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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 21, 2019 8:00am-8:33am +03

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as part of an african union peacekeeping force. behind tuesday's hotel. where for gunmen on a suicide bomber killed twenty one people five suspects appeared in court on friday in connection with the tuck police say all but one of the five gunmen who cut it out. and something that is raising the threat of homegrown terrorism. he blew his horn of africa security and joins us from washington d c. first up the point of these attacks is this american attack is to weaken is it effective. it is effective too to a degree however what we need to realize is that we cannot. way out of soling the if that price is. right. for quite some time now whether on
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the ground by african union forces from the air the u.s. security forces has been under cush but dot hasn't prevented the group from crying out some of these you know. i visibility and high casualty attacks and i just inside somalia but also outside in places like kenya so how strong. this still spread throughout the rural areas but how strong. as a political military force so it's about is fairly weak and it's not where i didn't speak you know when it used to intro the the airport the. in mogadishu in. the ports they used to get tuxes but that doesn't mean that these group doesn't have the capacity to inflict the kinds of damages that we've seen the group being capable of doing it what my mom and i was alluded to in the reporting is also
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very significant because inside kenya. has been able to tap into the you know the long ranging marginalization discourse both you know margin and real they have been able to recruit they have been able to equip they have been able to at tuck the group also publishes an online magazine called a guy named tani which means terrorist. terrorists in which the you know sections of that report of the magazine is dedicated to the kenyans and it's done in swahili language and some of its videos increasingly the group is also using kenyan so kenya has suddenly become an effective cog in the group's propaganda recruitment tuck's very porous border of course now they say somalis government is planning a major offensive against. in the coming days what do you make of the. i
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mean the somali government has a lot to do. you know and the primary reason why this group has been able to continue festering for this loan is the weakness within the somalia government you know particularly this administration when it came into power it had tremendous amount of goodwill and expectations with dean the you know the country in somalia and outside and i think that goodwill is slowly being of operating because the government is my and in in a necessary sometimes needless war we have you know semi-autonomous regions of somaliland and put into land something that it cannot afford secondly you know as long as this government doesn't focus nor just doesn't doesn't continue making you know military solution as the only solution to all of you know service sector doesn't improve you know education health doesn't improve that is going to be very difficult for the kenyan government what really needs to happen right now is for number one to avoid
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a reflexive reaction of going on targeting profiling the somali kenyans who are living in kenya for the african union mission in somalia they really these moments raise serious questions about you know the efficacy of their methodologies not to say that they need to withdraw now but i think some of these discussions need to happen now if we ever have to defeat these groups and so kenya somalia as well as the african union and united states need to have very serious from composition about what they want to achieve in defeating ok appreciate that thanks very much in the hebrew thank you. more ahead on the news hour including the runner up in democratic republic of congo's presidential election calls for nationwide protests against the election results. government shutdown in the united states go viral on social media. coming up to the
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asian cup top ranked iran advance to the quarterfinals of the tournament. now police have used tear gas to prevent angry protesters from entering greece's parliament building tens of thousands of people rallied against a proposed name change deal with neighboring macedonia. has this report. it took only an hour of peaceful protest before a small group of demonstrators clashed with police detonating fireworks over the heads police responded with volleys of tear gas clearing crowds off the square in front of parliament but most of the thousands of demonstrators here with peaceful including families with young children many had traveled overnight from far flung corners of greece to oppose a government that last week survived a vote of confidence with
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a razor thin majority one hundred fifty one m.p.'s in the three hundred seat legislature that's majority is likely to pass the message on your name change deal by the end of the week and i must capture your kid here she said prasad to write out one hundred fifty times there is only ball macedonia and it is greek and my kid and i match. my grandfather force in macedonia we cannot allow it to be sold out we are losing our values some people of a showing a new order say want to access the sea through the port of cecille any truckie will be the next to go then will lose a chunk of greece to albania. greece is original position was that it would not allow a neighboring state to use the name of its northern region of macedonia a decade ago it agreed to allow use of that name along with an adjective and last year recognized north macedonia but that country has now ratified the deal and it is now greece's. but the agreement has angered many here because it allows the
