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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 19, 2019 9:00pm-10:01pm +03

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by the as those on the down almost all commandos i missed out on the bun and i got to the mythical where they just don't know me what is good in this case even. those of us on this. little test good but we want to develop the ability of vision was a terrible yes but a good place to go into a well middle vocal masuk it might have been a little more difficult there were v.n. in all the limo we'll put. to school with it by that but as i'm a told it ok so how do. you want to throw. it in the snow. can't. suspend one of the two. given the kind of them. been a good source of the last couple that have come. to come into.
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i. feel safe yes i mean we asked him cause he is a first generation american. which patients should feel. her father and mother emigrated from italy when emilio was a child and tonight she and her sisters gather for sunday dinner. together i shall funnily enough i come out but it was a. it's ok i want me to answer to that. pitching point i thought it was over the silly what. was going on interesting her speech was actually not so very do i find out what was said. and then and i
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think it along when i was young and we certainly don't get along now. i think it's because we're a lot alike so we bought had to live through it and how much time for i was trying to judge you. it would be a cheat. my parents made a decision based on what they thought was the best thing for us. but i didn't adjust to this country at all and i think it affected probably the next twenty years of my life. that's my grand that's the house that we moved in when we moved from italy right here. my grandfather my grandmother my mom my dad and myself and my sister we all lived in the sorrels. i did not want to be here. they told us that it was for a better life. and then give us
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a choice this is where we're going and i remember at the airport that there was so many people so many people kids we went to school with. that. you know came there and you know the tears the crying because they knew they were they would probably never see a cigar and. this is my mom in italy. oh my gosh. these are more these are all in adelaide for sure every one of these she's on the phone here. right now horrors. that was a real happy time for her. she's only been back once. you know her last day of school walking home with her sister doing our.
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last day of school in italy or they came here and. i think one of the things that i always. i wonder if my life would have been different there. if i didn't came here you know would i have struggled with. years. you know what i'd be fifty in the world couldn't. really have. much of a future but who do you blame you know there's nobody to blame but i made choices and i live with consequences every day of the choices that have made i had opportunities go to college and to do other things but you know my drug addiction and alcoholism got in the way of that. i think in the beginning of when she first
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moved here she you know had a hard time figuring out how she was going to fit in she was so different from all the other kids so she kind of drifted towards troublemakers who didn't care who she was or where she came from you know as long as she was willing to party with them i did see her hit rock bottom i've seen her so emaciated you wouldn't even recognize her she would disappear for days she's stolen my car she's left me stranded places the reason i stuck by her is because on the days when she was clean i could see that there was this person this other amelia this good person. but a termagant sober it was almost thirty. i came home to a daughter and i had to play mom.
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hard to talk about her. she would go but. most kids should never even. hear about the things that she said live. and. how that has been in and out of prison for years and never got child support. i dropped her off at my parent's house when she was six months old. and i came back permanently when she was six years old. better to know what her favorite food was.
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if it caught it started it not so. it was a nice to get up and move on. d.j. jackson his girlfriend to keep to a cans and their kids have lived with deejays mother and a nearby suburb ever since their apartment in the city was burglarized. they're trying to save money to rent a neighborhood safer than their last one. was a huge blow making their house and. to start all over again you know have see. it's not like it's a bother being a mom and my mom doesn't care. but. can't put my family in a home. that's a problem for me. i need them to have their own space. this two bedroom is
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home to his mom sister sister in law two dogs and a cockatoo. that we've got i think we're. past the wayside heritage her daughter and her bird. she's not good but other animals. i think i'd like to get. that. do you got i'm not going to. think around is different music new d.v.d.'s have everybody waiting on you to get out the back for a really cool money in it they have. a word for their. last. time use them.
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to. revive everyone. can you do. you have five minutes you guys i'm going to trying. a very merry girl over the hours where you were. heard what you mean that night girls not naturals in this house we need to go is why. people don't get left first. you want to sass out your ok go sit in a challenge so they don't get recorded oh he's now after nine o'clock to be honest i am not kidding all right marc never. teaches mother shantell has inherited a car from her mother but she's doubtful she can make the payments.
