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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 19, 2019 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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the second summit is a success but it's difficult to be too optimistic about the upcoming summit essentially because the main difference between these two countries and that is on the issue of what the denuclearization means still exists to the u.s. denuclearization means north korea getting rid of its nuclear arsenal in a way that can be verified before citations that now north korea has not explicitly stated what denuclearization means but we know they expect it to happen in phases and they expect any action it takes to be met with something in return either in the form of sanctions being lifted or humanitarian aid being extended now analysts have said that this upcoming summit could be an opportunity for north korea to try and gauge what sort of concessions it can extract from the trumpet ministration and the best case scenario really for the u.s. and for the rest of the world will be for trying to be able to pin north korea down to a detailed roadmap and timetable towards denuclearization as well as
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a detailed list of north korea's nuclear and missile assets because if this second summit fails to achieve anything it could risk being seen as nothing more than a publicist stunt for these two leaders but the warhead here on the al-jazeera news are including dozens injured in mexico after an oil pipeline explodes also. i don't agree with many of minister farrakhan statement says simply about jewish people. how american accusations about the separatism marotta stand with women. forty many ways in his latest fight in las vegas we'll hear from him in sports with peter. to europe now where yellow vest demonstrators are marching for the tenth straight weekend in france to protest against. president emanuel not crohn's government.
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was. it's the first mass rally since most won't publish an open letter and called for a grand debate in response to protesters angry with his economic policies the demonstrations broke out in november over a decision to raise fuel taxes which the government later scrapped let's get more now from david chaytor who's in the french capital and you've been following these protests or weeks now david how would you assess the numbers of those that have gathered there on saturday. there are about eight thousand or so marchers who have been walking with through the streets of paris it's very cool very calm to be no instance with the police as far as we've seen the use of tear gas or baton rounds will stun grenades this time so it must be said that this this demonstration the tenth as you said consecutive sat in a row is actually supported by people across the country and there are more
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demonstrations across the country some sixty sixty or so percent are supporting the general public are supporting the chalets sure that figure dropped for a while in this come back up again so it's still a major problem for president michel and he of course as you said who started the big debate i attended one this morning on the outskirts of paris this is to try and break the bubble of the metropolitan bubble of paris and to just break through the elisei and his arrogant attitude and to show that he's talking to ordinary people but many of the yellow vests as we've been talking to say that this is essentially just a smokescreen it's not enough that they're trying to steal the thunder of the yellow vest protests so that's very much the mood here at the moment but many of the people here have also been saying they're very afraid of the violent tactics the police have been using and many people are maimed and many eyes have been lost
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because the use of these of these rubber bullets seized metal coat the rubber coated metal bullets and that means some very gusty injuries and they want to make sure calls that the police are kept in check when there are confrontations we don't know how the rest of the day is going to go but at the moment it's looking pretty calm president mccraw has said obviously as you say he's having these conversations a cross the country has on his officials but it is not washing with the yellow vest protesters who are behind you how long are they willing to continue coming out onto the streets weekend week out. have you often see i think every weekend frankly i mean i've been right across france and every roundabout i go to would come up motorway network has got an extraordinary community of yellow vests razors that got coal burning there they've got to support from the local community and it's quite extraordinary there's a bit of noise up there and
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a few few noises but essentially essentially i don't think this is going to give up the momentum isn't being taken out of it by these. town hall meetings as it were with the mayors are listening to people hearing the communities voice but it's especially in the south and in the north in the rural communities where they feel the most grievance because they're the ones paying the highest price they're the ones who don't have the proper transport they're the ones who can't make ends meet at the end of the month and that hasn't changed i mean there have been a few a few adult things that president and when you're back home it's done essentially the the poor their remote rural communities still feel completely disadvantaged and forgotten have to wait and see over the next few weeks how well the the big debate will go and eventually it will be a process of push through to the president and he says he will listen he will
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change things but at the moment it seems that this this yellow vest protest has a lot of momentum not just here in paris of course right across the country and it's shows no sign of stopping yet but we'll leave it there thanks very much david change there in paris. there are more protests in sudan the latest in a month of growing demands for the president to go or began as no cry over the rising cost of bread has become the biggest challenge to omar bashir has thirty year rule morgan reports from the capital khartoum. haps brothers left home and ten days ago and never came back he joined anti-government protests in sudan second largest city on demand. we didn't realize he was shot while we were protesting security forces were coming at us and we ran for a bit and he said he couldn't feel he thought he twisted his arm then we learned he sustained a bullet wound we hid in a house and tried to give him first aid that's when we noticed that he was also
