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isn't cost a bribe is now turned into the biggest challenge to this year's twenty nine year rule several people have been killed over the past few weeks but also coming out as they are including. serbia's winter of discontent to dublin protests spread beyond the couple more in the states. from the waves of the snow. to the contours of the east. hello there we've got quite a bit of unsettled weather across europe at the moment the latest system is making its way across the iberian peninsula at the moment bringing quite a bit of what weather is it does say and it's fairly windy there as well that system still developing as it runs its way eastwards so expect some rather heavy rains across the southern parts of france and of course the body arak islands and the sweets its way eastwards as we head through monday that means more of us in
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italy will see that rain and so rob a soggy and great day for us further north far more in the way of drawing where the still cold force in berlin a maximum temperature of around minus one and still rather fresh force in london at around six but this is the next system that makes its way across britain and ireland that will make things rather wet some will see fair amount of snow as it works its way across some of the high ground to now that unsettled weather over the mediterranean is also affecting us in the northern parts of africa is the latest system that's making its way through parts of spain portugal and across morocco and into out there as we head through the day today so plenty of what weather here that then works its way eastwards giving us some wet weather across the northern coast of june is here as well as we head through monday no doubt warm under that cloud of rain either a maximum temperature just of twelve degrees it is brighter towards the east kyra who's at twenty two. the when sponsored by qatar and peace.
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talk to al-jazeera. you personally are one of the main beneficiaries is that the case listen if you want to limitations in india that's not exactly my point we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter. welcome back a quick reminder the top stories here on al-jazeera syrian state t.v. says several soldiers have died in a car bomb blast at a military checkpoint on the outskirts of damascus. the runner up in the democratic
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republic of congo's presidential election is calling for nationwide protests after the constitutional court rejected his allegations of vote rigging autumn for new says he's the only legitimate president not felix was due to be inaugurated on tuesday. democrats are rejecting donald trump's offer to break the deadlock over the longer shutdown of the u.s. government in history offering temper protection for some undocumented immigrants if democrats back his five billion dollar plan to build a border with mexico. now poor attendance by regional leaders and divisions over the war in syria overshadowed a major economic summit in lebanon's capital beirut the mayor of qatar to me been hammered out that any on the mauritanian president are the only heads of state expected to attend the emir of kuwait on the egyptian and palestinian presidents all pulled out at the last. when it was a mail order joins us live now from beirut saying so there are only two heads of state attending this summit what is all this me. well really the low
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level of representation is being described as unprecedented in the history of arab summit so yes this is an economic summit that has a lower profile than the annual arab league summit but in previous economic summits numerous heads of states attend and the fact of the matter is there were last minute cancellations a few heads of state were expected to attend the last minute called off their participation they decided to stay away it is being interpreted here as a message a message to lebanon on this arab diplomatic snub of this beirut meeting they do see lebanon as part of what they call the iran axis because the iranian backed hezbollah group and its allies hold power in lebanon and they support the syrian government and this alliance in lebanon was pushing for this meeting to be used as an opportunity to reinstate syria's membership into the regional body syria as we
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know its membership was suspended back in two thousand and eleven because of the violent crackdown the government's violent crackdown against protesters so this alliance was trying to use this summit as this meeting many are seeing this arab diplomatic snopt really as a message to lebanon putting more pressure on lebanon telling them that you will be isolated from the arab world if you continue to stay in this axis and many believe that this was a result of pressure by the u.s. administration which does that which is strategy really in the arab world is to contain iran and so many call them is in the arab world are struggling so how come the summit held with the divisions among arab countries. exactly a lot of divisions among arab states some arab countries imposing a boycott blockade on on other arab countries the qatari emir one of the one of the heads of state to present at this summit the lebanese media it has been described
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as a country qatar of course under siege or under a blockade by a saudi alliance comes to lebanon to break the blockade imposed by by the same countries so there is no cooperation real cooperation you talked about sudan earlier the protests there the dire living conditions levanon there is a protest taking place not very far from here lebanon was hoping that this summit would be an economic lifeline that the arab world would pump in more money but they are not going to do that as long as this country stays allied with iran and the syrian government the death is high unemployment rate is high so really these divisions in the arab world means that these summits these arab league summit do not come up with any meaningful results they say no thank you. of the u.s. military says it's killed fifty two. in a mass strike in somalia the strike in the middle juba region was in response to a group on a somali military base the military says no civilians are believed to have been
