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the evil islam of the period in the field of chemistry they transformed the superstition of alchemy into the science of chemistry. many of his company procedures and all those which may still be used to good. science in a golden age with professor jimena. on al-jazeera. a call for more demonstrations ensued on as i'm good grows over the police crackdown on protests. over there i'm felicity barr and you're watching al-jazeera life from london also coming up zimbabwe's human rights commission accuses police of brutality during
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antigovernment protests the president calls for calm and a national dialogue. at least sixty five afghan intelligence and security personnel are known to have died in a taliban attack on a military base. and how young people in china are finding novel ways of coping with a frustrating lack of job prospects. president omar bashir has flowed to catarrh for talks as demonstrations continue against his thirty year rule student activists in the capital khartoum are demanding a share resign protesters blame government forces for the deaths of several demonstrators and doctors in recent days there have been almost daily protests in sudan for more than a month. problem and activist a critic of the government has gone missing in sujal sources have told al-jazeera
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the good one was arrested by security agents he was last seen on wednesday when he went shopping. let's go to calls him and speaks out a series here but more going on here but first will give us the latest news on the whereabouts of. well felicity up until this point his whereabouts are unknown asked for the u.s. government embassy here and as for his family now we spoke to his family earlier and they said that with the understand is that he's being held by national security the location of where he's being held is not clear but they know that he is in desperate need of medical condition and they know that because some activists who were also arrested along with them and who have been laid to be released have reported that they've seem ridwan been beaten and that he has been severely injured on his head and on his back and that he needs make a condition so at the moment what we do know is that he does need medical attention and that he's being held by national security but the location of where he's being held is unknown to anyone now he's not the only person who's been arrested since
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the protests started the government said they've arrested at least eight hundred sixteen people activists and opposition groups say that the number could be as high as a thousand but they don't know because nobody knows where have all the people who are arrested are being held and there are concerns about their safety indeed and as you've just been pointing out you know despite all those security risks the risk of being arrested people do seem to be determined to continue with the process more than a month now is there an end in sight is the president doing anything to appease the demonstrators. well he said that he's going to try to introduce economic reforms but people know that sudan's current economic state is not does not allow for much economic reforms let's put it this way sudan source of wealth the oil that came from the south is not fully functional to us also that doesn't produce as much oil as it used to so it doesn't have the same economic incentive that it had back in ten to twelve or twenty fifteen when there were similar demonstrations people also say that they've heard promises about economic reforms over and over again and it doesn't seem to help that the president has been accusing the protestors of
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being demonstrators influenced by foreign agents now he said his security forces the police the military and national security are not responsible for the killing we're talking about at least twenty seven people killed as for the government but activists are saying at least fifty people have been killed so people are saying that the security response to the fact that they are protected protesting peacefully and armed is not helping and that they will continue to demonstrate until president bashir resigns something he said he's not going to do he said his group people have to wait until elections next year if they want to see a transfer of power so at the moment sudan is at a crossroads between people who want to see the present president gone and a president who doesn't seem willing to bend down into a pit with the latest there culture thank you. zimbabwe's human rights commission is accusing security forces of using systematic torture in a crackdown on protesters president anderson and ganga is calling for a national dialogue and as promised to investigate claims of violence by government
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agents when a gaggle used twitter to condemn the demonstrations against fuel prices which he said were not peaceful but he also criticise the police response he said violence will misconduct spoil security forces is unacceptable and a trial of the new zimbabwe chaos and insubordination will not be tolerated misconduct will be investigated if a quiet heads will roll welcome at some of. the executive director at the zimbabwe human rights commission she says the government must provide compensation for victims of police brutality police in the military way in dealy a lot to tell you targeted. in particular they raided people night dragging people out what plea young men were found in go out beating them up and also admitting. when we arrived at this conclusion mainly
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through our investigations and interacting interaction with members of the public if the commission we've got to mandates to investigate and. men rights violations in that country and it was through the implementation of this mandate that you managed to going to the areas where they did to be induced to place is well is a very escort meisters cool thing that country where the alleged perpetrator of the violence were actually being tried. a car bomb has decimated syria's letter kid district and there are reports of casualties footage carried on syrian state television showed a large group of people in the street or wreckage small's it on the grounds of the care is significant as it's his home to rushes in the air base so hot it has more from beirut. two attacks in government controlled territories. and damascus and it is quite rare for attacks to happen in government controlled
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territories especially now especially after the government has managed to consolidate control over the areas it controls that has pushed the rebels back the rebels surrendered their territories around the capital the first attack on sunday that you're mentioning there were reports that a security personality was the target of that bombing it is not clear whether or not that person was wounded or killed it's very difficult to get information out of damascus so this really raises a lot of questions if indeed this was the opposition if indeed this was the work of eisold and is it easy to operate behind enemy lines then that would really say a lot about the security situation in government controlled territories but if you watch syrian state television just moments after the blast was reported in. they had analysts on air warning of a new phase in the in the conflict already predicting more attacks in government