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shot in the back when we were able to get to the hospital he was weak and lost away an hour later three protesters were killed that day human rights activists say at least fifty have lost their lives in the month long protests demanding the resignation of president obama and bashir the government total is much lower protests started when the government announced a rise in the price of bread the outcry spread to other towns and cities nationwide and police have repeatedly fired bullets and tear gas to disperse crowds hospitals and doctors have been attacked by security forces for treating protesters. demands to ensure thirty year rule can be heard in every protest march it's been one month since people started protesting to demand change people have been expressing their frustration at the way president armorel bashir has been running the country for the past thirty years despite the use of live ammunition and tear gas the protest seems to be gathering strength and for weeks on the president remains defiant was
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president bashir described protested streeter's influenced by foreign agents as a criticism by the e.u. and the un of attacks on unarmed protesters sudan's government lawyer is promising to investigate. we will be looking into the deaths that occurred during the protests and urged people who have information to come forward and presented to us so we can conclude what happened and how people have been killed we'll also look into those injured and those who had their property destroyed in the demonstrations but he remains wanted by the international criminal court for work rhymes and crimes against humanity in the western region of darfur some analysts say the biggest challenge he's yet faced at home has the potential to end his rule. this movement will be successful in changing the regime is true that the government doesn't see that but it can happen that can happen through a new political party taking over the ruling party assad stepping bashir and bringing someone else in his place but one thing we can be sure of is that saddam
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before the nineteenth of december is not the same saddam posed december when the protests started. bashir has promised economic reforms but as protests continue into a second month some sudanese see they're ready to sacrifice their lives to see change changes which president bashir doesn't appear ready to me people morgan al-jazeera caught on. first. violent resistance movement which is helping to organize the protests speaking to us earlier from the demonstration show people have been fed up for a very long. this is a decentralized movement that's happening and there's always different groups and they're all uniting on one cause which is like you need to go and a lot of the organization is happening through a coalition through the professional sudanese association and there's cold war protests and when the call comes out these professional position is not the one
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organizing on the ground all these different groups work in the decentralized way to get people to work so people from different and cities from different neighborhoods come together and they organize in a small cell and everybody comes together because they know the call is coming so it's this is definitely a movement that's a people with a lot of people within the national congress party the ruling party are actually turning and thinking that they need change too so there's we've been hearing more and more voices from within the party that think this is over we need to move on and we need to reach and really listen we need to have those voices are coming out so i think there's a main street in consciousness in the city in the society because for years we haven't been talking about it in the mainstream and now people are talking about it and i even have my own family groups what's happening loops and social media groups that are they used to always talk about. jokes and whatnot and now they're actually talking about this so there is this mainstream consciousness that people are
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talking about it and now with more marches was sittin and all these halls where strike there's more and more talk about people wanting change and imagining the change so this is happening right now and i think is being we be strong and if it wasn't for the strong violence that people are faced with the borders would have been way way bigger. me is being mobilized to guard pipelines after an explosion killed and injured dozens of people at least twenty were about to death as they fill the containers with leaking fuel as well from mexico city. it looked like a village celebration dozens gathered under a fountain of gasoline it had erupted from what mexico's state oil company said was an illegally tapped pipeline. they took their fill the soldiers sent to guard the pipeline looks on seemingly powerless then this happened. dozens of people were taken to hospital with burns many. were burnt to death the
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tragedy comes just as the government is trying to crack down on oil was the most important thing now is to look after the injured to save lives that is the most important thing the fight against the illegal theft of fuel will be strengthened. gangs and corrupt officials have been siphoning off petrol from the country's pipelines few years in two thousand and eighteen the army found more than six thousand illegal taps vulnerable pipelines have been shut down while the secured it's left many communities with shortages. the government's trying to make up those shortfalls by delivering petrol in heavily guarded tankers in the capital the system is beginning to work but elsewhere emits crew second city. and several states there are still queues operations costing serious money not just the tankers but the four thousand troops deployed to guard them pipelines and fuel death pose
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experts say it can't go on indefinitely the president essentially made this a game of chicken let's see who gets tired first she said though stealing the country's oil for his government with its mounting cost of pipeline security and. the polls have shown the majority of mates can see. paul the president stand. by that but. if it's to fire people who are stealing the fuel it's good we just have to put up with it for a bit if it's to make the country better vets' fine friday ended with another pipeline explosion in create this time with no casualties but the clock's running for the president to come up with a long term solution to fuel theft and all that comes with it john home and now does it or mexico city. now the recent weather in turkey has created a new tourist attraction and rob is not going to keep me in suspense you could to tell me and millions of others what it is not me rob i am i even have a picture have a guess a lot of rain and some loose soil. correct. it is have
