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at the funeral rites of dr bao because he was shot on the seventeenth of january. thank you lord that i have witnessed his killing i think he came out of that for self respect and for that he was on guard and said that he was a doctor who was trying to creep into the testers people who were there said that the security forces went to two steps back and shot him point blank they called it an execution that people have been going to for the past one month they say they want to step down i don't think you have. and you think i'm going to do the government says at least twenty five people have been killed since the protests began but rights activists say the numbers at least doubled that people are saying they will continue to protest look with us by and in the coming days to go to them to demonstrate to show the president that they don't want him to continue and i don't mean to say that once and that now and again it's up to elected president of the world i would like to focus how far do you go with it both sides of very determined to make sure that what they want is a change and the sudan right now is
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a at a profit and people have been protesting the process month and now the course of ours and second month and they are concerned that it was last known that more lives will be enough. time for a short break here and i'll just erupt when we come back under an defiant size women rally around the world calling for gender equality. plus a palestinian form that's passed down through the generations in one of the region's most tense city more than. hello after all the action the last couple of weeks is time for central east europe to settle down a bit still plenty of cloud around has been a lot of rain recently in greece heading for turkey but really this represents rather like precipitation capacitance that was recently still some more to come for the hungary in play in bringing to remain here in the eastern side of austria but
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all the action really is taking place to the west now that northerly winds brought a drop in temperature but as following on from a period your readings will happen overnight saturday into sunday and then beyond that it will take place in the western med and develop into the sort of storm system quiet weather to follow that and at the same time you've now look at the water just to generate the weather wrong with the not northerly breeze that brought it into the arms so we will come down a bit through the south and there is more action on the shores of well morocco algeria tunisia we start our fathers sunday eighteen ribot i think it will feel not as good as that forty analogy is that's nearer the mark of what you'll feel like with that rain maybe showing some snow in the atlas mountains quite pervasive in northern morocco and a good part of our jiri and then running into tunisia east of that is across the looking picture that's just cry running out of egypt you'll notice south of all this there's a pharaoh breeze blowing out of the the desert but for the science let me share a two.
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welcome back to the top stories here on al-jazeera there's been an explosion near the syrian capital state t.v. is reporting that a car bomb targeted a military checkpoint killing several soldiers damascus has been relatively calm in recent months the syrian army controls all areas around the capital. the runner up of the democratic republic of congo's presidential election martin for you too has called for a nationwide protests comes after the constitutional court declared felix the winner rejecting claims of election rigging for you lou has appealed to the international community not to recognize just as the country's leader. and the u.s. president has offered a concession to break the deadlock over the partial government shutdown donald trump is offering temporary protections to some immigrants in return for money for his border wall but democrats are projected the offer calling it. the u.s. military says it killed fifty two fighters in an air strike in somalia the strike in the middle juba region was in response to an attack by the armed groups on
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a somali military base the army says no civilians are believed to been killed in saturday's strike the al qaeda linked group has carried out attacks in the capital mogadishu and recently a luxury hotel complex in kenya's capital nairobi and police in kenya have confirmed that most of the men who carried out that attack on the hotel complex in nairobi where kenyan nationals at least twenty one people were killed was widely thought the violence in the name valley was carried out by foreign fighters one of the reports from nairobi. this sprawling informal settlement of mud genco in near it down central canyon life here may seem us ordinary as in any other slum but the residents of mud jungle are ordered one of the gunmen in last tuesday's al shabab a talk in the capital nairobi was born and grew up here. salim ali get. out in this photograph during the night will be
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a tuck and he grew up in this house he's neighbors those shocked i'm not surprised they say al-shabaab has over the years recruited many young men including salim from. percent is one of magickal community leaders we generate through harlem because our children have no jobs they need to eat most of them have dropped out of school and their parents are too poor to help them continue with education the parents have no idea when and how al-shabaab recruiters get hold of their children older or a heavy hundred government response hasn't helped either he says residents of my general blame the ease with which al shabab can recruit on law literacy joblessness and drug abuse among the youth here it is a situation that is far more compounded by feelings of street elimination by residents of this neighborhood kenyans in the past have blamed the violence carried out by al-shabaab on fighters coming from beyond their national borders but last
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tuesday's assault on a shopping complex in the capital is forcing kenyans to consider the threats posed by those near to home police confirmed most of the five attackers were convince. in nairobi somali majority suburb obviously residents up come out to show their anger about the tague. unified in grief their message was one of love in the face of such. businesses in the business leave markets remain closed for several hours to honor the dead a remarkable moment of defiance by a community long blamed for attacks in kenya no longer do people feel that it's just a problem for one particular community and that community should be vilified. repressed . and driven out to. the rest of kenya now that is settling in we're
