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species. almost always including molecules people receive stored i think in the process of would you know visions of the mother to working to their capacity that they're supposed to. this is al-jazeera. doha everyone on command santa maria and this is the news hour from al-jazeera one of the worst taliban attacks in seventeen years of war in afghanistan and it's raising questions over talks with the united states also reports of beatings against activists in sudan as protesters demand on our oprah she stepped down.
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as hundreds of thousands of bringing the refugees wait to be moved today new home the u.n. gets the green light to visit the place that's been likened to a prison. and the race is on officially now we will find out who is in the running for this year's academy awards and on time and how much with all the sports and the line up for the asian cup quarter finals is now complete thank you twenty two world cup host katakana to the last eight maybe two thousand and seven champions the iraq one nail in the last round of the team out. so details are emerging of one of the worst taliban attacks in seventeen years of the war in which really sixty five afghan intelligence and security personnel were killed it is fear that that final death toll actually could be much higher the suicide. bomb and gun attack happened near modern sharr the capital of what our
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province on monday just a day before peace talks began to turn taliban representatives and u.s. officials here into the full story now with hashem. it's one of the worst attacks by the taliban says the group was pushed from power by u.s. forces in late two thousand and one a suicide bomber drove a truck packed with explosives into a military compound what followed was carnage officials and witnesses say several dozens of people have been killed recently it was a very dangerous incident and the sound of the explosion was very loud the windows of our house and other houses close to the area were broken and the wounded ones were taken to different hospitals here and leak out of. the facility is a brand by an elite intelligence unit in charge of training tribesman to fight the
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taliban. the attack is another indication of the armed groups growing influence last year taliban fighters launched a series of attacks across the country including a suicide bomb attack in the capital kabul in january at least one hundred people were killed mostly civilians analysts believe the taliban is increasing its attacks to gain more leverage in crucial talks with u.s. diplomats in qatar what we could in my down shot it was a good forward united states in the afghan government is doing to the taliban so the taliban i think they're coming out of that hibernation clear they're trying to carry on the same policy where do going to inflict damage to the afghan government and its international counterparts and talks are underway in doha where the tally.
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has a political office u.s. special representative for afghan peace zalmai is beating senior taliban members here the talks are a way to find and to the war in afghanistan and establish a unity government the u.s. envoy recently toured the region seeking help from allies including pakistan and in many ways the role of pakistan is key the u.s. negotiator ambassador zalmay khalilzad was just in pakistan for several days before he went to doha and the pakistani prime minister imran khan is visiting doha as well it's not clear exactly what role pakistan is playing but they may be playing a newly positive role but peace won't be easy the taliban does not recognize the government in kabul and insists peace talks will only start when foreign troops leave afghanistan you. had some analysis earlier from
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a. while who was a security analyst in kabul and he told us both sides are actually just trying to increase leverage here. the problem with negotiation is. when we have a negotiation it's not only limited to afghanistan it would appear that we should not expect a reduction in violence there is a possibility of increase in a while and even if we have. it would be one sided to try to increase the leverage there do sue by increasing while and i believe that additional countries. also have a role to play in negotiating in negotiation. about the issue of afghanistan but finally it comes to our people and it should be the afghan people and it is people who has the potential to resolve the problems international community u.s. and other states. can play
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a role of mediation but they are not the actual people to resolve the problem so it should be that got people taliban and i'm going to go to mention should come together and they should talk to each other to resolve the problem just a little bit of extra news in a u.s. soldiers apparently has been killed in afghanistan in the statement we are hearing the u.s. military say this an incident is under investigation we are going to talk to michael semple now however he is a professor at queen's university belfast former deputy e.u. special representative to afghanistan and actually negotiated with the taliban so appreciate your insight that you can give us michael let's talk about the talks first of all and also the fact that you've got talks peace talks beginning here in doha at the same time as this massive attack happens what is that i guess can you explain to our viewers how that the taliban operates on these two levels at the same time. no one should be surprised at this dreadful attack which happened
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yesterday because in carrying it out the taliban military were basically doing what they do they tried to. achieve maximum damage to the afghan government and security forces and of course to get maximum publicize the out of it so as to create an impression that they are strong and the and the country they've continued to do that they're playing what's called a talk and fight strategy so there's a still a separate team is assigned by their organization to pursue the talks they're getting on with their job when the taliban military have continued to to fight and they have certainly given no commitment whatsoever to either cease fire or deescalation so far but surely one massively undermines the other both ways actually if you're talking about those military wing in this more political wing. well they they clearly read it separately they believe that only by achieving strength in the battlefield they put themselves in the position where the united
