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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 20  Al Jazeera  January 21, 2019 10:32am-11:01am +03

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in september twenty seventh team the people of the kurdish region of northern iraq voted in favor of independence from. the joy he was short lived as the iraqi government reacted forced me against any idea of separation. al-jazeera world travels to the kurdish regional capital of the libyans to investigate independence and the iraqi kurds on al-jazeera.
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how the winter storm is countered by and this is a fairly obvious hook here and all the weather is good in that general direction significant snow some freezing rain of course an awful lot of proper right but there it goes and so it disappears probably through newfoundland to leave behind much colder weather the high temperature in new york on mondays it's strictly manas ninety washington d.c. minus five huge drop in temperature this and that's a cold mist over here and the next storm that's come across a british columbia then down across the high ground the rockies is shown here is coming straight across the plains states into that cold so it will generate yet more snow particularly as it goes into the upper midwest and that line in stretches out towards colorado south of all that is all gone quiet and is substantially warmer those to a subzero do york come tuesday. the front that led to that winter weather is still visible here it is giving a few showers a texan kay carlson cuba and increasing the rain likelihood in honduras and
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nicaragua once again and it's still hanging around for tuesday so this could be a particular disappointing spell if you're on the north coast of honduras for example if you're anywhere else apart from passing showers and most of the caribbean islands it's not about time the air. this is al jazeera. the news on live from coming up the next sixty minutes explosion over the syrian capital as israel says it's iranian. syria says most of the missiles were
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intercepted by a. somali he says is planning a major offensive against the us a strike is killed fifty two of the groups fighting. pitched battles in greece's capital as tens of thousands of people protest against a name change deal with macedonia. and licensing. taiwan's aging traditional medicine industry. so that the israeli military says it's carrying out strikes on iranian targets in syria video posted to social media purports to show the missiles intercepted near damascus on sunday israel said it threatens iraq and its side intercepted a rocket fired the gun and heights from syria harry falls are reports now from
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a lot in southern israel. well in a highly unusual move the israeli military is confirming that strikes have been taking place against targets inside syria as the operation has been going on these removed she is saying that it's striking iranian quds forces targets inside syrian territory and it is warning the syrian armed forces against striking against israeli military targets or against israeli territory the syrian state media is saying that its forces have fought in what it calls hostile targets over syrian air space now the immediate background to all this is what took place during the course of sunday there were reports of an israeli strike or strikes in and around damascus again syrian state media saying that it had struck against those strikes as they came in and then shortly after that there was a report of at least one if not more projectiles being fired from syrian territory
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towards israeli territory in the reports were that they were ground to ground projectiles surface to surface missiles potentially now that is relatively uncommon what is more common is for syrian anti-aircraft fire to potentially into towards israeli air space of yes space over israeli occupied golan heights and there was speculation that there might well be an israeli response to a potential ground to ground attack the slightly longer look at this in terms of the background is what took place the previous weekend when there was an air strike against targets inside syria on the friday and by the sunday israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu was publicly owning up to that in fact saying that it was a vital military operation in that such efforts may well intensify during that weekend as well as outgoing military chief of staff got the eyes and caught all but lifting the entire veil of israeli ambiguity on its strikes inside syria over
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several years now. it was saying that this had been a successful operation against iranian targets inside that country and there had been speculation at that time that this lifting of the ambiguity policy may well give the syrians the iranians cause to strike more directly at israel now that israel had owned up exactly and publicly to what it was doing it's too early to say whether this is an instance of that but that is the background against which what is going on right now in the early hours of the morning is really time which appears to be a pretty significant exchange of fire over syrian air space that's very important let's take this on now ariel cohen is a senior fellow with the atlantic council joins us on skype from washington d.c. and mr cohen tell us more about your perspective on this what do you think's happy why is it happening right now. israel warned for a long time that she will react to the continuous supply of the advanced
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iranian weapons specifically smart bombs and missiles to hizbullah the iranian fully own subsidiary in lebanon and despite the fact that israel is as they said hit thousands of targets that process is still continuing the russians promised israel that they will make sure that the arrangements are moved away from the israeli says for a line in the golan the russians could not deliver on their promises because if israelis are getting the iranian targets in the damascus airport this is much less than eighty kilometers from the go on and also it means that the russians are not one hundred percent controlling what's going on in lebanon so in the long term yeah go ahead is going to say it's interesting is it because israel rarely admits to carry out attacks on targets inside syria but has done now so what sort of