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happy to have that but we're also ready to help share our experiences security officials say there's no quick fix to the threat of domestic terrorism the only conceivable solution they say might lie in a combination of education gun control and internet regulation mohammed all just know it will be can at least one hundred seventeen refugees are feared dead after their overloaded boat capsized in the mediterranean sea three people have been rescued so far most of the refugees are from nigeria ivory coast gambia and sudan the rubber dinghy sailed off from the libyan coast more than two thousand people drowned while trying to reach europe last year. the president of venezuela's national assembly has led a rally against president nicolas maduro one guy you know has refused to recognize the president since his new term began two weeks ago congress has declared not do your certain meaning all of his actions will be considered null and void but you
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wrote was reelected last year during a vote that was boycotted by the opposition and described as a sham by the u.s. and several nations within latin america. we are united we are in the streets we have the international community and who does the international community recognize the only legitimate institution the national assembly which will take on the responsibilities at all times you can count on back. on to government protests continued for the seventh saturday in a row thousands marched in the capital belgrade in protest against president alexander. progressive party they're demanding more freedom for the media and opposition parties. such as more from belgrade. this is the seventh time the protesters are gathering here in belgrade demanding the press freedom freedom of speech and freedom of critical thinking but denied that had so moved and this time this request are addressed to the syrian opposition not to the government one
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of the leader of growth is. that the opposition in syria came out with precise program and planned and not just expect from people in the streets. as he said he asked opposition leaders what have they done in the past seven years to earn and deserved it. this is the interesting moment because the analysts from the. center for free elections and democracy posted all the earlier this protest is the most serious protest and certainly as these two thousand and twelve. sparty came to power but. they wound also that protesters must have a clear program and to fulfill it also they said the protest in belgrade must spread to other cities is serbia and something like that already happened last
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night still plays in six more cities sent. thousands of people have taken part in the rallies around the world to mock the third on the old woman's march the movement began in twenty seventeen in response to the election of u.s. president donald trump and called for more gender equality the main event was held in washington d.c. but there's been a controversy with some organizers accused of on to so much as a. was out that demonstration in washington. thousands of women here in central washington d.c. all of them with a very big big message that they want to move forward with a new agenda for america i want to step out so you get a sense of the thousands of people that are here on this women's day march here in washington d.c. will be marching towards donald trump's hotel here as well to make a statement towards the president but i want to bring in one person it's your right
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now it's katie would hedberg katie thanks for joining us how are you i'm great thank you came all the way from new hampshire why did you come here today i came to resent represent all women and the deep feeling we need to protect our democracy why is that so important right now right now we're seeing our congress fail where our employees are working our environments failing there's a big agenda here it's talking about moving forward towards twenty twenty or talk about immigrant rights violence against women climate justice civil rights big big agenda you're taking on here it's hard to decide which is most important in every day changes and we need to really look at all of these were in danger why this is so important though right now it's two years into the trunk presidency i see a lot of signs antitrust signs here what is it about his presidency that's really galvanized so many women. while he's anti women we're now instead of
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two years from the last election were two years in front of the next one and we really need to get motivated and mobile. thank you very much appreciate your joining us know there's the view there of one person it's here again thousands of people here this is just one of several marches happening all over the country on this called saturday people you're definitely wanting to get their voices heard. cambodia's prime minister is on a four day visit to china beijing provides an economic safety net to phnom penh which has seen souring relations with the west over its human rights record and as wayne hale reports some see a new vill chinese investment spinning to change the shape of the seaside town. just two years ago this was a sleepy seaside town popular with backpackers now sihanoukville is a chinese construction sites gambling is illegal for cambodians but it's thought there are more than seventy casinos open all run to construction in this special
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economic zone the target market is not cambodians it's chinese tourists some cambodians are benefiting from the investment in the form of jobs but others are being forced out because of the construction and rising costs. when i moved to my restruck here the rig was lower and i don't have many customers because i'm on the outskirts of town now i didn't want to move here but i had no choice sihanoukville is an important part of china's belton road initiative which aims to link asia with africa and europe through loans and investment trade between the two countries is up more than twenty percent and most goods come through here cambodia's only deep sea port this area also holds strategic value for china c n n bill sits on the gulf of thailand which then becomes the south china sea where china is involved in territorial disputes with several southeast asian nations cambodia isn't one of them but instead of siding with its neighbors when it comes to the dispute it sides with china. there have even been reports recently that the chinese are planning to
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build a military base along this coast the cambodian government says it's not true and in fact it would be unconstitutional but all this is happening at a time when the west is threatening to punish the cambodian government through economic sanctions following a dramatic decline in democracy and human rights investment from china generally comes with social or democratic conditions tell you that seems to come and i understand your conditions for let's work to make it happen i don't care about nothing but the government in beijing does like stability and the influx of chinese coming to work in cambodia has created some social tensions system aged that around twenty percent of the population of sihanoukville is now chinese the local government says there are no problems between the communities they do. they do then vice man saw. the. op conflict