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a look at this now standing looking of the edge of what should be a field with water beyond it's a sinkhole this is where a huge amount of rain has fallen in western turkey. but the rain of course has caused flooding not swallow holes for hours on the well sinkholes all way around to the eastern border with syria this is just flat land that should not be under water in the distance of course you see the more usual expectation of winter weather that is only about man ski resort obviously but two meters with the snow fell here. the alps this is where winter has been recently in europe but it's all in sort of calm science now has more action over the mediterranean the more recent cloud not so much over turkey but montenegro and greece is giving rain in the picture of a moment more lassies rain here but i think the real action is going to move back further west over on period because we have not seen rain here for weeks releases
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but in the year before that so this is current weather service saturday night and sunday that rain the spread across all of portugal spain biggest snow for the sierra madre but not a great deal and then that picture reveals sunday in fact the whole picture across europe is more of a stand a bit of wind to stop to not particularly warm optically snowing or particularly wet it's a bit of everything depending on where you are they are so thanks very much for like a bit of everything still ahead here on al-jazeera beyond to find out her family has kept its pottery business going for generations under occupation. and he's protests fell on deaf ears after scoring in own goal in the portuguese league peter one of our story in sport to stay with us. we're talking about ivory poachers who have decimated populations of elephants in africa they almost always shipped the ivory out of
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a different country from where it was poached because that's where you start your search looking in the wrong place this radiocarbon dating method tell us their trade ivory is legal or not then we have a place we can focus law enforcement on take those out and perhaps choke the source of the id from entering the network take no one else is the. last one of our biggest strengths is that we talk to normal everyday people we get them to tell their stories and doing that really reveals the truth people are still gathered outside these gates waiting for any information most of them don't know whether their loved ones are alive or dead or miami really is a place where two worlds meet we can get to washington d.c. two hours to get on juries and the rest of central america heard about the same time but more importantly why those two cultures north and south america beat us to teach it to very important place for al-jazeera to be.
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welcome back you're watching the observer news hour with a reminder of our top stories a leading u.s. senator says america's relationship with saudi arabia can't move forward until the murder of journalist about to show she is dealt with on a two day visit to turkey republican senator lindsey graham also says he hopes will slow the with draw all of us troops from syria until i thought it's destroyed and. also the u.s. president really. takes second summit next month full mall denuclearize ation top. the white house announcement came after the north's leader and nuclear negotiator but donald trump in washington. more protests are being held in the sudan of the latest in
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a month of growing demands for the president to go villagers in the northern region of mass chanted for the end of omar al bashir thirty year. let's return to one of our top stories now in the republican senator lindsey graham who's on a visit to turkey joining me now in studios and create assistant professor at the defense studies department of kings college in london good to have you with us lindsey graham is the senior senator a widely respected politician in his own right yet he is not the secretary of state he is not the secretary of defense yet he seems to be talking on that level with senior officials in ankara so what is his role it's quite telling isn't and after you know bolton was trying to reach out to turkey as a national security adviser was basically given a bit of a slap by a by a guard because you know they don't trust him he's been you know button has been very hawkish in his approach to turkey and and in general islam isn't in the region then you have been in the region recently been very pro saudi hasn't really
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responded to the pressure in civil society and in the media in the united states but the affair and then met is with someone who's been more diplomatic has been let go recently so there's bit of a void that lindsey graham has for that is filling at the moment being a very very prominent foreign foreign policy expert in congress is it a void that trump recognizes because a this moment in time we have this government shutdown in the u.s. from point even let palosi go to afghanistan we've seen that pull of a go on in the last few days all of a sudden we've got graham in turkey one must wonder whether it has come with the sanction of the president that must mean some sort of conversation yeah i mean if you look at pelosi not allowed to go on her trip a lot of government officials not allowed to going to davos to the world economic forum this week this kind of is quite telling there's no way that instagram went there on his own take. paying for this trip to turkey must have gone come with the authorization of the drug ministration realizing that those people were officially in the role pompei o n the national security advisor bolton don't really have the
