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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 20, 2019 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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is one of the big burning questions at the moment that many of us are trying to look at. all right thanks so much for your analysis on that piers. plenty more still ahead on the news hour including kenya faces up to the reality of homegrown threat sastre an attack on a hotel complex in nairobi. one of boxing's all time greats proves age is just a number in this latest world title fights details coming up later in sports. israel says it shot down a rocket from syria. and intercepted rocket fire from the northern part of the occupied golan heights the incident came shortly after serious prevented an israeli air strike in the south but lebanese president is urging world leaders to make all efforts for syrian refugees to return home michel aoun has been speaking at the
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arab economic summit in beirut summit is being overshadowed by a rift over whether syria should be reinstated into the arab league and poor attendance causes a mere shake to mean been hundred thousand and more a ten years for us. are the only had state attending the meeting so hold on has more from beirut. the low level of representation is being described as unprecedented in arab league gatherings even though this this is an economic summit that has a lower profile than the annual arab league summit previous economic summits attracted numerous heads of state and number of heads of state made last minute cancellation saying that they will stay away from this meeting and it was interpreted here in lebanon as an arab diplomatic snob as a message to lebanon because they consider lebanon to be part of the so-called iran axis the iranian backed hezbollah and its allies they hold power in lebanon they
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are allied with the syrian government and they wanted to use this summit as an opportunity to reinstate syria's membership in the arab league they were pushing for this and there is still no arab consensus to return syria and to the arab cold syria's membership we have to remember was suspended back in two thousand and eleven because of its violent crackdown on anti-government protesters so two heads of state attending one of them the qatari and we are lebanon attaching a lot of importance to his presence because qatar is a country under blockade saudi arabia and its allies impose the siege on qatar so the lebanese media is really describing his decision his last minute decision to attempt as qatar trying to break this to impose on lebanon lebanon expected to come under more pressure the arab countries who stayed away of course are allied to the united states and the united states a strategy in the arab world is to exert pressure on iran and try to contain its influence in the arab world. the u.s.
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coalition is launched a series of airstrikes in yemen's capital sana'a the military base drone facility with songs did it's the first time the coalition has carried out strikes in the capital since yemen's warring sides met for un back since we last month. dozens of african refugees are feared drowned after an overloaded boat capsized three people have been rescued one hundred seventy in the missing in the mediterranean sea they were in a rubber dinghy which sailed from libya most on board came from nigeria ivory coast gambia and sudan the international organization for migration says the number of migrants and refugees landing on european shores has almost doubled in the first sixteen days of this year it's reached more than four thousand compared to the same period in two thousand and eighteen and they do three people have died so far this year trying to cross the mediterranean in december the search and rescue ship
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aquarius which was the last charity ship operating off the coast of libya was stripped of its license doctors without borders operates the vessel it's accuse the e.u. of running a smear campaign against it leonard doyle is a spokesman for the international organization for migration he says people will keep dying in the mediterranean sea because of human traffickers. well these are three couple of incidents rather than one and it's the survivors have been interviewed by i.o.m. staff in lampedusa have given a very grim account of what happened they were left in the water for many hours until they were eventually rescued by a talent search and rescue and brought to shore and brought to safety so it does appear that there are other who were with them in the doing it which was sinking at the time or had gone under the waves have probably no chance of being sort of being rescued is certainly the case that the numbers attending to cross' is about double the rate it was last year but it's still fairly low in the four thousand mark and
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what we're looking at them which probably more troubling is that the numbers of people dying as a percentage is really going up to about two hundred so far this year in in several incidents and of course the latest incident to is particularly shocking because you have about fifty three off the coast of spain and now another maybe forty plus off between italy and libya so it looks like these smugglers are really taking great risks with human life and putting wonderful people to sea in totally unsafe wrestles and really put it really quite shocking the callousness that we see by the smugglers and traffickers who are simply just trying to make money out of. democrats are rejecting don trump's offer to break the deadlock over the longest government shutdown in u.s. history the president is offering temporary protection for someone documented immigrants if he wins back backing rather to build the border war with mexico democrats say his compromise offer is one sided rob reynolds has more from