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between two people. china's ambassador to cambodia recently described the relationship between the two countries as forged in steel judging by the pace of change here that sentiment is being taken quite literally when hey al jazeera sihanoukville cambodia. not hebron in the occupied west bank is a city where israel's occupation is arguably at its most intense a minority of the israeli settlers protected by soldiers that made life very difficult for palestinians there and that's a fact of tourism which has consequences the city is traditional art of painted pottery and glass blowing stuff and reports on an industry that has survived for generations. the kind of heat that makes your skin sting a constant burn and one that's been injured generation after generation fathers and grandfathers have passed on the skill of traditional palestinian glassblowing to their sons. in fact the naches one of them he tells us his business has been in his
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family for four hundred years. my children around me three of them are involved they love this profession and they are working in it because they want to preserve this work it is already in our blood. it is delicate work hand sculpt this chunk of clay creating peace after peace each one always a little different the quays heated at one thousand degrees centigrade and then the piece starts to come to life. most of the work we do here is shipped overseas we make kitchen supplies like plates and pots all the work that we do year has a symbol of flowers and leaves us the finished items lined the shelves but the shop is empty the owner tells us that before the second intifada or palestinian uprising eighteen years ago the shop would have been filled with tourists but the tour bus
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is no longer called the only people that really by these days are either locals or palestinian israelis and we're told that it's rare to see a foreign face but despite the challenges of the continuous israeli restrictions in hebron the naches family does good business the make to order export abroad and even to israel. to clients who have israeli i.d.'s they buy the goods from us and then sell them to israel we can and we've been able to export directly it would be better for us as israel buys around thirty percent of our products because they like our work. the traditional business of hand painted pottery has not only survived decades of political conflict but it is managed to flourish stephanie decker al-jazeera hebron in the occupied west bank.
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time for a quick check of the headlines here this hour the runner up in the democratic republic of congo's presidential election is calling for nationwide protests after the constitutional court ruled against his challenge to the results bottom feeders appealing to the international community not to recognize felix the cat he is president he set to be inaugurated on tuesday. a car bomb blast in syria has killed several soldiers state t.v. says a military checkpoint on the outskirts of damascus was the target syrian army controls all areas around the capital which has been relatively untouched by the war elsewhere a sort of binge of aid has more from gaza in turkey near the syrian border this explosion happened on the entrance of damascus on a busy roundabout at a checkpoint according to initial reports it was a car bomb which targeted these government food is it is worth noting that the city of damascus the syrian capital has been relatively calm for the last few months they are old for reports that the syrian government was actually considering that it would remove checkpoint from within the city because the situation has been
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under control of the syrian government has pushed out rebels from the outskirts of damascus the saudi u.a.e. coalition has launched a series of air strikes in yemen's capital sana'a who through military base and drone facility were targeted it's the first time the coalition has carried out has strikes in the capital since yemen's warring sides met the u.n. but talk since we last month. the u.s. president has offered a concession to break the deadlock over the partial government shutdown donald trump is offering temper protections to some immigrants in return for money for his border wall but the democrats have rejected it because of. the u.s. military says it's killed fifty two al shabaab fighters in an air strike in somalia the strike in the middle juba region was in response to an attack by the group on a somali military base the army says no civilians are believed to been killed in saturday's strike the al qaeda linked group has carried out attacks in the capital mogadishu and on a luxury hotel complex in kenya on tuesday. at least
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a hundred seventeen refugees are feared dead after the overloaded boat capsized in the mediterranean sea three people have been rescued so far most of the refugees were from nigeria ivory coast gambian sudan the rubber boat sailed from the libyan coast but those are the headlines the news continues here on of the inside story of watching. more than two thousand five hundred leaders from government business is an international organization will meet at the next world economic forum to discuss the global political and industry trends twenty nine t. . special coverage on al-jazeera. what now for peace in colombia its last remaining rebel group is blamed for the police academy bomb blast in bogota how does the attack threaten the fragile state beneath the following half a century of conflict this is inside story. hello
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and welcome to the program fully back to bill it's the deadliest attack in colombia for fifteen years days car bomb blast in bogota kills twenty people and injured dozens in a police academy president even decays brain in colombia's last remaining rebel group the l.n. and his renewed arrest orders for commanders who have been in cuba for peace talks bust i guess in your is there. no more no more deaths more kidnappings and the tax on the environment colombia says' no more those shantel squat in place yet the two hundred and forty seven kidnapped every year and about people every three days. is and has been a criminal machine of kidnappings and attacks. today's for all of
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colombia it is clear that the eleven has no genuine will for peace. president address the nation late on friday doing what everybody was expecting ending the possibility of a reactivation peace negotiations with. the active rebel group in. that that happened after the government and now that was behind the car bomb attack that killed twenty young cadet. here in the capital. that no ideology no political fight can justify the horror that colombians had to endure he announced that he will reactivate the international arrest warrant the leadership who is in cuba and they were expecting the restart of the
