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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 23, 2019 6:00am-6:34am +03

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let's let. the. mother. they're chanting majeure out but venezuela's president remains defiant against pressure from protesters and the us. hello i'm the star detained this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. i am always concerned about is safety a call for help we hear from the wife of a sudanese antigovernment protesters who has been missing for nearly
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a week. damaged to. a warning on climate change as a meeting without leaders from some of the world's west polluters. and the foreign language movie that could break new ground and also because race that's not so black and white. threats between venezuela and the united states are escalating just hours before a planned protest president nicolas maduro says he's ordered a quote revision of diplomatic relations with the u.s. that's in response to u.s. vice president mike pence declaring support for demonstrators and opposition leaders schalit palace reports. energized protest isn't caracas rally the a movement hoping to push the president from power. out with the usurper as unrest
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happened last year our armed forces the country's soldiers many of them began to demonstrate their own happiness and today there are over four hundred officers in jail who have been tortured simply for raising their voices against the regime has broken the constitutional. venezuela's opposition has momentum over the weekend twenty seven soldiers rebelled against the government they were later detained by security forces. until monday they moved through crosses streets with pots and pans a statement that reverberated all the way to the white house by mike pence the vice president of the united states and on behalf of president donald trump and all the american people let me express the unwavering support of the united states is you the people of venezuela raise your voices in a call for freedom. nicolas maduro is a dictator with no legitimate claim to power he's never won the presidency in
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a free and fair election and he's maintained his grip of power by imprisoning anyone who dares to oppose him while protesters and the opposition have a powerful enough vocal ally the juror countered with a t.v. a trace of his own he warned vandals who attempt to cultural seem to named off the role that sarah the late socialist politician a little member of that they're going to capture them all they all went to prison and that's some penalty for the fascists hard hand to hand of silda the jurors vice president then took direct aim at the u.s. base and that is simply because mr pence doesn't have a job now he wants to come and run venezuela handing out instructions on what should happen in venezuela openly calling for a coup d'etat in venezuela i will say it like the venezuelan people would say to you yankee go home. on wednesday the race or it will be challenged on the streets
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it's the end of the story of the full of venezuela's military government in one thousand nine hundred fifty eight the opposition mocks it with nationwide matches but they say this year it's maturity who needs to go. ballasts al-jazeera. and tanya moore as the last american the best he says the planned protest are expected to be than just the country has ever seen it really seems like we may be seeing a perfect storm in venezuela here with this many rebellion there was yesterday among the military of which there has been very little so far and the protests that followed were centered in the western side of gattaca us which is the poorest sorry side of the city that part of the city did not really join on mass in the big demonstrations there were in twenty seventeen if they had maybe nick or nick also a little might not be in that position where he is today the government certainly fears any kind of a military uprising but it also fears
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a total loss of support of the people from the poorer sections go out on the streets this could be a very significant problem from a douro and by all estimations that i'm hearing tomorrow may be the largest protest the country has a receipt it's a tough situation the military there because the moderate government has co-opted the generals there are an incredible number of generals and they've been given responsibility for everything from the oil industry to the distribution of food so the higher level officers have a very strong incentive to continue in power and to be to disdain to keep the government where it is the problem is that the economy is so disastrous that the rank and file members are suffering and they're definitely seeing their extended families who do not have any military benefits suffering a people who are going hungry so if you're a rank and file officer in the met as on military and you're seeing your cousins and your aunts and your grandparents suffering it becomes a much more serious issue. the wife of an anti-government activist arrested in
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sudan has told al-jazeera she's had no word on her husband's whereabouts sudanese american would one day was detained by security agents six days ago in the capital khartoum his wife nancy says he was preparing to take part in a demonstration the next day activists and students have been protesting since last month calling for the resignation of president omar al bashir demonstrations began after the government raised the price of bread nancy daoud says her husband is a peaceful activist she's in the u.s. to help free him i do hope that they will put pressure on the sudanese government to be able to assist in his release definitely counting on them with any leverage we have with the sudanese government to make sure that that happens as quickly as possible along with the release of all of the other political detainees he's always been a peaceful protest or he is. has been concerned for many years about the
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state of sudan and he has been trying to bring change. the voice of all the sudanese are really crying for freedom for peace and for justice. no ruler should be in control for thirty years so really calling now for omar al bashir to step down. is a dictator that has been exploiting and oppressing the people for for many years. nigeria's anti trafficking agency has found tens of thousands of missing women in southern mali many have been sold as sex slaves and gold mining camps at least twenty thousand have been taken many from rural areas and are being kept in appalling conditions in some cases as many as one hundred fifty girls a crammed into just one hot the agency believes they could be others in neighboring countries as well as plans to go to god and senegal next. where