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controlled areas saying that they expect the situation the security situation to destabilize even further now many of the opposition will say this is the way the government tries to keep people on their side to make up for their inability to provide for fuel improve the living conditions because public resentment discontent is growing in government controlled areas yes they control sixty percent of the syria but that sixty percent of syria people are still struggling and the government is struggling to get recognition from outside for sanctions to be lifted in order for it to reconstruct and in order for the economy to improve so now the sit to security situation stabilizing within the government controlled territories . talks in doha between taliban officials and the u.s. special envoy to afghanistan. are to continue into a third day the discussions began hours after a massive taliban bomb attack on intelligence and security personnel in afghanistan known to have killed at least sixty five people the suicide bomb and gun attack
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near happened near might in sharp the capital of wardak province the attackers drove a truck packed with explosives into a training center run by the afghan intelligence agency after that explosion other taliban fighters dressed in police uniforms stormed the base brazil's new far right president says he'll strive to preserve the environment while pursuing economic developments giant bowl scenario make it was making a special address to the world economic forum in the swiss town of davos where he's been pitching a new brazil to the business elite since his inauguration earlier this month he's already taken steps to relax protection of indigenous lands in the amazon rain forest not suddenly saw one of the of us are it's now our mission to make progress in harmonizing environmental preservation and biodiversity on the one hand with a much needed economic development while billion mine these are independent pillars
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of our society those who criticize us have a great deal to learn who wish to govern by example and we want the world to reestablish the trust and confidence it's always had in us we'll work to lower the tax burden streamline rules and make life easier for those who wish to produce and do business in brazil as entrepreneurs we also want investment and to create jobs all our diplomatic editor james bays is also in davos making that address to the conference how do you think it was received. well it was a relatively short speech and then just a tough couple of questions afterwards and somewhat restrained in the language that he used but you've got to remember this davos has one of its main themes as climate change the environment and of course this is a deeply controversial political figure now running his country a country that is home to the amazon who wants to increase business increase
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tourism so there are all sorts of fears about how this will affect the environment what his government's policy is towards climate change certainly it sounds pretty similar to the policies of president trump and so i think there is concern not particularly about what he said here but the fact that there wasn't a great deal that he said that was new that reassured any one president trying of course not in switzerland that one of the big headlines that my pump a.o. has just been addressing davos what did he have to say. yeah make it clear that my pompei is not in divorce either originally president trump pulled out and said his delegation would come with secretary pompei or secretary minutiae in the treasury secretary gerry cushion his son in law and then a few days later they all got cancelled as well i think not because they would save money because i suspect a lot of the hotels and other details were already paid for but the optics would
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have been so bad at the time of government shutdown to have those figures here with some of the top business leaders here in this alpine ski resort so instead secretary pompei i was speaking by video link from washington d.c. a good knowledge is saying that there is potentially a problem in an economic town downturn globally but then at the same time saying that president trump has the solution to that and that solution and he was invoking ronald reagan is pure capitalism he talked about unleashing the animal instincts he said that was the us way and he encouraged other countries to do the same he said no international body would look after the interests of the people as well as the leaders of the individual countries so again a message of nationalism coming from the trumpet illustration james and i will thank you all meanwhile the executive editor of the washington post marty baron has
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been speaking about the murder his colleague jamal has shante that was at a media freedom of events in davos he criticized the lack of accountability for the killing. we're disappointed with what the saudi government did first of all this was. a walk into a diplomatic mission to obtain documents for is. imminent and marriage and it was brutally murdered murdered he was dismembered his body still hasn't been found the saudi government said from the beginning that he walked out freely that they did nothing and we learned later that in fact he was he was murdered and so and today we feel that there hasn't been full accountability for that for that murder and we don't feel that the u.s. government has brought enough pressure on the saudis we don't feel that other governments of the broad enough pressure on the saudis because of this and i think that you know we have to take a look at well why was he murdered he was murdered for expressing an opinion and opinion that at times was contrary to the official opinion of the of the saudi
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government and we also have to look at well how do we know what actually happened there because the saudi government are richer than this really didn't like about what had what occurred there and the reason that we know about that is because of a free press a press that investigated this that which which was persistent that tried one earth the facts and did on earth the facts and then ultimately the saudi government needed to acknowledge that in fact a team of individuals went from saudi arabia to turkey to istanbul with the express purpose of murdering murdering him and that's why we need a free press is to is to dig deeply and to hold people accountable and so with the satisfied along the way obviously dissatisfied with the brutal murder and horrified by beautiful brutal murder of one of our colleagues dissatisfied that the world.
