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protected status or t.p.s. . the immigrants trump referred to are young people brought to the u.s. illegally by their parents as children known collectively as the dreamers and non-citizens from countries hit by natural disasters who had been permitted to live in the u.s. both groups were stripped of legal protections by trump but court rulings have so far prevented the government from deporting them it was an offer trump's democratic opposition could and swiftly did refuse house speaker nancy pelosi issued a statement saying quote it is unlikely that any one of these provisions alone would pass the house and taken together they are a nonstarter she repeated the democrats' arguments that the wall would be ineffective you. senate democratic leader chuck schumer said trump was treating the dreamers a very like hostages trump described hardships faced by migrants and a flood of drugs coming into the us drugs kill seventy eight thousand americans
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a year and course to our society in excess of seven hundred billion dollars critics point out that most of those drugs are smuggled through legal points of entry and that a wall would have little effect on stopping traffickers what happens next the republican controlled senate will take up trumps proposals and almost certainly pass a bill incorporating them and restoring funds to end the shutdown that bill will then go to the democratic controlled house where pressure to pass it may become intense you can just peel away twenty twenty five democrats who want the government open and are not so adamant against the wall to carry the day even if the government even if the democratic leadership remain opposed to the wall a possible grounds for compromise palosi said there needs to be a permanent solution for dreamers and t.p.s.
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recipients not just a three year reprieve if both sides start bargaining again the longest ever government shutdown could be brought to an end rob reynolds al-jazeera washington. time for a short break here not just iraq when we come back kenya faces up to the reality of homegrown threat soften the sack on a hotel complex in nairobi and serbia's winter of discontent down to government protests spread beyond the capital and that stay with us. hello there it is absolutely throwing it down in some parts of the philippines at the moment and the satellite picture shows why we've got this huge drop of cloud with us it's the remains of a now tropical depression so the winds aren't too strong but it's still giving us
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some very very heavy rain some places reporting way over one hundred millimeters of wet weather just in the last twenty four hours that system is putting itself at northwoods very slowly so expect more heavy rain as we head through monday and choose day i mean further towards the south of there's also been plenty of showers here more of them around the northern parts of java there as we head through the next couple of days and roll the heavy ones force in singapore to the south and there's actually been a distinct lack of rain for many of us in australia it should be the monsoon season but they are all the rays that we would normally expect at this time of year that way behind sched jewel at the moment because it's so dry here the air across many other parts of australia rather dry and that's what's helping things get so hot here so very hot for many of us it's slightly cooler for many of us around the coast there so twenty six degrees will just be our top ten preacher in sydney expect more cloud to perhaps a few showers as well for monday those will clear away as we head into tuesday then the temperatures will rise back up to thirty degrees.
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rewind returns i can bring your people back to life from start with brian you updates on the best of al-jazeera documentaries in libya i was the global and no like and the other student rewind continues with children of conflict johnson we'd love some peace in this war especially in cancer and the children do not have any rights here rewind on al-jazeera.