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gravitas don't really have the traction in turkey to talk to one of the closest if not the closest ally of the united states in the region lindsey graham is not a politician to roll over and allow his timing to be rubbed by trump he is his own man so therefore his comments about having to handle or deal with mohamed bin song man will reverberate not just in ankara because that's the type of statement they want to hear but also in washington d.c. yeah i mean lindsey graham is a heavyweight when it comes to foreign policy particular on the men a region he's been one of the biggest supporters of the of saudi arabia and the u.s. saudi relationship in the past and let's not forget he himself is a republican so he is in the same party as donald trump and while the democrats have always been especially recently been very critical of the relationship with saudi arabia opposed the affair here is someone who is actually on the side of the white house on the side of the truck ministration being critical of the policy of the drug ministration two words saudi arabia so that increases and keeps the pressure going that i should fear is not over yet and more importantly we shouldn't
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forget that if we move forward you know there might be a new president in twenty twenty the so the white house might be filled by a democrat if that is the case then obviously mohammed bin so man has even as is a more difficult time struggling will struggle even more to continue because the pressure will come from congress bipartisan pressure of course an issue that both turkey and the u.s. are struggling with at the moment is the issue of northern syria at the moment i mean an hour ago what the president said that he was off to dover air force base to receive the bodies of the american servicemen that been killed in the recent bomb blast in one beach that issue in itself is something that's controversial for both ankara and something that lindsey graham wants to sort of get his own handle on can influence the way and who is thinking about dealing with the the y.p. g's. supported i mean we have learned mind that the united states have lost much of their traction in syria a long time ago that has nothing to do with the current withdraw but obviously within this in the context of that withdrawal the us role will shrink further in
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syria and the influence that they have over the white p.g. in terms of controlling the white p.g. or the inference that america has over turkey controlling what turkey will do is very very limited so in that respect we have to be very realistic of what can be achieved i think this exercise of graeme going there is an exercise of strategic communication it's about communicating to the turks communicating to the world that america won't let the kurds down this time but in reality if we look below the surface we'll see that very little that the americans can do to control the turks and sure that their ally the kurds will not be undermined once again so it's interesting that your input on what's going on in the world and transcript and so much for joining is a good. well this weekend long tedious install from took office the halfway mark has seen the u.s. president pull out of the global climate accord lot a trade war with china crack down on undocumented immigrants and trigger the longest government shutdown in america's history and as our diplomatic editor james bays explains their concerns over what trump might do next. on his very
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first stay in office president trump made his international agenda very clear his actions abroad would be guided by his view of the interests of the people at home in the u.s. from this day forward it's going to be only america first american first. this policy made him the disrupter in chief on the world stage freaking out the u.s. is closest friends are pending international treaties like the paris climate deal which the u.s. had signed and threatening to completely change the international rules based multilateral order that had existed for seventy years. after two years of trump u.s. allies are worried about what could come next there are nerved by his attitude to russia since world war two nato has been the u.s.
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is most important defense alliance but each year when trump has attended the annual summit he's questioned not only how much others are spending on defense but also the basic premise of the organization a mutual defense pact alliance leaders are so nervous they haven't even set a date for this year's summit. they're walking like eggshells right i mean it is. a bit like a borderline personality the central right like you're always you're guarding yourself what is the thing that i might say or do that could set this person off that's not it you don't know how to manage a relationship like that and some of that he can't help himself and some of that is actual strategy it is actually who he is it's how he thinks he gets is successful the u.n. is also deeply worried chum pulled out of the cultural body unesco cut funding to the part of the u.n. that helps palestinians annorah and in
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a move that may have been bold in the world's dictators gave up the u.s. a seat on the un human rights council now the white house is turning its attention to the un's budget as the u.s. funds twenty two percent of the regular budget and almost a third of the cost of peacekeeping such cuts could be devastating in other parts of the world they fear a u.s. pullout to the government in afghanistan has been propped up by u.s. troops and cash for nearly eighteen years and there's confusion over the u.s. involvement in the middle east trump older than him egypt pullout of u.s. troops from syria but other senior officials have suggested the u.s. will make sure i sall is defeated first. there are many questions for the next two years will this administration take further steps to confront iran will dialogue with north korea continue although be a return to threats of nuclear conflict with this most unscripted of presidents
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there is only one certainty and that is that things will remain unpredictable james pays i'll just era at the united nations and also see as all the women's march on washington is returning this weekend but not without controversy that's rob reynolds explains. two years ago the first women's march spilled out across the heart of washington d.c. they came to protest sexism racism environmental degradation and president donald trump's behavior toward women similar women's marches were held in hundreds of cities around the u.s. the ones marching twenty seventeen was a huge deal as the largest protests in u.s. history it turned out people not just in washington d.c. in the streets of washington d.c. i think the estimation was around seven hundred fifty thousand people participated but in cities and towns across the united states and actually around the world this year the washington march has been caught up in controversy one of the organizers to make a mallory attended
