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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 22, 2019 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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to survive in twenty first century america this week. on al-jazeera. the or. this is al-jazeera. this is the news hour live from da coming up in the next sixty minutes a call for more demonstrations in sudan anger growing over the police crackdown on protesters. zimbabwe's human rights commission accuses police there of brutality during antigovernment protests the president wants a national dialogue. hundreds of thousands of refugees await to be moved to their new home the u.n. is finally allowed to visit the place that's been compared to
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a prison. for fears are growing the premier league football though was on board a plane that's gone missing over the english channel. to. argentina. was on a light aircraft on his way to his new club cardiff city. hello we begin this news hour in sudan with protesters back on the streets again as anger grows over the government's crackdown on dissent student activists in the capital demanding the resignation of president bashir position says forty seven people have now been killed since protests began last month when the government raised the price of bread president bashir is expected to arrive in qatar later on tuesday. that's a government activist in sudan has gone missing sources are telling us that rude
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one was arrested by security agents he was last seen on wednesday when he went shopping in the capital her morgan is live for us in hard to say but what more do we know about this activist first of all has and let's remember that the government says they have at least eight hundred sixteen people who have been arrested since the protests began opposition figures groups and other activists say the number is over a thousand and now one of them happens to be read one dold who was arrested early on wednesday they say they weren't able to reach him but they say that people who were arrested with him and later released have reported that he's been severely beaten and that his in desperate need of medical attention and they say they're trying to negotiate with the security agents to try to get access to him but this protests have been going on for more than four weeks now people have been arrested and there are concerns that more people will be arrested because as you've said more protests are planned not just for later today but in the coming days as well so what wore we're hearing about the protests today and presumably there's going to
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be more focus as well on the way the government has been responding to all of this . well yes the protests have started a little bit earlier in the day in the university of what any and what its own students came out demanding that president i want to show you step down and hand over power to an interim independent council just like people have been demanding over the past four weeks now in the house of one of the people who died in the four hundred seventeen people mourners gathered to try to pay their condolences and also to protest the brutal way in which he was killed they say he was shot by security forces while protesting and he died later and he actually died yesterday as a result of the ones he sustained but they were also reporting that. a funeral and used tear gas to try to disperse the mourners and stop them from protesting now we have been concerned about how security forces have been responding to the people who have been protesting foreign governments like the u.s. the e.u. and the u.n. have said that the government has been using excessive brutal force against protesters who are on armed and just marching peacefully to try to express their
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their frustration with the government and to demand that the president step down something he said he's not going to do now people have also been questioning about who has been killing the protesters on the streets. the home of dr bao because of the how he didn't come to a house in a constant stream of mourners since he was shot during an anti-government protest on thursday his house has also become a meeting place for supporters and sympathizers. who are within one of my five children he's my only son he never had a problem with anyone but he was always wanting to help those in need. three of our sisters are also doctors they say he was shot by members of the security forces are to makeshift clinic that he set up in the capital. the family showed us a photo of a man in civilian clothes pointing a gun to words the house while their brother was treating the wounded.
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though some saw a video of a shooting nearby on the same time a teased to protest as well want to. buy a colleague try to rescue the doctor who was shot. in messy oh you've heard. the word that the people who were killed in sudan look killed because they did anything wrong look i think it's got broken not a single house broken you people who are going out. to say you know if you screw it . i'm. a forensic expert says the doctor was shot from behind. we found pieces of metal in the room and in the lower part of his lung they'll be studied to determine the caliber and the type of weapon used of. saddam's security forces and police deny any role in the killing of protesters would be going to last us police never used any live fire to any protest sites or