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exploited by virtue of the. role me through our communities in various parts of nigeria six different states to be precise. tricked into going into mali giving the impression i do agree to be getting jobs in the hood and the usual story some of them are actually docked it. back from school to a snatched by the traffic. zimbabwe's president has vowing to investigate accusations of assault and torture by his security forces and listen and god was calling for a national inquiry following the violence during protests against increases in fuel prices but rights groups fear nothing will change the reports from harare. he doesn't want his family to visit him in hospital he's afraid the could be victimized for associated with someone police suspect participated in
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anti-government protests in the short term solution. is. to. prove. it if we cross the bridge from. last week suburbans demonstrated against the fuel price hike which had more than doubled overnight the government responded with force more than six hundred people were arrested in the east zimbabwe's human rights commission says more people died in last week's protest injuring post-election violence the use of excessive force the use of life is not called for when dealing with civilians they should be other methods of controlling crowds and we believe that we did very well trained police force in the country julius shorter says the son's death was senseless he was shot outside a police station calvin was twenty two years old and loved playing football in
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zimbabwe humanity is a. value. he's being safe. it is being wasted. he's listening. government but it's a new dispensation dispensation we're going to do whatever people are amused was. running between. bush tactics. president took power for robert mugabe just over a year ago he promised to promote democracy and freedom of speech some zimbabweans are disillusioned. he didn't do that. was just saying we. need. to see not kill them so we are. with. the president has cut short
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a foreign trip and promised to investigate the crackdown by security forces zimbabweans are watching him after last week's violence some say they think speaking out against the government that could come after them had mythos al-jazeera had. talks between the taliban and u.s. special envoy zalmay khalilzad will continue into a third day in qatar they are happening as details emerge about one of the west attacks against the n.d.s. afghanistan's intelligence service in the seventeen year war the taliban attacked a training base in modern shah and want a province on monday the n.d.s. says thirty six people died and fifty eight were wounded in the attack house amal bara has more. it's one of the worst attacks by the taliban says the group was pushed from power by u.s. forces in late two thousand and one a suicide bomber drove a truck packed with explosives into a military compound what followed was carnage officials and witnesses
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say several dozens of people have been killed and missing. it was a very dangerous incident and the sound of the explosion was very loud the windows of our house and other houses close to the area were broken and the wounded ones were taken to different hospitals here and leak out of. the facility is a brand by an elite intelligence unit in charge of training tribes burned to fight the taliban. the attack is another indication of the armed groups growing influence last year taliban fighters launched a series of attacks across the country including a suicide bomb attack in the capital kabul in january at least one hundred people were killed mostly civilians analysts believe the taliban is increasing its attacks
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to gain more leverage in crucial talks with u.s. diplomats in qatar what we are today in my don't show it was a good dark forward be united states in the afghan government is doing to the taliban so the taliban or i think there come. out of that hibernation they are trying to carry on the same policy where do going to inflict damage to the african government and its international counterparts and talks are underway in doha where the taliban has a political office u.s. special representative for afghan peace zalmai is beating senior taliban members here the other way to find and to the war in afghanistan and establish a unity government the u.s. envoy recently told the region seeking help from allies including pakistan and in many ways the role of pakistan is key the u.s. negotiator ambassador. was just in pakistan for several days before he went to doha
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and the pakistani prime minister imran khan is visiting doha as well it's not clear exactly what role pakistan is playing but they may be playing a newly positive role but peace won't be easy the taliban does not recognize the government in kabul and insists peace talks will only start when foreign troops leave afghanistan or. whether is next but still ahead on al jazeera mexico's president announces help for the port after dozens of people died trying to steal fuel from taps pipelines. i there we've got another storm system that's marching its way across north america
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we look at the satellite picture we can see the cloud herro edging its way eastward as is that system begins to pull itself together in the north we'll see a fair amount of snow from it in the south a fair amount of rain and actually ahead of it it's going to be dragging winds up from the south so it will feel a little bit milder than it has been recently behind it though it's going to be cold at once more as the air digs down from canada so the top temperature in winnipeg will be shooting down minus twenty one will just be on much of a temperature that system still with us along that far eastern coast as we head through thursday but for the other coast along the west it should be falling enjoy fifteen there in san francisco now some of that wet weather across the u.s. also works its way a bit further south with so it's edging its way towards the yucatan peninsula for the day some rather heavy rain here ahead of it largely fine and dry for most of us maybe just the odd shower perhaps if you are lucky the wet weather that's been over parts of argentina has but instead we're seeing more showers just to the south of re i want to have the might hit us in rio but sao paolo is looking pretty wet not
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only on wednesday but also on thursday to to the north of all of that plenty of showers across the amazonian basin as you'd expect at this time of year some of them pushing a little bit further towards the west now through parts of peru as well for those they. shoot films of hope. and inspiration. a series of short stories that highlight the human triumph against the odds. a good four to four hundred years that was your goal here to be one. save your bed are on your bed because if that everybody one al-jazeera selects.
