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tv   Independence The Iraqi Kurds  Al Jazeera  January 22, 2019 11:00pm-11:59pm +03

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al-jazeera. where every. hello i'm barbara starr in london these are the top stories on al-jazeera zimbabwe's president has promised to investigate claims that government agents assaulted and tortured scores of people during protests against fuel prices emmerson when god was calling for national dialogue following allegations against his security forces but rights groups are concerned that nothing will change how to pass a has more now from harare. he says he doesn't want his family to visit him in hospital he's afraid that could be victimized for associated with someone police suspect participated in anti-government protests. which.
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is. the business for ricin. incivility truth. ridge. last week suburbans demonstrated against a fuel price hike which had more than doubled overnight the government responded with force more than six hundred people were arrested in the east zimbabwe's human rights commission says more people died in last week's protest injuring orcus post-election violence the use of excessive force specially the use of life i mean it's not called for when dealing with civilians they should be other methods of controlling crowds and we believe that recorded very well trained police force in the country julius short of his son's death was senseless he was shot outside a police station calvin was twenty two years old and loved playing football in
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zimbabwe humanity is the last fall in. your life he is being saved. it is being wasted. he's listening. because. it's a new dispensation dispensation we're going to do lip licking whatever people are amused was. thrown into dust bin. now you think bush tactics president what took power for robert mugabe just over a year ago he promised to promote democracy and freedom of speech some zimbabweans are disillusioned. he didn't do that. was just saying we. need. to see not kill them so we are. revolted the president has cut short a foreign trip and promised to investigate the crackdown by security forces
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zimbabweans are watching him after last week's violence some say they think speaking out against the government that could come after them had mythos al-jazeera had. there are fears the best toll from monday's massive taliban bomb attack in afghanistan could be far higher than the sixty five people so far confirmed dead the attackers drove a truck packed with explosives into a training center that was run by the afghan intelligence agency and then stormed the base in a car bomb is that a native in syria is lucky this trick killing one person wounding fourteen that's according to state t.v. that taqiyya is a government stronghold which is home to a large russian air base so the answer president omar al bashir has flown to doha for talks with the m.e. of qatar it's bashir is first trip abroad since them against his rule of drop it in the center protesters blame government forces for the deaths of several demonstrators and doctors in recent days. brazil's new president. also says he will
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strive to preserve the environment while pursuing economic development that's the spite relaxing protection of indigenous lands in the amazon rain forest also not always making a special address to the world economic forum in the swiss town of the. british and french police have suspended the search for a light aircraft carrying premier league footballer and media know salla that went missing over the english channel the twenty eight year old argentinian had just signed for cardiff city from the french team normed he was one of two people on board the plane those are the headlines coming next al-jazeera world looks at independents and the iraqi kurds and i'll have more news for you in half an hour hope you'll join me there.
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this is it has been capital of the semi autonomy as kurdish region of northern iraq . the kurdistan regional government the k r g held an independence referendum in twenty seventeen in the face of opposition from its allies neighbors and the iraqi government. an overwhelming majority of iraqi kurds voted for the region to separate from the rest of iraq. but their
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celebrations were short lived. vickie argy did not declare independence but the iraqi central government penalized the kurdish region economically banned international flights closed border crossings and punished referendum supporters in disputed areas. today the iraqi kurds are no nearer independence than they were in fact ember twenty seventeen. the kurdistan regional government was established in the early one nine hundred ninety s. after years of conflict between the kurds and the iraqi government iraqi forces left the kurdish region in october one nine hundred ninety one and the semi autonomous k r g was set up a year later. in this film al-jazeera arabic correspondent time and this had to it a bill to ask what happened with the referendum in twenty seventeen why did the k r
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g go ahead with the votes what was the point if they weren't going to declare independence. why did the k r g s allies oppose the vote and why did the others support it. why are critics political parties so fragmented. and what now for the whole question of kurdish independence. held candidates to stay here and let the geography a little september was about i shot a couple in the star. and now to depart to talk. i hope for the tide in what anybody could assign the low rate at least if that were thirty g.b. had it's just a publicist say it's a had been cut and i could what the when and why did this if that. were not.