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states is actually prepared to talk with them and i think we should hear make a clear distinction about who is talking with whom what we've seen in doha in this round is a meeting between the u.s. negotiator and the taliban's political commission we have not seen a meeting between the the taliban the afghan government although the u.s. clearly does demand they say we want to see the taliban meet with the afghan government negotiate with them because the u.s. is not competent to agree any future arrangements for government for government in afghanistan without which there cannot be a peace the taliban are holding out against the opposition the taliban are still refusing to talk with the afghan government they say we don't recognize them they say we are the rightful government of afghanistan we were toppled on lawfully by the the u.s. in two thousand and one they are trying to restrict the agenda to about how and
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when the u.s. troops will leave whereas the u.s. of course is trying to get the agenda round to a discussion amongst afghans about peace in their country. excuse me michael is there any reason for you with your experience and knowledge to believe that these talks are going to be any different i pointed out at the start of this that there has been seventeen years of war and a good portion of that spent trying to find some sort of solution is there any reason to think these talks now in twenty nineteen can be any different. i think there is good reason to expect that there will be peace in afghanistan although whether it's you know this round of talks of this process which delivers it or whether this turns out to have been one important stage and we're only here on the way towards that piece we shall see the reason for optimism is firstly
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because we know that on both sides of divide amongst the taliban themselves their own majority in they want to see an end to the war they hear the afghan civilian population people in government controlled areas they want to see an end to the war that's very important we have seen over the past two and a half months that ambassador has been active as a peace envoy we've seen that within the taliban the agenda has changed taliban who until now we're talking exclusively about how to push the military campaign how to achieve military victory they are now obliged to talk about will there be a ceasefire will or large should we talk should we not talk who should we be talking with they've they've had to address an agenda of peace they haven't course they have not reached agreement yet but at least. decisively change the discourse on the other side they when we look at what the taliban leadership is saying to its membership when we look at the content of say you know taliban social media
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channels that they feed out to their members and stresses that there will be no compromise it says that we've got the you know the americans over a barrel the americans are going to have to leave we don't really have to negotiate actually you know they will hand over power to worse now that's not a very good basis for reaching a and negotiated settlement in fact of points the opposite direction so it's all in the balance that they. if if things turn out according to the will of the afghan people including those young men who are actually fighting for the taliban we will see peace and pretty soon however there are lot of war mongers who are trying to keep this war going just funny michael i had a question from a viewer a little bit earlier today who was asking about any other players you were talking about the taliban we're talking about the afghan government we're talking about the united states other any other important players here who could make a difference. well if we look inside the sort of like that that jihadi scene on their armed groups inside afghanistan there are there are other players
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but none of them has a significant anyway on a par with the taliban so if it's possible to strike a deal with the taliban whether it be from the other top down as being a term that now there are so many other people try and lot of up if the taliban that count internally then if we look around the region of course afghanistan is a country with. multiple multiple regional and international players have a stake they are establishing links with the taliban they try to have a say in this they. frankly i don't think that any of them. is going to exert influence on a par with the key international players in this who are the the u.s. and pakistan who are still for the u.s. basically here we are working with the afghan government and the pakistan is the you know is the place in which essentially de facto hosts the taliban leadership
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and has some influence over them qatar of course is is providing some mediation i don't think anybody else really exert influence on a par with those that were although one thing that ambassador han is out has tried to do over the past three months is try to you know to rebuild something of at least a regional consensus get other players like saudi arabia and the here and the arab emirates. on side to you know try and reassure us or countries like india so yeah there are a lot of players a lot of players with an interest in this but really it's the taliban the afghan government the u.s. and pakistan and some mediation by cutter ok good to be able to talk to you at length about this michael semple talking afghanistan thank you you thank. a car bomb has exploded in the syrian city of latakia and there are reports of casualties these pictures are come from state television showing the extent of the damage an attack which comes only a few days after another explosion hit damascus apparently targeting security