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does not bring enough pressure on a government that engages in the those kinds of activities or there's plenty more still to come including that call. and hungry the displaced yemenis losing hope of the talks between the warring sides break down again. and us federal workers get free cheese in fact the government shutdown begins to bite. hello the weather is set fire across china lots of sunshine also dry weather a little bit of cloud i would say was the western side of the country but it is going to say mostly settled and sunnies attempt is in hong kong getting up to around twenty celsius over the next couple of days shanghai hanging on to top temperature of around thirteen degrees twenty four taipei generally settled in
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sunny showers they come their way into the philippines once again manila at around thirty celsius you've had some showers long spells of right into the north of india recently and some snow over the high ground in delhi has seen some rather lively downpours and this was the scene here yesterday some rather heavy rain coming three or right as we go on through the next couple of days at least as we go on through well when the state stays on settled by this stage nineteen celsius in the cloud right as the snow in the northern flank for the south is five and it's dry thirty celsius for that poor for bengaluru or close to that in chennai and similar values there for colombo as well over the next couple of days by thursday it should be drying up there for the fall north of in the dry and fine across the arabian peninsula temperatures up on a recent bout he said he compared to last week done over the top temperature of twenty three.
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rewind returns a can bring your people back to life from start with brian you updates on the best of al-jazeera documentaries in libya i was the global for a no and the other student rewind continues with children of conflict we'd love some peace in this world especially. children do not have any rights here rewind on al-jazeera. welcome back out of her mind to the top stories on al-jazeera sudan's president
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omar al bashir. the talks on demonstrations continue against his thirty year rule. zimbabwe's president. is promising to investigate accusations of violence and torture by security forces during the recent fuel protests. and a car bomb has decimated in syria's not a kid district and there are reports of casualties according to state t.v. . an attack by who few rebels in the yemeni city of toys has killed one woman and injured at least fourteen of those security sources say the rebels launched the attack on soft neighborhoods. well talks broke down on sunday in jordan between yemen's heathy rebels and the saudi backed government there trying to work out details of a cease fire which came into effect in december in what data. for what this all means for the tens of thousands of people who've been displaced. these children used to have a home regular meals and even shoes but now they live here on one of the main
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streets in yemen's capital sanaa but their father mohammed fatemi says he fled from the southern port city of data because a fighting well of them is going to set every night i take shelter under this blue sheet it is freezing out here we need help to find a job and a roof above our heads i'm sleeping on the sidewalk we hope humanitarian agencies will take notice of our condition i have left no stone unturned but i've got no answer we are suffering severe cold starvation and thirst. mohammed and his seven children are not alone they are part of the two million people in yemen who have been displaced since the war began in two thousand and fifteen and also part of the twenty two million people needing eight survive but help is limited in yemen. yemen yemenis are suffering a sharp shortage of basic needs and all the relief agencies operating here cannot afford to meet all those needs therefore the red cross reiterate so that the
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political situation is a must in order to put to an end the suffering of the yemenis despite a ceasefire in his hometown which came into effect last month mohammad is not hopeful about the future of his country over the future of his children and i have to look around and see for yourself how we are living our children are dying because of cold and hunger i am jobless i can't even afford to beg where do i go i'm a yemeni lost in my own homeland if no help is provided we will all be left to die there are reports of fighting resuming in her data over the past few days which not only threaten civilians who suffered years of conflict. that also risks the fragile cease fire door such a pari al-jazeera. thousands have attended a memorial service in kenya the six people who were killed in last tuesday's attack on a nairobi hotel twenty one people died when al-shabaab feiss stormed the dusit hotel and shopping complex place of also race pictures of suspects they're still looking
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for five people arrested on suspicion of helping attackers have appeared in court mohammed atta who has the latest from iraq. a memorial for six of the victims of the talk last tuesday in nairobi is taking place in night will be the first one to be hollowed out and people expect their body will to hopkinton there was six workers working for a tech company housed in one of the office blocks in the complex and in a statement the company they were walking for a sudden onset they have put their lives on the line in an act of leadership on selflessness to save the lives of their colleagues of course there's a great deal of familiarity to what is happening now kenyans moving their loved ones who have been killed by gunman who want to complain of hate and.