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welcome back a quick reminder the top stories here on the al-jazeera syrian state t.v. says several soldiers have died in a car bomb blast at a military checkpoint on the outskirts of the capital damascus. the runner up in the democratic republic of congo's presidential elections calling for nationwide protests after the constitutional court rejected his allegations of vote rigging often for unicef as he's the only legitimate president not felix dissipated. and democrats are rejecting donald trump's offer to break the deadlock over the longest government shutdown in the u.s. trump of a temper protection for some undocumented migrants if democrats back his five billion dollars plan to build a border wall with mexico. now the u.s. military says an air strike in somalia killed fifty two fighters hours after a somali army base was attacked about gunmen rammed a vehicle packed with explosives into the base in jubilant six somali soldiers were killed in saturday's bomb blast on a gun battle which lasted several hours about attacks are continuing despite losing
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control of most cities and towns african union and somali troops drove the group linked to al qaeda out of the capital mogadishu eight years ago. al-shabaab has claimed responsibility for an attack on a luxury hotel complex in kenya on tuesday but police say four of the five suspects under arrest a kenyan at least twenty one people were killed in nairobi one of the reports this sprawling informal subtle mental jingle in needed to calm central kenya. life here may seem us ordinary as in any other slum but the residents of my jungle outmoded. one of the gunmen in last tuesday's al shabaab attack in the capital nairobi was born and grew up here. salim ali get most kept out in this photograph during the night will be a tuck and he grew up in this house he's neighbors those shocked i'm not surprised they say al-shabaab has over the years recruited many young men including salim
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from here. for saying he's one of magickal community leaders we cannot wait to haarlem a car our children have no jobs they need to eat most of them have dropped out of school and their parents are too poor to help them continue with education the parents have no idea when and how al-shabaab recruiters get hold of their children older or a heavy hundred government response hasn't helped either he says residents of my general blame the ease with which al shabab can recruit on law literacy joblessness and drug abuse among the youth here it is a situation that is far more compounded by feelings of state elimination by residents of this neighborhood kenyans in the past have blamed the violence carried out by al-shabaab on fighters coming from beyond their national borders but last tuesday's assault on a shopping complex in the capital is forcing kenyans to consider the threats posed
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by those near the home police confirmed most of the five attackers were conditions . in nairobi somali majority suburb obviously residents up come out to show their anger about the tague. unified in grief their message was one of love in the face of such. businesses in the business leave markets remain closed for several hours to honor the dead a remarkable moment of defiance by a community long blamed for attacks in kenya no longer do people feel that it's just a problem for one particular community and that community should be vilified. repressed . and driven out to. the rest of kenya now that is settling in we're happy to have that but we're also ready to help share our experiences security officials say there's no quick fix to the threat of domestic terrorism the
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only conceivable solution they say might lie in a combination of education gun control and internet regulation mohammed all just know it will be can more protests are expected in sudan and despite a crackdown by government forces there demonstrators are planning to hold a march to the parliament well this was the scene in the northern region of mass on saturday villagers chanting slogans calling on president omar bashir to step down what began as an outcry over the rising cost of bread has turned into the biggest challenge is twenty nine year rule several people have been killed over the past few weeks. when the protests began last month the government tried to silence demonstrators by shutting down the internet that's becoming a common tactic against protesters in many parts of the world where the mohammed explains. now according to rights group access now instead shutdowns are becoming far more common with three hundred seventy one cases documented over the last two
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years we were just talking about sudan and not just a typical example as i'm a stray sions over the price of bread came antigovernment protests present on while bashir blocked access to social media platforms like twitter whatsapp and facebook that are being used by organizers. there have also been shut downs this week in zimbabwe as this activist told us the online space is that free space for expression in zimbabwe so by shutting down the internet the state stopped our handle open polly and many other alternative media sources in zimbabwe from giving rolling coverage of the protests and the repression that subsequently happened the internet is now back but only partially and facebook you tube and twitter blocked so that's making us use alternative platforms to keep getting alternative information out there using platforms such as telegram and one of the longest known shutdowns more than fourteen weeks and twenty seven thousand and eighteen took
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place in cameroon as a protest movement gained strength in the country's english speaking regions according to facebook's twenty eighteen transparency report. and turning to asia china has long been known for its tight internet security freedom house says beijing was the worst abuse of internet freedom in twenty eighteen and the chinese model of censorship and surveillance seems to be expanding to other parts of the world meanwhile every shutdown has an economic implication that blocks out or created this tool that estimates the impact of internet disruption mobile data blackouts and also after struction and those can be huge for example zimbabwe a country already plagued by a weak economy and political uncertainty would lose one point four million dollars in one day compare that to the united states where a single day without the internet could have an impact of over one point five