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officials more from reporting from beirut. two bomb attacks in the past three days the bombings in government controlled territories tuesday is that bombing in. bombing in damascus south of the syrian capital that attack was believed to have been a targeted assassination a security personality it is still not clear whether or not he was injured or killed it is very hard to get information out of government controlled territories but the bombings are really an indication that the situation is still not stable but the question is how is this happening after the government managed to push the opposition push away from areas under their control last year they've they managed to regain a lot of territory pushing the rebels up to the north so how can the opposition operate behind rebel lines so it calls really into question the ability of the
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government to maintain security in sixty percent of the territories it controls but if you watch the area and state television analysts immediately predicted that this there's a new phase in the conflict they're talking about the possibility of more bombings and and that the situation is going to destabilize further now many in the opposition will say this is the government's way of keeping people on their side to scare them and to tell them that your best option is to continue to support us because public discontent discontent really is growing inside government controlled territories because the government has been unable to provide them with fuel prices are rising and there are no jobs so it's a really a very very difficult situation for the government and yes they control sixty percent of the country but they still do not have the legitimacy from the outside world and clearly from these attacks not all is well. protesters have been back on the streets of sudan as anger grows over the government's crackdown on dissent student activists in the capital demanding the resignation of president bashir
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positions his forty seven people have now been killed since the protests began last month when the government raised the price of bread. and an anti government to bust in sudan has gone missing sources have told al-jazeera. was arrested by a security agents he was last seen on wednesday when he went shopping in the capital more votes from him or morgan. what happened is of students from the university of what to me are hearing from a tomb came out early this morning and protested against the president on one of the shia who as you said is not currently in the country but they were very keen and very determined to continue protesting if not for the response to by the probe by the security forces tear gas was once again fired at the students inside the university campus and they were complaining about difficulty breathing something we've heard from protesters who have been demonstrating over the past four weeks people have been saying that secreted forces were responding using excessive brutal forest now we've seen live in the nation and tear gas being fired at protesters to
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try to disperse them people have been injured opposition groups say forty seven have been killed but activists who've been tracking this say at least fifty people have been killed since the protests started now the government is this feeling that figure they say only twenty seven have been killed and that the figures that the activists are giving is not true but there are also people who have been arrested and the government said the virus that eight hundred sixty eight sixteen people but activists again want to get to say that at least one thousand people have been arrested including an american sydney's american activist who was arrested who went missing as you said on wednesday and we spoke to his family al-jazeera spoke to his family and they say people who were arrested with him and later released have reported that he has been severely beaten and in desperate need of medical attention. zimbabwe's human rights commission is accusing security forces of systematic torture after recent protests that turned violent president emerson calling for a national dialogue to address the protests over rising living costs some people are worried though that nothing's going to change more from how to be in harare.
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he says he doesn't want to visit him in hospital he's afraid that could be victimized for associated with someone police suspect participated in anti-government protests in a short trip to dallas which. is. the business. was in it in civilian clothes. ridge from. last week suburbans demonstrated against the fuel price hike which had more than doubled overnight the government responded with force more than six hundred people were arrested. in the east zimbabwe's human rights commission says more people died in last week's protest injuring orcus post-election violence the use of excessive force specially the use of life i mean it's not called for when dealing civilians they should be other methods of controlling crowds and we believe
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that we did very well trained police force in the country julius shorter says the son's death was senseless he was shot outside a police station calvin was twenty two years old and loved playing football in zimbabwe humanity is a lost. your life he's being saved. he's being wasted. he's listening. in the same government that it's a new dispensation dispensation we're going to do lip licking whatever people are amused it was. thrown in the dustbin. now you think bush tactics president god what took power for robert mugabe just over a year ago he promised to promote democracy and freedom of speech some zimbabweans are disillusioned. didn't do that. was
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just saying. you see not kill them so we are. revolted the president has cut short a foreign trip and promised to investigate the crackdown by security forces zimbabweans are watching him after last week's violence some said atheist speaking out against the government that could come after them had mythos al-jazeera had. here's what's coming up view on this news hour under arrest venezuela detained soldiers accused of planning an uprising against president nicolas maduro. i'm joined now the world economic forum in davos where political and business leaders are gathered as usual but the story is as much about those who aren't here. found themselves into the semifinal of the story in the open we show you just how he got there and spoke.