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her family enjoys the break from public transportation. my question is what do you believe. what the world tell you is true what god tells you is true the next question is do your life doubt. yes i think. sometimes people live their life in a can a way in the end if they own they seek being then they get an opportunity for god to save them that their last possible minute they say lower forgive me no body no words if they can get saved in that brief amount of time. nobody knows that so why leave your life all funky in think that you know ok you going to have a you will have to hand at the last minute yet. i don't know where i would be if i didn't have a foundation i'm a mom and a god in my life. i've been dead
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a long time ago. we cash cash around do you. see each year you give your children money you lend them money and they never pay you bet. nab her own and never pay you back get handed to you when you get it going to church and get changed or twenty to go and yeah i need to tip somebody. never pay that never hear about her rather try a new outfit for taking the right were good well. not. even though. he respects me as his mother and i feel for that. but it. was. under john was born.
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he was a rascal. he was really little. and then he got a really bad. thousand very responsible person really early on so everybody was sam i'm surprised that that child that nineteen. thousand working at walgreens while i was in high school. and when i have to shop. where i went to john when. i'm stabbing him since front and a bag on the back and i'm gone in a flash i was. i just wanted to make sure it is macho you are better than ours. in just about everything. i don't really play with my machine. i really did with my whole being was you know we were watching education and movies
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and. had to go see in the house and that is our own lives. i did two tours in iraq. or came back i couldn't find a job anywhere. i was just messed up out of out in a walker for a job. you know recently found a job out of court reporting agency he works the five pm to one am shift. pretty tough but it worked it's paying the bill shorten definitely.
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a lot of people are just lazy and don't want to go now now now that's right not money there's a word that we would think that you know whatever i didn't have a job i wouldn't have done and work myself up some people don't want to work and so i do want often yes i do all qualify overwhelming little oh yeah i've been looking at the job that's right that's another thing i didn't see when i came out of my life the first time i couldn't i was doing a job and i couldn't do anything anymore in the boardroom when you say i graduated college i was going i mean i'm used to california and it was terrible there and i mean the job was i was going for interviews i'm a guy in a real home when you're having a strike i was in this home and it was just i mean how do you even make yourself stand out so that i walked into an interview and there was twenty other people waiting in line and not only did we have an interview but we had also why an essay after the interview. when i got the job. got an email.
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i will be processing your long fellows a list of items needed. for fourteen things. jose and his girlfriend elizabeth bone top put in offer and on the house as first time huh. homebuyers they're struggling to get their subsidized mortgage approved. their one please provide the most current paystubs for jose including all employers please provide a written sign explanation for the year to date over jobs as always or after totaling one hundred forty dollars me please provide a written signed explanation for the following late charges jose one thirty day late on. march two thousand and twelve bank of america because of the i was on the eve bill thanks have a great day. well close though i know. getting more and more scared with the financial disclosures. i mean this could affect us substantially.
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i don if you can afford the payments you can afford it. in their hands while a lot of people have foreclosed homes a lot of reason why there were foreclosed homes because loan officers were approving the loans the buyers could have made. you know in our instance they said oh we qualify for three hundred thousand dollars home do we really quote of our border and along now although we don't pose any we could potentially lose the house . taiwan. a sovereign island state or
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a renegade province of china that must soon return to mainland control. as the battle for taiwanese hearts and minds intensifies. people in power investigates the tactics of those to whom reunification is only a matter of time. taiwan spies lawyers and prostrate. on our josie. russian filmmaker under a necklace off continues his journey across his homeland to discover what life was like under putin during his travels he meets christians and muslims patriots and separatists i told the locals in the southeast we're on our side when i arrive and offer something completely different someone to leave russia but for others a russian passport means hope and the chance of happens in search of putin's russia on al-jazeera. that corruption has reached
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a level like never ever before in our country. rank outsider. to president of the united states. the power was in the data we will honor the american people with the truth and nothing else discovered. for winning the white house unfair game on al-jazeera. you're watching al-jazeera homes the whole robin in doha these are all top news stories a leading u.s. senator has repeated his assertion that the saudi crown prince was responsible for the murder of jamal. lindsey graham added that mohammed bin salma must be dealt with threatened new sanctions a republican who is close to donald trump is almost