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billion dollars and then there's cuba it has virtually no board but internet access and only a limited mobile network so the impact there is zero the leader of venezuela's national assembly has met a rally against president nicolas maduro won greedo has refused to recognize a president who was sworn in for his second only this month congress has declared madeira usurper meaning all of his actions will be considered null and void he was reelected last year during a vote that was boycotted by the opposition described as a sham by the u.s. and several nations within latin america. we are united we are in the streets we have the international community the international community recognized only legitimate institution the national assembly take on the responsibilities at all times you can count on. government protests in serbia have continued for the seventh day in a row thousands marched in the capital belgrade to protest against president alexander and his ruling party demanding more freedom for the media and opposition
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parties. from belgrade. this is the seventh time the protesters are gathering here in belgrade demanding the press freedom freedom of speech and freedom of critical thinking but deny the head so more requests and this time these requests are addressed to the syrian opposition not to the government one of the leader of tonight's growth this. came out with a precise program and plan and not just expect from people in the streets support for not doing as he said he positions leaders what have they done in seven years to earn and these are. interesting moment because the analysts from the. center for free elections and democracy pointed out all the earlier
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this is the most serious protest these sort of these two thousand and twelve. sparty came but. they wound also. clear program and the feeling also they said the protest in belgrade must spread to other business and something like that already happened last night still plays in six more suit is at least a hundred seventeen refugees are feared dead after the overloaded boat capsized in the mediterranean sea three people have been rescued so far most of the refugees are from nigeria ivory coast and gambia. rubber dinghies sank off the libyan coast more than two thousand people drowned while trying to reach europe last year. well the international organization for migration says the number of migrants and refugees landing on european shores almost doubled in the first sixteen days of this year to more than four thousand compared to the same period in twenty eighteen
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and eighty three people have died so far this year trying to cross the mediterranean in december the search and rescue ship aquarius which was the last charity ship operating off the coast of libya was stripped of its license doctors without borders operates the vessel and accuse the e.u. of running a smear campaign against it. cambodia as prime minister is on a four day trip to china beijing provides an economic safety net to phnom penh which is seen starring relations with the western rich human rights record and as wayne hay reports some see a new kill chinese investments beginning to change the shape of the seaside town. just two years ago this was a sleepy seaside town popular with backpackers now sihanoukville is a chinese construction sites gambling is illegal for cambodians but it's thought there are more than seventy casinos open or under construction in this special economic zone the target market is not cambodians it's chinese tourists some
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cambodians are benefiting from the investment in the form of jobs but others are being forced out because of the construction and rising costs. when i moved to my restruck here the rate was lower and i don't have many customers because i'm on the outskirts of town now i didn't want to move here but i had no choice sihanoukville is an important part of china's belton road initiative which aims to link asia with africa and europe through loans and investments trade between the two countries is up more than twenty percent and most goods come through here cambodia's only deep sea port this area also holds strategic value for china c n n bill sits on the gulf of thailand which then becomes the south china sea where china is involved in territorial disputes with several southeast asian nations cambodia isn't one of them but instead of siding with its neighbors when it comes to the dispute it sides with china. there have even been reports recently that the chinese are planning to build a military base along this coast the cambodian government says it's not true and in
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fact it would be unconstitutional but all this is happening at a time when the west is threatening to punish the cambodian government through economic sanctions following a dramatic decline in democracy and human rights investment from china generally comes with a list social or democratic conditions tell you that seems to come and i understand your conditions so let's work to make it happen i don't care about nothing but the government in beijing does like stability and the influx of chinese coming to work in cambodia has created some social tensions system aged that around twenty percent of the population of sihanoukville is now chinese the local government says there are no problems between the communities they do. they do then vice man saw. the. power up conflict between two people. china's ambassador to cambodia recently described the relationship
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between the two countries as forged in steel judging by the pace of change here that's into meant is being taken quite literally when hey al jazeera sihanoukville cambodia money has retained his double to be a welterweight title after beating american agent points this was the filipinos first fight since turning forty despite being more than ten years older than his opponent but through twice as many punches he's won titles and eight weight divisions and this was the sixty first win of his career after his victory parker said he was keen for a rematch with floyd mayweather to beat him four years ago. part of a quick check of the headlines here on al-jazeera the runner up in the democratic republic of congo's presidential election is calling for nationwide protests after the constitutional court rejected allegations of vote rigging margin for use appealing