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thinking there. among other things there is a new chief of staff to haave is just new in the job he is probably changing policies and they're making very clear that they insist that iran stopped supplying offensive rockets to his ball of the threaten israeli civilians this is all about homeland security of all and defense for israel iran after all is over a thousand kilometers away that theater does not threaten the iranian population it does threaten the israeli population so it sees are in significant developments where do you think this is heading. israel has an interest of moving as much as possible in the syria lebanon theater while donald trump is in the white house to trumpet ministration is clearly
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a pro israel israel has also a lot of good will in the sunni arab state that a very warry above the iranian expansion and period lism in the middle east and therefore the time is on israel's side as long as the iranians do not have nuclear weapons and i think israel will pretty much demand that iran does what israel is demanding for many years now which is to stop the resupply of hizbollah the iranians are under economic pressure because of the oil sanctions and because of the white house policies and if they rainiest are not listening to what the israelis are telling them then this is collation may continue in the lebanon and syria space and possibly as we just recently learned from the reported by the israeli television university is to do it for strategic studies also possibly
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action in the territory of iran itself well arrow one of the timing pre-show perspective thanks very much indeed thank you. turkish president reza type and has spoken with donald trump to discuss u.s. troop withdrawal from syria the phone conversation comes just days after the fate of kurdish fighters in syria strained relations between the two nato allies and has told trouble that turkey is ready to take over security in the kurdish controlled syrian town of manage without delay according to the turkish government told trump that an attack in members that killed four u.s. personnel last week was a provocation to influence the u.s. troop withdrawal announced last month well let's take a closer look bridge near the border with turkey the town currently protected by u.s. backed kurdish white b.g. fighting see ankara considers to be terrorists with ties to the kurdistan workers party the p.k. k.
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in recent weeks has been a war of words between the united states and turkey over washington's backing of the y.p. ga and what will happen in the region after the american pull up well last month y p g invited syrian president bashar al assad's forces into the area hoping to prevent a turkish assault there's only been generated reports now from doesn't have all the turkish syrian border. this phone call is essentially a continuation of the strategy between these two countries to try and bridge the divide which has been created after the united states decided to pull out its troops and the u.s. president saying words that were welcomed by turkey since then the us president turkish president number of conversations they have also decided that they will be carrying out joint operations against isis this is also a part of the agreement which was which was it was agreed upon by the two sides they want to carry out joint patrols they want to carry out. attacks against on the
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turkish side of the border because on the other syrian side deeper into. the united states is operating with kurdish find to be turkey considered a terrorist organization this area in northern syria is a bone of contention between the two countries because the turkish troops want to take charge of that area and the kurdish fighters who are backed by the united states do not want to give. the fighters to the government rather and these kurdish fighters have been inching towards the government in case. which is created when u.s. forces pull out something which is a result that neither the united states want this is a conversation between these two presidents where the turkish president shortly united states president that his country is ready to take over security control and he described the recent attack one of the deadliest on u.s. forces there for americans u.s. military servicemen were killed as a provocation and an attempt to derail the u.s.
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pullout from the area. of the center for middle east. he says deliberately talking directly to the u.s. president. well he wants america to leave northern syria and he knows that president trump is eager to do just that so he does not want to talk to the security team and the foreign policy team around president trump all of whom want to stay in syria for the long haul as they call it in order to roll back iran continue the fight against isis and secure. the protection of the kurdish troops that they've been allied with in northern syria president trump wants to bring the troops home and not get involved for the long term in syria so air to one is calling the president and he's escalated previously the first time he got the phone call is when he escalated threatened to go into that region the president
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took the phone going said i want the troops go home and now the nose if there's a big difference between the president and his national security team he only wants to talk to the president and that's why we have this call now and the only thing that makes sense the united states the only alternative is to make a deal with the syrian regime and the russians to move in behind the americans fill the void that's what the kurds want if america is not going to be there in order to make sure that turkey doesn't move down and so america doesn't want either of those scenarios they don't want turkey invading and they don't want the syrian regime and russia to fill a vacuum so america is going to be stuck there for ever and that's that dilemma and the president says the hell with this let russia and syria and iran deal with isis if finish isis off and they want to do it let them pay for it so money's government says it's planning a major.


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