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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 21, 2019 1:00am-1:33am +03

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my cydonia was and ethnic mosaic in which greeks were one major group and nothing more than that i think the deal is an honest compromise and this is why it has attracted so much opposition in both countries the greeks often point out yes the broader region of macedonia the former awesome and pires of ministers of region which was divided in three between what was then southern serbia and is now the former yugoslav macedonia and greece and bulgaria was indeed made up of many many different peoples but they also say what greeks also points out in their own defense this is the balkans this is the only area of europe where wars have up until recently up until nine hundred ninety nine changed borders and therefore there is reason for the greeks to worry what you say but i think that some of worries in recent years particularly during the time that nicola grew askew
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was the prime minister in macedonia were justified there where quite a few indications of potentially dangerous and dangerous irredentism and revisionism that could conceivably threaten the country's greece's territorial integrity but then again this is exactly what this deal is tackling i think that this deal along with a number of other factors in the future neutral corporation i said during the ns admission to the super national institutions of the region. all that will cause these threads will these pieces see feds to fade away so that is the hope and that is the main argument of the government here that this agreement may not seem ideal now but it is an agreement that will at least put this fight to rest ten years from now no one room will remember it so i tell me the ice is there enough. susan
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a security forces of fired tear gas to break up process in the capital khartoum and in the city of duma trucks carrying security personnel were deployed to undo a man after protesters blocked streets demanding the resignation of president omar al bashir the near daily demonstrations began in december in response to the league's in cost of bribes activists say dozens have been killed president says the process being organized by quote traitorous mohamed el has the latest from. more protests broke out today in khartoum and also in the city of man protesters have been planning to converge on the parliament and once again demand the government to step down and the president omar bashir but soon they were dispersed by security personnel using heavy tear gas or so in other parts of the man in the forty third street where i was there heavy to gas how has been used and
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a cameraman working for dizzier has been as a freelancer has been apprehended and that's a part of a systematic kaka down on journalists particularly if they used t.v. cameras and t.v. cameras are not allowed in these protests since the beginning and today or so president omar bashir once again reiterated his accusation to certain elements who he said are infiltrated among protesters and he accused them of being the ones who killed the protesters he said the bullet that has been used to kill dr bao because of the heat on thursday doesn't belong to any of the government a process is and certainly it has been it belongs to those infiltrators he said some infiltrators who are pretended to do something he said they belong to the darfur rebel leader abdul wahid and that they have been sent particularly to do this type of things and to put blame on the government. a spokesperson for zimbabwe's president. is warning that the police crackdown on protesters is just
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a taste of things to come at least twelve people have been killed during demonstrations against rising fuel prices police have made hundreds of arrests the u.n. human rights office is criticizing the crackdown local activists say seventy eight people are being treated for gunshot wounds with hundreds more suffering other injuries the government is blaming opposition parties for stoking the rest eight un peacekeepers have been killed while repel in an attack in northern mali armed men launched an assault in the village of hawk ahead of the peacekeeping mission said the attack demanded a robust swift and concerted response the identity of the fighters is not no. or is still ahead so on the program the runner up in the deal sees presidential election calls for nationwide protests of the top course declares his royal the winner plus an icy chill descends on washington as the federal government shutdown is one month.
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hello there is still not entirely draw a force in the southern parts of china at the moment we've got one weather system that's moving away but behind it was still going to see the clouds thicken up enough to give us a few outbreaks of rain in the south and the northern edge of that over some of the mountains it will be still attending wintery that gradually ease it as we had three chews day and safer than all the parts of it down it's also looking joy the showers will continue along the eastern coast though and some of them will still be quite heavy i was we had out towards the west we've got plenty of cloud over parts of pakistan that's wrapping itself up towards the north as well that's giving some of us a fair amount of dust giving a lot of thunder and lightning some rain and some snow as well to the far northern parts that will gradually edges way eastwards as we head through the day and choose day so for more of this in nepal we'll see that system work its way across us
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further south looking fine and dry but we are seeing some cloud in the fossil been tip of india and across sri lanka and across parts of sri lanka that will be giving us some rather heavy downpours here in doha it's turned cold now and it's going to stay that way as we head through the next few days so maximum temperature getting to around twenty two and still dropping down to around thirteen at night that's in the city elsewhere we are getting down to around eight that cold air is also working down towards the. the. shadowy financial operations are propping up north korea's economy hampering the elite and
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fueling the nation's missile and push its. one on one east investigates north korea's secret money on al-jazeera. again and reminds her of the top stories on al-jazeera fifty two al shabaab feiss have been killed in a u.s. air strike on somalia the strike was launched off the al-shabaab atop the somali army base on saturday. police in athens of use tear gas to stop angry protesters entering greece's parliament building thousands of people have been demonstrating against the proposed name change deal with the former yugoslav republic of macedonia. seize any security forces of fired tear gas to break up process in the