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to the international community not to recognize felix she said katie as president. a car bomb blast in syria has killed several soldiers state t.v. says a military checkpoint on the outskirts of damascus was the target some binge of a does more now from gaziantep near the syrian border. this explosion happened on the entrance of damascus on a busy roundabout at a checkpoint according to initial reports it was a car bomb which targeted these government food is it is worth noting that the city of damascus the syrian capital has been relatively calm for the last few months they are old for reports that the syrian government was actually considering that it would remove checkpoint from within the city because the situation has been under control of the syrian government has pushed out rebels from the outskirts of damascus poor attendance by regional leaders and divisions over the war in syria overshadowed a major economic summit in the lebanese capital beirut the emir of qatar shift to me but now my doubts any on the mauritanian president are the only heads of state
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expected to attend the emir of kuwait on the egyptian and palestinian presidents all pulled out at the last minute the saudi coalition has launched a series of air strikes and yemen's capital sana'a who's the military base and drone facility were targeted the first time the coalition has carried out air strikes in the capital since yemen's warring sides met for un back talks in sweden last month. the u.s. military says i strike in somalia has killed fifty two fighters just hours after somali army base was attacked gunmen rammed a vehicle packed with explosives into the base in jubilant six somali soldiers were killed in saturday's bomb attack and a gun battle which lasted several hours about attacks are continuing despite losing control of most cities towns the u.s. presidents offered a concession to break the deadlock over the partial government shutdown donald trump is offering temporary protection to some immigrants no turn for money for his
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border wall but democrats have rejected his offer but those were the headlines the news continues on al jazeera. shadowy financial operations are propping up north korea's economy. north korea's secret money on al-jazeera. and welcome again to rewind i'm nor. since we know what to al-jazeera english back
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in two thousand and six on library of award winning documentaries has been growing year by year and tear on rewind we're revisiting some of the best of them today we're rewinding more than ten years to a series that looked at the day the lives of children in conflict zones. we've picked a particularly moving episode in which the filmmakers traveled to gaza where today forty five percent of the population children under fifteen all of whom have firsthand experience of the machinery and consequences of violence. the children you're about sony's been traumatized by their days had a lives in gaza but as you'll see they are somehow immensely inspiring from two thousand and seven children of conflict. gaza. one of the world's biggest news stories. but one of the smallest and most claustrophobic strips of land on earth.
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a virtual prison with no way out and hardly any way in. the years of conflict with israel have left gaza in ruins. a grainy search for fires tears. and blue state. and our crew the other children here for martyrdom. today gaza feels like a population living on life support machine there's not enough of anything any money water food or medicine i know what this means i know what love means i know what their what warned me is i'm scared i think we're going to die death is coming. this tiny strip of land is bordered by israel egypt and the
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mediterranean sea entry to gaza is through checkpoints all of which are controlled by israel. gaza makes up only six percent of the palestinian territory it contains nearly heart of its population around one point two million and. fifty percent of children under the age of ten. roughly twice the size of washington d.c. gaza is. of the most densely populated places in the world. fatima al natur was a grandmother to twenty three grandchildren these are just some of them she had a tough life two of her children had been killed and others were in prison and her own house had been destroyed forcing her to live with relatives. when she died all
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she had was a room with a wardrobe a bed and a nail to hang things on she lived in dire poverty. oh i oh but she chose to dummy in desperate and in the. last november at the age of sixty seven fatima became the oldest female palestinian suicide bomber. she approached a group of soldiers and detonated explosives strapped around her waist. and. two weeks before her death fatima went on a winning protest in the town of beit hanoun. while she was there she witnessed the massacre of thirteen children and the death of one of her friends her family say it was the to. be an american to have she went but you knew when
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to break the most each she was the first woman to confront the israeli soldiers and right between the tanks we were surprised she came back to us alive after that. we thought she would get killed. thank. fashion as grandchildren say she came back from beit hanoun a changed person she was unusually quiet and she chose to spend time with each of the children individually was the cause of so that someone. this she would me address that was worth thirty chicago's and i hadn't been able to pay her back she said to me a little of the debt if i die today but i didn't take her seriously i mean she was normal she was helping us to bake the bread before she went out to die i suppose she may have been trying to tell me and directly that the her words were full of for those. the grandchildren insist they had no idea what she was planning to do.