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fit. well i can come in but adriatic and i'm ok mr when i committed this. let me i couldn't yesterday couldn't if you hadn't missed this when i came in by you read you and your for they'll do. your homework. this. could be a little lame who would want to look at the. looked at with us human genome language not all. of you to feel how they feel for the deli counter but that's of the duffy. but these squabbles about timing are relatively minor details in the context of the long and tempestuous history in the relationship between the baghdad government and the kurds. originally from mountain regions in the northern middle east the kurds are the fourth largest ethnic group in the region today between twenty five and thirty five million kurds live in an area that
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spans the borders of turkey iraq syria iran and armenia. after the first world war and the defeat of the ottoman empire the kurds anticipated establishing their own permanent state but the treaty of luzon in one nine hundred twenty three give control of asia minor to the new state of turkey. kurdish hopes of autonomy were dashed for several decades. iraqi kurdish hopes were revived when the iraqi monarchy was overthrown in the fourteenth of july revolution in one nine hundred fifty eight. article three of the new constitution said that quotes arabs and kurds are considered partners in this country where the constitution will stay to their national rights under the arab unity. to hold a loop. for. some of.
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stan what. mesereau designed his father most of all was a kurdish nationalist leader who led the iraqi kurds in a number of conflicts including the first iraqi kurdish war from one nine hundred sixty one to one nine hundred seventy he then agreed with prime minister hope the stadium cost him the kurds should have the right to autonomy. but the negotiations broke down and in one nine hundred seventy four hostilities resumed in the second iraqi kurdish war. the relationship between the two sides remained fractious not keast because most of the far better side he also allied himself with neighboring iran. in one nine hundred seventy five the algerian president who made c.n.n. sponsored an agreement between baghdad and to her on he brought together the shah of iran with the then iraqi vice president saddam hussein.
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the agreements put an end to iranian support for the kurds in return for iraq's relinquishing sovereignty over half of the shots a lot of waterway. in one nine hundred seventy nine they reign in revolution erupted overthrowing the shaw it's all the end of the committee and sponsored agreement. a year later the eight year war began between iraq and iran mr wood but a zionist kurdistan democratic party supported iran and saddam hussein retaliated by abducting thousands of kurdish men and boys in edible province. and then when the at our main boffing when we look at so a lot. of that is dead.
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what the fear the whole for the theme for not one of them looking rather than your own kind of. on top of our royal baby a lot what does this leave him with do not play than ourselves. can i. just add up the lump that there were of the i know it was for the let me at the law of. god looked at their work of saki will of orders. of done. in the final days of the iran iraq war in ninety eight in the kurdish city of halabja just offer than attack using chemical weapons killing between two and a half and five thousand people and injuring sauza is more. the attack has been internationally recognized as part of the and fall genocide against the kurdish people by president saddam hussein's regime the iraqi high criminal courts ruled
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the halabja massacre an act of genocide in march twenty ten. in one nine hundred ninety iraq invaded kuwait leading to the first gulf war but saddam hussein was defeated by a coalition led by the united states in one nine hundred ninety one. some of iraq's southern and northern provinces rose up against the interim iraqi government and the coalition imposed no fly zones in some areas including the kurdish regions. the iraqi kurds benefited from the defeat of the dom for sane and gains autonomy in northern iraq in one thousand nine hundred one under the united nations and in particular operation southern watch which in forces a no fly no drive zone in one thousand nine hundred two there were kurdish parliamentary and presidential elections and the kurdistan regional government the k r g was formed. in two thousand and three and you u.s.
