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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 20, 2019 8:00am-8:33am +03

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absolutely it is and actually what we saw from the president is a willingness to compromise now we've already heard or received a statement from house speaker nancy pelosi basically saying that the what the president is offering will be de away but the fact that this president is willing to extend an olive branch not necessarily give on the amount of money he wants for the wall but actually willing to give for it regarding temporary protected status and for dreamers suggest that the president is willing to make a deal and i think there is some room for negotiation the question becomes now how much are democrats particularly house democrats willing to give on this issue eric as you say president trump is describing this as a compromise is that an effort to try to shift pressure all blame to the democrats to end the shutdown and go that way. or i think it's twofold i think it's an attempt to try to end the shutdown but in order to do that i think this president recognizes that there does need to be
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a level of pressure and right now much of the pressure is on the president in the shutdown not on the democrats because again if you go back to that meeting in the oval office the president willingly took this on and so now he's got his back against the wall and so he needs a way out and unfortunately we do know that senate majority leader mitch mcconnell has not been willing to provide that for him so the president has found a way and even though the president is appearing to make concessions he is still already incurring the wrath of many on the far right in fact we've already heard from conservative commentator ann coulter who believes that this is a bad deal and she's already begun to vilify the president for his willingness to at least begin to negotiate by offering a deal on both dreamers and those with c.p.s. let me ask you more about that area because all of this stuff seemingly because the president trying to appease his base how is this going to play out with that more
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broadly. well we're already seeing how this is playing out i do believe that the president does have an in and the enough backers to actually move a deal forward on this issue as rob already said earlier do believe that when the senate brings this up for a vote this will pass the senate will pass largely along republican lines but nevertheless it is something that the the senate will get through now of course we would not see this i don't think you're going to see this iteration of what the president is calling for today actually passed in the house but again i think it's room for negotiations and so now it's up to nancy pelosi to come forward something on the table that actually matches a level of concession and a willingness to negotiate now that the president has already made the extension of an offer today eric you're talking about trying to create the space station but both sides clearly digging their heels in here is this still a debate about
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a wall or now that we have a democratic house is this more of a how a struggle to sestak kind of boundary for nancy pelosi to kind of stasis she means to go on. oh absolutely i mean this is clearly a power struggle this is clearly about who controls washington who has the viability the ability to move policy in washington right now and we're seeing this struggle play out where the senate majority leader normally someone of equal power has been actually rendered powerless in useless and so now this is a battle of wills between the speaker of the house who also happens to be the third in line in the session versus the president of the united states and we're seeing the president's base versus nancy pelosi his base and again the answer that steele left unsettled is who comes out victorious at the end of this this power struggle eric hamm speaking to us there from washington d.c.
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thank you so much for your insights erick. plenty more ahead on this news hour including salvias winter of discontent anti-government protests spread beyond the capital. and at fourteen manny pacquiao weighs in for his latest fight in las vegas we'll hear from him in sports with peter the. u.s. senator lindsey graham has again one saudi arabia over the killing of journalist jamal khashoggi during a visit to turkey the republican congressman said saudi ties with washington can't progress until the matter is properly dealt with he also expressed hope that president on will trample slow the withdrawal of u.s. troops from syria some of the of a it has more from gazi and tap in the tacky syrian border. the killing of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi was very much on lindsey graham's mind he said relations
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between washington and riyadh couldn't be normalized and the crown prince mohammed bin sole man widely believed to have been behind the murder has been dealt with we will. start sanctioning those involved with the killing of mr shogi will make a definitive statement that m.b.a.'s feel that it is responsible for it and come up with a series of sanctions. was last seen at the site of the consulate in istanbul on october the second after initial denials the kingdom eventually admitted that saudi agents killed a journalist who criticized the crown prince of saudi leaders see eleven saudis have been indicted while the us government has imposed sanctions on seventeen saudis for their suspected drawled in the murder lindsey graham is an influential u.s. senator who is a member of the foreign relations defense an appropriation committees he's been both an ally and a critic of president donald trump although he's not known for mincing his words but his outspoken stance cannot be confused the deficient u.s.