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people of north macedonia to call themselves macedonians rather the north macedonians and recognizes their language as macedonian with the preface agreement . where the north macedonia. and at the same time we give their rights to the citizens of these states. is that what macedonia for their citizens. nationality is. give the long words this is called identity. and we demoed wong's walford one of the states of the area that i. the macedonian aiden's the agreement is a bitter pill for most greeks some have decided to swallow it but many have not these demonstrations have reverted to the original hard line position and they want prime minister alexis tsipras to declare a referendum is unlikely to take that route he knows the deal is unpopular but vows
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to push it through parliament with his one vote majority by the end of the jump several close algis or athens. riot police in sudan have fired tear gas to break up the latest protest against the president security forces were deployed to the to a student demonstration in the capital talk to a rallies and calling for the end of a mile buses thirty year rule were also held in a city in them on rights groups say at least fifty people have been killed since protests began a month ago of the rising cost of bread president bashir is blaming his opponents for inciting protesters shucky to learn to read some young men wanted to express themselves and protest following but there were some infiltrators and separate says he took the opportunity to put their way they are the ones who are burning and destroying public property so they are the ones who are infiltrating these protests to kill demonstrators well let's hear now from a developer who has more from cutting. more protests broke out today in khartoum
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and also in the city of man protesters have been planning to converge on the parliament and once again demand the government to step down and the president omar bashir but soon they were dispersed by security personnel using heavy tear gas or other passive and the man in the forty third street when i was there heavy to gas how he has been used and a cameraman working for has been as a freelancer has been apprehended and that's a part of a systematic kaka down on journalists particularly if they used t.v. cameras and t.v. cameras are not allowed in these protests since the beginning and today or so president omar bashir once again reiterated his accusation to certain elements who he said are infiltrated among protesters and he accused them of being the ones who killed the protest that he said the bullet that has been used to kill dr bao because of the heat on thursday doesn't belong to any of the government a process is and certainly it has been it belongs to those infiltrators he said
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some infiltrators who are prevented recently said they belong to the darfur rebel leader abdul wahid and that they have been sent particularly to do this type of things and to put blame on the government well david shinn is a former deputy chief of mission that the u.s. embassy in sudan and he says it's unlikely these protests will lead to president bush's resignation. i was in khartoum in one thousand nine hundred five on the numeri government was overthrown by very similar protests in the street but they lasted for a shorter period of time they also were pretty much confined to khartoum and eighty five whereas these protests are taking place in various cities around sudan so it's a different situation there are other differences too however that perhaps favor president bashir but it is a very dangerous situation now so long as he has the support of the security apparatus both intelligence and military in the country i'm very dubious that he
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would step aside i could perhaps see the possibility of his announcing that when elections come up in two thousand and twenty which they are scheduled for that year that he would not run again hoping that might remove sort of the impetus for these current protests i doubt that would satisfy the protesters however and it's course not even certain he would make such a move but that would be one possibility short of that i'm not sure i see him standing down unless the security services start to develop schisms some of which are opposing him the head of the u.n. mission in mali is promising a swift and concerted response to the killing of eight u.n. peacekeepers they were types by gunmen near a village in northern mali their identities and. stray shell fire in libya has killed the news cameraman who were felled jazeera and other leading media organizations thirty five year old mohammad ben who died on saturday woman assignments with the libyan militia fighting between rival militias in libya has
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killed and injured hundreds. zimbabwe's president. will skip the world economic forum and return home as a number of demonstrators killed by security forces continues to rise. least a dozen people have been killed during demonstrations against a doubling of fuel prices police have arrested more than six hundred people the government doubled fuel prices just over a week ago in an attempt to fix the currency crisis that caused nationwide fuel shortages the african union says its respond to a high level visit to the democratic republic of congo this comes as opposition leader martin for new challenges a final ruling from the top court declaring his rival feelings to the victor of the presidential election for me tim miller has more now from kinshasa. the highest court in the democratic republic of congo announcing the next president felix.