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led coalition invaded iraq and kurdish peshmerga fighters joined in the overthrow of saddam hussein. in a post-war referendum and new iraqi constitution was approved which recognized both the k r g and its parliament but kurdish baghdad tension remains. also want to see a lot of distortion. we're going to. lebanon to be. a few walked over oh no no the story over me certainly comac be no office look and the earth does so to so great that the earth. knowing just could be a couple of financial accounting records offer for the store i list if they're from an article with an as a holy ham and since i'm not what i mean. it's really more the limb or the limb use rather the stiff. as you're asked the office of the iraqi foreign minister
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ibrahim al jaafari if damage could ask him the same question as to why the two thousand and seven referendum didn't take place. after initially agreeing to an interview the minister leaser pulled out. the other. you don't know why i did not see other just today i'm not a harlot in facade a darling facade of the vatican the mother misha. you know them we go up on the other side. the two thousand and three us led invasion plunged iraq into a period of chaotic political instability which saw the emergence of a relatively new armed group eisel. the group gained global prominence in early twenty fourteen when a trophy iraqi government forces out of key cities in western iraq and captured
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moved on in the north. to syria visited the kurdish region of northern iraq in april twenty seventh teen five months before the independence referendum took place . the iraqi governments with the support of international forces including the u.s. u.k. france germany and turkey had launched a major military campaign in twenty sixteen to retake muso from eisel in what became known as the battle of mosul and. kurdish peshmerga forces joined the operation and fought alongside the iraqi army. the joint force defeated eisel in july twenty seventh teen and the borders of the kurdish region of northern iraq were extended. this is but najaf a town a nineveh province in april twenty seventeen it was under the control of kurdish
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peshmerga forces. on the highway my eyes south of. john b. i look. into it in a gentle manner and i haven't hired month. by. minute to judge a book as i have to buckle so after and sob. bob. after the referendum the kurds lost control over but najaf and other areas of nineveh province the borders of the kurdish region. seem constantly to ebb and flow in line with kurdish fortunes and the complexity of modern iraqi politics. it was against this historical backdrop the de kurdistan regional government held its independence referendum in september twenty seventh seen. there are several iraqi kurdish political parties and while they all support self-determination they
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often disagree on how best to achieve it. the two largest governing party is are the kurdish democratic party. and the patriotic union of kurdistan depi u.k. there's also the movement for change known as koran and the kurdistan islamic union the k i u. one tamar and miss has visited the k r g capital that have been a few months after the twenty seventeen referendum disagreements and resentments about the timing of the vote still festered among the different political leaders. and the jena six hundred tuneup from an auction judged the brain and were not in a tug the will to sunny and a director. will know you. were not a journalist had them involved. in that. but
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. at the door. while tammet and this had was a little bit after the referendum he met the head of the kurdish democratic party and the then president of the k r g. it was mr wood better than me who had ultimately decided the referendum would go ahead and when. hell can or. at least if the few september i'm a finn was about. going at the feats of soul you feel so worthless manure an incentive because. slope. on only when the story will have to be
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a really sharp cost. and amistad a news advised if there are al sharpton clearly not them oh well some are a mob got all feet comes arsinoe you. it's impossible to begin to understand iraqi kurdish politics without first examining the differences between their main rival parties. the kurdistan democratic party the k d p is led by mr wood but sanny with the city of edible as its power base. the bersani family has been a dominant force in the kurdish cause for two generations and continues to occupy a prominent place in the minds of its people. many continue to regard mr wood's father most of far as the founder of the kurdish revolution and posters of him are everywhere across the region his son mesereau would stood down
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as the k r g president after the referendum but is still leader of the k d p. d p's main rival is the patriotic union of kurdistan the p u k founded by the legion i'll tell a body their base is in sanaa many to the southeast of it. in sublists city or in hold court so i thought up the multiple quid to the salami to his feet because with the court could start with the total a look of start up in the soup to assess it as. sitting so close on the water dropped. off the edges and yes it was a loss of. kind of an absolutely true. man damn how the woman damn had to fill it. because of all the kurdish infighting civil
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war between the different factions erupted in one thousand nine hundred four and lasted for years inevitably wider middle east politics further inflame the conflict . there could be a kind of harder neck and. by now i'm about the same with many of the same pattern of how badly and. then how can a more. the. more i even remember the left of it of obama is that even israel getting the oil in the hole and. i don't like a couple of hundred. fifty they're going to miss circle but see the fee for a month from arianna to. sort of not to the whole ugly me. cottage at a little. bit of an aside but could be an old had a good idea but here that has
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a hard into it has been all over. the left so i will not be a know helical could year low your card knew. you would rather. not you can necessarily. good night you crossed the. border from united first if you are a village of clear that. could see. all the critics parties were united in support of the idea of an independence referendum and mesereau designed he had his way by staging it in september twenty seventh teen. but the plot thickens. other countries both in the region and in the west are now thought to have played the parts in both encouraging and discouraging the votes activity tomar no honest. these are all of the stuff.