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a two day visit to turkey where he's met with president recipe. a solid bench of it has more. he has added his voice to a series of us senators from both sides of the aisle as well as human rights activists and other government thing that the saudi government needs to come out in the open and make itself clear and transparent about what transpired instead of hanging and. providing death sentences to people who are not clear were involved in this particular killing the u.s. president and north korea's leader have agreed to meet for a second time next month for more denuclearization talks the white house announcement came after the north's leader you clearly goshi to let donald trump in washington or protests are being held in sudan the latest in a month of growing demands for the president to go villagers in the northern region of mass transit for the end of president bashir thirty year rule activists say at
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least fifty people have been killed and hundreds injured all rested since the civil unrest began over the rising price of bread. and yemen's warring sides have failed to reach an agreement during talks in jordan the rebels and the yemeni government have been negotiating in a bond over a prisoner swap deal that was agreed in sweden last month but both parties have accused each other of lying and hiding crucial information about detainees yellow vest protesters are staging their tenth straight weekend developers and friends this is the scene in paris right now protests began in mid november over higher fuel taxes which were subsequently scrapped since morphed into a broader movement against president michel. colombia's president is calling on cuba to hand over ten commanders of rebels suspected of thursday's police account to be attacked twenty one people died in the bomb blast in bogota president even two k. has renewed arrest orders for eleven leaders colombia's last remaining rebel group has claimed responsibility for theater those were the headlines i'm back for the
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al-jazeera news hour in thirty minutes we continue what i'll just say are with hard to stay with us. but. yes i mean you would have with one good thing i'm in there with shores so joe i have it and put it right even if it meant to say it. again the last time she ordered it so you know if. i did i started look. at it is that a car is a. little another. one that's normally sort of what i want to mince it was i mean i. mean this guy didn't do it he pointed out a son. of a set is funny as. it was. on the
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board. these space all the things they say you know because i've. known i think that only spots that use. phone of many millions in buildings and if. i have that mostly of the building then i understood by the way that ok but i'd just say that's just. honest to god i don't but we're not above all that i look for the bible to go a. little. more fiery and. assuming they don't offer i mean. one thing to get him on the scene but it's you know. simulated i'm on.
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a bus and it's a thunder football stadium sinfield or choices. one the whole. lot to me at the office yet. how tim is a us citizen and cannot legally work in mexico. at the thought of going to come in to both of us but if he can record it on that i gotta and don't say. you know yeah he so much mommy honestly. in sweden can these days i don't know when to. say yesterday. i let him out i'm not i'm i mean all the. people that he never put up oddly nettled grampa stylebook. i'll tell you so in the awful cases the tomatoes
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just. stood it up with us as i'm about. to. sit on the lot of a bush and i think all of us on a mental illness for some of us must consensual. you know my dear for hours. so.
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i. have to get eight are ready for school. i think the answer to this is looking. for. baby boy is to get her just like you play never applied and one day. that's basic training. in place a new one you're not going to war you you may go to school if you have to go to war . when he was twenty four years old jose joined the national guard he did two tours in iraq. when i signed up it was a financial it was i wasn't really doing anything but i would spend tell my friends go out drink smoke weed what's there for the military is
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different. by two thousand and five. we have got our orders to go to iraq. i'm looking around the site is a is a good chance some was not to make it back. so i supply specialist they say you're in charge from beans to bullets. to missions were on they were doing commerce security for trucks that were hauling equipment from one base to another. three people were killed one day in a convoy carrying coalition forces to one side by. side. and we were checking houses outside the perimeter and i'm just looking for weapons things and use for i.d.'s four american soldiers were killed in iraq came back home try to get readjusted it was very difficult the nights of not being able to sleep the struggles emotionally i've been through seeing things as messed me up inside. a
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cold or. going to the second appointment i got married as my ex-wife was pregnant. as we were born. he was a year old when it came back. so i missed the whole first year. came back and in my relationship with my ex-wife i started to be cheery. and. reasonable. just started drinking a lot more she deny it and be drunk playing with. the neighbors upstairs would tell us stories about you know what they were here done and she left leaning in it was crying whatever. her mom. so i just left i want to mother's house to dating with. her for divorce. he lives with me. right now i don't know where she is. she calls. out on the town. that's.