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capital khartoum on the city of undo among the protesters have been taking to the streets for two months now to demand the resignation of president omar al bashir. the runner up in the democratic republic of congo's presidential election is calling for a nationwide protest salta the constitutional court rejected his allegations of vote rigging most and says he is the only just met president obvious appealing to the international community not to recognize felix she said katie as president has the latest. this is. the highest court in democratic republic of congo announcing the next president felix just skating. the constitutional court dismissed an appeal by the main opposition contender martin for you lou who claim that the summer thirtieth poll was rigged for you'll argue
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that just the k.t. had made a power sharing deal with outgoing president joseph kabila a charge both men deny. for you is refusing to accept the court's ruling prompting fears of further unrest. i consider myself the only legitimate president of the democratic republic of congo i call on the congolese people not to recognize someone who would take on that role illegitimately know to a by orders coming from him in. the electoral commission had announced that she's sick eighty received thirty eight point five percent of the vote compared with thirty four point seven percent for freeload. the un says thirty four people have been killed since the provisional results were released the lead up to the poll was also marred by violence and controversy over the decision to delay voting in some areas for health and security reasons which in effect meant more than one in a quarter million people from intellectual of almost forty million works glued it.
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these official figures have been disputed by the influential catholic church which says it deployed forty thousand monitors across the country but the winning candidate supporters have welcomed the court's decision. the constitutional court acted responsibly and in a sovereign manner the court decided in a litigation presented before it by the congolese and did not have to answer to any other injunction. fifty five year old felix just a katy who leads the country's largest and oldest opposition party founded by his father is expected to be sworn in within ten days. dorset jabari al-jazeera. israel says it has shot down a rocket from syria its missile a deception system to down the rockets aimed at the northern parts of the occupied golan heights the incident happened shortly after syrian state television said government forces have prevented an israeli air strike in the south a bomb has exploded near
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a highway at the southern edge of syria's capital damascus the syrian observatory for human rights says the explosion happens near a security posts there were no casualties the syrian army controls all areas around the capital. five hospitals in the gaza strip have been forced to close many of the services due to power shortages stopped to say the situation could put thousands of patients at risk gaza has been suffering massive blackouts for months on there isn't enough fuel to power a backup generator the territory has been on the israeli blockade for more than a decade calls its health ministry is appealing for international assistance. these hospitals are the core of the medical system and upon which thousands of patients depend we urgently call upon all those who can help put an end to their silence this will help sort out the crisis and protect the patients' rights to access medical services and democrats all rejecting donald trump's offer to break
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the deadlock over the longest government shutdown in u.s. history the president is offering temporary protection for some undocumented immigrants if he wins backing to build a border with mexico democrats say his compromise offer is one sided says more from washington. with the government shutdown dragging toward the one month mark president trump offered democrats a deal give him five point seven billion dollars for his border wall and he'll lift the threat of deportation for a million undocumented immigrants number one is three years of legislative relief for seven hundred thousand dokken recipients secondly our proposal provides a three year extension of temporary protected status or t.p.s. . the immigrants tromp referred to our young people brought to the u.s. illegally by their parents as children known collectively as the dreamers and
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non-citizens from countries hit by natural disasters who had been permitted to live in the u.s. both groups were stripped of legal protections by trump but court rulings have so far prevented the government from deporting them it was an offer trumps democratic opposition could and swiftly did refuse to hear house speaker nancy pelosi issued a statement saying quote it is unlikely that any one of these provisions alone would pass the house and taken together they are a nonstarter she repeated the democrats arguments that the wall would be ineffective agencies and senate democratic leader chuck schumer said trump was treating the dreamers a very like hostages trump described hardships faced by migrants and a flood of drugs coming into the us drugs kill seventy eight thousand americans a year and car star society in excess of seven hundred billion dollars critics
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point out that most of those drugs are smuggled through legal points of entry and that a wall would have little effect on stopping traffickers what happens next the republican controlled senate will take up trumps proposals and almost certainly pass a bill corporate in. rating them and restoring funds to end the shutdown that bill will then go to the democratic controlled house where pressure to pass it may become intense you can just peel away twenty twenty five democrats who want the government open and are not so adamant against the wall to carry the day even if the government even if the democratic leadership remain opposed to the war a possible grounds for compromise palosi said there needs to be a permanent solution for dreamers and t.p.s. recipients not just a three year reprieve if both sides start bargaining again the longest ever