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washington d.c. . with the government shutdown dragging toward the one month mark president trump offered democrats a deal give him five point seven billion dollars for his border wall and he'll lift the threat of deportation for a million undocumented immigrants number one is three years of legislative relief for seven hundred thousand dokken recipients secondly our proposal provides a three year extension of temporary protected status or t.p.s. . the immigrants tromp referred to our young people brought to the u.s. illegally by their parents as children known collectively as the dreamers and non-citizens from countries hit by natural disasters who had been permitted to live in the u.s. both groups were stripped of legal protections by trump but court rulings have so far prevented the government from deporting them it was an offer trump's democratic
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opposition could and swiftly did refuse. house speaker nancy pelosi issued a statement saying quote it is unlikely that any one of these provisions alone would pass the house and taken together they are a nonstarter she repeated the democrats' arguments that the wall would be ineffective and senate democratic leader chuck schumer said trump was treating the dreamers a very like hostages trump described hardships faced by migrants and a flood of drugs coming into the us drugs kill seventy eight thousand americans a year and car star society in excess of seven hundred billion dollars critics point out that most of those drugs are smuggled through legal points of entry and that a wall would have little effect on stopping traffickers what happens next the republican controlled senate will take up trumps proposals and almost certainly pass
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a bill in corporate in them and restoring funds to end the shutdown that bill will then go to the democratic controlled house where pressure to pass it may become intense you can just peel away twenty twenty five democrats who want the government open and are not so adamant against the wall to carry the day even if the government even if the democratic leadership remain opposed to the wall a possible grounds for compromise palosi said there needs to be a permanent solution for dreamers and t.p.s. recipients not just a three year reprieve if both sides start bargaining again the longest ever government shutdown could be brought to an end rob reynolds al-jazeera washington. i man gin this is been generating a lot of reaction online so getting real here as it's all goes through will be will be inciting a lot of conversation around this topic sammi well the shutdown now currently in
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its fifth week is the longest in u.s. history as federal workers face more uncertainty about their financial future and many are using the hash tag the shutdown stories listing their personal experiences on twitter of not being able to make ends meet but first started by them applying for a unemployment insurance and receiving food stamps just to make ends meet is a necessary and civil shutdown it's cost me under stress and uncertainty that will continue into the forseeable future the discussion of the border war was in congress and none of ours federal workers. and others are talking about ways to get around it and also help those in need for example airport staff in miami are helping to get the nonprofit group branches to give stuff there some money to pay pal president down children says the company is committing twenty five million dollars an interest free cash advances to help some of the eight hundred thousand
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federal employees suffering because of the shutdown and also a mobile pantry has been set up to distribute bread eggs and milk and some sentences like republican martha make sally want their pay withheld until the shutdown is over i don't believe members of congress should get paid while those who keep us safe like our border patrol agents and c.b.p. officers at our ports of entry continue to work tirelessly without pay not knowing how to afford their rent and support their families let's break the gridlock and find a path forward to secure our border and fund the government and a former us president george w. bush has also gotten involved here he is delivering pizza to security software have not been paid and the hash tag chef's full feds is also growing too with restaurants nationwide opening their doors to feed hungry civil servants. we are afraid that food stamps or what we know is snaps may be about to run out that means millions of americans many of them mothers single mothers with children will go
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hungry so was and ricky is always there to make sure that nobody will go hungry and listen volunteers along with other communities are also helping clean up public parks in washington d.c. hoping unity will bring people together. we'll continue to monitor the story and also update you with more details as soon as we get them but for now back to you sammy. thanks so much now demonstrators are rallying in the greek capital against the proposed name change deal to normalize relations with neighboring macedonia it wants to change its name to the republic of north macedonia but greeks objects because macedonia is the ancient name of one of their region's greek prime minister alexis tsipras has survived two confidence motions in parliament over the contentious deal transfer awfullest joins us now from athens so how are those protests shaping up. as you can see behind me
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clouds of tear gas are now rising from the two areas in front of parliament where a particular cohort of young males in fact goodies has been trying to break through the police lines and have the parliament compound they've been firing fireworks over the heads of police some of those have been exploding at police his feet and the police has been responding with volleys of tear gas forcing many of the people who had crowded on to the square back the organizers have denounced these protesters that are using fireworks as police provocateurs they say that they are not part of the predominant lead peaceful crowd that has gathered here below me in their many thousands and they have asked the government to pull them back so this is now a bit of a war zone here so i mean there are two separate things going on there's