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you know i kind of been in a situation my father he left. you feel you have nobody there you know where's the guys for submitting to a man. he started issue of were you know he didn't want to see me go he but i were we were down whose houses we're going to you have to go to work when you come back. i want to join in as we were around. for him to be stable. buying a house isn't a big purchase. but if i can afford it. but i want to have a home. before
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his shift at walgreens d.j. stops by the union office to use a computer. yet in a moment push or squeak. back. my. call was i got a lawyer there now. he calls me and working like you know mom can you post my resume or do an application for me i had a minute says application process is not sold it because he doesn't have the internet in computer is stuff at home. yes i do hold on a second or i don't even have a computer here but you know my launch or before i ride the work around forty five minutes early so he knows when to catch me so you with it out the
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high school diploma and oh thank you our email it's all. in my resume our think you are going to i actually did i'm sorry i'm sorry i'm sorry for if he could go back to school and actually finish he'll have a halfway decent chain it's to you know do it he needs to do for stanley he can't get any financial a right now if he wants to go to school he'll be painting for his classes in books and knowledge that he can do that on while he's allie. writing for more this material and who for churning to clean in the trains and life fix in their tracks is
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a laborer. in a. way more benefits and not more pay. they start you off in where with we. nineteen and twenty twenty three and you know so is definitely. a given me two weeks and the. human resources initiate contact first you definitely want to know my name become irritated all of you guys come to enter college check on the status of and. yes two strikes against him are any. he's black he's male. he he wants to work he was a better life for him. but it. is going to be really hard for him. welcome to life.
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i seriously considered stay at home to day. but i mean it. would be better. but it definitely rewards so last i looked it was negative eleven with the wind chill of negative forty five a day so. yes there really was a day to be yeah. about four minutes to go. tell us daily commute is an hour and ten minutes each way she had to give up her mother's car after a title transfer lead to an expensive refinance she works in technical support at an educational software company. i have had
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a job since i was fifteen years old. work in a day care. mcdonald's you know. what i do have been company for nineteen years and the question was x. do i feel that for my loyalty it is sad to say i don't. i. was going to forget that you. would always think. of that when you leave those who love you who are. bad when you ask how do you get all the where are you asking. me you're going to know when you're feeling. all there.
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is not like i had saddam today. we have vacation days. i could've stayed at home but. i like to say my days or you know if something really bad happens by the mother got sick i have to go to doctor's appointments and things like best. my mother in november. miss her a lot. i think i wanted her to see that i had beef. but she didn't get to do. what they did mom up in steel a lot of no's. you know. we don't ask people
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for help. i don't think it's a bribe me but i think it's. exhaust yourself. before you act someone else to do something for you. work hard. do what you need to do to take care of yourself. it would just be nice if all of the hard work that you put me and the pride that you take and what you do. they feel down toward. is my third step prayer i say that every morning dad i offer myself to the to bill with me and to do it me as i will do they will always live on a prayer that's all i have i don't have anything else so prayer has to do. but i think prayers powerful song a prayer
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a day i'm not successful every day. sometimes i read their prayer and i walk out the door the things i just pray. what's our story. it's i mean me is fiftieth birthday she takes the day off from her job as a waitress to celebrate. it's. the a in. the one. thing this is. not in the interest but that's intersection that was god i mean. i don't have much of a respect for my man before i got pregnant with the enemy and. when i got pregnant i realized that it never was personal but she was never trying to hurt me she was
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trying to make good choices with my best interest. truly she's one of my best friends i can call her any day of the week about anything. now. my relationship with nicole is probably as good if not better than most of the women that i know they have had two children their whole lives but i had to work my ass off to earn their respect and earn their trust. it's over and it's been over she hasn't made bad choices like that in a long time and she's been forever dealing with those consequences i mean she is more than dealt with those consequences of those choices for background so it's time for that part of her life to be gone. just above last week or friday we got a phone call from going to go call from the loan officer and he spoke to me and
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it's only going to. so there really here bad news in there we didn't we didn't get along so i was sad because we had everything planned for the sixteenth we even put on our carol night drew a little picture of a house up there. the program there were we had plus we apply for. restriction you had to make under under ninety thousand my salary is fifty four thousand but because i work summer school this this summer the five thousand dollars bonus so that's what pushed my salary. this year to work summer school because you can only work oh so many government i mean not that i don't believe i just i mean the whole time i knew it was fifty fifty that's just me though i think it is negative i think again with. i think realist and one of us i think. you know we're only now so. i just want to live what everybody else lives the typical american dream as watch my parents came here. you