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peace negotiations for many here do they have and no other option after this attack on thursday and this means that colombia will not have the possibility at least for now to reach a complete peace something that most colombians hope could happen. the largest rebel group in the country the fark had signed an agreement with the colombian government back in two thousand and sixteen more background on the national liberation army widely known as the e l n it's colombia's last remaining active group of around two thousand rebels the left wing group was founded in one thousand nine hundred sixty four by roman catholic priests and students inspired by the cuban revolution and marxist ideology their own struggle is for a popular democracy and equal distribution of land and wealth their act. include
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kidnappings cocaine trafficking blowing up oil pipelines and attacking multinational companies both the us and e.u. consider the a terrorist organisation and began formal talks with the colombian government in twenty sixth enough to then president juan manuel santos signed a landmark peace deal with the largest rebel group the far the temporary ceasefire was in october twenty seventeen after more than fifty years of conflicts the group resumed attacks a year ago when the one hundred one day ceasefire agreement expired and leaders demanded a new deal peace talks resumes last may first in ecuador then in cuba but were suspended in september when the new president even decay dissolve the government's negotiation team in havana and demanded that un stop all criminal activities. let's bring in our panel now joining us from bogota is jorge interests repl
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director of sirach a conflict analysis research center in boss alone a spain we're joined on skype by christiane hairballs simer director of the international institute for peace and also in bogota colombia arlene taken a professor of international relations at universidad dead rosario thank you all for joining us on inside story thank you so much for your time jorge wrists a pool in bogota if i can start with you does this attack indeed bear the hallmarks of a lead and if it does what message are they sending the colombian government. well first yes it does bear the marks of a yell and that's the way they have all paraded in the past in their terrorist attacks the most recent one happened. and it was very similar despite some minor differences that usually proceeding that way attacking the type of targets but most important probably is the fact that there is sufficient evidence in my view brought
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forward by the colombian prosecutor's offices. provide credit is credibility to the accusation that they did it to. against the leadership the other point in terms of the message it's basically a message that we do not know if it is of the entire group which is a federated quite known cohesive group in terms of decision taken ways dad is at least from one part of the group that they are withdrawing their support for the eagle and to negotiate to the government an end to the. to the conflict that they have going on for the past fifty two years with the government of colombia interesting jorge the target the general santa police academy supposed to be one of but what ties most protected installation and what does the fact that
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they were able to target this military academy say about their strength and also what does it say about the government the authorities level of preparedness. well one has to say that it is very difficult to have complete protection against a terrorist attack i mean it's very difficult to have a say so complete in vulnerability to these type of attacks second this was a center of studies it was actually not a military but a civilian place in the sense that the police is a civilian institution in colombia of course there were armed guards and there was protection but this is not a place where police operation and we're dealing carry out there is not a storage of goans or explosives it is not as well guarded us all there are police installations these off to roll is a university center where there are hundreds if not thousands of students preparing
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for their careers their careers in terms of police officers and that's why there were by the way show many foreigners there were studying for because all to central america in these occurred in our lane in bogota even duquesne was elected colombia's president on a no and we form and no an order platform i should say but he somewhat moderated once he took office do you think this attack will change his course how do you see the government responding in the short and in the long term. i think the government returning to a hard handed strategy unfortunately this was ducasse promise as you mentioned and he had attempted to strike a more can fill or it can kill or a tory tone and to take a middle road not rejecting completely the peace process but also not buying into them completely as
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a one man like the previous president has been accused of doing so given the new military and police leadership the duca has appointed at the end of last year and given this event and his announcement that he's going to end any possibility in the near future of talks of the election i think that what we can expect is a return to more violence a more militarized strategy a little help here with our own shutting the door entirely on negotiations in the not so he has offered to keep the door open if the l.n. establishes a certain conditions such as bringing all kidnapping victims and seething their criminal activities related to terrorist attacks trafficking accept but these are conditions that he has laid out at the very beginning of his government and it's difficult to envision the l.n. actually complying all right let's bring in christiane into the conversation christian in boston. in the last two decades you were recently in colombia in the
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last two decades has never been capable or shown much interest in carrying out high profile acts of violence what does this attack if they are indeed behind it suggest about their capabilities and their intentions. well indeed this is surprising in terms of the impact that pack has ted however i would echo the words of jorge this tipple that. is not a cohesive group it's a federation with different commanders and i wouldn't be surprised if this wasn't something that had been agreed by the force structure but if it is confirmed that the u.n. is behind it it's probably a faction of the u.n. and i wouldn't be surprised if this end would trigger severe internal discussions because i'm pretty sure not everybody inside there are going to say sure now agrees with that if it's interesting that you say they're not a cohesive group it was expected that with that they would fill the vacuum left by