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any other occasion we never use live bullets in any situation. the same denials have been to eat aerated by the head of intelligence and the target of the protest as president on bashir we're going to. leave we have now arrested people who belong to the abdul wahed had militia and they had knowledge they were given orders to mix with protesters and kill them in order to stoke conflict and destroy the country the governing security doesn't kill people the weapon that's been used to kill dr abdul baccarat to honeyed is not any type that our army or police possess or any that exists in sudan. by god i say it's the regime that killed my son i will never doubt my certainty about it but i give in with our media and i'm sure they purposefully decided to kill doctors but my sister was arrested with the others they detained this told them that they were specifically looking for doctors who helped protest is that. the type of force
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being used by the government to quell the protests is adding to the controversy and confusion about the killings the government has employed militia to help the army combat armed groups in sudan for decades. what's attracting attention now these militia men are mosque in their faces while attacking an arm of civilians in the streets of khartoum and other major cities and i think what they what they think it then there is a very dangerous and unprecedented situation now when men in civilian clothes can carry guns battens a mosque their faces to confront protestors this proves the existence of a shadow army which is seniors ruling party leader talked about and yet you see in more than one with him in the who do. as protesters chant peaceful peaceful they are drowned out by gunfire and tear gas. scenes of collective punishment like this are say the government's opponents a daily occurrence. so is the break into homes our security
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forces severely beat anyone suspected of hiding protesters the government says twenty six people have been killed so far in a month of protests to demand the better life rights groups say the total is at least double that the government's announced the setting up of an official commission of inquiry but protests that broke out over the rising of the cost of living last month continue to intensify and spread across the country and with every new protester killed hundreds more turn out demanding an end to the thirty year rule of president bashir. dizzier khartoum as a human rights commission is accusing security forces of systematic torture after recent protests there turned violent president emerson anger is calling for a national dialogue to address the protests over rising living costs when i got condemned demonstrations on twitter which he said were not peaceful but he also
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criticised the police response he said while and so misconduct by our security forces is unacceptable and a betrayal of the new zimbabwe chaos and insubordination will not be tolerated misconduct will be investigated if required heads will roll. an attack by who the rebels on the city of toys has killed one woman and injured dozens on sunday talks in jordan between the who these and the saudi backed government to hash out details of a ceasefire in what they do broke down and also just body reports on what this means for the tens of thousands of people who've been displaced. these children used to have a home regular meals and even shoes but now they live here on one of the main streets in yemen's capital sanaa but their father mohammed fatemi says he fled from the southern port city of data because of fighting while lebanon is going to set every night i take shelter under this blue sheet it is freezing out here we need help to
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find a job and a roof above our heads i'm sleeping on the sidewalk we hope humanitarian agencies will take notice of our condition i have left no stone unturned but i've got no answer we are suffering severe cold starvation and thirst. mohammad and his seven children are not alone they are part of the two million people in yemen who have been displaced since the war began in two thousand and fifteen and also part of the twenty two million people needing aid survive but help is limited in yemen. yemen yemenis are suffering a sharp shortage of basic needs and all the relief agencies operating here cannot afford to meet all those needs therefore the red cross reiterate so that the political situation is a must in order to put to an end the suffering of the yemenis despite a ceasefire in his hometown which came into effect last month mohammad is not hopeful about the future of his country over the future of his children and i've done i'm going to look around and see for yourself how we are living our children
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are dying because of cold and hunger i am jobless and i can't even afford to beg where do i go i'm a yemeni lost in my own homeland if no help is provided we will all be left to die there are reports of fighting resuming in her data over the past few days which not only threaten civilians who suffered years of conflict but also risks the fragile cease fire. dorsetshire pari al jazeera a taliban attack has killed at least sixty five afghan intelligence and security members southwest of kabul suicide bomb and gun attack happened near made then shot head the capital of war of the province the attackers drove a truck packed with explosives into a training center run by the afghan intelligence agency after the explosion other taliban fighters dressed in police uniforms stormed the base and the taliban is resume talks with american officials they released a statement saying their representatives met u.s.