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the. constitutional court judges dismissed an appeal by his rival martin for you who alleged widespread vote rigging on polling day last month. for you accused me of making a power sharing deal with the outgoing president joseph kabila both deny that by you lose refusing to accept the court's ruling and is urging everyone to reject. i consider myself the only legitimate president of the democratic republic of congo i call on the congolese people not to recognize someone who would take on that role in legitimately nor to a by orders coming from him. while for you know calls for peaceful protests the streets of the capital kinshasa appeared as they would on any other sunday calm and quiet. unlike the celebrate the scenes by the security supporters that greeted the final ruling by the constitutional court. some of service say despite the
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allegations of vote rigging the promise of a new face in the presidency may be enough to allow for a smooth handover of power and that it's both a victory and loss for congo's opposition in this day are concerns joseph kabila will wield power when he leaves office is behind the scenes is behind the decision but it depends the way just security we rule during a disturbed youth cut. the relationship with god but this system. is not yet finished still there despite the allegations and denials of murky deals to get elected to securities due to be sworn in on tuesday there's been a mixed reaction from the international community the southern african development community has welcomed the results appealing for everyone to accept the court's ruling while the european and african union say that serious concerns about the
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final result what they have to say may be of little importance for many congolese who want to separating change from their new leader from either mellow al-jazeera kinshasa. a worsening shortage of fuel and dogs and how it's affecting health care providers. plus why colombians are flooding the streets after a car bomb attack last week. and the champ is out we'll tell you about one of the biggest upsets of this training opened and for. heller the winter storm is canada's band this is a fairly obvious hook here and all the weather is going in that general direction significant snow some freezing rain of course an awful lot of proper right but
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there it goes and so it disappears probably through newfoundland to leave behind much colder weather the high temperature in new york on mondays it strictly manas nine in washington d.c. minus five huge drop in temperature this and that's the cold nights over here on the next storm that came across british columbia then down across the high ground the rockies is shown here is coming straight across the plains states into that cold so it will generate yet more snow particularly guns into the upper midwest and that line in stretches then towards colorado south of that it's all gone quiet and it's substantially warmer those two subzero do york come tuesday the front that led to that winter weather is still visible here it is giving a few showers a texan kay carlson cuba and increasing the rain likelihood in honduras and nicaragua once again and it's still hanging around for tuesday so this could be a particular disappointing spell if you're on the north coast of honduras for example if you're anywhere else apart from passing showers in most of the caribbean
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islands it's not about time the. the carter center. and then reported on the. u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to for the dry riverbed they swan five years on the syrians
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still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country have been truly unable to escape the war. a reminder. president has reportedly told donald trump his country is ready to take over security in the kurdish controlled syrian town of manage without delay comes off to weeks of tension between ankara and washington over the protection of syria . government says it's planning a major offensive against the group in the coming days the announcement comes just
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a day off to the united states military said it carried out an extra fifty two about fighters. police have stopped protesters from entering greece's parliament building is tens of thousands rallied enough. about a proposed name change deal with neighboring macedonia. the un special rapporteur on human rights in myanmar has arrived in cox's bazaar and bangladesh to assess the plight of her hindu refugees more than nine hundred thousand injured have settled that many of them escaped a military crackdown in myanmar in two thousand and seventeen that's actually going to name is that. the un special rapporteur on human rights in myanmar has been shut out by me in march the government won't allow her access to the country and is not cooperating so her work is confined to neighboring countries and bangladesh factors in greatly the u.n. says there are now more the nine hundred thousand world hinder refugees living here the bulk of them came during
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a spike of violence in august twenty seventh and now they are spread across a mag i can't here in cox's bazaar now it's the dry season the monsoons are behind people and life has become a little easier but as you can see sanitation lack of access to clean water and latrines can use to new to be concerned if you look here there are workers trying to prepare the can for floods that are inevitable in this part of the world there is also concern about a lost generation of children two to the lack of schools the mood here has improved considerably since last november that is when the bangladeshi government abandoned a repatriation plan in an undisclosed agreement with the government of myanmar bangladesh had hoped to return about twenty two hundred refugees to me and bar the un warned that that could be a violation of international law there was a real outcry here and that play on it was halted so now the un special report her