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know i didn't drink before twenty one and i didn't end up pregnant teenage years like my counterparts did. and everything right now. that everything right. i work i work i work and it's still like there's no way out. this house as a way out. is going to be if you lose yourself you see because everything's going to. be very symbolically today means a lot to me. to start all over again. we've been through a lot as far as i know my mom. five months after a burglary forced deejays family to live with his mother they moved to an apartment
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of their own. not mine owner bob murray out of attention so three. five. they're moving to the chicago neighborhood of garfield park one of the most economically depressed areas in the country. boom boom. boom boom boom the neighborhood it's all ok i mean it's not the best
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neighborhood in the world but it's not too dangerous i mean it's dangerous everywhere you go but. we can handle it. there's never going to be totally arms which suck but. i grew up in the neighborhood. got a lot of a lot of friends around here. why. the film is. not pretty much were. you just gotta deal with. the news. and i'm. not. asking. what someone broke into our home i don't even care about that she had a kid about the shoes they took you know if you want to take some way for me to co-write it he had trashed my place. that's where the blow came. and it took
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security away from my kids and now i have to show them again this is home and this is safe. he. is with it. a lot i'm on mine and this was charlie did a better job. i'm staying positive for out the whole process so. i'm a shut down. my girlfriend they say ok i'm all right it's ok but meanwhile she's panicking you know and i you know i came so hard that i think either you know in a lot of times panic a lot but i can't show her that so i'm bringing home seven fifteen to seven eight for two weeks seven eight. times to. bring home six hundred six fifty if everything goes we'll we're going to six fifteen but you know miss how can the kids didn't back down the fact fifteen. hours in the six
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year old was willfully what the moment. there are fifty for the rich. you have food who has had two dollars gas after that you have food there's food before you go phony chance with patients. and all those live news wanted someone sent me to the gas b wouldn't she. bake it one hundred sixty two dollars and one thing i get about is school i always say mary's a minute so i have to give boomer the money to lose it all they just have this money sitting here doing this in it's own collection so and somebody into a foreigner in their trust me i want to give me money so bad so i can finish out my be green and when i get sinus infections medicine my tire fees. three not four including co-pays uniforms stuff school.
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boards over. two hundred hundred dollars and so on hazardous i mean i know. from them that. next time on hard earned. time i was working and asked me what you know about the many of. me. who says homey let's just get mad. it was a big purchase. if you don't have that much more you've expanded. the dampers the mood a little bit. for i went back to work it was exactly what i expect a lot of tensions i know that i watched we can not afford for one of us the adopt.
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the battle over the minimum wage heated up cross the country today thousands of fast food workers walked off the job desperate for a better way to choose if you give your every. worker a little more money they're probably going to be able to pay bills maybe to spend a little bit more on me to fifty right now so fifty. to survive in twenty first century america i'm nervous we cannot afford for one of us alone a job. on al-jazeera.
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from cool brisk knows in few months. to the warm tranquil moved his of southeast asia. hello for a while it stopped raining in the hugely flooded area in the northeast of argentina across the border into your across the line is still there but the rains gone across the border in fact southern brazil from the west spice in the last twenty four hours and that's only an eighty three millimeters about half of what we seen when it was at its height still current korean tears in particular is still flooded and the rain isn't that far away although it's showing no signs of coming back in the next two days so welcome news probably for sar power at least and then a good scottish as up to the north as you can see but still in venezuela colombia is a largely dry picture which is right this time of the year it's true throughout the caribbean for the most part but the onshore breeze brings frequent shasta nicaragua and to honduras and just behind my head is that line of a frontal system is running through in the next day or so quickly through the gulf
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of mexico to produce a spell of right now thinking cuber in the tail off to something more worthwhile done in guatemala and el salvador as well for the u.s. the major story moment is the snowstorm that's been building and is spreading slowly northeast was to bring maybe the first significant snow to places like massachusetts significant rain to the south of that with some big thunderstorms wrap your time this weekend. the weather sponsored by cattle and race. al-jazeera where every year. it's the fust day of school in bob an elementary school in mosul. this school is a military base firing rocket propelled grenades and mortars at nearby and out if falsus. most helpful gotten what it is like to be in school up to three years old
9:48 pm
war. six year old does house of survived an ass like he's home and almost wiped out his entire family he now lives in the popular destroyed house with his father and grandfather. solace while the prepares his son for the first day in school is hopeful new friends would hope is that a company. this is al-jazeera. the whole romaña watching al-jazeera news our blogs my headquarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes. we will. start sanctioning those involved with
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the killing of mr shoki a leading u.s. senator says america's relationship with saudi arabia cannot move forward until crown prince mohammed bin so mom is dealt with. also just days after calling north korea a growing threat the white house announces a second summit between donald trump and can jump on also. chanting will step down and that's it protesters keep up the pressure on sudan's president about back to the demonstrations began. also yellow vests protesters back on the streets of paris for a tenth weekend despite the french president's efforts to bring them into a national dialogue and i'm peter stanford with all your sports including the teenage challenger who was unhappy with herself after losing to one of the greatest of all time and will straight you know the.