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diplomats in qatar where the group has a political office the u.s. appointed special envoy zalmay khalilzad to lead the negotiations in september the taliban says the u.s. must leave afghanistan it's been there for seventeen years since the september eleventh attacks a sticking point in the talks is the afghan government the taliban considers it illegitimate and says it will only in the goshen directly with the united states so here can is a political analyst an expert on taliban affairs he says the latest talks seem different from previous ones. i think now the americans there have realized that they have done a mistake to shift the box from door to first to you he and the. u.s. and why he was interested to whore and at that meeting in pakistan but the taliban refused to meet him in pakistan saw because when the taliban
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last week issued a statement in the steadman there threatened to stop these all negotiation with the us because in the same statement they mention the cat office two times we've got plenty more ahead on this news out. paying their respects families gathered to remember the victims of last tuesday's attack in kenya. and later in sport the house survive a scare in the knockout rounds of the asian cup sun i was here with that story. so all are still ahead but first a memorial service is being held in kenya for six people who were killed in an attack last tuesday twenty one people died when as chabad fighters stormed the
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dusit hotel in nairobi police released pictures of suspects they are still looking for five people arrested earlier on suspicion of helping the attackers have appeared in court how it all has more from nairobi. a memorial for six of the victims of the talk last tuesday in nairobi is taking place in night will be the first one to be hollowed out and people expect their body will top and they was six workers working for a tech company housed in one of the office blocks in the complex and in a statement the company they were walking for said that they have put their lives on the line in an act of leadership on selflessness to save the lives of their colleagues of course there's a great deal of familiarity to what is happening now kenyan smoothing their loved ones who have been killed by gunmen who want to come pain or hate and
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have a like a toxin to fall this seems to be much of a blame game on one team with many people praising the security forces for not only the number of people they managed to save in a very short time but also bringing to the whole question one and in a record time which is quite different from what's happened in seventy about twenty teeth when there was talk of the wish to get more money in twenty fifteen when i was a one hundred forty. students in a university in the northeastern part of the conceit because they also quote kenya might be facing the threat of homegrown terrorism and the government is saying the fleet is going to carry out a massive security operation to recover as many of the illegally held firearms os
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possible. the un special rapporteur on human rights in riyadh was gone permission to visit an island where ranger refugees will soon be housed yankee leave will visit washington char island in bangladesh on. uninhabited area will be home to more than one hundred thousand ranger who fled me animal but rights groups compared conditions on the island to a prison i mean joins us live now from one of the refugee camps in cox's bazar soon to tasha what more you are hearing there. it's as i'm very much hoping that we're seeing a very real challenge and a big one at that of how to host almost a million rohingya refugees cox's bizarre has now become home to what is been called the largest refugee settlements in the world and the government says that rohingya refugees he's on three million over the border from the m.r. at a rate of about forty thousand
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a year. just did. this on an elephant migration route and in less than two years the jungle has been heavily forested so one of the solutions that the government has is to lose about a hundred up breaking a record to this island as you mentioned it's called bison chart it literally means floating island it's uninhabited it's about a four hour boat ride from the mainland it sits on stilts and is very prone to flooding controversial now the government has been in the process of building accommodations on this island but it's been rather than secrecy and the un special rapporteur has said since the beginning of this behind a refugee crisis he has been pushing for access to this island on tuesday she told al jazeera that she has now been granted access to bust in charge and she senses it on thursday. i was really surprised because she. gave the approval to go
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ahead for me to go visit russia and china for two years and as you said i had no access and this time in their early part of my trip here they i was told i can go when it's finished but do you know but. promised me last july when i came here she said you can go after the rain so i think she's taking you know she's fulfilling a promise because the rain has stopped and it's a dry season and i think she's willing to let me go and show to the world what it really is. unfortunately we will not be able to accommodate her but she will be holding a news conference on friday to discuss her finding now on that tour the u.n. special report first says she will be looking to ensure that the government and they guard these refugees the government says that the refugees will have better accommodations on the island and an opportunity to earn a living although exactly how is unclear now in another development this week the
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commissioner of the refugee relief and repatriation committee told al-jazeera the government is quote eager to relaunch the repatriation plan that process but member due to an outcry and a lack of volunteers we spoke to a group of hindu rohingya guys they think ready to return but only are now. tasha thanks for that natasha. cox is bizarre. now a new treaty between france and germany is causing tensions in parts of europe the two leaders warn of nationalism as they so want to gets national as they signed the agreement aimed at deepening economic and defense ties between the two nations and they also boost cooperation with the e.u. and nato a far right groups have attacked the treaty assigning away the two countries sovereignty tasha butler is live for us now in paris so natasha what more do we
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know about what's in this treaty or what this treaty treaty is about really is france and germany deepening their cooperation. together and also trying to strengthen their position in the european union and in turn strengthen european union itself now the treaty is about corporation in various areas military cooperation or economic cooperation between the two countries opens the doors for more cultural and youth exchanges it also means that france and germany may in the future present joint statements at the united nations and it paves the way for a european army it's something that both the german chancellor and french president been talking for about for a while now a european military force that would act under the nato alliance and what will it actually change them. well i think this