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welcome back. a reminder about top stories this hour venezuela's president nicolas maduro says he has ordered a revision of diplomatic relations with the u.s. that's in response to vice president mike pence declaring support the opposition leader. who is calling on venezuelans to protest on wednesday. the wife of an anti-government activists arrested in sudan has told al-jazeera she's had no word on her husband's whereabouts sudanese american would lundahl it was detained six days ago. in the us to help free him. a car bombing has killed at least one person and injured fourteen others in the syrian city of latakia or authorities found a second device at the scene and defused it just before it was due to blow up the
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attack comes only a few days after another explosion hit damascus apparently targeting security officials say no one has more from beirut in neighboring lebanon. two bomb attacks in the past three days the bombings in government controlled territories tuesday's bombing in sunday's bombing in damascus south of the syrian capital that attack was believed to have been a targeted assassination a security personality it is still not clear whether or not he was injured or killed it is very hard to get information out of government controlled territories but the bombings are really an indication that the situation is still not stable but the question is how is this happening after the government managed to push the opposition push away from areas under their control last year they've they managed to regain a lot of territory pushing the rebels up to the north so how can the opposition operate behind rebel lines so it calls really into question the ability of the
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government to maintain security in sixty percent of the territories it controls but if you watch the area and state television analysts immediately predicted that this there's a new phase in the conflict they're talking about the possibility of more bombings and and that the situation is going to destabilize further now many in the opposition will say this is the government's way of keeping people on their side to scare them and to tell them that your best option is to continue to support us because public discontent discontent really is growing inside government controlled territories because the government has been unable to provide them with fuel prices are rising and there are no jobs so it's a really a very very difficult situation for the government and yes they control sixty percent of the country but they still do not have the legitimacy from the outside world and clearly from these attacks not all is well. the united states senate is likely to vote this week on bills that if possed could end the month long partial
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government shutdown it's the longest in u.s. history with hundreds of thousands of workers going without a paycheck the political deadlock began over funding for president trump's proposed wall along the border with mexico mike hanna has more from washington d.c. the clerk will read a communication to the senate in this largely partisan battle the faint flicker of a compromise senate leaders agreed to put two competing bills to the vote on thursday on saturday president trop rolled out a bold comprehensive offer one drawn up by republicans mirrors the suggestion made by president trump this weekend the plan includes five point seven billion dollars providing funding for the beria along with temporary protection for those in the deferred action for childhood arrivals program. and a three year extension of temporary protected status a proposal. president trump that will consider here in the senate is the only proposal the only one currently before us that can be signed by the president and
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immediately reopen the government. but the proposal has been rejected by the democratic party leadership the president and his team have tried to spin this proposal as a reasonable compromise with concessions to democrats that defies credulity the second bill is similar to those passed by the democrat controlled house. which provides short term funding for the department's now shut down but excludes any provision for the wall this would require the backing up at least thirteen republican senators to meet the sixty vote threshold ny the bill is likely to pass the senate despite another plea by the leader of the house open government open the government let's talk cannot have the president and the time he has an objection to say i'll shut down the government until you come to my way of thinking and as the shutdown drags on a public plea by the f.b.i.
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agents association the f.b.i. needs to be fully funded so that we can do our jobs stop the terrorist attacks prevent criminal activity arrest bad guys that's what we do. we need to do that to keep this country safe we want our. paychecks are due at the end of the week but yet again all indications are that more than eight hundred thousand government employees once again not receive them mike hanna al-jazeera washington mexico's president mandela but all has responded to last week's pipeline blast with social reforms ninety six people were killed while illegally gathering fuel on friday a mentor said he would help poor areas where people were more likely to still feel feel he said he will focus on jobs pensions and credit for foreigners than your palo reports from in central mexico. president lopez over those visits by mexico
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was very well received several thousand people came to see him speech of course he spoke in the wake of that large explosion that took place just last week that left more than ninety people dead now the president spoke about the need for creating jobs creating opportunities and investing in education to lessen the dependency that many communities have on stolen fuel to give you some context of where we are we're near a pipeline that's become very popular among the oil oil thieves so popular that military personnel are keeping a constant presence here to make sure that people don't come out here to tap more more fuel pipelines and that's part of the problem if you will is transported from one end of the country to another via fuel pipelines that are easily tout they're very susceptible to oil thieves how susceptible in two thousand and eighteen the government reported more than fourteen thousand illicit taps on fuel pipelines and again this is not a new problem with this is a problem that the new mexican president is being forced to tackle is being forced
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to find a solution to on december first of last year the president announced the deployment of somewhere around thirty two thousand military personnel to guard sections of pipeline and guard refineries that are considered as being vulnerable to thieves the actual the issue of fuel as it's believed to have been contributed to as much as seven point four billion dollars in revenue losses over the last three years so this is quite a big problem and it is at the moment quite a hot topic while brazil's new president has laid out the welcome mat for big business and major investors on day one of the wild economic forum in davos climate change and the digital revolution are among some of the major issues on the table but the focus has also been on some of the big names missing. reports from. a chill has settled over down ass and that's not just the weather leaders of some of the world's biggest economies china the united states france and the u.k.