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the bank quick has money we are astonished at what happened we will miss her daily . the little ones cry for her and call her name at night they really loved her a lot and they keep visiting her they go to her room and knock on the door as if she's still there they sit on her bed and reminisce about they keep calling her name and asking her to come back i wish i could have said goodbye and then i would have got her last words of advice on how she was going to do this who drove her to this ideology and i have dealings with the movement but they are saying very little to me and i'm trying to find out the address of other person to talk to i want to do the same i want to know how to do this are you serious that you were fourteen years old she never said yes if you look at it from a view that life is just a passage then age is not an obstacle and if you have to as
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a matter of fact i'm trying to raise my little sister to think in this way this wouldn't worry me and i will recruit other children here for martyrdom isn't it. it's not life is a passage it's not a sad thing that i've. already become a master or not going to die and we're all going to die anyway. that the band yes clearly said of course that my grandmother will be a very good example for the children to follow she will give them the passion for martyrdom and raise them in the love of their land and when they grow up they will learn to defend palestine and they will revenge their grandmother. do you ever think about the kids in israel do you ever wonder if for example the children it's that or old do you think that they might be suffering too. yeah numa yeah but
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yes of course but just like our children live under constant fear their children should also experience the same fear and terror that's a normal reaction i refuse to accept that the other children of the world can live in peace and security while the children of palestine live under terror bestial froebel whole. children are growing up really thinking that this is is normal not being able to move around having difficulty getting to school. violence for siblings brought friends being killed. gaza and palestine engineer it looks like a prison when you want a goal from here gaza dora muller for example you have to go through that checkpoint and. you have many questions. although it's our land there's no place to go because every good place. israel's and israeli and
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destroy it. here they know what to do what one means what there were that what this means and they know if they see blood very little everything to politics they is this just live in a full political situation all in the in schools they took it all for they when they play you can see them shooting other vital. i'm an amateur i know i know what this means i know what love means i know what they hear what war means for as little as they know i know and all the children how is the feeling of of not having a mom. or dad or brother the democratically elected government of the palestinian territories is how much but the west regard hamas as
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a terrorist organization and have frozen aid to both go there on the west bank. the economy has collapsed and civil servants haven't been paid for over a year. it's beyond people's coping mechanisms they can't cope anymore and that's certainly what we're saying here in gaza people have sold anything that they might have to enable them to get by and they're just not making ends meet anymore we're saying poverty rates really get much worse people are living on less than two dollars a day eighty percent population and now at that rate of poverty which is comparable with some of the poorest places in the world. the sea a source of food is patrolled by the israeli military. gaza's fisherman can only fish safely in shallow polluted waters they say these days they are lucky to catch a handful of sardines. so mostly the boats don't bother to go out anymore.
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the land here is first tile and gaza used to have a thriving agriculture industry. but with the sealed borders these farmers console their crops. many children have had to drop out of school to support their families in these fields i saw children as young as five spending backbreaking ten hour days picking carrots. they earned just thirty shekels about five dollars a day. this is all shoka the village overlooked by gardner airport the whole area was destroyed by israeli tanks in august two thousand and six during a military incursion. israel says it has to carry out these incursions to protect itself. the people here didn't do anything wrong.
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houses and the family then them were simply in the way. this mother told me she used to have a three bedroom house with two bathrooms a washing machine and a t.v. . now all she has is a few dusty blankets under some plastic sheet. emboldens just opened. and they came to show they told us to get outside i was scared from the sound it explodes i left all the toys were the bulldozers were they broke my toys they are under the house what they did tell us anything except one tree when they were over there. living conditions like this a particularly hard on children there's no sanitation no clean water and shelter
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from the cold that's not even a safe place to play. and if the children get sick there are no daughters but even if they were the parents couldn't pay anyway this road runs through the middle of the gaza strip. during the years that israeli settlers lived here it was closed to the palestinians. the settlers left in two thousand and five and the homes were destroyed by these were. many palestinian homes still bear the scars of the battles surrounding the settlement. battles the basheer family. the tall four story house is situated between a former settlement village and a palestinian village the israeli military tried to take over the house because it wanted to use it as a lookout position but the family refused to leave so the soldiers took the top two
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floors and the. who have six children stayed on the ground to. the first time i saw the soldiers i was scared but i got used to them and then i wasn't so scared. i asked them if i could go to the toilet but the soldiers said no they would not allow me to go. they did not let me so i wet myself. they forced us down sides and i took my dad and myself and they blindfolded me and this was the most scary thing of all. and how do you feel now it's not the soldiers. i'm so happy now they have a gun now i can go out and whenever i like at night and day people can come and see us i'm happy even my close friends can come visit me and i can go to their houses i