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treaty is less about change because france and germany have been cooperating in deep in their partnership in this way for more than fifty years but there's no doubt it is extremely symbolic it has been signed in germany at a time it which the united the european union is deeply fractured and both chancellor merkel and president my craw of fiercely pro european they want to see france and germany at the heart of a reformed and strengthened european union but they know that at the moment the european union is a bloc that is facing divisions you have gregg's it coming up you have the rise of the far right anti you populous parties threatening the very future of the european union so what they really want to do with this treaty is reinforce their partnership and really act as a reminder in some ways just well less than four months before the european parliamentary elections act as a reminder to voters that
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a strengthened europe is going to be a much better place to live in than a fractured europe the fact of our life for us in paris life in such. let's get more now on that story out of zimbabwe where police have been accused of brutality towards protesters mark and that's when i say is the executive director of the zimbabwe human rights commission and she joins us live now from ari thanks very much for being with us so your going to zation is saying that there has been this systematic abuse how did you arrive at this at these numbers what do you base them on. basically yes we. concede it's a commission that there was a lot of. property destruction that was caused by protesters in that country including that he shot by the kidding of frauds by those protests in order to prevent people from going to work and even prevent police cars from patrolling the
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streets in areas where the it protects way protesting however following those protests our investigation is this a human rights commission in terms of our mandate provided for in the constitution actually revealed that the police in the military way in dealy a lot to tell you to give this citizen in touch weekly they they did have people swung night dragging people out mostly young men who were found in those houses beating them up and also at least in some of those those that city since we arrived at these conclusions mainly through our investigations and interacting interactions with members of the public if the commissioner of what your mandate is to investigate and more new tactics is of human rights violations in that country and it was through the implementation of this mandate that he managed to going to the various areas where they determine this took place is well it's in their various
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courts my state schools in the country where the alleged alleged perpetrators of this violence were actually being to. i do into this interaction we're able to confirm that indeed it's a given weekend number of members what the public would be to map a by the police with their systems of the military in the country and our findings are not based on hearsay but their best basically on the investigations and monitoring that i took is i want and i want to ask you i want to ask you but what the president has said about this he is promising to investigate those responsible and he's also said the process will not all he's for what's your response to that. yeah that's ok i'll repeat the question president is promising to investigate those responsible the police if he if there has been abused here but he's also said that the protests were not all peaceful what's your response to that.
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all right doesn't look like she can hear me upon apologies for that i was. talking to us there from her let's get the weather now is evident thanks has i'm well we're going to stay in southern africa for the time being we've been talking about tropical cyclone desmond for the past couple of days just give me an update on that farm the warning has now been issued but you can see this area of cloud just to the south of harare just pushing down towards b. era in central mozambique huge amounts of rainfall coming in here two hundred seventy seven millimeters of rain in twenty four hours and we see about two hundred fifty for the entire month of january that's a lot of rain foley has inevitably coast some flooding widespread flooding central parts of a mozambique and some rain nasty conditions that we have in place here i'm afraid there are still further spells of rain to come as we go on through the next couple
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of days actually so we very much still in the mix he can see the heaviest showers they push up tools at least inside of zimbabwe into a malawi i think they way back into madagascar a lot sobrang coming into cost of madagascar some areas could see maybe three hundred eighty four hundred millimeters of rain so inevitably there will be further widespread flooding and the possible sea of mudslides as well that weather as you can see right through into thursday and beyond the showers. usual showers into the heart of africa around the gulf of guinea some other weather to just from the far north of africa northern areas of algeria into tunis you're pushing into libya with the possibility of smoke through the algerian mountains has thanks evidence that i had on our visit a blowing off steam where in china young people are finding ways to cope with a lack of job prospects. and the show must go on oscar nominations will be revealed but hollywood's biggest night is still without a host. and later in sports. a grand slam first for this player at the australian
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open. in the parliamentary. if you were looking at this from the outside you would really wonder what was going on what is this gross is a religion that they have an in-depth exploration of global capitalism and our obsession with economic growth this is still the center of capitalism there is no
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limits i view myself as a capital artist we are trying to break through the world smaller and smaller we don't want to be set realistic in the world we would rather have a fantasy growing on al-jazeera. watching i just a reminder of our top stories this protesters are back on the streets in sudan with anger growing up the government's crackdown on dissent positions says forty seven people have now been killed since demonstrations began last month when the government raised the price of bread. zimbabwe's human rights commission is accusing security forces of systematic torture after the recent protests turned
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violent president emerson used twitter to condemn demonstrations which he said were not peaceful but he also criticized the police. the afghan taliban is holding talks on tuesday with the u.s. envoy in qatar follows a major taliban attack on a base in wardak province on monday sixty five intelligence and security members were killed. china's economy is growing at its slowest rate in decades that's putting the pressure on the country's job market and young people in particular are feeling the crunch a record number of new graduates will be looking for work this year and those who have jobs so they're working longer hours for less pay which you know you reports from beijing. taking a swing at life's precious. left out chinese you'd like to come here to break things and blow off steam. so i don't like the lifestyle in
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beijing is too fast i have to get up early and finish late didn't story working long hours for little pay is common among customers at beijing smash room. opened by just lendin and some friends last year she says china's economic slowdown is putting more pressure on young people so they didn't see the reality that many people including my friends are feeling the pressure when the whole economy is slipping down many of my friends have to look for new jobs so many people are pressured from work so expect to see more clients after chinese new year the twenty eight year low slump in growth and uncertainty over the trade war with the united states are starting to be felt in china's job market according to a joint report by remain university and jobs like demand for stuff in the december quarter was down twelve percent compared to the previous year while the number of