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policy he said a little more than a month ago that marvin summer was a wrecking ball and that it was very clear that he was responsible for the murder. and now he's talking about handling the situation i think it's a bit of a bit of a walk back and also i think it's worth pointing out that this is actually useful for dog try because to have someone who is an ally of probably very close ally and a very powerful senator coming out and in effect demanding something be done with them are bizarre man takes some of the pressure off donald trump the president you know states the republican senator has previously visited the area in northern syria before americans put him in one thousand people killed on wednesday the suicide attack by isis fighters in member beach followed the u.s. president announcing the draw of u.s. troops and declaring the defeat divisive sparking get another fall out between the americans and the. it's a delicate balance on the border between syria and turkey the so-called safe zone
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is in a region sandwiched between syrian government forces backed by iran and russia in turkish troops on the opposite side u.s. forces and kurdish allies are squeezed in the middle turkey's leaders view kurdish by p.g. as terrorists the us is trying to tone down that hostility towards the kurds the roadmap to member is the most important thing to be accomplished in the near term so i would hope that president trump would slow the withdrawal until we truly destroy isis and see if we can implement the roadmap to mend bitch as a confidence building measure that were removed by b.g. elements from a bitch working with turkey allow the people i'm a bitch to come up with a governing structure acceptable to turkey in the region and if we do not do this. our was drawl it's going to create holy hill for turkey so is the threat of an ice and resurgence as well as woman ties between kurdish fighters and iran backed
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forces or unacceptable for both turkey and the united states. the us military says it's killed fifty two. in an airstrike in somalia the strike in the middle juba region was in response to an attack by the armed group on a somali military base the al qaeda linked group has carried out a high profile attacks in mogadishu and recently on a luxury hotel complex in kenya's capital nairobi. in sudan more protests are expected over the next few days demonstrators are planning to hold a march to the parliament this was the scene in the northern region of mass on saturday villages chanted slogans calling on president omar al bashir to step down what began as an outcry over the rising cost of bread has turned into the biggest challenge to bush's twenty nine year rule several people have been killed and the government crackdown over the past few weeks
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a doctor was among those killed during the anti-government protests morgan was asked his funeral in the capital khartoum. i'm here at the funeral rights of doctors and because he was shot in the seventeenth of january. there and witnessed his killing i think he came out of course up the east of the country but it was hard also that he was a golfer who was trying to creep into quarters to people who were there said that the security forces went to two steps back and shot him point blank there called the execution of people because they don't want to be there for the past one month they say they want to step down and they keep you. and you think you're going to do the government says at least twenty five people have been killed since the protests began but writes books of accuracy the numbers it means that people are saying they will continue to look with us in the coming days to go to the time to demonstrate to show the president that they don't want him to continue on through the city once and that again so the president there would be the focus how far do they call for
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a road to there it's like a very determined to make sure that there would be once is a cue for them to sit down right now is a cut across people type of course of thing with a process and now the course is ours and second month and they are concerned that it was the last moment and that more lives would be. at least one hundred seventeen refugees are believed to be missing after their overloaded boat capsized in the mediterranean sea three people have been rescued so far the refugees from nigeria ivory coast gambia and sudan were on a rubber dinghy that sailed off the libyan coast more than two thousand people drowned or went missing while trying to reach europe last year. there's been another day of nationwide protests in hungary opposition parties and civil society groups are challenging the government's recent labor law that allows employers to demand up to four hundred hours of overtime from work as pay yeah it's two weeks of
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demonstrations against nationalist prime minister viktor orban robin forrester walk i reports from budapest. by i'm hungry zo position has been altered to continue to protest new rules that require more over time from hungary and workers while their wages remain below the e.u. average not the only way of course and when they are we don't want to live in a country where salaries aside lower that you can't have a decent life without having to live with your parents you know. the new rules of victor open this solution to a labor shortage hungary's population is aging and many of its citizens have gone to work abroad the prime minister believes history is on his side he has no plans to reverse hungary's policy of zero immigration and he has big plans for europe. and greece a miss that in all the un situations the n.t.n.