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the fock after the fox signed a peace agreement with the government in twenty sixteen but they haven't done that is that the case. oh yes they have indeed done it but what that the security situation in colombia after the peace agreement with so far which was the main rebel group and was signed a couple of years ago is that you still have a left wing politically motivated army. but since quite a long time ago and colluding with. criminal activity so there is a struggle inside they're going to say should be between those who are still stick to the political line and the other ones who are creating you have an upper hand because they have more money and more power or more links to my way of living in the criminal activities here interesting are they in now but what i really want to know about the strength of the group today did they had sort of the foxy legal economies and territorial control it was again as i say expected that they would
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fill that gap it would fail that vacuum but what happened in your view they didn't have the capacity to field a vacuum spaces that the far left in order to be able to capture the reins from criminal activities that. were producing the illegal read the illegal funds. currently in at least five areas in the country they did try to expand to several of those areas but one has to remember that in most areas of regions where the they are facing criminal organizations there are also disputing those illegal rent illegal funds with them then they have not been relatively successful and that is important because it explains two things one that the higher risk that there are no with this terrorist campaign and after the ending of the these negotiations that was the create by. yesterday it is
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a higher risk but it is local law. and second that it will be very difficult through the sea because they are in bridges which are far away distant very difficult drastically in those areas how very. complicated situation in terms of security not only because of the presence of the un but because of the presence of all the criminal groups these people in those rates with arlene they say it's very difficult to defeat the this is no doubt president do case first big test how much confidence is there how much confidence do colombians have in his ability to tackle this security threat. i think the levels of confidence are quite low look at polling his polling tremendously low he does not project authority and many rounds including security and i think it will be remains to be
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seen if the new military and police leadership is capable of filling the void in security but what we're seeing are increases in attacks and killings of social leaders increases in homicide and other manifestations of violence and insecurity in the country so i would say that the objective is quite difficult to comply with right now and colombians of course eileen were deeply polarized over the issue of peace with the sox they were many problems in a stalemate problems in implementing that deal do you think they can be a similar deal with the. the l. and my colleagues have explained it is a completely different organization in the negotiations that had taken place with the group had proceeded along a very different track most importantly the and insist that any agreement has to be the result of consultations with civil society would come in the fire could not demanded and this is a very difficult act to conduct and so proceeding and get even to lay down their
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arms even is a very difficult challenge that the government now. christian in barcelona or in spain and the end puddle beltran has drawn comparisons between the e l a and the basque separatist group eta we know that petro sanchez when he was visiting the region just a few months ago offered spain support to reach some sort of agreement because of spain's experience with can a comparison be drawn between. and can a similar agreement be reached. i don't think so in terms of the nature of the group or there or the design of the peace process spain has not been a major player and the peace process in colombia or as when the world over the past ten to fifteen years i would say unlike before when they had been very active in central america and one of the reasons is because of the hardline policy in spain against their. group essentially the message was we don't talk to terrorists now
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and most armed groups around the world are listed as terrorist organizations and therefore it's a public policies we don't think it was terrorist and it's very difficult to sustain to play any role now where i do see and very interesting analogy is simply knowing. that armed conflict in the basque country did not terminate through on a peace agreement or peace negotiations what happened is that. the armed group put a bomb. in at the airport in madrid that has such a huge impact on society and said that such a harsh reaction not only from society at large but even from their own constituency that it became the last act. because it clearly saw there was no future and continuing with a violent struggle. i don't want to make wishful thinking but i do think that it's confirmed that this was behind this attack. would invasion that's the end of their
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political future and in any case of course that doesn't mean it's the end of they're going to say sure that there needs to be some sort of transition but unlikely through formal negotiations with the government and possibly there will have to be a new when news of the conversations to pave the way for that yet lend to disband and that is something that happened in the basque country under the leadership of civil society so we'll see if that is said track that will follow in abol the tap your thoughts on this sad. you know christian says this could mark the end of the end as a political organisation do you agree with that and also i'm curious about the regional implications. in venezuela they have some support that what implications regionally i mean i do believe that they will use these on the contrary kristie and i do believe that they are going to use these the end of these
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negotiations to reinvent itself and sadly it's strongest all the factions which is the eastern bloc which is actually close the border with venezuela is going to use. the race of the eleven. in order to transform itself in a much more radical organisation that will base their armed violence in terrorist attacks i envision an increase in urban guerrilla guerrilla warfare but basically not or guerrilla warfare most likely arbonne terrorist attacks and also an increase against the economic infrastructure in particular against oil pipelines this is a sudden moment in colombian history because what we are see is that there is somehow a consensus in colombian society that we need to close the door to