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job seekers grew by about eight percent chinese students repairing to enter the workforce. competition this year alone about eight point three million are expected to graduate barrel wang is one of them the massive student has been trying to find a job for when she completes her studies in june but so far she's had no success. after trial a lot of trials to interview the writing task i've gone through a lot but i haven't received any offer in the two miles barrels optimistic she'll find something after the chinese new year in february but many of her friends have given up on beijing moving to smaller cities where it's cheaper and there's less competition. in the young people and a lot of pressure i think the government is very worried about unemployment which may lead to social unrest the official unemployment rate is about four percent that's way below the truth last week the chinese government announced new measures
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to stabilize the job market start ups will be entitled to bigger larns and companies with zero a few layoffs will be rewarded. with employment pressure in china set to continue. sure weren't be long before she returned to the smash room china's bad economic news continue to pile up it's likely the glass here you will to. al-jazeera beijing. the annual meeting of the world economic forum has begun in the swiss alps none commonly by the name of the town which hosts it devils the meeting is missing some big players this year who are staying at home to sort out their domestic issues diplomatic and to james may's reports from that. one year ago when president trump arrived in davos the business world was already aware of the unpredictable nature of the u.s. is most unusual more than president most of the well read intellectually focused
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and strategically minded business leaders who attend this annual gathering could not be more different from donald trump a man who once ran casinos and arguably sometimes ran his empire as if he was in a casino yet when he came here he walked around the halls on a victory lap he was proud of a strong economy united states is doing fantastically well and he stated here as he did many times elsewhere that he was most happy to be judged by one metric the stock market is smashing one record after another and has added more than seven trillion dollars in new wealth since my election. it didn't stay that way increased volatility at the end of the year meant two thousand and eighteen ended up the worst year on the u.s. stock market for a decade so would trump receive a similar reception if he was coming to davos this year i asked
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a leading economist i know it's quite different last year he had just passed the big tax cut and they were about to increase spending the outlook for the economy in the short run was very positive and so there was a sort of a legitimate optimism about the u.s. economy a year ago what's become clear is that that was a short term boost not a long term boost and i think one has to look at the way financial markets have behaved over the last several months as at least creating circumstances where a recession is probably more likely. than it would have been otherwise let's speak now to james bays who's live for us from dallas so james what are we expecting on day one. well as you always get here big speeches from big business leaders and political leaders in a couple of hours' time although the u.s. isn't here although president trump pulled out pulled out his entire delegation we
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will get the u.s. view because the u.s. secretary of state might pompei o although he canceled his trip he is going to address delegates by video link from washington d.c. listening to him will be the business leaders who gather here political leaders but worth telling you to let humanitarian leaders from the world come here to one of them is hello falling schmidt's the head of save the children international you are here among all these people talking about big business and big finance and whatever one why are you here and tell me what sort of issues are you trying to make those here confront where we have a many reasons but i think that really good reasons to be here right now we have the sustainable development goals for three years now and what we are seeing very very clearly is what what is holding the sustainable development goals back these days is actually war war and conflict which is x. affecting one in six children it's never been more than last two decades so this is what's holding us back from reaching the sustainable development goals and that's
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why i'm here on behalf of children for save the children to talk about the suffering of children and how that will impact us now but not least how that will impact the world in the future when we stand here in this gentrified environment in the swiss outs in this result was some of the richest people in the world we couldn't be further away from one of those crises yemen i mean what are you telling people here here about you know i think a lot of people have forgotten about him and when i was in yemen last year children and people with a saying to me we feel that the world has forgotten us we feel that they don't care about our suffering and that is so mad when you think about this that yemen is the worst place to be a child right now the sun. bring in yemen the children to die of hunger the many many millions of people who don't know where their next meal is coming from that is true human suffering and it's all manmade it didn't have to be like that so this is
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why we need to make sure that people still understand that there's a war going on and ask themselves what can we do to help just moments ago i was in a press conference with david miliband the former u.k. foreign secretary who now heads the international rescue committee he said that there seems to be no impunity anymore he said yemen used to be so people see yemen as a tragedy in his view it's a series of crimes what is the outrage but there should be outrage also because the nature of war has changed so enormously now we see that cities are being besieged we see the denial of humanitarian access being part as of being used as a weapons of war we're seeing places where children should be safe hospitals schools playgrounds being bombed sometimes deliberately the nature of war has changed and i will agree that what we're seeing it will be a seeing now is very very brutal and we're also seeing that it is being done with
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impunity this is what we have to change but right now what we have to make sure is that we can get humanitarian access to the children of yemen even though there has been kind of peace talks in it hasn't changed a thing and yemen is still the most dangerous place to be a child on earth and a fully schmidt thank you very much she is the head of save the children of that clearly the name of her organization is her message james bay is live for us in dallas thanks james. nearly one hundred fifty former diplomats and academics have signed an open letter to china's president calling for the immediate release of two canadians michael coverage and now michael spouse or were arrested in beijing last month accused of spying signatories from one thousand countries want president xi jinping the detentions will result in greater distrust of china canada says the arrests are retaliation forced attention of who are way vice president.