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a like a toxin before they assumed to be much of a bleeding given thing for them to with many people praising the security forces for not only the number of people they managed to save in a very short time but also bringing to the horrible position one and in a record time which is quite different from what happened in the seventh about ten tips that when there was talk of the wish to get more money in twenty fifteen when i was a one hundred forty. students in a university in the north is them hard. i can see because those also can samba might be free see the footage of homegrown terrorism and the government is saying the future is going to carry out a massive security operation to recover as many of the illegally held firearms are . the united nations envoy on human rights in minimal has been given access to
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bashar island in bangladesh the planned site for wrecking a refugee camp special rapporteur young he will visit the uninhabited island on thursday where it's hoped to move more than one hundred thousand but rights groups compare conditions on the island to living in a prison and but ash wants to ease congestion in camps along the border housing more than seven hundred thousand if that a military crackdown in the a malls rakhine state in twenty seventeen i was really surprised because you guys in our last night gave the approval to go ahead for me to go visit russia and china for two years as you said i had no access and this time in their early part of my trip here they i was told that i can go when it's finished but you know but she promised me last july when i came here she said you can go after the rain so i think she's taking you know she's fulfilling her promise because the rain has stopped and it's a dry season and i think she's willing to let me go and show to the world what it
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really is u.k. and french coast guard say there's little hope of finding any survivors from a light plane that went missing over the english channel carrying a premier league footballer argentinian pay a million osama had just signed for cardiff city in a club record deal from the french team nonce the twenty eight year old was one of two people on board the light aircraft that disappeared on his way from north to cardiff on monday night. u.s. senate says will meet later over the possible government shutdown which is now trying to long for thirty two days to democrats have already indicated they want to accept president translations proposals more americans are feeling the pain and thousands of government workers face the prospect of another missed paycheck or battles how small. a month of shutdown gridlock and political posturing a month of misery for eight hundred thousand government employees going without pay in a sign of just how bad things are now kraft foods corporation opened
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a grocery pop up store in washington giving away cheese macaroni mayonnaise and so on to cash strapped federal workers. the pain spreads across the country on coast guard bases and research laboratories along the borders and in airports the partial government shutdown is hurting families and disrupting vital government functions for example the transportation security agency reported that about ten percent of its airport security screeners have been unable to report to work due to financial hardship we have to have been evidenced based conversation president donald trump and democratic house speaker nancy pelosi are no closer to an agreement i am here today to break the logjam on saturday drum offered temporary protection to about one million undocumented immigrants in exchange for funding his wall the plan
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includes five point seven billion dollars for a strategic deployment of physical barriers or a wall. democrats said no way saying trump must agree to end the shutdown before they'll talk about border security both sides have resorted to jabs jobs and juvenile antics speaker pelosi suggested trump dump plans for a tell of. state of the union speech during the shutdown in retaliation trump snatched away military aircraft. palosi planned to use for a trip to afghanistan that kind of pettiness and does nothing for the american people and has reached a high water mark in my experience and i've been here almost fifty years polls show americans are weary of the dysfunction in d.c. about sixty percent in a recent poll disapprove of trump's handling of the shutdown. the economic damage
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is mounting according to the financial services company standard poor's the u.s. gross domestic product loses one point two billion dollars each week the government is closed or about one thousand nine hundred eighty four dollars a second jamie dimon who runs j.p. morgan chase the biggest bank in the u.s. says if the shutdown persists it will reduce growth to zero maybe everybody should start stocking up on that mac and cheese rob reynolds al-jazeera washington that china is the world's second largest economy but it's still winning with growth out its lowest level in thirty years thoughts adding pressure on the job market especially for young people with a record number of new graduates this year honest katrina you reports from beijing many a finding unusual ways to cope. taking a swing at life's precious. chinese you'd like to come here to break
