so good guys call. girls your. own. going to. come on.
4:55 am
with this one as single consider. the scoop in you know your style of math. helped him kennedy and his girlfriend diana pay three hundred dollars a month to live in a shared garage in a silicon valley trailer park. and you know in the like in any sort of any kind of us. he then tilted. helton was born in the u.s.
4:56 am
but was raised in mexico by his mother he is a u.s. citizen so he can legally work here but not in mexico. deficient quanah. and in the. sand i must. thank you sir. so i know there will be as mr one hundred but i think one of the date one of the did. look at the stars who goes. by these washer. googleplex here is designed to make life for people not only as productive as possible but also as pleasant as possible. that you gain
4:57 am
amazing grace now you are getting a breath there are always plenty of opportunities to work. on the law. that fit the. middle doses. place. the imperial palace. there will. be taking. at this interesting to quote and.
4:58 am
i don't. get a single mother and the. if. they're still. in . good. health ins girlfriend diana is returning from a two week trip to mexico where she visited her family. hilton rarely drives but borrows his friend's car to get to the airport. ok.
4:59 am
so i have but it isn't. fainter. to listen. to them to come up to the bus and if it was going to the philippines it was at least it doesn't matter because. he got an ascot on my says. get at a you say get out more gradually that norm but on my k.f. was thinking about us i can open a can i said you cannot find this yet i was like i was a good at the now i know this at the. on the me i need i was on the most was d.s. nice amongst us i knew you. think i don't. want. to . do is a good load to say. we're going to look at some of my thoughts yes i'm lazy and
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mindful of those on the job i want all commandos i missed out on the bundle of them to the mythical where there is no me it was just in this case even. those of us not . just a good place where you want to tell us the person wasn't there well yes but a good place to begin to well middle because you can let us in a little more difficult there were viewing it a little more we'll put. to school with it on that but as an adult it ok so had to me. it was. it didn't seem. so funny one for you. given the going to. put it.


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