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mean i have to be happy happy and so so. that my job was. you know i was internal tensions rising gaza children have also been caught in the crossfire between hamas and fatah the two leading palestinian political parties. in december two thousand and six three children were killed when their colleagues and little girls in an apparent attack on their father a senior fatter intelligence official. over fifty children have been killed in the past three months. or more than half of gaza's children i thought to be suffering psychological damage as a result of trauma i love where i live have them over the them are all this destruction and mess we just wanted she moved we want it back as it's used to be
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before with all the trees we want peace and this for lunch because we always live and fear and you don't feel safe in these houses i swear we heard the sound of for kits and the noise of shooting and everything would love some peace in this war especially in gaza. what would she say to the politicians on both sides the goal of . my first tour is start to the arabs you talk about saving the children and you speak much about children but you don't truly mean what you say because children do not have any rights here you. know much the prime minister of as or and i say to him kill children who are endless and. i think it's because he and the israelis are scared of. me this is because they think
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the children will grow up to be fighters it's the opposite i want to tell him the children aspire to be educated go to the university get ph d.'s they want and education they just want an indication. violence poverty politics. daily reality for the children of constant. incomes of the population is estimated to be about one point four million over hard these people children just think about what kind of impact by housing along the top russian generation it's it's going to be addressed i really be a journalist because because. because i like it when i get bigger i'll
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describe the situation here still everybody how we live how. god willing i would love to be a professor of chemistry at university. that if i do not succeed in being a martyr. when you become the first female president of palestine which i'm absolutely sure you're going to be one of the first three things you're going to do and how it. shall if i'm president. i would first give children all there are so they don't have to live in discern years and miseries that we live in. second i would you move all the sharpish i would not leave it the way it is now i would see that there are municipalities that could clear the mess left behind by the israeli and third. new country.
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children of conflict from two thousand and seven well that was more than ten years ago so what has become of the kids we met in that film in the decade since children of conflict conditions in gaza have to tara to badly and there were major israeli incursions in two thousand and nine and fourteen we returned recently to gaza to find out what has happened to those children who by now a well into the teens on the twenty. at the fed a bell we. did in the.
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midst of thick. headed luggage in the high corner and dictate a bit faster. than a include a way on it and. the one on the shuttle no clue as to head the deficit enough and the big. one i'm in. a big. ship that has the patty two hundred. eighty and. moshe loved one day and in one house a lot of. people sit on a few quid in a measure that it hundred and that them and in the end get a. head the best didn't can never match and that. is the news
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then of a suit. in. the best month. i don't know how that is the best. and. but they're tired of the. me and he said. the lad leave. them out. of finance as a. man. and a murderer get to work at an accolade on the hill a kid that i have to have a kid that has their fit then when i get halle. and i wish to be and i've been this. is that i had no commute look around for the car to talk on. the bus but that god yeah now i would look at. the census
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ninas for the inconvenience and i would look at only on the record and maybe the average can you see at. the door to. me feel that there are no women in fact that i. had. to have measured and i had them on them and them but but it had at least. in the result of looking at a long. list to have. thought to distill their leaders to. the letter so i couldn't be on the menu of the. i would say you mean mccann but yes. then the so did mortal also so did learn. and this is true and i will what.
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about his but that is. how little. of that is. that a subtle measure of the so. that i didn't. the whole. year will be. good though and i had. seen it they had a wide buddha and i'm going to national center and that as if that is the hayyeh or hellion hair is. a myth. as of another i have.
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read several first thing in our square man alone where has this been a man for going to homo should see. some of the total bill aside italian or some of the. men as that. other little bit because a matter of. fairness i had. only animals that are from up that much submissive i get any of the gear. mally hold the whole bit with fear to go out and sell it if i am good to get a i had seen. model and all aside i could have but from as it had to be. a remarkable insight into a decade of growing up in gaza well that's it from us do join us again next time
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and do check out all rewind pages al jazeera dot com for more films from the series but for now thanks for joining us and see you again soon. rewind returns again bring your people back to life. with brand new updates on the best of al-jazeera documentaries. i was the both of us. and the others to rewind continues with me going into a war zone he said the first thing i look for is the exit it's all how to get it it's all to get out that nobody sees your pictures there's no point going to these places rewind. the.