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hundreds of thousands of americans haven't been paid for a month as the partial government shutdown now hits the thirty one day mark along with government shutdown and history in fact with among others airport workers and coast guard agents going without a paycheck even so donald trump and the democrats appear no closer to ending the political deadlock over funding for a proposed wall along the border with mexico let's check in with kimberly harkat kimberly you talked about last time we spoke nuances are there some which are moving this forward ever so slightly. yeah a lot of people on both sides pretty nervous seem still the polls indicate that republicans are taking most of the blame from the american public for this shutdown but as it continues on now the thirty second day it doesn't appear that both sides are ready to buy in terms of reopening the government there have been some nuances as you and i were talking last hour the fact that donald trump over the weekend
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promised to extend a program known as dr that was put in place under president obama that would allow for protections from deportation for people that were brought to the united states as children to legally end of grown up here and want to work that is certainly significant movement on the republican side on the democratic side the latest legislation. house democrats say they may consider and vote on this week would include additional funding for border security but not the wall what appears to be happening in all of this is the pressure is on for both sides to pass some legislation both can agree on the difference in the sticking point seems to be now whether or not to open up the government with regard to funding for this border wall the republicans saying look we're not going to open the government until we get the funding for the wall democrats say let's open the government first and then
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we'll discuss border security. the be very clear open government open the government let's talk cannot have the president every time he has. been up to action to say i'll shut down the government until you come to my way of thinking understand that is part of the point of this this if we hold to employees hostage now there hostage forever and by the way it was the president proposed this granting what he had already taken away the pres that doco recipients had their protections she's a speech that temporary protected status t.p.s. had that protection president took it away and now he's saying i want to get this back temporarily if you give me a rope a wall permanently open government kimberly one of the thing to ask you about a development at the supreme court that could help. yeah it has to do
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a little bit with what you heard nancy pelosi talking about there just a little bit of sort of reality check donald trump did take away the doc a program that is that obama era program for children brought here illegally that i was talking about but he didn't sort of just take it away and that was it what he did was then push it on to congress to come up with immigration reform something that both sides democrats and republicans have failed to do for twenty years so that's a bit of a reality check there this was then challenge in the court and that speaks to the news with regard to coming out of the supreme court in the last few hours that is that lower courts have ruled that donald trump's rationalization for ending dock and pushing it to congress is not acceptable it's now reached the supreme court level where the supreme court will have to rule on that the justice department was pushing to have that case fast tracked possibly having a ruling by this spring the supreme court saying no we're not going to do that you're going to have to argue this case coming up in the fall of two thousand and
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nineteen that means a ruling on all of this won't happen till the spring of two thousand and twenty a presidential election year we should point out this is so almost guarantees that the issue of immigration that is divided americans for two decades will continue thank you for all of that. ten thousand children are being represented in a class action lawsuit which is targeting the trumpet ministration the group southern poverty law center filed the claim in defense of children who were separated from their families. policy introduced back in april they say the children were held in more than one hundred tension centers away from their parents' lawsuit also claims the separation was a deliberate way to deter families from immigration thing. covering this one from washington d.c. heidi what evidence is there to suggest the trumpet ministration deliberately used these immigrant children as that terror and. kemal there is
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a memo that the the filers of the lawsuit point to as essentially the smoking gun it was written by unnamed administration sources more than a year ago which was when they were considering how to respond to what they call in this memo the surge of illegal immigration into the us notably at the time and even now the numbers crossing the border without documents is still near historic lows but the key takeaway from this private memo is that the government's claims that these family separations that were so controversial and ignited opposition from all sides of the american public that the claims that this had been an unintended or at least unavoidable consequence of prosecuting adults who crossed illegally is in fact a lie it says in black and white in this memo that family units were targeted by
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the trumpet ministration and the plan all along from december of twenty seventeen was to prosecute the parents and separate the children and it says the increase in prosecutions would be reported by the media and they would have substantial deterrent effect a quote from senior administration officials themselves secondly this memo appears to weigh the option of denying children their legal right to asylum hearings is another deterrent and it documents a really put some black and white a policy that. we who have covered these immigration issues have long been seen anecdotally about the government using children essentially as bait to catch their u.s. based sponsors and later deport them we know that's been happening there have been parents saying that when they stepped up to try to claim their children who were languishing in these government detention facilities that then they themselves the parents or if it was another family member who was already in the u.s.
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but didn't. papers were then deported themselves and it appears that that was all along the intention of the government might be the children themselves i feel we haven't actually heard that much about the mouth of the initial anger of the children separated what are the numbers now those who is still in custody and what's happened to them that's right in those numbers still change every day but we know with confidence that there are more than ten thousand children at this very moment in these government the tension facilities and a reason for that big number is because there are fewer sponsors willing to take that risk of. applying to take them out of detention than be be exposed as undocumented immigrants themselves and later deported and there's also the fact that these family separations that were deemed illegal starting in june of last year by a court order that they have still continued to happen in fact more than one hundred
