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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 21, 2019 8:00pm-8:33pm +03

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hello there we're seeing quite a few showers over parts of japan at the moment and most of them a wintery you can see the speckled areas of cloud here just making their way across the sea of japan that's what's bringing us all snow flurries and they'll be plenty more of them as we head through the next few days i think for tuesday the majority of them will be over the northern parts of honshu and then as we head into wednesday we'll see a little bit more rain mixed in with that snow towards the west where it's quite mild for some of us have all about tom minus seven is our maximum and for beijing will be up at around nine but further towards the south we've had a few outbreaks of rain here over the past few days some of which have been surprisingly heavy but now things are calming down and for most of us across the southeast in parts of china it should be fine and dry force on cheese day the showers are continuing though across the western parts of vietnam but easing here
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a fraction as we head into wednesday meanwhile a bit further towards the south and we've certainly got some heavy rain over the fillip a's that thanks to the remains of an old depression that's working its way across us at the moment so more very heavy downpours for tuesday that rain gradually easing a bit as we head into wednesday but still some shop showers a possible here elsewhere also some showers coming and going for many of us rarely but the wettest area probably is in the south over parts of java bawly it's certainly looking way here. russian filmmaker under a necker soft continues his journey across his homeland to discover what life is like under putin during his travels he meets christians and muslims patriots and separatists i told flew the locals in the southeast. when i arrived i don't do something completely different some long to leave putin's russia but for others the russian passport means hope and the challenge of happens in search of putin's
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russia on al-jazeera. welcome back a quick reminder of the top stories here this hour at least four syrian soldiers have been killed after israel launched air strikes on iranian targets in syria video posted to social media appears to show missiles intercepted near damascus russia says during those strikes syrian military air defense systems destroyed more than thirty cruise missiles and god forms. turkish president says he's ready to take over control of man because he spoke on the phone directly to president trump about the u.s. withdrawal from northern syria there greed on the need for
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a negotiated settlement and joint steps against. unfold about closed in the southern philippines region of mindanao in an historic vote on autonomy the new proposal would mean greater control and less dependence on the national government . now with no end in sight to the government shutdown in the united states many out of work federal employees have been forced to find new employment at a jobs fair in maryland al-jazeera as gabriel is found a government lawyer applying to be a bus driver and an oceanographer who holds a ph d. vying for a job as a substitute teacher. jamie rinehart seemingly has it all in life a wife three young daughters a home and a car and at ph d. in oceanography what's missing is his job after he was sent home without pay from his post as a federal government marine research scientists jamie is a victim of the government shutdown so he's now at this education job fair applying to be
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a substitute teacher i've been interviewed with and i think she must have been either an administrator or a teacher they've asked me some questions regarding you know my experiences related to working with kids and and how i would respond in certain teaching situations and then obviously there's benefits to those of us who are furloughed and are looking at our you know looking to earn a little bit of money we're offering buildings service positions clerical position support transportation strikers these are the faces of the victims of the government shutdown and accountant applying to be a high school math teacher a lawyer applying to be a school bus driver people that unexpectedly find themselves out of a job for no fault of their own like darrell burton an investigator at the postal service now applying to be a school security officer amidst them with the curative position among them
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accounting schools because my background over the last ten years nearly it's been an investigations this is the second day they've held this job fair on the first day there are more than two hundred people that were here looking for work today when the doors opened at ten am there were already a hundred people waiting in line to get in with no end in sight to the government shutdown a number of people looking for work is high several school districts are holding similar job fairs for federal employees schools normally providing education for. children may now also supply jobs for their parents our goal is really to say. if there is a temporary gap that people had we have opportunities as for jamie rinehart his interview is over he waits for a call back in the meantime he's become a driver for a ride share app to make some extra money to support his family. but he's hoping
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that the shutdown all in so he soon can drive back to work gabriel's al-jazeera rockville maryland. joins us live now from washington d.c. kimberly so how far apart are both sides in this dispute and is there any hope they can resolve their differences and the time soon. well there certainly hope because there is this effort on both sides to vote on different plans to try and reopen the government both democrats and republicans here's the big problem with that they're both voting on different plans so yes there is hope but right now they're not in the same page the president put forward on the weekend a plan that he thought would at least allow for some compromise with a suggestion to extend protections for children that were brought to the united states illegally that have now grown up here and are living without any sort of document status this was something that was turned down by the democrats they say
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because they believe that is necessary to reopen the government for any discussions about illegal immigration border security the president looking for five point seven billion for his wall this is something that the two sides seem very far apart on so the democrats say this proposal put forward by the republicans doesn't go far enough republicans say that they are bargaining good faith the problem is today is a federal holiday in the united states so there won't be any votes at all so this is expected to continue at least in the short term as gerbil is saying in his report that many federal workers are now just desperate to do anything just to make some money. yeah that's right you know the president does acknowledge that in the tweet that he sent out in the last twenty four hours he called those that are not getting paid great patriots but we do know particularly for those agents to protect the airports they're called the t.s.a.