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of pakistan's prime minister is holding talks in qatar imraan khan is in the gulf state for a two day visit he met. i mean in one of the thing in doha earlier can discuss the increasing cooperation between qatar in pakistan with the country's prime minister he's due to address you to address qatar's pakistani community later on tuesday amnesty international is demanding the pakistani government disclose the whereabouts of a human rights campaign a video has circulated on social media of police in karachi arresting activists. he's a founding member of the past two in the who's movement. the group has been campaigning for the rights of pakistanis more than thirty million ethnic. whatsapp has announced that all users globally will now be allowed to forward a message five times instead of twenty the owner of the messaging service facebook
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says the move is to try and stop the spread of rumors and false information what's out has already been implemented the restrictions in india after rumors spread on the app led to kittu attacks and killings let's talk more about this now with sharma technology editor for the news website quartz india she joins us now via skype from delhi thanks very much for being with us so does this go far enough. hi. it's anybody's guess at this time and i'll whatsapp introduced this to india six months ago and we spoke to a lot of experts today even after the global a global announcement was made the more resoundingly consensus is that it's may not have any long lasting impact because the people who are actually the perpetrators of the new ones often come. from the do not political party use the people who have
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the funding to sort of spread the agenda that they are trying to spread and saw for them you know it may be just implementing a few more hands to spreading the news if one messenger can get you know who are forward a message to five people it would just mean they did have to hire more people to continue doing what they're doing and as far as. the problem of fake news and rumors particularly in india will what will these measures help help to deal with that help to lessen that. that some people do believe that there's been some sort of you know on. the way down on the scale at which the mosque elect which no these forwards this debate knew was has been spread. so that sort of you know clearly vindicates the decision that what's that mean the.
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messages and forwarding to five. like i said that is not truly a conclusive answer as of now and what what other measures do you think need to be done to to stop this sort of thing from happening i mean what what what what has what sat organizations like whatsapp. could they be doing more. oh man you know one good thing that has happened for india after all the cases that woman shit happened last year is that what's that has spent a lot of money some estimates the around twenty million dollars in advertising you know television and print and video ads which sort of the beach out to a lot of people in the country would sort of cannot talk about the veterans of the news and how you should not believe everything that is what we do to you so that's one thing that sort of in that i did action and it has had all of the visual impact because now a lot of people sort of now understand that everything that they see on whatsapp is
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not necessarily the good act and they should take it with a big just thought. i feel like such measures as more of such activity. would have been sammy in fact you know florida never going to even this good look back and positively for us because i don't know. a lot of what's that but i'm forwarding to more than five people in india still out there were cases reported when a lot of political parties were using non indian will buy them not. to continue sending you know you know at a ski button now does the world then how it will. be able to have companies won't be able to do that also so so that's something that it wanted it. or i could speak with you it's a question joining us live from delhi thanks so much to be. the nominations for the
4:44 pm
ninety first annual academy awards have just been announced so far golden globe winner rami malik has been nominated for best actor for but he and rhapsody and lady ga ga is one of the names for a star is born and the ceremony on is the very best in the film industry and for more reaction let's go now to berkeley and speak with daniel smith rousey professor of media communications as to mary's college in california thanks very much for being with us now i know these nominations have literally just been announced within the last couple of days so not a lot of time to to digest all of this but what do you make of of those announcements and. thanks so much for having me on i would say it went mostly as expected this has been kind of been a hard year to predict but when it went to sort of the road it seemed like. you
4:45 pm