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a political statement being made peacefully and there is a violent statement being made as well. let's talk about what happens next john will any of the scenes where seeing going on impacts the way parliament is going to vote on this. it is unlikely because the prime minister has said very consistently ever since this. agreement was penciled in was was signed in fact in june last year that he will bring his ratification to greek parliament the prime minister of former yugoslav macedonia said he will put his ratification to a referendum which as you remember didn't go very well and i think that is an extra reason why this government plans to steer well clear of the popular vote on this particular international agreement that is the demand of the protesters here
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according to a recent poll released today sixty six percent of greeks are in favor of a referendum i think you can take that number as an indication of how many would vote against the agreement as well but the prime minister has said he will bring this to parliament by the end of the week all right we'll leave it there for now thanks so much john strapless and so damn police have fired tear gas to break up protests in khartoum and a modern man city's students are now the university in the capital holding a sit in demanding the resignation of president on one of the bashir activists say dozens of been killed in a month of protests which first began over the rising price of bread. joins us now live from khartoum so what's the situation like there now. i mean there are protests almost everywhere particularly as you mentioned in on the man in two places at least that we were we have seen i was in the are by in the street and my
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cameraman was up there headed there as a part of a major crackdown and pressure on journalists you and the media not to go big camera t.v. cameras on the to loud any distance cameras are not allowed so our camera man has been up three hundred during that protest intensive tear gas was used by police to disperse the crowds that planned in on demand today by the protesters who was to reach the parliament another another gathering of them was dispersed into the parliament by heavy tear gas used by police there is a sit in at the university and another in. in another part of the tune that's a that's not far from that is essential compound of president omar hasn't been a moment to shoot himself has a spoken just a while ago in the state south of khartoum and interesting lee he once again denied that any state a part of has been responsible for the killing of the protesters and he particularly mission the case of a doctor because of the him who was killed on thursday and he said that the people
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who shot at him were not a security person other they were not the link to any state or parties and he accused the protesters themselves of being involved in that shooting he said the type of bullet that has been used in killing dr abdullah of the him does not belong to any state apparatus and he said he accused the protesters of being of some of them of being infiltrated there using guns to kill other protesters in order to blame the state and make a problem for the state or thanks so much for that update. another winter storm has blown across the u.s. it's find how it's looking now steph yes somebody had to say it was cold here in doha sami nothing compared to that word day but have a look at what's going on over there because this is that winter storm at the moment in the east it didn't only give us a lot of snow and some rain it also brought us this damage here in alabama this was
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due to a tornado caused a lot of damage but fortunately no casualties that system though is now working its way east as you can see this very distinctive area of cloud here working its way eastwards rain very heavy rain in the south but it's in the north where we've seen a lot of snow and that snow for some of us is still forming this is what it looks like in chicago lots of wintery weather already settled by a good few centimeters and there's plenty more still to come so here's that system then as it gradually works its way north eastwards up into the eastern parts of canada and behind that it is turning bitterly bitterly cold so here's a temperature chart then of the dark blues or where it's coldest and you can see that cold air digging further and further south as we head through the day on monday now you might think you're not minus nine that's not too bad but remember it's windy as well so it'll feel more like minus twenty now i've been in new york when it's that cold and i'd say it's definitely a day to stay inside if you can. now still to come on al-jazeera
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ok thank you very much a very good. tariffs trade and trump we look at how the u.s. president has shaken the global economy since taking office. and wayne hay reporting from cambodia where we'll tell you why china is transforming skylines here and backing a government that's becoming increasingly isolated by the west. and in spalls we'll hear from f.l. legend tom brady as his team targets a third straight super bowl appearance. if you were looking at this from the outside you would really wonder what was going on what is this gross is a religion that they have an in-depth exploration of global capitalism and our obsession with economic growth this is still the center of capitalism there is no
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limits i view myself as a capital artist we are trying to break through the world smaller and smaller we don't want to be realistic in the world we would rather have a fantasy growing pains on al-jazeera the latest news as it breaks the difference is that in both bottles awesome flightless that authentic in the roots with that this time though truth truth is do not come up with detailed coverage though has already said that he's ready to take over as interim president and call for you elections. from around the world volunteers are doing what they can that's not the point behind the government's decision to criminalize homelessness in hundred.