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that will be a swat team feast of top of the top of the sort of low who know who. would like you. can access road my car and my soda but as a sort of a list if there is a collision it is. what he said to hickman to c.s.c. lower limits and little more say he and them are to do well the whole. body on the list and of them alone are going to be well for years with a no on account. you have that. there for. a moment i don't associate there with. a say yes or no but as any was a hermit the head of the mocha had to buy condoms to shailene the war leave them to
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another woman and so shall in view of a being. northern socially was the proper dharma said mr goes on if. you should know how we are who did enough to open with a demand for this after i had known i said raj was referring to the french intellectual media figure writer and longtime supporter of the kurds will now only levy. he was once described as quote perhaps the most prominent it's electable in france today of all cheery and jewish descent levy was targeted for assassination in two thousand and eight by a belgian based armed islamist group. an avowed supporter of israel some consider his role in the referendum controversial seed but time middlemiss had asked him about this involvement and his presence at one of the polling stations on the day of the votes as an observer and a look at the whole island
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a few markets looked at our area where we were had when markets looked at are that of a car but there was only one only one liter among a lot of. the had a sofa and there are a lot of the sherrick as as a lot of others as ambassador galbraith are former minister a lot we were maybe i don't know maybe fifty one hundred they're going to we re prisoned. the international community watching looking at the regular radio of the go ahead of the vote and but had levy been a genuinely impartial observer since he was a known supporter of the referendum us of saddam. and it's different what one of the lot. of push you can do that you can do two things is two different things and if so what exactly in the same time you can you can be
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a long time supporter on the kurdish cause you can think in the depth of your hearts that yak yak is alas a fiction and that killed this nation is a real one you think that i thought that. after that. it is very important day when devolved cops it is very important to check the vote is a good law that nobody is feeling the the boxer's as it happens in so many countries coming up turkey iran and the united states all put pressure on but is there any and the k r g not to go ahead with the referendum but in the geopolitics of the middle east israel emerged as an unexpected supporter i think the ease of id people itself is by any population. felt sympathy for the sukkah of the schools while. number one because they recognize
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something of their old this teeny into this you know girls. al jazeera is a very important force of information for many people around the world when all the cameras have gone i'm still here go into areas that nobody else is going to talk to people that nobody else is talking to and bringing that story to the forefront. short films of hope. and inspiration. a series of short stories that highlight the human triumph against the odds. i could afford four hundred one you know here to be the. savior the bread are called give up because everybody one al-jazeera selects.
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hello i'm barbara starr in london with the top stories on al-jazeera zimbabwe's human rights commission is accusing security forces of systematic torture after a recent protests over fuel prices turned deadly president emerson when god was calling for national dialogue and his promise to investigate claims of violence by government agents and god while also went on twitter to condemn them stray shows which he said were not peaceful the use of excessive force especially the useful flight i mean we should. we didn't and. they should be and that means of controlling crowds. there are fears the death toll from monday's massive taliban
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bomb attack in afghanistan could be far higher than the sixty five people so far confirmed dead the attackers drove a truck packed with explosives into a training center by the afghan intelligence agency and then stormed the base a car bomb is that unaided in syria's latakia district killing one person in wounding fourteen that's according to state t.v. that that is a government stronghold which is home to a large russian airbase. so that is president of our bashir is flown to doha for talks with the any of qatar it's precious first trip abroad since them astray sions against his rule in sudan erupted in the center protesters blame government forces for the deaths of several demonstrators and doctors in recent days an attack by who the rebels in the yemeni city of tasers killed one woman and injured at least fourteen others security sources say the rebels of the attack on. brazil's new presidential year vote so not all says he will strive to preserve the
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environment while pursuing economic development that's this fight relaxing protection of indigenous lands in the amazon rain forest so that it was making a special address to the world economic forum in the swiss town of the. british and french police have suspended the search for a light aircraft carrying premier league footballer and millions of salah that went missing over the english channel the twenty eight year old argentinian had just signed for cardiff city from the french team it was one of two people on board the plane. those were the headlines i'm going to be back with a fall in news hour at twenty one g.m.t. right after the second half of al jazeera world and remember you can get the latest on everything that we have been covering on our website al-jazeera you have. the kurds of northern iraq would like but do not have their own permanent state.