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agents that they have been not showing up to work in record numbers this time last year the typically you'd see sort of a three percent scholarly and sick rate right now we know it's about eight percent many are stating that they simply can't afford the gas or the petrol to put in their vehicles to get to work they simply can't afford to get there so there are some people with some very very tough times it's not only the eight hundred thousand federal workers but on top of that you're forgetting the contractors that we don't talk about very often well the federal workers will eventually get paid the federal contractors will not we're hearing that this is costing some are in the neighborhood of about two hundred million in lost wages every day kimberly thank you human rights groups want the release of an iranian state t.v. anchor woman who's been jailed in the us american born. was detained and sent eight days ago as a witness in an undisclosed investigation fifty nine year old has not been charged
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the crime demonstration was held in tehran on sunday in protest of her detention israel is set to open its second international airport despite protests from neighboring jordan the israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu is attending the grand opening jordan says ramón international airports location violates international law as well as jordan sovereignty over its an space five hundred million dollar project is located in the israeli red sea resort town of the lines right next to the jordanian border. colombia's leftist rebels are claiming responsibility for a car bomb that killed twenty one people thousands took to the streets in bogota to condemn the attack president even do join the demonstrations and ruled out any restart of peace talks with the eleven days attack at a police academy was the worst in fifty years. he sent us this report from bogota. thousands of people both here in the capital and in cities across colombia march
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demanding an end to the violence after a car bomb attack on tears they killed twenty young cadets so people came out dressed in white or holding the white flags saying that life is sacred and that they are tired of what they describe this terror attacks in their country while people are united here in this message against violence there were some tensions along the route as colombians remain at the same time deeply polarized and how to move forward especially on how to achieve complete peace in the country the president. decided to shut the door to any possibility of continuing peace negotiations with the ear land but some people here are saying that at the wrong decision that going back to a state of war will bring more death and more attacks there's no doubt that
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thursday's car bomb attack has jolted many nerves here in the country colombians were just starting to bring down their guards when it came to violence after decades of internal conflict but at least for today they came out and said that all together they want an end to the violence. african union representatives of canceled a visit to the democratic republic of congo which was aimed at resolving the dispute over last month's presidential election constitutional court judges declared felix should carry the winner despite an a year appeal to delay the announcement because of voter fraud allegations margin for us as he is the legitimate leader was last month's election was stolen from him which is that he is due to be sworn in on tuesday now the names of the five candidates who want to be the next president of senegal have been announced but missing from the list are two main opposition leaders because they abandon critics
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accuse president macky sound of silencing dissent so he can win a second term reports from dhaka. the decisions taken by the constitutional court behind me are usually a formality and go unnoticed but this year missing on her list of counter dates for this upcoming presidential elections are two heavyweights of the opposition the son of the former president of senegal karim wanted and the popular mayor of the car khalifa sol now they've both been sentenced to prison time for corruption charges one was freed and amnesty the other is still in prison but both were hoping to run in this election and this has paved the way for outsiders to take the limelight notably was very popular on social media and among young people he's taken to the stage criticizing mike saying that he's using the courts to clamp down on the opposition there's been a chorus of condemnation and reaction from not just politicians but also remembers
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of civil society questioning whether this can be a real free and fair election when two of the main opposition figures are not taking part in the race there is a lack of trust of opposition and even. much of citizens towards was elected on management or sort of security forces as a bee. in general in shutting peace and security is where the most stable democracies on the continent organizing free and fair elections for the last fifty nine years in prison mike says this one will be no exception but with this decision from the constitutional court it certainly sends the tone for this election that will take place in just a month's time. british prime minister to resign made sent to address parliament and lay out a plan b. for the brigs that withdrawal agreement original deal for leaving the bloc was heavily defeated in parliament last week she's already met rival party leaders in