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welcome to the news hour a prominent u.s. senator who's close to donald trump has declared that america's relationship with saudi arabia cannot move forward until the crown prince is dealt with lindsey graham made the remarks in korea where he's been meeting with turkish president recipe or the one grams being a fiercely critical of mohammed been so man accusing him of being complicit in the murder of the saudi journalist. will. start sanctioning those involved with the killing of mr shogi will make a definitive statement that m.b.a.'s will that it and is responsible for it and come up with a series of sanctions. make sure that others understand this is not what you do if you're an ally of the united states senator graham also discussed the planned withdrawal of u.s. troops from syria saying he hopes it doesn't happen until i sell is destroyed once
9:51 pm
and for all brett mcgurk the former u.s. envoy to the anti eisel coalition says there's no chance of that warning the pullout will only give the armed group a new life let's cross over to. in washington for us with more reaction but first we'll speak to some vinge of it who joins us from ghazi inter palmer turkey syria border some very choice words by lindsey graham which will certainly prick the ear of many both in turkey saudi arabia and the u.s. . well it's you graham is one of those u.s. senators who does not known for mincing words he's called mohammed and selma and the saudi crown prince a wrecking ball in the past so this is not the first time these actually airing his views about how he feels about muhammad's online and how he thinks he is implicated and he's basing that on information that was provided by the u.s.
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cia earlier after the killing of. that of the orders for the killing did not come from a lower level operative they went straight to the top and it and the end indicted almost the saudi leadership including muhammad its own man but that is not the case with the u.s. president the u.s. president still sees mom and son mind as a key ally in seeing saudi arabia's role in not just buying weapons from the united states but also in forwarding what trump has in visioned as a policy for the middle east so it is very interesting that this is a stance which is closer to the u.s. ally turkey but very different from what the u.s. president has been saying so lindsey graham once again coming to turkey trying to mend fences this is the second visit by a u.s. official in a matter of weeks after of war of words on this suppose that pullout of u.s. troops from syria which lindsey graham says he's going to try and convince the u.s. president to phase out and do it in
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a slow and measured maneuver rather than an abrupt of course you bring in that issue we're drawing u.s. troops because graham is also that to calm the waters when it also comes to america's allies in the region that may not necessarily be turkey's allies. absolutely lindsey graham has visited this town of bamby in syria one of the key sticking points between the united states turkey the syrian government and russia so this is a complicated issue on the turkish syria border where the u.s. is going to be pulling out for. almost three thousand of its troops fighting with the help of kurdish fighters which turkey sees as terrorists and the void that will be created by the u.s. forces pulling out is pushing these kurdish fighters towards the government a situation which not the united states or that turks want on the border turkey wants these thirty kilometers of its border completely cleared off the way kurdish
9:54 pm
fighters which the united states according to lindsey graham is working to try and figure out a solution where the fight is could be separated as the u.s. troops leave while it has to also play a balancing act when it doesn't abandon its ally which has been giving it so much in the fight against us for the moment. over to washington d.c. where we can join all of the corresponding. gabriel at the moment there is a u.s. government shutdown of all services we've already heard earlier in the week that nancy pelosi wasn't allowed to go to afghanistan at the behest of trump signing off the paperwork and yet we see lindsey graham. so the question has to be arsed did trump send him. it's unclear quite frankly but i can tell you that given that lindsey graham is so close to president trump in this administration there's no way that he would have gone to turkey without some sort of court
9:55 pm
a nation with the white house now how much coordination and how much he is speaking on behalf of the administration is unclear but i can tell you lindsey graham someone that really doesn't need president trumps blessing to really go wherever he wants to speak about anything because lindsey graham is one of the most powerful senators he sits on three very important. committees the foreign relations committee the budget committee the appropriations committee as well these are key keeper key key committees that he's on so in that sense he's for many years now been someone that has been a strong voice in international relations he's really speaks for the legislative branch of the u.s. government particularly the senate republicans let's remember this is the second time in the last six months that graham has met with airto on discussing key issues so he's really taken a key role in the congressional talks so to speak with with the turkish leader who