know it was good it's an inclusive you're going to use the cademy is relative outreach to you now groups that it often ignored in the past. for example you know you have best picture nominees nominations for wiping out there are black transparent roma you know the this is a relatively new civic out of me to some degree you know and then there's also the usual kind of fair like rebook and bias which probably appeal to some of the older voters in their survey usual. any notable absence seems you think. it was maybe a little surprising that even a cop didn't get a best actor nomination he led and he's one of the most preorders that you know there's all these awards given out prior to the oscar nominations and he got the most of them in that category and so it's really been a lot of people thought he wouldn't toni collette kind of similar over
4:46 pm
a best actress who didn't get a nomination but maybe that i mean a lot of people didn't think they would so there's always going to be a few of these suggest some of the shalem they're not getting nominated for a movie or a great performance that a lot of people didn't see beautiful boy. i don't know you know so that there's always going to be a few. people make a lot of that but it's it's not you know it's not a crazy year for snow there's not there's not a shocker i would say so with the ceremony coming up in a few weeks then in february who who who who are looking like the front runner city what's with your prediction and before you also i just want to. remind people these are the best film that are nominated black panther black klansmen behind me in rhapsody the favorite and green book. well i think you just named five of them if i could add to that did you say roma and star no i didn't much like yes yes you have something right sorry i mean i thought yeah so i think that's all eight.
4:47 pm
in terms of dancer question. it's hard to say thought is the green book is the runner because it glenn the producers guild award disconcerted a major predict and maybe it will be a roma is high and i only it seems and i think it has a great chance of what's i think we're going to guess it is that it's a netflix film and it's you know foreign language and no foreign i will has ever won best picture but this could be the year they make history on it seems like roman is kind of well positioned. the director has been winning best director you know it works everywhere he's predicted to win this one so i can't it's almost a question of whether they're going to pair director with picture they split bad a lot in this decade maybe you know but they didn't split it last last year far as friend young or a little yellow deltora won both picture and director so maybe his friend up once
4:48 pm
or a little lower to split steps if i had to predict and say that with a it's hard it's a very hard and as it currently stands the oscars at the moment don't have a host then it's again only a few weeks until the big night what do you make of that. are you available can you vote for the nanny. depends what the i can negotiate. yeah it might be better without a host you know in many ways they were threatening to remove some of the awards from the show maybe they can slip those back in. not that they were not your words out of it just wouldn't do them. yeah you know instead they talk about there's a lot of discussion about the terms of where are you i don't really need it it is a little it's hard to promote it without it you don't have a base to put on their advertisements but so what i think it will be fine without
4:49 pm
a host you have enough people coming in you know not celebrities kind of walking off and on stage i yeah i think it does it in my personal opinion it doesn't really just your numbers that we. get to speak you know be fascinating to see what does play out of the next few weeks with the oscars thanks so much for being with us daniel smith. thank you for having me. we have.
4:50 pm
4:51 pm
all right let's go to his son thank you very much a has him all fears are growing the premier league football zero is on board of a plane that's gone missing over the english channel of the coast of the island of gurnsey argentinian. had just signed a full cardiff city in the club record deal from french team non's was their concerns the twenty eight year old was in a light aircraft disappeared on its way from mont to cardiff on monday night search continues for the missing plane can see it police have issued a statement to confirm that there is still no trace of the aircraft while for more on this we're joined by our correspondent lee wellings who is in london what more can you tell us about this. well there is a mystery about the plane itself that is of course still missing the search that still continues over a very large area of the channel between england and france but what has been
4:52 pm
confirmed by french ovulation authorities and all of those involved in the search is that there were definitely two people on board the plane the pilot and a million oh. it is confirmed that he was on the plane the question is what has happened so that plane and obviously the fears are as grave as they can be and we've had the channel islands chief officer john fitzgerald saying i'm not expecting anyone to be alive we just don't know how it disappeared the search does continue but across the globe obviously this is very traumatic for people particularly in argentina and his family his father ratios hold argentine t.v. . i'm desperate his mother said that everyone in santa fe is emotional and in shock in where he really made his name over the past three years as a populist going lots of goals there's expected to be a vigil dissaving in the club postponed his next two kinds it what about cardiff city what their reaction. well cardiff of just plain.