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the hope of reaching a breakthrough in the u.k. shuttles and leave the e.u. on march twenty ninth but it has more now from london it seems that she's not willing or prepared to offer hardly anything at all frankly the informed speculation here at westminster is that plan b. will be almost identical to what plan a was which was so emphatically rejected last tuesday by a majority of two hundred thirty votes in the building behind me the prime minister theresa may reached out to other parties held talks with them but it appears that she's preferred to keep the splits within her own party as a priority as opposed to reaching across party consensus there was some speculation that she might try to renegotiate the good friday agreement as a bilateral with ireland maybe renegotiate the backstop situation as a bilateral deal with ireland both of those have been comprehensively kybosh if you
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like by both the irish and the europeans and it now appears that to resign may's idea such that it is is to try to go back to brussels and try to wring some additional concessions from the e.u. twenty seven about the backstop so that she can then bring her brics a tier euro skeptic and. european reform group or factions within their own party on side to support her deal here in the parliament i think those who are expecting a new direction from theresa may will be severely disappointed when she takes to her feet at three thirty this afternoon. protesters of all of a greece to flock to the capital and to demand that m.p.'s block neighboring macedonia from changing its name john psaropoulos has the story from athens. it took only an hour of peaceful protest before a small group of demonstrators clashed with police detonating fireworks over the heads police responded with volleys of tear gas clearing crowds off the square in
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front of parliament but most of the thousands of demonstrators here with peaceful including families with young children many had traveled overnight from far flung corners of greece to oppose a government that last week survived a vote of confidence with a razor thin majority one hundred fifty one m.p.'s in the three hundred seat legislature that's majority is likely to pass the knesset only a name change deal by the end of the week numbers have to a kid years. to write out a hundred and fifty times there is only ball macedonia and it's his greek and my kid and i match. my grandfather force in macedonia we cannot allow it to be sold out we are losing our values some people of the shoeing a new order they want to access the sea through the port of say so any truckie will be the next to go then will lose a chunk of greece to albania. greece is original position was that it would not
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allow a neighboring state to use the name of its northern region of macedonia a decade ago it agreed to allow use of that name along with an adjective and last year recognized north of macedonia but that country has now ratified the deal and it is now greece's. but the agreement has angered many here because it allows the people of north macedonia to call themselves macedonians rather the north macedonians and recognizes their language as macedonian with the preface agreement . where the north macedonia. and at the same time we give their rights to. the citizens of these states. is the word macedonia for the citizens if you give the nationality if you give the long words this is called identity. and we demoed wants. to one of the states of the area their right to mobilize the macedonian aiden's the agreement is
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a bitter pill for most greeks some have decided to swallow it but many have no these demonstrations have reverted to the original hard line position and they want prime minister alexis tsipras to declare a referendum is unlikely to take that route he knows the deal is unpopular but vows to push it through parliament with his one vote majority by the end of the you jump several close al-jazeera things but here's something you won't see for a very long time a rare lunar eclipse known as a super blood wolf moon it appears to be more red and brighter when it's closer to the earth but you have to be quick to spot the phenomenon that only lasted for a few hours and it won't happen again until twenty thirty seven. ok time for a quick check of the headlines here on al-jazeera a convoy of u.s. and kurdish forces has been attacked in northern syria
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a car bomb went off near the entrance of the city about daddy in the countryside no casualties have been confirmed so far week four u.s. troops were killed in an attack by eisel five cents apiece for syrian soldiers have been killed in israeli airstrikes on iranian targets in syria video posted online appears to show missiles intercepted near the capital damascus russia says during those strikes early on monday syrian air defense systems destroyed more than thirty cruise missiles and guided bombs on sunday israel said it intercepted a rocket fired at the golan heights from syria assad has more now from gaza and. israel maintains the dead had multiple targets inside the damascus is airport as well as other cities in the near and close to damascus and these are iranian military sites and the russians are saying that the bukan the prince or a missile defense systems were used and they were able to sort this attack from so from the accounts of the syrian government side the syrian state media they have