9:56 pm
important does it that he is right now when this seems to be dare i say it sort of a diplomatic void you know we have a job that lindsey graham is doing that might have been filled you might say by the secretary of state and old by the secretary of defense. yeah definitely lindsey graham is filling a big void right now i mean like so the secretary of state mike pompei was is deep in talks with north korea right now we've been discussing you have the national security adviser john bolton who's considered more of a diplomat than anything else and then you have what's left and after president trump said that he's going to pull out of syria you saw jim maddest the secretary of defense resign because of that brett mcgurk resign because of that you have john kelly the former chief of staff for president trump who is no longer around as well so there is a real void at a critical moment the time when four americans were just killed in syria at a time when trump says he still wants to pull troops out of syria but he got
9:57 pm
a lot of people including senator graham trying to pull him back from that decision as a more gradual pullout and then of course as we just mentioned as well graham has been someone who has been a key ally of president trump but also broken from president trump when it comes to the killing of jamal khashoggi as we heard there graham for a long time now and continues to say that the crown prince of saudi arabia ahmed bin salma needs to be held responsible for this in some way shape or form and he's not backing down from that at all so again this is critical moments graham feels right now he needs to fill a void in in foreign policy and that's why partially why at least he's over there in turkey we'll leave that gave. washington d.c. . well we'll have another summit with. those he tries to get the north korean leader to give up his nuclear program critics a little has really changed since that last meeting which some really dismissed as
9:58 pm
a photo opportunity. for washington d.c. . they smiled for the cameras quickly and then got back to the top u.s. secretary of state mike palm pale and north korean negotiator kim young children then went off to the white house the. closed doors a ninety minute meeting with president donald trump the white house claimed progress the united states is going to continue to keep pressure and sanctions on north korea until we see fully and verified denuclearization we've had very good steps and good faith from the north koreans in releasing the hostages and other moves and so we're going to continue those conversations and the president looks forward to next his next major that the white house says that will be at a get to be disclosed location at the end of february the state department announced the discussions continued for hours after secretary pompei o treated the north korean delegation to lunch at their d.c. hotel the last time the two leaders met the president declared the problem solved
9:59 pm
north korea would do nuclearize but since then satellite images show work continues on their missile delivery sites but the white house says the focus should be on what the north hasn't done test any new nukes or missiles the problem wasn't solved after the first summit so now it appears the two sides will try again and soon. al-jazeera washington well foreign story from south korea. the announcement that a second summit between u.s. president donald trump and north korean leader kim jong un will take place at the end of next month has been met overall with a positive response the u.n. chief said on friday it was high time negotiations started again seriously and here in south korea the government said it would extend all the help it can to ensure the second summit is a success but it's difficult to be too optimistic about the upcoming summit essentially because the main difference between these two countries and that is on the issue of what denuclearization means still exists to the u.s.
10:00 pm
denuclearization means north korea getting rid of its nuclear arsenal in a way that can be verified before scions on that now north korea has not explicitly stated what denuclearization means but we know they expect it to happen in phases and they expect any action it takes to be met with something in return either in the form of sanctions being lifted or humanitarian aid being extended now analysts have said that this upcoming summit could be an opportunity for north korea to try and gauge what sort of concessions it can extract from the trumpet ministration and the best case in are really for the u.s. and for the rest of the world will be for trying to be able to pin north korea down to a detailed roadmap and timetable towards denuclearization as well as a detailed list of north korea's nuclear and missile assets because if this second summit fails to achieve anything it could.


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