4:53 pm
awaiting information on this they signed themselves. that they were hoping would score goals to help them in their premier league fight there was plenty of competition to sign him it's that time in football where clubs are trying to avoid relegation from the probably like they need someone who can score goals and what happened is a baby on a side his reputation had really grown in france to the point that he scored his the third highest score in french football this season and he scored forty two goals in one hundred seventeen games fernand so we're now at a stage where he was wanted in the premier league and that's what cardiff had bought in so of course the flight was going from from none to sign up with his new join up with his new team mates he was expressing a lot of excitement about joining up with his new teammates and it's absolute charge there was a there was a tweet his last tweet that said with
4:54 pm
a pitcher of his own not teammates oh tomorrow charo but that was intended to he's not teammates of course it's become a sign of what what happened and what has happened over the channel the become for darker than the. live from london thank you very much for that of course we'll hear more from lee later on as the story develops or even to strike a christan or another has admitted to committing tax fraud bernardo has just left a court hearing and the charges are related to his time at real madrid another great to pay a fine of more than twenty million dollars and received a suspended twenty three month jail sentence or he was fun to have used companies outside of spain to hide some of his income many leading players the basis banker to hear now messi has faced similar tugs. if iran of the match is an asian cup last sixteen happens on tuesday later on two thousand and seven champions iraq are up
4:55 pm
against qatar both teams are unbeaten heading into the knockout round cut up won all three of their group games that helped by the effort doesn't lie as a lightly he tournament top scorer with seven goals we're going to try to play our game and think of a good performance we know that now all the teams were in the same position doesn't matter what we did in the first round stage it's about one game it's like a final for us sure we're going to try to or rest well two time champion south korea are taken on by her reign at the moment of course south korea have got a perfect well called so far behind qualified as one of the best place to score so far is one nil to south korea where has booked a spot in the semifinals of the australian open the world number two doing so on a day that saw two other players break new ground to malik has more. rafael nadal has taken a major step towards winning the australian open for just
4:56 pm
a second time the spaniard faced a manually forty places below him in the rankings for answers to your foe and the gulf in class was apparent. in the doll seeing off the american in straight sets. he continues his run of not dropping a set so far this year in melbourne up next with the spaniard is a man that's really making a name for himself at this year's tournament stephanus it's a pass followed up his upset over roger federer with another impressive display against roberta back east of. the twenty year old greek drop just one set as he beat the spaniard to become the youngest player to reach a grand slam semifinal in more than a decade. danielle collins is also breaking new ground. she's already upset world number two. and now she's into the sameas thanks to
4:57 pm
a three star victory over and the stars of pavlyuchenko for. petrak of it ever will be calling the semifinal opponent. she beat australia's ashley barty in straight sets to get there. the czech is a two time grand slam champion but has never made it to your straight you know can final she now has the chance to do so so well malik al-jazeera. and take a look at this recovery from jockey michael sweeney at a race an island all appeared lost at the final of sense out of the kill a point to point as when he was unseated the from his horse ask but the pair somehow managed to stay attached and went on to win the race. that's actually higher and before we go to news out of syria a car bomb detonated in the latter kid district reports of casualties there according to state t.v. footage carried showed a large group of people in the street while wreckage small dead on the ground that
4:58 pm
is it for this news hour more news in two minutes. colleague must much the same has now been held in pretrial detention for two years what is his crime. why hasn't he been tried yet why hasn't justice been applied in this case is he detained because he said journalists journalism become a crime have moles become a tool to silence weiss's of truth we will continue our news coverage with professionalism and impartiality our work will remain credible and accurate but journalism is not a crime incarcerating journalists is not acceptable we demand the immediate release of all colleague mahmoud to say and all journalists detained in a gyptian jails free mahmoud's and all his colleagues we stand for press freedom.
4:59 pm
short films of hope. and inspiration. a series of short stories that highlight the human triumph against the odds. i could afford four hundred people it was you know here to be on. t.v. on the bed i could get fed up because if it everybody wants al-jazeera selects. one of the really special things about working for al-jazeera is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to a story as we cover this region better than anyone else would be. liberally particularly because you have a lot of people that are deployed there on political issues. the people who believe that tell the real story i'll just mandate is to do the work in depth journalism we
5:00 pm
don't feel inferior to the audience across the globe. a call for more demonstrations in sudan with the anger growing over the crackdown on protesters. this is live from doha also coming up. zimbabwe's human rights commission is accusing police there of brutality joining protests the president wants a national dialogue. hundreds of thousands of refugees wait to be moved to their new home the u.n. is finally allowed to visit the place that's been compared to a prison.


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