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gratian forces should become the majority first in the european parliament a few months later in the commission and then after national parliament three elections we would like to become the majority and the european council to speak more than a month now since opposition protesters have a new political way out for those who oppose. his government it is not just one political party it's many parties from the left on the right civil society trade unions and so you know. they're angry not just about the label but by hungry slide from democracy the government's control of the media and universities we are just pushing this wave of a. opposition that has started we are supporting the person in this struggle against it it seems for this neighbor and we see that the struggles to suborn because that's what we are tending with time thanks ian it was d.c. academia and feet on for what does it matter. on saturday evening protest destroyed
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a new tactic and closed to keep bridge in the capital so i set forth a lot of cultural because if you start with the words of god it isn't going to be that severe. the opposition has found a new voice but so far the government's easy to listen for steelworker al-jazeera but a past. well anti-government protests in serbia have continued for the seventh saturday in a row thousands marched in the capital belgrade in protest against president alexander and his ruling savvy and progressive party demanding more freedom for the media and opposition parties al-jazeera zeal and i do shots has more from belgrade as. this is the seventh time the protesters are gathering here in belgrade demanding the press freedom freedom of speech and freedom of critical thinking but you know i've never had so more requests and this time this request all addressed to the syrian
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opposition not to the government one of the leader of the knights the growth this. vision in my eyes came out with precise program and planned and not just to expect from people in the streets support for not doing as he said he asked opposition leaders want to take they don last seven years to earn and deserved it. this is the interesting moment because the analyst from serbia center for a free elections and democracy posted all the earlier this protest is the most serious protest in serbia these two thousand and twelve. sparty came to borrow but they're very they won't hold so that protesters must have a clear program and the way to fulfill it also they said that brought this day in belgrade must spread to other cities in serbia and something like that already
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happened last night protest still plays in six more suit is. rescuers in the southern spanish town of tal and are trying to reach a two year old boy who fell into a well nearly a week ago they say they're working under the assumption the toddler survived and is trapped dozens of meters below ground the reports. a difficult and complex mission. two year old whole unstrapped inside a world that's one hundred meters deep he was playing on a relative's property on sunday when he fell in the hole is just twenty five centimeters wide making it a delicate operation to reach him rescuers having to bring equipment in giant pipes up steep access roads they've begun drilling the first of two tunnels to reach the boy once the first tunnel is completed rescuers will begin working by hand on a second shorter turn to get to where the boys trapped. and all the colleagues and
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people working here have as their only goal reaching goal and as soon as possible we are incredibly motivated incredibly and we don't feel the hours we don't feel the fatigue and we don't feel the lack of sleep we have the hope of being able to get there as soon as possible and take him to his parents as rescuers race against time public displays of support have been pouring in on site and on social media in spain under the hash tag me man or hole in or i give my hand to whole and thousands have shared photos of their hands hopi whole and soon within arm's reach of his family when the silver al-jazeera. still ahead on al-jazeera. to the death toll rises from a fuel pipeline explosion in mexico. a palestinian art form that's passed down through the generations in one of the region's most tent cities. and toying with
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the world number one a joke of it is a pain and shows up some tricks of desire at this training. had others a winter storm blowing through its main track it can take off the or through the valley north of the appalachians and towards the northeast some pretty heavy snow is going to fall out of this half a meter maybe more than the rate of four will be significant maybe some ice with it however when you wake up on sunday you'll notice that side over the skies clear look at the ground because most of it will be over with the exception of just an funnels east of new england new brunswick and beyond the temperatures behind all over minneapolis and toronto and chicago black cold penetrates only slowly
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washington starts today but time to get to monday's down to minus five there's the penetration and the next storm is already showing itself for the west in california and beyond so all the high ground in the western u.s. is going to get another dump of significant snow and storm a lot of that may well cross eastwards once more so winter's showing itself now for the caribbean it's been quiet recently this is the front that's bringing winter to the founders that brings proper thunderstorms once again dance for the islands to weston's out of cuba and telling off through on dearest i'm sure is still wet bad way that that is still there having moved a needle bit further east into nicaragua during monday. if you were looking at this from the outside you would really wonder what was going on what do you see is gross is a religion that they have an in-depth exploration of global capitalism and our obsession with economic growth this is still the center of capitalism there is no
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limits i view myself as a capital artist we are trying to break through the world smaller and smaller we don't want to be realistic in the world we would rather have a fantasy growing pains on al-jazeera the latest news as it breaks the difference is that to boost volatiles awesome floyd was that authentic in the roots with the this time both with truth is. with detail coverage why though has already said that he's ready to take over as interim president and calls for you elections. from around the world volunteers are doing what they can and that's not the point behind the government's decision to criminalize homelessness three hundred.