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welcome back you're watching al-jazeera time to recap our headlines now a block of sixteen southern african countries has congratulated felix just before winning the presidential election in the democratic republic of congo the constitutional court rejected martin for you loose allegations of vote rigging has called for nationwide protests and says he is the only legitimate president. zimbabwe's president is warning the police crackdown on protesters there is just a taste of things to come the government's response to demonstrations over the hike in fuel prices being criticized by the u.n. human rights office have been allegations of shootings and beatings israel says it shot down a rocket from syria and intercepted rocket fire from the northern part of the
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occupied golan heights the attack came shortly after syria so they have prevented an israeli air strike in the south. two years since i was sworn in since then the white house has been seen as plagued by conflict chaos and confusion kimberly health takes a closer look from washington d.c. . it's an understatement to say the first two years of donald trump's presidency have been different we have peaches we have three hundred hamburgers many many bridge for us so help me god with the promise to bring washington to its knees and drain the swamp trying to work to fulfill his most popular phrase we will make america great again in many ways trump a change the country sometimes by default there so much this watching the show much uncertainty there's so much chaos right now that we simply don't know which way is up he refuses to act like previous presidents often using twitter to announce big
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news or get that son of a the field to insult his opponents they call or pocahontas he often shuns advice from his top aides which is led to a stunning number of departures including his secretary of state his defense secretary two chiefs of staff and two national security advisers. unemployment is at its lowest rate in fifty years but economists warn that may not last in twenty nineteen trump's also pointed to conservative judges. but it is his biggest campaign promise that has proved to be his toughest challenge we are building a wall trump has made it clear he wants a wall along the southern border of the united states with mexico to stop illegal migrants from crossing his stubborn insistence has led to a stalemate with his democratic opponents who reminded him he also promised mexico
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would pay for the wall. in december the u.s. government shut down over his request for five point seven billion for a new wall it's now the longest partial government shutdown in history no collusion no nothing there's no collusion there was no collusion whatsoever although his first two years have been overshadowed by a department of. justice investigation into whether his campaign worked with the kremlin trump has proved over and over again he can weather the have to legal and political fights that come with it but is twenty one thousand gets closer to twenty twenty a presidential election year faces new challenges for democrats who want him out this is our moment in history some analysts say he may survive that too you have a progressive base that is simply i think more interested in fighting then they are in unifying the party but perhaps one of the biggest promises donald trump has kept
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is that he governs like no president before him kimberly healthy at al-jazeera the white house all since his inauguration trump his challenge the number of trade deals all of the name of protectionism soon after taking office donald trump withdrew from the trans-pacific partnership that c.p.p. was on track to become the world's largest free trade zone trump said it attacks american business interests though and all the major trade deal is also being rewritten the successor to the north american free trade agreement on nafta was signed by canada mexico and trump in november and trump launched a trade war with china imposing tariffs on two hundred fifty billion dollars worth of chinese imports beijing responded with tariffs on american exports just past the halfway mark of a ninety day truce between the world's two largest economies. let's go
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to london now and speak with political economist phillipe le grande is a former special advisor to the world trade organizations director general good to have you with us so as i was mentioning there he's pulled out of t.t.p. he's really with nafta overall has the trump impact on the flow of free trade the as big as as thought or fear depending on where you sit on this one well there were many people who said when trump was elected his campaign promises were never going to be realized that he was just making threats in order to be elected and that he would govern like a sensible republican and those people have been proven wrong he clearly is protectionist he clearly is trying to rewrite the rules of international trade and he's willing to act recklessly and contra confrontation lee in order to do so if you want to say take the other extreme clearly the world trading system you know
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hasn't collapsed yet clearly he hasn't pulled out of nafta like he threatened to that he's struck a second rate replacement deal and it remains to be seen how the trade war with china with pat will pan out also he's pulled back for now from a trade war with the e.u. though i fear that is going to be reignited later this year how successful has he been in returning the u.s. manufacturing base back home from other countries particularly in asia. he hasn't been i mean since the low just after the financial crisis and manufacturing jobs in the united states have been increasing they increased substantially under president obama and they've risen a little bit under trump and so far the impact is protectionism while there's been you know a few companies announcing that they were going to offshore and
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a few others making a big song and dance about opening factories in the u.s. that they were probably going to open anyway you certainly haven't seen a big return in production or indeed manufacturing jobs at the u.s. and you certainly either haven't seen the big reduction in the trade deficit which trump is has is a top top priority for trump so so far american first is not delivering the goods it's still got this trade war brewing with china how is trump isn't impacted the prospects for global world's g.d.p. well i think that. trump was lucky he inherited a strong economy from president obama and to be fair to him he hasn't messed that up yet and u.s. growth has been strong as your package that unemployment is been falling wages are up gone up as a result and the u.s.