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children were separated from their families in the time since then the government has been trying to publicize its efforts to minimize this family separation policy it's pointed to the fact that some of this tent city antonio texas which i previously visited where children were living under tents in the desert for weeks if not months at a time that they had closed the city back it did close however the subtext is that other similar detention facilities for children elsewhere in the country are only expanding kemal thank you for all those updates there in washington with their new meeting of the world economic forum beginning in davos leaders discussing climate change digital revolution but the focus has also been on some of the big names who are out there more than jonah hill in davos. a chill has settled over down ass and that's not just the weather leaders of some of the world's
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biggest economies china the united states france and the u.k. have stayed away to find crises at home crises fueled by nationalism populism and those left behind by globalization it is everything the world economic forum is supposed to stand against and yet this year's big ticket visitor is brazil's new president far right nationalist ball son r.-o. here to launch what he calls a new brazil then there was a big. we intend to reduce the size of the resin state apparatus and carry out a form such as the social security reform the tax reform we wish to relieve those who produce and undertake business and projects from the weight of a heavy state that's good news for business less so for those who depend on state aid it's an odd look for an annual gathering traditionally built on bridging divides it does say that there's a bit of a shift and that those major leading democracies in the world are exhausted tied in
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knots have problems but it also says this community here of global this is perfectly willing to flirt with the liberal leaders in the world. compensation came in the heavyweight fight against climate change identified as a major world threat having heard both scenarios call for economic development in the amazon delegates listened to royalty interviewing a british knight of the realm what advice do you have all my generation and what's what can we build on that you have started we have to recognize that every breath there we take. every mouthful of food that we take comes from the natural and that if we damage the natural world we damage ourselves it's what the forum aims to do best global box office in the name of a better world the theme of this year's world economic forum here in davos is the fourth wave of globalization the digital revolution it predicts
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a world in which technology competes with workers of all stripes blue collar and white in which the winners of globalization get ever richer but fewer in number it is a world in which inequality deepens and political leaders no longer have all the answers jonah how al-jazeera divorce switzerland media freedom has also been discussed and also in the killing of or the killing by saudi agents of journalist jamal khashoggi who wrote for the washington post we've heard from marty baron executive editor of the newspaper who says not enough international pressure has been put on saudi arabia over the murder of his colleague. we're disappointed with what the saudi government did first of all this was. walk into a diplomatic mission to obtain documents for is. imminent and marriage and he was brutally murdered murdered he was dismembered his body still hasn't been found the
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saudi government said from the beginning that he walked out freely that they did nothing and we learned later that in fact he was he was murdered and and today we feel that there hasn't been full accountability for that for that murder and we don't feel that the u.s. government has brought enough pressure on the saudis we don't feel that other governments of the brought enough pressure on the saudis because of this and i think that you know we have to take a look at well why was he murdered he was murdered for expressing an opinion and opinion that at times was contrary to the official opinion of the of the saudi government and we also have to look at well how do we know what actually happened there because the saudi government officials and mislead the lied about what happened what occurred there and the reason that we know about that is because of a free press a press that investigated this that which which was persistent that tried one earth the facts and did on earth the facts and then ultimately the saudi government
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needed to acknowledge that in fact a team of individuals went from saudi arabia to turkey to istanbul with the express purpose of murdering murdering him and that's why we need a free press is to is to dig deeply and to hold people accountable and so we're dissatisfied along the way obviously dissatisfied with the brutal murder and horrified by beautiful brutal murder of one of our colleagues dissatisfied that the world. does not bring enough pressure on a government that engages the those kinds of activities. grab a break on the news and when we come back russia and japan remain at softer a seventy year old dispute for a group of violence and sport the latest in the search for the argentine football a million and it was on a plane that went missing probably be english channel. hello
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welcome to another look at the international full costs the weather's gen reset there across the middle east no great surprises there but some places a plow pulling away from the region he said there was of afghanistan to start have got to stop pushing up all the way actually into his back is stop at class is moving away he said dry weather coming back in behind type of deciding allies on single figures to decrease out the full couple sub-zero and push further west where we do have a lot if i don't drive by the just around the events i wrote eighty degrees of rain will not its way towards cyprus as we go on through a day but generally speaking it does stay settled and sunny as is the case for much of iraq iran pushing back over towards afghanistan karate getting up to twenty
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three celsius so it's happened so we can expect here in qatar high of twenty three celsius on wednesday so those temperatures well up on the sort about as we saw last week get i ten degrees up on valleys actually twenty five celsius there in riyadh we could get a very pleasant twenty four here in doha not so pleasant from mozambique we have still got the well the remnants of the troubles find desmond now pushing its way up towards malawi there's more cloud following behind. as it too late takes a tougher line on migrants organized crime in is making fast profits from their misery. people and power investigates the state funded reception centers where the helpless are reduced to commodities ripe for exploitation.
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and the migrants on. the right out of a mosque are examining the headline we see again with the fractious issue of palestine and israel in the us newsweek setting the discussions what makes them different as far as you're concerned sharing personal stories with a global audience nobody feel safe explore an abundance of world class programming designed to inform motivate and inspire. the world is watching on al-jazeera.