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a rally with reverend louis farrakhan of the nation of islam who has a long history of making anti semitic remarks mallory tweeted praise of farrakhan prompting intense criticism in washington media malory then awkwardly tried some damage control on a popular t.v. talk show i don't agree with many of the minister farrakhan statement says simply about jewish people as i said i don't agree with many of minister farrakhan statement i condemn them maybe i don't agree with the statement at the end of the day what kind of damage one out to be very clear it's not my language it's not the way that i speak some organizations and individuals have dropped out of the marches or. zoltan of the controversy the twenty seventeen march was a catalyst for political activism among women on the left last november a democratic party wave of diverse female candidates won seats in congress flipping
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it from republican control and establishing a powerful check on trump sociologist dana fisher has correlated participation in the march with political activism one of the things i found this really interesting is the degree to which people marched in the streets or what i call them as they resist in the streets last initially and then they started resisting in their congressional districts i found that people. who participated in the resistance were very involved in the midterm elections. attendance has fallen since the original women's march this year only ten to fifteen thousand people are expected to gather in washington the weather forecast of sleet and snow no doubt play a part in that but the annual event is now it seems a feature of the american political landscape rob reynolds al-jazeera washington and the european council president because many thousands of mourners attending the funeral of the murdered polish major. in fact palm beach the fifty three year old
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died after he was stopped on stage at the charity event in the northern city of donetsk on sunday the twenty seven year old suspect reportedly had a grudge with a political party that a dime of each towards belonging to. yemen's warring sides a failed to reach agreement on the sucking thousands of prisoners of war because between the yemeni government and toothy rebels representatives broke down in jordan's capital amman victoria. the exchange of fifteen thousand prisoners of war was agreed in principle in sweden last month as a confidence building measure in practice it's proving difficult to implement three days of talks in the jordanian capital amman have ended in failure with both sides accusing each other of lying. he provided lists of names that were fake we don't even know where they got them probably on the other hand we have reports and documents on those they have imprisoned they said some of
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the names we provided were jailed on criminal charges or even belong to a car but it's all lies sadly the law with every breath. the four year war has killed thousands of yemenis and left millions on the brink of famine yemen's government and armed forces are supported by a coalition led by saudi arabia and the united arab emirates if the rebels are backed by iran the accuse the yemeni government of withholding information about prison as those imprisoned in saudi in jails are still unknown we only know of three hundred names this means we need more time in order to identify and to better deal with the assuming the tiering crisis u.n. envoy martin griffiths had this to say on what's been achieved in a man the meetings witness positive constructive and frank discussions the tea parties took the first step in implementing the agreement by exchanging the lists of prisoners and detainees and providing responses on the exchange lists the
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success of prisoner exchanges relies on trust between both sides that seems more difficult to achieve with each new accusation victoria. now the indonesian cleric who was the ideological spiritual leader of the bali bombers has been granted early release from prison for what is described as humanitarian reasons a two year old abu bakar bashir was jailed for fifteen years for his links to the two thousand and two nightclub bombings in which more than two hundred people were killed let's go abroad reports. for many of those in bali on that night seventeen years ago abu bakar bashir is a promoter of terrorism but for his lawyers and now the indonesian government he's an old man who suffered enough. of us here are bashir was released was based on humanitarian reasons and based on acceptable reasons according to war among others
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i will book our pressure was too old the oldest prisoner in indonesia he also suffered from illness. the bombs were planted and not clubs more than two hundred people mostly tourists were killed and more became the most deadly attack of its kind on indonesian soil. the icy year old has so far served nine of a fifteen year jail sentence for his links to camps where the bombers were trained he had been an allergy for parole because he refused to renounce his beliefs president. into those lobbying on bashir has behalf and agreed to release him but. one of the conditions for obtaining parole is being loyal to the philosophy of the state if inmates don't want to sign the document they cannot get released in this case the president used his authority to release bashir but some in indonesia suspect the president has one eye on elections and i pro and is concerned about accusations he criminalizes clerics the shia who set up an islamic boarding school
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known for producing feiss has repeatedly denied involvement in the bali attacks and says he's not hostile to the state. to have this country protected by god's rule so everyone is safe that's the meaning of defending the state i want to defend the country so that everyone is safe even muslim or infidels. of the two hundred victims were astray ians and one survivor who lost his friends in the attack is disappointed that. radical groups. pine. the bombing spurge accounts had to beef up cooperation on security messes with the us and australia have always expressed the dangers of reservations and we will continue to work closely with them on this issue with the partners when it comes to capturing terrorism and religious extremism but despite those reservations but she
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is expected to walk free as in early as next week. al-jazeera. the occupied.


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