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been saying that they were able to successfully thort this attack and not confirming any off the of the city and of the casualties the new u.n. envoy to syria is in russia where he's meeting with the foreign minister sergey lavrov it follows dear patterson's first visit to the syrian capital damascus last week. says he's interested to hear the u.n. envoy position on the syrian constitutional committee meant to draw off the country's new constitution. polls have now closed in the southern philippines region of mindanao in an historic vote on autonomy a new proposal would mean greater control and less dependence on the national government but its prime minister to resign may is set to address parliament and lay out a plan b. for braggs it original deal to leave in the bloc was heavily defeated in parliament last week a stray shell fire in libya has killed a news cameraman who worked for al-jazeera another leading media groups thirty five year old mom had been died on saturday while on assignment with
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a libyan militia but those were the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after inside story statement on so much i think. deadly protests in sudan and unrest that's gathering momentum and more demands for the president to quit but omar al bashir has ruled for thirty years and remains defiant so can the protesters succeed in the international pressure make a difference this is inside story.
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come to the program i'm richelle carey they are the longest and decades and the most significant in sudan's recent history nationwide protests have been taking place almost every day for a month they were prompted by a rise and bread and fuel prices at the demonstrators quickly turned their attention to other issues and called to overthrow the president omar al bashir is response has been a crackdown by security forces dozens of people have been killed and hundreds arrested in recent weeks has the latest from khartoum. it's been over a month now since these protests started here in sudan of the beginning there were a way to show popular anger against rising prices inflation and scarcity of some commodities but then they saw in developed into the months for the government of omar bashir to step down and this is the longest wave of protests against the sudanese government since the independence of this country dozens of people have
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been killed the government statistics talk about twenty four people killed activists talk about fifty people killed during these protests and there is a claim and counterclaim to who killed these protesters just a while ago today president omar bashir gave a speech in the state of south of khartoum and he said that these protesters have not been killed by any. of the state a process he accused protesters of having an element infiltrated within them who shoot other protesters in order to blame the government that's a serious accusation according to some of service here and this discussion about who kills a protest as has been going on for some time now so here's how we got to this situation the protests began against rising prices but widened to question president omar al bashir rule they began at a bar and that quickly spread to other cities including the capital khartoum the
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government declared a state of emergency in curfews and some towns and it's also restricted internet access police shows tear gas baton some reportedly live bullets to disperse the crowds sure call the protesters traitors and said they were being influenced by foreign powers who want to destabilize the country as economic policies have been denounced by protesters who accuse the government of corruption. let's bring in our guest now here in doha adela and a professor of politics at the institute for graduate studies and in boston via skype is alex of all research professor and executive director of the world peace foundation a tough university's fletcher school of law and diplomacy and thank you both for joining me and adel have ominous start with you there have been protests obviously and sudan before does it fail or same different this time yes it's quite different actually for to start with this has been going on for more than
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a month in the past any protests had brought the government down within a week maximum eleven days so the continuation. is interesting in the sense of also widespread started from five to still going on in her to an outside force to. looks in some ways like the last days of the one nine hundred to five protests in that there were spread in various areas of the capital not just the center. so. the popular feeling seems to be very strong and. and the parises and the country is also months much higher. alan sutter characterization of the protests this time compared to other times and sudan where i completely agree we have the ability to end that there is an extraordinary strong societal consensus that it is time for change and the current government in
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which is increasingly a really minority clique has to go however i think this one thing that really is very different today from in the past which is in the past in the previous popular uprisings nine hundred sixty four in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight the army was a cohesive institution with some independence and autonomy and the high command of the army could take the decision to stand with the people against the regime to any the army is is fragmented. president bashir has has a suit intimate knowledge of the officer corps which is very much been shaped by him in his own image and we also have the national intelligence and security services as a rival power which we have as a comparable level of capacity in foreign power and so the senior officers will be