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is shifting her attention to an island called bastion sorry it's a remote island and the government is hoping to shift a significant portion of the road into refugees here to that island it is in the path of typhoons in sight phones it's prone to flooding it's literally called a floating island it's comprised primarily of silt but the bangladeshi government has already begun construction on housing and human rights groups say that refugees might not have access to basic services they've even called this island like living in a prison so the u.n. special reporter is hoping to go to boston chart no word yet on whether or not she'll be allowed access. the polish government shutdown in the united states has entered its thirtieth day thousands of american workers will soon miss this second paycheck president trump attacked democrats for rejecting his proposal to end the shutdown and provide funding for his border wall but the democrats say his plan was
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not offered in good faith bicycle hanan's the latest now from washington. a sign of the times a food bank sets up on the streets of the nation's capital aimed at feeding federal workers that are not getting paid many live paycheck to paycheck so for some this is the only way to feed their families. they aren't getting paid because u.s. president donald trump says that democrats want to put them back to work he needs money for his often promised border wall democrats have said no they'll debate border security but only after the government is reopened i can't see us keeping federal employees if hundred thousand people of work while we go back and forth on the go shave since these negotiations could take three of four weeks also appearing on the president's favorite conservative network fox the vice president seemed to admit the federal workers are leverage and i mean you don't really think you just
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want to leverage and want and that you figure if you don't keep the government closed that then they're going to go nowhere well again i i go i was there i was sitting right next to the president when speaker pelosi said. if she if we reopen the government and took thirty days to negotiate a cut that she would not give the president and i want to i want to ask you what your security or a wall house speaker nancy pelosi actually said no to a wall democrats say they will fund border security the president walked out of that meeting but as the polls turn against him and his wall he's making democrats an offer he will reinstall the protections that he took away from around a million migrants in exchange for his wall so far democrats say no it is the impacts of the shutdown continue to spread across the country from long security lines at airports to federal loans not being given americans are wondering how this ends with no answer insight pedicle al-jazeera washington well jeff houser is
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director of the revolving door project at the center for economic and policy research and he says the shutdown will make people reconsider working for the government. well it should never been allowed to occur in the first place it's a catastrophe for the workers it's particularly catastrophe for workers for contractors who don't work directly work for the federal government but work on federal programs because those people are not even going to be guaranteed back pay at any point in time these are just lost hours it's going to undermine the morale of the federal workplace it's going to make people reconsider whether or not they want to work for government because often they're taking lower pay to work in the public interest in the federal government but in return they're supposed to receive a certain consistency of employment which obviously has been blown up in their face and i think that problems are only going to get worse because i don't even know after this shutdown ends what we're going to see in the fall of this year when the next budget is going to be due i think that as of now the polling shows that people
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why we believe that trump is more responsible nearly by a two to one ratio i think this is seen by the fact that the senate unanimously passed something that was also voted on by the house which is to just move forward with the previous levels of funding and avoid a shutdown republicans are trying to move away from that position that they had taken in the senate once donald trump changed his mind on it but i think the democratic position is probably stronger politically but obviously this is going to exacerbate americans concerns with their federal government as a whole and their sense that washington and american politics is completely broken right now which i think is a correct takeaway and i think it's one that's growing even more cemented the plugs of federal workers for a single phone into uncertainty is going viral on social media you know mohammed has more. well the shutdown now in its fifth week is the longest in u.s. history especially because faced more uncertainty over their financial future many
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in the hash tag shutdown stories listing their house and experiences on twitter of not being able to make ends meet. but first i don't buy them a vine unemployment insurance and receiving food stamps just to make ends meet is unnecessary uncivil shutdown has caused me and you stress and uncertainty will continue into the forseeable future the discussion of border war alarms in congress and on the backs of federal workers and others are talking about ways to get around it and help those in need for example airport staff in miami are getting help from the nonprofit group branches that pay pal president dan shomon says the company is committed to twenty five million dollars in interest free cash advances to help some of the eight hundred thousand federal employees suffering because of the shutdown and a mobile pantry has been set up to distribute bread eggs and milk and former u.s. president george w. bush has delivered pizza to security staff who haven't been paid and the hash tag