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have stayed away to find crises at home crises fueled by nationalism populism and those left behind by globalization it is everything the world economic forum is supposed to stand against and yet this year's big ticket visitor is brazil's new president far right nationalist valsin r.-o. here to launch what he calls a new brazil then there was a big. we intend to reduce the size of the residence state apparatus and carry out a form such as the social security reform tax reform we wish to relieve those who produce and undertake business and projects from the weight of a heavy state that's good news for business less so for those who depend on state aid it's an odd look for an annual gathering traditionally built on bridging divides it does say that there's a bit of a shift and that those major leading democracies in the world are exhausted tied in
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knots have problems but it also says this community here of globalists is perfectly willing to flirt with their liberal leaders in the world. compensation came in the heavyweight fight against climate change identified as a major world threat having heard both scenarios call for economic development in the amazon delegates listened to royalty interviewing a british knight of the realm what advice do you have all my generation and what's what can we build on that you have started we have to recognize that every breath of air we take. every mouthful of food that we take comes from the natural and that if we damage the natural world we damage ourselves it's what the forum aims to do best global box office in the name of a better world the theme of this year's world economic forum here in davos is the fourth wave of globalization the digital revolution it predicts
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a world in which technology competes with workers of all stripes blue collar and white in which the winners of globalization get ever richer but fewer in number it is a world in which inequality deepens and political leaders no longer have all the answers jonah how al-jazeera devil switzerland. well the nominations are out for this year's oscar has one film up for a top prize at the academy awards could test where the hollywood is ready to accept a film streaming sadnesses cable is on there has all the details. the impact of netflix on the film industry has been debated for years but two thousand and nineteen could be a watershed moment for the online streaming giant as it receives its first ever best picture oscar nomination for roma. the story of director alfonzo quote on this childhood in mexico city which is also earned him a nomination for best director but perhaps most remarkably among its ten
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nominations is won for best actress for its star. a first time actors of indigenous descent who intended to become a preschool teacher before being chosen for the lead role. also getting ten nominations including best picture is a british period drama the favorite bringing some mainstream recognition for its ivan garde director your ghost lucky most after much critical acclaim for his previous films seventy. years its star a libya coleman also gets a nod for best actress for those who think hollywood is a hotbed for liberalism are likely to be further persuaded by the eight award nomination for vice i believe. we can make this work. the heavily critical biographical comedy drama about the former us vice president
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dick cheney out of the people of the people after years of being criticized for his lack of diversity the academy continued to address that this year with the best picture nomination for black klansman why you acting like you got skin in the game gets better and director spike lee who's been a strong critic of the awards in the past is also on the short list for best. director if those choices reflect the academy's trend in recent years of focusing on more art house movies this time the blockbusters also featured heavily. a star is born received eight nominations including best actor and best actress for bradley cooper and lady gaga. box office smash hit of two thousand and eighteen black panther made history by gaining a first best picture nomination for a superhero movie. and the rock biographical romp bohemian rhapsody about the life
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of queens freddie mercury is also in the running for the top prize it's positive news for some of the most popular movies of the year and perhaps an attempt to address a rating slump which last year fell to its lowest level for an oscar ceremony ever gabriel's on do. i mr hall and these are the top stories that israel as president nicolas maduro has ordered a revision of diplomatic relations with the united states that's in response to vice president mike pence to caring support for opposition figures one quito who is leading calls to oust president nicolas maduro nationwide demonstrations are due to take place on wednesday nicolas maduro is a dictator with no legitimate claim to power he's never won the presidency in a free and fair election and he's maintained his grip of power by imprisoning
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anyone who dares to oppose him the united states joins with all freedom loving nations it recognizing the national assembly as the last vestige of democracy in your country for it's the only body elected by you the people. as such the united states supports the courageous decision by one god or the president of your national assembly to assert the body's constitutional powers declare madeira or your syrup or and call for the establishment of a transitional government a car bomb has hit the syrian government stronghold of lotsa care a second device was defused one civilian was killed and fourteen were injured it's a rare attack in an area seen as the traditional home of the assad family a few days earlier another bomb hit another government stronghold in damascus the family of a missing activist in sudan is appealing for u.s.
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help one dollar to sudanese and also has american citizenship he was arrested last week his wife says there's no word about his whereabouts antigovernment protests in sudan have been taking place for the last month. zimbabwe's human rights commission is accusing security forces.


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