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end the conflict with a yell and through. and that's by the news really bad news but also the development of rural areas the poverty and inequality in some parts of colombia has been fertile fertile ground for these rebel groups for the fox for the l.n. has that been addressed a piece of the twenty sixteen peace deal didn't address that does this new president have a plan to address that issue i mean let me put it this way colombia has been seen an incredible transformation for the good. in terms of reducing poverty in terms of reducing inequality and providing public services but is not sufficient enough to finish all these good conditions for insurgency still levels of the are incredibly high and we're still seeing what. a moment ago which is very high levels of what i call political violence against human rights as
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a friend or social leaders those that are seeking the restitution of their lands that have taken away violence we are still very tribal society a very conflicted society and sadly it's also feeds the insurgency of the yeah arlene your thoughts on this what policies has to do a government put in place to address the economic inequalities the social inequalities in some of colombia's neglected areas and are they convincing enough i would say that he has been implemented many policies and perhaps in his defense juan manuel santos was also not tremendously successful the previous government in addressing in particular inequality which has not improved. in years to be one of the most equal unequal countries in the world and one of the most unequal in america i think the greatest challenge they do get faces which is actually a historical challenge that colombia has faced for ever how to consolidate the data
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in a country in which regions are very important and which and which in enhancing of the present providing services addressing poverty inequality lack of social services it's something that no one has actually been successful in achieving. let me hear from you in barcelona christian even duke a promise to of course modify the twenty sixteen peace deal with the fark where does this attack leave that d.l. and what now for peace in colombia. well as i was saying earlier on. taking office he was moderating is discourse and i think realizing that far to the greenman with fark is there to stay and therefore adjusting their initial position to that agreement to probably continue the peace process and implementation of the peace agreement i think that is still very relevant the big risk now is that in
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a polarized society there is a call that will be a call for increased military zation and harsh pression against anything that may be linked to the u.n. now it is important to consider as has been said as well there is already serious and human rights violations or attacks against human rights defenders and then an increased military is ation of society may lead to also increase violence against people who may be tagged or labelled as the sympathizers of that un but have no link at all and that is actually a very serious risk so i what i would hope is it duke is able to play both the role said that the carrot and the stick were not the carrot in the stick starting that put it this way. that hard line against against an any military attack or terrorist attacks but the same time changes in public policy and increased protection for social leaders because that at the end is also our way of taking the political
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discourse from the un our way if it's if he's able to provide for the the record society at large and not only for the elite part pain but the towel give you the last word what now for peace in colombia and what implications also regionally asked you about venezuela area and also cuba that the president is asking cuba to arrest a u.n. commanders who are there for peace for peace talks what implications regionally and also inside colombia of course. well very serious in terms of those regional implications i think this was a slap in the face to the cuban government has been quite supportive of the colombian initiatives to achieve peace through a negotiation it was i will say i'm not an expert in international relations but it was quite a shambles in the way that the government of colombia conducted the communication
4:45 pm
and the dealing newbies with the cuban government has been tremendously wrong and cumbersome but apart from that i will say that the colombian implementation of peace the peace building component will be very difficult especially because of the government although complains with. the part of the implementation in terms of reintegration provided for the funds regional development it is against this agreement will push that far. strongly in order to comply to their requirements in terms of transitional justice we will have difficult times in terms of peace implementation but i still have faith in that these agreement will support those attacks in india by they will remain itself as well and we will see the days agreement will sustain the future it will be a sustainable agreement in my view uncertain times ahead for colombia thank you
4:46 pm
very much for a very interesting discussion jorge with a question hairballs and arlene take methink you and thank you as well for watching you can always watch this program again any time by visiting our website at al-jazeera dot com for further discussion go to our facebook page at facebook dot com for slash a.j. inside story you can of course also join the conversation on twitter handle is that a.j. inside story for me for me back to bo and the whole team thank you for watching i for now. rewind returns a care bring your people back to life or i'm sorry with brian you updates on the best of al-jazeera is documentaries in libya i was the global floods and the like and the others through the rewind continues with children of conflict would love
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some peace in this war especially in care sick children do not have any rights here rewind on al-jazeera. and monday put it well on the. u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to for the dry river beds like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country haven't truly been able to escape the war. by a major dish every week a new cycle brings a series of breaking stories and of course there's donald trump told through the eyes of the welts jan an ace that's right out of a hamas script that calls for the annihilation of israel that is not what that phrase means at all he joined the listening post as we turned the cameras on the
4:48 pm
media and focused on how they were caught on the stories that matter the most in bad news a free palestine a listening post on al-jazeera. and . where every. the runner up in the democratic republic of congo's presidential election calls for nationwide protests the top court declares his rival the winner.