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government shutdown could be brought to an end rob reynolds al jazeera washington the prime minister of cambodia is in china at the start of a four day visit where he'll meet president xi jinping the truth comes out a time when cambodia is becoming increasingly economically reliance on china with many western nations onesie about its human rights records when a report some say a nuke sale a coastal town that's being revolutionized by chinese investment. just two years ago this was a sleepy seaside town popular with backpackers now sihanoukville is a chinese construction sites gambling is illegal for cambodians but it's thought there are more than seventy casinos open or under construction in the special economic zone the target market is not cambodians it's chinese tourists some cambodians are benefiting from the investment in the form of jobs but others are being forced out because of the construction and rising costs on the flat the one
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when i moved to my restruck here the rate was lower and i don't have many customers because i'm on the outskirts of town now i didn't want to move here but i had no choice sihanoukville is an important part of china's belton road initiative which aims to link asia with africa and europe through loans and investments trade between the two countries is up more than twenty percent and most goods come through here cambodia's only deep sea port this area also holds strategic value for china sihanoukville sits on the gulf of thailand which then becomes the south china sea where china is involved in territorial disputes with several southeast asian nations cambodia isn't one of them but instead of siding with its neighbors when it comes to the dispute it sides with china. there have even been reports recently that the chinese are planning to build a military base along this coast the cambodian government says it's not true and in fact it would be unconstitutional but all this is happening at a time when the west is threatening to punish the cambodian government through
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economic sanctions following a dramatic decline in democracy and human rights investment from china generally comes with a list social or democratic conditions china seems to come and say i understand your conditions so let's work to get on make it happen i don't care about this hand of thing but the government in beijing does like stability and the influx of chinese coming to work in cambodia has created some social tensions system aged that around twenty percent of the population of sihanoukville is now chinese the local government says there are no problems between the communities they do. as they do then vice money saw islam is not. a pop up conflict between two people. china's ambassador to cambodia recently described the relationship between the two countries as forged in steel judging by the pace of change here that's into meant is being taken quite literally when hey al jazeera
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sihanoukville cambodia and finally the wintry conditions in china's shandong province have created something of an icy spectacular the plummeting temperatures of stop the flow of a waterfall creating huge icicles visitors have been gathering to admire the eighty nice a high natural wonder all mounts tie which is the country's most sacred mountain is incredible the phenomenon happens when atmospheric temperatures suddenly plunge well below zero stopping fast moving water and creation is incredible icicles. and reminder of the headlines here on al-jazeera the u.s. military says it carried out an airstrike in somalia that killed fifty two al shabaab fighters it was launched hours after the group attacked
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a somali army base the group has also claimed responsibility for tuesday's attack on a luxury hotel and shopping complex in neighboring kenya but how many don't how small it's very hard to say the scale of the u.s. or russia in somalia because it is largely secretive or no one really knows how many u.s. troops are present on the ground all we know is that the number has been steadily increasing ever since donald trump came to office the awful technique advantage of a loosening or restrictions on who and when to engage they have a huge military base eighty kilometers away southwest of mogadishu in a place known as the dog and that's where the. most of the broom and. police in athens of used tear gas to stop angry protesters entering greece's parliament building thousands of people have been demonstrating against the proposed name
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change deal with macedonia scope here wants to change the country's name to the republic of north macedonia but many greeks object because macedonia is the ancient name of one of their regions season a security forces a fire tear gas to break up protests in the capital khartoum and the city of durham on a protest has been taking to the streets for two months now to demand the resignation of president of al bashir a spokesperson for zimbabwe's president and the same man and god is warning that the police crackdown on protesters is just a taste of things to come at least twelve people have been killed during demonstrations against rising fuel prices police have made hundreds of arrests. the runner up in the democratic republic of congo's presidential election is calling for nationwide protests of the constitutional court rejected his allegations of vote rigging most in fire lou is appealing to the international community not to recognize katie as the president or are those the latest headlines
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here on al-jazeera there's more news for you coming up in about twenty five minutes time to stay with us they want to what east north korea's secret money is coming up next thanks for watching. north korea has one of the poorest economies in the world crippled by global sanctions there's barely enough money to go around at least officially unknown to most north koreans shadowy state agencies operate around the world they are in billions of dollars for the country or more specifically for leader kim jong il
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helping fund his nuclear ambitions and steve on this episode what i want to use to follows the trail of north korea's secret money. solve just fifty kilometers from the border with north korea. over the past twenty years the south korean capital has become one of the book she says it. was it's also become a place of refuge for north korean defectors. this young high ranking north korean official fled thousands of kilometers across china to start a new life here he's been living with a new identity michael kim he works part time as a museum attendant in the capital a role in this whole city is all. by their house or is it
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a hummer saw kinds of men did it it took us here when the politicos ongo or doesn't it because it was done in the dream is a highway in the forty years or talk years or it's six hundred of those around us or. who turned their. guns on where. the country is say. we joined it. oh here's a then. two hundred deal. coheres i said so enjoy about us on this course alist quote there. is a you know one listen. i don't i'm a better. person and outside of the us an issue causes muslim bolden killed when they're called cox among us how are under.