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things and blow off steam. i don't like the lifestyle in beijing is too fast i have to get up early and finish late gin story working long hours for little pay is common among customers at beijing smash room. opened by just an engine and some friends last year she says china's economic slowdown is putting more pressure on young people so that. so many people including my friends are feeling the pressure when the whole economy is slipping down many of my friends have to work for new jobs so many people are pressured from work so expect to see more clients after chinese new year the twenty eight yellow slump in growth and uncertainty over the trade war with the united states are starting to be felt in china's job market according to a joint report by rim in university and jobs like demand for stuff in the december
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quarter was down twelve percent compared to the previous year while the number of job seekers grew by about eight percent chinese students repairing to enter the workforce. competition this year alone about eight point three million are expected to graduate barrel wang is one of them the master's student has been trying to find a job for when she completes his studies in june but so far she's had no success. after trial a lot of trials day into various their writing tasks i've gone through a lot but i haven't received any offer in the two miles barrels optimistic she'll find something after the chinese new year in february but many of her friends have given up on beijing moving to smaller cities where it's cheaper and there's less competition for the. young people and a lot of pressure i think the government is very worried about unemployment which may lead to social unrest the official unemployment rate is about four percent but
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that's way below the truth last week the chinese government announced a new measures to stabilize the job market start ups will be entitled to bigger larns and companies with zero a few layoffs will be rewarded. with employment pressure in china set to continue. shortly weren't be long before she returned to the smash room china's bad economic news continue to pile up it's likely the glass here you will to. al-jazeera beijing. and reminder of the headlines here on al-jazeera sudan's president omar al bashir has fled to castro for talks as demonstrations continue against his thirty year rule protesters blame government forces for the deaths of several demonstrators and doctors in recent days the country has been shaken by near daily demonstrations for
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what a month at a prominent activist in critic of the government has gone missing sources have told our desire at that ridwan dharwad was arrested by security agents he was last seen on wednesday at a morgan has more from the capital culture. what we do know is that he does need medical attention and that he's being held by national security with the location of where he's being held is unknown to anyone now he's not the only person who's been arrested since the protests started the government said there were arrested at least eight hundred sixteen people activists and opposition groups say that the number could be as high as a thousand some odd ways human rights commission is accusing security forces of using systematic torture in a crackdown on fuel protesters president anderson women got what is calling for a national dialogue and as promised to investigate claims of violence by government agents a car bomb has decimated in syria's lattakia district and there are reports of casualties which is carried on syrian state television show the aftermath of arctic air is particularly significant as it's home to
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a large russian airbase there are fears the death toll from monday's massive taliban bomb attack on security forces in afghanistan could double so far sixty five people are confirmed to have died these hackers drove a truck packed with explosives into a training center run by the afghan intelligence agency and then stormed the base brazil's new president. says he will strive to preserve the environment while pursuing economic development us despite relaxing protection of indigenous lands in the amazon rain forest wilson are always making a special address to the world economic forum in the swiss town of double star and thousands of attended a memorial service in kenya for six people who were killed in last tuesday's attack on a nairobi hotel twenty one people died when fighters stormed the dusit hotel and shopping complex and there's the latest headlines on al-jazeera more news for you in twenty five minutes next rewind children of complex.
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it would. be a and. i am. i am. with. and welcome again to rewind to i'm laura. since we launched al-jazeera english back in two thousand and six on library of award winning.


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