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killed in south of a strike the al qaida linked group has carried out attacks in the capital mogadishu and recently on a luxury hotel complex in nairobi where most of the men who carried out that attack in nairobi on tuesday were kenyan that's according to the police at least twenty one people were killed until now it was widely thought of violence in the name of al shabaab was carried out by foreigners from the do reports from nairobi this sprawling informal sentimental jungle in. central can live. with the president so much i wouldn't. one of the gunmen in last tuesday's al shabaab a talk in the capital nairobi was born and grew up here. salim ali get. out in this photograph during the night will be a tuck and he grew up in this house he's neighbors those shocked i'm not surprised
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they say al-shabaab has over the years recruited many young men including salim from. percent is one of magickal community leaders we generally have to harlem a cause our children have no jobs they need to eat most of them have dropped out of school and their parents are too poor to help them continue with education the parents have no idea when and how al-shabaab recruiters get hold of their children older or a heavy hundred government response hasn't helped either he says residents of margin will blame the ease with which al shabab can recruit on law literacy joblessness and drug abuse among the youth here it is a situation that is far more compounded by feelings of state elimination by residents of this neighborhood kenyans in the past have blamed the violence carried out by al-shabaab on fighters coming from beyond their national borders but last tuesday's assault on a shopping complex in the capital is forcing kenyans to consider the threats posed
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by those near the home police confirmed most of the five attackers were concerns. in nairobi somali majority suburb obviously residents up come out to show their anger about the tague. unified in grief their message was one of love in the face of such. businesses in the business leave markets remain closed for several hours to honor the dead a remarkable moment of defiance by a community long blamed for attacks in kenya no longer do people feel that it's just a problem for one particular community and that community should be vilified. repressed . and driven out to. the rest of kenya now that is settling in we're happy to have that but we're also ready to help share our experiences security officials say there's no quick fix to the threat of domestic terrorism the
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only conceivable solution they say might lie in a combination of education gun control and internet regulation mohammed all just zita can at least one hundred seventeen refugees are feared dead after their overloaded boat capsized in the mediterranean sea three people have been rescued so far most of the refugees were from nigeria ivory coast gambia and savannah rubber dinghies sank off the libyan coast more than two thousand people drowned while trying to reach europe last year well the international organization of migration says the number of migrants and refugees landing on european shores has almost doubled in the first sixteen days of this year more than four thousand compared to the same period in twenty eighteen and eighty three people have died so far this year trying to cross the mediterranean in december search and rescue ship aquarius which was the last challenge a ship operating off the coast of libya was stripped of its license doctors without borders accuse the european union of running
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a smear campaign against. the un special rapporteur on human rights in may and mara set to arrive in bangladesh young healy will visit cox's bizarre way over seven hundred thousand refugees live since escaping a military crackdown in rakhine state in twenty seventeen months government seized cooperation with me and has refused to enter into the country and tasher the name reports from causes. the un special rapporteur on human rights in myanmar has been shut out by me in march the government won't allow her access to the country and is not cooperating so her work is confined to neighboring countries and bangladesh factors in greatly the u.n. says there are now more the nine hundred thousand will hinder refugees living here the both of them came during a spike of violence in august twenty seventh and now they are spread across a mega i can't here in cox's bazaar now it's the dry season the monsoons are behind
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people and life has become a little easier but as you can see sanitation lack of access to clean water and latrines can use to new to be concerned if you look here there are workers trying to prepare the can for floods that are inevitable in this part of the world there is also concern about a lost generation of children two to the lack of schools the mood here has improved considerably since last november that is when the bangladeshi government abandoned a repatriation plan in an undisclosed agreement with the government of myanmar bangladesh had hoped to return about twenty two hundred refugees to me and bar the un warned that that could be a violation of international law there was a real outcry here and that play on it was halted so now the un special report her is shifting her attention to an island called bastion sorry it's a remote island and the government is hoping to shift