4:49 pm
down jordan this is. also coming up. a compromise to end the government shutdown but the democrats say that's not good enough. kenya faces up to the reality of homegrown threats hotel complex in the capital nairobi plus. i'm wayne hay reporting from cambodia where we'll tell you why china is transforming skylines here and backing a government that's becoming increasingly isolated by the west. the runner up in the democratic republic of congo's presidential election is calling for nationwide protests after the constitutional court rejected his allegations of vote rigging. she don't go fix.
4:50 pm
martin for you know says he is the only legitimate president and he's appealing to the international community not to recognize felix to kerry as president is set to be inaugurated on tuesday. i consider myself the only legitimate president of the democratic republic of congo i call on the congolese people not to recognize someone who would take on that role illegitimately nor to obey the orders coming from him full of constitutional court judges back to the electoral commission which declared felix to carry the winner with thirty eight percent of the votes in last month's election electoral commission says mohsin for you know one thirty four percent and emanuel sadar a the preferred candidate of former president joseph kabila came in third with twenty four percent to me to. us a few hundred support little. in the administrative thing in. breaking. the constitutional court but the election results
4:51 pm
help recognizing. the new president of the democratic republic of congo people here say victory is very much about an independent democratic republic of congo and that nobody should interfere in the institutions in this country in a democratic what they consider to be the democratic results that come out in the last couple of hours now we do know and we've heard from our martin the opposition who led large the claim with the constitutional court challenging the electoral commission the result here doesn't recognize what the constitutional court considers himself a legitimate we know of that election he should be president is also called for peaceful protests not just how much of an impact those protests would have been. done known especially given that there is a significant support to security but it wasn't. supporting the northwestern part of the country as one of the deal and they are going around these protests that is
4:52 pm
what might happen in the coming days. around potential violent american union hired to want to send out high level delegation to the. they are and they wanted you out with the ark he was what he considered to be a political right many people that know one of. the leading role. in the comic. played. political price. from legal battle one might well be what many would. consider. a car bomb in syria has killed several soldiers state t.v. says a military checkpoint on the outskirts of damascus was the target the syrian army controls all areas around the capital which has been relatively untouched by the war elsewhere are some binge of aid as more from gaza in turkey in the syrian
4:53 pm
border. according to syrian state t.v. and pro-government sources this was an attack which targeted a military checkpoint on the outskirts of the capital damascus this is an entry point into the city it is worth noting that this attack comes after months of relative calm in the syrian capital the word reports that the syrian government and its military were considering removing some of the checkpoint from within the city but this attack shows that there are still security concerns which are left according to the syrian state media there have been a number of casualties in this attack as well this comes as syrian government and its allies especially a russian air power has begun targeting areas in north north northern parts of syria this is in the area called it live which is the last remaining stronghold of rebel fighters in the last few months this is an area which is not seen in lot of air strikes but rather artillery shelling and bombing by the syrian government and its allies and there were concerns earlier on that this is an area this is because
4:54 pm
it's the last remaining area under the rebels the syrian government and its allies are going to try and take over this area which is home to about four million people and there have been alarms that have been raised by all humanitarian organizations and other countries who are involved in the conflict in syria that any sort of action. which could jeopardize their fragile peace there would be disastrous for millions of people a saudi u.a.e. coalition has launched a series of asteroids and yemen's capital sana'a who see a military base and drone facility were targeted as a first time the coalition's carried out air strikes in accountable since yemen's warring sides met for you in backtalk since we last month. democrats are rejecting donald trump's offer to break the deadlock over the longest shutdown of the u.s. government in history the president offering temporary protection for some undocumented immigrants if he wins backing to build the border wall with mexico democrats say his compromise offer is one sided reynolds has more from washington.