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but in twenty seventeen the leaders of their semi autonomy screwed this town regional government the key argy in it a bill held the referendum on whether or not to separate from the rest of iraq the answer was the resulting yes. but the central government in baghdad rejected the result and took reprisals against the region. in going ahead with the vote the key argy had ignored the advice of its neighbors and traditional allies. the only country that openly supported the referendum was israel but it denied having any influence over it in any way. shape. and. involved. but. john if it be diachronic
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don't it why didn't they just had to damage a ship in the washer when washoe had the effect of a missile in the a from another why and if you let me or how did her for me how the ledger work and what allowed for others so i went out of her mouth was a truce of tallinn at the tune which is a military tool called me discipline many of them just if the fuck up. what a fellow minister if a bob at the age i'm heading here and more into the list if that. i had a sora. in can it been an out and see if my comp let me. alone israeli let me a can because. of the deal bomber that i learned more careful look. i don't use as you say it's a had in one. it's now me and the more of what he did and more then i let a year and misquoted the stand that they had to sift i listened and it was
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a listen even a minute anyhow it does let me. with a search. thought the idea i live the way you do and mark a battle could. with ernie and. you could all movement. canyon to the woman with a this and you saw the whole be mr minister. other beer to further see damage in this hand as the french electoral observer whether he thought israel had benefited from the referendum i think the ease of id people itself is quite a leap operation. felt sympathy for the security schools while. number one because they recognize something of their own this unique
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into this you know of the girls this this tin ear for people dreaming for independence seeing this in the bonanza refused to buy the although of nations that can say it but not believing obama to see tamina pointed out that the iraqi kurds might not agree with the comparison of their cause with israel's position he made the point that israel has occupied large areas of the palestinian territories and. i told you that there is some similar it is between the two distributors felt such a search by the israelis i don't tell you that there is identity of the distances it is of the same force. the referendum arguably put the iraqi kurds in the most exposed position they've been in since autonomy was announced after the first gulf war in one nine hundred ninety one. iraqi governments reprisals had affected
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them economically and limited their freedom. give back to the world that this attack was in a little. bit of los alamos and on. the. seventh of that. it dropped you have distorted. potulny but. that the guy did just what it was then a smile when you happen that much of the central iraqi government in baghdad few the referendum is unconstitutional claiming it threatens national security and stability. but al jazeera wanted to find out what discussions had taken place between the kurds and baghdad immediately before the referendum as well as between . critics parties themselves behind closed doors.
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to mr i want to believe them and for the rights are. not the norm in the village of two i don't see the show goes on i'm an edge in your coffee i may just stop but that. i don't read on the half of the. list if the who when she caught unaware that. whatever he had heard it just said it was the further well know how it is different file and that. i left on the meadow but this desolate thirty involved well above the. alderman. when. i had no call that much we loaded and of course. early. and learned that had our little help. out. the key our g.'s western neighbor took
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a much tougher line the turkish government has a long standing difficult relationship with the kurds on its own soil and threats in military and economic action against those in iraq. to me. kinda need. a push. to soft been neck and neck and any even i'm talkin stuff and talk now if. we have. one theater list of stuff we had to walk. through that took me about eight . that minister the human are get on the ark around that is our list of the number that we already do a lot of. well enough to give him a stepmother other cut out of the star of course stuff you know you're going on a not in the can and i had to have an equal fear could be
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a way to have human on top of what the heck. out of a few one of her little court on the telephone a lot of b.o.r. and for a woman for as your limited all of a lot of the more than you and to have. had. a few feet if you don't who kept us on our level. the iranian government took a similar position to that of baghdad and turkey. basters amount of the power of god i was sure of the door ajar offer that would. see already there are more waters about terrorism a dog. just for going to the pressure from neighboring countries meant a lot of last minute shuttle diplomacy in the lead up to the independence referendum some was secret some in the public domain. the