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train one of the oldest cities seen through the eyes of those who know it best. goes on the road with palestinian taxi drivers living and working at the heart of one of the most talky contested locations on the. jerusalem's palestinian cabbies. al-jazeera where ever you are. where
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there is water there is life but finding it and australia's arid deserts is a skill few still possess they took us to a small. in the desert and this was this is a very important place. i've been telling us about for the last five days. and. against all. this passing on. the rainmakers. this is al jazeera. hello i'm sam is a band this is the news hour live from the next sixty minutes. democratic republic
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of congo's opposition leader calls for nationwide protests after a rival. declared the winner of the presidential election. divisions among arab countries overshadow a key economic summit in lebanon. grim reality of searching for a better life after another boat load of refugees capsized in the mediterranean and three time grand slam champion has been knocked out of the australian open. and ran for. the runner up in the democratic republic of congo's presidential election is calling for nationwide protests after the constitutional court rejected his allegations of vote rigging martin for you lou says he is the only legitimate president he's appealing to the international community not to recognize fabrics
6:50 pm
just candy as the president has the latest. this is. the highest court in democratic republic of congo announcing the next president felix just acadia. the constitutional court dismissed an appeal by the main opposition contender martin for you lou who claim that the summer thirtieth poll was rigged for you'll argue that just the k.t. had made a power sharing deal with outgoing president joseph kabila a charge both men deny. for you is refusing to accept the court's ruling prompting fears of further unrest. i consider myself the only legitimate president of the democratic republic of congo i call on the congolese people not to recognize someone who would take on that role in legitimately nor to a by orders coming from. the electoral commission had announced that she is
6:51 pm
a katie received thirty eight point five percent of the vote compared with thirty four point seven percent for for you willow. the un says thirty four people have been killed since the provisional results were released the lead up to the poll was also marred by violence and controversy over the decision to delay voting in some areas for health and security reasons which in effect meant more than one in a quarter million people from intellectual of almost forty million works glued it. these official figures have been disputed by the influential catholic church which says it deployed forty thousand monitors across the country but the winning candidate supporters have welcomed the court's decision was the constitutional court acted responsibly and in a sovereign manner the court decided in a litigation presented before it by the congolese did not have to answer to any other injunction. fifty five year old felix just a katy who leads the country's largest and oldest opposition party founded by spa
6:52 pm
there is expected to be sworn in within ten days. al-jazeera. of a me the minute is live in the capital kinshasa for us for me the how are people responding to the call then for protests. but then we have course you know there's been the call for protests by martin flew and in the capital kinshasa we haven't seen much of a response to that call the way they should be preschool but i think there may also have been some element of shock with regard to that final ruling from the constitutional court of perhaps the opposition martin for you know what you do consider his options very careful carefully that ruling is final it can't be appealed so they aren't necessarily any further legal challenge legal challenges or legal channels well that that he could pursue and perhaps protests i would be the only avenue at this stage but also in. the care he has
6:53 pm
a significant amount of support. more in his direction rather than martin for you to march or you know most likely looking outside the capital probably perhaps to the northwest in the east of the country we don't have any reports of any incidents in those areas but the capital for now well it's a very quiet and normal sunday for many people here digesting the news from the constitutional court and just going about their day. very common go forward in the in the court system how much support how much how many options does for you to have within the state apparatus within the state security. i think we also have to look at those election results with the independently coming from the catholic church or perhaps the results coming from the electoral commission which is also raise a number of questions regarding support of the electorate illiterate specifically
6:54 pm
and just you know what questions that raises around what could happen going forward but also what is important are the is the speculation around of this deal that might have been struck between president joseph the outgoing president joseph kabila and felix to security allegations speculation there that this would also look at security apparatus the financial sector the just the interests of our the outgoing president. does have loyalty from the army that's been the case of throughout his presidency and just exactly what the military would do how they would also respond to any potential protests would be of great concern but what exactly the discussions one of the alleged discussions with the government and martin rather a few litigating have tonight but what those apparent discussions might have included would determine exactly the decisions that would happen going forward and also later on the parliament and the senate and of course i have this issue of the