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a significant portion of the rohingya refugees here to that island it is in the path of typhoons and cycling's it's prone to flooding it's literally called a floating island it's comprised primarily of silt but the bangladeshi government has already begun construction on housing and human rights groups say that refugees might not have access to basic services they've even called this island like live. in a prison so the u.n. special reporter is hoping to go to beslan chart no word yet on whether or not she'll be allowed access anti-government protests in serbia of continued for the seventh saturday in a row thousands marched in the capital belgrade and protest against president alexander church of his ruling serbian progressive party demanding more freedom for the media and opposition parties. as more from belgrade think this is the seventh time the protesters are gathering here in belgrade demanding the press freedom freedom of speech and freedom of critical thinking but to not my head so
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more requests and this time this requests are addressed to the syrian opposition not to the government one of the leader of the ninth growth is. that the opposition in syria must came out with precise program and plan and not just expect from people in the streets support for not doing as he said he. has what have they done in seven years to earn and deserved it. this interesting moment because the analysts from the. center for free elections and democracy pointed out all the earlier this is the most serious protest the sort of these two thousand and twelve. sparty came to bother but. they warned also that protesters marched clear program and to fulfill it
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also they said the protest in belgrade must spread to other business and something like that already happened last night still plays in six more suit is. a snowstorm in the u.s. has caused major traffic disruption across midwestern states the national weather service issued warnings for at least fifteen states including illinois where nearly one thousand flights out of chicago airports were canceled in kansas a snowplow driver was killed when his vehicle rolled over. cambodia's prime minister is on a four day trip to china beijing provides an economic safety net to phnom penh which is seen in relations of the west or of its human rights record as wayne hay reports from c. a nuke will chinese investments beginning to change the shape of the seaside town. just two years ago this was a sleepy seaside town popular with backpackers now sihanoukville is
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a chinese construction sites gambling is illegal for cambodians but it's thought there are more than seventy casinos open or under construction in the special economic zone the target market is not cambodians it's chinese tourists some cambodians are benefiting from the investment in the form of jobs but others are being forced out because of the construction and rising costs. but when i moved to my restruck here the rate was lower and i don't have many customers because i'm on the outskirts of town now i didn't want to move here but i had no choice sihanoukville is an important part of china's belton road initiative which aims to link asia with africa and europe through loans and investment trade between the two countries is up more than twenty percent and most goods come through here cambodia's only deep sea port this area also holds strategic value for china sea and bill sits on the gulf of thailand which then becomes the south china sea where china is involved in territorial disputes with several southeast asian nations
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cambodia isn't one of them but instead of siding with its neighbors when it comes to the dispute it sides with china there have even been reports recently that the chinese are planning to build a military base along this coast the cambodian government says it's not true and in fact it would be unconstitutional but all this is happening at a time when the west is threatening to punish the cambodian government through economic sanctions following a dramatic decline in democracy and human rights investment from china generally comes with a list social or democratic conditions there seems to come and i understand your conditions for let's work to make it happen i don't care about being but the government in beijing does like stability and the influx of chinese coming to work in cambodia has created some social tensions system aged that around twenty percent of the population of sihanoukville is now chinese the local government says there are no problems between the communities the door. the door then vice man
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saw. it's not the. up conflict between two people. china's ambassador to cambodia recently described the relationship between the two countries as food deal judging by the pace of change here that sentiment is being taken quite literally when hey al jazeera sihanoukville cambodia . money package has retained his double to be a welterweight title after beating american adrian brown on points this was the filipinos first fight since turning forty despite being more than ten years older than his opponent through twice as many punches he's won titles in eight weight divisions and this was the sixty first win of his career after his victory said he was keen for a rematch with floyd mayweather who beat him four years ago. the
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headlines here and al-jazeera the runner up in the democratic republic of congo's presidential elections calling for nationwide protests after the constitutional court rejected allegations of vote rigging art and for use appealing to the international community not to recognize felix just as president he said to be an overrated on tuesday. a car bomb blast in syria has killed several soldiers state t.v. says a military checkpoint on the outskirts of damascus was the target as i have been. near the syrian border. this explosion happened on the entrance of damascus on a busy roundabout at a checkpoint according to initial reports it was a car bomb which targeted these government food is it is worth noting that the city of damascus the syrian capital has been relatively calm for the last few months they are old for reports that the syrian government was actually considering that it would remove checkpoint from within the city because the situation has been under control of the syrian government has pushed out rebels from the outskirts of damascus the saudi u.a.e.