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included a secret visit to the kurdish region of northern iraq by the commander of the iranian puts force major general qassam sulaimani. i had to say it cause i'm sorry money was. a young. mother how much i haven't gone be stiffed a mother cannot and deacon was that little. well you can weigh a. mess i would bet is that he continued to insist that the decision to hold the vote was not affected by any outside influences for or against. to tease before the vote then us think critically of st rex tillerson route to pakistanis to try and persuade him to pursue a dialogue with baghdad. before the us would recognize the need for
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a friend. at the. saw i mean. nothing but the had let me up a few malayo no not on a list. of a few only on one of the list by the don't like by them or they are in the long run even the leader of. the unit they were low enough. ron howard thurman. about the. water to. walk. on most of whom say you did. at the. well the time was when
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a place where you will just let up if you are the ones on the other not to do there are already yoyo dubin in behalf of others. and making your own a saying in mess or about as an atheist if that. will irani rather minute of kleffel i'm your queen how old do and i know you are the middle aged colin i'm sorry buno learn up but will be a new drill instructor militarist i was in in washington when a very high ranking. personality of care g. came to to to see the americans in july the offices of the of but i warned of state department where empty jaw
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dry he had no clear reply he had no clear red light and no clear green light america this i'm sure it was unclear later america said we had told you you should not have god this is untrue they did not say they did not say they let him go. on and not a sharpness and i share one man somewhat on assad has stepped out and i thought the same theme others have aftermath and don't think more difficult. yanni feet are said affably none other. than that of any moon was modest if that in which it is if though it up in that not can be in. last up or could just tiny omac on to shove. the case over thirty for me and. that i'm not
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an egg with any. wouldn't be. a little too dear to the men who know not. the ribbon to cobble it just the mishap told burn our own reliving the surest has you of the koran movement for change didn't think the referendum result was accurate you should ask the same question to all those i can provide you the list of international observers coming from eastern europe from france from america from south america. had libya issued their report as a referral random observer i did not release a formal report but they made a formal statement saying that for me it was. an example. in the mushroom of storm.
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after the referendum however the iraqi government in baghdad delivered its own response to the overwhelming vote. for the previous decade the iraqi kurds had been trying to gain control of the oil rich region around the city of kirkuk ninety five kilometer south of it. they had even raised the kurdish flag. to weeks after the referendum the iraqi army decisively recaptured control of the city after the surprise withdrawal of kurdish peshmerga forces. that had.
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sort of. jim are. the fuck up now and has it. wrong on the water well you can't. change. what. you did could. tom a new national a tad. up bad. more than. that. i would be numb to it could be done until quite a. bead. do you mean
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a lead up to the armament all the men to destroy work on. there are clear will be done by the love i never see or see what is as clear now i'm stuck to them of the last curly bit and one alarm went out can can tell by the two forgot what i and my mage we are to day how did what i needed could stand your mama inside or had to mile your money or could you inside that ark if humans had the look would come into that little who can look around to see article about. mental of a menu and then a to have another mop of hair metal and quite a deal of the gravesite i've been less than the old i can learn how there's some here. the ladder will let me out of mine i thought of you mother what you mother your goal is to stop it when i got home on a list and when you're called on my list of time. i other are lucky and some other general prove what like a. had a third. son then who is you and carol. coke levies
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off the effing windows of the door one day for the civil society so i had. no heard of. any. c.s.e. . a little much a soggy. lot in the fall of. dr hyderabadi. the shock. at the end of the the house of that they thought on the ticket was lucky linda could have of course so yeah i mean who wouldn't teach you how to that without killin you're going to need it and does about god when it should dissolve the good deed i did x. gun but that we do have something called you were lucky to lety to a dida this of doubt if it's not on the twenty ninth of october twenty seventh teen mr wood but zanny stepped down as the president of the kurdistan regional government over the major political disagreements on their friend and its result.
