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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 21, 2019 10:00am-10:34am +03

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so we take a long way from scene t one of the law especially that wish. to do is where your cousin. was sent down to fifteen teams was. that it was sealed. off what had been expected to show the ashes efficiency and no doubt if this bit keep it was the will of a plot to so it would be. over before the bridge to. push if so would the could been no limits moves in the bit. i had to so still thought was so severe.
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and played because. we had to leave me in t's about a little that. moment n.s.a. she was from. the machine. in the now the had to call if we just went to fix. as a forward to. a sort of. quantum assured me on. this i thought
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a nightmare. so i don't have bit info to read through for the bullet. maha bit in the midst of a jihad and. a famine but when you undermine national bump a little muscle for a show to let you have been out of some my n.f.l. . betterment of us and clear. to see my longest lead. north all of that so i. never fall asleep way sawin bella's with jeff and bill at. the well but
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i should feel a bit west coast swing for that to see him dead to satisfy him but i thought he would lead the way to me isn't he. slightly likely been. i think a no no as man i like never said. it but let me in a slightly interested. just. in. your bottom line are even hand month after month to play. the enemy shall lead the list out of money in jan a.
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parallel move the dalai lama and the other in the whole of the know me i've also been our little. head to the fun of adult on the field. so while sit idly. fee in pinball. with i'm going to do some level of suck. because. it is. and we're. going to. miss many of you. and i are. going up the footage
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a nasty bush tomorrow on immigration arsehole of the day i must say. they're the build up. with the. my karma is to melt fear mean. melissa for those metal
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to. deny. the. first image or fear while the sun will pounce on the close enough of the. senate say i'll go and say i don't want some of that when i'm not a million. miles of the wired does it takes you. know we're from austria was. just an inconvenience is it just the old.
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sentinel fan melissa into father ted here i'm a listener and a lot. enough a hundred. miles to get. home. which is a. fact our boss. to say. doesn't. influence we are doing this. just for research and we have to explore the history which was. is through your
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school was an emu known as a fraternity if we don't merely. says. i did so have. the love of going to the woods this summer you know. we do don't fail on. very long. but i do not. see. that. exact.
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so your approach with one should show yes for the purpose of the public. if the general public to office need to be checked. i'll pull out the can sort of divide the subjects were truthful over the good. of the flumist mobile. phone. the one that she would be as a bit out of little doubt and. who did all that. oh no no move on but the clock to moan is not so behind the plaza but the. shot that i was. told the.
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most amazing pixie. says in a little pixie. oh yes. i was just. in the. hole and shut out the maid. loudly because of the feeling the same symbol that.
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i did. not know many. we should feel. the solution. obama should not. have that. the whole world is hollow. and i shall go over them with them and then tell them out i don't see myself i'm not a good son i will again. this. is no. good that it was done nothing. that will kill it does nothing to you know i know that i did it i don't know. what you think the feeling is that.
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the mother. was a key job all this. time. i received it was an easy. so much to take in. much so much to learn art it is amazing. he goes back so far to keep track of. the subs years since the first visit to general yes. thank you very much for telling me the phrase ahead of time. thank you very much. for
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your. your put out because we want to hear george's old are now becoming called me i don't know said there. shiloh i mean he said the. noble search josefina and to hell if you are the enemy can also. refer to the boss as a pretty boss of the bullet the more one. is
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going to ask you to. submit to him it is to be she she just. she. just. wants to eat eat eat eat be true for the key flush feed the board. he had on hand want to up to the little town in. the sixties a lot of money coming in on a lesson on how the why hadn't lived. the most lean on so long that where did jaws . on the economy.
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but that was our that was. selamat busy signal of endymion bit and you know. it and you know certainly. yes he did so a lot of love of. his kind of. home affairs the elderly see some. fish and so on but i would say i was the last they are following generally. along i mean.