6:55 pm
election results but even then when it was that that the nine percent the electoral commission is talking about in favor of security he still managed the governing party has still managed to garner almost an eighty percent support in the latest lot of elections which means they would dominate fundament which for many is quite perplexing is quite interesting in that how that would be happen and so i think these allegations of vote rigging would put stand for many congolese the issues around of the futility of the election some people not been able to vote until now most people in these cities strongholds known to be strongholds of the opposition there would be this continued dissatisfaction with the process and perhaps looking at what the people can do with regard to the options rather than what martin taylor can do using legal avenues all right thanks so much for me the mother. poor attendance by regional leaders and divisions over the war in syria have
6:56 pm
overshadowed a major economic summit in lebanon's capital beirut the emea of carter shake to mean been hammered down thousand in the mirror military and rather president are the only heads of state attending the emir of kuwait and the egyptian and palestinian presidents pulled out of the last minute while the arab league has many rich economies that there are some that are struggling in yemen three years of conflict has resulted in ongoing famine affecting millions of people the national currency is collapsing and the oil and gas production has been severely disrupted in sudan the government subsidized fuel and bread resulting in budget deficits this led to the crisis so the currency rather losing its value and has created hind flake. there are ongoing protests over the rising cost of living and on the islands of camorra so off the coast of mozambique nearly eighteen percent of the population
6:57 pm
now lives below the international poverty line many are surviving on less than two dollars a day. then a whole joins us now live from beirut and as i was mentioning little heads of state or even showing up for this how high are exposed patients going into the conference . well arab league summit really have a poor track record when it comes to achieving meaningful results simply because the arab world is divided and when summits like these happen those divisions are out in the open lebanon has found itself really caught in the crossfire in the ongoing rivalry in the region between the united states saudi arabia and its allies on one hand and iran on another you mentioned that several arab leaders decided to stay away from the summit last minute cancellations those last minute cancellations were seen really as a message to lebanon because they the arab world or a number of arab countries at least consider lebanon to be part of the so-called
6:58 pm
iran axis because the iranian backed hezbollah as well as its allies they hold power in lebanon and they support the syrian government and they wanted to use this summit to reconcile with damascus they wanted the arab league to reinstate syria in the regional body and this upset a number of arab leaders and what we understand as well is that the united states also exerted some pressure on arab leaders to stay away like you mentioned the qatari emir the mauritanian president they're the only two leaders who came it was a show of support specially from a country like qatar itself under a blockade by by a number of arab states led by saudi arabia. zain and the lack of divisions as you mentioned then the arab world to see when it comes to syria how they playing out this conference. well a few weeks ago sadly the optics really couldn't be better for the syrian president bashar al assad you saw the sudanese president. and everyone was talking about the first arab leader to arrive in syria since the conflict erupted in two thousand and
6:59 pm
eleven there were reports that his visit will be followed by other visits and then the united arab emirates reopening its embassy behind reopening its embassy so everyone thought that there would be some sort of a momentum to bring syria back into the arab fold we heard the u.a.e. and bahamian officials say that they're doing this to contain iran's influence in syria that they want to have a say in the future of syria and then this momentum suddenly stopped what we understand is like i mentioned earlier the united states doesn't want relations to normalize with damascus right away because this really lives it leaves little on the table to negotiate this will leave little pressure on the syrian president to engage in u.n. led political talks so this momentum has slowed the west and the arab world really saying that there will be no further more if the syrian government does not compromise and does not engage in the u.s. led political process. zana holder the thanks so much for that. there's been an
7:00 pm
explosion a tsunami checkpoints in syria's capital there are no casualties in the car bomb blast syrian army controls all areas around damascus which has been relatively untouched by the war elsewhere some of binge of aid has more from gaza in time in turkey near the syrian border. according to syrian state t.v. and government sources this was an attack which targeted a military checkpoint on the outskirts of the capital damascus this is an entry point into the city it is worth noting that this attack comes after months of relative calm in the syrian capital that word reports that the same government and its military were considering removing some of the checkpoint from within the city but this attack shows that there are still security concerns which are left and this comes as syrian government and its allies especially a russian air power has begun targeting areas in north north northern parts of syria this is in the area called it live which is the last remaining stronghold of red.


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