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or on the news hour here at al-jazeera these are our top stories a car bombs exploded in the tank here in syria just days after another explosion had hit damascus apparently targeting security officials. protesters a back on the streets of sudan as anger grows over the government's crackdown on to send the opposition says forty seven people have now been killed since demonstrations began last month when the government raised the price of bread. and zimbabwe's human rights commissions accusing security forces of systematic torture after recent protests turned violent president. was used twitter to twitter to condemn demonstrations which he said were not peaceful but he did also criticize police violence. u.s. vice president might panthers posted a video on twitter declaring support for protests in venezuela against president nicolas maduro that's after venezuela's government said it had stopped a military revolt arresting twenty seven soldiers from the national guard offices
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posted a video to social media calling for nicolas maduro to step down meanwhile the head of venezuela's opposition controlled national assembly has called for nationwide protests on wednesday but the supreme court declared his congressional leadership to be invalid here's a little bit of what might pence had to say about. nicolas maduro is a dictator with no legitimate claim to power he's never won the presidency in a free and fair election and he's maintained his grip of power by imprisoning anyone who dares to oppose him the united states joins with all freedom loving nations in recognizing the national assembly as the last vestige of democracy in your country for it's the only body elected by you the people as such the united states supports the courageous decision by one gado the president of your
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national assembly to assert that body's constitutional powers declare madeira your serp or and call for the establishment of a transitional government. to live for us i'm going to saris to talk through some of this clearly the united states trying to increase pressure to raise the debt and it's working. well and most definitely an increase in pressure by the united states who have seen. it and. accordingly. i would think haider and also supporting the protesters the opposition protesters we have also seen a tweet from the secretary of state. saying that the only legitimate office in venezuela right now is that the opposition controlled congress so we're seeing the united states increase the pressure of the united states there are a lot of rumors that the next that could be hold all and shows what there is right now are sanctions on individuals and also bear in venezuela from using banks in the
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united states analysts say that oil sanctions can definitely hard. cash you know we're seeing are becoming increasingly isolated in the region we believe man group saying that they do not recognize the government who are also the organ i think of american states the united states the european their european union the government of any mother would want you saying that we're living in a movie hollow world where it's not just the united think that dictate policy around the world that they will have the support of many countries around the world including countries like china and russia to write so this new leader of the opposition. leader i'm not sure if i'm saying that correctly but can you tell us a little bit more about him because clearly for what i was saying earlier the constitutional court is trying to blunt his powers. well are you really this month when he was elected as president of the national
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assembly of the opposition controlled congress and nobody in venezuela or very few people in venezuela actually knew who he was he's an engineer he's the youngest congressman to become. the end of the national assembly and coffee has been saying that he was not going to recognize the government. there's also been a change of strategy became the president of the national assembly he's been calling on the military to rebel against the government governmental he's also right now the big thing along with him the national assembly to give an amnesty to those officers or those members of the military that rebel against the presidency why the one thing. you can really service is about a week ago and invent now he's calling on massive protests for people to take to the see this coming wednesday protest against the government the government is saying on the other hand that there is no need by the opposition to have a large venezuela to force
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a coup in the country the opposition is saying that people in venezuela are desperate for food or services and that the only way for a change in government to happen is for people to take not only to the street thank you. the death toll in mexico following a pipeline fire has risen to ninety three not dozens more were injured in that. the state oil company says people were trying to fill containers with fuel from an illegal tapping of the pipeline and the explosion happened we've got money now with us from our i believe the president is heading to that area what what's been the government's response actually to a pretty awful disaster. the president of what i thought has just wrapped up a speech here and i come by in the state of mexico in the wake of that explosion
9:44 pm
that left more than ninety people dead last week the president is outlining a plan specifics on a plan to address the issue of fuel theft in mexico starting with creating opportunity says that this is a major factor in lessening the dependency that so many communities have on stolen fuel and we say that because in two thousand and eighteen the government found more than fourteen thousand illegal taps of fuel lines nationwide and the reason that this is such a pervasive problem is the fact that fuel is transported via oil pipelines be a fuel pipelines that are buried only a few feet underground making them highly susceptible to theft by by by individual peoples it by individual people in december first of this year president lopez over there to announce to announce that as many as thirty two thousand marines would be sent to guard fuel lines and to guard refineries that considered that are considered as being especially vulnerable now this is a problem that the government has been looking for a solution to for
9:45 pm
