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tv   Jerusalems Palestinian Cabbies  Al Jazeera  January 22, 2019 9:00am-10:00am +03

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migrants on. hello i'm a saw. the top stories on al-jazeera has targeted u.s. forces in syria for the second time in a week a car bomb has a checkpoint in the kurdish controlled northeast as a convoy of u.s. and caddish forces passed by at least five people were killed but no u.s. troops were harmed osama bin jawad has more from tap on the tacky syria border. this is a second attack in five days on u.s. forces and their allies inside syrian territory just a few weeks after the us president declared that syria is for your vice and it's operation done and he will be pulling out pulling out his troops an assessment that
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not just his commanders but his own team does not see eye to eye with one of his envoys had to resign because he did not see that mission the mission has been accomplished in syria and with these attacks it's becoming clear that the united states might need to stay longer inside syrian territory this attack and came days after the attack in a town which is a bone of contention between the united states and turkey as it is falling out of the so-called safe zone on the turkish syrian border there is a road map to member that is being discussed and the united states would like to see a rule of the no call entities there inside syria whether they are the kurds or the arabs to be part of the government which takes over rather than handing it over completely to turkey of turkey on the other hand has had this open communication again with the united states with the president calling the u.s. president saying that his forces are ready to take charge and also addressing
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a local audience here in turkey and telling that the turkey will be closely monitoring how are these promises going to pan out that have been promised to turkey it says it has been reported here that the turkish president says that in his forces are ready to take on an operation east of the euphrates river this is going to be all the all the way through out not just the turkish syrian border but the words the edge of the iraqi border as well so a not that remains in this complicated question of how and who will be pulling out and who will be left in charge. the afghan taliban is due to resume talks on choose day with the u.s. envoy in cata that follows a major taliban attack on a base and what uk province on monday the government says forty five intelligence and security pass now were killed. sudan's president omar al bashir is also heading to qatar as anti-government protests continue back home on monday hundreds rallied after a student protest a diet of his wounds he was shot alongside a doctor this week the opposition says forty seven people have been killed in the
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last month and it says more than one hundred cities have taken part zimbabwe's president amisom and god has returned home and called for a national dialogue to address protests over rising living costs he's back from a week long trip seeking foreign investment in that time activists say twelve people have been killed many god was says the violence is not acceptable and will be investigated venezuela's supreme court has ruled against the authority of the opposition controlled national assembly it says all acts led by its head are invalid president maduro created a new congress in twenty seventeen which can overrule the national assembly the assembly views majeure as illegitimate and some of its members are calling for military support and shortly after the ruling venezuela arrested twenty seven members of the national guard accused of staging a mutiny protesters demonstrated in support of the group in caracas the arrested
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soldiers had posted a video on social media calling on president nicolas maduro to stand down. british prime minister to resign may has presented an alternative bret's that plan to parliament a week after her first deal was rejected may wants to hold more talks with the e.u. on how to deal with the irish border she also dismissed calls for a second referendum and refused to rule out a no deal ten sailors have been found dead and another fourteen were rescued after two ships caught fire in the straits near crimea russia's transport ministry says survivors jumped into the sea to escape the fire and thought that the blaze may have broken out securing a ship to ship fuel transfer those are the headlines they'll be more news here after al-jazeera wild do stay with us.
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so while there are. three in thin. with i'm going to do some level of suck. because. it is. and we're. going to. get. that i at. some of the footage a nasty bush tomorrow on immigration arsehole but a general say. there do you want to build a fair. karma
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so much to take in. much so much to learn so hard but it is that amazing sit. back so far to keep track of thousands of years since the first visit to general yes. thank you very much for telling me the phrases. thank you very much. for your. york but our kids want to hear the economy called me i don't know said they're going to. look like shiloh i've said the. noble sisters are for you
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argues one the little view of the the v. as in the midst of the. journal i'm seeing a lot of the homes in sunny. moon. lived in their little and learned of it. this is a really fabulous news for one of the best i've ever worked in there is a unique sense of bonding where everybody teams in but something i feel every time i get on the chair every time i interview someone we're often working around the clock to make sure that we bring events as i currently as possible to the viewer
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that's what people expect of us and that's what i think we really do well. russian filmmaker under a necker self continues his journey across his homeland to discover what life was like under putin during his travels he meets christians and muslims patriots and separatists i told the locals in the southeast world when i arrive and offer something completely different some long to leave russia but for others the russian passport means hope and the challenge of happens in search of putin's russia on al-jazeera. right out of a hamas script examining the headline with again with the fractious issue of palestine and israel and the us newsweek setting the discussions what makes them different as far as you're concerned sharing personal stories with a global audience nobody feel safe explore an abundance of world class programming designed to inform motivate and inspire. the world is watching
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on al-jazeera. hello i'm the star with the top stories on al-jazeera i saw has targeted u.s. forces in syria for the second time in a week a car bomb hit a checkpoint in the kurdish controlled northeast as a convoy of u.s. and kurdish forces passed by at least five people were killed but no u.s. troops were harmed on wednesday two u.s. soldiers were killed and men bridge or some advantage of it has more from gaza. in the last five days there would be two tugs on u.s. troops and their allies in northern syria where apparently ice was defeated these troops that came under attack in hasek are problems in northern syria is close to
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the border an area where after the proposed u.s. pullout turkish forces would like to be in charge of this is their year which is complicated because it's not just isolated is in french the word is old school home to kurdish fighters kurdish fighters who are allies with the united states but seen as terrorists by turkey the afghan taliban is due to resume talks on tuesday with the u.s. envoy in qatar it follows a major taliban attack on a base and walk province on monday dozens of intelligence and security personnel were killed some officials are reporting the death toll could be as high as one hundred twenty. sudan's president omar al bashir is also heading to qatar as anti-government protests continue back home on monday hundreds rallied after a student protest died of his wounds he was shot alongside a doctor earlier this week the opposition says forty seven people have been killed in the last month and it says more than one hundred cities have taken pot.