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good theory too highly paid so we hire him and. michael fled without giving any warning to his family. he'd stop believing in the regime and knew too much. despite the risks he agreed to our interview he hopes to become too well known to be secretly killed. reports from men and women who played a role in office thirty nine the keepers of all the financial secrets of north korea are rare. to flee overseas means putting yourself and also your family back in north korea in danger. but it was the government that sent the ill halfway across the world to a construction site in the kuwaiti desert. in
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which i turned up at the little characters if you know will cause you know good poem or by leonardo's a pal you know i do. need to go. do it as have him do me push one or all the page opinion she invites him in and then people. in the movies hundred he hunted by jingo. you this isn't true what are you going to contest in the car. militaries are still curate here and they're going to call. there were near a yes man there from the you don't. fall in iran. most highly annoying guy to. her than you could you would. be and you know. about two hundred. children and.
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you. don't know when we. can do it. who don't. even know who can look here. in the. tongue is image even. more. education than the. north koreans started sending workers abroad in one thousand nine hundred eighty four. slowly a gigantic network of secret companies and financial institutions developed. to bring money to office thirty nine. as a representative of the north korean north east asia bank in singapore. made tens
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of millions of dollars for his country. in two thousand and three suspected him of revealing information about the country's finances. he fled to song today the expense works for the south korean security agency working against the regime he once bore attorney loyalty to. our main goal is to make four in cash and this foreign cash business is secret complete secret office number three nine communion of creating that the system is set up like it's all north korean institutions where these foreign cash is generated there is to report it to can to the top and then should bring that should pay that in cash to family now turns on and
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the fortunes of europe so she get their all this and then spend it or courting to his priorities so two economies one is chin family economy and the other one is the national economy run by the cabinet and run by their so-called inner central planning their different group careers you know at most a hundred and fifty thousand maybe fifty thousand in russia and a little more in china and others in scattered around or so true than fifty thought and they make a lot of money there's only. so seventy percentage or eighty percentage of the salary cuts. and send to the state and the party so if they make all of them a hundred dollars then the amount is
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a much smaller man knowing it. put in your own. pair were smoke fifteen million fifteen million a month they don't make only one hundred years bucks a year or month when they make more maybe several hundred at least. so a lot of money is going to control. the volume of their cash income conjunct winds fund increased dramatically in the past in the past twenty years in the past twenty years so you can buy. and she can. do continue this in a nuclear and missile program in the colony younger than a mother daughter and i know that a home you know will guard our home or. lays it on low ground while
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treacle we don't know you would follow. or do a lot for. trying to do and i. believe it was a victory stand. on. on the edge of the mongolian step buildings just office space every day the mongolian capital all and but all grows bigger. mongolia was a communist country for more than seventy years its monumental buildings stem from that era. but after the fall of the soviet union it embraced capitalism. ever since rural people have been flooding into the cities. all the bustle
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needs new apartments but there's not enough local workers so mongolia guys from china vietnam and north korea. the mongolian work is used for the exterior work the basic qualified north koreans take care of the interior. the workers from pyongyang i watched day and night. we sending out translation. is done and this was also does bell and the social studies teacher in to do is to do need to know some of this to. come up with the right how are they dangerous of the last year that would lead to the for all that since there are.
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usually they can only go outside in groups so they can watch over a child. put in the market alleys of pool and the tall we catch sight of a north korean worker and he seems to be along. to jump into jail for cheaper vocal rules of the book but also to. roam. on to assume the real problem just. for the. digital to be learned by a good guy or are called to the work of the phone will. come on just sit. on the. the rule of the bottle. tree. roots will. still. show i will cut you sir told just as are the new
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rules the us rules or what i'm not going to cut you loose you know isn't it awful. there are an estimated one thousand two hundred rolls koreans working in mongolia. the companies transfer the y. g.'s directly to the north korean embassy in poland but all. most is confiscated by the regime. the workers only be saved a small amount to send back to their families in north korea. construction workers are the only money makers. north korea supplies logons samas and medical practitioners but no matter who they are.


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