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missing here in the. fear to feel fear. fear. and they're going. to send a journey of one argues one the little view of the v. as in the midst of the. journal i'm seeing a lot of the homes in sunny. lived in their little and learned it. rewind returns a can bring your people back to life from start with brand new updates on the best
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of al-jazeera is documentaries in liberal i was the job of the plus and no i'm like and the other student rewind continues with children of conflict gaza we'd love some peace in this world especially younger sick children do not have any rights here rewind on al-jazeera. the most memorable moments with al-jazeera was when i was on air as hosni mubarak fell with the crowds in tahrir square too often. if something happens anywhere in the world al jazeera is in place we're able to cover muse like no other moves over as they should. we're able to do it properly. and that is our strength. you know that corruption has reached
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a level like never ever before in our country. rank outsider. to president of the united states. the power was in the data we will moderate the american people with the truth and nothing else discovers the formula for winning the white house unfair game on al jazeera. there watching these are the top stories the israeli military says it's carrying out strikes on iranian forces in syria video posted to social media purports to show a missiles intercepted near damascus on sunday israel said it shot down a rocket fired at the golan heights from syria are a force that has more now from
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a lot in southern israel the immediate background to this is what took place during the course of sunday they were the first israeli strikes reported at least in the syrian media on in and around damascus syrian media saying that the syrian air defenses had successfully. struck targets coming in towards syrian territory and then later there was a use of the israeli i and anti missile system over the israeli occupied golan heights take it president resident tiber one says he's ready to take over control of man bitch he spoke on the phone to president trump about the u.s. withdrawal from northern syria they agreed on the need for a negotiated settlement and joint steps against eisel somalia's government says it's planning a major offensive against young group al-shabaab in the coming days you know this one comes just a day after the u.s.
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military said it carried out an airstrike killing fifty two fighters it was launched after the group attacked a somali army base police in sudan have fired tear gas to break up the latest protest against president curity forces were deployed in khartoum and when the demand rights groups say at least fifty people have been killed since protests began a month ago over the rising cost of bread the government says the number is much lower fighters linked to al qaida say they carried out an attack on u.n. peacekeepers in mali the group says it was a response to a visit by the israeli prime minister at least ten peacekeepers from chad were killed and twenty five injured on sunday. police have stopped protesters from entering greece's parliament building as tens of thousands rallied in athens that angry about a proposed name change deal with neighboring macedonia sheli in libya has killed a news cameraman thirty five year old man who had been to me for what for al-jazeera and other media organizations he died on saturday one of the side and
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write your story with headlines here in algeria right now it is back to al-jazeera while. colleague much much hussein is now being held in pretrial detention for two years what is his crime. why hasn't he been tried yet why hasn't justice been applied in this case is he detained because he's a journalist as journalism become a crime have moles become a tool to silence weiss's of truth we will continue i news coverage with professionalism and impartiality our work will remain credible and accurate but journalism is not a crime in cost of writing journalists is not acceptable we demand the immediate release of all colleague mamata same and all journalists detained in a gyptian jails free mahmoud's and all his colleagues we stand for press freedom.
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someone jane. a lot of cool love out of me that would do it well if. it was such an easy feel. wish you had choice there had. been
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way. no. nothing. nothing. to. offer. the following up there never. was a female but a. but a who with poems in but had. a . lot of fun with
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some such into the. at a time when he was. assessing the most evil dealing. with nelson. but it was thought. that one's
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a little somebody who you'll. move will possess which will not solve. the public. questions like him. if you were dumb enough he it was a said you know he can just taking a few minutes to win a job. either cut through the holidays and. if he showed was that socially. but i will be small plowman to tell them to push them out a bit of a tool it's going to tell them where to go to let the level of. who have that shit their shit don't know that i'm not going to fall in the month i had some washing on the sunday try for a job it was still. not
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something a particular job. but there.
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can. be and i'm a. year. on. and i. believe. we're going to.
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money. well. i don't. recall we going to all of course but you know the story i usually. look. at me did i'm done a. lot of. my study some of.
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that it's been my pleasure. i don't even. seem. to care. if. they're. getting. well if they don't.
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the mouse has. been. alive when you hold on and as an adult son fred you have a way to. know how we talk. to you down the.
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phone. i'm going to play apollo so ho starting to have a bit of a. second of heat. and i certainly have begun to hold so and i have a daughter left in a second if you know what if any and i've been i'm just getting. close to mostly the one talking about the time i said one kind of deal was i mean this is going to have to see you. have to have for yeah it's unfair to men who want to destroy men. to mess you did. it but not a. thought to what to do i missed let me you know what my views on.
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you. the other eleven madeline mccann used to be on and her quality of a killer. would be below the linendoll bit. of a bomb on a t. you know the year. on a t. you can start one to learn a bit of all you can feel jamen there had to blather somewhat of. this too funny here best we don't hold. it hold just a minute. a man me and i have to be intimate and huge a yarmulke. even when i am in the nomination of. them
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could do st. nicholas about go ahead. and then you have to less realize. what i can so how long well had the thought about me. and all the come out of all. it. was that there. will still be in its path.


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