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zimbabwe's president emerson man and god has returned home and called for a national dialogue to address protests over rising living costs he's back early from a week long trip to seeking foreign investment in that time activists say twelve people have been killed when a god well says the violence is not acceptable and will be investigated. venezuela's supremes court has ruled against the authority of the opposition controlled national assembly it says all acts led by its head invalid president created a new congress and twenty seventeen which can overrule the national assembly and shortly after the ruling venezuela arrested twenty seven members of the national god accused of staging a mutiny protest as demonstrated in caracas those are the headlines now back to al-jazeera wild.
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diplomats only. to study. the spin on but they would have seen. that it was shut off so they were foolish well most of it was amazing. leisure to help them we should. say almost. had. followed. me. to the cliff in the thick c.s. . and shouldn't try to take some of the loss of sovereignty he was so full of one of. us
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who his fate here can no more. until it seemed there was so it's here cayley will. have a to heaven is in will have a need to beetle. a wall. and some of the. father had been one of the fittest so. i said yes all. right for the shot to santa but why five of food to be to be able to do any more of . them and how to. risk we. look like a woman one of the. javits off to help with me. is a ritual form. a which we'll let that sent the survey. to the feeder to the. subway oh.
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why don't we watch cities and he. is in the city. we stayed. on it here. because he. was of course also this or that was tough to get out of all of that but so was. a third that's addict. because there are many to look at look for a child a third a mother give our child to go through a positive i chose. when i should. get
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rid. of those about a banya get to from. she lot of the various scenes. we are buying this morning i was a lot of the lawyer for the only defense the polling showed over very very a lot of good that was going on it could be the evidence of how good got them into the honey sure about as my parents say i need my chill competition you gotta go to the ball fell on it i'm going nowhere got more about how lucky shot is not unusual i'm the shit on the new homo men are going to walk off will no longer serve. me from time stern. because i don't. in september twenty seventh team the people of the kurdish region of northern iraq voted in favor of independence from baghdad. but joy was short lived as the iraqi
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government reacted forcefully against any idea of separation. al-jazeera world travels to the kurdish regional capital of overbuild to investigate independence and the iraqi kurds on al-jazeera. al-jazeera where ever you. hello it's almost finished snowing up in the north of afghanistan you see the morse the back edge of the class as it disappears then beyond that into an awful lot quieter we see more snow running up through turkey but that's also more or less
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disappeared up into georgia and the picture is a sunny one anchor five degrees and south of that is no prevailing breeze so sunshine after what could be a cold night eleven in aleppo and that's true throughout iraq is over to seventeen in baghdad you'll notice and clear skies all the way so the weather has stopped for the frequent visits to the levant at least the time being and for the sas the prevailing breeze has been northerly but that's also dying died still there but twenty three's a woman picture of a dollar twenty five in riyadh that's on the high side of normal it might drop a little bit binocs inefficiently jury wednesday we have some had some pretty heavy rain recently where we should be and the concentration at the moment is so it remains a psychosis hard to see a circulation here the dark green suggests the heaviest rain will be in central mozambique for which there is a warning at but that also runs through north madagascar where the heaviest rain has been reported in the last twenty four hours a whole big mess of the circulation is in that channel now for a couple of days so there will be
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a problem possibly even with landslides. the battle over the minimum wage heated up across the country today thousands of fast food workers walked off the job desperate for a better way to use if you give your average worker a little more money they're probably going to be able to pay bills maybe to spend a little bit more i'm going to take fifty right now so fifty k. pay no be able to survive in twenty first century america i'm nervous we cannot afford for one of us alone is a job. on al jazeera. and hundred fourteen twelve on the. u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to for dr events like face one five years on the syrians still
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feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country have been truly unable to escape the war. zimbabwe's president calls for a national dialogue after weeks of protests that have led to deaths and arrests. going down in jordan this is al jazeera live from also coming up not backing down the call for more protests in sabbat as anger grows over the police crackdown on demonstrators.


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