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coalition has launched a series of air strikes and yemen's capital sana'a the military base and drone facility were targeted it's the first time the coalition's carried out air strikes in the capital since yemen's warring sides met for you in backtalk since we last month. the u.s. presidents offered a concession to break the deadlock over the partial government shutdown donald trump's offering temper protection to some immigrants in return for money for his border wall but democrats have objected was often poor attendance by regional leaders and divisions over the war in syria overshadowed a major economic summit in lebanon's capital beirut emir of qatar to mean been hammered out that he and the mauritanian president are the only heads of state expected to attend emir of kuwait and the egyptian and palestinian presidents all falls out of the last minute. the u.s. military says it killed fifty two fighters in an air strike in somalia the strike in the middle juba region was in response to an attack group on a somali military base the army says no civilians are believed to have been killed
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in saturday's strike the al qaeda linked group has carried out attacks in the capital mogadishu and on a luxury hotel complex in kenya on tuesday well those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after talked a lot of times watching. of feints can tell a story without uttering a single lie. the unconventionality of life. witnessed through the lens of the human eye. on al-jazeera. to. see. despite international diplomatic and military efforts the wars in syria and yemen grind off. at a recent meeting in doha the so-called doha forum many of those involved in efforts to find a peaceful resolution gathered to reflect on the lack of progress one of them the
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head of the venerable munich security conference spread his message that the european powers in particular had failed miserably western policy toward syria it seems now it's focused more on combating certain groups and perhaps limiting the iranian presence in syria rather than the overall political future investing in the overall depressed in diplomacy in the overall political future of syria which is left more to the russians do you agree with that analysis well i think quite frankly i'll be very honest with you i think our syria policy. has been as exhausted we started saving we the europeans we started seven years ago with a loud call for the demise of bashar assad. without really having a plan of how we would want to get rid of him. and of course we didn't get rid of
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him because we never had the means at the strategy and the policy to to influence decisions on the ground. so now what is what we're now seeing is the outcome of efforts by russia by turkey. i guess by iran and to certain extent by the united states with europe having been on the sidelines throughout this process that is extremely regrettable this is why i'm saying and i repeat europe must try to defend and represent the interests of five hundred million europeans the refugees didn't go to moscow they didn't go to pennsylvania avenue they came to europe. these events of the last three years have changed european and german politics in a major way almost dramatic changes the migration pressure the refugee
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problem so this is really our issue and we should have been played a role in a much stronger diplomatic role i think the the e.u. should have started a peace process five years ago or six years ago instead of looking the other way so this was not a beautiful you know example of great european diplomacy i'm very self-critical on that score also at the doha forum where the leading officials at the united nations in charge of humanitarian affairs mark lowcock the undersecretary for humanitarian affairs and henrietta for c.e.o. of unicef the children's emergency fund we sat down with both of them to discuss the situation at hand in yemen and syria we began with yemen welcome to al-jazeera you're just back from yemen what was the glimpse of the country that you got. well what i saw was a country on the brink of
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a terrible terrible tragedy talk to lots of people who've had to flee their homes from the fighting parents of starving children really a place that is right on the edge and we've got the good news from sweden policies have agreed initial. steps to deescalate the conflict and to try and move things forward but that now needs to be translated into a real change on the ground because the people i listen to the parents of starving children people who fled from their homes sometimes multiple times they're not seeing yet any tangible benefit how do you avoid complacency not so much obviously unclearly for people on the ground the people who've suffered for years now but the people that were in sweden how do you maintain the pressure on them to come up with something so i guess the message from the people of yemen is we're tired we're
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exhausted this has got to stop that's exactly the message those are the words the people of yemen i met said to me they are desperate they will stay safe starving the single message to the world that they sent and i told the security council this war has to stop so the message to all those who went to geneva as you say is words a great the actions now need to follow to implement your commitments is special a very importantly around today to where there has been an agreement that crucial port city through which so much of the food eaten in yemen comes in and the mails and the roads through which it gets to people they all need to protect to be protected and a cease fire that was that was promised data that really needs to come into operation straight away would it be fair to say however for your people on the ground even for aid workers if you want the numbers of young. the numbers that
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break. the oil shocking when you're talking about how many people are literally on the verge of death when you talk about cholera when you talk about that sense of catastrophe that's just around the corner that's exactly right i mean we've just published the results of the biggest ever survey of food security in yemen and what it shows is that at the highest level of food insecurity the catastrophe level for the first time there are people in that level in yemen two hundred fifty thousand of them there's only one other place in the world where there's anybody that level of food insecurity and that south sudan but there are ten times as many people in yemen at that catastrophe level so reaching them is absolutely a first priority the stories my colleagues tell me of what they're seeing on the ground what i've seen for myself seeing starving children in hospitals all the evidence is clear this is