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welcome back. a reminder about top stories this hour the constitutional court in the democratic republic of congo is delivering the final ruling on last month's disputed presidential election results it's going ahead despite the african union costing dowse on the take it is. the u.s. president has offered what he calls a compromise to break the political impasse over his controversial border wall donald trump's offering temporary protections to some immigrants including those brought to the country illegally as children the democrats have rejected his offer calling it. hostage taking. us senator lindsey graham says he hopes donald trump of slow the withdrawal of troops from syria until i sell is destroyed during a trip to attacking graham warned
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a sudden pullout of forces could create what he called an iraq on steroids. sunday marks two years since donald trump came to power so far his time in the oval office has been rather extraordinary he's pulled out of a global climate accord launched a trade war with china that bridges with russia and declared jerusalem as israel's capital and as our diplomatic editor james bay is explains there are concerns over what his next move will be. on his very first stay in office president trump made his international agenda very clear his actions abroad would be guided by his view of the interests of the people at home in the u.s. from this day forward it's going to be only america first. first was this policy that made him the disrupter in chief on the world stage freaking out the u.s.
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is closest friends are pending international treaties like the paris climate deal which the u.s. had signed and threatening to completely change the international rules based multilateral order that had existed for seventy years. after two years of trump u.s. allies are worried about what could come next there are nerved by his attitude to russia since world war two nato has been the u.s. is most important defense alliance but each year when trump has attended the annual summit he's questioned not only how much others are spending on defense but also the basic premise of the organization a mutual defense pact a long sleeve is a so nervous they haven't even set a date for this year's summit. they're walking on eggshells right i mean it is. a bit like a borderline personality the central right leg you're always you're guarding
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yourself what is the thing that i might say or do that could set this person off that's not it you don't know how to manage a relationship like that and some of that he can't help himself and some of that is actual strategy it is actually who he is it's how he thinks he gets is successful the u.n. is also deeply worried trump pulled out of the cultural body unesco cut funding to the part of the un that helps palestinians annorah and in a move that may have been bold in the world's dictators gave up the u.s. is seat on the un human rights council now the white house is turning its attention to the un's budget as the u.s. funds twenty two percent of the regular budget and almost a third of the cost of peacekeeping such cuts could be devastating in other parts of the world they fear a u.s. pullout to the government in afghanistan has been propped up by u.s. troops and cash for nearly eighteen years and there's confusion over the u.s.
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involvement in the middle east trampled an immediate pullout of u.s. troops from syria but other senior officials have suggested the u.s. will make sure i sall is defeated first there are many questions for the next two years will this administration take further steps to confront iran will dialogue with north korea continue all or be a return to threats of nuclear conflict with this most unscripted of presidents there is only one certainty and that is that things will remain unpredictable james al-jazeera the united nations. well tens of thousands of women have taken part in rallies around the wilds to mark the second anniversary of the fast women small the movement of all of the in response to the election of president donald trump and calls for more gender equality the main event was held in the u.s. capitol where there was much to celebrate with an unprecedented number of women recently taking up seats in congress gabriel elizondo has more from washington d.c.