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many muslim brothers only but they were on the. left has met the get a can. you look. at these monogamous with words and the admission that you were better studying abuse dean below poor newman basement. and if i say most i wouldn't but as any from an. allergist if that teacher time will cost a mint how do you know. you had to do she added to g. you don't know who another would be and no work on your list of weird tom looks the . c.b. at least must with balls and he is a great bush merry go a great commander but he is not the wisest the most wise political.
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and that is. this maybe but they don't believe so there is a circle. which is the most robust any new. apparently it badly so he said grief i may be this you or they think he's all my career a political career in exchange of real east or equal mover of the courage was bad the list if there were much other kind of a saying in my soda bottles and it is to have men set for him at the other men bad luck and off and the saide mess or the better than a shadow be her figure goodness if that finer than your. other than loken the only luck to that luck what you saw hung on the constable looking for a loan or going to allentown but you don't like to know.
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the outcome of the crude this town regional governments referendum has had a big impact on this part of the middle east as well as representing a serious setback to the idea of kurdish self-determination with every positive spin miswrote but is there any mystique to put on it. it cannot have done other than dense their ultimate collective hopes for their own permanent kurds or states . hell were difficult to enforce a new haiyan ally mcguffey to do this for seasonal god thought the mere from the shore all of them are well how come in the unit here who must. model for they've
11:53 pm
done but that a lot more that the her son well i love to lie about the weather to see of the whole of. hell it can see it is going to shock and we're shocked at all for everybody. can anymore some than marla shall beef it up leave massive. after the referendum pick a r g suffered economic hardship and international embargoed but the relationship between edible and best dad slowly improved. in k r g parliamentary elections in september twenty eighth teen turnout was low the referendum outcome and paid public sector salaries and alleged corruption may have undermined people's faith in iraqi kurdish politics. but the two traditionally dominant parties the key p u k one sixty six of the one hundred
11:54 pm
eleven seats and looks set to dominate k r g politics for years to come. reflecting on the independence referendum one key argy representative and leading p.d.p. figure said that independence is what the iraqi kurds want the dream of independence she said will never be extinguished.
11:55 pm
hello there parts of australia are looking fairly unsettled at the moment we've got one area of low pressure that's making its way towards the southwest and parts of australia so force in the southwest corner then we can expect to see some pretty strong winds and some heavy rain as well in fact those winds could be gusting up to ninety kilometers per hour so pretty stormy here we're also going to see more wet weather work its way into the northern parts and that's good news because the monsoon is way behind shed you will hear elsewhere though it's still going to be pretty hot with the temperatures in adelaide shooting off as we head into thursday way above forty degrees and we could be knocking on the door of some records in this region also we'll see the whole weather through parts of melbourne and making its way through tasmania where we're still fighting wildfires over towards new zealand and largely fine and dry for us but that is changing we're seeing more cloud of rain push its way up the south island so pretty wet for us on wednesday the north island should be dry for now that cloud of rain is working its way towards us so do expect that what weather to reach us on thursday as we head further north for many of us across the northern parts of asia is thawing and
11:56 pm
drawing just rather chilly as you'd expect at this time of year but we are seeing a few flurries of snow most of them in the northwestern parts of japan and we'll still see those as we head through wednesday and into thursday some of them will be giving some fairly heavy outbreaks of snow. in the next episode of science in a golden age exploring the contributions made by scholars during the medieval islam and a period in the field of chemistry they transformed the superstition of alchemy into the science of chemistry. many of his coming. which most of the. science in a golden age with professor jimminy. is the next episode of techno the team travels to the heart of the amazon. where we are now should be
11:57 pm
grateful to investigate illegal gold mining mercury has a very unique characteristic of finding the goal for a miner it's almost like magic and the technology being used to expose its devastating impact and so what we end up doing is imaging a forest in very high fidelity street techno on al-jazeera. p three to a. beefed up my keyboard and no you can invest. in money. and do many thing that because
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previous feel what could have been more. time is coming we really believe. put the seal on the back to reality was. the theme because they see this meeting. i believe the future of the plantation to put to good t.v. is really really bad but we must seat from being the supplier of rubbish he is to. it and exporting barely read it but then for them. to form but it needs. to be able to enjoy the finest cup of tea in the world. the morris who wonderful herbing that would tell you the you'd be picked out of the gods. as your problems were.


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