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less suspicious of one another as they are fearful of the government will potentially embracing change and i think therefore it's much more difficult will be the security establishment to switch sides and pull that reason and i think president bush is still has a constant plank ok in the median age for for someone inside and the median age there is is night night yes that's nineteen so a lot of the people that are protesting this is all they have ever known a deal why has this been the tipping point for them yes i think the to start with they went to the figure. alex. i literally like the baker right ahead. rex i think the the army is still cohesive i mean that whatever has happened the army has a corps army there is
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a culture of the army i think. they are all there for their fear is double fear first of all. they they're afraid that the media many militias and security forces. and and they they don't want to jump in and create a civil war so they are studying their moves. carefully. secondly there is a worry among them but this is a core that if they. make a call and take over power. as sudan is in the same situation as it is now economic at the. current and isolated they will be in the same position at the current government they wouldn't be able to feed the people there wouldn't be able to do much so they they would like some some supporter of our side on this
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but if you yes if you go to your question yes. they use a movement interestingly there's quite a large number of among the people arrested themselves the children of people who are in the regime including in the army and the party so it is a there is a feeling that this government has lost touch with the people i think this is very clear. president bashir was speaking today although he was speaking in a rally in the in the white nile province he was nobody has. speech doesn't resonate with anyone he's speaking about it will be the people who are killing that the ministration will be a vision of the government or the military or the police but he is not saying that
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who is then frary in the government itself has been the security forces have been even entering in the norms of people arresting people from inside their homes just this morning they have. for tear gas inside the college so there is a problem does the government want to talk to the people or does want to fire what is at the people they are not making up their mind actual let me put that question to alex alex has there been any type of inkling at all from the president that he actually is concerned about what the people are upset about or does it seem that his sole focus is keeping power. i don't think this i completely agree route with them do i go this is really not the slightest inkling of any sensitivity to the major concerns of the population a few minor concessions or hints of concessions in terms of economic policy in
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them subsidies and so on but people in sudan are completely fed up of this guy and it's clear that. from the great majority of the population this is the only government they've known him so that the same faces in government are not the top of government over the last thirty years it's only people who are fifty years old who have ever had the chance to vote in a free and fair election in and sit on the last such election was nine hundred ninety six and so the kinds of change that people are demanding are going to change that it completely off the radar for this rather small increasingly isolated ruling clique that is that is completely insensitive to run to the demands of the people but i'd like to pick up our if i may on one point that. what happened may which is the international science service because there has really not been any serious
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signal from the regional auntie's that you know african union the arab league the go coordination council or from the major powers in in europe in a bubble united states everyone has been pretty much silent about what they would like to see in sudan and i think if i get this real quick you're you're bringing up a point that i just want to add to what you're saying i want you to finish your thoughts but nicholas kristoff wrote in the new york times he says and that the united states has joined statements with britain norway and canada calling on bashir to release detainees and recognize the right a peaceful assembly but there said be a much sterner warning to all security forces that they will be hell personally accountable for atrocities it does to your point it does seem that there has not been a lot of attention from the international community why. i think that the main reason it is attention is elsewhere or folks have very obvious reasons and also there's a fear of what might happen next there's
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a fear that that could be something worse than that then bashir and i just take for example what is happening in south sudan way we have a very tragic peace agreement and the architect of that peace agreement is owner of the ship. he has actually been the one that has made his it helps construct this very intricate arrangement this share out of power and reward among the south sudanese factions and from many in the international community they would rather have the devil they know where all the short come then the devil they don't know i'm fairing what has happened with the overthrow of author of tearing regimes following the arab spring in that in yemen and so on. ok and so i you did touch.


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