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for feds is growing too with restaurants nationwide opening their doors to feed hungry civil servants we are afraid that food stamps or what we know it may be about to run out that means millions of americans many of them mothers single mothers with children will go hungry so what's under a kitchen is always there to make sure that nobody will go hungry and finally muslim volunteers along with other communities are helping clean up the public parks in washington d.c. hoping it will bring people together. yes news is coming into its various lines dropping right now the syrian state news agency is reporting that defenses shot down what it calls hostile targets is not clear where in syria of it's actually happened meanwhile we're hearing that the israeli military in times of this is released a statement saying that it's carrying out strikes on
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a rainy and targets in syria it's carrying out strikes on iran includes targets inside syria will get you more on this as soon as we get it. in colombia president has joined demonstrators to condemn a car bomb that killed twenty one people his attack on a police academy in bogota was the worst in fifteen years government leaders blame colombia's last remaining rebel group the l m let's see sent us this update from. thousands of people both here in the capital and in cities across colombia march demanding an end to the violence after a car bomb attack on tears they killed twenty young cadets the government believes that the yellin the last standing rebel group in the country is responsible so people came out dressed in white are holding the white flags saying that life is sacred and that they are tired of what they describe this terror attacks in
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their country while people are united here in this message against violence there were some tensions along the route as colombians remain at the same time deeply polarized and how to move forward especially on how to achieve complete peace in the country the president. decided to shut the door to any possibility of continuing peace negotiations with the ear land now that allegedly they were behind this attack by some people here are saying that that's the wrong decision that going back to a state of war will bring more death and more attacks there's no doubt that thursday's car bomb attack has jolted many nerves here in the country colombians were just starting to bring down their guards when it came to violence after
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decades of internal conflict but at least for today they came out and said that all together they want an end to the violence. lebanon's president is urging our leaders to make all efforts for syrian refugees to return home spoke at the arab economic summit in beirut he said lebanon is overwhelmed by syrian and palestinian refugees. tamim bin hamad old timey and mauritania's president mohammed these were the only heads of state to attend the meeting so no one has more now from beirut. the low level of representation is being described as unprecedented in arab league gatherings even though this this is an economic summit that has a lower profile than the annual arab league summit previous economic summits attracted numerous heads of state. number of heads of state made last minute
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cancellation saying that they will stay away from this meeting and it was interpreted here in lebanon as an arab diplomatic snob as a message to lebanon because they consider lebanon to be part of the so-called iran axis the iranian backed hezbollah and its allies they hold power in lebanon they are allied with the syrian government and they wanted to use this summit as an opportunity to reinstate syria's membership in the arab league they were pushing for this and there are still no arab returns to the arab cold syria's membership we have to remember was suspended back in two thousand and eleven because of its violent crackdown on anti-government protesters so two heads of state attending one of them. on attaching a lot of importance to his presence because qatar is a country under blockade saudi arabia and its allies impose the siege on qatar so the lebanese media is really describing his decision his last minute decision to attempt as qatar trying to break this imposed on lebanon lebanon expected to come
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under more pressure the arab countries who say the way of course our ally to the united states and the united states a strategy in the arab world is to exert pressure on iran and try to contain its influence in the arab world. five hospitals in the gaza strip are facing closure because of fuel shortages hospitals rely on diesel generators because of blackouts from gaza's only power station reports now from girls. has suffered kidney problems. which in year old needs dialysis treatment full times a week. food fuel to power hospital generates as is fast running out his father says he has applied many times to have refined treated in israel but they have always refused. and even i don't fall for i am really concerned because my son relies on these three things he said he wanted to see in these machines and keep my son alive because we stop him with and that scares me the. ministry of health says
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at least five hospitals where hundreds of patients need vital lifesaving treatment the various illnesses including cancer all face closure unless fuel is supplied soon. fuel shortages throughout israel's wild untamed and in sea blockade but the ministry of health is saying the situation of hospitals like this one with respect to the amount of fuel they have for their generators has reached a critical point and there are numerous reasons why the palestinian authority led by president mahmoud abbas based in new york you polite way spank has restricted goals electricity supply for years to put pressure on hamas. reconciliation efforts between hamas and fatah which dominates the palestinian.


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