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. thousands of women here in central washington d.c. all of them with a very big big message that they want to move forward with a new agenda for america i want to step out so you get a sense of the thousands of people that are here on this women's day march here in washington d.c. but we've marching towards donald trump's hotel here as well to make a statement towards the president but i want to bring in one person it's your right now it's katie would hedberg katie thanks for joining us how are you i'm great thank you came all the way from new hampshire why did you come here today i came to resent representing all women and the deep feeling we need to protect our democracy why is that so important right now right now we're seeing our congress fail where our employees are working our environments failing there's a big agenda here it's talking about moving forward towards twenty twenty or talk
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about immigrant rights violence against women climate justice civil rights big big agenda you're taking on here it's hard to decide which is most important in every day changes and we need to really look at all of these were in danger why use is so important though right now it's two years into the trunk presidency i see a lot of signs of antitrust science here what is it about his presidency that's really galvanized so many women. well he's anti women we're now instead of two years from the last election or two years in front of the next one and. we really need to get motivated and mobilize and the midterm elections just passed a record number of women and people of color. were elected to congress to the house of representatives is that a big victory for you guys it feels like a victory but we have to see what they can accomplish with a divided government it's going to be hard very divided right now let me ask you
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a couple years ago with the first women's march there were millions of people here as a record turnout you were one of them what a lot of people here today but not nearly what we saw a couple years ago what do you make of that why well i think the weather plays a big part of it we know lots of people from new england couldn't get here i think there's many many system marches and i'm afraid some people may be fatigued of getting out and protesting all the time one of the big challenges is getting people still engaged in everything. be back for another march you think oh i plan on it thank you very much appreciate your joining us know there is to view there of one no person there to hear again thousands of people here this is just one of several marches happening all over the country on this cold saturday people here definitely wanting to get their voices heard. and in france yellow vests demonstrators have marched for the tenth straight weekend protesting against president government it's
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the first mass rally since mccrone called for a national debate in response to the recent david chase has more from paris. the police were most notable by their absence as the yellow vests first took to the streets of the french capital for their tenth weekly demonstration in a row. clashes two were largely absent but there's growing concern about the number of protesters who've been seriously injured in confrontations with the police says the demonstrators started two months ago. fifteen people so far have lost an eye after being hit with rubber coated bullets which police call defense balls. a use of excessive force is a common practice nowadays we did a first survey one month ago and it seems nothing has really changed from police tactics neither in the orders given by the authorities. but police sources say when they're being attacked with glass bottles cinderblocks acid
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a metal bolts defense board launches are the only weapons that scare people in the so-called big debate launched by the french government this week will see hundreds of town hall meetings like this one being held right across the country since president emanuel magnetrons attempt to break out of the metropolitan. paris and listen to the real epinions of the people the president himself spent more than six hours listening to the concerns of rural mayors on friday night. one of them told him that town halls were the first rung of democracy that they'd been robbed of their traditional role do some research on we are the only european country that has expense must employment for the past forty kids and i'm telling you this frankly it's not by reestablishing the tax in great fortunes or by doing a popular referendum that would solve it. those are just some of the demands of the yellow vests who've always pilloried macro as
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a president for the rich. we do not agree at all with the mccrone debate because from the start he's made clear he's not willing to change his policies late in the afternoon there were limited clashes between demonstrators and police in paris the government's attempts to diffuse the crisis still show no real sign of working david chase or al jazeera powers. at least twenty two people have died in southern bolivia after a head on collision between two buses the accident took place on a highway connecting the cities of all rural and potosi that he said than others were injured police say speeding is to blame and at least seventy one people have been killed in an oil pipeline explosion in central mexico local residents were gathering fuel from an illegal attack when the blast happened dozens of people are still missing and some of being treated in hospital for severe burns a warning you may find some of the images and john holmes report distressing. it
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looked like a village celebration dozens gathered under a fountain of gas and it had erupted from what the excuse state oil company said was an illegally tapped pipeline. they took their fill the soldiers sent to guard the pipeline looks on seemingly powerless then this happened. dozens of people were taken to hospital with burns many less food were burnt to death the tragedy comes just as the government is trying to crack down. i. we want to condolences to the victim's families and to tell the victims' families that the entire government is with them and that we are sincerely saddened by what has happened i would also like to tell the family members of those who were injured that we're keeping special attention at the hospitals and that we are trying to
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save lives. gangs and corrupt officials have been siphoning off petrol from the country's pipelines few years in two thousand and eighteen the army found more than six thousand illegal taps vulnerable pipelines have been shut down while the secured it's left many communities with shortages. the government's trying to make up those shortfalls by delivering petrol in heavily guarded tankers in the capital the system is beginning to work but elsewhere emits crew second city. and several states there are still queues operations costing serious money not just the tankers but the full thousand troops deployed to guard them pipelines and fuel death pose experts say it can't go on indefinitely the president essentially made this a game of chicken let's see who gets tied first he said though stealing the country's oil for his government with its mounting cost of pipeline security and.
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the polls have shown the majority of mates can support the president stand. by that but if it's to fire people who are stealing the fuel it's good we just have to put up with it for a bit if it's to make the country better that's fine friday ended with another pipeline explosion in created all this time with no casualties but the clock is running for the president to come up with a long term solution to fuel theft and all that comes with it john home and out zero mexico city an indonesian cleric who is the ideological leader of the bali bombers is being granted early release from prison for humanitarian reasons eighty year old share.


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