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has been a positive contributor to global growth for the most part over the past two years now we're seeing the u.s. economy slowing we're seeing the impact of the tax cuts fading we're seeing obviously the slowdown. adding to those and you're seeing the added problems from protectionism on top of that i think and this is you know harder to measure but i think is significant as your package pointed out truck thrives on chaos and crisis and all of that creates permanent uncertainty and uncertainty unpredictability is bad for business and i think that there's an enduring cost from that. which is a fully recognized or we'll leave it there for now thanks to your analysis cambodia's from minister is beginning a four day visit to china where he'll meet president xi jinping in beijing provides an economic safety nets nonpaying which is seen souring relations with the west over its human rights record and is when hail reports from sihanoukville chinese
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investment is on display. just two years ago this was a sleepy seaside town popular with backpackers now sihanoukville is a chinese construction sites gambling is illegal for cambodians but it's thought there are more than seventy casinos open or under construction in the special economic zone the target market is not cambodians it's chinese tourists some cambodians are benefiting from the investment in the form of jobs but others are being forced out because of the construction and rising costs. but when i moved to my restruck here the rig was lower and i don't have many customers because i'm on the outskirts of town now i didn't want to move here but i had no choice sihanoukville is an important part of china's belton road initiative which aims to link asia with africa and europe through loans and investment trade between the two countries is up more than twenty percent and most goods come through here
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cambodia's only deep sea port this area also holds strategic value for china sea and will sits on the gulf of thailand which then becomes the south china sea where china is involved in territorial disputes with several southeast asian nations cambodia isn't one of them but instead of siding with its neighbors when it comes to the dispute it sides with china. there have even been reports recently that the chinese are planning to build a military base along this coast the cambodian government says it's not true and in fact it would be unconstitutional but all this is happening at a time when the west is threatening to punish the cambodian government through economic sanctions following a dramatic decline in democracy and human rights investment from china generally comes with a list social or democratic conditions there seems to come and i understand your conditions so let's work to make it happen i don't care about nothing but the government in beijing does like stability and the influx of chinese coming to work
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in cambodia has created some social tensions system aged that around twenty percent of the population of sihanoukville is now chinese the local government says there are no problems between the communities they do. they do then vice. saw it is the. conflict between two people china's ambassador to cambodia recently described the relationship between the two countries as forged in steel judging by the pace of change here that's into meant is being taken quite literally when hey al jazeera sihanoukville cambodia the u.s. military says an airstrike in somalia killed fifty two fighters hours after a somali army base was attacked a gunman rammed the vehicle packed with explosives into the base in juba land six somali soldiers were killed in saturday's bomb attack and gun battle which lasted
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several hours shabab attacks are continuing despite losing control of most cities and towns african union and somali troops drove the group. out of the capital eight years ago. claimed responsibility for tuesday's attack on a luxury hotel in kenya police say four of the five suspects under arrest are kenyan police twenty one people were killed in nairobi i mean that i reports this sprawling informal settlement gengel in near it around central kenya life here may seem us ordinary as in any other slum but the residents of mud jungle ordered. one of the gunmen in last tuesday's al shabaab attack in the capital nairobi was born and grew up here. salim ali good was captured in this photograph during the nairobi attack and he grew up in this house he's neighbors those shocked i'm not surprised
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they say al-shabaab has over the years recruited many young men including salim from me. for saying he's one of magickal community leaders we generally have to haarlem a car our children have no jobs they need to eat most of them have dropped out of school and their parents are too poor to help them continue with education the parents have no idea when and how al-shabaab recruiters get hold of their children holding. a heavy hundred government response hasn't helped either he says residents of more general blame the ease with which al shabab can recruit on law literacy joblessness and drug abuse among the youth here it is a situation that is far more compounded by feelings of state elimination by residents of this neighborhood kenyans in the past have blamed the violence carried out by al-shabaab on fighters coming from beyond their national borders but last tuesday's assault on a shopping complex in the capital is forcing.


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