a long time now there's been a revenue loss of somewhere around seven point four billion dollars over the course of the last three years to mexico's national oil company. ok thank you manuel. in a couple i will go to schools and more than seven decades ago but on paper some countries like japan and russia still at war but a few hours ago president vladimir putin met in moscow to conclude the details of a finalized peace treaty most of the dispute revolves around sovereignty over the form of a for all of the korea islands north of japan which the soviet union occupied at the end of the war and russia continues to control today his word chalons in moscow with more. this is shins our band but i'm a bit in the twenty fifth meeting and talk about the career lions the peace treaty has made up a good chunk of all of that we're still waiting for a breakthrough and the key to why there hasn't been one yet to be found and something that led to me putin said yes trade etc has been increasing between
9:46 pm
russia and japan but it hasn't increased enough hasn't increased qualitatively he said he basically points to the fact that could be fifty percent more trade up to thirty billion so effectively what the russian president is saying is i am not seeing enough on the table from japan to make this worth my while it's more. concerned he would like to domestically be able to see the say that he was the one that won some of the kuril islands back from russia and signed a peace treaty for russia these islands are strategically important they effectively seal off the sea of our hearts which he would like to keep that way he doesn't want any of these islands falling into the western sphere of orbit it doesn't want them to become bases for for the american military so russia is much more happy with the status quo than japan is and to make it worth russia's while
9:47 pm
vladimir putin would like to see a lot more cash on the table a lot more trade being offered from japan nominees for the ninety first annual academy awards have been announced the ceremony which of course on as the best in the film industry will be held next month and there are two films roma and the favorite which are leading nominations with ten nods each we're going to talk about well lots of his nominations frankly with rebecca perfect she's a film critic joining us from london hi rebecca i don't know a lot of these films certainly b.h. that have been nominated for best picture but what i can see by looking at the moves that there doesn't appear to be one big stand out which has taken a whole lot of nominations and is clearly ahead of the pack. yeah absolutely however i would say that the favorite across award season in general has kind of been the favorite to pick up lots of awards and nominations so it's not surprising that we see it. with ten nominations it's not a lawyer line that's running away with record amounts of nominations that we saw
9:48 pm
a couple of years ago but it is really strong to see that this has been however a year of firsts for nominations so we're seeing rome there again with ten nominations as you previously mentioned that in itself is a first because it's the first netflix movie to be taken to the oscars and been nominated for best picture we're also seeing are the first as well from black panther being the first superhero movie to be nominated i mean that's got seven nominations across the board but it's being particularly nominated in the best picture category as well also first lady gaga she's up there for the best actress nomination as well which is just fantastic and it's just great to kind of see people like spike lee as well who in their forty year career are for the first time getting nominated for the best director category as well let's go back to that idea of a film being made by netflix being nominated for best picture that's a big change isn't it and i did so the big film producing houses would be concerned about just quietly. well i think it's an interesting shift in the way because our
9:49 pm
viewing appetites have changed over the past few years as well so lots of people are going on to more online platforms so it needs to be recognized across the award season in general obviously to qualify for the oscars it needs to have some form of cool release so we had a limited release as well we saw at the venice film festival as well but it's great that so many people have access to something like netflix and can see films that are writing that has been out for a while it's a beautiful story it's kind of a sort of semi all to biographical story of its director alfonso on and it's a lovely tale to see so already particularly here in the u.k. we're able to see something that is out there our award season and also doing very very well you mentioned lady gaga stars born musical queen bohemian rhapsody as well a nomination for best actor this is still something we seem to love about going to see music and cinema well absolutely i absolutely adored going to see him in route
9:50 pm
to the and also a star is born as well now behavior that seems quite an interesting one because when it first came out it wasn't doing well particularly critically but it turned out to be quite a box office success which is fantastic a star is born is kind of putting lady gaga as well in that kind of revelation rerolled moving from music star across to actress and very good actress at that as well plus has been getting you know really does pull on the heartstrings that people have followed a star is born from its you know its first kind of judy garland inception through to barbra streisand and now we're seeing it done incredibly well as you know the modern music as well with lady gaga and again across that as well we've seen bradley cooper also nominated for best actor interestingly snubbed for best director which is what he's been actually pushing more of when he's been doing sort of the press around this film so that's been quite an interesting turn as well rebecca perfect talking oscars with us thank you for your time to appreciate. there was a lot of new lot of noise in this newsroom really when the football was played. and
9:51 pm
in unrelated news here somehow. i think twenty twenty to welcome post cuts i have sealed the final spot in the asian cup quarterfinals they did it with the one nil win over two thousand and seven champions iraq but always feel the wind up for the council is that with the second home free kick the result means they'll take on south korea in the last eight now have the chance to reach the semifinals of the very first time. all two time champion and south korea go through off a real test from behind why and he chan gave the south koreans a lead just before half time but late in the second haul for a high end goal to equalise a little hamlet only sent it to extra time south korea surviving though it came to getting the winnah final score soon one. this is how the