4:55 pm
with the government shutdown dragging toward the one month mark president trump offered democrats a deal give him five point seven billion dollars for his border wall and he'll lift the threat of deportation for a million undocumented immigrants number one is three years of legislative relief for seven hundred thousand dokken recipients secondly our proposal provides a three year extension of temporary protected status or t.p.s. . the immigrants tromp referred to our young people brought to the u.s. illegally by their parents as children known collectively as the dreamers and non-citizens from countries hit by natural disasters who had been permitted to live in the u.s. both groups were stripped of legal protections by trump but court rulings have so far prevented the government from deporting them it was an offer trumps democratic
4:56 pm
opposition could and swiftly did refuse house speaker nancy pelosi issued a statement saying quote it is unlikely that any one of these provisions alone would pass the house and taken together they are a nonstarter she repeated the democrats arguments that the wall would be ineffective if the senate senate democratic leader chuck schumer said trump was treating the dreamers a very like hostages. trump described hardships faced by migrants and a flood of drugs coming into the us drugs kill seventy eight thousand americans a year and coursed our society in excess of seven hundred billion dollars critics point out that most of those drugs are smuggled through legal points of entry and that a wall would have little effect on stopping traffickers what happens next the republican controlled senate will take up trumps proposals and almost certainly pass
4:57 pm
a bill in corporate ing them and restoring funds to end the shutdown that bill will then go to the democratic controlled house where pressure to pass it may become intense you can just peel away twenty twenty five democrats who want the government open and are not so adamant against the wall to carry the day even if the government even if the democratic leadership remain opposed to the wall a possible grounds for compromise palosi said there needs to be a permanent solution for dreamers and t.p.s. recipients not just a three year reprieve if both sides start bargaining again the longest ever government shutdown could be brought to an end rob reynolds al jazeera washington well stopping the flow of cocaine another illegal drugs into the u.s. is one of the reasons trump gives the building his wall but most drugs a smuggled through illegal ports of entry as castro found out in texas and
4:58 pm
a warning you might find some of these pictures disturbing. brooks county texas a collection of branches hugging a highway leading north from the border is a corridor of drug smuggling from mexico. this is where sheriff benny martinez tries to hold back the tide this is small so it varies of on compartments in the i'm sure there's a lot of our going to be going through this corridor this lot is full of vehicles confiscated by the brooks county sheriff's office more than three hundred of them all caught trying to smuggle drugs or people deeper into the united states they all try to pass through this border patrol checkpoint one of the busiest for drug seizures in the country the government acknowledges more than eighty percent of narcotics found near the border entered through legal ports of entry the marijuana was within the walls of this love triangle or one hundred twenty piles but the were
4:59 pm
created to be small to fit the national cavity of the wall here critics of trump's border wall say it's unclear how that would curtail drug smuggling through the ports but what is clear is that for migrants a wall makes an already perilous journey more deadly fifty bodies were found in brooks county last year extending a wall in certain areas is going to force people to a more dangerous area and more people are going to the humanitarian say this is the real crisis at the border the people who die in are eaten by animals in an attempt to reach a better life heidi to castro al-jazeera berks county texas. more protests are expected in sudan despite a crackdown by government forces demonstrators are planning to hold a march to the parliament building well this was the scene in the northern region of my house on saturday when it just chanted slogans calling on president omar bashir to step down what began as an outcry over the rising cost of bread has now
5:00 pm
turned into the biggest challenge to be seen as twenty nine year rule several people have been killed over the past few weeks but also coming on al-jazeera including. serbia's winter of discontent to government protests spread beyond the capital more in the states. from the waves of the sounds. to the contours of the east. hello there we've got quite a bit of unsettled weather across europe at the moment the latest system is making its way across the iberian peninsula at the moment bringing quite a bit of what weather that does say and it's fairly windy there as well that system still developing as it runs its way eastwards so expect some rather heavy rains across the southern parts of france and of course the body arak islands and the sweets its way eastwards as we head through monday that means more of us in italy
5:01 pm
will see that rain and so rob a soggy great day for us further north far more in the way of drawing where the still cold force in berlin a much them temperature of a.


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