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a really big problem and we need to scale up our assistance now that peace agreement. the first steps have been taken should help us with that but we need some other things as well we need all the parties on the ground to make it easier for the aid workers to get to the most vulnerable people we need to pump more money into the economy we do need to ask for more money for our appeal the u.n. appeal last year we asked for two billion dollars this year we needed three billion dollars we got most of that next year though we need four billion dollars because what's happened during the course of twenty eighteen is that millions more people become vulnerable when you come to run those operations where the situation is getting worse not better are you kind of from a humanitarian aid point to be kind of robbing peter to pay paul because around the world now we've got seventy million people externally and internally displaced who are running away from conflict and you've got a bigger problem coming which is this that for the. time in the history of your
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department at the united nations can i suggest to you that you're having to tip from doing just keeping people fed and watered to doing a lot more than that we're not robbing peter to pay paul this year we've raised a record amount of money even bigger than last year is money that we raised for humanitarian response about fifteen billion dollars i think were raised by the end of twenty eighteen for the u.n. coordinated programs and the gap between the money we're asking for the money were raising is in fact getting smaller and it's a positive story that countries around the world recognize that investing in reducing the suffering of people in humanitarian crises is a very cheap way to save a life and also build stability but we do have to work more closely to the second part of your question with those organizations including other parts the united nations which are involved in finding that the peace building opportunities the
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political solutions the development and so on because while humanitarian aid is very effective at saving lives it doesn't on its own contribute to the solutions and if we want to reduce the number of people whose lives are so terribly ruined by these crises we have to do better solutions ok so basically what you're saying is here you're putting three to three things together you're doing what you do better you're doing it fast you're doing it with a sense of being innovative but those three things even if you triangulate those in a very efficient way by definition almost they're going to reach critical mass at some point you can only go so far you can really slice the salami to make it go further than it's going to go anyway at that point what do you do next well at that point in a solution to the underlying problems we need more examples of successful peace discussions of the sort we had in rainbow in sweden for yemen we need that to happen in other places we then need to stabilize. the situation there seventy
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million people displaced by these crises we need to see millions of the going home i realize that this probably doesn't come within your mandate but you have to the u.n. has to be able to say you're talking about yemen a lot to the warring sides and also the proxy warring sides in the situation that we've seen in yemen for four years now and say actually and explain to them peace in inverted commas is in your strategic interest so you can still get what you want or what your people on the ground tell you they need because we're kind of correlating two things here and you need to get that message and to break it down and get across to the warring sides exactly right no one has won from this war in yemen it's absolutely clear who the losers are and they are the starving millions of children and women and innocent civilians pictures increasingly we see in our newspapers and on our t.v. screens those. people have a good understanding of who they think is responsible so it's in everybody's
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interest for those people to have more hope for the future for them to have a. glimpse of possible progress for grievances to be addressed for anger to be reduced and lives to be recovered that is a strategic interest for all the parties who think they've got a stake in yemen as well as a humanitarian imperative one slightly worrying us but that came out of the conversations in rimbaud apart from the photo opportunities and the handshakes and your colleague mr griffiths who's done a tremendously energetic job to get them where he got the money played an absolute blinder with the prisoner release which was his calling card on day one of those discussions is anyone at the united nations not talking to those people who are representing the fighters but talking to the people who talked to the people who talked to the proxies because there were serious worries raised for exam. pull over
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one particular aspect you can get peace on the ground but if there are still fighter jets coming across the border from the neighborhood to yemen saudi arabia game over and it just goes back to what it was before while the united nations talks to everybody and anybody who has a stake in this and i think there is a recognition that there needs to be deescalation on all sides and that is part of . what has been agreed to take forward from remember lots of the parties actually were. around the table and in the. in the vicinity of the talks in rimbaud so we are hopeful that everybody recognizes that now is the moment to move forward and to consolidate the first steps that were taken in. the wars in yemen and syria have lasted so long that an entire generation of children are missing basic education and nourishment this is where the unity against very difficult odds steps
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in and reactor four is the c.e.o. of unicef according to statistics hard for syrian troll.


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