9:52 pm
quarterfinals looks like as we mentioned earlier qatar versus south korea vietnam will take on full time when his japan china face determines the top ranked team iran and is the host against the champions. versus australia a pressure is mounting on fifa to push for the release of the haney of football the human lot a.b. and for him to be returned to australia where he has refugee status most recently played for semi professional club in melbourne he was arrested in the holy day in bangkok. the i.f.c. and president. have been completely song and throughout this whole process it's simply not good enough. on here today at the remand center on the show faith but the play is i've come to say how came the bias not standing up for him and that we had to come here to bangkok to fight for his rights and we asked. what are you
9:53 pm
doing what is it that you're going to do for how came out the right be how are you going to uphold your human rights policy. please have suspended the search for a light aircraft carrying a premier league footballer i mean yeah. well the plane disappeared over the english channel on a route to the capital for the twenty eight year old arjun time to make his cardiff city. argentinian footballer. was heading from france to a new life as a premier league star but his journey and his life appear to have ended tragically when flying over the english channel the twenty eight year old was one of two passengers on a light aircraft travelling from nonce in western france to the welsh capital cardiff an hour off the takeoff on monday evening at seven fifteen pm an alert was raised when contact was lost with the papa malibu plane no distress signal was received a search and rescue operation using helicopters and life boats was abandoned at two am and it intensified search still couldn't locate the plane later on tuesday the
9:54 pm
man responsible for the area around the channel island of guns they feared the worst conditions were quite challenging obviously it was very dark. cloudy so no moon with waves up to two metres in height we've searched over thousand square miles or see now both border night and we've seen nothing sollars goalscoring in france fernand attracted interest from many premier league clubs during the transfer window he became cardiff the record signing a nearly twenty million dollars the chance to play in the world's biggest league had been too good to turn down and he said i can't wait to start training meet my new team mates and get down to work the club has expressed its shock and sadness i mean what's cannot just describe how the look on his face are very. great he met us and we walked him around the grounds and. he was absolutely ready to give it a go and. we knew. we knew him then and.
9:55 pm
we really feel sad to hear of this news just three months after leicester own of bitch i should have been a proper died in a helicopter crash the premier league is digesting another aviation tragedy so sad so. have to confirm hopefully hopefully do. so it was a terrible news when we wait for it to come from donna was born in santa fe in argentina his father said he's distraught his mother said the entire town is in shock people are not found to come together for a vigil for a player who spent three happy years with them they weddings. things and to strike a christian or another has admitted to committing tax for over nada has attended a court hearing in madrid on true state he charges are related to his time at real
9:56 pm
madrid are not agreed to pay a fine of more than twenty million dollars and receive a suspended twenty three month jail sentence he was found to have a use companies outside of spain to hide some of his income many leading players based in spain including here now messi has faced similar touches. i found out that has booked his spot in the semifinals of the australian open the wall the number two doing so on a day that saw two other players break new ground sell magic has more. rafael nadal has taken a major step towards winning the australian open for just a second time the spaniard faced a manually forty places below him in the rankings for answers to your foe and the gulf in class was apparent. in the doll seeing off the american in straight sets. he continues his run of not dropping a set so far this year in melbourne up next with the spaniard is a man that's really making a name for himself at this year's tournament stephanus it's
9:57 pm
a pass followed up his upset over roger federer with another impressive display against roberta back east again. i was the twenty year old greek drop just one set as he beat the spaniard to become the youngest player to reach a grand slam semifinal in more than a decade. danielle collins is also breaking new ground. she's already upset world number two angelica and now she's into the sameas thanks to a three set victory over and the stars of pavlyuchenko over. petrak of it of a would be collins the semifinal opponent. she beat australia's ashley barty in straight sets to get there. the czech is a two time grand slam champion but has never made it to the australian open final she now has the chance to do so so well malik al-jazeera. and that's it for me and about well thank you sanna keep the noise down in future perhaps. it's nice to see
9:58 pm
people enjoying their sport is my thank you for joining us for this news hour from the team here in doha there is more news coming up from our london news center in just a few moments. where there is water there is life but finding it in australia's arid deserts is a skill few still possess they took us to a small wet spot in the snow in the desert and this was this a very important place that i've been telling us about for the last five days we
9:59 pm
came in at four and the war is against all odds an aging population is posse on its knowledge the rainmakers of the outback on a. the battle over the minimum wage heated up across the country today thousands of fast food workers walked off the job desperate for a better way. your average worker a little more money they're probably going to be able to pay bills maybe to spend a little bit more i'm going to get to fifty. to survive twenty first century
10:00 pm
america. we cannot afford. zimbabwe's human rights commission accuses police of brutality during anti-government protests the president calls for calm and national dialogue. alone barbara starr you're watching live from london also coming up on the program at least sixty five afghan intelligence and security personnel are known to have
10:01 pm
died in a taliban attack on a military base it's one of the worst in seventeen years of war. a call for more than one.


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